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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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who himself had been firing rounds into the protesters and that israeli soldier was struck in the helmets his helmets prevented him being killed prevented him even having any significant injury but how that bullet been placed just a few centimeters elsewhere he may well have been killed and the reaction which we saw from israel which was an israeli tank which fired and destroyed a hamas god post killing one thomaston in an auction may well have been much bigger than that and so we could have seen another real threats to an escalation towards a major military conflict once again and that is on top of the situation which as you say we've seen for the last ten months according to a recent u.n. report two hundred ninety five palestinians killed six thousand injured by live fire twenty nine thousand injured in all thank you for that harry faucet live for us in west jerusalem and all the days of course on the protests along the israel gaza border on the gaza spotlight page at al-jazeera dot com all the latest news on
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the al-jazeera dot com. now on to the crisis in venezuela and france has given president nicolas maduro until sunday to call new elections or it says zero recognize opposition to one guy do as venezuela's new president quite already has the backing of eighteen countries including the u.s. u.k. and ten latin american countries russia and china meanwhile support madore and his government mass protests have been held for and against both elitists that speak to latin america to see a new man in caracas so more international pressure. on nicolas maduro how is that impacting the crisis in venezuela. sali it's going to be a few hours from now that the government is supposed to give its answer to the european union or as you just mentioned they will recognize one why though as the interim president but my little has already said he rejects what he calls this
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blackmail this imposition by the european union and then his answer is no instead what he has suggested is that they bring forward elections for a new national assembly which as you may know is already controlled by the opposition that proposal has been rejected outright by opponents of say that it's a joke because first of all the government doesn't recognize the power anymore of the national assembly at least as long as it's controlled by the opposition so we're back to square one again here there were huge marches there was a huge opposition march to the offices of the european union on saturday hundreds of thousands of people there to try to encourage the e.u. not to recognize president nico last my little that deadline again is going to be up at midnight local time and we think we know which way it's going to go we saw huge protests as you say on saturday in caracas and elsewhere both for and against
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maduro you know i'm curious to know who has the upper hand right now who has the momentum on their side or is it really difficult to tell. i don't think it's very difficult to tell the momentum right now is clearly on the part of the opposition at least in terms of being able to mobilize huge amounts of people on the street the opposition seems to feel that it's already or that it's almost reaching victory that it's about to unseat president with the help of the international community it's becoming more and more difficult for my little to bring out enormous crowds as of the time east as they're called especially under president job as we're able to do in previous years but remember president a little still has until now the support of the armed forces and that's going to be key who has the force here who has the power right now it's in the hands of my little thank you for that lucien newman the latin america editor in caracas for says bring in our social media producer now for him mohammed what are people saying about the protests in venezuela both for and against mentor well funny the
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conversation is just as divided online anti-government protests have happened nationwide invent as well as we've already said one guy to address a huge crowd with his wife by his side the opposition leader has international backing for declaring he is venezuela's interim leader and he's actually demonstrators to back him in demanding the end of what he calls nicolas maduro his dictatorship at the same time proma doura supporters were on the streets west of the capital caracas they celebrated the twentieth anniversary of social city to hugo chavez becoming president and there was debate online about how western media gave less attention to sunday's. march oh my door has repeatedly blamed the u.s. for planning a coup to topple him and some agree this demo in australia is campaigning under the banner hands off venezuela and another group in serbia protested against u.s. sanctions in support of the mature government. now while the u.s.
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and other countries that can support for the opposition leader some online argue the western narrative is dominating the story and u.s. democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard says the trunk campaigned against regime change was when he ran for president but now bows to the wishes of neo cons around him doing what he said he opposed and activists ali abunimah says the guardian newspaper is fully on board with donald trump's regime change scheme in venezuela referring to this article he says it plays up rallies by the us backed opposition and buries news of enormous rallies then you have journalists jake henry one who says there are two sides to this those in the west out for us intervention versus hard line communists cheering on a maniac who counts a tele terry and dictators as his allies meanwhile there is us aid who is mobilizing humanitarian assistance to the people in venezuela and we're seeing images like this one being shot on twitter showing crates of food supplies of
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malnourished for malnourished children but it's right now unclear how they will be transporting these materials well if you are currently in venezuela to get in touch with us tweet us use the hash tag aging is great and if you're confused or in doubt about what's been happening in venezuela is a simple guide to understand the current crisis at al-jazeera dot com you'll find a timeline of events to help you understand how we got to this point in venezuela now the u.s. president meanwhile has said sending military to venezuela is still an option present trump was speaking to the american network c.b.s. in a wide ranging interview he also talked about keeping troops in iraq to court watch iran christen salome has been watching that interview for especially she's followed the transcript she read the transcript of the interview tell us more about what he said first on venezuela kristen. well on venezuela the president is reiterating what his cabinet officials have been saying that all options are on the
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table when it comes to dealing with the country he wouldn't specify what would justify military intervention when pressed by the reporter on c.b.s. his face the nation in this wide ranging interview he did say that he would not meet with nicolas maduro he had been asked to have a meeting he had refused that some months ago and he said but basically at this point the united states is too far along in the process i think the message here is very clear the united states feels there is nothing to negotiate certainly president trump feels there is nothing to negotiate nothing that nicolas maduro will say would change the calculus people are suffering in venezuela it's destabilizing region of the world that's in the united states backyard in the united states wants regime change they've made that very clear in their support of the opposition leader won so no backing down from the president but not a lot new here just that they're willing to use any option to get what they want and he also talked about the future of u.s.
