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their bosses are mostly good for you they're going to meet. by pissed your. door to shut off all and also most of them have all this about two more to do to solve all applause security is it by some good fellowship that our poor ironic or caught souls up and going to have falls it is rolled out at our feet today for they don't see don't notice it visual. but france's absolute dominance did not last in the sixty's the discovery of huge oil reserves in the gulf of guinea attracted a new play at. the united states. over the value of that idea while also. sort of caught it off it got it all of those dark old with a gold glove exeunt your every throw that there are already days or the start
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there's little they're going to be caught up all. about. the united states made military as well as economic investments on the african continent africa became a battleground in the cold war. to count the soviet interests the americans secretly supported andro. and until. after the collapse of the soviet union the united states was the only superpower in the well. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two under the auspices of the united nations it launched a so-called humanitarian intervention in the city to court of africa. the us sent twenty eight thousand soldiers to somalia to help put an end to a civil war. with. the operation. ended in disaster two years later after american soldiers were
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captured and killed images of their neatly aged bodies broadcast around the while. for the us it was a humiliating loss and they decided to withdraw. after somalia a new threats imation africa. in one thousand nine hundred attacks against two u.s. embassies raised the alarm in washington. massive car bombs in kenya and tanzania caused the death of over two hundred people and left thousands injured as. a group called al kind it claimed responsibility for. its leader the little known osama bin laden became public enemy number one in the united states and the hunt to track him down it was
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was the to the attack on the world trade center reconfigured the geopolitics of the world the united states launched a war in afghanistan a war that would soon spread far beyond what it was a post nine eleven the threat of terrorism is very real to the american public and from a policy standpoint we are looking for specifically at the threat were over at me when they show up. a few months after september eleventh the u.s. military returned to the horn of africa with plans to stay. there stablished their first military base in djibouti a complement a former french foreign legion fort. rudolph attala directed counterterrorism efforts enough. for the u.s.
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department of defense. the say help played a key role in looking at the movement of weapons the movement of potential foreign fighters organized crime during that time period you also had an influx of cocaine flowing in through the saddle so all of this was was of primary interest and it in a continued to grow. piece to series of maps in two thousand and two blocking off this whole part of africa as a terrorist chordal corridor of terrorism and of course the official narrative from the pentagon and what is that these terrorists that come from afghanistan they've been driven out by american forces united they went that time was they've crossed through bin laden country i.e. sudan they're linking up with terrorists in north africa they've come through this sort of belts this banana shake area.
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jeremy keenan a british professor and author has spent fourteen years studying this. he argues that the military engagement of the united states in the region with about more than just security. there had been in america probably something much more important at the time the nine eleven that was the publication of the scene that's known generally as the cheney report the cheney report i think was the first executive order that president bush gave when he came into power which was to look at the crisis of the energy sector in the states in one thousand nine hundred seven imports of energy oil that's part of the fifty percent level that was psychologically sort of crisis level. in that report it focused on future american supplies of oil and of course it focused on africa has becoming the most important supplier. of good quality oil the turtle structure system.
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even more important the gulf certainly africa becomes of critical importance to you like the little classes in washington. in our strategic interests is a side to the north algeria and libya the largest oil reserves in africa and to the south those of the gulf of guinea. the vast untapped petroleum deposits in the sari itself where another temptation. in two thousand and three a dramatic kidnapping pave the way for the rival of the us military. wanted to do. so many. wanted found. this was the first acts against foreigners in the sahara.
