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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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and keeping the iran nuclear deal aligned in you bypasses u.s. sanctions to keep trading with tehran. and there we're seeing a lot of snow over parts of europe including force in britain an island a part of the world where we're not really equipped to see snow atoll so here's that wintery weather then that was in cool will last night you see already a lot of snow is on the ground there and some of these motorists were trapped for hours in their car that system then worked its way eastwards and continued to bring us some heavy snow to many policies of southern england and central england and that's caused quite a few problems this morning that system will eventually begin to fizzle out but as it does say we see this rather intense area of low pressure begin to dominate the
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weather so very windy around the coast of northern spain and up through france and also a lot of heavy rain and snow here is well ahead of that we have another system that's working its way northward for the northern parts of the outflow also wintery weather here to the south where that will be mostly rain and that unsettled weather all working its way eastward so plenty more rain and snow for us as we head through the day on saturday the southeast corner is where we're seeing the quietest weather bucharest there getting to around ten degrees and for us in athens it should be a pleasant sixteen for the other side of the mediterranean we've seen a fair few clouds over parts of libya and egypt but it's in the northwest we've got the wetter weather still with us as we head into saturday. the weather sponsored by cattle railways. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in liberal i was the joke of the plus a no like and the other student rewind continues with. my neighborhood i was like
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screaming get the settlers we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the police community ok show rewind on al-jazeera. again you're watching out there as reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump says progress has been made during trade negotiations with china but says no deal will be finalized until he meets the chinese president xi jinping will. thousands of iranians have gathered to watch the fourth down verse free of the islamic republic and his return from exile revolution was followed by weeks of
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confrontations and breast. cancer as opposition leader has won to national security forces to stay away from his family. as officers loyal to president nicolas maduro turned up at his apartment and his daughter was at home. tell me france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions system is aimed at saving the two thousand and fifteen deal that purse what washington pulled out of last year. has more from paris. it was on the sidelines of the european union foreign ministers meeting in bucharest that france britain and germany launched a new e.u. payment mechanism to allow european companies to continue trading with iran and bypass u.s. sanctions ministers hope the initiative will safeguard the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and help ensure regional stability to examine how good or at least we are making clear that we are not only talking about keeping the nuclear agreement
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live but we are now creating a possibility to do business transactions that is a prerequisite for us so we can do. iran obligations and in return be able to ask iran not to develop enrich uranium for military use the e.u.'s foreign policy chief who is one of the twenty fifteen deals may negotiators work on the trade system called instax the establishment of a special purpose vehicle is i believe the mechanism that will allow. for legitimate trade without continue as for c.n.n. in the interval of the missile for support from our side then he you payment system will avoid transfers in dollars it will be based in paris overseen by a banking manager in germany and supervised by a board in the united kingdom in the beginning it will be for trade in things like medicine food and some humanitarian items but the idea is that it could be expanded to trade in other areas the mechanism will help mainly small and medium businesses
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but it may not be enough to persuade european multinationals such as french oil giant total germany can make a danger to resume trade with iran and risk u.s. penalties but some analysts say its symbolism is important because it sends two clear messages one to tehran that the e.u. is serious about maintaining the nuclear deal and the other to washington washington is the method it sends about the future as well here and the europeans i think are signaling that if the u.s. continues this already use and overreach of that secondary sanctions policy that the europeans can really begin to build up something bigger in response to it and that they're special purpose because just the first step donald trump says he hopes that u.s. sanctions will force tehran into a new deal so far you're a new leaders say they won't really go sheet but they welcome the e.u. payment plan those here will hope that the mechanism will save the nuclear agreement because if it collapses it could deal
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a blow to europe's efforts and credibility the al-jazeera paris. well the u.s. is scrapping its nuclear agreement with russia going to american officials who spoke to the voices news agency and to media trained nuclear forces treaty all i n f was an arms control part signed by the us and the then soviet union in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the treaty banned all land based missiles with a range of five hundred to five thousand five hundred kilometers now there a us and now the us and russia are accusing each other violating the treaty and donald trump is willing to leave the pact on february the second if russia doesn't comply i challenge possible from moscow well russia has certainly been expecting this announcement in the run up to the february second deadline that washington had given moscow to comply with the i.n.f. treaty there have been various talks going on to try to find
