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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and factories where they produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia has terrible things putin says the door is open for new disarmament talks but he's made clear that russia will not cause the u.s. on this if there are to be any new arms treaties which we moscow and washington putin says it's washington that must break the ice will reach alan's down to zero moscow let's get the view now from washington christensen joins us on the christian
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at the trump administration must have been expecting this reaction. yes the united states acknowledged a russian withdrawal from the agreement was a distinct possibility when it announced it was stepping away from the deal secretary of state mike pompei always said however that the united states couldn't continue to abide by this agreement in the restrictions that it placed on the united states when russia continued to not obey the agreement basically china is as much a concern for the united states as russia at this point china is not a party to the treaty it wasn't a military party in the military power when the treaty was signed back in the eighty's it has since begun deploying missiles the very kind that are limited by this treaty in asia and that has the united states concerned and they feel strong in trying to deal with that because of the treaty that's why they say they stepped
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away so if they and president trump has actually suggested that the united states might be open to renegotiating this treaty but if they thought they could get china to come onboard the chinese foreign ministry is shutting that down now they issued a statement saying that it was a bad idea for the united states to pull away from this quote important bilateral treaty and they are saying that the united the united states should focus on shoring it up with russia as opposed to expanding it to other countries so what is the united states going to do right now it says it's exploring all of its options i was going to ask you just that kristen in fact many is seeing this year with u.s. withdrawal from the i.m.f. perhaps as an excuse for the u.s. to deploy elsewhere what are we likely to see next. yes well as i said they are continuing military response options that is the line from the administration senior officials have told reporters that they don't expect
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any new missile deployments in the near future any tests that would be a more provocative violation of the terms of the agreement which they say they're entitled to do but they're not going that far at this point this is exactly why critics were afraid of this move or criticize the united states for taking this move because they are fearful that this will spark an arms race with russia again as russia has promised to react in kind if the united states were to make steps like that thank you for that christensen to me and i for us in washington when i speak some more about this now to michael o'hanlon who's a senior fellow in the foreign policy center for twenty first century security and intelligence at the brookings institution he's from washington thank you very much for being with us you think this is a genuine security commitment to pull out of the ninety seven treaty or is it political posturing designed to change the nature of the deal trick the other side perhaps into falling in line. well it's really
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a three player situation because china's role here is crucial as you know china is not party to the treaty and is not violating the treaty therefore but it has built hundreds of missiles of the range we're talking about between three hundred miles and thirty four hundred miles and it is has conventional warheads on most of those missiles and they are now up in positions to threaten u.s. allies and american military assets in the western pacific so even if russia were in full compliance the united states might have an interest in building its own ground launched medium range missiles with conventional warheads to try to respond to china's build up so it's not just about the issue of russian violations therefore i think that there are many americans who would favor pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty even if russia were to come back into compliance and michael where does europe fit in all this this treaty was designed to protect what kind of damage that could be inflicted by missiles that would be used over europe and which would
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primarily hallum europe get the the europeans are and signatory of it and they don't get a say on whether the treaty collapses on. that's right and you're right to highlight that it's a very complicated issue within europe the key question in the short term would be are there any european allies of the united states who would accept basing of american missiles on their territory if we decide to try to respond to the russian violation by building our own intermediate range missiles either conventionally armed or nuclear armed it's not clear which european allies would want those missiles based on their territory and you would have to be somewhere in europe to make the missiles meaningful as a counter to russia because of course the only places that we have allies in the broader european zone are in western europe and that's where therefore we would have to be based with intermediate range missiles because their range is not greater than thirty four hundred miles so you can't put them in the united states
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and reach russia therefore you need some allies to go along with the idea my guess is some of the newer allies like poland that are bent on improving relations with washington and almost no matter what might be willing to host these kinds of missiles but we're not sure yet and as you point out the europeans have no say in the decision right and we've seen the u.s. dismantle monton atom agreements like the paris climate accord on nafta not to trade dare and in the case of nafta it was to introduce a new edina goods could we see a new version of an arms control deal or is that too optimistic of an idea. that's fairly optimistic because of the china dimension and because russia denies any violation so i think you're right that the diplomacy of the speech the atmosphere excellent perceptions are not really to washington's advantage right now and i think the trumpet ministration is mishandling the way in which the decision is made
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even if the decision itself is understandable because washington's going to take the blame for being unilateralist when in fact it was russian series of violations and a chinese series of build ups that arguably the such a this american response so i think we have not succeeded in conveying that or are trying our very best to salvage a treaty that may be unsalvageable but probably should not be dropped quite so fast thank you very much for speaking to us thank you for your insight michael o'hanlon from the brookings institution joining us now from washington thank you plenty more head on this i'll just say our news hour including the taliban reveals more about its base and for afghanistan if negotiations stay on the bike track fast for months on the investigation into the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and in sport there is yet another victory for one of schemas biggest stars to be don't have the details.
