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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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a poor boy in the not really feeling this team that know a little they got a clip of one personal and. i have no commercial musical but in this political thing we. know something about what i. said on board a bus up a new level nobody wants me on the t.v. . with all those heels you don't get it was one thing to them going to proceed. in it in that i could get there but i don't. believe that it's done.
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one year after the new setback the town is completely blocked by produced a decent place on the promenade this on but i'm on the truck into the crowds killing eighty six people. almost a third of the victims were muslim today is a commemoration day for those who lost their lives. i've come to meet with. she's the daughter of the first victim killed in the attack her name was. she was a mother wife. french moroccan a muslim. she was wearing a hit job. the fact that she was wearing a huge job and was the first victim really shocked when i first heard about. the attacker who knew she was killing someone from his own religion.
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one hundred percent but i can but she will be glad just you for says images they do for the money dotty i gave you because you cross is it a bottle of course you have one of the lazy as to not only is it still on the. check camp aquatic only but quite see that religion up us up or down as i felt it. i am until he can exist on a society cell a city. he said but. demanded to know which way to move cleavage unity betty if she knew what when it comes down. let it have you can push the membership with this one. but if you don't have equal doc. is all of em all mexican by the mission. of home user manual surely
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a permit person is all cheery dismiss it you should read. only loving your boss for. hours on end. hockey local. he said it. makes of his kinsey bonded to the significant who will talk. does any define me but give it. a set of my discoveries you tell me when you do love you but why and. after that it's that which. yes well. completely don't you do then you made a mess. well best suited for whom you have felt you can is soft get to see all
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the kind that will go as you know tom under the shelter. so that's for sure and of also practically everything you need to shut down if need be to drain off a little you don't belong because it does not turn you have only a cat's going to turn them into a. sort of permanent dissolve the want to come to self and she's also the best of luck to you and i'm one of course i have a clue. that it doesn't either but she does see that all my thomas. they move these sumber on these pasty day commemoration of french independence. it's been a year since the attacks residents would like to continue as before. but much has changed in minutes even the cityscape has been reconstructed. its world famous from the now it would no longer be an open space like before. what scares me most is that we've also put barriers between people of different cultures who live
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in the same country. really did you believe in you can see more to this problem of a brother mona lisa. taza. told the premier only destruction here by the i mean. what are folks who focus. as you felt can remember remember so we're really seeing regime running re-entering support of these families to buy the stuff. or the metaphors and show you ok you show the children in this economy. and we can join the peace a still the protests we see in our street. loot change the tough things out on the could i got it it was that on the other side you saw it on loot looting for the most peaceful was a new force that biology but in the debate said. you know she told me jenny.
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says your losses you mean because you know who. she could. call. on nov thirteenth twenty fifteen parts was the scene of multiple armed attacks so you say that darker stroke stopped the force us armed men opened fire on diners in one of the most multicultural and lively areas of the french capital the eleventh hour on the small i have lived in this area for thirteen years so these attacks close to home. while people enjoyed the concert at the back the theater others were massacred at small restaurant. they were celebrating a birthday when their lives and that in violence.
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many muslims died that day in paris but there is one story that has touched me particularly that of the restaurant i barely keep. that night on the terrace of this restaurant of tunisian origin was celebrating her birthday. she was born in paris. was her restaurant her sister holly joined with other friends to celebrate their brother who was also working as a waiter there. the attackers opened fire on the rest front. they've
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immediately for hours and in his arms she had been shot in the head and died later in hospital. i am going to meet with the brother of khalid and of their two sisters who died on the thirteenth of november. there is a huge shift i need and message in jail. to plead. that it is no wonder the jones at the b.b.c. was in on this one fighting. for shoes you. know you all did it in a swell sheet if you read this i thought that if you got a clinical studies assist in this area then you have more.
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michael quoted in your sentiments so that many people can i say to mrs bush here she a ship to try to tell you that us all up in each other that i made to get in the presence of swat i can make this in the. sheer off awesome machine sure miss him if he stays in the possible confusion and fear junket he left us over she was so thick that movie was just a young hockey komo. even on this season i would lose your what michael moore softballs. commutable those from. memphis to come to terms of all to shut up the media hides if they are so i. don't know some of the aussie swap him on many of you like that mean. something don't go sit up or usual want to prove she chip on the job because they feel it will. be on the new
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toys while playing in this. mission at the end of any heap of pool can you. use a gun and shoot you. if you're using you see. mr space. or whatever. and where she usually sets in the city just saw something a fake ship. and it moving. in a second and you're going to get more polish get this in the get more. you washed your skin take a look as you will this place all people soft and. for me it's sure you can visit it all. you do sure all sure hope. you're not unusual that this escalation of the. question that a person in a place or to commit these acts. just like the people of east all the usual.
