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tv   Sheikh Jarrah My Neighbourhood  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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cause the other models that are made for example the very successful eco model called the leaf that will still continue to be made in the in the hundreds of thousands of units at sunderland for the people of vanuatu rising sea temperatures and erratic weather is becoming part of daily life and be forced to spend more not just to protect themselves but also to keep businesses afloat the pacific island nation is now exploring the possibility of legal action against big polluters thousands of kilometers away as andrew thomas reports. warming seeds have killed the fish which used to be plentiful around about a while too so people are building bombs in line and instead it is very frustrating because the build one fish farm is around fifteen thousand u.s. dollars and two to operate the program to upgrade the farm for one year with course that are on the same amount the other costs of climate change here more
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frequent and intense like lions mean clean up and repair bills with a geisha an improper ration for disasters and rising sea levels also have big costs . own contribution to global climate change is small even so it's doing all it can reduce it further there are solar farms and coconut plantations the trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow the coconuts themselves are harvested and squeezed for their oil it's a biofuel replacement the diesel they get power generators to make electricity one coconut will give you point one liter of oil. with what we've got the year it's fine our for t.v. programme definitely for one coconut but if you cannot power televisions will make little difference to the global climate but i want to use government believes the world's big polluters should compensate it for the damage that climate change does
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here and that if they won't voluntarily through treaties and agreements and they'll try to force them to through the threats of legal action the government is considering how best to sue big policing countries and fossil fuel companies so at this stage we're investigating the options doing a background work. we're working with a number of lawyers in different parts of the world we're also looking at our evidence base that we're going to need to prove in court that would be hard suing a company needs to happen in the company's national court giving them the home advantage taking legal action against the country means going to the international court of justice it only considers cases where the country being sued agrees to the case being heard but there is another avenue here that can take and that is to ask for an advisory opinion and that isn't legally binding but it does set the
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direction and it gives the world a sense of exactly how the. legal issues that are walter's leaders hope the possibility that countries or companies might have to pay compensation one day will increase their potential financial liabilities now scaring off investors unless they take action to minimize those risks so those legal action is the threats found a wall too would rather settle out of court andrew thomas al-jazeera. so head. stream or touring the world people telling about nationalities just ahead in sports. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from stars with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the top of the class and know like any
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other student rewinds continues with. my neighborhood i was like screaming. we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the. rewind on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles. to stick in the ritz with at this time those with fifty's. with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and. from around the world. kids are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred.
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million thank you very much wreckage from the plane carrying cost of city footballer. pilot david ibbotson has been found in the english channel. david mearns the marine scientist directing a private search confirmed it was found on the sea bed early sunday morning and that the families of both men have been notified by police twenty eight year old son had just completed a nineteen million dollar move from french club non's and was on route to his new club card of when the plane disappeared from radar as close to the channel islands on january twenty second. so. he's tenth premier league had a trick as manchester city close the gap on leaders liverpool shaking off the
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defeat to newcastle the argentine scored all city's goals in a three one win over arsenal and now means their second in the table two points off liverpool who have played a game lasts i prefer to be in the position from liverpool the said many times i prefer to be the position that we are but the more pressure on you guys or little point in your opinion. the pressure is when you are behind as you lose points will be tougher when you are in top distance always you can do point through other so. important to be over self that is what i want we spoke the last days is this is we didn't recognise our team they know it they felt the same way we didn't recognize ourselves when we are in the last game previous given the question today at least we. we can back manchester united's unbeaten run continues under interim manager early going to seoul c.r. they beat leicester one zero with
