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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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and i suppose the location of that meeting taking place on a ship in the red sea just tells us how both parties distrust each other definitely the. the trust deficit has been widening of a since two thousand and fifteen patrick comer to a. redeployment committee tried once and his convoy came under fire in her data the problem is that in itself despite the fragile cease fire you have intense fighting on the oscars of the city the these are saying that this is the because of the a coalition and the government we are shelling areas the government is saying the houthi is are targeting civilians so the u.n. is facing a huge problem when it comes to consolidating the ceasefire in in her data and by the way it was not only about the cease fire they were hoping to implement an x. president exchange deal still happening they wanted to ensure the ceasefire is
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extended nationwide it's not happening and both parties are entrenched so far and the un is definitely trying to break the impasse because they know that if they cannot do that just going to be further. catastrophe for the yemeni people and for data is just the tip of the iceberg the un is focusing on implementing these four at the ceasefire and that particular city when you look at the problems right across the country there are many indeed and it will look at what is happening right now as we speak in yemen there is a push by the government to take over the coastal areas backed by saudi arabia and the and the u.s. strikes are continuing there's fighting and there's fighting all the oscars of the solder which is the stronghold of the who these are that is fighting in the which is all the outskirts of the capital sana there who things do understand that the push in the coastal areas by the government is for one reason the middle of the take over her data there was
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a finally because of the strategic. road from her data to the can push and take over her with these insisted this is a bird life and the international community of the myths of this political bickering is concerned that if fighting resumes tomorrow for example in her data the ceasefire collapses many people in yemen won't be able to get food all right somehow but i thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including scars of four after enduring years of violence syrian amputees face a long waiting line for a prosthetic leg. also donald trump accuses the chief opponent of being unfazed by human trafficking after his border wall. and rocked by roache the west indies hero in a crushing test cricket when peter has the action coming up in sport. but
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first syrian state media says u.s. led airstrikes have targeted the army near the border with iraq u.s. warplanes reportedly attacked a syrian artillery position in the area sources say two soldiers were injured and guns destroyed meanwhile an apartment building has collapsed in the syrian city of aleppo killing eleven people including four children the five story block was damaged during years of war many other buildings around the city are also on the brink of falling apart and demand for artificial limbs remains high in syria that's despite the lull in fighting in the eight year war hundreds of thousands lost arms legs or both especially during the bombardments of opposition held areas many of the maimed are children of some of binge of aids has more from gaza in turkey near the border with syria. that had said. when i think about what happened she says i cry this is.
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like millions of other syrian children she struggles with the painful memories of how she lost her leg and her brother. we first met her three years ago when she got her first breast leg she started school since then and made new friends but now she tells us she gets bullied as well for having an artificial leg and for being a foreigner as she grows older the artificial limb needs to be replaced with a bigger one this is also true for other patients whose bodies outgrow their prosthetics. sometimes my classmates just leave me alone other times the children can call me things like hey you with the leg keep walking like this so what your heart has been telling me is that she wants to go to germany her father tells me that their case has been pending with the authorities for the last three years now that the situation in syria is karma the cases at this center continue to pile up
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in twenty sixteen they had three hundred people who required prosthetic limbs now that list has grown to two thousand but with more restrictions on who can cross the border into turkey they've opened a smaller workshop inside syria which has its own set of challenges because after eight years of war find qualified technicians difficult it cost somewhere between three to one thousand dollars to make a prosthetic limb costs depend on injury and whether it's a hand or a complete a foot or a leg. man to head the war is still happening patients who require limbs are chronic and with time they need more care many of these cases appear after the fighting has finished people need to continue their lives regardless of their disability with rising inflation and winning help it's difficult to keep producing high quality prosthetics every time the exchange rate in turkey changes it means fewer limbs can be many factored but for children like donor fatigue rising prices
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and border problems don't mean much all she dreams of is to overcome what hinders her from being treated like all the other children in her school simon job it out of the era as the anthem. some of gypsum politicians are in egypt are planning to push for major changes to the constitution including the creation of a second chamber of parliament and the appointment of one or more deputy presidents their request follows demands from sections of the public for a presidential term limits algeria's a two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition has named. as its candidate for april's votes but the leader has yet to officially confirm if he'll run in power since one thousand nine hundred nine was a fico was partially paralyzed from a stroke six years ago and he's rarely seen in public. donald trump has intensified his attacks on the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi in his first wide ranging t.v.