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to battle for one of the last eisel controlled pockets of northern syria has displaced tens of thousands of people u.s. backed kurdish forces have been fighting the on hoping dairies or the un refugee agency is calling for a transit side for civilians fleeing to a whole camp the camps operation has tripled in the past two months osama bin javid reports some guy on techies border with syria. i. for the last eight weeks kurdish fighters have been battling myself from one of the groups last pockets in northeast syria they're confident that most areas are now under their control individual problems activists say more than two hundred people have been killed in the fighting shelling and airstrikes by u.s. led coalition forces. are. all. writing to respect their obligation and. international
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humanitarian. so really in. many families had to leave and fought the syrian red crescent says more than twenty four thousand people have been displaced in a matter of weeks it's a lot riskier at night but more people arriving to nearby camps but we were besieged in because we're so hungry and tired for two days we had no sleep and no food for fifteen days all that was available was grass leaves and bark from trees there was a humanitarian crisis brewing in the remote desert areas under rice and a lack of food made worse by a shortage of medicines and doctors in the last few days dozens of isis fighters have surrendered some civilian say they had stopped them from leaving and the mostly kurdish forces are concerned that i still fighters and their families may have fled among the civilians. seventy five percent of them were working with eisel seventy five percent iraqis twenty percent syrians and five
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percent foreign those from central asia europe america germany and other parts of the world in addition to isis atrocities in the area coalition attacks have also reportedly killed civilians as for the how the us led coalition always said that their air strike targeting i saw positions yes in some cases the surely but these positions were in heavily populated residential areas this is why dozens of innocent civilians were being killed. unicef says at least thirty two children have been killed because of violence displacement and harsh conditions in northern and eastern syria the world health organization says it's extremely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation as more families arrive in already crowded camps aid agencies are demanding unhindered access to people in need it's clear that isis no longer controls territory but what comes next is also a cause for concern for rights groups and aid workers tens of thousands of people
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in their resort need rehabilitation and they say lasting peace will only come if the marginalized people are given hope and opportunity. elsewhere in a remote part of syria nearly fifty thousand people are trapped at the of or can count they're counting on the u.n. to provide a safe passage show rebel controlled areas in the north of the camp is essentially in a no man's land where the borders of syria jordan and iraq needs jordan has gone for it to be dismantled in a harder report some people. almost fifty thousand syrians among them some rebel fighters have been trapped in this makeshift camp for years. there is nothing to sustain normal life in this remote desert area where the syrian iraqi and jordanian borders meet they're also besieged by syrian government forces but now they have another worry they fear for their safety. the u.s. decision to pull out of syria is causing concern because there are no safe routes
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for us to leave to the north where the opposition is in control there if you will don't want to return to government controlled territory because they fear a rest and fourscore scription in the army. the campus within an area that's nominally under some u.s. control american troops are in the nearby town if base they are there to block a land bridge connecting to her on through iraq into syria and lebanon it's not clear if washington will give up the base once it would draws its troops from northeast syria. but jordan's call for the camps closure and the return of the displaced syrians to their villages is causing concern. we ask whoever can help us to open safe routes for people to leave either to government controlled territories or rebel held areas in northern syria or let people go wherever they choose but we need to get out of here. conditions in the camp make it unlivable at least eight children have died in december because of
