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tear gas we couldn't see anything the kids began coughing vomiting and crying i picked him up and took her to open a door so that fresh air would end to the students not open the door to soldiers fired towards the door no where else my son and i were hit in our hands and my daughter was hit in her eye rights groups say firing shotgun pellets violates global standards on the use of force some reports say more than five thousand kashmiris mostly teenagers are fully or partially blind after being shot in recent years what has happened in the last five years of. it is that despite flub the words used by mr modi in his speeches about kashmir the violence in jammu and kashmir has only escalated the armed forces have more than bothered to kill. and at any point of time both india and pakistan claim kashmir as their own pakistan denies accusations by the indian government of supporting what it calls terrorists attacks by separatists india's army has extended powers to arrest and use force
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under a special role in kashmir. as modi reiterated the continuing crackdown during his visit kashmiri such as he her and her mother say they are suffering the consequences since monohan al-jazeera japanese carmaker has scrapped plans to build its new generation s.u.v. in britain the extra was going to be manufactured in the northern english city of sunderland the car giant says it will now make the vehicles at its plant in japan and send warner uncertainty over brags it was making it hard to plan for the future brennan as more from london. this announcement from miss san we think was due to come out on monday but because of leaks in the media it's been rushed out and a letter has been issued by. ficci and he doesn't specifically say that bracks it is this is the actual reason he says there are wider issues in the car industry at the moment they're having to invest
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a lot in to deal with new emissions rules that have sweep that have swept across europe but he says that the uncertainty over the way breakfast is going to pan out has certainly weighed on the minds of the decision to the company's decision to make investments in the north of england now the extra oil was due to be made both in japan and the north of england what they're going to do is consolidate production just in japan he also says though that there shouldn't be an impact on jobs at that massive plant in some of the land at least not in the short term because the other models that are made for example the very successful eco model called the leaf that will still continue to be made in the in the hundreds of thousands of units at sunderland. plenty more ahead on the news out. there remain in government has been tens of millions of dollars to build.
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of communism to be built with. scars of war after years of violence. expected to. name the top of the ski jumping podium need to be here to explain. so let's go ahead but first turkey's president has called the saudi crown prince and the former foreign minister liars over their handling of the murder of journalist. type one also lashed out at the united states for not taking a tougher position against the kingdom over the case stephanie decker has the latest from istanbul. speaking.
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about how there's been no real movement also referred to the united states disappointment in how they are tackling it in this is what he had to say. i cannot understand america's silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. but he had harsher words going back to when it all began. the saudi foreign minister of course he was saying that there was a collaboration there was a collaborator to dispose of the body of jamal khashoggi this is the saudi version of course the body of mr hersh has still not been found who said well if there is a collaborator who is he where is he what is his name if you know that he also mentioned the saudi crown prince mohammed even sound man saying that initially his version was that he had left the concert and said now we know that those two things were laws so he also called for those fifteen men the fifteen saudi nationals that
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flew into it stamboul on the day of the murder he said these are the perpetrators we need to know who they are and of course turkey has already requested their extradition but the saudis are conducting their own investigation nobody knows who the men are that they have indicted eleven men have been indicted five of those facing the death penalty but it is a very opaque process all of this comes just as agnes she's the u.n. special. has wrapped up her visit here in turkey she's really the first independent person looking at this because of course it is such a politically loaded story all the countries yes they want to put pressure on saudi arabia but the same time no one really seems to be willing to go that extra mile to break relationships with the kingdom so for months still nobody and certainly a big question as well as to who ordered the killing of a high profile journalist in the saudi diplomatic mission here in istanbul. robert
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pearson is a former u.s. ambassador to turkey and he's a non resident scholar at the middle east institute in washington he joins us via skype from pittsburgh north carolina thanks very much for being with us now in turkey and saudi arabia have been a dog's over this from the beginning but this certainly seems to be. stepping up the rhetoric on the part of the president. calling calling the saudi crown prince a lie and he's a pretty harsh words what do you make of that well i think it really expresses most airlines frustration. and been able to do more than what has happened all of the countries with an interest in saudi arabia pro and con but now more or less taking their positions and now mr everyone's opinion it seems clear that that's not sufficient i am a little puzzled why he decided to take on the us again over this because by to go
