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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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years now more defense spending is unlikely to help me putin's falling popularity defense minister sergei showing who recommends a land based version of the caliber cruise missiles russian ships have launched against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and factories really produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia that they should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia has terrible things putin says the door is open for new disarmament talks but he's made clear that russia
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will not cause the u.s. on this if there are to be any new arms treaties which we moscow and washington putin says it's washington that must break the ice will reach allan's down to zero in moscow. has law in the us richard washington d.c. . the united states that a russian withdrawal from the treaty was a distinct possibility when the administration announced it was stepping away from the deal but u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said that the united states could no longer be restricted by a treaty that russia wasn't following the administration's concern is not just russia however they're worried about china which is not a party to the treaty and was not a military power when it was signed in the one nine hundred eighty s. but since then deploying similar missiles to those that are restricted under the agreement throughout asia and the united states feels limited and how it can respond to what it sees as a threat president trump
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a suggested that he'd be open to renegotiating the treaty but if he was hoping to get china involved the chinese foreign ministry shut down that idea saying it was opposed to the u.s. withdrawal from this important treaty and that the country should continue to solidify it with russia and not expand it to other countries so the united states says now that it's exploring other military responses and options to the situation they have not announced any plans to deploy missile senior administration officials have said that new missile deployments are not something they see happening in the near future russia has promised to respond in kind if the united states were to do something like that which is exactly why critics of the united states have decried this move saying that it could ignite a new arms race. well still at hale al jazeera golden possibles fairly construction in cyprus one of the european union is concerned about this game to play for
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russian oligarchs plus the day after winning the asian cup console's football is given a royal welcome. hello you know welcome back we are crossing live on we are looking at some messy weather here across parts of iraq going into parts of iran over the next few days notice the clouds right here across tehran while in those clouds we do expect to see a mix of snow as well as rain temperature tehran only getting up to about nine overnight it will drop down to freezing and that is where that snow comes into play down here across the southern part of iran that is where we're going to be seen some rain that is going to be edging its way towards isa crotchety probably by the time we get to tuesday you will be seeing some rain in your forecast well that same area of rain is also going to be affecting parts of the gulf as well here in doha
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by sunday we do expect to see some rain maybe some thunderstorms passing through and a mostly cloudy day across the area over towards wu will also be affected there but by the time we get to monday most of that is going to be passing over here towards the east before abu dhabi you will be getting a drop in temperature in your forecast and then across the southern parts of africa well a lot of rain in the forecast anywhere from johannesburg down here towards durban even cape town will be seeing some rain that's all due to an area of low pressure that is spinning south of the region but by the time we go towards monday things look a little bit better for cape town but it is going to get a little bit worse for durban where the start of storms could be a problem and attempt a few of about twenty seven degrees. the weather sponsored town and. we're heading to the place so deep in the true. remembers on taking this today is this just to get from the search through. techno look at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures. disappearing because legal pad
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change with the looming. reintroduction of. action to save some of these population pretty good. techno on al-jazeera. book about your watching. the reminder of our top stories terms of thousands of people to be running in venezuela for and against the government of nicolas maduro opposition leader why though again called on the military to switch sides just after an air force general became the highest ranking military defector. a peace
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deal has been reached between the central african republic discover more than a dozen armed groups the agreement was struck after a week of talks in sudan's capital khartoum. russia says it's withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a day after the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control and washington is accusing moscow of violating the agreement. with the two asian where member of an armed group accused of carrying out last week's twin bombings in the southern philippines has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera claimed responsibility for the attack on the cathedral which killed more than twenty people but the military has dismissed this saying it was the work of a smaller group called. tamil and that one of its fighters in hollow suit. yes. he got in our car nervous but defiant he claims he doesn't have a name just like the more than twenty other members of the