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troops in afghanistan and iraq anything new there. well as you mentioned he talked about using the space in iraq to basically keep an eye on iran he said you know the united states and spent a fortune on this base in iraq he was defending his decision to pull troops out of syria the two thousand american troops that are there which has been widely criticized by members of his own party it's raised concerns among european out among allies in the region. so he was being pressed about the possibility of a resurgent in the region and he said that this one base in iraq would be sufficient to keep an eye on the situation throughout the middle east he said it was necessary to to do so to keep that presence there but that one base would be fine he didn't give a timetable for withdrawing troops from syria but he returned to a familiar bogeyman iran talking about the need to keep an eye on that country
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again. contradicting his own intelligence officials who have said that the situation with iran is relatively stable that the iranians have been keeping to the terms of that nuclear deal which the united states withdrew from so more defiance from the president in these areas and regarding venezuela and the middle east as well thank you for that christensen for us in washington d.c. now president trumps interview comes on the day when americans will be glued to their t.v. screens to watch the biggest sporting event in the u.s. the super bowl and it's not just about the game between the patriots and rams but also the prime time t.v. ads the washington post is showing its first ever super bowl ad and it will show several journalists affiliated with the newspaper who are missing or have been made and they include the sound. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul last october and
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the death of marie colvin seven years ago will also be highlighted the american will court. spawn and was killed by syrian forces in homes while reporting for the sunday times newspaper. and is back a lot of talk about the ads of course during the super bowl and that's right fully fact every year companies spend millions of dollars on ads watch by super bowl view is across the united states and most of them are used to convey powerful messages this time the washington post seeks to do just that with write scripts showing their support such as the committee to protect journalists amnesty international and also human rights watch and they flew a banner on the eve of the super bowl over the stadium in atlanta using the hash tag justice for jamal and that's before a planned media conference outside the white house later this week the day before the top administration is due to deliver a report. to the u.s.
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senate and in previous years other companies have built a reputation for themselves over their super bowl ads such. coca-cola commercial and twenty seventeen was a rerun from the ad five years ago where an american anthem is sung in several languages including spanish tagalong and hindi to show diversity in the u.s. some question whether the message from coke was political because it was born after president trump announced a travel ban on may in the muslim majority countries and also two years ago a pennsylvania based building material supplier spent over fifteen million dollars on an ad that showed the migrant journey of a mother and daughter to the u.s. but the ending of the ad wasn't was an ad during the super bowl half time this was instead because the company posted the full version on its website because some thought it was about border war with mexico and was considered too controversial.
