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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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of an arms control pact between the united states and the then soviet union the treaty banned all one base missiles with a shortened intermediate range the u.s. has accused russia of violating the treaty in december the u.s. warned it would withdraw from the i.m.f. if russia did not comply by february the second will and is a project is a project leader at the civilian research and development foundation global and specializes in nuclear security says if the us tears up the i.m.f. pat it will send the wrong message to other world powers. it's been a long time coming donald trump is not known for his love of international agreements especially ones that restrain the united states in any way shape or form i think for a long time after he became president his advisors were holding him back particularly jim mattis being the voices of reason but i think the real tipping point was when john bolton entered the cabinet he likes international agreements of ever seeing
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the united states almost less than donald trump does so it's a real recipe for disaster and i saved his aster because the i.n.f. treaty has done done what it does incredibly well it has brought stability and clarity into the intent and capabilities of russia especially in the european theater now our nato allies do not want short range missiles introduced back into the european theater and they would be the countries that would have to host these russia doesn't need permission from anyone so really it's a treaty bar we're not giving ourselves any additional benefits russia gets all the benefits and when it comes to china we simply do not have any land mass that is in that theater where we can place these missiles i think it would be extremely damaging to our credibility i think our it here is to the i.n.f. treaty shows both our allies and our adversaries that we are being a global leader we are being the grownup the adult in the room by tearing up this agreement we're reintroducing nuclear dangers that were effectively resolved and
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disappeared thirty years ago will still have his own. plans to celebrate the full to the street of the islamic republic revolution. u.s. agents make the biggest sentinel drug bust on the pool with mexico. i. hello again it's good to have you back where across the levant we are seeing a little bit of activity in terms of some rain as well as some clouds we're going to be seeing some rain here across parts of turkey as well as some snow in the higher elevations so for aleppo you could be getting some of those showers as well with the time to there of about sixteen degrees baghdad about twenty quid city about twenty two degrees there as we go toward saturday really seeing some more
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clouds across much of central iraq into iran where tehran seeing a cloudy day for you at about twelve degrees there well over the last twenty four to forty eight hours we did see a lot of clouds pushing through parts of northern saudi arabia flooding was a problem across much of that area now we're back to those very warm temperatures across the region with riyadh seeing temperature few of about thirty degrees there on friday as we go towards saturday well we are going to see the possibility of a rain shower coming here across parts of doha with the temperature for us at about twenty eight degrees and then very quickly as make your way down across parts of southern africa we are going to be seeing more rain across much of the area that had been dry but now we're going to see anywhere from german down here towards cape town it could be a spotty showers two on friday and as we go towards saturday pretty much more of the same temper in durban about thirty and down here towards cape town it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with a temperature of twenty four. the weather sponsored by cattle.
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on line. went to the answer for them not to do this or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the first and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from that's your thoughts here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation amount is iraq. killed watching al-jazeera arms the whole rom the reminder of our top stories venezuela's opposition leader has accused security forces loyal to president
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nicolas maduro of threatening his family a former military officers have also been arrested accused of plotting to overthrow the material. and the u.s. senators back to measure opposing president donald trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria how they're going to stand it says pulling out could allow eisel and al qaida to regroup and destabilize both countries. and the us president says progress has been made with china during talks aimed at easing a trade spat between the two powers but donald trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping. germany france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions the moved is aimed at saving the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal that washington pulled out of last year. in paris. it was on the sidelines of the european union foreign ministers meeting in bucharest that france britain and germany launched a new e.u. payment mechanism to allow european companies to continue trading with iran and
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bypass u.s. sanctions ministers hope the initiative will safeguard the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and help ensure regional stability and good example of that or at least we are making clear that we are not only talking about keeping the nuclear agreement live but we are now creating a possibility to do business transactions that is a prerequisite for us so we can deliver on our obligations and in return be able to ask iran not to develop enrich uranium for military use the e.u.'s foreign policy chief who was one of the twenty fifteen deals may negotiators work on the trade system called instax the establishment of a special purpose vehicle is i believe the mechanism that would allow for legitimate trade to have to continue as for c.n.n. in the in of the missile for support from our side then he you payment system will avoid transfers in dollars it will be based in paris overseen by a banking manager in germany and supervised by
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a board in the united kingdom in the beginning it will be for trade in things like medicine food and some humanitarian items but the idea is that it could be expanded to trade in other areas the mechanism will help mainly small and medium businesses but it may not be enough to persuade european multinationals such as french oil giant total german car maker dana to resume trade with iran and risk u.s. penalties but some analysts say its symbolism is important because it sends two clear messages one to tehran that the e.u. is serious about maintaining the nuclear deal and the other to washington washington is the method it sends about the future as well here and the europeans i think are signaling that if the u.s. continues this already you and all. secondary sanctions policy the europeans can really begin to build up something bigger in response to it and that this special happens because just the first step donald trump says he hopes that u.s.
