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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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she isn't even chinese but is a card like citizen something she says police changed on her records. mean of her million poachers get the memo six hundred norm of the bigger picture. of wonder woman's kazakhstan the cast arbiter in a bit of that is this because this is my main problems from the first day what did they say to you when you told them that you are citizen the film also dr phil sutton seemed constructor bilodeau. must have that moment in his bed the businessman rubella some business that's the kind of joseph campbell source of jungle no women couldn't have the numbers. bring her time and attention. says she was never charged with a crime and never appeared before
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a court. instead she was subjected to terrifying interrogations that sometimes lasted twenty four hours intermission in the rhythm with some cop occupying a most mission call particular. question the answer was a look at some. could mean a third of what our body. starved in detention. last thirty kilograms and as consternation mare's merely meant a local event the men look. good doing it although the. china defends their training centers releasing this fifteen minute video on state television. we are shown eagerly learning chinese. getting job training and dancing and singing songs praising the communist party.
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i want to show you this this is china's version of what is happening in these tables. where you shop. was allowed. the term issue. so you're saying china is lying in this you get. the other now louder than the watch but. one day says authorities suddenly released her and put her on a plane back to kazakhstan. feeling unsafe even in her home country she fled to turkey and now lives with other former detainees.
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i can sense you're pretty upset by this they're curating the humanitarian disaster and they are growing seedless of. last november that hatred and anger spilled onto the streets of geneva in switzerland. as china appeared before a united nations human rights panel protesters marched on un offices calling for the release of all week all i hear of protests. in the concentration of millions of.
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players is taken. inside china's actions were being questioned with some countries calling for the centers to be shut down we are deeply concerned by credible reports of the mass detention repression and surveillance of course and other months but chinese officials remain defiant. you don't do that. while china denies its persecuting people based on their religion an unlikely source says otherwise and you said you know there are. use of is a wee girl who says he's a chinese spy. he claims the information he's gathered has sent people including his own family and neighbors to the camps. of.
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josh young. so are the evil going here. or do you hear the. use of tells us he originally agreed to spar to protect his family and to be treated less harshly as a weeder yanks for the her poor dog but with our full. water therefore we'll go to. the use of says his fellow weaker as can be locked up for almost anything read in the koran having a long beard or wearing a headscarf studying abroad or even talking to people outside the country. they are poor. church feel that. trying to.
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washington. and according to use of china's reach is growing he spied on weaker is in several countries including turkey and says agents have even abducted people and returned them to china i am a child payer paid by the state of. sure if i wish to know your time with a chain or. tongue. despite helping the authorities his family was still imprisoned. in your home very strong words on your. measure some of them. i went to for you. barbara. i or the
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george o. . punk chair doyle we were. boys and. he expects retribution for speaking to us but believes he needs to clear his conscience. to answer going i'm sure. why. you call. me. for the change. that. sawyer or crazy is shown into. a war. on time and say oh. yeah one of the shining. city heads to town. hall. the leaders in turkey have more to fear then spies. after
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years of offering them a safe haven turkey's president has begun making deals with china with trade now worth twenty eight billion dollars a year. we girls are afraid turkey will choose its economy over their welfare. for some the time has come to move on yet again. that's a group of canadian leaders are here trying to help registering those wanting asylum in canada. organizers here tell us that in the past three days more than one thousand five hundred people were put in applications to relieve is just another indication of how desperate people are to find a safe refuge. the longer they stay here in turkey the more difficult their situation. their passports are expiring and china is refusing to renew them leaving
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them in limbo. there is no way to get even their temporarily. for. the present he is a stateless how common is his story his example people i have interviewed so four hundred percent his case is just a rule this is not an exception. turkey once granted we get citizenship but that's become much more difficult there is a level of desperation. yes you cannot open bank account you can rent a house. or we have been persecuted in china we have sought that you know once in turkey we will be able to build a new life but this is not the case. do well he faces the same uncertainty his passport expires without papers he's not officially allowed to
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work. here at home at night he tries to stay positive for his wife and two daughters. well with growing pressure from china and turkey feeling less welcome he worries what the future holds in our homeland we are not accepted by trade dormant as there is it isn't and in turkey we are not accepted as like to take brother here to live just as a thief not as a. man like equal with all those. that frustration is pushing some weekers to be in. a day's drive from istanbul is the town of kai syria. nestled in the anatolia plains say it looks a lot like their homeland of shin joan. a thousand wiggers have now made it their
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home away from home a place where they can live the kind of life denied to them back in china slum right. after prayers we meet some of the men of the community most a.v. suffered inching just before escaping the crackdown. you know they are in a negative. and belittle. and want to spoil. sport but what they went through they say is nothing compared to the pain of leaving their loved ones behind. him miscounted i. understand is a come but the. truth is no woman ink on them to send all the of them. to some of them old number one on the.