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interview since the end of the government shutdown the president's described her as very bad for the country adding that she doesn't mind human trafficking because she opposes his mexico border wall kristen salumi joining us from washington d.c. to talk us through this significance of this particular interview considering it's super bowl day christina what more did the president have to say. yeah it's super bowl sunday here in the united states during the super bowl of course the championship game for the n.f.l. american football league here the biggest game in the biggest sport in the country the most popular sport and millions of viewers tune in for the game and it's become a bit of a tradition for the president to grant an interview on super bowl sunday to the network that carries the game and president trump actually bucked that tradition last year refusing to give an interview to n.b.c. but this year amidst this border wall fight president trump sat down for his first television interview since the shutdown as you said since he was forced to back
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down basically from a demand that congress include five point seven billion dollars for his border wall in the legislation that was necessary to reopen the government he backed out and democrats refused the president has since been talking about declaring a national emergency in order to obtain that funding a move that is sure to be a challenge in the courts and is already being questioned by those who question how this is a national emergency the president of course trying to make his case wasted no time in slamming the democrats house leader nancy pelosi. i think that she was very rigid which i would expect but i think she is very bad for a country she knows that you need a barrier she knows that we need border security she wanted to win a political point i happen to think it's very bad politics because basically she wants open borders she doesn't mind human trafficking or she wouldn't do this
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because you know you have rather over a billion dollars for border security she is really she offered over a billion dollars for borders she doesn't want the same is costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what's happening is when you have a porous border and when you have drugs pouring in and when you have people dying all over the country because of people like nancy pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons now nancy pelosi spokes person responded to those comments saying that they were a wild and predictable misrepresentation of democrats' positions the democrats have said that they are willing to fund border security just not a wall they want more money for technology and drone surveillance and so on during the interview the president also took the time to belittle his competition for the upcoming two thousand and twenty presidential election saying that he does not see anyone with a chance of beating him he's not impressed with the field and he claims that he has
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reconciled with his intelligence chiefs as well another controversy recently with the president being directly contradicted on certain national emergencies national threats by his intelligence officials on issues like iran and north korea president says that they're all fine everything's reconciled they just don't have to agree all the time so some insights on this big game day in the united states as to where the president is taking just two days before he gives his state of the union rights to serenely thank you. well as if the once in a century floods were bad enough an australian city is now being warned about tornado like winds and more rain in the coming days thousands of people in townsville in the country's northeast have been forced from their homes after the wettest week on records australia's tropical north experiences heavy rains during the monsoon season at this time of year but the recent own poor has served far above normal levels stuff is here to tell us more on what's going on there stuff
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it's terrible it's nothing like a normal year let's take a look at the satellite picture then and we can see this massive cloud up in the northeastern part of australia that's a low pressure that's developed within the monsoon and the problem is it's just stayed with us for quite a while now so if we zoom in we can see that cloud just a little bit closer covering many parts of queens and we're also stretching into the northern territory now what we're expecting as we head through the next few days is yet more rain certainly we've seen just phenomenal amounts of wet weather in townsville so far four hundred thirty five millimeters of rain in the last six days that's more than you would expect in the first nine months of the year but elsewhere we've had even more with some places reports the one point six minutes to rain just in seven days now to put that in some kind of context if you remember the flooding that we had in houston from harken harvey that was one point two seven millimeters of rain in eight days so this is more wet weather map now of course
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this part of the world is used to rain a little bit more but even so it gives you an idea of just how phenomenal lissome out of rain is now this is what we're expecting over the next few days in the dark blue away we're expecting the worst of the weather and it's sort of in this triangle from makhaya through townsville and into mount so we are expecting a lot of weather and as we were just hearing daryn even the winds are going to be a major problem they could be up to one hundred twenty five kilometers per hour not very good news there and stuff thank you for that update for the last four child refugees held in an australian run detention center on the pacific island of naru they're now being resettled in the u.s. so they'll go with their families under a deal struck with the administration of the former president barack obama australia's government says it won't send any more children to no room. over the past five months we have been working quietly and methodically determining the children from the room today there are only four children on the roof and they
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will shortly resettle permanently in the united states our government has got the children off you know roo let's take a closer look at how australia's offshore processing policy actually works so asylum seekers sailing via via indonesia towards australia are intercepted at sea by navy vessels and instead of having their refugee status assessed within australia they are detained for processing on rue they're also sent to minus island and papa new guinea but that center has been closed or the policy is designed to deter future asylum seekers from making the dangerous journey once it's known they won't be allowed into australia david manne is the executive director of the refugee and immigration legal center he says the resettled children will need counseling to manage the trauma they've suffered in detention for medical experts who have a novel to carsley examined the health of the health and the impact of.