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sanctions will force tehran into a new deal so far you're a new leaders say they won't renegotiate but they welcome the e.u. payment plan those here will hope that the mechanism will save the nuclear agreement because if it collapses it could deal a blow to europe's efforts and credibility the al-jazeera paris. also proposing two months the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy nine revolution on friday the republic was created after. khamenei returned from exile and in the following weeks his supporters topple the charles dynasty from power reports by the time i took the ruhollah khomeini stepped off the plane into one persian king here campaigned against for years from exile had left the country. grows up a hell of a the shah of iran was gone never to return and his government back home was about to collapse. over the course of the next ten days khamenei supporters overpowered
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the shah's loyalists but cementing their control of the country was bloody work to this day how many people stand accused of widespread brutality and extrajudicial killings carried out in the frenzy of revolution but for iranians who supported him it was a time of hope and change every year iranians remember khomeini's triumphant return by retracing his steps i mean his motorcade took him past the monument built during his reign renamed freedom tower after the revolution fast forward forty years and the events of that time that reshaped the region in the world continue to shape iran today. muscle lift a car now a member of president hassan rouhani as government became a seminal figure in iranian politics after the revolution she rose to prominence as the public face of iran during the u.s. hostage crisis if the car said fears of an american plan to overthrow khamenei and re-install the shah is why students raided the embassy and took fifty two people
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hostage the crisis lasted for more than a year in the days before the anniversary of the revolution she reminded people nine hundred seventy nine was a complicated time everything is very shaky. the military is shaky the intelligence of this is shaky and all the signals coming to indicate that there's something going on. this newly established and. for people in power the benefits of toppling a corrupt king remain obvious and revolutionaries now leaders continue to paint pretty pictures of iran's future but for iranians now governed by them those pictures have begun to fade six years old when the revolution happened maria mahmoud honey attended khomeini's rallies with her mother even helped the activist of the time faceoff with police and soldiers. but she says for many iranians the revolution has come to mean little more than broken promises as
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a more. member young people building trenches making money out of cocktails and even though as a child i helped them or accompanied my mother to rallies at least back then things were cheap but now i feel pity for the current generation forty years after the revolution iran has become a country of sharp contrasts. iran today is more militarily capable but remains in a constant state of conflict with several countries politically more independent from outside influence iran is still often isolated on the world stage and despite the fact that it is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world. for millions of iranians prosperity is still something that remains elusive. olders he wrote to her on. at least twenty nine children have died in a refugee camp in northeastern syria over the past two months hypothermia is to blame for most of the deaths more than twenty three thousand people mostly women and children escaping fighting have arrived at our whole camp since the end of
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november the world health organization says many families made the journey on foot in freezing conditions. a u.s. federal court has ruled that syria's government is responsible for the death of american journalist marie colvin in two thousand and twelve it's also ordered the payment of more than three hundred million dollars in compensation for her family the judge said syrian forces deliberately targeted the area where colvin and team were staying to silence her and other media critical of president bashar assad activists in egypt are worried there is a plot to silence them that's after a lawyer filed a complaint against for human rights groups who met french president emanuel mike rogering is visit to egypt early this week the complaint accuses a group of offending the egyptian state and harming the country's interests it says they discuss death sentences and prison conditions with micro the complaint says they also talked about pursuing proposed constitutional changes and there maggie is
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a researcher at the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch she says the number of cases against activists are increasing under president sisi. we have seen these kind of companies inspired by lawyers who are very hyper nationalist and pro-government and the egyptian law unfortunately permits this kind of lawsuits filled by hand by lawyers who have nothing at stake at actually but they just lie these. over productivity jones actually laughable of harming national to give the and spreading false news and others could be different authorities to strip. activists from the egyptian nationality or to actually imprison them and we have seen the risk users acting in many cases upon these complaints and they are creating activists to court these lawyers have strong
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ties with the security agencies and we have seen this pattern also under president mubarak when lawyers who have ties with the government and security agencies find a complaint against writers and activists but under presidency see it's it's pornography think hugely and the numbers of cases of such cases are i think. when he was appointed in october iraq's prime minister. he gave parliament one hundred days to end its deadlock and begin implementing much needed reforms but not deadline has come and gone and some iraqis the hasn't really done enough rob matheson has moved back to the he when i finally took office last october after months of political wrangling iraqis hoped their stalled parliament would start working again one hundred days after he became prime minister some iraqis are disappointed by what's been achieved. nothing has changed
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politicians are self-serving and they don't think any attention to people's needs unemployment poverty and burchill riches are rampant and fighting continues among politicians and the only victims are the people one hundred days has passed and there is a good chance another hundred days will pass without major achievements while services keep getting worse. the prime minister announced the one hundred day deadline to try to force iraq's many political parties to break the stalemate which has ground parliament to a halt critics say he's failing because key government posts are still empty there are some signs of security checkpoints that would have dotted streets like this one all over iraq are being dismantled and the government has been able to pass the twenty ninth budget but the prime minister's critics say that he's failed on one key issue and that's to get politicians to agree who should be the ministers of defense justice and the interior they say that unless those leaves are filled the