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a lack of food and medicine the united nations says this is a manmade tragedy. that heloc and. the last time relief aid reached us was two months ago and the u.n. promised that they would return in less than a month but they haven't come yet. it was in the remember when aid reached for the first time in almost a year the united nations says it has verbal approval from damascus and moscow for a new aid convoy they're hoping to reach those in need in the next few days the camp lies within us russian agreed the escalation zone all sides accusing each other of hindering the delivery of aid the syrian government siege of rock band is a tactic that has used in the past and rebel controlled areas to bring about a surrender this time however the united states is accusing damascus and its russian and iranian allies of using aid to pressure washington to leave town earth there are reports the trumpet ministration plans to keep troops in turn
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a base to counter iranian activity despite its planned withdrawal from the north east regardless the syrians and rock band will remain pawns as rival powers vie for spheres of control that is why they say they want to un guaranteed safe passage to the opposition controlled nourse front of. beirut a vigil has been held outside egypt sanderson london for an italian student murdered in cairo in two thousand and sixteen jewelry jenny went missing and was later found dead showing signs of torture in november twenty eighth and prosecutors say they wanted to investigate five members of the gyptian security services over the killing they say egypt has incorporating with their inquiry has more from outside the embassy in london. this event was called by different groups of amnesty international but it's also been attended by personal friends and former colleagues of julio rigidity and in their speeches they've not only called for the egyptian authorities to fully
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cooperate in an investigation into his killing but they've mentioned what they call all the other julio's they've are highlighted the fact that hundreds of people have been either incarcerated in egypt or simply disappeared in recent years people like journalists for example they've said simply for doing their job as they say julio was doing there are clearly pressures on the italian side pressures to sweep this under the carpet as well as put it out into the open and our task as i'm listening to national friends of julio here and everybody concerned with basic freedoms is to make sure that it's the inquiry the impartial investigation and the evidence that wins out in the end over the attempts to cover this up well last november italian prosecutors named five members of egypt's security services who they said were officially subject to investigation but so far there's been
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virtually no reaction from the egyptian government and these activists clearly want pressure to be put by it's really only egypt to start cooperating to head on this sound is there a news hour left for palestinians vital israelis a highway summit conny a top five vote and find out why the f.b.i. are worried ahead of sunday's big super bowl game in atlanta you know me here in sports expect. hello you know welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across iran we do expect to see some mixed weather over the next few days partly up here towards the north down towards the south though it is going to be quite wet across much of the area you can see tehran is going to be seeing a mix of rain and snow high temperature few of nine degrees here on sunday by the
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time we get to monday things improve but a lot of that messy weather makes its way over here towards east by the time we get to monday evening into tuesday morning you could be seeing a passing shower as well where here across the gulf those same showers could be a problem here in doha even thunderstorms could be a problem on sunday as they make its way through twenty two degrees is going to be the high with the mostly cloudy conditions and that rain and thunderstorm activity pushing through w. we see the same activity as well and by the time we get to monday better conditions but it could be a little bit cooler as those winds switch out of the north for muscat a high temperature few of twenty five degrees there where we have been seeing a lot of what weather down here across parts of south africa and that is going to continue over the next few days you know as the clouds pass into durban right there as well as indicate damn we do have an air of low pressure just off the coast that and that is going to keep mostly windy conditions across much of the area so for durban mostly cloudy and rainy few at twenty seven johannesburg at twenty three degrees for you.
