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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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she suffered from coughing for about twenty days we have seen several doctors in several hospitals but it is here where she has finally been properly diagnosed the virus is spreading graphically mostly in the hootie controlled areas of sanaa sather and. for hundreds of cases reported so far there's only one type of medicine available most hospitals are running out and pharmacies that do stock the medicine are charging forty dollars for it the lifesaving drugs are simply out of reach for the families of the patients who are now looking for the medicine that deals with such a virus we were shocked to know that the hospital only gave us some of the needed tablets and not all of them because of a medicine shortage but. we and other patients need more meds so we urge the united nations and the ministry of health to do whatever it takes to make this medicine available. that's a tall order where more than fifty percent of the people don't have access to
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regular health care less than half of hospitals are working and the risk of an x. one and one epidemic is increased in crowded cities and towns teeming with yemenis displaced by war when. we are talking about a massive spread of disease the ministry of health has registered in its latest statistics four hundred nineteen cases of swine flu this is the number we've managed to register but there are dozens of patients that have not been registered because of the inability of those patients to access health centers due to the war and the siege the death toll has so far reached eighty six the un is trying to rescue their ceasefire agreement reached in sweden in december to stuff fighting in the city of hadera renewed fighting around the port is making it almost impossible for critical a to reach patients needing medicine for the x. one n one flu virus. still ahead here on al-jazeera the fear
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of a peace deal afghan women worry about a future if the u.s. settles with the taliban and withdraw its troops. and how also drawing inspiration from russia. oh we've still got plenty of would you rather call central east and parts of your body this turning out towards the west well as he quote for those central parts of the snow will continue whether it's towards the east and i was also west well we got the cloud rolling in bringing that mild arriving it also bring some rain as well as for those central pa says i said it is a good deal watch this is the scene in prague looking lovely here as snow is going
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nowhere to quickly as the temperature is still getting up to around well two three four degrees for those central pos some snow there over towards the baltic states as that snow that we have a leading edge of. coming in across the northwest of paris still a three degree celsius but a bit of snow for a time to turn to right as he has done already in london talked to him of around nine degrees celsius that'll make its way for the race for six hours just that the paris or weather come back in the cross of the british isles as we go wall to the middle part of the way down towards the southeast lots of wet weather making its way into central parts of the mediterranean that's also lapping onto the shoals of north africa so we have to plowed right into the fall north of algeria some pretty wet weather too which it's an issue that's making his work was the funnel of libya . good with a sponsor town and. we're heading to the place so deep in the true remembers on it's taking us two days this boat just to get from the search through dangerous
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macaws techno looks at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creature cars are disappearing because the legal pad trained with the main research just wanted to see if reintroduction of the consulate a viable option to save some of these population pretty good you. know on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour. explosion in the somali capital mogadishu at least seven people have been killed because been seen emerging from a shopping center doesn't fall from
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a government building. from says it believes venezuela's president is the man to organize and carry out new elections seventy you. support behind the current president nicolas maduro refused their ultimatum for a vote. and president accused the u.s. of an action the murder of. four months ago. also said saudi arabia's crown prince and its former foreign minister have told lie about the killing. a footballer has been denied bail by a course in bangkok was fighting extradition to his native. was detained in thailand in november whilst on holiday he lives in australia where he was granted refugee status in two thousand and fourteen is demanding he return to a jail sentence for them but al-arabiya and rights groups say he'll be tortured it's got to hide the story. the extradition hearing at the criminal court here in
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bangkok on monday morning heard directly from how came the judge asked him specifically directly do you want to be sent back to bahrain he said no because if he goes back he said he faced severe punishment we also found out out of this hearing that the legal team for hakim will have sixty days to get together documents and evidence fighting this extradition the next session will be on april twenty second out front of the courthouse there were representatives from the story an embassy he has refugee status in the story and he was given that in two thousand and seventeen human rights groups were out front as well as a sporting groups in particular football associations out front of this courthouse here in bangkok on monday now they have all been gathered and pushing forward a global initiative to free hakim now this is something that's been going on for weeks because he's been here held here in thailand for seventy days now obviously that international effort really hasn't had much impact on tight officials because they're pushing forward with this process and again the next hearing will be on