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prime minister is leading a government which is incomplete and ineffective. the prime minister says his hands are tied because politicians still refuse to work together. and you committee if you will. the prime minister cannot complete his cabinet because the sunni shiite and kurdish politicians are all wrangling with each other. not being able to pass a spending bills and the prime ministers under pressure from the politicians and discontented in iraq as well put testing about bad services. naki is expected to sabotage prime minister for four years but after months of political deadlock iraqis say they want results no love matches. back to. the u.s. border agents say they've made a record of fence will bust in the mexico on the mexican border customs officers
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seasonal the one hundred kilograms of the synthetic drug rob reynolds has but u.s. customs and border patrol agents in arizona announced their biggest ever seizure of fence until one hundred fourteen kilos of the powerful drug was discovered in a large truck carrying produce from mexico on saturday so this truck was carrying ten packages of fentanyl pills it was carrying about one hundred packages of fentanyl and i believe three hundred ninety five or three hundred. over three hundred packages. of methamphetamines officials say the drugs had a street value of three and a half million dollars sentinel is a synthetic opioid many times more powerful than heroin it is estimated that fentanyl overdoses caused eighteen thousand deaths in the u.s. in the year two thousand and sixteen alone much of the fence in all smuggled into
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the u.s. is made in china president donald trump on thursday said he's seeking china's help in choking off the supply we're certainly talking about theft we're talking about every aspect of trade with a country and we're talking about fentanyl to. whether the government u.s. officials arrested the truck driver and say they will work to break up the smuggling network continue president drop as often cited the smuggling of illegal drugs from mexico including fentanyl as a reason for building a border wall however as in the case of the arizona drug seizure officials say most drugs are transported into the u.s. through legal ports of entry not through remote areas where the president says a wall is needed rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles.
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there were challenges that i'm still wrong remind of all top stories venezuela's o. position leader. has accused security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro all threatening his family full minute trail this is of also being arrested accused of plotting to overthrow meant to run. he gets a new by so i say to the gentleman. here i am with my wife my daughter in my house and i will hold you responsible for any threat to my baby who is only twenty months all it's what they do to this whole country and i say from here i leave my home. the u.s. senators back to measure opposing president doubletons plan to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan it says pulling out could allow eisel and al qaeda to regroup and destabilize both countries the u.s. and china says progress has been made in trade talks aimed at easing tensions between the two nations but president trump says no deal will be finalized until he
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meets chinese president xi jinping. also your subtle court has ruled that syria's government is responsible for the death of american journalism marie colvin in two thousand and twelve it's also ordered the payment of more than three hundred million dollars in compensation to her family the judge said syrian forces deliberately targeted the area where colvin and teen were staying to silence her and other media critical of president bashar al assad at least twenty nine children have died in the refugee camp in northeastern syria over the past two months i prefer mia is being blamed for most of the deaths more than twenty three thousand people mostly women and children are scaping fighting have arrived our whole calm since the end of november the world health organization says many families have made the journey on foot in freezing conditions the children and babies are reported to died along the way or soon after they arrived at their location u.s. border agents say they've made
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a record fentanyl bust the mexican border justin's offices sees more than one hundred kilograms of cease and that drug hidden in a tractor trailer trying to cross into arizona those are the headlines about with more news in half an hour the stream is next. as politicians in washington. we talk to the people at the center of the story many of. us. it's not it's a very migrant smugglers and people who live. i am for me ok imam ali today by popular demand an update on the u.k. crisis can the united kingdom come up with a plan for untangling itself from the european union so mr questions in your comments on bricks it live on twitter and through our you tube.
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thanks once again to our online community for taking part in our twitter poll to help choose today's topic thirty four percent of those who voted chose posting another poll today the results stream pick next thursday's topic or tell us what other stories you're interested in on the discussion of drugs so joining us to talk all things bright said in bucharest romania al jazeera correspondent lawrence lee in glasgow scotland peter gagan a journalist and investigations it editor with open democracy and outs for education journalist and counselor for oxford city council and in london rough elbow he is a political columnist and whiter for the guardian it's good to see you i feel like we've brought together a support group for journalists let's start the first segment and the first
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question question what will happen if the u.k. leaves the e.u. without a plan in place so the u.k. is set to leave march twenty ninth but he appears a no closer to an agreement on exactly how to handle the trade immigration and border laws the u.k. follows as an e.u. member states on tuesday parliament voted against having a no deal snobbery oh he's british prime minister theresa may. last night the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way the right time will join says. i think that's i think that's the first time he's actually accepted that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal. so i'm just looking at you know an celine's twitter profile and he says i cover the u.k. and your english county trying to explain bricks it to the world wish me luck.