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a way through the impasse talks in geneva talks in beijing basically the united states says the range of a russian cruise missile the nine am seven two nine is in violation of the treaty the treaty says that you can't have any land based crews or ballistic missiles with a range between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers and this missile the united states says is in the banzai and russia says nonsense the range of this cruise missile falls ten kilometers short of the five hundred kilometer cutoff it's also accused the united states of its own. treaty violations and says that the u.s. has long wanted to rip up this agreement so that it can start a new arms race and says that washington's blackmailing tactics won't work. was supposed to be the biggest stock market offering of all time the saudi oil giant
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our ram co failed to hits the two trillion dollar value set by crown prince ahmed bin cell man so last year the kingdom cancelled around coast stopped listing their investigates the reason behind the failure of the ambitious offering. home to the muslim worlds holiest sites saudi arabia's real source of power comes from oil and saudi aramco turns that black gold into dollars and results a company which is never to be nodded independently with the crown jewel of the so-called vision twenty thirty there is no doubt that iran co is one of the key pillars to this vision to the growth of our economy and to the progress of the entire kingdom of saudi arabia. but the company which funds saudi arabia's budget never appeared on any stock market and the kingdom's economy has tanks its then al-jazeera has investigated the ideas behind vision twenty thirty the politics of the kingdom which revolves around oil money and the reasons why the proposed saudi
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aramco sell off did not work the secretive company has never had to declare its financial reports and that is a massive transformation had gone public one of the major objections by people in the kingdom was their fear of the money would go into the pockets of. the other issue is the nearly constant oil build saudi arabia has claimed since it took over from american big oil firms which founded around called looking at their reserves figures makes if you look too closely at it you start. scratching your head you wonder how it can stay roughly constant from year to year when they're there producing an export and so much oil every year five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the screeners for you to increase to the crown prince spent millions of dollars to build an image of change and progress but the public relations drive abroad as well as any improvements at home
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have not proceeded as planned but i see that as a much bigger backlash even the religious or conservative people really unemployment saudis not taking jobs the biggest setbacks to shake investor. dence came after the confinement of top saudi businessmen the imprisonment of rights activists and economists and find the key the fallout from the killing of saudi journalist. and yourself going for democracy and asking for people to be allowed to speak i'm asking for the minimum killing of the saudi journalist that has put them in the spotlight and if they come forward and tell the whole truth of what happened if not. they may be faced with harsh. economic sanctions. and if that's the case the market. seems to be saying well saudi arabia's economy is going to fall off
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a cliff. well you can watch this zero news special aramco of the company and the state on friday us twenty g.m.t. . israel is moving forward with plans to build a cable car as a possible capacities to slim the walls of the old city the government says it will reduce congestion and be a tourist attraction and palestinian critics of the plan say it's linked to a program of cementing israeli control over the city's sector highfalutin ports. so this is the area where the cable car is due to terminate just outside jerusalem's old city walls very close to the western wall very close to the oxer mosque compound berners the temple mount to jews it's being promoted by the israeli tourism minister and the marriott jerusalem as a traffic easing tourist attracting measure it's also being promoted by the city of david foundation which is due to build the visitor center cum cable car stop that's
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also the organization which is behind a lot of the archaeological digging that takes place in this area and it's behind attempts to try to increase the jewish presence in the palestinian neighborhood which abuts this area the neighborhood of so one which is in this valley just below us here now that's one reason why palestinians are opposed to all this the very funding for this project was announced on jerusalem day in may last year part of a two billion dollars slew of projects of the israeli government announced including trying to increase the uptake of the israeli education system in palestinian schools increase business infrastructure increase the amount of archeological digging in areas such as this one so many palestinians see this as part of a wider attempt to cement and solidify israeli control in occupied east jerusalem there's also been opposition from israeli architects and n.g.o.s who say this will be a blight on a beautiful landscape that the fifteen pylons that will be used will be much bigger much more obtrusive than are been argued by the proponents and they also are
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attacking the argument that this will reduce congestion in the area they say that will merely move that congestion to other parts of jerusalem nonetheless the plans are now published there. sixty days during which members of the public can either support suggest or oppose them before they're put for final submission. romania's celebrating taking the presidency of the european union for the first time but it's already proving controversial the government is facing widespread allegations of corruption and mismanagement environmental activists have also told al-jazeera the government has been complicit in the destruction of some of europe's oldest and most important forests now a slave reports from national forests and west in the mania. these high hills have proved rich pickings for people who show scant regard for the importance of ancient forests supposedly immune from exploitation they don't even try to hide their business it's all piled up on the roadside despite commercial logging in the
