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tv   Uighurs Nowhere To Call Home  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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and the endemic corruption the dog his country under the decade long rule of former president sock sound of the republican party his attempt to stay in power by becoming prime minister had set off a political earthquake. the legitimacy i mean social. psychological edge over the public good port was there they were not popular even ten years ago with this exit because the truth. a former political prisoner began a long march from the west of the country to the capital yerevan much of the time with his wife at his side in her right at that moment. i thought it was. yet a good hour to get it behind our back to someone else almost. like a slum lord yes that's how it's called inconsistent us that's a bargain that's the good nots i levels. most economists that. with hundreds of
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thousands of supporters on the streets demanding he become prime minister instead of socks and machine eunice yoon pilot and yvel the travelling. immediately set about tackling corruption with high profile cases like the mayor of yerevan his numerous mansions were filmed by a drain the video of which went viral on the internet people were incensed love that these are options to push you know that those films should be should dish in your us till well those are two thirds of those that still in the populace. well not all still sprouted leaves from the un you bus on the. culture of corruption came from the soviet era and it wasn't it wasn't fought within the early stages ah army as independence just like it was
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the case on other in other the soviet countries it became a norm. the mining industry and body thought corruption say activists extraction permits given by politicians without due process or proper scrutiny had terrible environmental consequences. the armenian environmental front of volunteer group mom says pollution levels of mines across the country including country run are manias biggest. we have many mines in armenia and armenia is none that big we have a small country saw but we have huge mines here we have the tailing dom which is one of the biggest in the world. for decades the country's mineral wealth has been plundered by an oligarchy at the cost of the environment lacks legislation and very low fines on pollution
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lead to explosion of mining industry. that's a good corporate mind north of the capital is a typical example even before the mine began operations locals say many of them were compelled to sell the land to the company for a fraction of its value if they really enjoy about. your navy. job. wish millions of its oil should not it would harm my kids. your socks on your body well as it gets in you doesn't own it's also worth it. worse was to come it turned out that the tail down had a construction issue and it was cracking and that was a major risk off toxins leaking into that environment so they had to shut down but nor before did released a poisonous discharge into the river bed once one of the cleanest in the country
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contaminating land for miles around. iraq produces vodka from his sharon trees but there is no guarantee that it's free from contamination by heavy metals discharged from the mine. soil samples from farms in the vicinity shows serious contamination is paired trees dried up completely and no longer bear fruit so he's had no choice but to start from scratch in the hope that new plantings fared better. arik films discharge from the mine going straight into the river. make mikado langkow run company may link you don often to languor i think will make on either car think you are looking kind of mark went on the chaotic at the room by phone on casual villainies best news the protesters amel saw fear they will suffer
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a similar fate if the mind goes ahead but director of sustainability philip you know mania armin step in human remains sanguine about any potential risk we come very dim the crushed material all the way down to this facility which is here the hip logis is about one point one two meter way from the village that he played facilities were crushed rock will be does to the cyanide to extract the gold right by the village of can devise as i. say it's about thousand tonnes a year a thousand times. and even before the mine is actually gone into production inhabitants of can devise complained of incidence while they're settling you're seeing child. yeah there left by about. the well yet it can come when i also learned. you have shot meds of
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a tongue there reschedule current work of a. marker and soon you have to go to. the south caucasus is one of the richest regions in the world for biodiversity and nowhere more so than. the world wide fund for nature conducted numerous field studies on the mountain that are completely at odds with the company's assertion that the mind poses new threats to wildlife we found these bought into therefore out that these are at least the species of plant until you find not mistaken fifteen species of birds we count one species of mammal that is brown bear. three species of snakes perhaps even more importantly than this the proposed mine is cited in the middle of one of only two corridors used by the endangered caucasian leopard comes on city area because like
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. i have you seen monkeys here it's very important for me gratian and of lead part of that and also connect both of these ranges in short mining project just for the color of that. you know one of the corridors party of the last biggest chapter over europe and we should protect. well there is a leopard already are being dangerous you know we will we will produce the syphax you know specific action plan. by by having by changing be environment you actually also create an environment for your species but that's what happens. but it's not just animal species that could be affected. i mean nine miles from the i'm also mine is the sport and of jimmy famed for its spring water where there is also open