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six weeks maybe at most but he invited president trump to turkey it official visit in twenty nineteen and but we for that mr trump tried to give mr irwin exactly what was there going to ask for in syria and so it's a puzzling reaction when i decided to make us an enemy again perhaps for domestic greases that's you sort of you know and i might just point out that mr putin is very close to a partner with respect to syria has had a number of people sas nato but last decade or more in other countries and a miscarriage want to purely has taken no public position of opposition to those events so how do you think his words what will change anything at this point then. say that again please do you think president do as words will change anything at this point. i'm not sure that they will there's no need for fact though it is
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important that the un report your is has come to turkey and is now a completing a tour i guess to get as much information as possible and people will depend on what that reporter said best so i think that that's where the action only lies it turkey's role which frankly is understandable because this assassination took place in turkey and the consulate and istanbul in orinda. murder and so i understand that part of but i don't understand it why this that attack and these words coming from the fires is actually going to change anything of the move so from what you're saying then he's not going to expect much of a change in reaction from the united states because he said as well that he's listened to the audiotapes of. killing any can't understand the american silence on this i think the americans have spoken out you know the i think the
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director of the cia is make her statement about what she considered to be the the the responsibility of saudi arabia for this murder and i don't think the u.s. position is that would think it changed here with beck to saudi arabia mr trump seems to be fairly well in his view of how to deal with saudi arabia missed a always been there and i don't think that mr brown statements are likely to change is that position could just take the piss and talking to us there from a north carolina thanks for being once a serious they media says the u.s. led air strikes have targeted the syrian army near the border with iraq u.s. warplanes reportedly attacked a syrian artillery position in the day it is or area of eastern syria sources say two soldiers were injured and guns destroyed. eight years of war in syria has created high demand for artificial limbs hundreds of thousands of lost arms legs or
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both especially during the bombardment of opposition held areas many of the maimed are children some have been generated has more from gaziantep in turkey near the syrian border. several had said that. when i think about what happened she says i cry this is a two year old child. like millions of other syrian children she struggles with the painful memories of how she lost her leg and her brother. we first met her three years ago when she got her first breast leg has started school since then and made new friends but now she tells us she gets bullied as well for having an artificial leg and for being a foreigner as she grows older the artificial limb needs to be replaced with a bigger one this is also true for other patients whose bodies outgrow their
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prosthetics. sometimes my classmates just leave me alone other times the children come and call me things like hey you with the leg keep walking like this so what your heart has been telling me is that she wants to go to germany her father tells me that their case has been pending with the authorities for the last three years now that the situation in syria is karma the cases at this center continue to pile up in twenty sixteen they had three hundred people who required prosthetic limbs now that list has grown to two thousand but with more restrictions on who can cross the border into turkey they've opened a smaller workshop inside syria which has its own set of challenges because after eight years of war find qualified technicians difficult it cost somewhere between three to one thousand dollars to make a prosthetic limb costs depend on injury and whether it's a hand or a complete a foot or a leg. man to head the war is still happening patients who require limbs are
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chronic and with time they need more care many of these cases appear after the fighting has finished people need to continue their lives regardless of their disability with rising inflation and when ling help it's difficult to keep producing high quality prosthetics every time the exchange rate in turkey changes it means fewer limbs can be manufactured but for children like donor fatigue rising prices and border problems don't mean much all she dreams of is to overcome what hinders her from being treated like all the other children in her school summer job it out of the era as the anthem. in romania corruption in public hospitals is harming the survival chances of patients remaining children suffer the highest mortality rates in europe and no new government hospitals have been built since the fall of communist rule thirty years ago honestly reports from the harassed corruption kills people and in romania hospitals do not necessarily make people