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a huge manhunt was launched for five months to kidnap a evaded capture in the end after a ransom was paid by the german government the tourists were released. four days later a report is based announce area received a fax a veteran of the algerian army patta the paratrooper claimed responsibility for the kidnappings. the so-called terrorists background was leaked by algerian intelligence officials such unsubstantiated evidence was all the bush administration needed to label a power osama bin laden's man in the sahara. certainly we have. officially speaking the extension if you like of al qaeda right into this part of africa. and that is what legitimized for america. launching
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a new front in the war on terror in africa there was a big manhunt for the leader to the head kidnapper abdul result in order to to nab him because he was running around with approximately five million euros and may be a potential threat of the future so there was some thinking. on the department of defense side we came up with a program called p.s.i.i. the pats al initiative and in the pan so how initiative basically was to work with countries in the salah like mali like. chad mauretania in order to give them some of the basic stuff communication equipment where they can talk to each other across the border. just simple stuff to where they could help us find. help. and power i was eventually captured with the help of the united states. the u.s. armed forces now had a foothold in the south and they are. why don't we take this little
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thing called p.s.i.i. and make it a little bit more robust where we start taking countries from within the region sally and region and became a trance a hell counterterrorism program and try to get them all to work on something that we all care about which is counterterrorism so will do training and equipping and all in this training and equipping then we come together bring those countries into a live exercise. as we bring all these countries together we do this live exercise we flex our muscles in the region because send a message to the bad guys saying don't mess around everybody's working together in concert true make sure that you guys are around so everybody in the pentagon said well this was a success story oh oh. no how can we make this even better. to
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touring and defeating transnational threats preventing future conflicts supporting humanitarian disaster relief efforts and protecting u.s. security interests. that's the mission of u.s. africa command. they decided that maybe they needed a separate command headquarters that would focus exclusively on africa's and so the bush administration under donald rumsfeld was running the pentagon at the time decided to do that set up a separate command just for africa. the united states sees the only country to have divided the world into separate military sectors to monitor and patrol these are north com. south com you calm centcom and now africa.
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under the stated goals of fighting terrorism and providing humanitarian assistance afrikan implanted itself on the continent conducting military exercises with a growing number of african countries. but was this the only reason for africa for possibly a. little to the oil is that is not there are america sort of course ignores that opprobrious up from utah is a notorious list therefore so who should ought to or. the security don't those also go to i don't they are us to praise or screwed up by going all danced of all. she. had firmly established itself as a counterweight to french and american interests on the continent in the first decade of the twenty first century china had over. taking the rest of the wild to
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in this two thousand and ten us state department cable made by wiki leaks a us assistant secretary of state const china as their e aggressive and play nation economic competitor with no more. ultimately the aim of the united states amounts for instance to dissolve the mechanisms where access to resources that are strategic that are absolutely essential to several key industries in the united states as well as access to petroleum are secured that it also provides a counterweight to china china is also in somewhat of a race to acquire as many minerals and petroleum and other natural resources that it means for its industries the united states though it may no longer be a major manufacturing power in. military industries are heavily dependent on
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minerals that can be only source then africa. the establishment of africa calm was key for the consolidation of u.s. interests in africa but when the pentagon wanted to set up its headquarters on the continent things did not go as planned is america shipshape i don't believe you're going to see. us you can see as you see after week well money and the problem sic the. imposition communicative and more the refusal of that. this opposition forces us to set up a command of afrikaans thousands of miles away in stuttgart germany. african resistance to africa calm was spearheaded by a figure who had emerged as a major economic and political force on the continent and had been
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a thorn in the side of the west for decades from the beginning of his political career as a leader moammar gadhafi was opposed to a foreign military presence in africa one of the first things a bit after coming to power in one thousand sixteen i was to expel the british and u.s. military bases and libya itself. and the good ol faith had you know considerable political support across the continent for his position nelson mandela's view was almost identical to give us a sense that there would be no african forces commanded by foreign military officials and there would be no foreign militaries occupying any part of africa are operating with that offer. gadhafi had been playing a complex game with the west for a long time president ronald reagan had labeled him the mad dog of the middle east
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and had tried to assassinate him in one thousand nine hundred eighty six by bombing his pockets. the libyan leader is independence and influence flowed from the vast petroleum reserves the launches soon after account which he had nationalized when he took power. well starting in the ninety ninety s. moammar gadhafi became a kind of luminary a leading voice certainly one of the loudest voices for a maximum version of african integration he was seen across as being the successor of kwame in terms of his vision of african unity and it wasn't just a matter of my sounding more it's good offie was eager to not only accelerate the process of african integration but of bankrolling the process.
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the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square down to a few. of us if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. ten from many members and gone to nine hundred. and the wall has passed and all the people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand in the night and i friend of mine in iraq on al-jazeera.