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high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets morocco's village superwomen. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away all of the lists a covert military in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on the face of the situation they're
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living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. the air. in watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to bowl a reminder of our top stories for us for and against president nicolas maduro his government are taking place in venezuela this saturday just a few hours ago an air force general broke ranks saying is backing opposition leader one why do the government of central african republic and fourteen armed groups have reach a peace deal which was trying to after weeks of talks in sudan's capital khartoum the conflict in seattle has uprooted more than one million people and pushed the
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country towards famine and russia's president vladimir putin has pulled out of a decade's old nuclear missile cocked following the u.s. decision to do the same putin says moscow will no longer initiate the solomon talks with washington and will start working on new messiah. returning now to venezuela's crisis and they have been protests elsewhere outside of venezuela thousands have been demonstrating in madrid as you can see in these live pictures demonstrating in support of opposition leader and south for cream interim president juan guide oh this again the scene in spain's capital where the demonstrators have been demanding the resignation of nicolas maduro the president of venezuela european leaders have set a sunday deadline for a duel to call new elections in venezuela failing which they would recognize and declare one as the interim leader and they also program demonstrations in colombia i miss on that i'm pretty has this update from bogota. this well and so
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broad i have to take it once again to the streets in a number of cities in a cross the world in support of their combined interests and our inside venezuela who are protesting against the government of nicolas maduro and in support of one on the right though the leader of the opposition movement and the self-proclaimed interim president of the country the protests here in bogota is actually smaller than the last ones we've seen but the people who are here are saying it's important to continue putting pressure internationally if they believe that this time out will be forced to step down i think this is the only way and finally we found a way to get rid of my doodle as we speak take a king large rallies are being held in my dreams the capital of spain also the united states in miami washington only your number of south american countries
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ecuador brasil in chile where many various well and some left more than three million venezuelans have left since have left their country since two thousand and fifteen third's or more than a million are here in an actual local actually local authorities are saying that those numbers have increased since the beginning of this latest crisis more and more are crossing into colombia many on foot and walking for days to try and reach the capital or other countries in south america and some live pictures right now from caracas venezuela capital where president nicolas maduro has been holding marking the twentieth anniversary of the former venezuelan president hugo chavez coming to power twenty years ago nicolas maduro holding a valve and front of thousands of his support. and he has just proposed new
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parliamentary elections in venezuela earlier than planned no word on the date of those pot of entering elections again mentor proposing new parliamentary elections earlier than planned the european union had given him a deadline of sunday to call new elections otherwise they would recognize his rival the opposition leader who declared himself interim president of venezuela and now nicolas maduro again proposing new parliamentary elections in his country earlier than planned we'll have more information on the story as it becomes available. afghanistan now and the taliban says president donald trump appears to be serious about wanting to afghanistan a spokesman for the on group says such a withdrawal is the first goal of ending the war and forming what he calls an islamic system. it's been described by the u.s. and the taliban as a draft agreement but for many it's
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a significant step forward. the u.s. is ready to pull out from afghanistan in exchange for the taliban joining a unity government and ensuring the country won't be used by groups like al qaida and i said u.s. own voice. says the deal isn't finalized yet but seems confident the taliban is willing to make concessions the armed group that was pushed from power in two thousand and one has yet to commit to a nationwide cease fire or agree to hold direct talks with the afghan government it's the best chance for peace in the almost twenty years that this war's been going on actually over forty years that afghanistan has been at war with various forces but this is not going to be a quick and easy process. the taliban has repeatedly refused to talk to the afghan government which it considers an american puppet officials in kabul dismiss any
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suggestion for a bigger taliban role in the country if the deal happens taliban has to come to the negotiating table with the afghan government if we want to see a peace deal because previous experiences in afghanistan unfortunately have shown that excluding the afghan government from the process has had bad repercussions and consequences a taliban spokesman says it wants a different type of government operating under islamic principles and not the current democratic system that was imposed in two thousand and one. but peace in afghanistan goes beyond internal politics pakistan has an important role and will because she will in shaping and if you choose a peace deal but afghan president a sort of attorney who has not been involved in the u.s. taliban talks question pakistan's commitment to the war kerney has repeatedly
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accused islamabad of providing sanctuaries to taliban fighters full of kabul the key to peace in kabul requires that we have a practical principled and inclusive plan for it but the key is to warren islam about role pindi and quiet or. a peace deal could change everything in a honest if possible ceasefire will be followed by a power sharing settlement a new constitution and then elections a process that might create a new political reality in a country that's been at war for decades. february second marks four months since washington post columnist was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul his body so hasn't been found a united nations special rapper toure has been in turkey for the past week leading an independent investigation was last seen entering the consulate on october second
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he never left the building prosecutors in saudi arabia have chaunt a number of sounding men with this matter but turkish authorities want to where ordered the killing also held to account stephanie decker has more from istanbul. agnes is wrapping up a weeklong visit here in turkey she's met with the foreign minister she's met with intelligence officials she's met with the chief prosecutor of course the man in charge of turkey's investigation into what happened exactly in that building behind me she's met with friends of jamal khashoggi and she's also met with his fiance trying to get a picture of what exactly happened on that day exactly four months ago now it's not clear at the moment where the she has been given access to those recordings that turkey has of the murder also she was wanting access to forensic and scientific evidence so we do understand that she will be issuing a statement to the media in the next couple of days or so with her preliminary
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findings what now were expecting a full report from the un special rapporteur in june to the human rights council i think it's significant because it comes at a time when it seems that all countries are normalizing relations again with saudi arabia this is of course a political minefield if you will all countries very much invested in getting the most political mileage out of this but also afraid to really damage their relationships with the kingdom so she's doing this in her own capacity i think it's an important time and certainly in her words the gruesome killing the it has grave consequences if she really wants to put it back on the map because in her words neither united nations nor any of the member states are pushing hard enough for independent investigation i think it's worth remembering that four months on regardless of saudi arabia saying that it has indicted eleven men five of those facing the death penalty we do not know who they are we don't know who ordered the killing and most importantly still the body of jamal khashoggi has not been found.