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april twenty second. of all a man has claimed victory in el salvador last presidential election became a campaigned as an anti-establishment outsider promising to stamp out corruption his two major rivals have conceded defeat have been cast some more as they form a vice president of costa rica he says the next president will have to find a way to engage with i'll solve those gangs the back of the matter is that you can still become so powerful that they get to assert control. of the territory of the country. particularly in some of the main cities and in some ways you know wherever it wants to run for office has to whine and accommodation. with the gangs because they they have become political actor in their own wrecked it that's not unique tools of our though i mean do you in in
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a similar way you find this kind of phenomenon in the butt whalers in rio in brazil you find it in the townships in kingston jamaica and for a long time you you know you could find the same kind of thing in the in southern italy with the mafia so you know it has become not simply a security issue but also political here a set of practices grappling with a racism storm the surround and the governor of the state of the genyen rough northam is refusing to resign after backtracking from an earlier message that he may have been featured in a controversial photograph well thirty years ago shepard tansey reports washington d.c. this is the first year that caused the outrage prepared on now governor of northern is medical school yearbook page in one thousand nine hundred four on friday the governor apologized but on saturday he said it wasn't him after all reason he so sure the time he did wear black face my belief that i did not wear that costume or
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attend that party stamps in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in the same period of my life. that same year i did participate in a dance. in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson asked that explanation proved too much particularly for members of his own policy the democrats the party's senior leadership both nationally and in his state are urging them to resign a message repeated by democrats on the sunday talk shows i think he should resign now he then can contribute to this style but he as i said he should do it as privates and i think this country hasn't dealt well with the issues of race i mean we have a president who is a racist the democrats have to capitalize on donald trump on the republican policies handling of race a recent poll found that sixty three percent of americans disapprove of crumbs handling of the issue but control a c.
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in virginia is a reminder of the democrats' open poor record on race so that you get to know them to step down as quickly as possible but when you're like all the southern states has a long history of democratic party racism just a few weeks ago the state's african-american lieutenant governor justin fairfax who would succeed governor in all of them if he does resign walked out of the state senate rather than preside over a tribute to confederate general robot. will briefly be at least. in twenty sixteen then democratic party presidential nominee hillary clinton had to apologize for statements like this that seem to differ but communities the kinds of cancer the concept of predatory no conscience no empathy at the time then president bill clinton was signing legislation that led to record african-american incarceration and that's also an issue that's likely to hold true biden if he runs in twenty twenty not only does he take credit for such legislation he was against desegregation in the seventy's we made so much rock norm appears to believe he can
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ride this control was throughout but perhaps things have changed which may be problematic for democratic politicians who in the past of turned a blind eye or even pandered to white voters for electoral gain. the upsurge of racist violence and rhetoric since donald trump's inauguration how's that to a renewed sense among a radicalized younger democratic base that racism will not be tolerated in their party shihab rattansi al-jazeera. donald trump has again pushed for the withdrawal of his troops from afghanistan where america is embroiled in its longest war the u.s. on the taliban agreed on a framework for peace and whilst afghans are encouraged by talk of the war ending many also worry a deal with the taliban could once again see women's rights crushed bitter against me reports. mean a reason owns a coffee shop in the afghan capital kabul she's one of millions of women whose lives have been transformed since the u.s. led coalition removed the taliban from power in this show which i think freedom for
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women post taliban is a big achievement and if we once again go backwards that will be a big step back and a very heavy price for us many afghan women are worried about a peace deal between the united states and the taliban they don't want to go back to a time when their rights were limited. i won't accept a pace that asks me to go back and sit at home i will raise my voice and never be ready to accept a peace that costs me my freedom restricts me and makes me wear a burka and puts me in a cage. it's been nearly two decades since the taliban was toppled from power since then of the eight million schoolchildren in afghanistan more than two point five million are girls in two thousand and four women were able to vote for the first time in decades more than a quarter of the seats in parliament are reserved for women and they make up nearly a fifth of the workforce but rights campaigners say all that progress is at risk. obviously we all want peace afghan woman part want peace the afghan people want