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and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the lure. hello i'm in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera pope francis has made an impassioned plea to end the war in yemen as he begins a visit to the united arab emirates one of the main coalition partners fighting in the yemeni civil war cabinet reader is now in abu dhabi in the first ever papal
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visit a rape in peninsula the birthplace of islam four years of war have killed thousands of yemenis devastated the economy and pushed millions to the brink of starvation only learn the blue books you with great concern unfold in the humanitarian crisis in yemen the population is exhausted by the long conflict many children are suffering from hunger there is no access to food schools brothers and sisters the cries of these children and their parents rise up before god or the pope's comments coincided with new efforts to rescue a fragile ceasefire in the yemeni port city of data the warring sides have been holding talks aboard a un charter vessel in the red sea the meeting between the saudi u.a.e. backed government and his the rebels was chaired by the un two sides were meant to withdraw their forces from her data last month have so far failed to do so. and our other headlines u.s.
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president donald trump is again warned that he would consider sending the military to venezuela trump told the u.s. network c.b.s. that he had turned down a meeting with president nicolas maduro pressure is mounting on the embattled latin american leader and the deadline to call fresh elections is due to expire on sunday several european nations are poised to recognize one is the interim leader if the dura fails to announce a presidential votes. israel has announced it started building a controversial new barrier along its border with gaza when finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high hundreds of palestinians have been killed and thousands injured in months of protests along the border. and japanese carmaker nessun a scrapped plans to build its new s.u.v. in the u.k. warning the uncertainty over brakes it is making it harder to plan for the future the next generation x. trail was set to be manufactured in sunderland but the company has announced it will now make the car at its plant in japan ek is set to leave the e.u.
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at the end of march over the top stories this hour that will be much more on everything we're covering in the news hour that's coming up in about half an hour's time i'll see you then bye for now. the money from libyan oil allowed gadhafi to underwrite ambitious projects. three hundred million dollars for the first pan-african satellite calm. thirty billion dollars in the largest irrigation system in the world that draws on the vast reserves of fresh water under the sun to turn tens of thousands of hectares of libyan desert into farmland. khadafi wanted to demonstrate that africa could develop without depending on the western banking system or the international monetary fund libya to the tune of tens of billions of dollars in
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each case was capitalizing a number of new african economic institutions of the african development bank of the african monetary fund africa would then develop its own solutions and develop its own lending programs to address its own problems so africa was in good duffy's view. with gadhafi as leadership increasingly becoming something of a bloc rather than a series of disparate individual nations that could be dealt with one on the one and set against each other. when gadhafi was elected chairman of the african union in two thousand and nine u.s. officials squared concerns in an embassy cables revealed by wiki leaks they noted that libya will seek to use a chairmanship to aggrandise him and promote his united states of africa proposal.
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u.s. multinationals were also unhappy with the libyan leader especially his decision to cancel it one billion dollars deal with the bechtel corporation the largest engineering company in the u.s. with powerful connections in washington. the fact that an operator with bechtel's connections and deep pockets was ultimately unable to secure its contract serves as a caution airy tale for the many u.s. and western companies seeking to enter libya's booming market and for other u.s. companies considering major investment projects here. gadhafi also antagonize france after being courted by president nicolas sarkozy the libyan leader canceled major arms deals. and reacted. to the
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film the short. cut of. the even shopping list of some more acquire if you don't go to the. best you know you do with procope and shows bad boys the kwame. in march two thousand and eleven as the arab spring spread through north africa france and the united states decided to use. the united nations security council gave its approval to protecting human rights provided the justifications. for syrian. defeat. we had gadhafi as troops in neighboring niger beate allowing the opposition to drive them out. we hit it off these air defenses
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this was afrikaans for its war and its commander in chief was the first african-american president in the words of the obama administration the u.s. position in the war against libya was that of leading from behind what is really interesting is of course the fact that the war was all and and directed first by africa. and then when the mission was taken over by nato. in other words people running the show me still are themselves being run by the maybe the states which is formally in command of mate will not only that in one of his speeches obama after the bombing campaign had ceased and was praising the efforts of allies in libya revealed that even a number of french bombing missions were insect piloted by american it's.
