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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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and i think as we speak the u.n. is grappling to try to convince both parties to come up with concessions which is not the case of our and as this is such a crucial entry point for any aid coming into yemen to means that the people eighty percent of whom are dependent on it how is that flow of supplies being affected while this is a thing the biggest concern now is that the saudi you a coalition is saying that if the deal collapses they will resume the campaign they started a few months ago to take over her data and for the u.n. for the agencies operating on the ground they're concerned that if fighting fires up in the area it means massive disruption of the flow of food into yemen and the bajan people in desolate mountainous areas across the country will have to wait weeks and weeks for food to arrive it will definitely exacerbate the humanitarian situation wishes this quote by the u.n. itself as the worst in the world and very critical time indeed how so many thanks
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for coming in to explain it to us now still ahead here on al-jazeera scars of war after enjoying years of violence syrian and contains a long waiting list for prosthetic limbs. and with no new government hospitals built and thirty years to find out why remain his health system is crumbling. hello there we're seeing a few outbreaks of snow over parts of northern asia recently the latest system is just making its way across the northern parts of japan we're seeing quite a bit of wintery weather out of that particularly through hawk-eye due there as we head through the day on monday and that snow will be fairly thick for the south when the temperatures really have risen as we head into monday eighteen degrees
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will be a very warm day forth in tokyo towards the west and not that warm for us we're looking at six degrees in beijing and force in will be not minus nineteen but those temperatures will drop as the next system sinks south was so choose day would be a far cool a day but if it was the southeast and for many of us here is fine and settled a little bit more in the way of cloud over the far eastern parts of that cow thickens up again as we head through the day on tuesday and so this time we're likely to see some fairly heavy rain i think even shanghai will see some of that wet weather tuesday's looking a little bit soggy for us for the southeastern parts of asia there the weather it's actually fairly good for us at the moment the showers are generally quite subdued say plenty of sunshine across the philippines is just in the south of what more cloud and a few showers that gradually breaks up as we head through cheese day so even here there's a good chance of getting away with a dry day for some of us in borneo though we can expect to see a few outbreaks of rain as we can enjoy.
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the world's largest oil company fails to become public want to happen. all the kingdoms of the company inseparable here the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely says something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east most come to an economic when. saudi arab. the company and the states on i'll just see iran. and there again you were there as reminder of our top stories this hour that as well as president because my door has offered to hold. elections as he fights
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demands to resign his rival and his supporters at home and abroad demanding a presidential votes. of peace deals being agreed to in central african republic aimed at ending six years of conflict between muslim and christian. government leaders struck the deal with fourteen armed groups after a week of talks in sudan backed by the united nations and the african union. and yemen's warring sides are holding talks aboard a united nations boat in the red sea in an attempt to save the fragile cease fire and hope the meeting will finalize a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from the city on sunday the pope called for all sides to respect the yemen troops. al-jazeera has been saying how corruption in romania is public hospitals is harming patients chances of survival romanian children suffer the highest mortality rates in europe and no new government hospitals have been built since the fall of communist rule thirty years
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ago reports from bucharest. corruption kills people and in romania hospitals do not necessarily make people better because wrests children's hospital was built in one nine hundred eighty two and much of the equipment doctors and nurses have at their disposal looks like it hasn't changed in the thirty seven years since inside the hospital lies one year old iron valentino to mr diagnosed by a doctor he's now in a coma his young parents are living in the hospital as his body breaks down in front of them they look completely destroyed. from. it one of the counties made no recovery since he came here his lungs are starting to collapse and his little heart is as well he's on life support they've killed my son. images obtained by al-jazeera of the conditions inside some of romania's public hospitals are barely believable this is the pathology units where human tissue was stored inside the