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these policies on children have overwhelmingly reported very very significant levels of depression of anxiety. and other very serious very serious medical conditions the trauma the suffering has been very dated and a lot of the prognoses are really for for the suffering and the long term so the lasting in many times that is the damage to have very profound and lasting effects on children so we can only hard that are now being resettled to society that these children can be given the help they need counselling the need and to be able to rebuild their lives after such trauma. for the people of two rising sea temperatures in. the radical weather patterns are becoming a daily part of life they're being forced to spend more money not only on protecting themselves but also keeping their businesses afloat and now who is
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considering legal action against big polluters thousands of kilometers away as andrew thomas reports. warming sea as mean fewer fish in the waters around than a water so people are building fish farms in la instead it is very frustrating cost to build one fish farm is around fifteen thousand u.s. dollars there are other costs of climate change here more frequent sly clones mean big repair bills mitigation in preparation for disasters and rising sea levels also have big costs money while these own contribution to global climate change is small even so it's doing all it can to reduce it further there are a solar farms and coconut plantations oil squeezed from coconuts can fuel generators as a clean way to make electricity one coconut will give you one liter of oil.
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with what we've got yeah it's fine now we're off a t.v. program for a few coconut powered televisions will make little difference to the global climate vanuatu's government believes the world's big polluters should compensate it for the damage that climate change does here and that if they won't voluntarily through treaties and agreements and they'll try to force them to through the threats of legal action the government is considering suing big polluting countries and fossil fuel companies we're working with a number of lawyers in different parts of the world who are also looking at our evidence base that we're going to need to prove in court that would be hard suing a company needs to happen in that company's national court giving them the home advantage taking legal action against the country means going to the international court of justice it only considers cases where the country being sued agrees to the
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case being heard but there is another avenue that can take and that is to ask for an advisory opinion. and that isn't legally binding but it does set the direction and it gives the world a sense of exactly how. the legal issues that i want to sleep there's hope the possibility that countries oil companies might have to pay compensation one day will increase their potential financial liabilities now scaring off investors and less that i got to minimize those risks so those legal action is the threats. would rather settle out of court thomas al-jazeera. still had on the al-jazeera news our latest business casualty miss sun scraps plans to produce its next generation in northern england also. on loan to me in bucharest where the remaining government
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has been offered tens of millions of dollars to build new all spittles the first one since the fall of communism is having to be built with public relations. the fastest man in the world makes a run for it ahead of the superbowl peter has more on the same boat coming up a little later in sports. a major treat every week a new cycle going to see you recent breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. rewind returns a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brian you updates on the best
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of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the top of the clubs. and the others. rewinds continues with shift iraq my neighborhood i was like screaming get us to we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the pretty. rewind on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro has offered to hold early parliamentary elections as he fights demands to resign but his rival his supporters at home and abroad are demanding
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a presidential vote he steals from the grid in the central african republic and in six years of conflict between muslim and christian fighters government leaders struck a deal with fourteen armed groups after a week of talks in sudan. yemen's warring sides are holding talks aboard a united nations boat in the red sea in an attempt to save their fragile for a day to cease fire it's hoped the meeting will finalize a timeline for the withdrawal of troops from the city. japanese carmaker has scrapped plans to build its new generation s.u.v. in britain the extra was said to be manufactured in the northern city of sunderland but the company has announced it will now make the car at its plant in japan. had warned the uncertainty over bracks it was making it hard to plan for the future paul brennan is joining us from london to tell us what more and his son is saying about this decision and any reaction from the u.k. governments. yeah the letter from sans chairman general who could defeat she
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has come out a little earlier i think than intended the expectation was that an announcement would be made on monday but details were starting to leak out in the media and so the letter has been put out today sunday it's not just bricks that he's talking about he says the environment for the car industry in europe has changed dramatically to meet changing emissions regulations we've had to invest much more in new power trains for models like the extra and at the same time the volume forecasts for the extra in europe have reduced however we've taken the decision to consolidate production in japan rather than have the extra oil produced boat. in japan and in northern england because of the continued uncertainty around the u.k.'s future relationship with the e.u. he said it's not helping companies like us to plan for the future and it's important to say that the impact on jobs a sunderland plant a massive plant over eight hundred acres that makes more than half a million cars