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better bucharest children's hospital was built in one nine hundred eighty two and much of the equipment doctors and nurses have at their disposal looks like it hasn't changed in the thirty seven years since inside the hospital lies one year old iron valentino to mr diagnosed by a doctor he's now in a coma his young parents are living in the hospital as his body breaks down in front of them they look completely destroyed. if one of the counties made no recovery since he came here his lungs are starting to collapse and his little heart is as well he's on life support they've killed my son images obtained by al-jazeera of the conditions inside some of romania's public hospitals are barely believable this is the pathology units where human tissue was stored inside the hospital in one of romania's biggest cities clues the european union over one hundred seventy million dollars worth of funding for three new war spittles a full five years ago but the work hasn't even started the crisis led carmen and on
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to form a business woman to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build a new hospital in the capital stepping in where the government has failed they already raised nearly twenty million dollars is there why don't look back i don't know your were slapping their remaining state in the face or showing them it's possible in a country where impossible is what you're always told were bugging the first hospital in the country for children with cancer after thirty years of incompetence from the remaining state. so this is it's the first new hospital to be built in romania since the fall of communism paid for by the public it'll be finished years before the government gets around to building them you may well ask yourself how it can be that so a group of business women with no healthcare background can build a hospital from scratch in romania while the government apparently colt's wall on so is that corrupt officials don't want seems european funding because they have to account for it and can't simply stick the money in their pockets the other theory
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is that they're all just completely incompetent probably the truth is somewhere in the middle no doubt there are politicians who want to do something about all this but they're up against a huge wall of corruption the current health minister run a relatively successful hospital herself but she admitted to us the system is broken with officials stealing money from public funds yeah. i have bought an m.r.i. scanner for five hundred thousand but here they bought one for two and a half million the exact same one this explains a lot it didn't need explaining someone stole two million euros on the pretense of buying medical equipment we both understand the reasons you have to say it's hardly a great indorsements of the current president of the european union's who admits to thinks it won't be able to build a new hospital for another five years anyway it'll all be too late for florian and denise are they watching their baby son die in front of their eyes killed by corruption largely al-jazeera book or rest. still ahead on al-jazeera why this
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thirty year old fountain threatens to end the career of a rising political star in the united states. pasta artists in da hog joining inspiration from russia. and it is a black day at the sydney sevens rugby tournament have the action in sport. follow the cold weather across the north america and now in the process of easing away that maze of thought well and truly on the way not a cloud pulling in across many western areas pushing in from the west that there we go subzero temperatures in chicago they're long gone nine celsius maybe ten degrees
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on monday and that rapid thought will cause some problems for many also the border we got a fair bit of snow around him temperature of minus twenty degrees celsius but push a little further east ought to get up to plus to three degrees plus to for seattle some snow coming in here as well across the pacific northwest down into california heavy rain as well as likely to lead to further flooding we've had a few months lives here as big downpours continue through monday going on into choose day not a little further a switch on that. snow to over towards canada maybe the far northeast of the u.s. just around maine that come further south the yokes at about ten celsius but now it is a temp just fall back again for chicago a high of around minus three degrees that could lead to ice after the melting snow further south is funny draco's a good part of the caribbean want to see salus cuba. whether
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online. went to the concert for them not to do this or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq short films of hope. and inspiration a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. again you're watching at zero reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has told an american t.v. network that sending the military to venezuela is an option he's also said he's turned down a meeting with venezuelan president nicolas maduro. the leader of the roman catholic church has arrived in abu dhabi his first papal visit to the arabian peninsula pope francis will be will be in the region for two days during which he'll meet leading muslim clerics and hold an open air mass for some one hundred thirty five thousand catholics. techie's president one has criticized the united
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states leadership for not taking a tougher line with the murder of saudi journalist. was killed inside saudi arabian consulate in istanbul in october last year. by the governor of the u.s. state of virginia is refusing to step down despite growing calls for his resignation the controversy began when a photo emerged of two students in costume one in blackface the other as a member of the klu klux klan it is alleged that one of them is ralph northam but after initially apologizing for it he now says it wasn't him she had protests he reports from washington this is the first year that caused the outrage it appeared on now governor of northern is medical school yearbook page it before on friday the governor apologized but on saturday he said it wasn't him to rule on the reason he's so sure the time he did wear a black face my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stamps