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hospital in one of remaining as biggest cities clues the european union offered one hundred seventy million dollars worth of funding for three new wells bittles a full five years ago but the work hasn't even started the crisis led carmen and on to form a business woman to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build a new hospital in the capital stepping in where the government has failed they already raised nearly twenty million dollars is there why don't look back i don't know your wrist not be there remain a state in the face or showing them it's possible in a country where impossible is about you're always told regarding the first hospital in the country for children with cancer after thirty years of incompetence from the rumanian state so this is it's the first new hospital to be built in romania since the fall of communism paid for by the public it'll be finished years before the government gets around to building one you may well ask yourself how it can be that so a group of business women with no healthcare background can build a hospital from scratch in romania while the government apparently colt's wall on
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so is that corrupt officials don't want seems european funding because they have. to account for it and cults simply stick the money in their pockets the other theory is that they're all just completely incompetent probably the truth is somewhere in the middle no doubt there are politicians who want to do something about all this but they're up against a huge wall of corruption the current health minister run a relatively successful hospital herself but she admitted to us the system is broken with officials stealing money from public funds you know. i had bought an m.r.i. scanner for five hundred thousand but here they bought one for two and a half million the exact same one this explains a lot it didn't need explaining someone stole two million euros on the pretense of buying medical equipment we both understand the reasons you have to say it's hardly a great indorsements of the current president of the european union's who admits to thinks it won't be able to build a new hospital for another five years anyway it'll all be too late for florian and
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denise are they watching their baby son die in front of their eyes killed by corruption largely al-jazeera book or rest. lost for child refugees held in and the stray and run tension sentence if it and of nauru are being resettled in the us they'll go with their families under a deal struck with the administration of former president barack obama and sell his government says it won't send any more children to now are suffering has been a major criticism of the government's hardline policy to send asylum seekers who attempt to eat his trailer by boat to what is effectively an offshore prison camp of the past five months we have been working quietly and methodically term move children from the roof today there are only four children on your roof and they will all shortly resettle permanently in the united states our government has got
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the children off you know rude. syrian state media says u.s. led airstrikes have targeted the syrian army near the border with iraq u.s. warplanes reportedly attacked a syrian artillery position in the area of eastern syria sources say two soldiers were injured and guns destroyed an apartment building has collapsed in the syrian city of aleppo killing eleven people including four children a five story block was damaged during the years of war one charge of pulled out alive by rescue teams many of the buildings around the city are also on the brink of falling apart. and demand for artificial limbs remains high in syria despite the law in fighting in the war hundreds of thousands lost arms legs or both especially during the bombardment of opposition held areas many of them aimed at children and some of it has more from gas in turkey now the syrian border.
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said that had said that. when i think about what happened she says i cry this is a two year old child. like millions of other syrian children she struggles with the painful memories of how she lost her leg and her brother. we first met her three years ago when she got her first breast leg she started school since then and made new friends but now she tells us she gets bullied as well for having an artificial leg and for being a foreigner as she grows older the artificial limb needs to be replaced with a bigger one this is also true for other patients whose bodies outgrow their prosthetics. sometimes my classmates just leave me alone other times the children come and call me things like how you with the leg keep walking like this so what your heart has been telling me is that she wants to go to germany her father tells me that their cases mean pending with the authorities for the last three years now
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that the situation in syria is karma the cases at this center continue to pile up in twenty sixteen they had three hundred people who required prosthetic limbs now that list has grown to two thousand but with more restrictions on who can cross the border into turkey they've opened a smaller workshop inside syria which has its own set of challenges because after eight years of war find qualified technicians difficult it cost somewhere between three to nine thousand dollars to make a prosthetic limb costs depend on injury and whether it's a hand or a complete foot or a leg. man to head the war is still happening patients who require limbs are chronic and with time they need more care many of these cases appear after the fighting has finished people need to continue their lives regardless of their disability with rising inflation and riddling help it's difficult to keep producing high quality prosthetics every time the exchange rate in turkey changes it means