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we've also seen some reaction on twitter to these civil as it will be expecting in a few hours time melissa says that she loves the topic of coca cola's upcoming ad which like previous this is set to focus on diversity and inclusion and finally nihad says who she's very excited actually to see the washington post commercial she's using the hash tag john is and is not a crime back to funny i want to pick this up now with patrick three shoes the director of the sports business program at washington university in st louis and founder of the consulting firm sports impacts he is live from st louis very good to have you on the news great patrick the super bowl ads worth the price tag. well that's a great question and really whichever of this year we have five point two five million dollars being spent for a thirty second ad you know a lot of companies will get into this because they like the visibility and exposure you're going to have one hundred million people viewing the super bowl but beyond
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that you have this extra lifetime of these ads are able to generate these days because people are watching vs before the game and of course after the game on you tube and other avenues so at the end of the day i will say that the theme the direction that these ads have gone in the last several years and more so going forward when you're trying to reach millennial engines e the message has to be culturally relevant it's the the washington post is for the first time airing a commercial during the super bowl and basically they're buying access for a global conversation you talked about the message there is is something though that the ad that the washington post is going to run will it resonate with the american public with the millennial. well it's certainly going to be impactful emotionally and when you talk about messaging you have to hit the heart one way or the other whether it's through humor whether it's through emotion whether it's through tenderness whatever the emotion is so that is something that i have an
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expectation is really going to resonate with with yours but how can the effectiveness of such a campaign and others like this one how can it be measured bill well that's a great question i mean there's a lot of different ways that you try to measure the value of this the easiest way to try to do it is try to see the impact on sales of a product that's a little bit trickier to do just because there are so many things that take place at a given time in the economy that will influence the increases or didn't decrease of a product sales so there are those but the other thing that's interesting is that with technology it's a lot easier to track you know social media hits the number of you tube views the number of increases in twitter follows so there's a lot of different ways that you can try to capture what is the at least impact on impressions that these commercials have you talked about earlier the themes and you know the themes that appeal to the millennial generation what are those themes
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precisely today the social the social themes that people are interested in when they watch these ads. well i think that generally speaking millennial is an gens ears they just don't want to feel like they're being sold something they want to feel that the company cares about them or cares about things that they're care about so for example in ours or bush which is going to be the biggest spender this year in super bowl fifty three they've got an ad where they're going to have wind turbines that are showing that and his or bush is concerned about you know clean energy generation that's something that. in particular care about so that's the kind of messaging that you know companies realize we can't just it's not just about putting signage on a stadium wall these days it's about really connecting and winning the heart of your consumers and especially you want to go after the millennium because these are youngsters that are going to be sports fans hopefully for a long time so you get them while they're young and hopefully you'll build their
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brand and build their their loyalty over time very interesting stuff to you about this thank you so much for joining us on the news great patrick from st louis in missouri thank you for your time as you're watching us on facebook live we have a story about a museum in sarajevo dedicated to syrian children children refugees and still ahead on the great changing his story how a u.s. governor at the heart of a racism controversy is trying to save his political career. hello there we've got plenty of snow in the store for afghanistan over the next few days here's the satellite picture and it shows a swirling mass of cloud here as this one is making its way across parts of iran is giving some of us some heavy rain and then as it works its way northward it's going to get increasingly wintery as it makes its way over parts of afghanistan so lots
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of snow here on monday and for tuesday as well and that's good news because many of us here are in a drought towards the west generally quite quiet and fairly cool for us on choose day a maximum temperature in baghdad of twenty degrees here in doha it's been pretty hot over the past few days but things have changed thanks to this area of cloud here for some rain and it's also brought rain to the u.s. as well the whole system is slipping away towards the south and behind it it is a lot cooler so the winds are firing down from the northwest bringing in cooler air a maximum temperatures for us then just twenty two as we head through monday and tuesday and during the evening and overnight you'll notice it is feeling a good deal cooler too as we head down towards the southern parts of africa lots of showers here in the northern parts of our map as you would expect we've also got some in the eastern parts of south africa this is giving some of the some heavy rain a lot of rumbles of thunder as well and it's working its way eastwards durban is looking what for monday.
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in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on algiers. right out of a mosque or examining the headline which again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the u.s. news of the setting the discussions what makes them different as far as your kids sharing cassano stories with a global audience nobody feel safe exploring abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching
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on al-jazeera. to. to . ban on al-jazeera and the stories trending at al-jazeera
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dot com at number one president trump in an interview with c.b.s. saying that the u.s. is not ruling out a military intervention in venezuela also trending the u.n. official agnes column are beginning drafting a report on the matter of the u.n. investigator on torture has been in turkey this week investigating the murder of the saudi journalist and she's expected to release a draft report very soon all those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. it's always a good to hear from you on the news great connect with us on this and many of the stories that we're covering on all of our online platforms on twitter just use a hash tag and use great a handle is at a.j. english also on facebook of course facebook dot com al-jazeera or you can also send us a message on what's up or telegram plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. now the last four child refugees held in an australian run detention center