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a year the impact on jobs not expected to be immediate this is future investment we're talking about and this sun has made it clear that the other models that are built their models like the very successful leaf and eco car will still continue to be produced at the plant so no redundancies mentioned as part of this at all but it certainly brings into sharp focus the concerns of not just new son but plenty of other car manufacturers and other industries in the u.k. about the uncertainty that we are that we have with just two months to go before britain is due to leave the european union also could this just be then the tip of the iceberg with possibly more announcements to come well there have been announcements in the very recent past indeed a run you through some of the some of the figures i mean ford for example has got rid of i think it's four thousand workers the other places
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that have cut back indeed are flicking through my notes here. i've lost the place sorry i do apologize the hard bit there have been other plants that have been cutting back ford's engine factory in bridgend i don't have the specific figures of cutting hundreds of jobs that jagger alondra have also been cutting back four and a half thousand jobs from a global workforce but that would mainly for all the cuts will fall in the u.k. and so the concerns are very real and the threat to jobs are very real as the uncertainty continues and theresa may the prime minister's due to go to brussels in the very near future to try to renegotiate it in just two months a deal that hasn't been finalized in the past two years so you can see the scale of the challenge and the concern the industry has rights
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a pub or an end with an update from london thank you well al jazeera has been seeing how corruption in romania as public hospitals is harming the survival chances of pay since so romanian children suffer the highest mortality rates in europe and no new government hospitals have been built since the fall of communist rule thirty years ago lawrence the reports from bucharest. corruption kills people and in romania hospitals do not necessarily make people better bucharest children's hospital was built in one nine hundred eighty two and much of the equipment doctors and nurses have at their disposal looks like it hasn't changed in the thirty seven years since inside the hospital lies one year old iron valentino to mr diagnosed by a doctor he's now in a coma his young parents are living in the hospital as his body breaks down in front of them they look completely destroyed. he's made no recovery since he came here his lungs are starting to collapse and his little heart
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is as well he's on life support they've killed my son. images obtained by al-jazeera of the conditions inside some of romania's public hospitals are barely believable this is the pathology units where human tissue was stored inside the hospital in one of romania's biggest cities clues the european union offered one hundred seventy million dollars worth of funding for three new wells bittles a full five years ago but the work hasn't even started the crisis led carmen and on a former business woman to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build a new hospital in the capital stepping in where the government has failed they already raised nearly twenty million dollars there was a look back i don't know your were slapping their remaining state in the face or showing them it's possible in a country where impossible is about you're always told regarding the first hospital in the country for children with cancer after thirty years of incompetence from their remaining state. so this is it's the first new hospital to be built in romania since the fall of communism paid for by the public it'll be finished years
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before the government gets around to building them you may well ask yourself how it can be that so a group of business women with no healthcare background can build a hospital from scratch in romania while the government apparently colt's wall on so is that corrupt officials don't want seems european funding because they have to account for it and can't simply stick the money in their pockets the other theory is that they're all just completely incompetent probably the truth is somewhere in the middle no doubt there are politicians who want to do something about all this but they're up against a huge wall of corruption the current health minister run a relatively successful hospital herself but she admitted to us the system is broken with officials stealing money from public funds you know. i had bought an m.r.i. scanner for five hundred thousand but here they bought one for two and a half million the exact same one this explains a lot it didn't need explaining someone stole two million euros on the pretense of
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buying medical equipment we both understand the reasons you have to say it's hardly a great indorsements of the current president of the european union's who admits to the thinks it won't be able to build a new hospital for another five years anyway it'll all be too late for florian and denise are they watching their baby son die in front of their eyes killed by corruption largely al-jazeera book or rest a us state governor has changed his story about a photo which is causing a racism scandal ralph northam says he's not in the photo twenty four hours after apologizing for wearing a clue klux klan costume and that photo he see right there taken in one thousand nine hundred four has provoked increasing calls for the resignation of the democrat from virginia. my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in the same
