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tv   The Mexican Border  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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voice the messenger to carry the message of what we need to do around race or religion or gender and all of these different type of issues that we're seeing spike right now in the united states is is unheard of is impossible is going to be incumbent on the next generation of leaders to take this on that's why you need someone in this role like justin fairfax i've known him since two thousand and twelve a mutual friend introduced us believe very highly of him i believe in his skills and his ability to lead this conversation and further when you see people like stacy abrams who's going to be providing the democratic response to the president's state of the union address these are the exact type of leaders that need to be leading the message on a new unity and need to be leading the message on how we can heal as a nation and that's the only way we're going to move forward is to have the right people in place and we thank you for speaking to us from washington while a member of an armed group suspected of carrying out last week's bombings in the philippines has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera claimed responsibility for the
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cathedral attack which killed more than twenty people but the military says it was the work of a smaller group called junk mail and dog and reports on the island of hollow where the bombing happened it's nice to know that. he got in their car but defiant he claims he doesn't have a name just like the more than twenty other members of the a junk jungle group in sulu province on the island of mindanao. big numbers. we want to kill christians this is our goal we don't want them in sulu even if you build two pieces that is the best we get the better days. are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because the testament that was given to us by the arabs you know mom it says we must get to be the police chance
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the agenda john is an offshoot of the armed group of which has been operating in the area for decades i so claimed responsibility for the bombings at a cathedral in law a week ago but the military dismissed that and blamed john for the attacks the group was originally called lucky nine when it was formed in two thousand and nine by children and or friends of abu so your fighters later on the group renamed itself i junk a junk which means lost command. and there's ten million passes from kidnapping we keep the two million for our group we also extort money from rich families if they don't give it to us even if they are muslims we kill them too . it's a rhetoric that shocks many here despite previous attacks on places of worship the mindanao region was never sharply divided by religion days after the cathedral
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bombs there was another attack in a place of worship this time a mosque in some born the city it happened at midnight eleven people were asleep here when a grenade was thrown inside it killed people instantly this is a second attack in a place of worship within just a matter of days and according to the philippine government it seems as though there are efforts to cause the divisions between the different religions but people here reject it they say they will never let that happen muslims here tell us they are hurt and differing with. christians and muslims are more than just neighbors here. we intermarry we all grew up together we all love one another. there's concern here that last week's bombings will be the last. but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers offer some hope love they say is stronger
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than violence chameleon dogon al jazeera hello salut southern philippines support is coming up next on the al-jazeera news hour and we'll have more on the extreme winter sport touring the world later we'll tell you about across the ice that's coming up in a moment. ten from many members and bonding time one hundred meaning. the war is passed on. people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand in the union and i finally in iraq on al-jazeera. the latest news as it
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breaks the difference is that in both bottles ossified was that authentic in the ritz with the this time goes with truth does not come up with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. well again time for the sports is with peter thank you very much super bowl sunday new england patriots and los angeles rams will meet in one of the biggest games in
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all of sports now this is tom brady it was him arriving with these family a little bit at the venue for sunday's big game in atlanta a both teams held their final practice sessions on saturday many will have their eyes on the forty one year old quarterback who's already the old a starting quarterback in a super bowl he's opposite number jared golf is only twenty four years of age and the patrons have already won five super bowls whereas the rams haven't won a championship since two thousand when they still played out of st louis a lot of fans outside of new england say they've had enough of the pats dominance i'm so sick of the patriots but mainly because they beat us two years ago and i want. every night for them to lose in atlanta early enough to get some kind of you know some kind of closure here to win the super bowl in it so that we can have our chance of a future just be nice to see them lose. out. on me like. everybody
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else i think i mean. i think the. fans obviously do not share those sentiments they say all the other supporters are just jealous. i think people hate the patriots because jealousy when a dynasty is not your own it's hard to reform i root for. the need to really see the best team and the time we have the best everybody around still is jealous and that's just plain hatred losers. losers envy this is one of the biggest sporting occasions in the world and one man who's used to big events has made an appearance in the fans and in atlanta. you say in bold the n.f.l. record for the quickest forty yard dash the world's fastest man did it in four point two two seconds of the time from sprinting he took a football but couldn't marry can football be next maybe the