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a junk jungle rupe in sulu province on the island of mindanao. we want to kill christians this is our gold we don't want them it's a look even if you've blown to pieces that is the best way to get the better days are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because that estimate that was given to us by the arabs you know mom it says we must get the the prescience the agenda john is an offshoot of the armed group i would say you have which has been operating in the area for decades i so claimed responsibility for the bombings at a cathedral in law a week ago but the military dismissed that and blamed a judge on for the attacks the group was originally called lucky nine when it was formed in two thousand and nine by children and orphans of abu so your fighters
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later on the group renamed itself a junk a junk which means lost command. when there's ten million passes from kidnapping we keep the two million for our group we also extort money from rich families if they don't give it to us even if they are muslims we kill them too . it's a rhetoric that shocks many here despite a previous attacks on places of worship that mean the region was never sharply divided by religion days after the cathedral bombs there was another attack in a place of worship this time a mosque in some born the city it happened at midnight eleven people were asleep here when a grenade was thrown inside it killed people instantly this is a second attack in a place of worship within just a matter of days and according to the philippine government it seems as though
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there are efforts to cause divisions between the different religions but people here reject at the. say they will never let that happen muslims here tell us they are hurt and differing with. christians and muslims are more than just neighbors here we intermarry we all grew up together we all love one another. there's concern here that last week's bombings will be the last the but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers for some hope love the same is stronger than violence jim duggan al jazeera holo salusa then philippines a vigil has been held outside egypt embassy in london for the italian student murdered in cairo and twenty sixteen julia routinely went missing and was later found showing signs of torture in november italian prosecutors said they wanted to
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investigate five members of the egyptian security services over the killing but they say egypt hasn't been cooperating with their inquiry that. side of the egyptian embassy in london. this event was called by different groups of amnesty international but it's also been attended by personal friends and former colleagues of julio rigid any and in their speeches they've not only called for the egyptian authorities to fully cooperate in an investigation into his killing but they've mentioned what they call all the other julio's they've are highlighted the fact that hundreds of people have been either incarcerated in egypt or simply disappeared in recent years people like journalists for example they've said simply for doing their job as they say julio was doing there are clearly pressures on the italian side pressures to sweep this under the carpet as well as put it out into the open and our task as recent national friends of julio here and everybody
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concerned with basic freedoms is to make sure that it's the inquiry the impartial investigation and the evidence that wins out in the end over the attempts to cover this up well last november italian prosecutors named five members of egypt's security services who they said were officially subject to investigation but so far there's been virtually no reaction from the egyptian government and these activists clearly want pressure to be put by italy on egypt to start cooperating tribal chiefs and toes in afghanistan saying a new polio vaccination campaign won't be targeted by the taliban five million children in high risk areas need to be vaccinated but as al jazeera discovered many parents are still suspicious about the vaccine tony betty reports now in kabul. this is all it takes just
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a couple of drops of vaccine and this baby has protection from polio the highly contagious virus attacks the nervous system and can lead to paralysis mainly in children under the age of five. a daughter or vaccination program in the capital kabul is relatively straightforward but in rural afghanistan threats against medical staff and deep rooted suspicions about vaccines have led to outbreaks of the virus more than i mean one formulae moment after in the main are not willing to have their kids vaccinated but a lot of effort to be usually convince them to allow it. thirty years ago polio was rife in one hundred twenty five countries affecting three hundred fifty thousand youngsters annually today only three countries still suffer from the virus but i was twenty seven cases last year twenty one of them were in afghanistan a lack of access for vaccine teams because of the continuing conflict is a major reason of course for your. security.