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the intervention of libya is also always sending a message. other for completion states that should pursue a course of such radical defiance radical independence such a nationalist amount him period its course that there could be ultimate consequences that are no longer hypothetical and. gadhafi is gone so a major obstacle in the way of american military penetration of us are as in fact when. we came we saw it he died in. the fall of gadhafi produce a shockwave that would be found far beyond libya. unfortunately
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there was not a very good handle on the forty thousand plus weapons that could off he had and so quickly we find out that. over thirty five thousand of those weapons just atomized they just disappeared and so we discovered that some of those weapons made a made it into northern mali the southern algeria other in southern libya there are new shares are everywhere. some of those weapons fell into the hands of the libyan rebels others including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles family into the hands of tariq fighters who fought alongside gadhafi because he supported their demands for autonomy in the samarra. yeah it was really on your daughter is. it there's a way to go about it difficult there they call it wide to cause you to sudden community who just want to know about this also quite. by the. charter
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is a very. noble or citizens of the zone given the normal or who agree on the bow to go i'm also told it is all put off as. you all pointed tell the pride of how is your state a great get a feel for good at a few feet of water or by the i enjoyed this volume that i saw tish's with or that i saw that i couldn't because as well you know the jail with all the men who they said they consider to did this and you press it out or. be heavily armed formed a new fighting force and mentally and launch an offensive against the government in bamako in january two thousand and twelve that long held dream of creating a want an independent tarik homeland that would stretch across the sahara finally seemed within reach. but the two are aches we're not the only find this in the
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desert small on groups which are the major decade we're now where armed forces to be reckoned. with acme. and and sardine say they were fighting a holy war and what we could sing among the local population. islamists to. be full of the police security or law is off result although not remotely rather think it is a lot of them illegal to screw. around with you have approved of the last year of the rule of. doctors or law over. but the islam preached on groups was nothing like the islam practice in this region for centuries the. good.
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ones you know will be. deleted in the back of. it but. if you're going to spend it if you're going to buy. it thank. you so it's all said one of the. two leadership of the sharia buku it is also militant of syria kit want to start really calm but it certainly isn't as if you're to be the somebody. you didn't do. or to the result. was the one putting aside their ideological differences the two are exam the armed groups forged an alliance of convenience. criminon arche them
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point of view you know he could put a mobile who. says he's at the bottom in the us on the new cars and understands that i don't go to the barn will take these guys out all the report like that and i know. it has a different morning and i don't know the circumstances of it in female all that some or all. united the rebel forces launched an offensive against mali and soldiers in several garrison towns in the north. these mannion troops had completed years of training by africa home but the training didn't pay off. for a bit but is it as you need to sort of visit. his order book a bit to the foremost feel for some better call to made notes and learned of the
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local is unity. for me so sore dysart ok it's a song means so but if you're quoted a bit. worse was yet to come when one thousand million soldiers were captured in summarily executed in a rebel attack on the offices in bamako mutinied against the government they say it was incapable of controlling the situation. the coup was led by one of afrikaans top pupils captain amadou sana book who was trained as an infantry and intelligence officer at u.s. bases in virginia georgia texas and arizona. this was a guy the americans had trained in invested time and money and then he made things ten times worse and mali. and then more setbacks for africa calm. again other
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rebel forces invaded the major cities of northern mali they met little resistance in just two weeks the country was split in two. despite years of training and millions spent the west's greatest fear became a reality a so-called islamic state was established in northern mali. lea is organised a pseudo judge eastham. up was you know with rock on the levy lou normally i go to. because on the day the.
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matter is going to do last year all. you know of i'm sure you get rid of it. your ass are going to have your most secure fairly credits bus currently run on to be go up the second but dungy i just i've also there you sure don't are going to be there as eric and i ponder. this and quite. a novel see the song then fall for the new issue physical croissant then they're gone but they'll just idealists call the. envy of the community through all. as the rebels moved south france came to the rescue into. forty eight hours the orlando government deployed four thousand troops to mali the americans remained in the background providing military intelligence and logistical support. your group
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could you post your vote. if it's also been our friends at a dinner somewhere in a good old consoles. potential of all of his also called on me can was of your of or will some of. the left leicester billeted on the wall. the rebel advance was tops and in just two weeks the french regain the north the french army claimed to have killed hundreds of so-called terrorists the rest seem to evaporate into the desert the former colonial power was now the savior of the country. but was operation survival all that it seemed to be. dull sick with well that's your normal person knew so exactly mostly simple sypniewski really made your own. leg.
