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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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there are more than one hundred groups active in north kivu the epicenter of the latest operate. health workers and civilians and go ahead areas have come under repeated attacks bearable fighting people are centers for vandalized and they want up to december's presidential election but the wanted organization says there is some room for optimism we vaccinate. sixty six thousand people with targeted ring vaccination and you know new vaccine in the field for the for the first time in a situation like this and we have literally hundreds and hundreds of staff in the field doing this work so we believe that we've managed to contain the disease in the areas concerned we've also worked very closely with ford in the surrounding countries and in neighboring south sudan health workers have started getting their first shots of the border vaccine screening facilities have been set up and the board trees have been opened to stop the disease from spreading across the border maximum preparedness for disease that's both dangerous and unpredictable but it's
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what they need to prevent a repeat of the twenty fortini boy epidemic at west africa with the same strain of virus it's going to eleven thousand people. are just our. senior figures from turkey is ruling out party have met the un special rapporteur on executions it was now looking into the murder of the saudi journalist. they say i guess shares their frustrations and fears that everyone suspected of involvement won't be brought to justice saudi arabia insists its rules had no knowledge of the killing inside its consulate in istanbul last october. the united nations delegation has shown that their objective is to convey the facts and deliver true evidence in case to the whole world they have listened to my
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testimony as a friend of jamal khashoggi we have no hope of reaching justice as long as the first suspect saudi crown prince mohammed bin is in full control of all aspects of governance including the judiciary the united nations' investigation team has the same suspicions and are trying to reach the truth objectively and therefore they are seeking help from turkey more on this and stephanie decker who's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. it was amusing that last around an hour and a half un special rapporteur for extrajudicial killings meeting with his a senior party advisor is also the first official that the fiance of jamal khashoggi called when she was outstanding outside here after he failed to reemerge almost four months ago now we understand from mr x.i.i. that he conveyed to and missed that he believed that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin saw a man who was responsible for ordering this killing we know from the un special
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rapporteur that she's been talking to also the chief prosecutor the man in charge of turkey's investigation trying to figure out what exactly it is turkey has discovered through the foreign minister friends of also his fiance trying to piece together get a sense really of what happened here key that she really wants at this point in time before she leaves is to listen to the order according to the order recording that turkey has from that murder inside that consulate she's currently meeting with intelligence officials in ankara whether she will be played a copy of that will have to wait and see certainly mr act i believe that she will be hearing it before she leaves this is an investigation that. has taken upon herself to investigate in her remote as her role at the united nations because she says that neither the united nations nor any of the member states are pushing for an independent investigation this is of course a hugely loaded political story it's a political minefield if you will and almost four months on there really seems to be no justice certainly the body of mr jamal khashoggi has not been found and still
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nobody knows who exactly ordered the murder. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour how a crucial swing states in u.s. presidential elections is impacting washington's policy on venezuela. billions of extra dollars from the government just isn't enough. and the detained behind a footballer will be in a tie jail for at least sixty more days as he waits on an extradition request more in sport a little later. venezuela where the opposition leader has rejected an offer from mexico and europe wise to mediate talks with president nicolas maduro on why those says the negotiations won't be neutral he is backed by several latin american and western countries and is seeking support from allies russia and china the government is trying to stay solvent by selling its gold reserves and emirates the investment firm says it
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bought three tons from the central bank on january twenty first before the u.s. warned against dealing in venezuelan gold washington meanwhile ramping up pressure on president maduro to step down speaking to exiled venezuelans in florida vice president mike pence says it's time to end what he called a dictatorship you also want all options are on the table to deal with venezuela's crisis and to be clear the struggle in venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy and freedom has the moment nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power and nicolas maduro must go with those looking on should know this all options are on the table. i. need to loosen the euro would do