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your freeze because during the companies. they have to move from security to. yours to immunize our children. tribal leaders in clerics have told the government taliban fighters won't target medical teams and their families will allow their children to be immunised unless it's controlled and eradicated the world health organization estimates that up to two hundred thousand children a year could be affected by the polio virus but despite this people here especially in rural areas are still deeply suspicious manner but no we are not vaccinating our kids because these vaccines are coming from the infidels and west to us it has bad effects on our kids and most of our people are against it. so we are not happy with these vaccinations because we heard stories that the polio vaccination is not good and it's used for spying and that the ingredients used are also not allow this
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these use started spreading eight years ago after a fake polio vaccination program was used as cover in neighboring pakistan to find some of bin laden now as a consequence of that in parts of south and east afghanistan medical teams are not allowed to go door to door only mosques to mosques and that's another reason why afghanistan's battle against polio may take some time to win tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. but cyprus has been warned by the e.u. to stop selling passports and visas to wealthy applicants the bloc refers to the practice as giving golden passports to europe especially for rich and influential russians david chaytor has more from the muscle. the hills above limits all are filled not for the sound of music. but the sound of construction the building boom is being fueled by russians and the sea front of cypresses second biggest city is being transformed with luxury high rise flats it's not just the
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sunshine that's drawing them here the government has earned more than five billion dollars from selling cypriot passports so far and with them comes entry into the european union. the russian community is now estimated as eighty thousand strong and even has its own radio station the russian wave it was formed by a businessman from the urals but he's not impressed with the new wave of the guards . about seventy per cent of these people who get the gold and passports the. community here a single day can change everything another russian businessman set up this computer wargaming company it has millions of users worldwide the russians already have their own supermarkets here now he's about to lead their own political party so most people just buy. real estate for.
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loosens who cleans a passport so. i do not support. the marina in limits so is filling fast with the luxury yachts of the oligarchs but there will always be room for more there yes i would say that i'm. always welcome to cyprus. for some time what is that. for our passports but. i believe. that i can see the cyprus once again. the e.u. commission is warning that such golden passports will allow organized crime gangs to infiltrate the block and that could cause problems with tax evasion money laundering and corruption and russian businessmen already well established in cyprus see it as a threat to their own interests you know mostly people not living in this it's going to be a we could go stone awards the sun may be coming down though on the days of the
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golden passport because of pressure from both the e.u. commission and the united states that threatened catastrophic sanctions on any bank involved in money laundering david chaytor al-jazeera. so winning the asian carp qatar's footballers have been given a royal welcome return home to doha moments after their plane touched down they were greeted by a mere shake to mean been how medal tally. three one in the final on friday to secure their first major title they scored nineteen goals and conceded only one all the more impressive because the tournament was held in the united arab emirates one of the four countries that imposed a blockade on qatar since twenty seventeen and that meant that the qatari fans couldn't travel to support their team at the tournament now the players later headed down to waterfront where thousands of fans turned out to greet them
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including. reports from the. thousand nineteen champions of the asian cup i finally arrived in java the fans here i've been waiting to catch a glimpse of these players for hours was i spoke to say they are exceedingly proud was he not only of the results that they managed to achieve by winning the championship but also how boys they were under very difficult circumstances that were trying to force the blockade that is taking place between you and mary and qatar and three other countries. so you did not attend any of the games that were taking place in abu dhabi despite all that they say that this team is made them extremely proud and they are looking at the world cup in two thousand and twenty two.
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your challenge is their arms the whole run the reminder of our top stories tens of thousands of people have been rallying in venezuela for and against the government of nicolas maduro opposition leader one again called on the military to switch sides just after an air force general became the highest ranking military defector . siegelman it's the india i thought of was you know you are hand remained arch bridge to all government workers like the air force general who today took advantage of the amnesty law and put it into effect but we don't expect the armed forces to just make statements we don't expect just that we expect that they will stand up forcefully and powerfully and mouse respecting the constitution and saying that they accept military and aid and they are on the side of venezuela the government of the central african republic has struck a peace deal with fourteen armed groups the agreement was reached after weeks of talks in saddam's capital khartoum it's hoped the deal work and five years of violence between was the rebels and christian fighters which is uprooted more than