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the. options right now. well you see our life's a long look at the facts it won't happen i call it the circular firing squad argument because there's so much there's a least five or six different interpretations of process all of them just what you want from you know way off the extremes of people who wants a new deal so will the other and people that will leave it all in as you've seen over the course of the militants in all of them they keep shooting each other not in themselves look at each other down and so you know in the end i've always thought that brooks and happened because if they kill each other in that sense and they should supplant then what you're left with is the status quo and i'm in the economists argue that that means no deal with a fellow yeah i thought you disagree because what you saw the prime minister just say there is absolutely true that because of laws that have already been passed in the british parliament on the twenty ninth of march the u.k.
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legally stops being a member of the european union that will happen in any way so actually there isn't a default back to the status quo that the situation you fall back on is no deal which means in practice the entire legal basis of all of the you case trade and its relationship with its european partners that's built up over thirty is literally falls away at sort of eleven the pm that night there isn't their share of that and then when they don't want the deal do they it's kind of economic suicide if it comes to that i've always assumed that they switch and say let's extend and have a second river until something else so lawrence i like that idea of the let's extend it because i think there are members of our community and i think that's probably going to happen as well but they say here is not one of those and he first sees a catastrophe he says we still have no clarity and we're nearing the twenty ninth of march with a real possibility of leaving with no deal which would be catastrophic for future generations shocking how we've left it this of late i want to give this one to you catastrophic when you think what happened in the twenty ninth of march. i think
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what we're looking at right now is no sense. it will or no directs it and i think it will help me. but i think you know the jury chair is a million the jurors are absolutely adamant they want this to happen. though there's been a complete journey judy by the government they've had almost three years to put a plan in place there is no fun you know what's going to stating about all of this is really feels like the u.k. is in the process of carrying out massive act of self harm to the country and we don't really know you know what new look it is a review because right now there's also not only to look at the facts that much is i think the e.u. has lost patience with the country and there was no plan so even if there was supposed to be a greggs that if that was what was the end outcome then by now we should have been opposed to our birds that there's nothing there on the table looking at this headline that you wrote the story that you wrote rafael may think she's won but the
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reality of rex it will soon hit her again. what's the reaction i mean the other important thing that happens you showed that clip from home the other important thing that happened about same night is that for the first time in a long time the conservative party motto is they got together and actually voted with the prime minister and endorsed a sort of deal not a deal that they endorsed is one that doesn't exist they endorsed sort of her deal but with all the bits they don't like taken out of it which is meant to give her a mandate instructions to go back to brussels and say look i'm nearly there i just got this deal just give me this one more thing but exactly as you just heard from a shift in the e.u. all the goodwill goal now you know what they have. reopened it it's not how you conduct an international negotiation if you want your partners to think you're reliable and trustworthy so that was really the point i was making that she she's chosen a sort of a will involve the unity with the conservative party over the actual reality of what a liberal in a negotiated breaks it but i must say i think has made
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a very important point that actually no one in the parliament very few people at all that actually want to know your crush out the problem is it is the default setting is it no one comes a better agreement. three hundred. no low deal and it's not a couldn't believe it was. you know the superman this labor m.p. you said let's make sure there's no new deal. it's unbelievable the number of m.p.'s said effectively we're happy with lawrence you know what else is unbelievable the news moves so fast but i want to rewind just a little bit to when we saw had lines that proclaimed a historic defeat for a sitting government first time in modern history and so take us back of there because we have a couple of tweets about that most of our injuries says is it valid to say that theresa may is fighting a tougher battle at home then she had with the e.u. over leading a successful bracks it another person writes in to us on you tube sonam says why is
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she taking this burden and just let it pass to the next government and of course the just soon after seeing that historic defeat of the government she survived narrowly and no confidence vote but peter i'll bring you in here on this one your take on may in this person's comment that this doesn't have to be her burden. well if you look at how she's approached this whole kind of direction issue since she became the prime minister two years ago she's always said that this is this is what she's going to do sliver breakfast she lost the general election it seems unlikely she cites another one this seems to be the kind of this is her whole her whole kind of political legacy is invested in breakfast well it's very interesting to note that ok she won some sort of battle of unity this week but as rafael mentions earlier she had this huge historic loss the biggest and history and it's this is not this is so unlikely to change down the coming week so really all she's done is office out a couple of weeks of good headlines but in terms of actually some sort of substantive changes no evidence that's going to happen and if she brings the deal back that she
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did with the european union she can't renegotiations it looks like and get the thesis again and i think i would can echo some of those comments about an audience marial because while there might be a majority in parliament for either her deal or for no deals there's no evidence that there's a majority in parliament for anything in which case united kingdom just by the fault leaves your european union without his ear and as we get closer to that relief i think fifty seven days away from that now it's very hard to see what people are going to coalesce around if it's not going to be teresa mayes deal and the evidence still is that the deal if she brought back from european union which would be substantially the deal she has been over this process you know the next ten days she comes back from brussels it's not clear that will ever get to the house of parliament for one is rather spend a bit of time in parliament last few days and i do you know be cautious about this but i wouldn't rule out actually there being some kind of incremental grindingly wins towards something like dale so there are a lot of those very hard line conservative m.p.'s who are kind of looking for a lot of clout i'm down with their dignity intact they don't actually want no deal some day but not all do there are labor m.p.'s who are kind of looking to get