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hostility solidity and seventy percent of german community these. people are against these they are thinking about their future and german spa place of you know many people go to their house in the summer jimmy could try to visitors from all over the former soviet union it's a source of bolton bolton of the south caucasus but this distinctly up market atmosphere might be about to change if the mine goes ahead. according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment similar projects have experienced increased out a whole consumption new or widening commercial sex networks and prostitution it solution distribution of condoms and information materials in local restaurants and entertainment areas. local businesses are understandably anxious about the future if. shut my thousand accounts on me as yours are and of us i would jump off
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earlier. at our town without all the meds or or school of right. with a knee jerk argument with adults running on the road from. a more fundamental concern is that the close proximity of the mine could i'd firstly effect jim igs famous mineral water. and maybe even further afield. this is lake seven the largest body of freshwater in the caucasus holding some twenty five percent of all meanies freshwater. levon is captain of a soviet built research vessel that monitors the like your ideas of grammar i believe with them or was it a. yeah. small that the god is always around it's just that it was where you're probably going on your as you were the other there or it does is that
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there's there was that a watch is there of a god without. the lake is connected to the catch at reservoir which is less than three miles from the mall saw so could any toxic discharge from the mind also threaten the lake. according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment lake seven will not be impacted. if i recalled the words correctly the problem is negligible or there is no impact. however many people mean is leading the scientists on most convinced these are biodiversity experts or experts in hydrology or hydrogen ology they're concerned and they've expressed their negative opinion on them on the validate the off their risk assessment is the up which you are the problem of would have. to have
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travelled sivana by the. most bullshit probably recall of issues is there but almost all civil no no secured obfuscates of what they put visitor to go not ask about you know what is here. would survive. like a rut it is impossible to overstate the cultural significance of like serpentor mean here and the new prime minister has been obliged to take nature the position of prime minister is that there shall be proper. impact assessments and proper investigation understand. is it really that there is a risk for impact the lay servant as a result of. if the test of almost i'm right or not so who knows whether he missed all sense or source the whole this region is going.
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based on current twenty yes no one really knows. the history of positive ground at the border we don't beat me really is if you think about going back to this those are things you know. such is the importance of this issue the just days before last december snap election cooled to decide whether pushing in should stay in office he came to the blockade to hear the concerns of the protestors compiled by investing or that i got that i thought the whole don't give a given that you stick by i was ever made to have a killer take to get it to you because it's like you just need to work on models are make a demotion from the office mate i've been on carter numbers for me a third are called milling current usually made out on hard courts numbers from benefits from the children. the prime minister moved on to jimmy where he addressed
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five thousand and such an election rather he seemed to hint where his sympathies lie on the mines future it four stars limbaugh topic bus dhamma if aides are as yet again only an hour late for static but would still now. forty he mob without god live forty of it lets us know if that minus is i think i got a little not a cheer you know i saw a lot but she. if she got a really cute little hot chick not made it sooner i asked bonnie some jack on the child id yet michel that t.v. guarantee will iraqi troops on the hunt got i'm on it i got maybe but not that cost me it make is not so you need to make it they will walk by. on the last fishing in his safe oh mine is through avoid taking a decision on the animals saw mine the biggest investment project in the history of
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all mania. now he faces a stark choice that could tie the deter foreign investment or alienate the very people who put him where he is it's an uncertain time but one thing seems clear the blockade is on gang anyway. i soon killed ten men from many members and bombed one hundred twenty in. the war as possible the people in power i'm meets the women heading an eighteen man militia . and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand in the union and i friend of mine in iraq on al jazeera.
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high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves mean as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside support com much longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rocker village superwomen. venezuela's self-proclaimed leader says his family is under threat the government makes arrests over alleged plots to overthrow president.