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a go from august respite which puts them two points of the top four it's now nine wins and one draws and socio replaced shows a marine year. i've got to say it's enjoy it will work when there are groups that want to improve want to be better we want to be at halftime i don't think they'll be too happy with it performance because they know we can do better and that's a good thing we know we've got quite a few things to work on and we'll only see progression i think in the next few few weeks because it's going to be a tough and enjoyable february is now we've got a chance to climb the table which is important to put the pressure on the top four position. in spain real madrid have closed the gap on the top two or three no winner there's that was off the second place i let it go failed to capitalise on leaders barcelona dropping points their go sooners men were beaten one the barrell bitties which means despite being held to a draw by valencia on saturday barcelona's lead at the top of the league is now six
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points. made an unconvincing debut after joining us from chelsea but coach simeoni wasn't pointing fingers. and you know that people who live on the do when i'm talking about the whole team not individuals i think the team competed very well but it was a game without many chances with long possession of the ball for both teams but with a lack of depth in the game of fortunately they took advantage with the penalty and later we could not find solutions regarding the rotter i think he worked a lot considering it was his first game he showed excitement at eagerness we really hope he will carry on improving in the team in the netherlands league leaders pearce we hammered fortuna certain five know the key moment coming when fourteen is clint esus was given a second yellow for handball he wasn't happy. to your her second half after saying he has three five points clear at the top of the year to d.c. . now we're just
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a few hours away from one of the biggest games in all of sports the new england patriots and los angeles rams in super bowl fifty three that's coming up a little later now this is an aerial shot of the mercedes benz stadium in atlanta where the two teams will do battle in just a few short hours the patriots have already won five super bowls just in this century where is the rams haven't won the championship since two thousand when they were still playing out of st louis this is tom brady arriving at the venue with these family yesterday both teams held their final practice sessions on saturday many will have their eyes on the forty one year old quarterback who's already the oldest starting quarterback in a super bowl is opposite number jared goff is only twenty four and one of the youngest now a lot of fans outside of new england say they've had enough of the pats dominance in england fans obviously do not share those sentiments they say all the other supporters are just jealous. i think people hate the patriots because of jealousy
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when a dynasty is not your own it's hard to reform i reform. the need to really see the best team and it's time we had the best everybody around still is jealous and that's just plain hatred losers. losers envy. those fans are going to love the first super bowl prediction from a psychic sure offered the blank boxes in iowa she was given two boxes from which to choose who makes meal and she opted for the carrots and apples from the patriots books. but not all psychic animals are created equal maverick the sea lion who swims up the river bank zoo in south carolina was given to branded footballs from which to choose a winner maverick picked the room for the record last year he correctly picked the philadelphia eagles. le bron james had only just come back from a seventeen game injury layoff but was forced to sit things out again as the l.a. lakers faced the golden state warriors and they struggled without him as clay
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thompson stole the show for the war is often missing one game with illness he returned to school twenty eight points leaving the warriors to a one hundred fifty one hundred and one win luckily for the lakers the coach says but braun is just managing his load and expects to return against indiana on tuesday. new zealand have gone join top of the rugby sevens world series by winning the latest leg of the competition in sydney to beat the usa in the final quite convincingly twenty one five it means that new zealand and fiji are tied at the top with two victories each from four legs of the series fearful for the us who have now lost four straight finals but they accept they'll be on home soil as the series moves to las vegas in march. from the sydney summer to round up of the winter sports now starting with ski jumping and on the women's circuit is one major dominating at the moment no way the limbic champion model moon be won for the second day in a row in hinson back in austria at a fourth consecutive if i
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a ski jumping world cup victory putting away clear at the top of the standings. the men's world cup circuits was in store for in germany a pretty spectacular event under the floodlights and it was potent stuff it took first place to train his first victory of the season the overall chairmanship leader that's japan's. kobayashi well he had an off day he finished all the way down in ninth position. and sticking with dangerous winter sports this one is called crushed ice an extreme sporting event that involves downhill skating in urban environments on a track that includes steep turns and her vertical drops of course red bull is behind this the canadian main one in finland the u.s. on top for the women. and the interesting sports just keep on coming here some action from an indoor skydiving competition in italy this is fourteen year old american kaylee wittenberg showing off her acrobatic skills of the wind games
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injured on earth and if you thought that was impressive how about four people in the winter and live the same time this team called the fantastic four to gold in that category. i will leave it there for now most for coming up later back to marry him in london to give that a try would net thank you so much peter well that wraps up the news out i was back in just a moment with much more in the days before you save algis there else irrationally. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their