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well not to test the resolve of the united states. pence was speaking in florida a closely contested swing state of course in u.s. presidential elections with a large number of venezuelan american voters and florida's republican senator marco rubio has been at the forefront of the trumpet ministrations response to the ongoing crisis as he takes a look at how the u.s. is shaping its hawkish policy on venezuela. at a rally on friday republican florida senator marco rubio was emphatic mother still has time to leave where it's up to him but that window will close that time will pass and then it will be too late rubio has helped shape the trump administration's venezuelan policy reportedly speaking to the president at least once a month on the issue since shortly after his inauguration florida's venezuelan emigre community has forcefully lobbied for regime change the ferocity it displays for the overthrow of nicolas maduro has seemingly replaced that once shown by
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florida's cuban american population for u.s. intervention in its homeland younger cuban floridians are against confrontation with iran or the venezuelan community is key to the republican party's hopes of retaining power in florida and in the white house as changing demographics soften its grip on the state one cuban by rubio has received twenty thousand dollars from an anti cuban government group co-founded by maurice your cover carone rubio has since hope club by carone joined the national security council at the trump white house he's pushed for the escalation against the venezuelan government not the donald trump needed much encouragement he asked for a venezuela briefing on his second day in office over his focus was how finally to bring down the government in cuba by making it financially difficult for caracas to supply have an hour with eight and that remains the ultimate goal the white house is transparent it seeks the overthrow of the cuban venezuelan and nicaraguan
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governments and u.s. control over the world's largest oil reserves it will make a big difference to the united states economically if we could have american oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in venezuela with the election of right wing governments in the region and the emergence of one guy do it was decided the time and come for regime change one. why does popular will party has a strange itself from even large sectors of venezuela's opposition that favor dialogue and don't want war however he has a strong constituency in washington it was washington after all that groomed him for this moment but there are concerns in washington that the administration has a mistake it opposition to president mood for support for u.s. intervention or for a candidate asking for military intervention and there are fears about what such a hardline foreign policy team will recommend if it has miscalculated
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a team that now includes elliott abrams who in the one nine hundred eighty s. oversaw the us his support for regimes that employed death squads in central america she al-jazeera. also germany's chancellor angela merkel has weighed in on venezuela's cross the saying elections that returned madeira to power last year were not free connected the two lesion doesn't define him he wants to contribute to make sure there is no escalation but also for the venezuelan people to be able to promote their own interests and in our view that can only happen through new elections. germany was one of several e.u. countries that issued an ultimatum last week from a direct to call early elections that deadline will expire on saturday he'll also be facing more protests this weekend as one guy though calls supporters back onto the streets for what he says will be the biggest march in the country's history the demonstrations will coincide with the program and do a rally that will mark the twentieth anniversary of the inauguration of his mentor
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the former venezuelan leader hugo chaffetz. qatar has stunned the footballing world by winning the cup for the first time they beat japan three one in the final and abu dhabi to cap off my remarkable moment this report from dosage of ari. this was the moment the nation's dream became a reality i. i the tars national football team played their seventh and final match in the tournament beating the four time asian cup champions japan three to one. and they did it without a single qatari fan in the stadiums because all the matches were played in abu dhabi. since june of two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia egypt and the u.a.e. have imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar accusing of sponsoring terrorist groups a charge qatar has denied. since then travel to those countries has also been
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restricted. the spike the politics surrounding this asian cup games qatari fans are simply proud. it's a great feeling thank goodness we got here after a lot of hard work and perseverance. i can't describe my feeling today i feel as happy as any arab especially when my country achieved something like this it was a great game too and to beat such a great team like japan makes it an even bigger achievement it's a win for the amir the amir father and everyone who lives in qatar and every era every one without discriminating between them. it was a great game a very exciting game and thank god that the qatari team won i want to thank our boys what they've achieved from the start of the tournaments to the end. once the trophies were handed out in abu dhabi the real celebrations began in. the new champions are expected to return home on saturday where they will receive
