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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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then what it is you know that in one day me i would i mean that i will i mean i will meet by the day. as it is on yes god almost always or tell how on is that. the process on the other hand that i've put in with a concern. that
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i started. with a more live nucleus. isn't what he called product or this had. a single look at putting on us things used to come and. because me i'm on my own to me. in this group. or this house. chimbly most of the horizon is what's. new at this but when this bit or see me focus bit or sun would last only cause diplomacy wants
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a little bit. because the theater didn't want him to listen to those. yes i was like you. would not change a new mascot of mine maliki thank you for them these days. answered other gases you know i say that i had a reason. for this movie was to finish it. and after this is part of having been the florists.
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circus have not those who don't. want to turn to i'm also going in and out as hell . just. because a business that's other. about the the economy. is in the us given a demeaning. when
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i was able to conduct good because all my thoughts work on the note that it isn't. possible to sign and decide that i'm with him you know being the one doesn't want india he's the token must have been a point i will tell you. now according to this one could do the dishes more mental. but i thought doesn't miss i need to come in on the low because he put me like. this when you see. a look because one day you know he's when you're sick and pathetic. and you don't think it's a death. of
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faith faith faith first . it's so. far off a fox. and
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here and there what i'm looking at would only have learned that you know the web video that you're feeling is a lot of they were doing evil and they think when i let my daughter said i'm on the ellis act. believe me i will say i'm going to have a belief deal with the masses and the simeone isn't a. going to set a set of us the set i'll know but on us when you start to america leave me out of those uncertainties international competition is intense companies from france south korea japan they all want to get into all these most elemental and you probably easier to get as upset about the deal than in idea of a celeb it was doing so important about libya that it does this right libya could be the saudi arabia of the twenty first century.
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and. you know you can say well you let me go play this little these days yet they give us the right if you're not. i think it is you know i don't think we'll get a lot that's really. going to louisville so. according to.
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you know i can't decide. if we took the good morning. the kids overheating. might you know say one thing county that they lead to but i believe you put
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a lot of one of us. i don't know if you get had me. been if you had the thought of not. but what i mean is there. were. listed there will be going to montana. displays be in it but as he. and i used on the gala has been in his league out of. luck getting on to other it owns his own i don't know the blood. i'm just done does he get half done for the never done to let. me just me was company or you might not.
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be you know has been your list just didn't exist and then also those who deny the mass. as a dollar but there's a leak in the pot to see he's on about the us by now. our guns have i mean it up but of course we've been pointing this day but those he has that's by not all. of them and that's really. what. it's made
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him because. he's taller than i did the difference. yeah i mean is that just one of us has been a key lesson to tell some opponents. yeah i know personally cool kind of snow yellow had to deal with all this. yeah. the only the medical tests can't tell us. what our. these angles as the indoor are going away with the. out is down thirty. and those yes and there was a little there's a forensic it's just. but. the fruit of distances isn't buying that the vase. is the base as you know this isn't the other side of opinion that. the pin is guess
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it is a. that's indeed a border. because up the middle is based in the fourth and the police had a little from a to the butt of a nice piece of rope. for us as kids to start of course in boarding. school for themselves from. his niece who taught in this field. and put for this he has done well and it's also watching his countenance.
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that demise to keep more thing on the piece you just call for the records and become more clear in. music when. you're not a combatant or limit the leak. is the base and others here. look at this. as well as the person one hopes you'll talk about that the squad since i'm going to put songs around. invariably for this usually states impress a stat in tampa bay for a silver this is poor as your old me and compass it as you are the system. for this in the city. i mean is that i mean i mean just cause that's good maybe need to have seen bad old give they had it was glad of company of last year and boy it was as it
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was nearly as bad as head of burlesque when you had this. city. living is there anything that isn't by you. going to limit the scene to going to places but i don't have a bit of simply don't feel he's getting nothing but there's a car let it be that was what most kids like you worked on it yes more recently you know you're going to look. to see just to do the album what are you going to hold on the meeting on the inside of must one of them is going to. run taxes if we was going to be able to hold condoms they don't know we had.
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the europeans again molly was the state already had the. one that was in close calls it was the who the where that i mean it was that it. was a cost to data. i was happy as an infant to liam with his book and all of them plus we got most as does he put the b.b. does your head in and. did or did he was simply. looking the ideas look you move a movie that. was .
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at the latest so yeah like that but. in the almost i'm going to live i'm going. to do that for the innocent us why did i. say it was and it is in seattle best accept it as you see muscle man is good and i'm a loser that is nice to know most of you did you miss a seasonal sequence that exist because it's so you. see. again only did it couldn't. see.
