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to buy clothes to take back and sell in kazakhstan she isn't even chinese but is a karzai citizen something she says police changed on her records. mean the five million voters get that meal was so from the norm of the bigger picture. of wonder woman's cause of the beard of being a bit of it is the summer school for because this is my main problems from the first day what did they say to you when you told them that you are citizen. this something also dr phil sutton seemed to construct a bilodeau. must have at the moment in his bed it was most memorable some business that's kind of joseph campbell source of jungle no women couldn't have the number of. bring her time in detention. or says she was never charged with
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a crime and never appeared before a court. instead she was subjected to terrifying interrogations that sometimes lasted twenty four hours and to michigan appeared with them. mission call particular questions all the. time with. the question was a look at some. could have been a third of what a. start in detention. lost thirty kilograms and as consternation mare's merely meant a local event the men look. good doing it although the. china defends their training centers releasing this fifteen minute video on state television. we are shown eagerly learning chinese.
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getting job training and dancing and singing songs praising the communist party. i want to show you this this is china's version of what is happening in these titles. were you shocked. by the term issue. so you're saying china is lying in this view. the other now longer than two of them would. one day says authorities suddenly released her and put her on a plane back to kazakhstan. feeling unsafe even in her home country she fled to turkey and now lives with other former detainees.
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i can sense you're pretty upset by this they're curating the humanitarian disaster and they are growing seedless of. last november that hatred and anger spilled onto the streets of geneva in switzerland. as china appeared before a united nations human rights panel protesters marched on un offices calling for the release of all week oh i hear the protests. in the concentration of millions worst.
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player who is taking care of us inside china's actions were being questioned with some countries calling for the centers to be shut down we are deeply concerned by credible reports of the mass detention repression and surveillance of course and other months but chinese officials remain defiant about. quote you don't do that but. while china denies it's persecuting people based on their religion an unlikely source says otherwise and you said you know there are. use of is a wee girl who says he's a chinese spy. he claims the information he's gathered has sent people including his own family and neighbors to the camps. of players gone before.
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josh young. so are the evil going here. i mean do you hear the. use of tells us he originally agreed to spar to protect his family and to be treated less harshly as a weeder yanks for the her poor dog but with our four. bosses therefore will go to. the use of says his fellow weaker as can be locked up for almost anything read in the koran having a long beard wearing a headscarf studying abroad or even talking to people outside the country.
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they are poor. church feel. are washington. and according to use of china's reach is growing he spied own leaders in several countries including turkey and says agents have even abducted people and returned them to china i'm a child payer paid off by just a. short of on the machine tell you time of the chain. tongue. despite helping the authorities his family was still imprisoned. in the new hope very. good example he'll. measure some of them. i went to for you. barbara. i or the
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george o. . punk. doyle we were she's wrong boy. he expects retribution for speaking to us but believes he needs to clear his conscience. to answer going i'm sure. when i. say. that you call. me. for the change. that. sawyer or crazy is shown into. a war. on time and say oh. yeah or the shining. city heads let's. hope all.
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the leaders in turkey have more to fear then spies. after years of offering them a safe haven turkey's president has begun making deals with china with trade now worth twenty eight billion dollars a year. we girls are afraid turkey will choose its economy over their welfare. for some the time has come to move on yet again. that's a group of canadian leaders are here trying to help registering those wanting asylum in canada. organizers here tell us that in the past three days more than one thousand five hundred people were put in applications to relieve is just another indication of how desperate people are to find a safe refuge. the longer they stay here in turkey the more difficult their
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situation. their passports are expiring and china is refusing to renew them leaving them in limbo. there's no way to get even their temporarily. for. the present he is a stateless how common is his story his example people i have interviewed so four hundred percent his case is just a rule this is not an exception. turkey once granted we get citizenship but that's become much more difficult there is a level of desperation. yes you cannot open bank account you can rent a house. or we have been persecuted in china we have sought that you know once in turkey we will be able to build a new life but this is not the case. do well he faces the same uncertainty his passport expires without papers he's not officially allowed to
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work. here at home at night he tries to stay positive for his wife and two daughters. well with growing pressure from china and turkey feeling less welcome he worries what the future holds in our homeland we are not accepted by trade or meant as there is it isn't and in turkey we are not accepted as like to take brother here to live just as a thief not as a. man like equal with. that frustration is pushing some weekers to the. day's drive from istanbul is the town of chi syria. nestled in the anatolia plains say it looks a lot like their homeland of shin joan. a thousand wiggers have now made it their
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home away from home a place where they can live the kind of life denied to them back in china slum right. after prayers we meet some of the men of the community most a.v. suffered inching just before escaping the crackdown. you know. in a. in a. and when. you spoil. sport but what they went through they say is nothing compared to the pain of leaving their loved ones behind. but. then miscounted i. understand is a company. through this no woman ink on them to send all the. more . to some of them old number one on the. line.