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husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable algis you know wound meets my raku village superwomen. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
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enough housing stock available. the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. all the kingdom of the company inseparable where the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab coke the company and the state on al-jazeera. the pope called for an end to the war in the head of on his story trip to the united arab emirates this is yemen's warring sides including the saudi u.a.e. backed government hold talks to try to salvage the cease fire in the port city of
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data. flow i maryam namazie and on to our program also coming up for you venezuela's crisis likely to deepen as nicolas maduro looks set to ignore a european deadline a new elections. in bucharest the rumanian government has been offered tens of millions of dollars to build new also. since the fall of communism is to be built on public relations. hello our top story pope francis has made an impassioned plea to end the war in yemen as he started a visit to the united arab emirates one of the main coalition partners fighting in the yemeni civil war the catholic leader is now in abu dhabi in the first of
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a papal visit to the arabian peninsula the birthplace of islam four years of war have killed thousands of yemenis devastated the country's economy and pushed millions to the brink of starvation speaking to crowds at the vatican before he left francis urged yemen's warring sides to implement a truce and help deliver vital eight. with great concern and fall in the humanitarian crisis in yemen the population is exhausted by the long conflict and many children are suffering from hunger there is no access to food stalls brothers and sisters the cries of these children and their parents rise up before god or the pope's comments also coincided with new efforts to rescue a fragile ceasefire in the yemeni port city of data parties to the conflict have been holding talks aboard a un charter vessel in the red sea meeting between the saudi u.a.e. backed government in haiti rebels was chaired by the un's monetary tight dutch general patrick can lead it to sides were meant to withdraw their forces from data
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last month but have so far failed to do so no agreement has been reached either on who should control the city and ports around it. or has more the chances for a breakthrough in the jose the talks are slim for the simple reason that the whole things are not willing to hand over control of the city of the ports to government forces say they are willing to withdraw all only when and if local authorities of how did are themselves take over something which is rejected by the government the government of the president also how this is the only just summit authority in the force the one which must take control of the city and this poses a day laborer for the united nations of the u.n. or voice martin with us because the deal in the last in sweden in this it's work about three angles
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a ceasefire agreement which still holds despite the fact that it's fragile a prisoner exchange deal which has not been achieved. and the redeployment or the withdrawal of the hope of fighters which is not happening if that doesn't work. the deal could collapse if it collapses images of the fighting for control of her data will resume and that could lead to a massive disruption of the food imports coming to yemen from the ports over the data which is that millions of yemenis will be severely affected now in albany's turkey's president russia has again criticized the united states for not taking a tougher line over the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi shoji was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october last year stephanie decker has more now from istanbul turkey is president reza type speaking to the
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state broadcaster mentioning. her stray ssion i suppose about how there's been no real movement also referred to the united states disappointment in how they are tackling it and this is what he had to say. harlow i cannot understand america's silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. but he had harsher words going back to when it all began. the saudi foreign minister of course he was saying that there was a collaborator there was a collaborator to dispose of the body of jamal khashoggi this is the saudi version of course the body of mr hersh has still not been found who said well if there is a collaborator who is he where is he what is his name if you know that he also mentioned the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some man saying that initially his version was that jamal khashoggi had left the concert and said now we know that
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those two things were a lot so he also called for those fifteen men the fifteen saudi nationals that flew into it stamboul on the day of the murder he said these are the perpetrators we need to know who they are and of course turkey has already requested their extradition but the saudis are conducting their own investigation nobody knows who the men are that they have indicted eleven men have been indicted five of those facing the death penalty but it is a very opaque process now all of this comes just as agnes is the u.n. special officer for extra judicial killings has wrapped up her visit here in turkey she's really the first independent person looking at this because of course it is such a politically loaded story all the countries yes they want to put pressure on saudi arabia but the same time no one really seems to be willing to go that extra mile to break relationships with the kingdom so for months still no body and certainly a big question as well as to who ordered the killing of a high profile journalist in the saudi diplomatic mission here in istanbul.