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period of my life that same year i did participate in a dance. in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson. i look back now and regret that i did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that is because my memory of that episode is so vivid that i truly do not believe i am in the picture in my yearbook let's meet a bishop garrison he is the interim executive director of the truman national security project and the truman center for national policies joining us from washington thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera so what is your reaction to that really extraordinary press conference that the state governor gave and his attempt at damage control thank you for having me to get to the point it was absolutely heartbreaking as a resident as someone who has worked in virginia politics since two thousand and
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twelve as the great great great grandson descendant of slaves myself this was something that really touched me deeply emotionally this press conference was absolutely terrible i join in the many voices the chorus of voices at this point that have called for the resignation of the governor i think it's important for virginians and to be quite honest for a part of this country to move forward and to heal we need the leadership of someone like justin fairfax a lieutenant governor to take us to that so that next level he doesn't seem to be moving towards resignation at least that's according to what he's saying right now what happens if he doesn't resign could there be moves to remove him. i won't get into the specifics just because i'm not an expert legally in that piece i know that i hope that it will not come to the idea of impeachment within the
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virginia general assembly what i will say is that i believe that in his heart he believes he's doing the right thing governor ralph northam and as i said i was a supporter of his and during the primary and during the general as well i believe in him as a leader and i believe in his very heart of hearts he's a good person but you cannot build a coalition of support and you cannot properly represent all those within your constituency when you have this type of history that you have been acknowledged for the past thirty five years in further to for him to believe or espouse that somehow being in black face is michael jackson was different from being in blackface and potentially in those photos is just absolutely absurd he doesn't crilly he clearly to me doesn't understand the gravity of the situation and he needs to listen to all those around him to the senior leaders within virginia within the democratic party and step aside and let lieutenant governor fairfax move forward here's the thing
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though he is calling for a quote honest conversation on race as a way to move forward yet he continues to serve in the position that he's in in light of the events like charlottesville virginia that took place in twenty seventy eight how do you think race as an issue is being addressed right now in the united states and in virginia in particular. sure unfortunately i don't think that i think we're the most partisan point in our history that we've been in in a very long time at least in the modern day we're not having these types of honest conversations and to be quite honest it's difficult for a chief executive to be the broker of these types of conversations when they have these troubled histories around the issue to have president trump tried to lead an effort in unity or governor ralph northam at this point to try to be that voice
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the messenger to carry the message of what we need to do around race or religion or gender and all of these different type of issues that we're seeing spike right now in the united states's is unheard of this impossible is going to be incumbent on the next generation of leaders to take this on that's why you need someone in this role like justin fairfax i've known him since two thousand and twelve a mutual friend introduced us of believe very highly of him i believe in his skills and his ability to lead this conversation and further when you see people like us stacey abramson is going to be providing the democratic response to the president's state of the union address these are the exact type of leaders that need to be leading the message on on unity and need to be leading the message on how we can heal as a nation and that's the only way we're going to move forward is to have the right people in place and we thank you for speaking to us from washington. well a member of an armed group suspected of carrying out last week's bombings in the philippines has spoken exclusively to al jazeera i saw
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a claimed responsibility for the cathedral attack which killed more than twenty people but the military says it was the work of a smaller group called joined by jang jimmy mullen dogood reports on the island of holo where the bombing happened. was. he got in our car nervous but defiant he claims he doesn't have a name just like the more than twenty other members of the a junk a jungle group in sulu province on the island of mindanao. big numbers. we want to kill christians this is our goal we don't want them it's a new even if you build two pieces that is the best way to get the better days are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because that their statement that was given to us made the arabs you know mom it says we must get to be the peace chance .


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