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one million people and pushed the country toward starman belgium has agreed to take in former ivory coast president laurent gbagbo after his acquittal by the international criminal court he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election three thousand people died and more than five hundred thousand were displaced russia says it's withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a day after the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact washington is accusing moscow violating the agreement the move has prompted fears of a new arms race a year said boy is due to arrive in south korea ahead of a meeting with north korean officials stephen bagan is in the region to discuss next steps in dismantling north korea's nuclear weapons program us president donald trump is planning a second summit with north korean leader kim jong un and qatar's footballers are
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being given a hero's welcome in doha a day after winning the asian cup the team beat japan three one in the final on friday to secure their first ever major football title it's called one thousand goals and conceded one those are the headlines more news in half an hour techno is next. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera by making the dish every week a new cycle going to see any sort of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the story spent much of the most in
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bed is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera and. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to get a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people who need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development make the best in making sure the people are not left behind is iraq has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more award winning documentaries and life moves on and on line. this is techno show about innovations that can change lives in the science of fighting fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it to new quick. this is a show about science. by scientists. tonight saving the macof and the proving mammals on the on the search for endangered mccall
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no techno is on a one of a country mission looking to swing from a car graceful elegant and in some parts of the world in danger it's a race against time to pick. up top just yell down saying that she saw a lightning strike to see if a species is time to hurry up until tourists from an entomologist do much of my research in this jungle or i'll share my fundings with merida davison she's an environmental biologist and dr chrystal deal with a molecular neuroscientist them sound team and i know it's do some science so as. big as welcome to techno i'm phil tours joined by dr chrystal there worth and merida davison so just picture this you were deep in the rainforest of peru when suddenly a flock of red and blue bag missing creatures takes off in front of you they are
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beautiful but let me tell you they don't start out so pretty you have to be talking about my cause i'm a bird biologist saw in my day i've seen a lot of baby birds and i have to admit i mean they are bald and can be pretty ugly but i mean it's also ugly that they're cute because they're still associated with the rain forest kind of like their mascot but they're not so ubiquitous and are in there in a major species and they're at risk because of habitat lot of salute because when the habitat is in trouble these birds are in trouble and we join a team of scientists down there that are working hard to make sure it doesn't happen let's take a look. at. the lucid charismatic cause or undeniably stars of the rain forest and there's a special place in peru where it's still possible to see macaws and all their wild glory that is if you don't mind
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a little travel. and we're heading to the tumble ponds a research center a place so deep in the proving amazon it's taken us two days on this boat just to get there. there are sixty. species of macaws left in the wild down from more than twenty the populations of all of the species remaining are on the decline . seven such as the blue throated macaw in danger of becoming extinct. because of deforestation close to three hundred thousand square miles of the amazon rain forest gone since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. timber and recall tour and mining. then there's the illegal pet trade it's not easy being one of the world's most beautiful birds pack these these juvenile cars and to bang to
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smuggle than and more than half of the an individual dying during this process. any hawkinson is the fuel leader for the macall project at the tumbled pata national reserve she's one of a team of researchers who are using science to save the macaws why study because our very special anna monica is there and mary intelligent and yet they face a lot of threats and their habitats today's mission takes is deep into the reserves for those threads are constantly mad play where in the middle of the breeding season tumble part is essentially a giant laboratory in the wild six species of macaws inhabit this thousand plus where miles of rain forest rain is a constant in winter but too much rain can be a problem. today we're going to see how a pair of two week old macaw chicks are fairing the odds are against both of them survived examining the chicks is
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a delicate and daring operation. well lead veterinarian elizabeth pore through gives louie oh preps for the chick exams on the ground any hawkinson gets ready to climb to their nest above. i don't like heights but with mess close to one hundred feet up the team has no choice but to cause i'm. because like deep cavities high up in old growth trees those spots are hard to come by even in a protected force like. this scarcity of mess leads to deadly fights between nesting macabre parents and other macaws looking for a home they will kill chicks if a well harm the parents and they may cause such a disruption that the parents might be unwilling to return to the nest that's why the macabre project is researching manmade mess like this one called mandy lou once any reaches the nest she opens a special door to access the chicks separate from the opening the adult macaws used