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but. what little news that does get out worries them even more. just don't belong to show the. most of her. budget so this committee. has all this he's feeling a deep rage i get. this. it was that. we would do that would get it how many people here don't believe that we need their own independent state of business had
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to put it on the must get a kid have to live better get a kid. with. community leaders say it supports his people's resolve to fight by saying that we should be fighting for an independent state. are you not thereby becoming the separatists that china says you are busy to look for those just in the histories among the cylinder a little bit slow can be seen as a bit limited but kitchen in brazil bob says the music the fact that there london rick was a top if you're in hotness not for such a general address. but. tom amen we're going completive ledgers a topic in. the called. we contacted chinese officials seeking a response to the allegations we've heard of detention spying and torture there's
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been no reply. in stamboul well he says he's telling the truth about what happened to him in jail. but rather than taking up arms he's fighting back in his own way. he's passing on his culture to the next generation. of. the. homeland if the district and we can oppress our culture. when our we have a chance there are we have a chance we need to cherish every new book preserve it to keep it alive.
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those chances are getting more limited in a world where china is increasingly calling the shots. for now i do while we can only dream of a solution to their plight. a safe place to call home. the world's largest oil company fails to become public tap. of the kingdom of the company inseparable where the world's largest oil producer and don't list in the world's largest definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab both
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the company and the state on al-jazeera. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the global flood. and the other student rewind continues with. my neighborhood was like screaming get us we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the. rewind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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venezuela's self-proclaimed leader says his family is under threat the government makes arrests overnight alleged plot to overthrow president maduro. we have tremendous progress. the u.s. president says he is hopeful of a deal with china to avert a trade war. and donald trump's efforts to pull troops from syria and afghan it get a strong rebuke from the normally supportive senate. plus keeping the nuclear deal live the e.u. bypasses u.s. sanctions to keep trading with iran. hello it's been a day of a rests and accusations of intimidation in venezuela as the political crisis deepens self declared interim president is accusing security forces loyal to
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president nicolas maduro of threatening his family. so i say to the gentleman of the highest police here i am with my wife my daughter in my house and i will hold you responsible for anything my baby who's only twenty months all what they do to this whole country and i say from here leave my home several former military officers were also arrested and legibly plotting to overthrow president maduro and reports say that venezuela is trying to stay solvent by selling fifteen tons of gold to the united arab emirates despite warnings from the u.s. that countries buying it could face sanctions and we have two correspondents covering developments on venezuela forests mike hanna is in washington but first let's speak to our latin america editor lucy newman in caracas so lucy what what
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more are we hearing there at the moment. hello has some one of us not quite dramatic while the interior minister addressed the nation he said that they had uncovered as you just mentioned a plot he said that the people who had been arrested had come from colombia that they were mercenaries it described them as terrorists and they had were all apparently former members of the military including three colonels one of them the government had been looking for for quite some time he was accused of having been involved in the foil assassination attempt against president it will last my bhutto in august of last year you may remember this the event when a drone exploded over a military parade that the president was attending so they got him a day of according to the interior minister there were confessions that the plan was to selectively assassinate politicians and members of the military in order to create more upheaval in the country that is at least what is the explanation
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they're giving that there were photos of the made in the say at the same time the interim president the self-proclaimed interim president one waythe law was addressing people at the diplomatic corps members of the opposition controlled national assembly and students to outline an economic plan for the nation a recovery plan for the nation and it had to do with the plans especially to bring humanitarian aid into venezuela if it doesn't come in with the central elements of our plan to get back the street and place it in the service of the people the problems of the state are terror and fear the state uses these two things for social control the state is like the mafia no one can live on three dollars a month it's not a problem of the left or the right it's a problem of humanity so mature what's the mood there right now and it all seems quite tense at the moment with with with all this talk of threats to to to family
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members and the. arrests of people who are profiting what what what what's the mood there right now. the mood is of people not knowing what is going to happen there is so much suspense there is a have been a major opposition rally called for saturday presumably hundreds of thousands of people will again take to the streets the last time that happened it led to at least thirty deaths up to forty in fact since one by the law was playing the interim president of this country there are at least eight hundred people in prison and so there is tension this fear in fact the prices of things have gone up nearly four times since these this crisis heightened and it's so is so if it's a very sort of unstable situation we were at outside of why laws house shortly after he made the announcement he accompanied by members of the diplomatic corps and the media went back to his apartment we found out we were speaking to the neighbors that there had been police officers there but they had left by the time