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a royal welcome. as these asian games come to. then qatar's national football team has proved that they are ready for the biggest football tournament there is the world cup the twenty twenty two which will be held in qatar as the final whistle was blown in qatar behaving the champions of the seventeenth asian cup games fans poured onto the streets celebrating their country's was for when they might be the underdogs in the tournament certainly the celebrations of the continue well into the night here in. dorset of bari al-jazeera doha. but to the united states where immigration officials reportedly force feeding detainees on a hunger strike in protest against conditions at a texas detention center immigrations and customs enforcement known as ice says eleven detainees at the el paso processing center have been refusing food some for more than a month a report by the associated press is found up to thirty people striking most of them
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from cuba and india in mid january a u.s. judge authorize the force feeding of six detainees they are being hydrated and fed through a plastic nasal tube immigrants say they're protesting against verbal abuse and threats of deportation from guards they're also upset about the lengthy lockups while awaiting legal proceedings so let's talk about this with clara long senior researcher at human rights watch joining us from oakland california thanks for your time claire. for what do you take us through first of all what force feeding as we give a brief description of their valving a plastic tube it sounds invasive and painful. indeed force feeding can be incredibly painful and involves a medical. doctor or nurse wrapping a tube tightly around their their finger and forcing it up through someone's nose down through their throat. the associated press reported at least some of those six
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who are being force fed by immigration and customs enforcement by by the u.s. are are being restrained during during that procedure it's so invasive and so painful that human rights watch has agreed with medical experts that force feeding someone who is competent to decide to understand what the impact of not eating is reaches the level of cruel inhuman and degrading treatment under human rights law in it and it can also be torture and it's done because if i just put this really bluntly they don't want to defile me and supposedly. correct you know we found that you know there are a troubling number of deaths in u.s. immigration detention this is a system holding now record numbers of people forty eight thousand people as of this month more than ever before that's forty eight thousand at a time but it adds up to at least a half a million a year and it's
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a system in which we've seen dozens of deaths and in fact we found in a report we published last year that a large number of those deaths are linked to the neglect particularly medical neglect not responding to people's needs and not providing adequate care so certainly they're anxious to avoid more deaths we went and spoke with hunger strikers last fall who were on strike in be in the coma washington detention center . who were protesting for many of the same reasons they did not they were not force fed but we know when we spoke with them they told us how desperate they were to get out of this prolonged and indefinite detention thing about indefinite detention is that as a person who's being held you just have you have no hope you have no idea when you may be released and unfortunately you know one of those men who was on hunger strike in washington later died in november after by suicide. we mentioned
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in the case of texas that it was a you know u.s. judge who authorized the force feeding on what. legal grounds does that happen. well the legal grounds in which it occurs are a situation which the government. argues and proves that someone cannot decide not to capable of deciding for themselves whether or not they should be taking calories you know we haven't been able to examine oftentimes the court decisions are hidden we haven't been able to examine the courts reason in some of the what's reported in the associated press story that you mentioned suggests that they are very much competent and capable of making rational decisions based on what relatives who are in touch with these men are sane so you know i think we need to see exactly what the courts taking into account but there you know it does raise the real
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possibility that a court is authorizing this force feeding of people who are very much rationally able to engage in this expressive protest behavior look it's a grim topic but i'm glad we could talk to you about it and get some more information from you thank you so much car loan from human rights watch the taliban says u.s. president ronald trump appears to be serious that's a quote about pulling his troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the group says a foreign withdrawal is the first goal towards resolving this seventeen year conflict trungpa said american forces will leave if talks with the taliban lead to a peace deal earlier this week the u.s. envoy said there had been agreements in principle towards a framework agreement but it was drawn up without input from the afghan government which the taliban regards as illegitimate. the united nations is calling on u.s. backed fighters to allow safe passage for people fleeing violence in i thought the last pocket of territory in eastern syria the un refugee agency says families
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fleeing to this camp in the whole have described the harrowing journey through minefields and open fighting at least twenty nine children have died mostly from hypothermia the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say it's not to blame though for civilian casualties the u.n. insists more can be done to make people safer we have approached the authorities who are effectively in control of the area where we need to work. we have as i said before we have also appealed to. those fighting and those with influence over those involved in the fighting to do there are most to grant safety for the civilians fleeing. and to obviously allow the humanitarian access in the areas where we need the migrant rescue ships the watch has been detained in the syrian port of. the italian coast guard said the ship breaches safety and environmental