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a time gold medal winner will be inspired by the big game if you needed proof of the super bowl global appeal check out this replica n.f.l. field on sydney harbor seattle seahawks punter michael dickson his australian but some fellow countrymen through their paces including aussie rules player josh jenkins and rugby player fairly. nice day out here on the hob on the ball bill set up super bowl body you know as a kicker and i feel like you get a little bit of stuff we can. get cross over and getting information sharing there so it's been good to make him and also you know it's great to see you as he's doing big things on the global stage during the want to see either of them win unfortunately but i just want to see a good game. that's all i really care about i really really don't for anyone actually going to go with the young always want to see someone you know we can be in it so i'm going to go with the rams. across town in sydney on a slightly bigger pitch new zealand taking on the usa here in the final of the
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rugby sevens and the new zealand have won the match quite easy twenty one five giving them the trophy frustrating times for the states it was they fourth straight loss in the final. another superstar le bron james set out saturday's n.b.a. and the lakers struggled without him they took on the golden state warriors play thompson stole the show after missing one game with illness he returned to school twenty eight points leading the warriors to a one hundred fifteen one hundred one win. in golf america's rickie fowler has a four shot lead heading into the final round of the phoenix open he fired eight birdies on day three to record a fantastic round of sixty four that's put in for clear of these nearest challenger matt fowler has finished runner up twice of this event t.p.c. scottsdale but is now in prime position to go one better. the team who put carter on the map as an emerging football nation have returned home to a red carpet welcome the new asian cup champions getting the royal treatment today
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after defeating japan three one in the final they were greeted by carters amir shaikh tom in been a model funny the asian companies carter's biggest and first trophy victory in football they scored nineteen goals and seeded just one beating saudi arabia south korea and the united arab emirates along the way making the result even more impressive the tournament was held in the u.a.e. one of four countries that's imposed a blockade on gaza since twenty seventeen. there were it when there are some players that they were. i've been working with them for a very long shot others not but at the end i think that. they either. do what we want and they are not a very strong national groups or they do a very good result of the situation that we fish in the competition after the airport arrival it was on the downs on doha with supporters lined the streets to salute the heroes went into the tournament ranks ninety third in the fee for world rankings the victory getting fans excited about what's on the arisan for the nation
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that will host the next world cup in twenty twenty two. and. three something amazing are you ready for it with you thank you tim i think this team ready to be done and then again you're i feel like a proud you know like you know i think my country they think you know like. they won the football thought i cannot say anything but i am very happy. once the excitement dies down there are bigger challenges ahead for coach felix sanchez then he plays the next important date is in four months and the richardson has more. now when the cats are a national team left our heart the start of last month they really were rank outsiders to win the asian cup a tournament in which they've got no track record of success they returned having beaten all previous champions on my way to the finals. in against japan in a young strike i am always hourly who scored nine goals in the tournament a player the footballing world is talking about now has to be said at
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a global level asian football does struggle to punch its way to the twenty fourteen world cup no asian teams made it beyond the group stage and last year in russia only japan made it through to the last sixteen but there are many reasons to feel optimistic about what is happening with this hats are taking the last fifteen years a huge amount of work has gone into developing young players at the national academy here at the aspire academy and now we're seeing there is home grown players finally performing at senior level be historical joe i think hats off the national scene resembled the united nations of football can now largely be put to bed the next big test of these players is going to the copper america in brazil in june where the group's alongside argentina colombia paraguayan of a huge test of their footballing credentials but their success is real and it's a huge boost as well as the organizers of the twenty twenty two world cup desperate to move the focus away from sports politics and backgrounds what's actually
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happening on the football page the west indies fast bowlers have led the team to a first cricket test series defeat of england into in years jason hold it with forward seem to be a spectacular dismissal of jonny bairstow similarly destructive force key more roach crashed a one hundred thirty two all out in their second innings in antigua roche the player of the match with eight wickets all up the windies easily getting the forty runs needed for a ten week when they were up to nil in the series with one more would taste to come . a little bit more rock solid in their cricketers or england's rugby stars they've defeated the reigning champions ireland thirty two twenty in the six nations center henry slade schooling too late tries it was england's first victory in dublin for six years ending arlen's fourteen game winning run that. a sports team love the story it's like the luge but on your feet it's called crash the ice an
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extreme school that involves skating in an urban environment on a track that includes. people drops of course behind the event the canadian main one in finland the u.s. for the women. that's all the sport more coming up again later we'll see you later thank you for that update thanks for watching the news. right here on al-jazeera. faced with growing financial burdens have to separate money for student loan this chase credit card leads me. i don't have a husband left me a pension my future scares me because i don't want to struggle as the dream of retirement fades away.