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national park being illegal nor did it take long to find the law because we've been warned they might be armed so we kept our camera at a distance they insisted it won a government auction which allowed them to do this fairly. the environmental activists trying to stop it's say none of this could happen without the government knowing if you slogging conservations are most of the times approved by the state but when we write letters and make complaints the minister herself is answering to our said there should be no logging in national parks so there is a little contradiction here they approve it and they say it's not legal at the same time but you can see i mean we just drove up the track and it's here you can't miss it all over in any nation are parked in the town which sits below the national park a huge steel works used to provide employment for nearly everyone but not anymore nothing was found to replace the jobs so it's easy to see why logging became such
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a large industry romania's forests are vast which is partly why the locals get away with it some of this woodland is among the oldest in europe but large areas have been cut out of it the government keeps secrets any records of what's legal and what isn't so global companies which buy romanian timber furniture cannot know the origin of the wood. alina worked for the forestry agency for fourteen years when she complained about all of this she says she was intimidated and isolated ultimately forced to resign on fox kmart a large part of the bad luck i was questioned by my directors as a biologist i was prevented from doing field work that didn't from going to logging areas in the park they kept me on minimum wage they did everything they could to stop me from being able to speak out they cut me off remain you're currently enjoys the privilege of holding the presidency of the council of the european union which means it has the opportunity to set policy objectives for the whole of the e.u. including on the environment and yet despite all the evidence to the contrary the
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remaining government still insists that nothing illegal has been happening inside its own protected forests their own ministers have been saying as much to the european parliament even though it has been presented with evidence suggesting the very opposite we are talking about illegal logging in private forests where there were no proper services for guarding these forests thirty years ago the remaining people rose up against their dictatorial leader nicholai ceausescu and embarked on a journey to democracy which for the first time has put their country into a leadership position across europe for all of that remain yet maintains a reputation as having a thick covering of corruption it seems unable to shake off largely al-jazeera in western rumania. at least ten people have died in the u.s. from a cold. plummet to record low. conditions course thousands of. schools
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. are expected to rise next week. the big chill that swept down from the arctic into the american midwest made chicago colder than the north pole and parts of mars this is not unusual situation it's unusual therefore we have to do things and remind people both for their personal well being the well being of their residents the well being of their home and their property what you have to do take the precautions so nothing bad happens more than eighty percent of americans have felt below zero temperatures. froze over the town of hell michigan that is in chicago it was even colder with wind chills making it feel like minus forty five degrees celsius faces about the us where you don't want to do that nearby rockville hit its lowest temperature ever at minus thirty for the polar vortex canceled thousands of flights and trains layers
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with me just in case it was called but there's not enough layers for this county called unless you're prepared to go to the arctic the u.s. postal service has suspended deliveries in eleven states as the once in a generation freeze brought white out conditions in iowa and crashed cars across the midwestern u.s. thousands were left without power or heat. and it was a. thing that we. now midwest residents prepare for weather whiplash with weekend temperatures expected to climb as high as ten celsius and from polar vortex to spring like fall john hendren al-jazeera chicago. now watching our top stories the u.s. president says progress has been made during trade negotiations with china
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officials have been meeting in washington to try to end a trade war but trump says no deal will be finalized until he meets chinese president xi jinping. thousands of iranians have gathered to mark the forty year anniversary of the islamic republic and the nays return from exile after fourteen years iran revolution was followed by weeks of confrontations between khomeini's followers and the shah's loyalists. but as well as opposition leader has warned national security forces to stay away from his family. says officers loyal to president nicolas maduro turned up at his apartment young daughter was at home. so i say to the gentleman. here you are with my wife my daughter in my house and i will hold you responsible for any man whose only twenty more. they do to the whole country and i say from here leave my home. has denied using spying
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software to hack the i phones of american citizens it was an investigation by the reuters news agency which found hundreds of thousands it was spied upon in two thousand and sixteen seventeen a team of former u.s. government intelligence operatives working all the emirates hacked into the i phones of activists diplomats and wyvil foreign leaders including cattles amir and a senior turkish official. the u.s. says it will scrap its nuclear agreement with russia intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was an arms control pact signed by the us and the then soviet union in one thousand nine hundred seven the treaty banned all land based missile ranges of five hundred to five thousand five hundred kilometers the u.s. and. russia now accusing each other of violating the treaty. at least ten people have died in the us from a once in a generation cold snap and it's left thousands of people without power and many more travelers stranded and some parts of the midwest and northeast and states
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temperatures plunge to minus thirty degrees celsius. say now with all the headlines i'll be back with more news here on al-jazeera the street. as politicians in washington. we talk to the people at the center of the story many of. us. it's not it's a very migrant smugglers and people who live. i am for me ok imam ali today by popular demand an update on the u.k. crisis can the united kingdom come up with a plan for untangling itself from the european union so mr questions in your comments on bricks it live on twitter and through our you tube.