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in part from my clear memory of all the mistakes i made in the same period of my life. that same year i did participate in a dance contest in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson asked that explanation proved too much particularly for members of his own policy the democrats the party's senior leadership both nationally and in his state are urging all them to resign a message repeated by democrats on the sunday talk show i think he should resign now he then can contribute to the style of but he as i said he should do it as privates and i think this country hasn't dealt well with the issues of race i mean we have a president who is a racist the democrats have to capitalize on donald trump on the republican party's handling of race a recent poll found that sixty three percent of americans disapprove of crumbs handling of the issue but the controversy in virginia is a reminder of the democrats' poor record on race so that you get to know them to
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step down as quickly as possible but you know like all the southern states has a long history of democratic party racism just a few weeks ago the state's african-american lieutenant governor justin fairfax who would succeed governor in all of them if he does resign walked out of the state senate rather than preside over a tribute to confederate general robot elite. will briefly be at least. in twenty sixteen then democratic party presidential nominee hillary clinton had to apologize to statements like this that seem to d.q. minimize black communities the kinds of kids in a concept of predatory no conscience no empathy at the time then president bill clinton was signing legislation that led to record african-american incarceration and that's also an issue that's likely to hold true biden if he runs in twenty twenty not only does he take credit for such legislation he was against desegregation in the seventy's we made so much rock norm appears to believe he can ride this control this throughout but perhaps things have changed which may be
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problematic for democratic politicians who in the past of turned a blind eye or even pandered to white voters for electoral gain. the upsurge of racist violence and rhetoric since donald trump's inauguration has that to a renewed sense among a radicalized younger democratic base that racism will not be tolerated in their party shihab rattansi al-jazeera. well jones do even joins us now from washington she is that they thought of a city and inclusion consultant thanks very much for being with us so it seems that week doesn't go by in the united states when there isn't some sort of controversy or or a story that involves race talk to us about this particular story and how the whole issue of black face is such a sensitive one in the united states absolutely we are still struggling a great deal with issues of race and racism specifically in america and this
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particular incident really really really brought that to the fore here we have the governor of the state of virginia dressed up as an adult a twenty five year old medical student who chose to either dress in klan regalia which is let me be clear at the mess the terrorist organization or he chose to dress in blackface which is a very demeaning insulting the humanizing depiction of african-americans that has a long history in this country either one of those depictions are unacceptable and i believe disqualifying if one is to serve as governor of a state he has said that that he is not going to resign at this point even though the calls for him from democratic leaders from people in his own foxie are growing louder for him to do just that so it can he can he survive this. i don't believe he
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can survive it i know he's trying to survive it but i don't believe he will be successful the fact of the matter is he has no moral authority to lead at this point he is going to try to preside over a legislature where the majority of the people in that legislature have no respect for him really at this point and he can choose to stay but i would not be surprised if some level of impeachment opportunities might start to pop up and the stay the preaching is just to remove him. it is unfortunate that he has chosen to preference his own ambition his own will to hold on to power over what is right for the people of virginia what's right for his political party and specifically what's right for african-americans who have been aggrieved in this way it's time for him to put other people's feelings over his own ambitions and step aside. i want to ask you what do you say to those who argue that this is something that
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happened thirty five years ago and that many of us see if we look back far enough to hold on something when we were much younger that we were great now and this is not something that he should be held to thirty five years later what do you say to that. i am a contemporary of governor north some like him i was in college in the one nine hundred eighty s. and i remember being a college student infringing it at a historically black college in fact in for genya and at my university the members of the klan in that state actually chose to march right across from the university what happened at that time in his life was actually indicative of the fringing of that day and unfortunately i would argue in many ways still indicative of the virginia of today it is never excusable at any age and particularly as a twenty five year old adult to make the decision to either dawn the outfit of