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peace we have had a bit to our but i think when it happens this trashed and when we are not included and we are not being talked to we are not being consulted in terms of what we are worried about what we want from this group that's going to come back and giant joined the government then we are worried that we are going to lose straights the taliban say they've moderated their approach to women's rights but there are no women involved in the peace negotiations and many say they have too much to lose to take the taliban at its word victoria gayton be out there thailand is taking another big step towards long delayed elections with parliamentary hopefuls registering their names the vote is due to happen late next month and will be the first since the military took power nearly five years ago when a bangkok. this is a fictive lead the start of the election campaign with prospective members of parliament from the thirty constituencies in the capital bangkok coming here to
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register for the vote and this is a scene that is being replicated right around thailand on monday there's a lot of excitement a lot of anticipation that the democratic process is beginning this is the first election of course since the military coup almost five years ago. looked on today is the start of the change from military dictatorship to democracy i am delighted to see our country get back to the democratic process we are not quite sure if democracy will be entirely restored due to many changes of laws under the regime but we still need to do our best. if people decide to chance to government and enable the political parties to form a government then we have a chance to not only to form and democratic government india future will be able to amend because we do share and being a tree back to a democracy one also this week the political parties have to reject or with the
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election commission the candidates to become prime minister now this is potentially a very controversial part of this election because the senate which is hand-picked by the military government has the power to appoint an unelected prime minister someone outside parliament someone outside the political parties now that person could be the current prime minister. the man who led the coup in two thousand and fourteen he's also been nominated by one of the political parties to be their candidate and we'll find out this week whether he's accepted that nomination. the wreckage of a plane carrying argentinian footballer i mean leon a solid has been found in the english channel it disappeared was flying from the french city of normed to the u.k. two weeks ago and he was due to make his debut with premier league club cardiff sesay has family had to fund a private search after the official one was called off. also.
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drawing inspiration from russian. it's part of a cultural exchange program between russia went to take a look. provocative chromatic colors and abstract shapes experimental arts in the form of architecture technology and science all on show here in a formal fire station now in our together in the country capital eighty one masterpieces from some of the most influential figures in russian art history the director of the exhibition says it's one of many aiming to inspire young artists qatar isn't a moment in time where it is looking at technology looking at creation science are really when you see that across the country you see with the different institutions that are happening and we are part of this and it has to start somewhere and it's part of a year long cultural exchange between the two countries russian art in the twentieth century challenge traditional concepts embedding art with science astronomy and
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mathematics ought experimentation was interrupted in the one nine hundred thirty s. would come in this leader has ordered artists to present an optimistic future to the masses but revived in the fifty's and sixty's. through the ways it paintings which. hundred sixty eight this was the time when i learned to. whom i never. decided to do. to him. from shop linear lines geometric objects and spatial dimensions evoking futuristic ideas as oneness connected god this inspired by floating pieces of fact in a bowl of chicken broth soup. this piece by me a tartan is called happens tower the architect an artist designed this meant to be four hundred mi to tower of i in glass and steel now each of the. such as was meant
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to revolve at different speeds it was so ahead of its time but never built a symbol of what could be achieved in the form of modern architecture. working. for the country artist in residence says he's inspired by the works. explores different mechanisms and takes on the idea of moving or coincidentally enough of always fun but also. very strongly towards my work as i also have worked with kinetic architecture and also three d. modeling based on it as well this idea of a moving object. would be placed in the middle of the room and consistently moving as world remains dynamic to me. artistic exchanges between countries and generations sends the message that radical innovations are a sign of forward thinking really mohamad al jazeera. without zero these are our top stories at least seven people have been killed in