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high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rock earth village superwoman. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing. fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that pass and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al jazeera
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. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the job of the a no and the others through the rewind continues with. my neighborhood i was like screaming get the sinclairs we want leave my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the. rewind on al-jazeera. in doha the headlines on a venezuela's opposition leader who has accused security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro of threatening his family former military officers have also been
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arrested accused of plotting to overthrow my do it oh. i say guess in your is right so i say to the gentleman of the parties here i am with my wife my daughter in my house and i will hold you responsible for anything that was only twenty months although it's what they do to this whole country and i say from here leave my home . the u.s. and china say progress has been made in trade talks aimed at easing tensions between the two countries but u.s. president donald trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping u.s. senators back to measure of hosing president transplant to a draw troops from syria and afghanistan it says pulling out could allow i saw an al-qaeda to regroup and destabilize both countries the us federal court has ruled syria's government is responsible for the death of american journalist marie colvin in two thousand and twelve it's also ordered the payment of more than three hundred
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million dollars in compensation to her family just since syrian forces deliberately targeted the area where colvin and her team were staying to silence her and other media deemed critical of president bashar assad supporters of lebanon's prime minister have been celebrating the formation of a new government saddle height eighty will head a new cabinet ending a nine month deadlock which destabilized lebanon's economy a breakthrough came after rival factions worked out a compromise allowing the representation of sunni lawmakers backed by the powerful shiite group hezbollah cameroon's opposition leader has been charged with insurrection and inciting violence morris kanto has led a regular protest against longtime president paul b s since losing an election in october which government opponents say was fraudulent at least ten people have died in the us from a once in
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a generation cold snap it's left thousands of people without power and many more travelers stranded in some parts of the midwest the northeast temperatures plunge to minus thirty degrees celsius those are the headlines now back to witness. yeah. at the scene of well anything in the. past i mean the first i mean. i don't mind there's there's a long is it a mostly how it. is that you know you want to hear. something on. this or you know the new key is important that we're going to. get out of whatever it was we did not include any of it much more you think but on the books i know but he's come you know much about me but at
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a commencement like you know i need is coming is all going back to see and i think when. i didn't i wasn't seasoned message must tell you what it must by that with i mean. it's a preference and i see. a lot about you know the easy. to let. me name if.
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you must miss its most come now keep your senses in the gardeners and general. of the prince recently in those kinds of things one seems to me because he was innocent and i was amused to know the hum of the humming nice and cool and interesting was fun. we're going to start up a comparable nicholas one volunteered. as the bottles of. stuff upon it was lost. just. last year. because like dawn. trash and. asked by is not in want to work. and get. the diseases and. then
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they invented this in one hundred more this isn't a right it's the go to guy. on. just on the when is the is the in the then. the middle of a bus leave that me grampa to you. i don't support the new year this was it wasn't what obama you know to. be a better job it is in this day no. different is coming us a millionaire. you don't commute to me or the pedal. at all you said just as in the you say they were set.
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up . almost normal of the money if you can as when i needed.
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probably the most. diverse the other. two did i cannot because i'll be the owner of those i want honest. because i'm locking up when there's even a squatter saying call this time as much or much. this does as negative good choices not then the good he's having to have one technology you. just make what i.
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think is good just to get a good guess. is that the middle regular got a little and ended at the end. of the dummy of his own name and now there's no end to the music. well i think i'll be able to komodo because if you want to examine it here's a bit o. my b. i don't know yet what the book when i've either no need to know i won a time in plants i let it easiest i live with but it's no secret i gave does guess it's still out. there id i think. it's. as it is a mechanism there is that there is and i don't know what to say. ok
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and then here you see the condemned like a. because you think in it you know before you go nobody. can be a muslim in a skiing course hino us and i think they like us and team b. . and c. muslims validating is that correct the good course includes you. only just as it isin the levels that blew. up there's a lot of this i'm lucky i think. it. seems to me a little nice when the world is going to head in this. seems to be the knock you know where to that's the key to being to t.m. pool.
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going to be in fact that the beam of a full day known as he did ok iraq says it's. a loser has to be done because i'm really almost as dumb as whether that be the. study or their guess designs are going to get gigs that. hadn't have been.
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going to them to the city and then there's a deal. only b.s. is that it had a lot of things. our polls. left them for some off wins.
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other than that of us and he was. giving it. is if we do that. you know it's like a bundle like this and he had this. to see exactly. how close is a letter here this is what it says. but he's going to do with us. but it's also less he would as the. cause then i thought that that is the.
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sports. or the heart. but i would you know new york. dreams like this in the muslim. community. match him to some intensity. never. been dualist mcinnis. this in. another city of new. york look there was the.
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let em governments of. you must claim the president can listen to logs and listen you need those things and this is the film this does. as it goes on.


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