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a bit of a not so not in a wink from the labor leader to say go on then you can cross over a just get this over the line and actually you know what she's a tough lady and she just grinds her opponents down and i wouldn't be it's all surprised if we wish we had that might be a bit of an extension to us we're fifty but we get to half way through this year and. now actually somehow we seem to have left the european union with a deal that looks an awful lot like the one three but rather i hear you there and i want to pas us on that note because there is so much to talk about so i want to move on just a little bit next topic of this same show the movement of goods into the u.k. in the event of a no deal scenario many britons are worried about long delays for products interest in the country supermarkets pharmaceutical companies and other businesses are now stockpiling goods to prepare for the worst so how are others reacting take a look at lawrence lee's report from last week. linda is taking no chances she bought books a few weeks ago inside is enough freeze dried food to last
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a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds nearly four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say. you're a bit crazy you know what if you stay in the european union and then you don't see the packers and things like this if it wasn't paid as i can see what they say and i can understand why we may have want to remain. in the long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we. were being dictated to. because not the only one with concerns pretty hot on twitter read send in my case i'm worried about the supply of medicine for a chronic health condition this person goes on to say have stockpiled a small amount made an impact as my local doctors have now reduced prescription from the usual three months to two months coincidentally just happens to be at the
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same time as breck said so lawrence take us through what some people are doing in fear is a running out of supplies well you see to turn the thing is i mean you know people who support bricks it since a referendum saying it will make the country richer which is unprovable because it hasn't happened yet to now they're saying well a bit of suffering you know will do us all good i mean there was a guy who wrote a column you know very old right right wing that a column in a right wing magazine last couple days saying when when he was young you know the boats used to go and steal food from from from france and he said you know we're going to the same again that it will be quite exciting it's a sort of you know a glorification of the victim hood almost that computer that you know people are celebrating the fact that last more difficult you know this what they want to be back in the second world war is something that you know i think it's i think it's beyond any doubt that there will be problems certainly for
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a couple of months and supermarkets can't stock and if you know enough to last more than a week or so so there will be probably depends if you think is what i'm like stocking up on chicken tikka masala. this is about things i mean you could make this up i mean they are you know where we are going back i mean you know i think it is absolutely shocking that those people who are already made is. because they fear even if they've got diabetes and things like that it really worried that they don't have enough insulin what kind of normal functioning country in modern day what modern country does budget so i mean you know while this complex horatia not must remember that. the u.k. is suffering from you know massive quantities of austerity the homelessness crisis alone is off the scale james we know who has come out in relation to the muscle car in the housing you know people are suffering hugely and the fact that some people
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think you know not people who suffer even more what i think is just absolutely outrageous and let's make this very clear is the coolest people who will suffer the most and it's a policy will be misread what else this is a game and it's a disgrace peter people may not know what may or may not happen with a no deal a deal as the u.k. comes out of breck's said but he certainly know the impact to me economy right now and for the last two and a half yes what's been happening well if you look at i think it's fair to say you know hasn't been because we're not left the european union left as yet as it's quite unclear exactly what will happen with it definitely growth has slowed in the i think the last of lyrics as opposed by somebody or euro zone nations but we have seen a slowing of growth and it does seem to be plenty of economic honestly juiced you suggested like well if if if the practical hadn't happened we were in the seeing quite the same slowing of the economy because actually quite a lot of the problems in the eurozone especially say around the euro actually don't
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really affect britain has been zombie oh it's always they're not yet out i think i think it's not really. so i do think it is very important as i'm sure you're right but the fact that actually things haven't been going to sort of sudden cliff edge problem for the economy has sort of fed this understanding among a lot of people who supported leave in the first place that actually the warnings about what a bad a day breaks it would be with this sort of what they call it projects fail with the sort of terrible missed making about how awful everything would be and that the problem is now so that with making this will those of us who think back in the great idea and said no do breaks it would be a terrible idea a warning again and these are now very very credible warnings from very serious people about quite what the appalling thing it would be distilled imposes economic blockade on yourself as a country those warnings are falling on deaf ears and a lot of people just think it's another round of projects there and there's that cynic strongly about the complacency i think about what the economic impact of a no deal breaker would be because the economic impact of the referendum result
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itself was actually very muted. and i think that's i think that's also fed in into the wider kind of idea about watch what could actually happen and what i think is what a lot of people or people like lawrence spoke there have actually kind of politically kind of if they feel like ok this might be something that's what suffering it might seem like a really strange something it is almost like a psychological trauma going on here because there's a kind of narrative of suffering that like this isn't going to britain might have to do to kind of cleanse itself of the european union. sometimes i let me just let me just say cheri this is a who i would agree with i'm sure i'm just going to show you this on my laptop it's bret's it prepping dot com we heard what linda was staying there you can actually then decide what how much shopping you need to do i'm a little concerned i'm pretty worried i'm probably panicking and i just click that box and you have a list of of projects that you need to buy for the next three months that will get you for breakfast i know that you are hesitating it's calling linda crazy.