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what little news that does get out worries them even more. just don't belong to show the oh you. mean well. most of. the so this committee. has all this he's feeling a deep rage i get will be. up and. it was that. we would do that was good how many people here don't believe that we need their own independent state. because had to put it on them as good a kid had to live better get
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a kid. with. community leaders say it supports his people's resolve to fight by saying that we should be fighting for an independent state. are you not thereby becoming the separatists that china says you are busy to look for those just in the histories among the chilean there is a bit slow on this just a bit limited back itchin it was in. their music the fact that their london rick was a top if you're in the for such a general address. tamam then we're going completive ledgers a topic in. the cold. we contacted chinese officials seeking a response to the allegations we've heard of detention spying and torture there's
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been no reply. in. well he says he's telling the truth about what happened to him in jail. but rather than taking up arms he's fighting back in his own way. he's passing on his culture to the next generation. the. scene of the. homeland if the district and we can oppress our culture. then our we have a chance there are we have a chance we need to cherish every need to preserve it to keep it alive. those chances are getting more limited in
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a world where china is increasingly calling the shots. for now i do while we can only dream of a solution to their plight. a safe place to call home. the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. all the kingdom of the company inseparable here the world's largest oil producer and less than the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arabic over the company and the state on al-jazeera one of the really special
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things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know is that it turns out of a particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera venezuelan opposition leader why the strikes an uncompromising stance.
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simple raman you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in our also coming up raising fears of a new arms race the u.s. says russian violations of force it to go back out back out of a cold war era nuclear missile pact. on the taliban offers its vision for gun to start if president trump pulls us troops out. i was. supporters of former ivory coast present braces released by the international criminal court. back into the program venezuela's opposition leader is showing no sign of backing down from a political standoff with president nicolas maduro. who's declared himself into room president has rejected an offer from mexico in europe going to mediate talks with europe he's backed by several latin american and western countries including
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the united states they're wrapping up the pressure on moderate to step down as the country enjoys a long running economic crisis which just falls millions to leave the country on latin america editor is the new been sat down with one for an exclusive interview she began by asking him about the possibility of u.s. military intervention. washington says that all options are on the table would you support u.s. military intervention if all else fails. we will do everything possible so that in the shortest time possible with the least social cost that we can generate stability ungovernability in the country to attend the humanitarian emergency to reactivate production in the country and to achieve freedom been romo said. but you're not ruling it out are you we're going to the everything possible everything we have to do with the five fireballs that i mentioned earlier generate governability stability the lowest social impact possible looked at the the humanitarian emergency and reactivate the economy to generate jobs and public
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services for citizen has still been a swell a towards democracy russia or a guy in mexico or offering to mediate in this conflict and the european union for example is proposing a ninety day period to bring both sides together in order to reach a peaceful settlement to this confrontation why is that acceptable to you. part of a lovely to hear that there are not two conflict inside but all we have he said entire country to the wants change and a very tiny group that sustains itself with weapons stolen from the republic and with constant threats against the same army that sustains them and a citizenship that is massacre i understand the very good intentions of mexico and you're away and i understand the ultimatum the european union has given maduro the opposition has been willing to negotiate we tried everything we have voted we have abstained we gone hunger strikes we have protested and they have killed us. but
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what is a little greed under all this pressure to hold elections but while still in office internationally supervised transparent under conditions that everyone could agree to would you allow that to happen would you agree that's the sation of those super rich a transition government and free elections everything within that framework can be discussed or a few with wider took place shortly after us vice president mike pence made a strong and t. material speech as a gathering of venezuelan exiles in florida champ returns he takes a look at how u.s. domestic politics are shaping washington's increasingly hawkish venezuela policy. at a rally on friday republican florida senator marco rubio was emphatic a little still has time to leave where it's up to him but that window will close. that time will pass and then it will be too late rubio has helped shape the trump administration's venezuelan policy reportedly speaking to the president at least
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once a month on the issue since shortly after his inauguration florida's venezuelan emigre community has forcefully lobbied for regime change the ferocity it displays with the overthrow of nicolas maduro has seemingly replaced that once shown by florida's cuban american population for u.s. intervention in its homeland younger cuban floridians are against confrontation with her via the venezuelan community is key to the republican party's hopes of retaining power in florida and in the white house as changing demographics soften its grip on the state one cuban by rubio has received twenty thousand dollars from an anti cuban government group co-founded by maurice your cover carone rubio has since hope club a career and joined the national security council at the trump white house he's pushed for the escalation against the venezuelan government not the donald trump needed much encouragement he asked for a venezuela briefing on his second day in office over his focus was how finally to
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bring down the government in cuba by making it financially difficult for caracas to supply havana with eight and that remains the ultimate goal the white house is transparent it seeks the overthrow of the cuban venezuelan ambika rog when governments and u.s. control over the world's largest oil reserves it will make a big difference to the united states economically if we could have american oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in venezuela with the election of right wing governments in the region and the emergence of one guy do it was decided the time and come for regime change one why does popular well party has a strange itself from even large sectors of venezuela's opposition that favor dialogue and don't want war however he has a strong constituency in washington it was washed. after all that groomed him for this moment but there are concerns in washington that the administration has mistaken opposition to president for support for u.s.