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fewer limbs can be many factored but for children like donor fatigue rising prices and border problems don't mean much all she dreams of is to overcome what hinders her from being treated like all the other children in her school summer job you don't have the or does the on through. algeria's ailing eighty two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition has named abdul aziz buthe figure as its candidate for april's vote but the leader has yet to officially confirm if he'll run in power since one thousand nine hundred nine buttafuoco was partially paralyzed from a stroke six years ago and is rarely now seen in public politicians in egypt are planning to push for a major changes to the constitution including the creation of a second chamber of parliament and the appointment of one or more deputy presidents a request follows some systems demanding changes to presidential term limits sure as associate professor of security studies
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a middle east politics at the doha institute for graduate studies he says the proposed amendments are aimed at increasing the number of terms a president can run for office. the now the local media is focusing on the idea that eight years are not enough and not enough to deal with the economic political or security challenges of egypt face and therefore the current president needs more time to fix the political economic and security challenges if you look at the actual what happened between twenty four thousand to now it's a t.v. nation on multiple levels with economic political security or human rights values it doesn't really matter the constitution is violated on an hourly basis not on daily bases in terms of the human rights situation in terms of even you know some changes within the regime you know the you need the approval of the supreme council of the armed forces for example to sack the minister of defense the president sec the minister of defense without the approval of the supreme council of the parliament is composed of loyalists basically outbidding each other to the
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elections were not free and fair and you have a parliament in many ways it's a done deal in a sense that no one will pause in the parliament that kind of amendment and there's no no one is even voicing any concerns or any sort of opposition so that on and the other thing is the parliament is going to to actually vote or amend the articles that empowers the parliament so article four seven and article one four six both of them say that the president cannot sack the prime minister or the government without the approval of the majority of the parliament i think these two articles will be probably amended so that the president has complete try to remove the government and the prime minister without the approval of the parliament. and you've elected head of the air craney an orthodox church has been enthroned in camps st sophia. metropolitan epiphanius well now lead the charge which is that from the russian orthodox church russian officials have said they consider the
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breakaway a provocation. relics of a bygone era a set to become unique street art in the u.s. capital telephone call boxes became increasingly redundant in the mobile phone era but one historian is hoping to give the boxes a new lease of life and celebrate the women of washington d.c. at the same time. i'm right your task i'm a historian in d.c. and i am working with charles bergman are stronger than stumptown a bunch. there are hundreds are they is all over the city they're on every block and they were used in d.c. when people before people had telephones and over time they stopped using because of the telephone and now everybody carries a cell phone for nobody in. the city was talking about these structures and what to do with them they are beautiful and they should be saved and. art and history could
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go in them the parameter of the project. was to put our name paul boxes and the call boxes are here and if there's art in them they are there's more reason for them to remain i thought well this is a good opportunity to get women depicted in sculptures because there's hardly any in the district i just see it as the history of women being overlooked and credit going to man there's eleanor roosevelt and there's mary mcleod the throne and then there's like mary and jesus and and some saints and then there's lots of women and female figures but they're allegorical so that's a dozen. these two call bob to see you so be. thomas well known do you see artist who's in the color school and the i want to be for flora bolton who was a street musician in the forty's and through the eighty's people will be thrilled to see a tribute to her. katharine graham of the often follows this one lives
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of both hamilton was the wife of hamilton alice paul a suffragist for a box that's kind of near the parade route there was a big suffragist parade and just a few bottler was one of the heads of the statehood party and then there's a list of it correctly. who was born in slavery and was mary todd lincoln seamstress mary church carol almost twentieth century civil rights activist and at age almost ninety. a lot of people think bad. government. has become a bad word people all over the world make marks on the city government credible history. now that. as an emerging footballing nation have returned home to a red carpet welcome the new asian cup champions getting the voile treatment a day off to defeating japan three one in the final they were greeted by castles
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and. made me. as castle's first big football trophy and scored nineteen goals and conceded just one beating saudi arabia south korea and the united arab emirates on their way to the title making their even more impressive the tournament was held in one of four countries that. twenty seventeen. and to the. country something to music are you ready for twenty twenty two yeah i think ready to be done. i feel like you know like you know maybe take you know like. they would. like i don't see anything but i'm very happy. with what you got zero of these top stories venezuela's president nicolas maduro