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don't demolish ought to sell going to leave a problem if the. corner or what remains of it today the town is key to understanding what really happened during operation sarovar it was a sight of a decisive battle with the fighters of armed sardine who were surrounded here by friendships. a memorial in honor of the first french soldier killed during the clash was erected overlooking the only road in and out of town. but what has not been memorialized is the fact that on this same road a convoy of vehicles carrying hundreds of rebel fighters and their leader iyad gali managed to escape from right under the nose of the french.
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on the ground many witnesses of the conflict have questions. but of course. we're not constantly. in the house they will extend its. existence tightly c.c. do not operate on the stock level said alice you're skating up law. don't disturb it is anybody's idea of the opioids like this jaunty soto's yours see a pickup on the veneer or lawn the man you didn't i will show. you a console load geek only valid nor a difference see likely money i suppose left really isn't it cept the dog is. in the most from pretty clear for the incident i will see all get a present of dogs could lead to more. in this shadow war
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what interests might the french have been going easy on the forces they were supposed to be fighting little said the father hardly recover yet i'm certain not only is a serial do normally get caught up or. by market. forces . accept their produced seal or dick that there are false. film out a vast. exploit limine the hell it. left million of us do know only my leader works eight the vocally commune the coup is going to double shuffle says buskers you know. he'll menthol should dilute your denominator is money exploded you on your own it went through the life force level on the god of the land mass you really was was do it on your arm. next brought bible no more. don't tell about daleks' but us your map won't be she
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daughter there were accessible since. far from the desert sands of the sahara the future of the region is being determined and france is not the only one with interests here. representatives of oil companies venture capitalists and african officials in charge of energy gathered in london the financial capital of europe and the world who she is the one . who. despite the chaos wars and revolutions the interests of europeans and americans remains high in what may be the largest on top the oil reserves on the continent the eldorado of the science the tao dany basin which extends to mauritania to algeria across north mali. is a distance source resource but in the vast vast area probably bigger than the whole of texas or. pocket two thirds of europe for instance so you can imagine very few
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wells in this vast area not enough to test the realities it would take a long time to put the space into for testing. despite a recent decline in the importers gas and african oil to the united states the interests of major u.s. energy companies in africa has not decreased the needs of asia and europe will not stop growing nearly two trillion dollars of investments in african oil and gas are expected in the next two decades. us it to school. next year when there was hospital yeah i know. there are no good all sit on the ground by some. they tell you that fico vasari not bottoms croissant or field is and they. don't disappear position able experts on sales.
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in may two thousand and fourteen president obama announced that he would allocate an additional five billion dollars to the fight against global terrorism. but as we move to train and advise mission in afghanistan or reduce presence there is to more of practically address emerging threats in the middle east and north africa. earlier this year i asked my national security team to develop a plan for a network of partnerships from south asia to the so help. this strategy has been very persuasive an increasing number of african governments have signed on to the africa com program like in asia where the u.s. military brought together african forces composed of one thousand soldiers from seventeen countries for military exercises. footlockers and international exercises this year we could really have it in
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different areas of of africa as a tremendous opportunity for all work together and war from one another. during two thousand and thirteen alone africa has organized ten exercises on the fin clock model fifty five other operations and four hundred safety seminars with forty nine african states. the united states has also established drone bases in djibouti. kenya ethiopia somalia south sudan. and this is shams. in september two thousand and fourteen the united states announced that they were sending four thousand troops to liberia as support during the boehner crisis and to coordinate other unspecified military activities. not to be outdone france also announced plans to increase its military presence in the saya with a redeployment of three thousand troops. the
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increasing minutes her eyes ation of africa is a new profit center. covered by the military industrial complex with millions of dollars of contracts for arms manufacturers and private contractors. emersion of will see nearly a fifth investor billeted on that initial. so digital corp so they do need a visual of their force book called the rules of the world the most unusual furcula visual of the four germany. server due to the. four there's a looks or lever it's all for naught. the united nations has established a peacekeeping force of twelve thousand troops to help stabilize mali among them the chinese military as well as african troops trained by africa the arsenal of the
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east peace keepers include surveillance drones and apache attack helicopters. more than one hundred thirty years after the berlin conference a new division of the african continent is underway as new powers seek to ensure oil supplies strategic minerals arab oil land and even the water under the desert sands so did god really do all over all the problem so. look at the regalia. it. has to be a summer song just because. the so-called war against terror. is more than it seems the battle is waged