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the explosion and somalia's capital mogadishu trials of smoke coming from a shopping center which doesn't fall from a local government building francaise believes venezuela's self declared president is the man to organize and carry out new elections seventy two countries are set to throw their support behind quiet though after the current president nicolas maduro refused the ultimatum. you know what that are we have to go to wellington in order that we don't accept ultimatums from anyone it's like as if i told the european union i give you seven days to recognise direct public of catalonia and if you don't we are going to take measures you know international politics can't be based on ultimatums that was the area of empires and colonies. turkey's president has accused the u.s. of in action over the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi four months ago
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but also says saudi arabia's crown prince and its former foreign minister have told lies about the killing footballer hakimullah roby has been denied bail by a court in bangkok was fighting extradition to his native bahrain raby was detained in thailand in november was on holiday he lives in australia where he was granted refugee status in twenty fourteen bahrain is demanding he return to serve a jail sentence for vandalism but al-arabiya and rights groups say he'll be tortured the case has been adjourned until april democratic governor of the us state of virginia is defying calls for his resignation for the scandal over a college yearbook photo showing students in costume one in black face the other as a member of the ku klux klan. denies appearing in the picture and the wreckage of a plane carrying footballer emiliano sala has been found in the english channel argentinian players aircraft disappeared was flat flying from the french city of
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north to leave two weeks ago and he was due to make his cardiff city debut. now with all that lions more news on al-jazeera after tax. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called wool terra. but is this official narrative. battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
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days looking forward to for dr events like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. on counting the cost this week we're focusing on venezuela where people are scavenging for food as a political crisis unfolds how the game of oil is influencing events on the ground plus how credits up playing a role and why the reports of run for the money will. come soon the cost. this is techno innovations that can change lives in the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity we're doing it that way. this is a show about science. by scientists. tonight saving the macof and the proven amazon that we're on the search for endangered
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mccall now techno is on a one of a kind mission looking to flee from a car graceful elegant and in some parts of the world in danger it's a race against time to pick. up top just yell down saying that she saw in lightning strike to see the species time to hurry up until tor is from an entomologist do much of my research in this jungle own and i'll share my fundings with merida davison she's an environmental biologist and dr chrystal deal with a molecular neuroscientist that's our team and i know it's do some science so as. big as welcome to techno i'm phil tours joined by dr chrystal de worth and maria davison so just picture this you were deep in the rainforest of peru when suddenly a flock of red and blue bag missing creatures takes off in front of you they are
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beautiful but let me tell you they don't start out so pretty you have to be talking about my cause i'm a bird biologist so in my day i've seen a lot of baby birds and i have to admit i mean they are bald and can be pretty ugly but i mean it's also ugly that they're cute because they're still associated with the rain forest kind of like their mascot but they're not so ubiquitous and are in there in a major species and they're at risk because of habitat lot of salut because when the habitat is in trouble these birds are in trouble and we join a team of scientists down there that are working hard to make sure it doesn't happen let's take a look. at. the lucid charismatic cause or undeniably stars of the rain forest and there's a special place in peru where it's still possible to see macaws and all their wild glory that is if you don't mind
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a little travel. and we're heading to the tumble ponds a research center a place so deep in the proving amazon it's taken us two days on this boat just to get there. there are six. species of macaws left in the wild down from more than twenty the populations of all of the species remaining are on the decline . seven such as the blue throated macaw in danger of becoming extinct why. because of deforestation close to three hundred thousand square miles of the amazon rain forest gone since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. timber and were culture and mining. then there is the illegal pet trade it's not easy being one of the world's most beautiful birds pack these these juvenile cars and to bang to smuggle than
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and more than half of the an individual dying during this process. any hawkinson is the fuel leader for the macall project at the tumbled potten national reserve she's one of a team of researchers who are using science to save the macaws why study because our very special and their merry intelligent and yet they face a lot of threats and their habitats today's mission takes is deep into the reserves for those threads are constantly mad play where in the middle of the breeding season tumble part is essentially a giant laboratory in the wild six species of macaws inhabit this thousand plus where miles of rain forest rain is a constant in winter but too much rain can be a problem. today we're going to see how a pair of two week old macaw chicks are fairing the odds are against both of them survived examining the chicks is