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on the pacific island of now rule are being resettled in the us they'll go with their families under a deal struck with the administration of former president barack obama australia's government says it won't send any more children to now will suffering has been a major criticism of the government's hardline policy to send asylum seekers who attempt to reach australia by boat to what is effectively an off shore present camp of the past five months we have been working quietly and methodically to term the children from the room today there are only four children on the roof and i will shortly resettle permanently in the united states our government has got the children off you know roo david mayne is executive director of the refugee and immigration legal center he says the resettle children will need counselling to manage the trauma they have suffered in detention medical experts who have they now
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to carsley examine the health of the health and the impact of these these policies on children ever overwhelmingly reported very very significant levels of depression of anxiety you know and other very serious very serious men who conditions the trauma the suffering has been very great and a lot of the prognosis really for for the suffering and the long term to be lasting in many times that there is the damage to have a very profound and lasting effects on children so we can only heart that are now being resettled society that these children can be given help then a good counseling and aid and to be able to rebuild their lives after such trauma. in syria state media says u.s. led coalition airstrikes have targeted syrian army positions d. at the border with iraq it happened the an area controlled by i saw in that
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endeavor is or province to syrian soldiers where reportedly enjoy it now the conflict in syria has killed and maimed thousands of people the demand for artificial limbs is constantly on the rise a spider in fighting in most parts of the country people have lost alms legs or both especially during the bombardment of opposition held areas many of them are children one off from osama bin job on the turkey syria border. says that had said that. when i think about what happened she says i cried this is eight year old child. like millions of other syrian children she struggles with the painful memories of how she lost her leg and her brother. we first met her three years ago when she got her first breast leg she started school since then and made new friends but now she tells us she gets bullied as
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well for having an artificial leg and for being a foreigner as she grows older the artificial limb needs to be replaced with a bigger one this is also true for other patients whose bodies outgrow their prosthetics. sometimes my classmates just leave me alone other times the children can call me things like hey you with the leg keep walking like this so what young child has been telling me is that she wants to go to germany her father tells me that their case has been pending with the authorities for the last three years now that the situation in syria is karma the cases at this center continue to pile up in twenty sixteen they had three hundred people who required prosthetic limbs now that list has grown to two thousand but with more restrictions on who can cross the border into turkey they've opened a smaller workshop inside syria which has its own set of challenges because after eight years of war find qualified technicians difficult it costs somewhere between three to one thousand dollars to make
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a prosthetic limb costs depend on injury and whether it's a hand or a complete a foot or a leg. man to head the war is still happening patients who require limbs are chronic and with time they need more care many of these cases appear after the fighting has finished people need to continue their lives regardless of their disability with rising inflation and willing help it's difficult to keep producing high quality prosthetics every time the exchange rate in turkey changes it means fewer limbs can be manufactured but for children like donor fatigue rising prices and border problems don't mean much all she dreams of is to overcome what hinders her from being treated like all the other children in her school. job it out of the or does the on through. now back to the us and the governor of the state of virginia has changed his story about a controversial story which has caused a major scandal twenty four hours after ralph northam apologized for being in the
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photo which shows a person in black face and the other wearing a cuckoo robe the democrat from virginia says it's not him the photo was taken in one thousand nine hundred four and has provoked increasing calls for his resignation my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of all the mistakes i made in the same period of my life that same year i did participate in a dance kind in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson costume i look back now and regret that i did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that is because my memory of that episode is so vivid that i truly do not believe i'm in the picture in my yearbook bishop garrison is the interim executive director of the truman national security project
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and the two men center for national policy explains how the case affected him personally. as a resident as someone who has worked in virginia politics since two thousand and twelve as the great great great grandson the cendant of slaves myself this was something that really touched me deeply emotionally this press conference was absolutely terrible i join in the many voices the chorus of voices at this point that have called for the resignation of the governor i think it's important for virginians and to be quite honest for a part of this country to move forward and to heal we need the leadership of someone like justin fairfax a lieutenant governor to take us to that to that next level i believe that in his heart he believes he's doing the right thing governor ralph northam and as i said i was a supporter of his during the primary and during the general as well i believe in
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him as a leader and i believe in his very heart of hearts he's a good person but you cannot build a coalition of support and you cannot properly represent all those within your constituency when you have this type of history that you haven't acknowledged for the past thirty five years in further to for him to believe or espouse that somehow being in black face is michael jackson was different from being in black face and potentially in those photos is just absolutely absurd. out of the philippines and a member of an armed group suspected of carrying out last week's bombings in the south has spoken exclusively to zero. responsibility for the cathedral attack which killed more than twenty people but the military says it was the work of a small a group called john a john i mean and again reports on the island of hokkaido where the bombing happened. because. he got in a car nearby but defiant he claims he doesn't have
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a name just like the more than twenty other members of the a junk jungle group in sulu province on the island of mindanao. just. we want to kill christians this is our gold we don't want them and even if we've blown to pieces that is the best way to get the better days are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because that estimate that was given to us by the arabs you know mom it says we must get rid the priest chance the agenda john is an offshoot of the armed group i would say you have which has been operating in the area for decades i so claimed responsibility for the bombings at a cathedral in law a week ago but the military dismissed that and blamed john for the attacks the group was originally called lucky nine when it was formed in two thousand and nine by children and orphans of abu so your fighters later on the group renamed itself i