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not just struggle for influence and control in a world of shrinking resources this battle the fight for the bounty is the real and lists war. hello once again welcome saw the look at the international forecast i'm afraid there is no let up in that heavy rain across northern parts of queensland that the system downpours they continue to roll away townsville for example will see further flooding rains exacerbating an already dire situation there last monday's picture
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was heavy downpours coming in to the south we're getting temperatures up to around twenty celsius in adelaide a twenty two for melbourne increase in temperature really is the trend over the next few days thirty two for perth a monday getting up to thirty four as we go on into choose day and that warm air to push his way for the race was thirty two in adelaide and the twenty seven from melbourne yeah the rain that keeps coming down across a good part of queens as a townsville seeing yet more heavy rainfall then about whether making its way towards new zealand as we head on towards the middle parts of the way before the here now enjoy his form dry and sunny twenty. twenty seven their full cross just over the next couple of days but the right starting to push its way in across the south island may well have had some rains business the snow into northern parts of japan or that's still around on monday but a warning with a high of eighty. a
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face can tell a story without uttering a single one. and now england. can guidance. a simple touch informant's. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the lens of the human nine. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera right out of a hamas script examining the headline with again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel and the us news and setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you're concerned sharing passing all stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching
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on al-jazeera short films of hope. and inspiration a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. i am. zero. zero i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up the pope
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calls for an end to the war in yemen ahead of any story trip the united arab emirates this is yemen's warring sides including the saudi backed government hold talks to salvage a cease fire in the port city of data. and venezuela's crisis is likely to deepen as nicolas maduro looks set to ignore a european deadline the new elections. with all your sports super bowl sunday fans of the los angeles rams and new england patriots have taken over the city of atlanta ahead of the big game that and more coming up later. or come to the program our top story frances has made an impassioned plea to end the war in yemen as he begins a visit to the united arab emirates one of main coalition partners fighting in the
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civil war the catholic leader is now in abu dhabi in the first of a papal visit to the arabian peninsula the birthplace of islam four years of war have killed thousands of yemenis devastated the economy and pushed millions to the brink of starvation speaking to crowds at the vatican before he left france is urged yemen's warring sides to implement a truce and help deliver essential a. with great concern in full in the humanitarian crisis in yemen the population is exhausted by the long conflict many children are suffering from hunger there's no access to food stalls brothers and sisters the cries of these children and their parents rise up before god. well the pope's comments also coincided with the new efforts to rescue a fragile ceasefire in the yemeni port city of data the parties in conflict have been holding talks aboard a un chartered vessel in the red sea the meeting between the saudi u.a.e.
5:51 am
backed government and the who sees was chaired by the un's monitor retired dutch general patrick am i at it you sides were meant to withdraw their forces from today to last month but so far have failed to do so eloquent has been reached on who should control the city and ports. has more the chances for a breakthrough in the jose the talks are slim for the simple reason that the whole things are not willing to hand over control of the city and the port to government forces say they are willing to withdraw all only when and if local authorities are headed of them selves take over something which is rejected by the government the government of the president of the ball so hard he says it's the only just summit of policy in the event of the force the one which must take control of the city and this poses a day laborer for the united nations of the u.n. ovoid martin with us because the deal. in sweden in this
5:52 am
it's work about three angles a ceasefire agreement which still holds despite the fact that it's fragile a prisoner exchange deal which has not been achieved. and the redeployment or the withdrawal of the host of fighters which is not happening if that doesn't work the deal could collapse if you collapses it means that the fighting for control of her day there will resume and that could lead to a massive disruption of the food imports coming to yemen from the port of her data which means that millions of your monies will be severely affected. well one other development with yemen a deputy chief of staff with the army general dani has died of injuries sustained in a drone attack three weeks ago hoofy drone hit
5:53 am
a military parade in the air base near aden killing at least five others the head of yemen's intelligence service mohamed jealous was among the victims as well of a senior military officer as. turkey's president russia type i don't want is again criticize the united states leadership for not taking a tougher line over the murder of saudi jonas jamal khashoggi who showed he was killed inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul in october last year. harlow i cannot understand america silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. stephanie decker is in istanbul for us and joins us now what more did president dawn have to say. we was talking to the state for call. back to the beginning you mentioned that the foreign minister of the saudi foreign minister that is it said that there was