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on al-jazeera.
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every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. yemen's warring sides hold talks to try to salvage a fragile ceasefire and a strategic port city.
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you're watching all just zero life from headquarters and i'm dating up against all . so ahead israel begins construction on a new gaza barrier the prime minister says it's designed to keep out what he calls terrorists. venezuela's president nicolas maduro proposes parliamentary elections as rival protesters call for him to leave and to stay. we meet the families being failed by romania's crumbling health system the government hasn't built a new pulse what's all in three decades. hello yemen's warring sides are holding talks aboard a boat on the red sea in the red sea right now they're trying to save the whole day the truce that meeting between the so the u.a.e. backed government and hold the rebels is being chaired by the un's outgoing monitor retired general patrick the sides are discussing how to implement
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a peace agreement reached in sweden last year it calls for a withdrawal of forces from the data home of a crucial sea port city. correspondent has some out about a joining us here in the studio he's covered yemen extensively so what are you hearing about the talks taking place right now the third attempt. still underway but we're seeing some. both of these of the government trading accusations about how to sort all this whole dispute about the. saying that. a target because of the city of data. which they consider to be a sign that the government and the saudi u.a.e. coalition are not genuine about any political settlement or same time the government is saying that this meeting is about one crucial point which is the whole thesis must implement the deal that was signed in sweden in december the course for the earth is to pull out from the data and hand over control of the city to the government and this is the biggest difference between all the parties and
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this is what the u.n. needs to solve yeah because that was one of the sticking points. that the pullback of forces from the port city so is there any way that they can find momentum on this issue it doesn't seem to be the case because there are different ideas floated by all the parties first of all they would like to start deploying united nations monitors on the ground to starting from today hopefully to continue what they started a few a few weeks ago after that they're looking to different alternatives like the u.n. to control the whole area the who things are still of the view that the other ones who are legitimate the only allow for local authorities of her data to take over the dismissal the whole idea of the government taking over. but the government is insisting this is an issue of legitimity legitimacy and national sovereignty but they are not the ones who have the upper hand that's part of the northern was the country is under the hertha control of the whole these are not willing to surrender
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part of the agreement as well that was written stockholm did include the opening up of humanitarian corridors much needed for the civilian population of data where we are not well i think the thing here is for the hope is for example to allow for that to take place they are looking for concessions like for example they have been saying that we would they would like also to open the international airport of sana something that has been rejected by the government saying that they will only allow for flights from sana but they have to have a layover in some places under the control of the government like in iten the problem with this particular settlement is political of the same time it's more now about who is the legitimate authority the government is saying that we are the only sole legitimate authority recognized by the international community the healthy say with the we are the defacto political establishment of the country because we are the ones who in two thousand and fourteen made the difference and i think martin griffiths faces the same problem to his predecessors face which is let's start with
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one point and then build confidence building measures that does not seem to be working as we speak of just watching the healthy media saying that griffith has failed and that patrick has also failed an indication that there's a growing tension now in yemen ok has some how about a thank you. well pope francis is appealing for an end to the war in yemen that's ahead of his historic three day visit to the united arab emirates addressing a crowd in the vatican the head of the roman catholic church urged to urge those involved in the conflict to respect the cease fire. and he later boarded a flight to abu dhabi that's where he'll be meeting with the crown prince and dignitaries this is the first time a pope has visited the arabian peninsula earlier human rights watch released an open letter to pope francis saying he should use his visits to press the u.a.e. is government to end violations in yemen part of it reads the u.a.e.