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junk a junk which means lost command. and there's ten million passes from kidnapping we keep the two million for our group we also extort money from rich families if they don't give it to us even if they are muslims we kill them too . it's a rhetoric that shocks many here despite previous attacks on places of worship the mindanao region was never sharply divided by religion days after the cathedral bombs there was another attack in a place of worship this time a mosque in some born the city it happened at midnight eleven people were asleep here when a grenade was thrown inside it killed people instantly this is a second attack in a place of worship within just a matter of days and according to the philippine government it seems as though
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there are efforts to cause the divisions between the different religions but people here reject at the. say they will never let that happen muslims here tell us they are hurt and differing with. christians and muslims are more than just neighbors here we enter marry we all grew up together we all love one another. there is concern here that last week's bombings will be the last the but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers offer some hope love the city is stronger than violence similarly in dog an al-jazeera holo sulu southern philippines can maybe peace in the southern philippines laura caught explored with her guests this issue on inside story if these attacks have derailed the peace process whether or not this will affect the country and the rest of it in fact it's on al-jazeera dot
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com inside story as take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour on al-jazeera the japanese carmaker nissan has kraft's plans to build this new s.u.v. in northern england the next generation x. trail is said to be built by seven thousand workers at the company's factory near sunderland but after nissan warned that bracks of uncertainty was making it difficult to plan future investments the new vehicle will now be made in japan paul brennan has this update in a lot from london. now this announcement from the sun we think was due to come out on monday but because of leaks in the media it's been rushed out and a letter has been issued by. ficci now he doesn't specifically say that bracks it is this is the actual reason he says there are wider issues in the car industry at the moment they're having to invest a lot in to deal with new emissions rules that have sweep that have swept across
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europe but he says that the uncertainty over the way bracks it is going to pan out has certainly weighed on the minds of the decision to the company's decision to make investments in the north of england now the extra oil was due to be made both in japan and the north of england what they're going to do is consolidate production just in japan he also says though that shouldn't be an impact on jobs at that massive plant in some of the land at least not in the short term because the other models that are made today for example the very successful eco model called the leaf that will still continue to be made in the in the hundreds of thousands of units at sunderland paul brennan in london there politicians in egypt are planning to push for major changes to the constitution including the creation of a second chamber of parliament and the appointment of one or more deputy presidents their requests follows some citizens demanding changes to presidential term limits omar sure is associate professor of security studies and middle east politics at
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the doe hinds yet for graduate studies he says the propose amendments are aimed at increasing the number of terms a president can run for office. the now the local media is focusing on the idea that eighty years are not enough and they're not enough to deal with the economic political or security challenges of egypt face and therefore the current president needs more time to fix the political economic and security challenges if you look at the actual what happened between twenty four thousand to now it's a t.v. nation on multiple levels with economic political and security or human rights values it doesn't really matter to the constitution is violated on an hourly basis not on daily bases in terms of the human rights situation in terms of even you know some changes within the regime you know the you need the approval of the supreme council of the armed forces for example to sack the minister of defense the president sect the minister of defense without the approval of the supreme council of the parliament is composed of loyalists basically outbidding each other the
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elections were not free and fair and you have a parliament in many ways it's a done deal in a sense that no one will pause in the parliament that kind of amendment and there's no no one is even voicing any concerns or any sort of opposition so that on one end the other thing is the parliament is going to to actually vote or amend the articles that empowers the parliament so article one four seven and article one four six both of them say that the president cannot sack the prime minister or the government without the approval of the majority of the parliament i think these two articles will be probably amended so that the president has a complete try to remove the government and the prime minister without the approval of the parliament. algeria is ailing eighty two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition has named abdul aziz bouteflika as its candidate for a false vote but the leader has yet to officially confirm if he'll run for a fifth term put if he has been in power since one thousand nine hundred ninety was
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partially paralyzed from a stroke six years ago and is rarely seen in public now for people living on the pacific island of anwar to extreme weather conditions are becoming part of daily life they're being forced to spend more money not just to protect themselves but also to keep businesses afloat the government is not exploring the possibility of legal action against big polluters thousands of kilometers away andrew thomas has a story. warming seeds have killed the fish which used to be plentiful around about a while too so people are building bombs in la instead it is very frustrating because the build one fish farm is around fifteen thousand u.s. dollars on who to operate the program over there break the farm for one year with course that are on the same amount the other costs of climate change here more frequent and intense like claims mean cleanup and repair bills with
12:37 am
a geisha an improper ration for disasters and rising sea levels also have big costs and i want to use own contribution to global climate change is small even so it's doing all the time to reduce it further there are a solar farms and coconut plantations the trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow the coconuts themselves a harvest it and squeezed for that oil it's a biofuel replacement the diesel they get power generators to make electricity one coconut will give you one liter of oil and with what we've got you know it's often aware of for t.v. program definitely for one coconut but if you cannot power televisions will make little difference to the global climate but i want to use government believes the world's big polluters should compensate it for the damage that climate change does here and that if they won't voluntarily through treaties and agreements and they'll
12:38 am
try to force them to through the threats of legal action the government is considering how best to sue big policing countries and fossil fuel companies so at this stage we're investigating the options doing a background work we're working with a number of lawyers in different parts of the world who are also looking at our evidence based that we're going to need to prove in court that would be hard. suing a company needs to happen in the company's national court giving them the home advantage taking legal action against the country means going to the international court of justice it only considers cases where the country being sued agrees to the case being heard but there is another avenue here that you can take and that is to ask the i.c.j. for an advisory opinion and that isn't legally binding but it does set the direction and it gives the world a sense of exactly how the i.c.j.
