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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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for the first time they're talking about settling they're talking about making an agreement and we bring our people back home if that happens we'll see what happens but they're in very serious negotiations for the first time there's a reason for that so i think we're going so well our foreign policy basij germany france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions the move is aimed at saving me twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal that washington pulled out of last year that has to block the hustle from paris. it was on the sidelines of the european union foreign ministers meeting in bucharest that france britain and germany launched a new e.u. payment mechanism to allow european companies to continue trading with iran and bypass u.s. sanctions ministers hope the initiative will safeguard the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and help ensure regional stability. and examined that we are making clear that we are not only talking about keeping the nuclear agreement live but we
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are now creating a possibility to do business transactions that is a prerequisite for us so we can deliver on our obligations and in return be able to ask iran not to develop enrich uranium for military use the e.u.'s foreign policy chief who was one of the twenty fifteen deals may negotiators work on the trade system called instax the establishment of the special purpose vehicle is i believe the mechanism that would allow for legitimate trade to continue as for c.n.n. in the interview at the missile for support from our side then he you payment system will avoid transfers in dollars it will be based in paris overseen by a banking manager in germany and supervised by a board in the united kingdom in the beginning it will be for trade in things like medicine food and some humanitarian items but the idea is that it could be expanded to trade in other areas the mechanism will help mainly small and medium businesses but it may not be enough to persuade european multinationals such as french oil
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giant total german car maker dana to resume trade with iran and risk u.s. penalties but some analysts say its symbolism is important because it sends two clear messages one to tehran that the e.u. is serious about maintaining the nuclear deal and the other to washington washington is the method it sends about the future as well here and the europeans i think are signaling that if the u.s. continues this already you and all. reach of that secondary sanctions policy that the europeans can really begin to build up something bigger in response to it and that this special purpose because just the first step donald trump says he hopes that u.s. sanctions will force tehran into a new deal so far you're a new leaders say they won't really go sheet but they will could the e.u. payment plan those here will hope that the mechanism will save the nuclear agreement because if it collapses it could deal
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a blow to europe's efforts and credibility the al-jazeera paris well still ahead here on al-jazeera brazil's indigenous communities protest against president balsara its policies which they say threaten genocide. i. hello again it's good to have you back well here cross the levant we are seeing a little bit of activity in terms of some rain as well as some clouds we're going to be seeing some rain here across parts of turkey as well as some snow in the higher elevations so for aleppo you could be getting some of those showers as well with the time to there of about sixteen degrees baghdad about twenty quid city about twenty two degrees there as we go toward saturday really seeing some more clouds across much of central iraq into iran where tehran seeing cloudy day for you at about twelve degrees there well over the last twenty four to forty eight hours
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we did see a lot of clouds pushing through parts of northern saudi arabia flooding was a problem across much of that area now back to those very warm temperatures across the region with riyadh seeing temperature few of about thirty degrees there on friday as we go towards saturday well we are going to see the possibility of a rain shower coming here across parts of doha with the temperature for us at about twenty eight degrees and then very quickly as make your way down across parts of southern africa we are going to be seeing more rain across much of the area it had been dry but now we're going to see anywhere from german down here towards cape town it could be a spotty showers two on friday and as we go toward saturday pretty much more of the same temper in durban about thirty and down here towards cape town it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with a temperature of twenty four. high in the atlas mountains. the edge women are fending for themselves again as their
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husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside support how much longer is this way of life sustainable algis your world meets my rocker village superwomen. for it. talk about your watching the visit with me celeron a reminder of our top stories venezuela's opposition leader one has accused security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro of threatening his family former military officers have also been arrested accused of plotting to overthrow the
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dewar. u.s. senators back to measure opposing president donald trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan it says pulling out could allow i still adult kind of to regroup and stabilize both countries. the us president says progress has been made of china during talks aimed at easing a trade spat between the two powers both double trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping. the saudi oil giant aramco has been valued at two trillion dollars from think more than ten million barrels of oil a day but last year the kingdom cancelled the firm's stock listing al-jazeera investigates the reasons behind the ambitious offering. home to the muslim worlds holiest sites saudi arabia's real source of power comes from oil and saudi aramco turns that black gold into dollars and results a company which is never to be noted independently was the crown jewel of the