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u.s. president trump was again born he would consider sending the military to venezuela speaking to the american network c.b.s. trump also said that he had turned down a meeting with president nicolas maduro. well here is requested a meeting and i've turned it down because we're very far along in the process you have a a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about democracy it's really democracy in action cranston three me has more action to this now from washington. president trump gave away very little in the way of details when asked about venezuela reiterating what his cabinet officials have been saying since the united states
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first put its support behind the opposition leader won. that all options are on the table including a military option but he declined to say what would justify intervention on the part of the united states when pushed he also said that he had turned down a request to meet with nicolas maduro the president in recent months would not answer the question as to whether he would meet with him in the future to perhaps try to persuade him to step aside saying that the process was already far a log from the national security advisor john bolton we know that the united states is preparing to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela in the form of medicine surgical supplies and nutritional supplements the problem for the united states is that the madeira government has refused to allow this aid in which raises the question of how the united states plans to deliver it the international community of the red cross has warned that trying to deliver aid without an agreement from
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security forces would be risky so where then does the international community stand on the political crisis in venezuela president nicolas maduro can still rely on the financial and political support of china and russia as well as his traditional left wing al ice cube in nicaragua and bolivia while more than twenty countries recognize one guy doe's venezuela's interim president those backing the opposition leader include the u.s. canada tina brazil and ukraine but the e.u. has been a bit more cautious it still would do or it would recognize as lead to elections would not hold within eight days now that deadline is due to expire on sunday we do know how has proposed an early parliamentary election says madeira missed than down before any vote is held last america tell you see a new man is following developments for us from inside venezuela. european union's deadline is almost up for president nicolas maduro to decide to hold free and
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internationally supervised elections presidential elections in the very very short term or the e.u. will recognize as the interim president i don't think there's much of a mystery about which way this is going to go because president has already said emphatically that he will not accept quote blackmail or being bullied by these arrogant europeans those are work his words and so we're at a stalemate right now and probably on the verge of seeing yes more countries join those who recognize wide ball as the interim president of this country however europe is being very careful about promising to impose sanctions economic sanctions they have said they're willing to do so on individuals members of the government but not blanket to blanket economic sanctions like the kind that the united states is is putting on the government because they say that that will hurt ordinary people and not for the government. venezuelan i venezuelan i.z.'s medina the
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represented his country the united nations security council between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen he said the international intervention in the country might be necessary there has been a one sided monopoly of force by muggles extreme polarization we have more than sixty non-state actors armed by mother little trained by hezbollah in syria are oprah saying in terrorizing the population there is nothing worse their worst sanction would be to do nothing or to let mother will keep oppressing through social control and through terrorizing the population i have over advocated from day one. international humanitarian intervention is the way long overdue and he needs to be taking care of her responsibility to protect the civilian population that has been. been killed and not only in the streets but three out of four hospitals have closed we have
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a weapon and station of starvation and medicine scar city through this is a social community koster a community policy in order to negotiate a solution you need both parties to agree on an outcome to those to term expired on the tenth of generally the only need to negotiate is when he going to leave and as i understand the present president trumps administration working in the coalition with latino america and the hemisphere and also some other countries of the u. this is needed and it's imminent venis well in spring it's all stoppable wreckage from a plane which went missing was carrying cardiff city football and ileana salah and his pilot has been found in the english channel the twenty eight year old arjun time plays at croft disappeared while flying from nonce to the u.k. two weeks ago when he was due to make his cardiff city debut salis family had to carry out a private investigation after officials called off s. .


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