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course is an unusual sonic existed opinion to put it in yeah. ok to cry. and sick and all the. property division was and. assess it. must feel free to but also if an evil he knew something wanted to walk in the day yeah yeah yeah cause you all child is a music the concert on the can. only. abdullah says that he's two sisters or like the lead players in a football match in their family of eight brothers and sisters the other siblings looked up to holly and. they saw them as an example of integration. had a successful day job at the same time she was running a barely keep. both have
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a lot of friends who died or were injured while celebrating or this birthday. the people i've met suffered the traumatic loss of loved ones followed by racial and religious stereotyping. they are moroccan and spanish american and french. tunis and then french or french and. are they more from one country than the other say dentity matter when you're a victim they worked hard to integrate and suffered greatly only to be discriminated against and associated with the attackers. you know.
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with. many other like you don't. do that so you know present us. only. in. simple now i'm heading to brussels to meet look nice husband mohamed look not died in the metro attack that followed the march twenty sixth of brussels airport mohamed was a metro driver but that day he was off work so he stayed at home with their younger
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son. no not have an appointment with a friend she never right. after. you know mosque in brussels mohamed called for a jihad of law. that is not the title of he spoke. for a long. stick with the you know song the cradle of the poem so if you know. this is addressed this it don't send to you i don't know what but i mean what is your. own nose up an idea of a comedian regime neediest was a bit nearest. he pointed but for that call could she could have kept at least that's what should be a person here. you also want to. do
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is she had a mission they mean boom they could pull up what they do have it preys on those your. mum or did your walk for the. it to their cool. you know i could preview no more because only when i. was. with. it. in a despotic going to fund it. so with such kind of solution it's hard for the fox to fix it which is on this because.
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the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. all the kingdom of the company inseparable they're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab code the company and the state on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks to the front is about to blast bottles ossified just about to stick in the ritz with the this time go for the truth is to not come up with detailed coverage while has already said that he's ready to take over as interim precedents and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred. high in
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the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. patrolling coom farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rock group phillips superwoman. i'm kemal santa maria with another look at the headlines on al-jazeera the united states is withdrawing from one of its main nuclear weapons agreements with russia saying the nine hundred eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty has
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been consistently violates we provided russia an ample window of time to mend its ways and for russia to honor its commitment to morrow that time runs out russia has refused to take any steps to return real and verifiable compliance over these sixty days the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the and have treaty effective february second we will provide russia and the other three parties with formal notice that the united states is withdrawing from the night after really effective in six months pursuant to article fifteen of the tree now the headlines venezuela's opposition leaders rejected an offer from mexico and euro guys to mediate talks with president nicolas maduro. who has declared himself interim president says the negotiations won't be neutral and he has called his supporters back to the streets this weekend promising the biggest march in venezuela's history former ivory coast president iran bank bows been released by
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the international criminal court two weeks after being acquitted of crimes against humanity had been accused of inciting a wave of violence following disputed elections in two thousand and ten dramatic video has emerged showing the moment of deadly dam collapse at a mine in brazil last week one hundred ten people are confirmed dead almost two hundred fifty are still missing the disaster unleashed a wave of sludge and mud in the southeastern state of minutes guys the security camera footage shows vehicles scrambling to escape the torrent of mining waste. the taliban says u.s. president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling his troops out of afghanistan it says a foreign withdrawal is the first goal towards resolving the seventeen year conflict the armed group also says it wants to establish an islamic system under any peace deal and u.s. senator cory booker of new jersey has become the latest democrat to enter the race for the party's twenty twenty presidential nomination forty nine year old has been
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a vocal critic of president trump and joins a crowded field of democratic candidates with eight others now officially in the running news for you in twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera right now it is back to twice a victim. convert
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. you should be doing to do when it comes to. care for the poor. and the difficulty. buried in the metro attack that followed the march twenty sixth of brussels airport muhammad was
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a metro driver but that day was off work so he stayed at home with her younger son . had an appointment with a friend she never. was awful. in a despotic target i found it. so with such kind of solution i still feel i saw before the fucking difficult because i'm just for trees. and i would mess up their. sticks come. from a. big. one. a few more bird. recently and if i. wanted him to tore. in public but i guess i'm a. shit up on a mormon moment by some. mysterious. someone i knew.