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so-called vision twenty thirty there is no doubt that iran co is one of the key pillars to this vision to the growth of our economy and to the progress of the entire kingdom of saudi arabia. but the company which funds saudi arabia has budget never appeared on any stock market and the kingdom's economy has tanks it's then al-jazeera has investigated the ideas behind vision twenty thirty the politics of the kingdom which revolve around oil money and the reasons why the proposed sell off did not work the secretive company has never had to declare its financial reports and that is a massive transformation had gone public one of the major objections by people in the kingdom was their fear of the money would go into the pockets of the royal family the other issue was the nearly constant oil build saudi arabia has claimed since it took over from american big oil firms which founded iran called looking at their reserves figures makes if you look too closely at it you start. scratching
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your head you wonder how it can stay roughly constant from year to year when they're there producing an export and so much oil every year five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the screeners for you to increase to the crown prince spent millions of dollars to build an image of change and progress but the public relations drive abroad as well as any improvements at home have not proceeded as planned but i see that as a much bigger backlash that even the religious or conservative people really unemployment and saudis are not taking jobs the biggest setbacks to shake investor confidence. came after the confinement of top saudi businessmen the imprisonment of rights activists and economists and finally the fallout from the killing of saudi journalist. and your skin for democracy i'm asking for people to be allowed to
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speak i'm asking for the minimum killing of the saudi journalist that has put them in the spotlight and if they come forward and tell the whole truth of what happened if not. they may be faced with harsh. economic sanctions. and if that's the case the market. seems to be saying well saudi arabia's economy is going to fall off a cliff. at least twenty nine children have died in a refugee camp in northeastern syria over the past two months i've been blamed for most of the deaths more than twenty three thousand people mostly women and children escaping fighting arrives at our whole come since the end of november now the world health organization says many families made the journey on foot in freezing conditions. now u.s. federal court has ruled that syria's government is responsible for the death of
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american journalist marie colvin in twenty twelve it's also ordered the payment of more than three hundred million dollars in compensation to a family the judge said syrian forces deliberately targeted the area were called in and her team was staying to silence her and other media critical of president bashar al assad. supporters of lebanon's prime minister all celebrating the formation of a new government saad hariri will head a new cabinet ending and nine month deadlock which destabilize lebanon's economy the breakthrough came after rival factions worked out a compromise allowing representation of sunni lawmakers backed by the powerful shia group hezbollah and the heavy air we are facing financial and economic challenges as well as social and administrative wides other than the challenges that we know of in the region and the situation on our border and the israeli threats this means that the cooperation between the ministerial team is a must to be up for the challenges and for the government to succeed. activists in
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egypt are worried there's a plot to silence them that's after a lawyer filed a complaint against for human rights groups who met with the french president emmanuel micro-loan during his visit to egypt earlier this week the complaint accuses the groups of offending the egyptian state and harming the country's interests it says they discuss death sentences and prison conditions with michael the complaint says they also talked about proposed constitutional changes amir monkey is a researcher at the middle east and north african division of human rights watch he says the number of cases against activists are increasing and the president's easy . we have seen these kind of company and by lawyers who are very national interest and pro government and egyptian law and fortunately permits this kind of. food by crime by lawyers who have not think of think at actually but they just lie these. overbroad at his age
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and actually laughable of harming national security and spreading coltan you ask the egyptian authorities to. activists from the egyptian nationality or to actually improve them there and we have seen the rescuers acting in many cases up with these complaints and are creating activists to court these lawyers have strong ties with security agencies and we have seen this brother also under late president mubarak where lawyers who have ties with the government and security agencies tried complaint against writers and activists but under president these the. porter precinct hugely and the number of cases of such cases are i think coming as opposition leader has been charged with in selection and inciting violence mores come to lead regular protests against longtime president pulled by or since losing an election in october which government opponents say misfortune and if found
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guilty come to could face life in prison. police incident again to guns to disperse protesters calling for the resignation of the president omar bashir. hundreds of demonstrators marched through the streets of. sudan's second largest city angry despite a government announcement that includes release some of the eight hundred people detained since the unrest began last month. pacific now where the funeral of an activist who sought justice for victims of wartime sexual slavery is being held in south korea kim bob dole who died on monday was one of the thousands of so-called comfort women falls into brothels run by the japanese military during the second world war part of consumer all procession is taking place in front of the japanese embassy in seoul rob mcbride has the latest from the capital a highly charged ceremony often very emotional literally hundreds of people