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thanks once again to our online community for taking part in our twitter poll to help to use today's topic thirty four percent of those who voted chose it posting another poll today the results stream pick next thursday's topic or tell us what other stories you're interested in on the discussion of drugs so joining us to talk all things bright said in bucharest romania al jazeera correspondent lawrence lee in glasgow scotland peter gagan a journalist and investigations it editor with open democracy and outs for education a journalist and counselor for oxford city council and in london rough elbaz he is a political columnist and whiter for the guardian it's good to see you i feel like we've brought together a support group for journalists let's start the first segment and the first
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question question with what will happen if the u.k. to the e.u. without a plan in place so the u.k. is set to leave march twenty ninth but he appears a no closer to an agreement on exactly how to handle the trade immigration and border laws the u.k. follows as an e.u. member states on tuesday parliament voted against having a no deal snobbery oh he's british prime minister theresa may. just not the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way the right time will join says. i think that's i think that's the first time he's actually accepted that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal. so i'm just looking at you and twitter profile and he says i cover the u.k. and your english county trying to explain bricks it to the world wish me luck.
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options right now. well you see our life's a long look at the facts it won't happen i call it the circular firing squad argument because there's so much there's a least five or six different interpretations of process all of them just what you want from you know way off the extremes of people who wants a new deal so will the other and people that will leave it all in as you've seen over the course of the militants in all of them they that they keep shooting each other not in themselves look at each other down and so you know in the end i've always thought that brooks and happen because if they kill each other in that sense and they should supplant then what you're left with is the status quo and i'm in the economists argue that that means no deal with a fellow yeah i thought you disagree because what you saw the prime minister just say there is absolutely true that because of laws that have already been passed in the british parliament on the twenty ninth of march the u.k.
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legally stops being a member of the european union that will happen in any way so actually there isn't a default back to the status quo that the situation you fall back on is no deal which means in practice the entire legal basis of all of the you case trade and its relationship with its european partners that's built up over thirty is literally falls away at sort of eleven pm that night there isn't there is that and then when they don't want the deal do they it's kind of economic suicide if it comes to that i've always assumed that they switch and say let's extend and have a second river until something else so lawrence i like that idea of the let's extend it because i think there are members of our community and i think that's probably going to happen as well but they say here is not one of those and he first sees a catastrophe he says we still have no clarity and we're nearing the twenty ninth of march with a real possibility of leaving with no deal which would be catastrophic for future generations shocking how we've left it this of late i want to give this one to you catastrophic when you think what happened in the twenty ninth of march. i think
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what we're looking at right now is no sense. it will or no directs it and i think it will help me. but i think you know the cherry cheer is a million the tories are absolutely adamant they want this to happen. though there's been a complete don't actually g.t.e. by the government they've had almost three years to put a plan in place there is no fun you know what's going to stating about all of this is really feels like the u.k. is in the process of carrying out massive active self harm to the country and we don't really know you know what new look it is a really because right now there's also not only take over the fact that much as i think the e.u. has lost patience with the country and there was no plan so even if there was supposed to be a greggs that if that was what was the end outcome then by now we should have been opposed to our birds that there's nothing there on the table looking at this headline that you wrote the story that you wrote rafael may think she's won but the
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reality of rex it will soon hit terror again. what's the reaction i mean the other important thing that happens you showed that clip from home the other important thing that happened about same night is that for the first time in a long time the conservative party mode they got together and actually voted with the prime minister and endorsed a sort of deal not a deal that they endorsed is one that doesn't exist they endorsed sort of her deal but with all the bits they don't like taken out of it which is meant to give her a mandate instructions to go back to brussels and say look i'm nearly there i just got this deal just give me this one more thing but exactly as you just heard from a shift in the e.u. all that goodwill goal now you know well they have. reopened it it's not how you conduct an international negotiation if you want your partners to think you're reliable and trustworthy so that was really the point i was making that she she's chosen a sort of a will involve the unity with the conservative party over the actual reality of what the liberal in the negotiating breaks it but i must say i think has made