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laws officials boarded the ship on thursday after a disembarked forty seven migrants rescued in the mediterranean the vessel had been blocked at sea for twelve days until european nations agreed to accept the mine and it's still ahead for you on this news hour forty years on iran marks its revolution and the return of the ayatollah as supreme leader. we will head to an exhibition in london that looks back at a fashion revolution by one of the world's most influential design is. the event where she will ski for the last time before retiring here is along with your sport a little later. hello again or welcome back we're here cross north america we're following sing a break from the polar vortex it's beginning to recede i've united states and into
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canada but what we are still seeing is some cooler water down here across parts of florida i want to show you some video that has come in from st petersburg these are dozens of manatees and what they're doing is they're actually staying in the warm water just off this power plant and they really need water is anywhere between twenty degrees and higher anything lower than that could be detrimental to the manatees well we are going to see some rain showers down here across parts of florida over the next few days and we're also going to be seeing some very heavy rain out here towards parts of california a new storm system is making its way in from the pacific that's going to be some very heavy rain all the way down towards los angeles as well as some higher elevation snow and that is going to continue and move east as we go towards sunday all the way up towards calgary where we are going to see some colder air coming in to you as well minus twenty three is going to be your high well across parts of the caribbean we are going to see some better weather for the south but up here to the north it is going to be rain across much of the bahamas nassau twenty six degrees here on saturday a little bit better by the time we go toward sunday but
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a beautiful day across some domingo with a temperature twenty nine degrees and also some rain in panama city with a temperature of thirty two degrees for you. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence
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leaves erupt in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice evict and on al-jazeera. the news hour here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories the united states is withdrawing from one of its main nuclear weapons agreements with russia saying the nine hundred eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty has been consistently violated its former president the wrong backbones been released by the international criminal court two weeks after being acquitted of crimes against
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humanity. and as well as the one by those who has rejected of mexican and europe one proposal to maybe a tween him and president nicolas maduro the opposition leader has declared an interim president is backed by several western and latin american countries. we have seen some dramatic new video of the moment of a deadly dam collapse in a modern mine in brazil last week the disaster unleashed this wave of sludge and mud in the southeastern state of mean us get eyes. strawberry pictures security cam pictures actually showing vehicles scrambling to escape the torrent of mining waste the wave engulfed buildings at the site including a canteen where workers were sitting having their lunch hundred ten people confirmed dead almost two hundred and fifty missing strawberry pictures. well rescue teams briefly stopped their search on friday to pay tribute to the
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victims helicopters gathered information to release petals above the search area nobody has been found alive since last saturday. u.s. senator cory booker has become the latest democrat to enter the race for the party's twenty twenty two presidential nomination at forty nine years old is the youngest senator to join the race for the white house booker is a vocal critic of president donald trump joining a crowded field of democratic candidates with eight others now officially in the running israeli forces have opened fire on palestinian protesters in ganser injuring at least thirty two of them hundreds gathered for the weekly demonstrations near the border fence east of the gaza strip the rallies began almost a year ago to pressure israel to allow palestinian refugees to return to their former have homes which are now inside israel. we will israel's moving forward with plans to build a cable car over parts of occupied east jerusalem the government says it will reduce congestion palestinians though say it's part of his ready efforts to take
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more control of the city's eastern sector more from harry forces. so this is the area where the cable car is due to terminate just outside jerusalem's old city walls very close to the western wall very close to the locks a mosque compound berners the temple mount to jews it's being promoted by the israeli tourism minister and the mayor of jerusalem as a traffic easing tourist attracting measure it's also being promoted by the city of david foundation which is due to build the visitor center cum cable car stop that's also the organization which is behind a lot of the archaeological digging that takes place in this area and it's behind attempts to try to increase the jewish presence in the palestinian neighborhood which abuts this area the neighborhood of siwon which is in this valley just below us here now that's one reason why palestinians are opposed to all this the very funding for this project was announced on jerusalem day in may last year part of