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a delicate and daring operation. well lead veterinarian elizabeth pour through gives louis oh preps for the chick exams on the ground any hawkinson gets ready to climb to their nest above. i don't like heights but with ness close to one hundred feet up the team has no choice but to cause i'm. macaws like deep cavities high up in old growth trees those spots are hard to come by even in a protected force like. this scarcity of mess leads to deadly fights between investing more cop parents and other macaws looking for a home they will kill chicks if a well harm the parents and they may cause such a disruption that the parents might be unwilling to return to the nest that's why the macabre project is researching manmade mess like this one called mandy lou once any reaches the nest she opens a special door to access the chicks separate from the opening the adult macaws used
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to get in an element inside our first peek at the hope for the next generation of macaws. the frail pale chick is not what you'd expect but it is alive and any needs to get it down to the ground quickly safety is paramount for these vulnerable chicks any uses sanitizer on her hands to protect them from germs the bucket that will take them down is warmed with a hot water bottle because these chicks have no protection against the cold. dr porter to give lou your first ways the chick and then photographs it and yes this is what i'm a car looks like in the first weeks of his life no hint of the jungle beauty it will become this chick is the first of the two to hatch like it sibling it's named
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after its nest mandy lu. not been interested. in the city and there for them and there's a young fan on the wood nest like mandy lu have been a big success story a tumble parter. research has shown that more cars can raise chicks in vs just as well as they do in natural nests. the veterinarian takes detailed body measurements to determine how the chick is doing at this stage of development. the flying. then men dilute who is taken out and photographed next to its order sibling. is normal and then there are those between now and there's not a man now moment in which only one there on the eternal. no but i say you know it out of the earth. if you are in a car chick it's best to be first hatched because i'm
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a car mom typically neglects those that hatch later so the first chick that hatch says will receive all of her care and then the second tick that hatch as if she has enough resources so care for that check text number three and four will usually die from starvation. even chick number two has at best a fifty fifty chance of survival to open your own soul but i can most on this story and nothing anyone tell any fit in here at the menu of those doing. this but it isn't said that it is. there. today bought many chicks had a good check oh. there's a new kind of nest being tested out at tumble part it's made of cement soaked burlap researchers want to see if it's more durable than wooden nests which only last a couple of years in the jungle. sixty
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five same as yesterday but today things don't seem to be going well for these two chicks from the experimental nest neither shows signs of being fed by their parents and researcher liz pipe i am. is concerned i mean these because it's just the beginning of the day and maybe they come back from the clay and they're going to see them later no. time to get these chicks back home. research after sundown at the center can be challenging a generator provides electricity only seven hours a day. a good head lamp is your best friend along with your mosquito net to keep unwanted guests out of bed. and during meal time you have to keep an eye out for the occasional thief. this one
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targeted our techno crew. pretty good idea. this macaw is in a sense. near the center with his mate. they're both scarlett macaws a species that can live to the ripe old age of fifty in the wild scarlet macaws are doing well here but endangered in other regions in mexico less than two hundred fifty survived in the wild as of twenty thirteen the result of illegal pet trade and habitat loss. in a sense you will has little here of humans that's because a little over twenty years ago in one thousand nine hundred. six were chosen to be raised by hand at the center then released into the wild the macaws participating
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in the study are known as the chicos. the ones that these researchers. are going to die they remove them from the nest and raise them here what was the purpose cars were disappearing because the legal pet trade with. dooming cars were at a really high demand in north america and in europe they wanted to see a reintroduction of the cars as a viable option to save some of these populations the study was a success more than half of the stroller macaws released survived at least seven years in the wild some of these new cars still stick around the area and those more cars are the most aggressive with us because they have no fear that humans. and this morning the team is doing a check up on you know since you and your choice two chicks we don't like while macaws these parents don't leave when any climbs to the nest. getting chicks out when mom and dad are home and home is more than ninety feet up
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his show and you. get. it if they are. any use.


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