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obama your geology there are a lot of my headquarters here in doha also coming up. we have a tremendous progress. the u.s. president says he's hopeful of a deal with china to avert a trade war. also keeping the nuclear deal alive the e.u. bypasses u.s. sanctions to keep trading with iran. and frustration in iran because the new prime minister fails to break the deadlock over forming a government. welcome to the program venezuela's opposition leader. has accused national security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro of threatening his family is the latest sign of rising tensions following the decision of the united states to back him for the presidency former military officers were. arrested accused of plotting to overthrow the sea and human reports from caracas in the. south but famed interim president
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why dog had finished presenting a planter national recovery at venezuela's central university when he made a personal announcement at this hour special forces agents are at my home asking for my wife. accompanied by diplomats opposition leaders and the media he rushed home residents told us the police agents onto motorcycles had been there but had already left our of the years i ordered a soldier so this country not to intimidate us or poles has remained firm we are speaking of the national plan while they were harassing my family because that's their modus operandi. the u.s. government has warned of severe consequences should anything happen do i lol government supporters call it a cheap publicity stunt opponents a useless attempt to intimidate them and to add more drama to the day the interior minister announced what he called
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a plot by mercenaries allegedly paid by the opposition to assassinate keep politicians and members of the military this he says in order to raise the level of upheaval in venezuela. and now he says that if you evidence the telephone analysis and interrogations and i produced this morning to capture petard conal. acquittal its fifty four years old wanted for attempted assassination treason instigating an uprising attacking military facilities. earlier had presented the opposition's plan for the nation a road map pretty good political stability. the first priority he said is to obtain urgently needed humanitarian aid and that could put the army and president in a dilemma. neighboring colombia and brazil are offering to send the transition government food and medicine immediately now now i mean in the next few days the
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next few weeks so it's up to the armed forces it's up to the military if they're going to allow that food and medicine to calm through the border or if they're going to you know keep supporting the block so they're going to have to choose between their families and their leader or at least their what they call their presence. so far there are no signs that the military high command is planning to break with my little who insists that he's the victim of an imperialist could a ta. see in human al-jazeera products. reports the moderate government is preparing to sell gold to the united arab emirates the sale of fifteen tons. from its central bank vaults in exchange for euros as part of a plan to keep venezuela solvent in total the government is reportedly hoping to sell twenty nine tons of gold to the u.a.e. in february and that's despite warnings and from washington that anyone dealing
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with venezuelan gold could be subject to u.s. sanctions i'm tony and laura is chief editor of news and news dot com he says the madeira government is trying to avoid losing control of the country's oil assets they're clearly looking for foreign currency reuters is reporting that they're doing it to try to remain solvent with some of their foreign debt obligations which might be what they're doing because they have tried to stay as solvent as possible trying to forego the possibility that their tankers and their oil and other assets will be embargoed and so they may be trying to do that marco rubio on the other hand to say that this is just another example of and has fallen government theft which it also may be very well very well be the case where it could be somewhere in between because the reality is that all major transactions over the past twenty years with venezuela there's been giving off the top by the us on government is the corruption there has been a you know just
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a believable or he can survive this one the reality is look at cuba cuba has survived of the communist government ninety miles off the coast of florida for sixty years despite u.s. sanctions so there's no question that he can survive the difference with cuba however is that this is a country that now had a real a long tradition of democracy and so chop as became kind of the other tarion meter so this is a country that nurse democracy is a country that still connected the rest of the world with the internet and despite the fact that the bettors own government sometimes cuts off internet access so there is a it's a very different situation than what cuba was sixty years ago. u.s. president says that he's optimistic that he can reach a new comprehensive trade deal with china but donald trump insists no deal will be finalized until he meets his chinese counterpart xi jinping washington and beijing have imposed billions of dollars worth of tariffs on each other's goods since the trade war began last year and official reports from washington we have made