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a very important point that actually no one in the parliament very few people at all that actually want to know your crush out the problem is it is the default setting is it no one comes a better agreement. three hundred. know no deal there's not a couldn't believe it was. you know the kuperman this labor m.p. you said let's make sure there's no new deal. it's unbelievable the number of m.p.'s said effectively we're happy with lawrence you know what else is unbelievable the news moves so fast but i want to rewind just a little bit to when we saw had lines that proclaimed a historic defeat for a sitting government first time in modern history and so take us back of there because we have a couple of tweets about that most of our injuries says is it valid to say that theresa may is fighting a tougher battle at home than she had with the e.u. over leading a successful bracks it another person writes in to us on you tube son i'm says why is she taking this burden and just let it pass to the next government and of course
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the just soon after seeing that historic defeat of the government she survived narrowly and no confidence vote but peter i'll bring you in here on this one your take on may in this person's comment that this doesn't have to be her burden. well if you look at how she's approached this whole kind of direction issue since she became the prime minister two years ago she's always said that this is this is what she's going to do sliver breakfast she lost the general election it seems unlikely she cites another one this seems to be the kind of this is her whole her whole kind of political legacy is invested in breakfast well it's very interesting to note that ok she won some sort of battle of unity this week but as rafael mentions earlier she had this huge historic loss the biggest and history and it's this is not this is so unlikely to change and the coming weeks are really all she's done is office out a couple of weeks of good headlines but in terms of actually some sort of substantive changes no evidence that's going to happen and if she brings the deal back that she
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did with the european union she can't renegotiations it looks like and get the thesis again and i think i would can echo some of those comments about an audience marial because while there might be a majority in parliament for either her deal or for no deals there's no evidence that there's a majority in parliament for anything in which case united kingdom just by the fault leaves your european union without his ear and as we get closer to that relief i think fifty seven days away from that now it's very hard to see what people are going to coalesce around if it's not going to be teresa mayes deal and the evidence still is that the deal of sheet rock from european union which would be substantially the deal she has been over this process you know the next ten days she comes back from brussels it's not there i doubt we'll ever get to the house of parliament for one is rather spend a bit of time in parliament last few days and i do you know be cautious about this but i wouldn't rule out actually there being some kind of incremental grindingly wins towards something like dale so there are a lot of those very hard line conservative m.p.'s who are kind of looking for a lot it's a cloud i'm down with a dignity intact they don't actually want no deal some day but not all do there are labor m.p.'s who are kind of looking to get a bit of a not so not in
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a wink from the labor leader to say go on then you can cross over a just get this over the line and actually you know what she's a tough lady and she just grinds her opponents down and i wouldn't be it's all surprised if we wish we had that might be a bit of an extension to us we're fifty but we get to half way through this year and. wow actually somehow we seem to have left the european union with a deal that looks an awful lot like the one three rather i hear you there and i want to pas us on that note because there is so much to talk about so i want to move on just a little bit next topic this same show the movement of goods into the u.k. in the event of a no deal scenario many britons are worried about long delays for products interest in the country supermarkets pharmaceutical companies and other businesses are now stockpiling goods to prepare for the worst so how are others reacting take a look at lawrence lee's report from last week. linda is taking no chances she bought books a few weeks ago inside is enough freeze dried food to last
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a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds of the four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say. you're a bit crazy you know what are we to stay in the european union and then get on to the packers and things like this it is possible you know so i can see what they say and i can understand why the man is want to remain. but the long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we. were being dictated to. he's not the only one with concerns pretty high on twitter read send in my case i'm worried about the supply of medicine for a chronic health condition this person goes on to say have stockpiled a small amount made an impact as my local doctors have now reduced prescription from the usual three months to two months coincidentally just happens to be at the
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same time as brac said so lawrence take us through what some people are doing in fear is a running out of supplies well you see to the thing is i mean you know people who support bricks. since the reference i'm saying it'll make the country richer which is unprovable because it hasn't happened yet to now they're saying well a bit of suffering you know will do us all good i mean there was a guy who wrote a column you know very well wrote right wing got a column in a right wing magazine last couple days saying when when he was young you know the boats used to go and steal food from from from france and he said you know we will be going to the same again that it will be quite exciting it's a sort of you know the glorification of the victim hood almost that computer that you know people are celebrating the fact that a lot more difficult you know this what they want to be back in the second world war is something that you know i think it's i think it's beyond any doubt that there will.


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