5:54 am
a collaborative this is of course the story that the body of jamal khashoggi which is of course still hasn't been found was disposed of by a collaborator well he said who is this collaboration if you know there is a collaborator who is he also mentioned the crown prince he said that the crown prince had said initially that jamal khashoggi had left the consulate he said these two things pacific stories were law. and he said that the fifteen men that flew into the country on the day of the murder were the perpetrators and that saudi arabia had to name who they were had to hand over he also said there were twenty two men accused saudi arabia has accused of taking part in this murder piece said that he believed that there were some rumors that some of those may may no longer be alive so this is all the turkish president trying to keep the pressure on for months now since murder and still no one's clear as to who ordered it still the body hasn't been found and it comes also just as the un special rapporteur for
5:55 am
extrajudicial killings had wrapped up her visit here trying to figure out what exactly happened because she said neither the united nations or any of the other countries really were pushing hard for an independent investigation in such a serious crimes and she's also trying to keep the pressure on so we have to wait and see what she says we're expecting a statement from her us to her initial findings what kind of feedback she got from the turks here from her visit in the next couple of days thank you very much stephanie deco with all the latest aaron a stumble. with the news hour live from london more still ahead for you israel starts construction on a new six meter high barrier along its border with gaza. dangerous ambitions of an on groups. the specter of bombing a cathedral in the philippines we speak exclusively to one of the group's fighters and as the expected winner fades there is a new name at the top of the ski jump idea and it's really this week's by.
5:56 am
u.s. president all trump again warned that he would consider sending the military to venezuela speaking to the american network c.b.s. trump also said that he had turned down a meeting with president nicolas madeira who hears requested a meeting and i've turned it down because we're very far along in the process you have a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about the back receipts or really democracy in action. christine salumi has been following reaction to all this in washington. president trump gave away very little in the way of details when asked about venezuela reiterating what his cabinet officials have been saying since the united
5:57 am
states first put its support behind the opposition leader won. that all options are on the table including a military option but he declined to say what would justify intervention on the part of the united states when pushed he also said that he had turned down a request to meet with nicolas maduro the president in recent months would not answer the question as to whether he would meet with him in the future to perhaps try to persuade him to step aside saying that the process was already far a log from the national security advisor john bolton we know that the united states is preparing to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela in the form of medicine surgical supplies and nutritional supplements the problem for the united states is that the madeira government has refused to allow this aid in which raises the question of how the united states plans to deliver it the international community of the red cross has reported that trying to deliver aid without an agreement from
5:58 am
security forces would be risky. so where does the international community stand on the crisis in venezuela president nicolas maduro can still rely on the financial and political support of china and russia as well as his traditional left wing allies cuba nicaragua and bolivia while more than twenty countries have recognized one wide as venezuela's interim president those backing the opposition leader the us canada argentina brazil and ukraine the e.u. has been somewhat more cautious it is told to do or would recognise as leader if elections were not called within eight days that deadline is due to expire on sunday were during his proposed an early parliamentary election but says we do have a stand down before any vote is held our latin america editor lucien human is following developments from the capital caracas. the european union's deadline is almost up for president to decide to hold free and internationally supervised
5:59 am
elections presidential elections in the very very short term or the e.u. will recognize as the interim president i don't think there's much of a mystery about which way this is going to go because president has already said emphatically that he will not accept quote blackmail or being bullied by these arrogant europeans those are work his words and so we're at a stalemate right now and probably on the verge of seeing yet more countries join those who recognize wide ball as the interim president of this country however europe is being very careful about promising to impose sanctions economic sanctions they have said they're willing to do so on individuals members of the government but not blank and blankets economic sanctions like the kind that the united states is is putting on the government because they say that that will hurt ordinary people and not for the government. let's now speak to the dean of the he
6:00 am
represented venezuela at the u.n. security council between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen he joins us live now from boston thank you very much for speaking to us can i start by asking you about some of the latest developments in venezuela how important were the protests that took place this weekend because we have seen president nicolas maduro ride out protests before and he certainly appears to be in no mood to back down this time. thank you thank you very much mary and i must say you know the original power of sovereignty lies on the civilian population and if you've noticed in the last few protests hundreds of thousands of venezuelans i would even say millions of venezuelans of take industry to peacefully in a nonviolent demonstration showing the need for change and what they're supporting now is a very young president bad has to.


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