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tremendous progress they both want to deal but there's still a lot of ground to cover us president donald trump has been meeting china's vice premier in the oval office he delivered a letter from his boss chinese president xi jinping the topic the ongoing trade war between the two hanging over both economies hold it would make it if you had been sitting round the table in washington this week trying to thrash out an agreement but after days of talks donald trump is in second there's a deal to be done this is small deal which is going to be a very big deal or it's going to be a deal that will just postpone for a little while but we've been dealing with china we've had a great relationship i have a great relationship with president cheney. the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods and to change the rules of doing business in china where american companies have to peer with local companies and hand over to treat secrets and intellectual property and good at a growing trade deficit the trumpet ministration introduced ten percent targets on
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billions of dollars of chinese goods coming into the u.s. that will kick up to twenty five percent if there's no deal by march by the chinese have retaliated with kind of serve their own the president says any final agreement will be hammered out with him and his chinese counterpart it's a lot of work because this is a very comprehensive deal this is what we're talking about you know they're going to buy some corn and that's going to be at no they're going to buy corn hopefully they get a lot of corn and lots of wheat lots of everything else that we have but they're also talking heavy technology heavy manufacturing financial services and everything in the united states and china of the world's two biggest economies there's pressure on both to reach a deal. because of the impact it's having on their own countries and the international monetary fund says an extended trade war will be bad for global economies alan fischer al-jazeera washington well in june brown has the latest from beijing where president donald trump needs a deal because he wants to try to reassure jittery stock markets president xi
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jinping wants a deal because he has a number of serious economic problems right now these haven't necessarily been caused by the trade war but they are making things worse economic growth is now down to just six point six percent that's more than half what it was twelve years ago manufacturing output is continuing to contract and also consumer spending is starting to flatline this is worrying china's president he recently addressed a gathering of party officials saying that the government needed to mitigate for risks in china's economy in the years and months ahead and the fact this seminar lasted for four days is a measure of just how seriously president she views the current situation china has been trying to show it is sincere about wanting a deal just this week it amended a draft foreign investment law which is basically designed to offer greater protection to foreign intellectual property here in china that has been one of the
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sticking points in the negotiations i think it's possible we're going to see a partial deal with china agreeing to buy more agricultural and energy products from the united states but i think there are big outstanding issues that are yet to be resolved particularly over the issue of china being called upon to basically reform its industrial policy president xi jinping wants an economy that is based on five g. technology robotics an artificial intelligence for president donald trump says it's doing all that by cheating. the u.s. senate turns back to bill amendment to posing president truman's plan to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan the senate voted sixty eight to twenty three on the measure put forward by majority leader mitch mcconnell it says pulling out could allow itself to regroup and destabilize both countries it's a rare rebuke of chubs foreign policy by the republican controlled senate particularly as more from washington d.c. . for the past two years u.s.
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president donald trump has really been able to go along without having any sort of rebuke from congress that seems to be changing now when it comes to one issue in foreign policy the senate has voted to proceed with an amendment which would basically say the senate doesn't agree with the president's plan to pull u.s. troops out of syria or afghanistan the vote was sixty eight to twenty three to proceed talking about it now this doesn't carry the force of law the president sets troop numbers as commander in chief but it is a rare rebuke it's not clear that it's actually going to pass because it's attached to a more controversial bill but in this vote the overwhelming majority of the senators saying to the president when it comes to point troops out of afghanistan or syria that he's wrong. the u.s. is scrapping its nuclear agreement with russia knots according to u.s. officials who spoke to reuters news agency the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty or the i and f. is a nineteen eighty seven control pact between the united states on the phone and soviet
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union the treaty banned all lung based missiles with a shortened intermediate range the u.s. is accusing russia of violating the treaty in december the u.s. warned it would withdraw from the i.m.f. if russia did not comply by february the second will such a project is a project leader of the civilian research and development foundation global and specializes in nuclear security says if the u.s. turns up the i.m.f. package it'll send the wrong message to other world powers. it's been a long time coming donald trump is not known for his love of international agreements especially ones that restrain the united states in any way shape or form i think for a long time after he became president his advisors were holding him back particularly jim maddis being the voices of reason but i think the real tipping point was when john bolton entered the cabinet he likes international agreements.


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