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to get in an element inside our first peek at the hope for the next generation of macaws. the frail pale chick is not what you'd expect but it is alive and any means to get it down to the ground quickly safety is paramount for these vulnerable chicks any use is seeing the thais are on her hands to protect them from germs the bucket that will take them down is warmed with the hot water bottle because these chicks have no protection against the cold. dr pore through gizmo your first way is the chick and then photographs it and yes this is what i'm a car looks like in the first weeks of his life no hint of the jungle beauty it will become this chick is the first of the two to hatch like it sibling it's named
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after its nest mandy lu. not been interested. in those or the other for them and they say you. would nest like mandy lu have been a big success story a tumble parter. research has shown that more cars can raise chicks in vs just as well as they do in natural nests. the veterinarian takes detailed body measurements to determine how the chick is doing at this stage of development. the flying. then men dilute who is taken out and photographed next to its order sibling. is normal and then there are those which one knows not of mine now moment that in which only one there on the paternity. doesn't see him but i say you know it out of the earth. if you or him a card it's best to be first hatched because i'm
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a car mom typically neglects those that hatch later so the first chick that hatch says will receive all of her care and then the second tick that hatch as if she has enough resources so care for that check text number three and four will usually die from starvation. even chick number two has at best a fifty fifty chance of survival is to open your own somebody most on the story and nothing anyone tell if it hit them and you get of those doing. this but isn't it sad that it is. there. today both many chicks had a good check oh. there's a new kind of nest being tested out at tumble part it's made of cement soaked burlap researchers want to see if it's more durable than wooden nests which only last a couple of years in the jungle. sixty
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five same as yesterday but today things don't seem to be going well for these two chicks from the experimental nest neither shows signs of being fed by their parents and researcher liz pipe i am. is concerned i mean these because it's just the beginning of the day and maybe they come back from the clay and they're going to feed them the. time to get these chicks back home. research after sundown at the center can be challenging a generator provides electricity only seven hours a day. a good head lamp is your best friend along with your mosquito net to keep unwanted guests out of bed. and during meal time you have to keep an eye out for the occasional thief. this one
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targeted our techno crew. thirty years ago. this macaw is in no sense. near the center with his mate. they're both scarlett macaws a species that can live to the ripe old age of fifty in the wild scarlet macaws are doing well here but endangered in other regions in mexico less than two hundred fifty survived in the wild as of twenty thirteen the result of illegal pet trade and habitat loss. you know sencion has little ear of humans that's because a little over twenty years ago in one thousand nine hundred. six were chosen to be raised by hand at the center then released into the wild the macaws participating
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in the study known as the chicos. the ones that these researchers when going to die they renew them from the nest and raise them here what was the purpose cars were disappearing because the legal pet trade with. cars were at a really high demand in north america and in europe they wanted to see if reintroduction of cars was a viable option to save some of these population the study was a success more than half of the skull macaws released survived at least seven years in the wild some of these still stick around the area and those cars are the most aggressive with us because they have no fear that humans. this morning the team is doing a check up on you know since you and your choice two chicks but unlike the wild macaws these parents don't leave when any climbs to the nest. getting chicks out when mom and dad are home and home is more than ninety feet up
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his challenge is. to get. it if they have. any uses these paddles to gently push the adults out of the way. then she places the chicks in the bucket and sends them down to researcher liz piper below. she goes can breed out of season because they have a ready supply of food year round they steal it or charm it out of humans at the center of. great. rhythm. if the extra food source also means she goes or more likely to raise more than one chick to adulthood. his proportional. it was time for these little guys to go back to their parents and any to come down. to.
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after seeing the researchers reach heights and views normally only the macaws get to see her figure it out to me to give it a shot. who . is much harder than the researchers make a walk through. your hands a time a length of time out of breath will this what he called with
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a view. over his ears. there are two more chicks the need their checkups today from the nest called hugo. huge. only. a problem of the known dead from the learn as. you go one is a little over a month away from being ready to fledge or take its first flight more than a teacup is needed to hold this bird as its weight. by this age the wings in the feet are almost the size of an adult. so the climber up top just yell down saying that she saw
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a lightning strike and she thinks there's a storm by ten or fifteen minutes away obviously not good to be at the top of the tall tree during a lightning storm and these macaws don't do well in the rain so it's time to hurry up right. a few more photos and it's time to bring out hugo to a nest with two healthy chicks is rare i was lucky enough to see several including these two guys look so different three days. that the system is in. use or side veterinarian elizabeth pore through good is also going to take a crop sample from this bird to get an idea of its diet the crop is this bold where they store food before digesting she's prison lubricant on the tubes they can pass through the throat of them comfortably.