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has been dubbed israel as a pot tide rolled us stretch of highway north east of generals then inside the occupied west bank that splits into me to high wall on one side the drivers are israeli on the other the palestinian story. the israeli occupied west bank is hardly devoid of barriers but few tell the story of division here in quite such a dramatic way this is road for three seventy northeast of jerusalem the left side is for those with palestinian papers the right for those bearing israeli documents side by side but each part of an entirely different road network some of labeled it the apartheid road last month palestinian and israeli activists blocked the highway calling it discriminatory part of plans to annex the west bank opening the road in january the israeli public security minister said it would help create mutual life for palestinians and israelis ensure security and strengthen israeli sovereignty.
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for israeli settlers it allows for fast direct access to jerusalem without having to queue at checkpoints and while the palestinians half of the road is cut off from jerusalem it has sped up traffic going north and south of mohammad has brought his vegetables here from hebron in the southern west bank. job it was then a hard yes we palestinians are restricted and limited israelis can use any entrance and any road they like but this road does make it easier for us provided there are no other obstacle and. palestinian leaders say any such benefits will be overwhelmed by the future cost as stark and as concrete an expression this is of the current situation in the occupied west bank in terms of separation between israelis and palestinians in terms of continued israeli control here there is for many palestinians also a fear that this is a precursor to a wider separation further down the road. this stretch of highway is part of a plan to connect the palestinian cities of ramallah and bethlehem at the. part of
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that plan involves extending illegal settlement building is to jerusalem in a way that palestinians say encircled the city and split the west bank into it helps to connect north and south but of course they made it in a way. to enable the connection between east and west for the israeli people to without seeing that we are a block in the middle of the future of funds that. limit road for three seventy is two things the time saving link for israelis and palestinians both as they travel between separated zones and the monument to the unresolved conflict between them are a force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank in france the so-called yellow vests protesters are back on the streets of paris not only to keep pressure on the government but also to pay tribute to protesters injured during clashes with police . to gas was used to disperse the crowds more than two thousand
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people both protesters and police have been injured since the demonstrations started in november over economic issues in france the government has defended the use of force by police why schools are now seeking a ban on the use of rubber bullets which are blames for many of the injuries south africa's opposition party the economic freedom fighters is holding a political rally in pretoria its launch its manifesto ahead of elections later this year polls show support for the populist party and its land redistribution agenda is growing now the next day or so is critical for an australian city awash with flooding townsville has already been inundated with rain for five days but there are warnings it could get worse kevin cabot reports. it's a dog's life saved candy cattle to safety from the floodwaters surrounding the owner's home. but for them this could be just the tip of the troubles when we use the words and president and uncharted we use these for razan we have
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not been in this scenario before we know we've been having this monsoonal trough in the north of. tel ever over the townsville catchment the monsoon has settled in the next twenty four to forty eight hours are crucial let me say that again the next twenty four to forty eight hours are crucial to a message that's being reinforced by make sure alleges the trough is slow moving and that's why wait getting such big accumulations of of rainfall. southern risk is high for the next couple of days people in the city of townsville in northern queensland with a population of one hundred eighty five thousand have already been battling the deluge for days sometimes almost up to the puts it more place here come up to the bases. and that was on the way and we had another crush it.


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