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sees the legal issues that i want to sleep as hope the possibility that countries or companies might have to pay compensation one day will increase their potential financial liabilities now scaring off investors and less that i got action to minimize those risks so those legal action is the threats vanuatu would rather settle out of court andrew thomas al jazeera. coming up for our face for viewers we have a story for you about a law in the u.s. that seeks to stop a crimes against native americans and he is just ahead with the countdown to one of sports great spectacles. why the anti brady bunch are out in force for the super bowl. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and now england. can guide us.
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a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. i am. i am.
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i don't even talk about sports he is here example i know insolvent tom brady who's not talking about tom brady a few of them are not with the biggest spectacle and americans for it's now less than twelve hours away but before the super bowl in atlanta starts it's tradition for the top coaches and players to be recognized at the n.f.l. honors awards show hash tag n.f.l. honored is one of the top trends in the country at the moment the top spot went to kansas city chiefs with their quarterback pitcher patrick my home's winning the most valuable player award at just twenty three he's the youngest m.v.p. since dan marino in one thousand nine hundred four he scored fifty touchdowns in the season alone and coach of the year went to the chicago bears maggie of course the top conversation though we'll switch to trending about the super bowl very soon
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as we expect as the new england patriots take on the los angeles rams there already seems to be a theme in this though many fans have simply just had enough of the patriots success. while they all hope to there of quarterback brady and coach bill belichick is something special they formed what's known as the patriot dynasty since they joined forces in two thousand new england have appeared and nine super bowls one in five of them expectations are quite high. you don't see all the border cars or three villages here just let us enjoy a couple more here then we'll go away like a like a bad twenty year old. i think people hate the patriots because jealousy when a dynasty is not your own it's hard to root for him i root for him. here so we have
12:43 am
a mixed really strong we want to see great britain record your history super bowl with the same time with all the rams go on to the gym it was a good rest of the young someone unknown just had a pretty good i'm all for more for granted but i think more so it's very. easy to get you like i can't i can't be i can't be anything. they're just good if you don't like the kid but maybe just no one. this time priest first year if it's a passing it or. not they thought they could afford him he's been there for a while that's going to be five or six years of the rent. having the falcons that sat on me and like. and they everything else doesn't make any. i hate you. tell us what you really think well let's meet some more neutral fans who just can't really get enough of the n.f.l.'s biggest game of the season don
12:44 am
crisman tommy henschel and gregory eaton have attended every single super bowl since one nine hundred sixty seven back then they got it for twelve dollars a ticket their tickets this time two thousand dollars. sometimes like for you will review your run of the primos say you know you can just go to me one that i've really got i've already been that all of them it's kind of unfair but here are your . i don't know we just love the game and we got addicted to it. then of course there are the side shows this year one of them is actually you saying bolt the fastest man in the world equal in the n.f.l. record for the quickest forty yard dash he did it in four point two two seconds after retiring from athletics the sprint team's been trying out so far but maybe a time olympic gold medalists more suited for american football now other sporting stars have been put through their paces in australia's biggest city sydney a replica n.f.l. field's been set up at sydney harbor seattle seahawks punter michael dickson who's
12:45 am
australian is behind the cross codes challenge which includes ozzy rules player josh jenkins and rugby star bernard foley. i mean it's a nice day out here on the hot you know nice people bill set up super bowl buddy you know as a kid and i feel like you get a little bit of stuff we can. cross over and get information sharing may so it's been good to make him and also you know it's great to see you as he's doing big things on the global stage don't really want to see either of them win unfortunately but i just want to say good game. that's all i really care about i really am not really going for anyone actually going to go with the young dogs want to see someone you know we don't be in it so i'm going to go with the rams. well we love this next story it's like the loser but on your feet if you can imagine it's called crashed ice and extreme sporting event that involves downhill skating on a track with steep turns and high vertical slopes the canadian men one this event and then one in the women's race the u.s. came out. well i'll be back with more sport rather peter sem it
12:46 am