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has offered to hold elections as he finds demands to resign his rival and his supporters at home and abroad are demanding a presidential. a peace deal has been agreed in central african republic aimed at ending six years of conflict between muslim and christian fighters government leaders struck the deal with fourteen armed groups after a week of talks ensued done. on this from khartoum we don't have the details about how many of those warlords who what to name some so on and what is the basis on which. will be created of the worlds of will be pardoned within the framework of this agreement an agreement that has been proposed by the african union and supported by the united nations hosted by sudan but it is not the first time this happened seven at least seven agreements of this kind had been agreed on in the past yemen's warring sides are holding talks on board
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a united nations votes in the red sea it's an attempt to save the fragile had a cease fire the meeting will finalize a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from the city politicians in egypt are planning to push for a major changes to the constitution including the creation of a second chamber of parliament and the appointment of one or more deputy presidents a request follows some citizens demanding changes to presidential term limits now the local media is focusing on the idea that eight years are not enough and not enough to deal with the economic political or security challenges of egypt face and therefore the current president needs more time to fix the political economic and security challenges if you look at the actually what happened between twenty fourteen to now it's a t.d. nation on multiple levels with the economic political security or human rights values and the last for child refugees held in the stray and run detention center
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on the pacific island of now rue being resettled in the u.s. and syria's government says it will not send any more children to now are. saying that with all that lies more news here on. inside story. first the united states now russia both walk away from a treaty that's helped prevent nuclear war for more than thirty years what will this mean for the only three does it make the world a more dangerous place this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program dennis now a treaty that helped to keep the world safe from nuclear war appears to be falling apart the united states withdrew from the intermediate range nuclear forces. friday accusing russia of violating it has now followed suit president putin denies breaking the deal as as russia will start developing new missiles we'll introduce our guests in just a moment let's hear from the two presidents. best solution. to our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same russia won't deployed new land based short range and intermediate range weapons neither in europe nor in other regions of the world
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unless similar american made weapons appear in those regions all our proposals in this sphere remain on the table as before doors for talks are open at the same time i am asking the foreign ministry and defense ministry not to initiate any talks on this issue let's wait until our partners open a dialogue with us first of all you have to add countries obviously is old but very importantly one side has not been adhering to it we have one side hasn't so elastic that it would here we should be the only one i hope that we're able to get everybody in a very big and beautiful room and do a new treaty that would be much better. well alex could tell. what the withdrawals will mean. the world has changed dramatically since the signing of the intermediate nuclear forces treaty or i n f in one thousand nine hundred seven designed as a confidence building measure to reduce the possibility of nuclear war the treaty
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helped guarantee peace between the two cold war rivals the then soviet union and the united states but eighteen years after the cold war ended nuclear missile technology has spread far and wide so who has this technology china or north korea have demonstrated their ability to build increasingly sophisticated missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads further and further india and its rival pakistan have also been developing missiles that can strike their enemy with improved accuracy. the u.s. and russia believe the iron have treaty has held them back from developing increasingly potent weapons so by pulling out and with fewer constraints they could now be a new phase in the arms race and if the atmosphere of mistrust continues it could have a negative effect on other arms treaties or the new strategic arms reduction or start agreement the two for renewal in two thousand and twenty one. i listen to introduce our guests now we start with powell felgenhauer he's in
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moscow he's a defense and military analyst in washington d.c. we have mark fitzpatrick who's director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies and m. brussels we have leo hoffman from the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can welcome to your let's start with the powerful the russians have been accused by president trump by the united states for breaching this agreement what have they done wrong. russia has being basically adopting the cruise missiles it has developed for ships and submarines to be watched from land war enters from a modified this kind there were unsure which basically to begin with was capable of using as both mistake and cruise missiles that makes a lot of military and economic sense because the poor in the same r. o. s.