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a two billion dollars slew of projects of the israeli government announced including trying to increase the uptake of the israeli education system in palestinian schools increase business infrastructure increase the amount of archeological digging in areas such as this one so many palestinians see this as part of a wider attempt to cement and solidify israeli control in occupied east jerusalem there's also been opposition from israeli architects and n.g.o.s who say this will be a blight on a beautiful landscape that the fifteen pylons that will be used will be much bigger much more obtrusive than are been argued by the proponents and they also are attacking the argument that this will reduce congestion in the area they say that will merely move that congestion to other parts of jerusalem nonetheless the plans are now published there are sixty days during which members of the public can either support suggest or oppose them before they're put for final submission. celebrations have begun in iran to mark the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution a ceremony has been held at the mostly him of iran's first supreme leader ayatollah
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ruhollah khomeini to mark the day he returned from exile this report from the intel . when the man who led iranian revolution toppled the king and ended centuries of empire was buried his final resting place was a humble empty plot next to a graveyard now the muzzle iyam of ayatollah ruhollah khomeini iran's first supreme leader serves as a symbol of the islamic republic its grand halls a reminder to visitors perhaps of the reverence he is owed as men and women young and old civilians and soldiers packed into khomeini shrine to commemorate forty years since his return from exile iran is going through one of its most challenging economic decline the government remains clear about who is to blame. and that he had america be damned it does whatever it can to break the power of islam like the many sanctions they've been hosed they're waging psychological war they want to
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make people pessimistic about islam they haven't achieved it so far and they never will. iranian leaders often speak of the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution as a living thing its mission and islamic ideals as perpetual usually for a political purpose forty years later the revolution that khomeini brought to iran continues to be a source of strength for iranian leaders who invoke its ideals to rally support for things like the foreign wars in which iran is currently engaged but leaders here also speak of it simultaneously as something fragile and precious that needs to be protected against external threats but years of economic struggle has led many iranians to have more practical perspectives not at the end of the medication to the revolution has been beneficial i would try to change those of shows that don't think about the people and not one of the people those who live in luxury houses and off expensive cause the officials don't understand the difficulties of livers
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and painting them awful nice the economic situation is not good today we are under sanctions if the sanctions did not exist. it could have been better iranian leaders who came to power at the time of revolution still wield enormous power but what is happening inside the country stands to change the status quo more than any outside influence what as the old guard continues to promote decades old ideas as part of modern day politics iran's ailing economy chips away at government popularity. zero to her own have been protests in pakistan after the supreme court uphills the acquittal of a christian woman who'd been sentenced to death for blasphemy and has more on that story from islamabad. it crossed. their religion.
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and they have deployed. that taking precautionary measure to now that. some of the. leadership. again maybe to believe. they were going to do that in america. and these governments promised billions of dollars to help support farmers but on the streets of new delhi many say the latest budget just doesn't go far enough. these farmers protesting outside the indian parliament want the government to help them they're demanding loan waivers and better prices for their produce the government has pledged almost eleven billion dollars to help them india's interim
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finance minister is optimistic the economy will improve. once to become i was to become a five trillion dollars economy in the next five years i. would be aspired to become a trillion dollar economy and that makes you. but the farmers feel they are not sharing in india's economic growth. farming has become a loss making proposition for the farmers because seeds in fertilizers have become very expensive it is also expensive to hire farm labor for irrigation sowing and harvesting the fields. prime minister narendra modi has been facing widespread discontent from farm. about six hundred million indians depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and many have huge debt debt they say that won't be lowered by what the government is now offering them this is was then a lollipop. six thousand five hundred it comes to fifteen rupees per day
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a cup of tea costs that much per day in india i think that this is a total sellout total betrayal of the farmers by the government into this budget. among the crowd on friday many simply didn't believe the government's latest promises would come to pass especially with elections expected in the coming months . by the month of may so what. if. they agree to these budget proposals. and while analysts say the direct cash support being offered to farmers in this interim budget is a clear attempt by most crucial political support in the countryside protesters say the plan doesn't go nearly far enough.
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