will not myself i'm going home but if you want to tweet me you cannot leave a hard a.j. e but for now a hint of x. folly thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great member to keep in touch with us on social media at all times a.j. great for me for me back to one whole news great team here in doha thank you very much for watching we are live from our london news center next here in london but. on counting the cost this week we're focusing on venezuela where people are
12:47 am
scavenging for food as a political crisis unfolds how the game of oil is influencing events on the ground plus how predators are playing a role and why there are reports of rampant money long. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's a double digit climb to one of the holiest sites in due time tiger's next bold astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow be times exam. but how do you measure it. it's a nice happiness but when should it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. again i stand as the geology both at home resources and hydrocarbons why are they so poor
12:48 am
that most of you guys would finally form a government that we may have the toxic land a century now where the more we lead police down the more they push back we knew it was coming the question was do we sit back and wait for do we surprised them with a preemptive strike. on just. now. with a ceasefire and had data on the brink of collapse yemen's warring sides go back to the negotiating table.
12:49 am
hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up venezuela's crisis is likely to deepen as nicolas maduro looks set to ignore a european deadline for the new elections. israel starts construction on a new six meter high barrier along its border with gaza also. been appalled what's going to become part of a push in the goal of nation of ottawa to. meet its because we're no longer enough fish in the sea because of climate change all the exploited you are going to go to your government is planning on taking legal action against countries to help with this. welcome to the program our top story yemen's warring sides have been holding talks aboard a boat in the red sea in an attempt to save the fragile who date a cease fire the meeting between the saudi u.a.e.
12:50 am
backed government and who's the rebels was chaired by the un's outgoing monitor retired general patrick kalimat the two sides were meant to withdraw their forces from her data last month but so far have failed to do so no agreement has been reached on who should control the city and ports meanwhile pope francis has been appealing to an end to the war in yemen the catholic leader is currently on his way to the united arab emirates one of the leading coalition partners fighting in yemen civil war this is the first time a pope has visited the arabian peninsula before he left he addressed a crowd in the vatican urging the parties to the conflict to implement a truce and help deliver essential aid to millions of people. who puts you. with great concern in full in the humanitarian crisis in yemen the population is exhausted by the long conflict and many children are suffering from hunger there's no access to food stalls brothers and sisters the cries of these children and their
12:51 am
parents rise up before god. of more of what can be achieved by the thought let's speak to who is in our doha studio and hashem we know that most contentious part of the stock in agreement in december was the redeployment of forces in and around the city of data are we likely to get any progress on this issue very little chances here. about break the impasse as far as the deal on redeployment is concerned for a simple reason the earth is being saying that they will only hand over. the city to local authority is in her data something which is dismissed by the government who says it's the only legitimate authority to take over her data the reason being is that her data is a focal point i was in the fight for the future of yemen if the whole thing is surround or put out is going to be considered as
12:52 am
a defeat which is going to be the way for the government forces to advance to words the cup itself this explains why both parties are entrenched as we speak. now also hashim we that the humanitarian situation continues to get worse and the warnings have been sounded continually by the united nations and all the bodies the saudi u.a.e. coalition has hinted at further military action on the port of data is this is this something that people fair might happen. people are very much concerned about the potential for a major military offensive by this saudi u.a.e. coalition against the who thiis in the data they've been saying that if the if that if the deal collapses there will be no other option but to move forward with that campaign that they started months ago and they say that they are determined to
12:53 am
continue the bush take over her data and advance to words the capital sana'a and people are concerned because of the fighting flares up in that particular area by the way as we speak this fighting in different parts of the country in how they are scores of the city of her data there are scores of sort and also in there which is the stronghold of the healthy movement and people are concerned because of the deal collapses in her data it will destroy disrupt the flow of aid and food from her into different parts of the country which is going just to further exacerbate the situation for millions of yemenis and this is a crisis that has been described by the u.n. by the international community as the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times and he thank you very much with all the latest on that story joining us there thank you hashem.