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of got there but again that just brings tension he says of course that he's not going to be intimidated by these kinds of actions but remember the united states has warned the government that if anything should happen to go either or to his family there will be dire consequences so there is a lot riding on anything happening to him no matter who does it all right for the moment to see newman live for us there in caracas my kana standing by in washington for some my what more are we hearing on this report that. the divine as well in government is trying to ship off gold to the united arab emirates to try and get more credits. for the report was put out by reuters quoting unnamed officials confirming that this was happening and it was enough information it would appear for us republican senator ted rubio to actually issue a tweet directed at the u.a.e. embassy here in washington pointing out that anybody who conducted such trade with
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the been as well and government in terms of moving gold out of that country would face sanctions in terms of u.s. treasury regulations not only the individuals with the state concerned but also the airlines that would be carrying out that gold so certainly there is an awareness here ted rubio one of the hawks on the senate when it comes to venezuela there's also been reports so that turkey is considering buying gold from venezuela turkey did buy a large amount of gold last year once again u.s. officials will be holding talks with the turkish counterparts towards the end of the week but clearly venezuela is attempting to move some of its gold reserves to get some cash the reasons for this obviously falling oil output but also of course the sanctions that have been put in place by the u.s. in particular a beginning to bite all right mike thanks for that mike hanna live for us in washington antonina mora is editor in chief of the news and news
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dot com he also specializes in venezuela and politics and joins us via skype now from miami thanks for being with us so i want to ask you first of all about this. selling selling gold reserves to the u.a.e. if these reports are true it smacks of desperation doesn't it. it does say they're clearly looking for foreign currency reuters is reporting that they're doing it to try to remain solvent with some of their foreign debt obligations which might be what they're doing because they have tried to stay as solemn as possible trying to forego the possibility that their tankers and their oil and other assets will be embargoed and so they may be trying to do that marco rubio on the other hand to say that this is just another example of venezuelan government theft which it also may be very well very well be the case for could be somewhere in between because the
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reality is the all major transactions over the past twenty years but as well there's been giving off the top either but it's on government the corruption there has been a you know just a unbelievable force and nicolas maduro and has in the pos been able to survive crises like this in venezuela before ken kenny some i guess one. yeah he can survive this one the reality is look at cuba survivor the communist government ninety miles off the coast of florida for sixty years display u.s. sanctions so there's no question that he can survive the difference with cuba however is that this is a country that now has a real a long tradition of democracy and so chop is became kind of the other area either so this is a country that mirrors democracy is a country that still connected the rest of the world with the internet and despite the fact that the battle government sometimes cuts off internet access so there is a it's a very different situation than what you get was sixty years ago however my bureau
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has shown his resilience and has managed to diffuse crisis after crisis after crisis so i would not bet on us seeing a peaceful transition to democracy anytime soon and i certainly hope it will happen and of course we had this. article that. he wrote for the on the new york times in which he said that he was having this i'm talking about a quite of the self declared to go into i'm sure president he said that he was having what we refer to as a clandestine meetings with with with military leaders we don't know a whole lot of about that but that would suggest to you wouldn't that they that there are people in the military that are that are wavering and this this perhaps could be a pivotal moment for venezuela. if if that is happening and i'll take why the others were that he's talking to some people that would be sort of the final leg of
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the perfect storm for murderer where he's got the brutal you know the tough sanctions that the u.s. is a pose now he has got the bet is on people who are good are against him he's seen uprisings in the or areas of that i guess and the rest of them as well and the international community that is now coalescing against the last leg of that he has to stand on is the military if the military is supporting him he may survive if the military does not prop him up that would be the end of my hero overnight all right always good to speak with you one on tony elmore joining us there from miami a plenty more ahead on the newshour. celebrations in lebanon as political factions end up months of deadlock to form a new government. resumes indigenous communities protest against president polson hours policies which they say threaten genocide. and later in sport for time
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champions japan prepare to face the tournament's top scorers qatar asian cup final will be in. seoul that's going to have a first the u.s. president saying he is optimistic he can reach a new comprehensive trade deal with china but don't trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping washington and beijing of imposed billions of dollars worth of tariffs on each i was good since a trade war began last year alan fischer reports from washington. we have made tremendous progress we both want to deal but there's still a lot of ground to cover u.s. president donald trump has been meeting china's vice premier in the oval office he delivered a letter from his boss chinese president xi jinping the topic the ongoing trade war between the two hanging over both the.


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