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plays a prominent role in the saudi led coalition's military operations in yemen since march twenty fifth the coalition has indiscriminately bombed homes markets and schools impeded the livery of humanitarian aid and used widely banned cluster munitions human rights watch has documented nearly ninety apparently unlawful coalition attacks some of them likely war crimes the signing of a peace deal that would end six years of fighting in the central african republic has been postponed the deal between fourteen armed groups and the government was expected to be signed within hours government leaders reach an agreement with fourteen armed groups after a week of talks in suits on backed by the united nations and the african union the fighting there has killed thousands of people israel has begun building a new barrier along its border with gaza when finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's
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designed to stop what he described as terrorists from crossing into israel palestinians often cut the wire fence which currently separates israel and gaza. over the weekend we began building the above ground barrier along the gaza border the barrier will prevent terrorists from gases from penetrating into our territory on the ground i would also like to make it clear if the quiet does not mean taint in gaza we will make decisions even in the election period and will not hesitate to act harry fossa joining us from last jerusalem harry you know dolls are is already fenced in from all sides from egypt as well as from israel what do we know about this new barrier that's being built. well it's certainly going to be a lot more substantial than what is currently in place as you say the current wire substantial wire barrier but it is one that people from gaza can. but
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penetrate using cable cutters and the like although obviously extremely risky thing to do given how militarized the border remains what israel is doing is as you say upgrading that as far as israel is concerned to the same kind of fencing they have along the border with egypt which was put in place in the early twenty tends to prevent african migrants coming through that border is also similar to the new fence alongside the new runway at the recently opened airport near elat in southern israel so it's it's a galvanized steel construction some six meters high and it will run the entire length of the border from the egyptian border or the way up to the mediterranean sea in the north where work on a sea barrier is also nearing completion it's going to run along the same course as the underground barrier that's designed to prevent tunneling from gaza into israeli territory that is still under way as well and as you heard from the prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu he's saying that this is part of a wider strategy to try to to quell what he calls the ingress of terrorists from gaza there were five people who got through the border and were arrested earlier today sunday but or sets of a lot of people to try to get through just to find work in israel so it's not all. quite along the same terms that is being expressed by the prime minister the other thing is that he said there though was warning even during the selection period lections due on the ninth of april that israel stood ready to act that seems to coincide with the reports we heard over the weekend that israel had issued a very clear warning to hamas which controls the gaza strip that it would consider and indeed carry out military action even in the pre-election period and you were just in gaza harry that says protests there continue along the barrier fence ten months on. that's right and the situation there
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remains extremely delicate and and dangerous really even though these protests have been going on for so long there is knows immediate sign that they are likely to to be quelled by the the threats coming from israel of a potential increase in military action or from the efforts that have been going on by the qataris who have been putting in fifty million dollars a month to try to pay hamas salaries and also the egyptians who are it's understood using the border crossing at russia to try to encourage hamas to restrain these protests the head the political head of hamas is no one here has just arrived in cairo for more talks with the egyptians on that front and we just saw last month the the way that this could be escalated there was
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a shooting that has been claimed by islamic jihad of an israeli soldier the bullet struck his helmet after he himself had fired some rounds towards the protesters on the border he was moderately injured but his helmet did save his life that led to an exchange of those tank fire from the israeli side hitting a hamas border post palestinians killed in that and so any kind of. escalation is always possible as these border protests continue and the united nations has made clear just how costly they have been in palestinian lives during their ten month run just a few days ago with a report showing that two hundred ninety five palestinians have been killed six thousand injured by live fire in all twenty nine thousand palestinians wounded during the course of these protests which began at the end of march last year all right terry foster thank you. now a developing story regarding venezuela and the us president donald trump has told
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a u.s. media network that sending american military to qatar is an option trump also says he has turned down a request for a meeting well my dear oh is proposing early parliamentary elections that's as pressure grows on him to resign but the opposition leader. as a ploy by men to stay in power and instead wants a presidential election or latin america editor of the c.n.n. reports from caracas. it looked and sounded like a carnival. but as far as the eye could see answer an opposition leader call to increase pressure to force president nicolas maduro out. anyone else any other alternative is better than this government they've been in power for twenty years and done nothing but starve us. after years of frustrated attempts they feel changes in the. now they have.


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