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over maine as my saying that you are crazy are you seeing any. bricks in voters' remorse right now because there's no deal. well it i mean i think it depends as you know there's different sorts of bricks. i mean look across the country certainly accordance to all the polling i've seen the number of people who want a no deal brooks is it is really a big minority. and i think one of the things to remember as well and this is just a fact not opinion is that when the referendum happens you know all this talk about the customs union and the and the arcane details of all that stuff was hardly mentioned at all john the referendum when it was it was confused with the single market which is something else and it was all about immigration really an answer and taking a lot but this of leather and suddenly it's all about the customs you know that's just become a completely new thing that wasn't at the river in the conversation at all and such
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a big issue right now the irish border part of the argument for blacks it was to end the open borders but once the u.k. leaves the new what what'll happen to the border between now and island in the public eye and will any changes be made to the current open border upset that hard won peace the satins trying by the ninety eight good friday agreement so i want you to have a listen to the european commission president john caught a young what he said to european parliament on wednesday. both sides have said loud and clear that there can be no it turned to the how border on the island of. no slipping back into darker times past some hope that the twenty six other countries will abandon the next and so on and at the last minute but this is not a game and neither is it a symbol of the issue it goes to the heart of what being
1:40 pm
a member of european union meets ireland's border is huge bought and this our unions by the way. peter you grew up on the irish morning and we can't have this conversation without a phrase that i'm seeing a lot of our tweets take a look at this one here from eighty flores who says the biggest obstacles are the irish backstop and freedom of movement so explain to our international audience the irish backstop. well it's interesting i think a lot of people might assume the freedom yeah it's a it's not it's not an easy one to do meaning a sense with the irish box office all about once united kingdom leaves the european union the republic of ireland will stay in it and up after dark there will be a different regulation system in the united kingdom which includes northern ireland and in their ship of it which means that on the border so you know there will be a need for customs jets the backstop is this arrangement which is which is a grievous united kingdom and european union which means that if the camp be another solution found the right or trade either technological solution essentially
1:41 pm
the whole united kingdom would remain in alliance with the european union so it's allowed so to allow for a free movement of goods across across the irish border and it's become such a contentious and because if that happens united kingdom can't sign trade deals which to be honest is not part of the much of the rhetoric of the referendum brave even referendum which of the trade deals that's now become a big thing that apparently if there's trade deals that's going to be a disaster of the kind of independent trade deals and the irish box open is is that's what's this going to do is follow what's basically been the last twenty five years of of life america forward which is it's friction it's trade but also friction as tribal people live and work across our border many people live on one side the border work and the other go to school on one side by side and it's designed to not change up to be no physical infrastructure on the border that's i think with me reminds me very much of the fact that i think the non-aggressive to think that this to living in the days of the empire when you can get a claim on the pencil and to hold it isn't signed you know which part of the
1:42 pm
world's belongs to this country i mean you know anyone you don't know her work and they want to correct that she did not know that this is you know the irish boredom is going to come up. and again you know one more time you know for those the but you know it's like if we were going to have go for correct as a country by now she should have been on an hour and instead of me years of absurd things to go one point then and i think a lot of people switched off the time when they need to be switched on because when i go weeks now potentially you know one of the worst disasters to focus on treat on people you know the general public but a lot of is a kind of one hour for patients with leaders of the country and indeed a lot of repetition rafael if you want to get in here i want to just i want to direct this to you douglas here is was also worried about contradicting the good friday agreement says hence the difficulties were in now the only way to avoid this hard border is for the u.k. to stay in the e.c.u.