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hopes that the color of their. face in the first fifteen thirty days of its life this will be quite red from of the clay that it eats but once it's this age their diet varies a lot more so this. all good stuff research on a macaws diet helps scientists see how the rain forest is critical to their survival a quick swab to make sure the macaws mouth is clean and a good check up for this mccall is done that is amazing look at. what cars are known as umbrella species making the right conservation decisions to protect them means protecting the countless other species and this special habitat they call home. and right now this habitat here in the tumble part the national reserve is thriving. researchers reported that all of the chicks we saw have now fledged even the two in the experimental cement nest in each
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success here offers hope for struggling macaw populations throughout the tropics. overlooking the absolute do nothing secret he wonders to now. and. when it comes to studying creatures living inside the amazon rain forest. is about as good as it gets. this gorgeous creature is a juvenile red pill and it looks so fresh because it just. brimming with force in life there are likely thousands of species yet to be
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discovered and that's where i come in techno first visited here in two thousand and thirteen to look at this spider i helped discover it's a family's fighter disguised as a bigfoot show. that was the first animal record to actually build a fake animal from scratch we also went to solve what was making this mysterious structure we call so can't judge. these discoveries were talked about around the world like your online at reddit even on m.s.n. b.c. which compared my discovery to the hairstyle of a new york city celebrity or perhaps the inspiration for donald trump's hair back in tumble ponta it was time to check in on the spiders and more. first up the decoys. after searching the forest the night we came upon one just meters away from the research center and were able to document it for the first time ever in the act of actually building the fake spider and catching prey consider this
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a success in my book. but not all of field work is guaranteed success some. times the forest has its own plan. a moonlit boat ride to a nearby island to take a crack at solving another amazon mystery last year i led an expedition to this silent to solve the mystery of so can. and despite a few hours search in the area and which had previously done many turned completely empty frustrating but all part of the process. but not all was lost on this island visit i encountered one of the few species out there that even scares me and had to document it for a colleague's research project to meet the wandering spite of the deadliest spider in south america one of the ways you can tell is
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a wandering spiders by the color underneath the its front legs so i'm going to tap it a little bit see if it gets the bends that it should lift them up to take a shot i get at it. the next day tracking down a recent discovery that really has me excited and never before seen butterfly interactions i had been able to solve despite several attempts. coming back to peru i had no idea if i would ever see this butterfly again but i just spent three hours observing it and already learned so many amazing new things the scientist in me couldn't be happier. here's how it works it all starts on young bamboo plants first the butterfly lays the eggs then the skin involved the caterpillar stages a butterfly it actually feeds the clients out of a specialized glands and in return be protected even from us but what's new
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here and what happens nowhere else in the world occurs once that caterpillar develops into the butterfly stage view. butterflies actually trick the air and steal their liquid food coming out of the bamboo and normally eat butterflies not share i'm ill with them. these butterflies likely trip them by smelling like air it but even more unique they look like them to. the wings of the butterfly have a pattern of an ant hidden within only revealed when we saw them in the wild. to top it off we caught a butterfly actually taking food right out of the mouth of an ant something also never documented before. with this behavior recorded a new i wasn't coming home empty handed science like this helps us understand the
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wild world around us and the importance of protecting individual species which may influence another. after one last jungle stroll into the night i had all but forgotten about not finding silk hinge the night before when miles from where it should be this happened well this is completely unexpected end of my trip through the proving amazon heading back to base to pack my bags and i turn to my rights and look what i finally found. this is the rain forest wild unexpected always a challenge to understand and though my time here is over the mccullough researchers and others will keep on hiking climbing and documenting their way through tumble part of. it because as