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cruise wall range cruise missile on the land warrants are basically a truck it's tanta twenty times cheaper than on building a frigate and deploying on a frigate rhyme trucks are actually easier to hide and that's also likely what the russian military were doing and though the deployment actually was not very large in numbers and could have been. officiated by the russian authorities as a response to the us deploying missile defense systems in romania and poland which russia believes are actually also first attack weapon or items that you have warned range american crew all the american denied that you give me a long list of russian activity what was in contravention then of the i think he could be precisely. so it was like the american say is that these
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missiles were tested for a war for a range of more over five hundred q. arbiters which they should not russia says that they did test for more than five hundred kilometers but that was for naval missiles not for land based but for wind based we yes we say we have them but they are for a shorter range but the problem with cruise missiles is that their range that burns and how much fuel you have onboard that's very hard to verify all right let's go to mark in washington who is agreeing with you on that loan eventually of the russian hold where and activity mark it seems like the situation of quid pro quo there doesn't it the the americans have been quibbling over this i.n.f. treaty haven't they for what five years if not more finally something maceration pulls out or announces that it's pulling out suspending its membership and then the russians follow suit so who's at fault here so i think you've characterized it very
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well russia is at fault initially for testing a ground launched cruise missile that exceeded the i n f limits of the at the lower end it was over five hundred kilometers i think publix planed a well the differences among the systems and united states has been trying for five years to persuade russia to come back into compliance now the trumpet ministration i think made a huge mistake in pulling out of the treaty altogether they didn't need to do that they could have kept up pressure on russia apart applied penalties and other ways and stayed in the treaty and now russia pulling out all together it's a breakdown of arms control it's a breakdown of trust between united states and russia the united states will have problems with its european allies and it will engage in a new arms race with china as well. so there's nothing good comes out of the united states withdraw or i did in brussels i mean this is a rather whiskery agreement wasn't it over thirty years old as alex
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correspondent pointed out i mean the military global military landscape is dramatically altered say perhaps it itself this time it's needed a complete reboot anyway. well clearly we're not in a situation where we can say oh well we can do away with the ballot or or might actually design and an arms control treaties clearly we're in a situation especially here in europe that has been felt in the last years where small confrontation and especially an uptick in military retore garonne nuclear weapons and the more you threaten nuclear weapons the higher the likelihood of course that that becomes a reality a nuclear weapons will once again be used so as as has been said nothing positive there comes from this development and i think the important part is not so much to you know point fingers figure out who is to blame who cheated on the treaty first i think there's claims and counterclaims both trump and putin have very low credibility on these issues they have both not made public their. detailed
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allegations and the detail defenses on whether or not they breached this treaty and some from the perspective of all the other states in the world so taking a step back from just russia and just united states weapons of mass destruction nuclear weapons are something that is extremely important for all states in the world everybody stands to suffer the catastrophic consequences from any use of these weapons of mass destruction and therefore the important question is what can the rest of the world do in order to reduce the likelihood that nuclear weapons will be used again and so of course luckily we haven't been i'd also the majority of nations in the world has and twenty seventeen come together to adopt a new treaty in the united nations called the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons that of course makes nuclear weapons illegal and i was these should as fast as possible sign and ratify this treaty in order to send a clear message to the handful of nuclear weapons states that we can no longer tolerate that they are putting our lives at risk with. their pursuit of nuclear
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weapons and you do the terror all right let's go back to mark with that because one would imagine that the trumpet ministration is going to pay very little heed to what's come out of the u.n. general assembly no matter how many countries that had signed up to something. just quite taken by the words donald trump uttered when he was talking about suspending u.s. participation in this treaty he talked about assembling again in ibiza for room with many more participants i mean does it mean that he is in visiting a replacement treaty for intermediate nuclear weapons that would encompass a many more of the of the nations around the world are in possession of them well that's that's the dream and it certainly is only a dream and i'd has no nothing that backs it up it would be impossible really to get all the nations that have these missile systems including north korea india
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pakistan and china to agree to a multilateral treaty it's just an excuse really by president trump for abandoning this treaty you know he's being advised by national security advisor john bolton to withdraw from the treaty bolton doesn't like arms control so he's not trying to build up some new treaty he's just trying to to tear down the old treaty i just have to say one thing though in response to the the good intervention by your guest in brussels it's not just president trump who has made the allegation of russian violation this started under president obama so and president obama had a great deal more credibility so i think we're on pretty solid grounds about the nature of the violation but i do agree that the way forward is to find ways to build a dialogue and arms control not to tear down agreements that have worked for so long right ok the powerful the most school what happens what happens in the next six months because there's a six month suspension period now before the treaty officially at becomes nolen
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void does moscow go on a development a deployment spree of a certain kinds of missiles and other technology. whoa with the deployment of. longer range crews that was developed for ships putting them on ground launchers is well that's technically and financially not that much of a problem something will be done i'm don't think that russia is going to rush and deploy a large numbers right now but some numbers apparently have been deported allegedly and six months they'll be we go also president putin talked about developing a new medium range ballistic missile that may be also equipped with so-called guiding warhead or as he called it hyper sound warhead to avoid missile defense systems.


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