1:43 pm
european customs union which many then don't want profile. yeah and that's the point i think piece of a very well which is that ultimately the way you keep an order invisible is to have total alignment of all the exam rules and regulations for goods crossing that border and that will do something that a lot of the sort of very most fanatical breaks it rejects because it changes the in title meant of a government to sign trade deals with other countries but the under the very important things one that done the stand beneath this is that that you have the good friday agreement which brought to an end you know a generation of very brutal violent setting civil war and within. a community the only reason that agreement is able to function so well is because both the republic of ireland and united kingdom where members of the european union the e.u. is itself quite pretty as a signatory to the good friday agreement together with dublin and london and so it
1:44 pm
was never really explained properly or fully understood in the twenty sixth referendum campaign enormous danger all taking one country that can once again free that out of that agreement and therefore what that actually meant properly to the place where that agreement was signed and their leaders in the break that is literally denied that that was a problem and that was well and they were actually dangerous yeah and the thing is just just just to follow that you know people say a hard border would would jeopardize the peace without explaining why i mean wants you to go on the border it was tax driven that was twenty years in jail with the oil and assets we want to support a customs post that says that you could shut itself off probably from european union he said that hill there they'll shoot at the customs person that you know that's just what it means because it's just it's just a red right it's does a little and all over again so that's just a contradiction with facts that you can't leave the european union entirely yeah without putting the border of the company gold up you know because because it
1:45 pm
because of the side agreement pushes the peace that's what we're not a so chilling when we say that we we were. in the middle of the u.k. in the middle and many many years ago when i went there for university there was still the memory of the ira bombing and only the u.k. and the idea that we would even go back to anything that's like that is very chilling for anybody in the u.k. who remembers that time back in the one nine hundred seventy s. really. it's really chilling is a very chilling thing to say. we bought this show because we asked you for a poll and we gave you these options as the poll and this show was brought to you by you because you also for a andrey simpsons linus says i'm english can we have something other than getting bored now. twenty nine sorry about that. lately is similar sentiment on you tube mark henry says what a mess mary is then paul bear you can see and join the conversation as well with
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your own thoughts hash tag a string. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against.
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al-jazeera selects. dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young country men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the.
1:48 pm
russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. by may to every leak a new cycle going to series of breaking stories and that of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the louts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase about all the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battle is a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. venezuela self-proclaimed leader says his family is under threat the government makes arrests over an alleged plot to overthrow president maduro.
1:49 pm
said robin. watching all just live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next half hour. we have tremendous progress the u.s. president says that he's hopeful of a deal with china to avert a trade war. also keeping the nuclear deal alive the e.u. bypasses u.s. sanctions to keep trading with iran. and south korea warns the woman who fought for justice for victims of war time sexual slavery. welcome to the program venezuela's opposition leader who has accused national security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro of threatening his family it's the latest sign of rising tensions following the decision of the united states to back him for the presidency earlier former military officers were arrested accused
1:50 pm
of plotting to overthrow. we see a new reports now from caracas in the. south but famed interim president hung wide all had finished presenting a plan for national recovery at an israel a central university when he made a personal announcement at this hour special forces agents are at my home asking for my wife. accompanied by diplomats opposition leaders and the media rushed home residents told us the police agents on two motorcycles had been there but had already left our then yes i ordered the soldiers of this country not to intimidate us or poles has remained firm we are speaking of the national plan while they were harassing my family because that's their modus operandi. the u.s. government has warned severe consequences should anything happen do i lol government supporters call it a cheap publicity stunt opponents a useless attempt to intimidate them and to add more drama to the day the interior
1:51 pm
minister announced what he called a plot by mercenaries allegedly paid by the opposition to assassinate keep politicians and members of the military this he says in order to raise the level of upheaval in venezuela. and that is that if you evidence the telephone analysis and interrogations and i produced this morning to capture petard conal. not only is a cruel it's fifty four years old wanted for attempted assassination treason instigating an uprising attacking military facilities. earlier had presented the opposition's plan for the nation a road map pretty good political stability. the first priority he said is to obtain urgently needed humanitarian aid and that could put the army and president in a dilemma. neighboring colombia and brazil are offering to send the transition
1:52 pm
government food and medicine immediately now now i mean in the next few days the next few weeks so it's up to the armed forces it's up to the military if they're going to allow that food and medicine to calm through the border or if they're going to you know keep supporting the block so they're going to have to choose between their families and their leader or at least their what they call their presence. so far there are no signs that the military high command is planning to break with my little who insists that he's the victim of an imperialist could a ta. see in human al-jazeera products now they're all reports the moderate government is preparing to sell gold to the united arab emirates the sale of fifteen tons. as from its central bank voles in exchange for euros it's part of a plan to keep venezuela solvent in total the government is reportedly hoping to sell twenty nine tons of gold to the u.a.e. in february and that's despite warnings from washington that anyone dealing with
1:53 pm
venezuelan gold could be subject to u.s. sanctions and ternium or is editor in chief of news and news dot com he says the government is trying to avoid losing control of the country's oil assets there clearly looking for foreign currency reuters is reporting that they're doing it to try to remain solvent with some of their foreign debt obligations which might be what they're doing because they have tried to stay as solid as possible trying to forego the possibility that their tankers and their oil and other assets will be embargoed and so they may be trying to do that marco rubio on the other hand to say that this is just another example of an asylum government that which it also may be very well very well be the case for could be somewhere in between because the reality is that all major transactions over the past twenty years with venezuela there's been giving off the top either but it's on government corruption there has
1:54 pm
been a you know just a believable or he can survive this one the reality is look at cuba cuba has survived of the communist government ninety miles off the coast of florida for sixty years despite u.s. sanctions so there's no question that he can survive the difference with cuba however is that this is a country that now have a real a long tradition of democracy and so chop is became kind of the others aren't either so this is a country that nurse democracy is a country that still connected the rest of the world with the internet and despite the fact that the bettors own government sometimes cuts off internet access so there is a it's a very different situation than what cuba was sixty years ago. now the u.s. president says that he's optimistic that he can reach a new comprehensive deal with china but donald trump insists no do will be finalized until he meets his chinese counterpart xi jinping washington and beijing of impose billions of dollars worth of tariffs on each other's goods since the trade war began last year fisher has moved to washington d.c.