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a group some species are extremely into injured others not so much the ones that you guys were looking at when they fall so they focus on is somewhere in the middle basically a lot of the population is fairly well protected and that's why this is such an amazing study site because you see them as they should be however if you step outside of that in places like central america the same species is in a lot of trouble because they're regionally endangered things like the illegal pet trade is given to them habitat loss is given to them so by understanding what is going on there we can see what should be going on in other places that are near it was so exciting because you know i'm a chemist and biologist i work in a lab indoor is a very sterile environment so this is a really great reminder for me that science really happens anywhere and i mean you guys have the entire rain forest is your laboratory it's pretty cool i must tell you sometimes i'm out there and i envy the life in the lab because you guys can do repeated experiments they're controlled health they're in a rain forest it's pretty hard to control so they're not in the old environs role and from climbing up to the canopy to look inside
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a macaw nest watching butterflies an ant then you know in a way that has never been documented before we hear a techno have the privilege of access to decent types of stories from scientists all over the world will bring you more next on will see that. dive deep into these stories and go behind the scenes at al jazeera dot com slash techno follow our expert contributors on twitter facebook instagram google plus and more. in the next episode of tech note the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business than one fourth of smelly bill goes to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together then the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the signs that office solutions is very easy for us to
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have a hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. right out of script examining the headline with me again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel and the us news and setting the discussions what makes them different as far as. sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feels safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera the plundering of armenia's natural riches uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out. on
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a zero faced with growing financial burdens that separate money for student loan pay this chase credit card leaves me twenty nine dollars and thirty one cents. i don't have a husband left me a pension my future scares me because i don't want to struggle as the dream of retirement fades away. to something you know try to keep it above water. and on al-jazeera. venezuela's nicolas maduro rejects calls for early presidential elections all the day of mass rallies for and against his presidency.
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your child is their own son. coming up in the next half hour a day after washington pulls out of a cold war era nuclear weapons treaty russia follow suit also a call for resistance from the man who claims he's the rightful president of the democratic republic of congo. plus the day after winning the asian cup. given a royal welcome home. welcome to the program tens of thousands of people have been rallying in venezuela for and against the government of president nicolas maduro is showing no signs of backing down from a standoff with opposition leader. despite two more defections from the military in america to loosing a new man has more from caracas. i looked and sounded like
1:50 pm
a carnival my goodness wayland's for as far as the eye could see answer an opposition leader call to increase pressure to force president nicolas maduro out while get out anyone else any other alternative is better than this government they've been in power for twenty years and done nothing but starve us. after years of frustrated attempts they feel changes in the air. this time is different because we have to help before the country's carnage. this is the last march we have to go to i was. just hours earlier an air force general defected the first top ranking officer to do so since wide all offered them an amnesty a stinging blow from who knows that the military's voile tea is crucial to his political survival.
1:51 pm
this is. on the other side of president gathered his supporters. never give in to pressure from the servants of the us empire as he calls the opposition while he rejects demands for new presidential elections he's offering an alternative. i agree that the legislature should be religious by the country and that we hold free elections with guarantees and may the people decide on the national assembly. want is for my . self proclaimed interim president announced his next move the imminent arrival to the border of humanitarian aid than israel is most needy i say that earlier al
1:52 pm
jazeera asked him if he. would. allow the aid to cross into the neighboring colombia and brazil. i hope that the patriot takes over in soldiers who respect the constitution will withdraw the support of majority and give it to the people of venezuela who need food. as the power struggle continues all eyes will soon be on the border see how this latest challenge to the embattled government plays out to see in human al-jazeera. the crisis hold protests in several countries including spain chile neighboring colombia where one million venezuelans of resettled over the past few years. reports from bogota i far from home but close to the president nicolas maduro thousands of venezuelans abroad join their fellow countrymen protesting. in countries across the
1:53 pm
americas in europe this was the scene in madrid. square. they chant we want freedom but i the signs read no more my daughter and peace justice and democracy in venezuela. in capital santiago the demonstration was led by. the woman chosen to represent with a parallel government there but the leader of the opposition and self-proclaimed interim president. of the you know the office whalen's are dreaming of a return to venezuela we are very grateful to chile which has welcomed us in a very nice way of returning to venezuela is archery a dream that those protesting in santiago say requires an end to my daughter's government. ask this government to leave to be support so humanitarian aid can come and we can return to our country. that more than three million venezuelans fled the economic and political crisis in their country since two