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and i went down there. from the top of this car park in central brussels i have a clear view of the border between the city spots the side i'm on and. no man mohamed lived in modern back a place the media have portrayed as a hotbed of so-called terrorists and. yet if that doesn't exist in stump. in more money decide to city the whole point is to more than the shared tell me if this were to pull you are the nearest source the
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people going to promote the un jihad could put money on me and put it out of your nose. forfeit john key a fellow for quite a lot. accepted to define the devotionals choking in a secluded live human. children that. you have to pull see. it off the tunnel to put it on the t. bone a move the body really missed. around nine am on march twenty second twenty sixteen a little more than an hour after the airport that attack another bomb detonated at much station in the city center it was close to several european union buildings a three car each metra train just left the station who did direction of. when the
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bomb exploded. all the meters all fall or you most certainly. is a clear. especially interesting this. like you're exposed to as if you want to move. on and not play softball. for many people any. of us with a little need to be done more. in my classroom when you hear. me. i
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mean most is able to move so this is when she has children could you develop as you why don't you just set a foot before the cup people to feel when you. at least themselves a couple. in the mall so i could literally all. the completely irrational maddening because. this for years surely see the point was they can actually use a few the. sky context on this don't especially wish. to keep them out of big. could you maybe do content by the book at. work i'm in the book the t.v. show if you buy the must have been but he's acquitted by this you have to. admit it
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but what i did with. their part i'm so sure i'm going to take it to communicate that because from the way you can because it'll be little more than big media with a push book and a communicator couldn't support our cover. the moment of big circle music on the radio so the community put a mold of knowledge of some but you don't yes this will do to prevent us from confronting. the more quite division one that would. live in brussels airport i am surprised to see that very novation is to bolster security are still under way the tightening security reminds me of mohamed struggled after the attacks and how he's nearly always seen terror get at passport control he believes it's because of his name and where he comes from.
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when driving to report where all those implicated in the twenty seven thousand barcelona and cumbrous attacks came from i tried to review the facts in my head the media reports that they mum who had radicalized and used to carry out the attacks was also implicated in the two thousand four hundred bombings and that he had travelled to brussels many times while preparing the barcelona. muslim communities are now paying the price of this cremation for the actions of a few people like him.
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he's a small container here in town far removed from the hustle and bustle of the region's capital are filled on. less than a month after the attacks this muslim community of nearly two hundred families in shock over a number of months their mum i've been back here saturday had secretly been brainwashing and radicalized a number of teenage boys. he's neighbors bring them into their apartment where he used to live.
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at least some of the planning for the nine eleven new york attacks can be traced to spanish operatives the new era we live in started that they on the eleventh of september two thousand and one today the muslim community in this cafe are blaming. and in some ways the spanish secret service we now know that in two thousand and three the spanish police detained an armed group in catalonia that had been poised to launch an attack. abdel baccy has said he was interrogated at that time and was. perspective of involvement in the two thousand for my treat attacks from years later he was imprisoned for drug dealing when he was released in twenty twelve he moved to decent suspecting community in ripon where he began radicalizing youth of moroccan.
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the day before the barcelona congress attacks the media reports that the baccy a society and one of the boys died as they allegedly crumbled materials meant to be used in the attacks the the the next day spanish police shot and killed five of the young men in the resort town of cumbria. and ten or more suspected of terrorism. yeah you tell us tell us about well if they make it fully you feel the rest of the gravel on this i guess is placed on us so that you notice. you should want to know when the day you. can see your cup that of those we knew it was your comments. that new. image. in my investigation i wanted to hear from the parents of two of the boys mohamed
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and omari shammy brothers who had been killed in cumbria they were friends with they'll compare brothers who had been radicalized into the same group i lived in the same building. beard was later shot dead by spanish police. he showed me a loser. but. bono. all one look at home said to her. that's full of no no no no i'm up in. a good. enough and good.


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