1:55 pm
. we have made tremendous progress we both want to deal but there's still a lot of ground to cover u.s. president donald trump has been meeting china's vice premier in the oval office he delivered a letter from his boss chinese president xi jinping the topic the ongoing trade war between the two hanging over both the corner meets the hold that would make it to be have been sitting round the table in washington this week trying to thrash out an agreement that after days of talks donald trump is uncertain there's a deal to be done this is going to be a small deal with this is going to be a very big deal or it's going to be a deal that will just postpone for a little while but we've been dealing with china and we've had a great relationship i have a great relationship with president cheney. the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods and to change the rules of doing business in china where american companies have to peer with local companies and hand over to treat secrets and intellectual property and good at a growing trade deficit the trumpet ministration introduced ten percent targets on
1:56 pm
billions of dollars of chinese goods coming into the u.s. that will kick up to twenty five percent if there's no deal by march but the chinese have retaliated with kind of serve their own the president says any final agreement will be hammered out with him and his chinese counterpart it's a lot of work because this is a very comprehensive deal this is what we're talking about you know they're going to buy some corn and that's going to be no they're going to buy corn hopefully they've got a lot of corn and lots of wheat lots of everything else that we have but they're also talking heavy technology heavy manufacturing financial services and everything in the united states and china of the world's two biggest economies there's pressure on both to reach a deal to share because of the impact it's having on their own countries and the international monetary fund says an extended trade war will be bad for global economies alan fischer al-jazeera washington. brown has more from beijing where president donald trump needs
1:57 pm
a deal because he wants to try to reassure jittery stock markets president xi jinping wants a deal because he has a number of serious economic problems right now these haven't necessarily been caused by the trade war but they are making things worse economic growth is now down to just six point six percent that's more than half what it was twelve years ago manufacturing output is continuing to contract and also consumer spending is starting to flatline this is worrying china's president he recently addressed a gathering of party officials saying that the government needed to mitigate for risks in china's economy in the years and months ahead and the fact this seminar lasted for four days is a measure of just how seriously president she views the current situation china has been trying to show it is sincere about wanting a deal just this week it amended a draft foreign investment law which is basically designed to offer greater
1:58 pm
protection to foreign intellectual property here in china that has been one of the sticking points in the negotiations i think it's possible we're going to see a partial deal with china agreeing to buy more agricultural and energy products from the united states but i think there are big outstanding issues that are yet to be resolved particularly over the issue of china being called upon to basically reform its industrial policy president xi jinping wants an economy that is based on five g. technology robotics an artificial intelligence but president donald trump says it's doing all that by cheating. now the u.s. senate has a bill amendment opposing president truman's plan to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan now the senate voted sixty eight to twenty three on the measure put forward by majority leader mitch mcconnell it says that pulling out could allow isilon don't kind of to regroup and destabilize both countries it's a rebuke of trumps foreign policy by the republican controlled senate has more from
1:59 pm
washington d.c. for the past two years u.s. president donald trump has really been able to go along without having any sort of rebuke from congress that seems to be changing now when it comes to one issue in foreign policy the senate has voted to proceed with an amendment which would basically say the senate doesn't agree with the president's plan to pull u.s. troops out of syria or afghanistan the vote was sixty eight to twenty three to proceed talking about it now this doesn't carry the force of law the president sets troop numbers as commander in chief but it is a rare rebuke it's not clear that it's actually going to pass because it's attached to a more controversial bill but in this vote the overwhelming majority of the senators saying to the president when it comes to point troops out of afghanistan or syria that he's wrong no u.s. president american forces will pull out of afghanistan if talks with the taliban lead to a peace deal we're going into close to nineteen years and being in afghanistan and
2:00 pm
for the first time they're talking about settling they're talking about making an agreement and we bring our people back home if that happens we'll see what happens but there really are very serious negotiations for the first time there's a reason for that so i think we're doing so well with the foreign policy bases. germany france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions the move is aimed at saving the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal that washington pulled out of last year the touch of bucks once more from paris. it was on the sidelines of the european union foreign ministers meeting in bucharest that france britain and germany launched a new e.u. payment mechanism to allow european companies to continue trading with iran and bypass u.s. sanctions ministers hope the initiative will safeguard the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and help ensure regional stability is an example of that or at least we are making clear that we are not only talking about keeping the nuclear
2:01 pm
agreement alive but we are now creating a possibility to do business transactions that is a prerequisite for us so we can deliver on our obligations and in return be able to ask iran not to develop in reducing.


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