1:54 pm
thousand and fifteen in search of food work and medicine. protesting in colombia the country that has received most refugees said it was their duty to continue putting pressure internationally. challenge to end the latest sanctions imposed by the united states will force them to step down i think this is the only way and finally we found a way ok great of my daughter take the ship ok there's a renewed sense of optimism and hope among the venezuelan diaspora the feeling they say that for the first time regina change in venezuela is truly within reach. so senior analyst for the andes region the international crisis group he says. he is reluctant to defects because many don't trust the opposition leader. if the
1:55 pm
military stick with murder or if my daughter sticks it out and the regime doesn't crumble the next step is to put humanitarian aid on the borders one way though announced that today they're going to put humanity buried aid on the border inside colombia inside brazil and in the caribbean island which i suspect is probably what really got. and then challenge the government basically to let it if they don't let it in will go in with military force that's not a question that we can't answer at the moment well it's true that given the history of u.s. interventions in that america over the last hundred years or so there's a lot of ill feeling in the region about the u.s. throwing its weight around and that really this time around the the mitigating factor if you like is that so many of the regions governments are on the side of of the u.s. and even the air you the european union has come out that are quite so strongly not not not actually recognizing one one way there are such there's also a bit of
1:56 pm
a problem with the the faction of the opposition that see in charge at the moment although this is a this is a united front and they're presenting the people really calling the shots the harder line and i think that makes it difficult for the military and for civilian chevy's does to hand them selves into to change sides or to accept this amnesty because they're not entirely sure that they trust the people who are in power. now the government of the central african republic has struck a peace deal with fourteen or groups it was agreed in sudan's capital khartoum after a week of talks backed by the united nations and the african union muslim christian fighters have been in conflict since twenty thirteen thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced the democratic republic of congo's opposition leader is urging supporters to embark on what he calls peaceful resistance speaking at a rally in the capital kinshasa martin for ulu said december's presidential election was rigged victoria will be reports. to show support for martin for you by
1:57 pm
those who believe he is the democratic republic of congo's legitimate president his message is a rally in the capital kinshasa was uncompromising and. nothing can work when they've tried to steal victory from us we will peacefully continue with our resistance without end you voted for me and this is your victory. last month the highest court in the democratic republic of congo dismissed an appeal by for you live he said the december thirtieth presidential election was rigged the you argued that felix chee sickie had made a power sharing deal with outgoing president joseph kabila a charge both men deny. the message of martin fire president his very clear we must resist peacefully and till we get back out victory our country must be controlled by someone who is voted in by a nomination. the lead up to the pulse of violence and
1:58 pm
controversy over the decision to delay voting in some areas for health and security reasons which in effect meant that more than one and a quarter million people from an electorate of almost forty million were excluded the african union as well as the french and german governments raised doubts about the outcome of the election. as a people around the country voted for for you the result is clear he is the winner the people who have rigged this election will be responsible for what happens next we will not accept a victory that is stolen from us. he was sworn in as president last month called for peace and security but the you lou and his supporters say they are determined to fight for what they believe is justice victoria gate and be al jazeera. now one day after the united states said it was pulling out of a landmark nine hundred eighty seven nuclear treaty with russia moscow is doing the
1:59 pm
same and abandoning the agreement is raising fears of a new arms race re chalons reports now from moscow. vladimir putin held a meeting with his foreign and defense ministers on saturday shown on national t.v. and he explained what russia would do now that the united states has pulled out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that's to come solution. we will do it this way our response will be symmetrical our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same he also said russia would not get into a costly arms race with the west that doesn't mean that russia won't pile into new weapons development just that initially at least it will try to do so with an existing defense budget years of military modernization have siphoned money away from social spending and with the real incomes of russians for willing for five
2:00 pm
straight years now more defense spending is unlikely to help flatter me a putin's falling popularity defense minister sergei showing who recommends a land based version of the caliber cruise missiles russian ships of launched against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and factories really produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia.


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