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intervention or for candidates asking for military intervention and there are fears about what such a hardline foreign policy team will recommend if it has miscalculated a team that now includes elliott abrams who in the one nine hundred eighty s. oversaw the us his support for regimes that employed death squads in central america. now the u.s. has been drawing from a decade's old nuclear missile pact with russia sparking fears of a new arms race the trumpet ministration has accused of violating the intermediate range nuclear forces all the treaty russia rejects those accusations complete. from washington d.c. . suspension of the historic treaty that has been a cornerstone of european security for decades for years russia has violated the terms of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty without remorse the united
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states will therefore suspend its obligations under the n f treaty effective february second. the white house maintains the u.s. has appeared to the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty well russia has not in that time it accuses russia of covertly developing and fielding a prohibited missile system that poses a threat to european allies u.s. forces stationed there the u.s. did not give specific examples of violations russia has consistently denied it's breaking the agreement but u.s. secretary of state says that freshness and violation what's your response when not and we've brought this many times but they don't want to listen the agreement was signed during the cold war by u.s. president ronald reagan and russia's mikhail gorbachev one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. but most agree it's not perfect it did hold to the escalating arms race between the two superpowers u.s. president donald trump has long been
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a critic of the treaty. and friday he suggested it might be time to negotiate a new one less thing to do and here we should be the only one i hope that we're able to get everybody in a very big and beautiful room and do what new treaty that would be much better still there's concern the u.s. did not exhaust its diplomatic options and is trump pressures north korea to give up its nuclear arsenal many question why he would relax any missile restrictions on russia it actually opens the door for russia to deploy more of these missiles and opens the door for a new european missile race some analysts have speculated the trumpet ministration isn't just worried about russia. china is not bound by the treaty there's criticism it's been gaining military advantage deploying large numbers of missiles with ranges beyond the current limits there are now just six months for the
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agreement to be saved the united states is russian must destroy equipment in violation of the agreement or will move ahead with a response designed to deny what the united states perceives to be russia's military advantage can really help at al-jazeera the white house. worked for the u.s. state department on curbing weapons of mass destruction globally she says the trunk administration had other options to tie up the deal. i think there is a concern about russia's missiles there's been television that indicates that the missiles do in fact have a range just beyond what's allowed under the i.n.f. treaty and that there's a chance they have actual plane done some testing with them so there is a concern are valid concern about what russia is doing however there are some diplomatic efforts that you know they could have done more to actually try to resolve the issue on the other hand you know it is another case obviously the u.s.
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withdrawal from retreat that really is very very important in terms of what it's been able to do and what it can prevent in terms of our control so it can also deftly be seen as another case where the u.s. sees an agreement that it doesn't like and rather taking the time to really exhaust diplomatic efforts it decides withdraw. the taliban says u.s. president trump appears to be serious about pulling its troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the armed groups say foreign withdrawal is the first goal towards resolving the seventeen year conflict the taliban also says it wants to establish an islamic system and any peace deal earlier this week the u.s. envoys that there have been agreements in principle towards a framework agreement but it was drawn up without input from the afghan government which the taliban regards as illegitimate david certainly is a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary for defense for kind of some of pakistan he says the taliban these are kind specifically what it means by an islamic system. well if you
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look at the afghan constitution it says that afghanistan respects shari'a law and is governing accord to this law mick principles so it really depends on what you mean by in this law mick system. in afghanistan in kabul where i've lived for a fair part of the last several years there is an islamic system so the question is will the taleban accept what the rest of afghanistan regards as an acceptable islamic system are did they want something else something that is more a traditional pashtun system with a huge amount of oppression of woman are they going to accept the presence of shia and has are a minority which when they were in power before they discriminated against so we have to look at what they mean when they say islamic system a true islamic system would be fine but if it's one that is really just a pashtun tribal system that's another question full ivory coast present lot of bank that has been released by the.

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