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a domestic terrorist organization that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of african-americans or to put on blackface which is also insulting and demeaning the citizens of the state that you are trying to lead i don't care if this happened thirty five years ago or yesterday it's unacceptable he should have known better at the age of twenty five and just as he claims to know better now. so in terms of something positive here do you think that this issue will. push people to think more. about things like this particular on the issue of race i hope so. but i don't hold a great deal of confidence that that will be the case and i'll tell you exactly why the united states of america takes every opportunity it can to turn a blind eye to the issue of race it is still an ugly festering wound in our
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nation's history as well as in contemporary society and instead of coming together as a nation and looking back even at our hard truths and order so that we may face those truths and move forward together we continually try to gloss over the pain that many of the citizens of this country have experienced millions in fact that of ultimately still work to create this grand experiment that we call america and so though i hope this will create an opportunity for us to talk more openly and honestly about it and that it doesn't just remain some sort of political spectacle unfortunately i don't have much hope that it will actually occur but i will say that if and when he is removed that when justice fairfax the governor the new governor steps then who is african-american i believe he's the person who has the moral authority and the personal experience to be able to lead such a conversation. could speak. to eva joining us there
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a from washington push you expect thank you now a former head of nato has criticized the decision by the u.s. and russia to withdraw from a decade's old nuclear treaty on saturday russia's president and nouns it was suspending its obligations under the agreement to develop new types of weapons washington pulled out a day early accusing moscow of violating the deal into medium range nuclear forces or i.n.f. treaty was signed in one thousand nine hundred seven banning or land based missiles within a fixed range of former nato secretary general javier solana told al-jazeera abandoning the treaty is a dangerous move. it's very driskill what they do to relieve and it was one of the pillars of the end of the cold war which is destructive. risky risky risky thing to do i am to witness
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a utopian i do remember that that treaty was done to avoid the possibility of a nuclear bomb bit of the european union without the possibility of defense played the other side that case by us giving when i would be have my delegates and therefore the european it's a very difficult thing to do to take. so we have done to try to do to make them people to really guaranteed. to be signed up to do for abuses cause the military break that range is one of the bad news that we are not on his european trip but. because. in these. treaties were transferred never to have.
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nuclear level between japan and china or bitterly in china and something of the. nuclear. and now we open another situation another condition whereby these type of theme may happen or fate. of a surprise foreign takeover of a container port in sudan has left workers angry and fearing for their livelihoods it is the result of a deal between the government and the philippines company based in the united arab emirates i'm involved reports from. angry workers at the port sudan container terminal surprised by a sudden takeover of the port by a philippine company. following an agreement with the sudanese government for so-called international container terminal services ice e.t.s.i. will operate the terminal for the next twenty years these workers say such an
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agreement could affect their livelihoods and their basic rights i would probably not recently reject this agreement because we haven't been consulted about it our primary demand is a guarantee that our workers won't become homeless or redundant because of the agreement we want to make sure the new job terms of better than the previous ones the deal was signed after two years of secret negotiations are because of the one hundred twenty eight pages document has so far been released so then has already received a four hundred and sixty million dollars down payment from the philippine company which says it will run the operation from its headquarters in dubai a lot of the laws. for the interest of our nation then. the state in these terms are done must be shown the benefits of the agreement and what happened huge amount of money that's been paid to sudan have been demanding access to drinking water from the nile since nine hundred fifty six this am old enough to bring the nile
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itself to us and not just a water pipe the workers say their concerns are further deepened by the fact that the philippine company is based in dubai and worry that it is all a front for the united arab emirates to take control of all of sudan's red sea ports which richard with a lot them. there were five but is three of them came from dubai first the dubai ports company itself secondly a branch in saudi arabia and thirdly the philippines company which is the third under cleared face of dubai the philippines company said that their headquarters is in dubai there lies the connection with dubai ports. the agreement gives the philippines company a monopoly on operating all of sudan's container terminals this despite a recent memorandum of understanding with doha that would have meant a massive investment by qatar to develop the historic port of swac and now that deal looks unlikely.


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