12:54 am
now an e.u. deadline for venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro to call fresh elections is due to expire several european nations are expected to recognize the opposition leader as interim head of state if madeira fails to announce a presidential vote by sunday he has proposed an early parliamentary election but says during a stand down before any vote is held the opposition figure already has the backing of several countries including the united states and ten latin american nations while i last america editor lucy newman is following these developments for us from inside venezuela. european union's deadline is almost up for president to decide to hold free and internationally supervised elections presidential elections in the very very short term or the e.u. will recognize the interim president i don't think there's much of
12:55 am
a mystery about which way this is going to go because president has already said emphatically that he will not accept quote blackmail or being bullied by these arrogant europeans those are work his words and so we're at a stalemate right now and probably on the verge of seeing yes more countries join those who recognize wide ball as the interim president of this country however europe is being very careful about promising to impose sanctions economic sanctions they have said they're willing to do so on individuals members of the government but not blank and blankets economic sanctions like the kind that the united states is is putting on the government because they say that that will hurt ordinary people and not for the government. without u.s. president donald trump is again warned that he would consider sending the military to venezuela speaking to the american network c.b.s. trump also said that he had turned down a meeting with president nicolas maduro in the wide ranging interview talks about
12:56 am
keeping troops in iraq to quote watch iran so for more on this christensen he joins us live from washington so president trump again repeating the warning that all options are on the table of course if this from his national security adviser the possibility of military intervention in venezuela. absolutely and not a lot of specifics not a lot new but president trump did reiterate what members of his cabinet have been saying that all options are indeed on the table when it comes to seeing a transition of power in venezuela to the opposition leader that the united states has recognized he wouldn't specify what would justify military action but he did say that he will not meet with nicolas maduro the president he said that he had turned down the offer of a meeting some months ago and that at this stage the united states is quote very far along in the process so again few specifics but the message seems to be
12:57 am
clear that the united states is has nothing to negotiate with president maduro that they. will not change the calculus they are looking for regime change here and they are sticking to the plan now chris and at a time when we have had about a u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan and syria for that matter president trump appears to be taking a different position on iraq. while he was being pressed about his decision to pull troops from syria and afghanistan moves that had been criticized by his own party he said that the united states had spent a fortune on its base in iraq and so he would plan to keep that base open to keep tabs on the middle east but particularly iran of course yes as you've mentioned the united states has been negotiating this deal with the taliban for
12:58 am
a withdrawal from afghanistan that's been criticized by his own party members as well his decision to pull about. two thousand troops out of syria. was strongly criticized by members of his own party and led to the resignation of his secretary of defense james mattis he didn't specify a timetable on that withdrawal moving forward but he defended his actions and it was in that context being pressed about a possibility of a resurgent eisel in the region that he said that they could keep an eye on things from this base in iraq but particularly iran that was what he was stressing another area where he has been contradicted by his own intelligence chiefs who say that in fact iran has been adhering to the nuclear deal but the president remains very concerned very focused on iran as the primary threat in the region thank you very much chris and salumi in washington all in all the developments syrian state media
12:59 am
are saying the u.s. led air strikes have targeted the syrian army of the border with iraq u.s. warplanes reportedly attacked a syrian on to a tree position in the area so says say two soldiers were injured and guns destroyed. meanwhile an apartment building has collapsed in the syrian city of aleppo killing eleven people including four children one child was pulled out alive by rescue teams after the accident on saturday a five story block was damaged during years of war. the little reconstruction that has taken place in syria has been carried out privately with the government limiting itself to restoring basic infrastructure. israel has started building and you beriah along its border with gaza the prime minister benjamin netanyahu confirmed that construction was underway during a weekly cabinet meeting he says it's designed to stop what he described as terrorists from crossing into israel hundreds of palestinians have been killed and
1:00 am
thousands injured in months of protests along the border. over the weekend we began building the above ground barrier along the gaza border the barrier will prevent terrorists from gaza from penetrating into our territory on the ground i would also like to make it clear if the quiet is not maintained in gaza we will make decisions even in the election period and will not hesitate to act. when it's finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high there is high force that has more in this now from west jerusalem this is confirmation that work has now begun on what has been a longstanding plan by the israelis to build a much more substantial much higher much stronger border fence along the israel gaza border will run along the same course as the underground barrier which israel has also been constructing to prevent tunnels from gaza territory into israeli territory and it is accompanied by a warning from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.


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