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following behind the funeral cortege through the streets of seoul to here in front of the japanese embassy ninety three year old kim has come to very much symbolize the plight and the suffering of south korea's comfort women there are some twenty three who are still left alive she was probably the most prominent among them she'd spent the latter part of her life traveling widely speaking on the subject campaigning for not only the comfort women but for other young victims of sexual violence in conflict areas she her life long wish of course had been for the prime minister of japan to give an apology on behalf of the japanese people that of course has never happened as far as the japanese are concerned they believe that an agreement signed with the previous south korean administration back in twenty fifteen was meant to have resolved this matter once and for all the fund was set up
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to compensate the comfort women who are still alive and have cues the current administration of effectively run their going on that deal. in brazil hundreds of indigenous people have been demonstrating against president jiang bowles sonora and some some polo. representatives and some of the nine hundred thousand or so indigenous people scattered across brazil have come to south the biggest city in the country by this far away from those communities as they could possibly be but they're hoping to hear their voices will be heard anything from the sound we hear to protest against the government that wants to remove some of the rights we have to commit to decrease on by the president and generally the first is going to hand indigenous people we want to get this document to know that he's while we are demonstrating in different parts of the country today they are these are people who have been persecuted they say for more than five hundred years ever since the arrival of the first europeans they have suffered massacres they have suffered lang grabs but they're saying the situation now is as bad as it's ever been given the
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policies of the recently installed president joe biden so now paulson out all during his campaign he said that not one centimeter of brazilian land will be dumber demarcated as his territory he was asked why the u.s. the one percent of the brazilian population should have control over twelve percent of the country's lantos. to get some much of that land was host to mineral wealth. looking territory that land should be exploited that should be allowed people should be allowed to make a profit that is also changing the law to allow more people to have guns so this is was really upset the indigenous community they fear a relaxation of the rules protecting their status within the constitution that any protection they once enjoyed under the law has been curtailed and they must now unify gather the support of as many non-indigenous brazilians as possible to try to fight against what they feel is
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a hostile government. now at least ten people have died in the u.s. from a once in a generation cold snap algis it was john hendren reports from chicago. the big chill down from the arctic into the american midwest made chicago colder than the north pole and parts of mars this is not unusual situation it's unusual therefore we have to do things and remind people both for their personal well being the well being of their residents the well being of their home and their property what you have to do take the precautions so nothing bad happens more than eighty percent of americans have felt zero temperatures. froze over the town of hell michigan that is in chicago it was even colder with wind chills making it feel like minus forty five degrees celsius. you don't want to do that nearby rockville hit its lowest temperature ever at minus thirty for the polar vortex
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canceled thousands of flights trains. but there's not enough layers for this called unless you're prepared to go to the arctic the u.s. postal service has suspended deliveries in. the generation brought out conditions in iowa and crashed cars across the midwestern u.s. thousands were left without power or heat. now midwest residents prepare for weather whiplash with weekend temperatures expected to climb as high as. polar vortex to spring like john hendren chicago. top story position. was accused. of
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threatening is really. being arrested accused of plotting to overthrow. so i say to the gentleman of your pious pollies here i am with my wife my daughter my house and i will hold you responsible for any threat to my baby girl who is only twenty months all what they do to this whole country and i say from here leave my home u.s. senators back to measure opposing president donald transplant to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan it says pulling out could allow eisel and al qaeda to regroup and destabilize both countries the u.s. and china say progress has been made in trade talks aimed at easing tensions between the two countries but president trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping u.s. federal court has ruled that syria's government is responsible for the death of american journalist marie colvin and twenty twelve is also ward of the payment of
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more than three hundred million dollars in compensation to her family the judge said syrian forces deliberately targeted the area where colvin and her team were staying to silence her and other media critical of president bashar assad at least twenty nine children have died at a refugee camp in northeastern syria over the past two months. it is being blamed for most of the deaths more than twenty three thousand people mostly women and children escaping fighting have arrived at the whole camp since the end of november the world health organization says many families made the journey on foot in freezing conditions the children and babies are reported to have died on the way or soon after they arrived supporters of lebanon's prime minister have been celebrating the formation of a new government saad hariri will head a new cabinet ending a nine month deadlock which destabilize lebanon is economy the breakthrough came after rival factions worked out a compromise allowing representation of sunni lawmakers backed by the powerful shia
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group hezbollah. those were the headlines you can follow those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com i'm back with more news in the next soldiers there it's a chase aleck's to stay with us. tortured entertained in their homeland chinese weaker is our fleet but is there a safe place to go one of many as far as their perilous journey to an uncertain future. but how does iraq. my bag you with my drugs if i have my drugs. i do everything by going to have my grow i going to do anything.
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