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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the united states by encroaching on what is traditionally the american sphere of interest it is interesting that why does appeal to both russia and china to change sides to back him by saying that really your your own interests are better served by supporting a legitimate president with a stable government which is recognized internationally for all of them staying with. a president who is really presiding over disaster call in a question here from one of our viewers on facebook john who asks how will this situation come to an end what are your views maduro has warned the trump administration against repeating a vietnam in venezuela what happens next in your view if my door is not going to call elections and refuses to step down what will break the impasse. well we'll have to see if things could go horribly wrong still i mean as we've heard it international aid is now piling up on the border in colombia and brazil
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and in some of the the former dutch islands in the caribbean they haven't tried to get those over the border gets worse that will be the next step to try and do that by doing it why do is hoping that the worsening situation will eventually persuade the military to change sides but it's is a big gamble because there's no guarantee that will happen but that they'd have to change sides in order for the interest of the humanitarian aid to get into the country it can't be done otherwise and if they were if the military were to allow the aid in and discourses that would be defying the orders of the president maduro who they recognized up to now so i think the this thing could come to a head quite quickly and really if the guy goes strategy which is being backed by the united states and other western countries is to try and really force the
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hands of the military to make it to make a choice and hoping that it will go their way thank you so much for your insight colleen harding joining us there from manchester in the u.k. let's bring in leon our social media producer what are people saying online leah about this crisis in venezuela well of course this is the top conversation online and all publications in february fourth is actually trying to hash tag for fed in particular with some colonels in the military even using it to ask fellow soldiers to rise up against nicolas maduro these videos that are about to show you have three hundred thousand views combined with thousands of retreats. i call on members of our armed forces from all ranks that today we put on our uniforms to open the doors of freedom so that it's the soldiers with the people that rebuild democracy we must take orders from the commander in chief the legislator one go idle to end the dictatorship and introduce an interim government
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. it's a communist revolution we are suffering from today it's destroyed our country's productive practice oppressing all those who challenge its ideas and starving the venezuelan people brothers in arms us soldiers must use our swords to cut the chains that imprison our people according to the commands of the critical government and we must support our new president. in building our nation the sentiment really is pretty much the same for many venezuelans all they want is anyone but nicolas maduro to be their president. i heard of him two weeks ago when i put on the t.v. . and what is your opinion of him anyone is better than the one we have now get through them. they don't have a base what are represents hope for our country and we need takes over god willing investors will return to venezuela and so go my two sons because with my guru no
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one believes in venezuela it is handed over to criminals. in chains to be able to go to a supermarket and find what they want to a future of our children. fear in venezuela from venezuela tell us what you think should happen in your country what you think the next step should be or what it what you think it will be to me directly at leonhard agency and as always with our hash tag folly thank you very much for that lia and don't forget all you need to know about venezuela's crisis on al-jazeera dot com and while you're on there click and check out this interview lucien human or latin american editor sat down recently with one of the self declared president who tells al-jazeera he will do everything in his power to see a venezuela towards democracy and the full interview with. a very soon right here on. and as always lots of comments about the situation in venezuela i just saw here on facebook who says maduro needs to let go he is acting like an african
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leader for the sake of the people let it go interesting comparison the general watching from liberia also another comment from mama dural asks if the u.s. can declare military action against murderous regime despite russia china and turkey support and obviously that's the question now especially after president trump said in an interview with c.b.s. yesterday that he didn't military action in venezuela thank you for your comments and keep them coming on all of us will media platforms twitter at age or english is a handle to forget to use the hashtag a.j. news great we're also on facebook on facebook of course facebook dot com for slash al-jazeera you can also watch plus nine seven four five a one trip or one for mine. on to other world news now and the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for two separate attacks in somalia in the capital mogadishu a car bomb killed at least twelve people and injured dozens of others outside a shopping mall and gunmen shot and killed the head of
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a dubai own home operating in the semi-autonomous somali region of portland mom and i do is following developments in somalia for us from neighboring kenya is in nairobi monod for a cis was a daring attack in the heart of mogadishu today tell us more well yes in a statement fully on their website about fighters said that they have cut it all the talk targeting siniora government officials and intelligence service officials but the fact of the mater remains that none of those officials are talking about called hot in the rush hour morning rush hour attack outside the new mogadishu more it was civilians who got caught in the calls for. it was them who died and to civilians who got injured is just showing an uptick in the violence being waged by al-shabaab against look on the government installations but also
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against civilian targets such as this the busy if. shopping area of mogadishu now this is all about show up saying that despite losing most of the of one strongholds the still a force to be reckoned with and also saying that it killed the manager of a de by government on port operator in portland the semi-autonomous region of the deal to build this port was very controversial wasn't it. very controversial london was done between dubai ports world and the simul total most regional administration of pointless something that really and get the somali government in mogadishu the federal government which would say that was not consulted and even said that it had expelled. dubai ports world from
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carrying out its activities in somalia but they still continued to stay and they already cutting out republish meant work of the portable sus so paul and tony for most of the multis national who was killed was in charge of the construction that is going on at the port of both somalia he was killed inside the port by two gunmen who disguised themselves as fisherman. tucked him and hit him and shot him in the head while he was passing through the fish market so this just shows how al shabaab which had had a foothold in portland for a long time and now getting even more brazen cutting out daylight attacks such as this in government facilities like the port thank you mohammed mohammed outdoor life force in nairobi kenya and all the news related to somalia and al shabaab on our spotlight. dot com if you get
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a chance read this piece by jamal osman about how the trump administration's policies are killing innocent civilians in somalia it's on al jazeera dot com. now the u.s. president donald tom's comments about u.s. troops in iraq have drawn stern reactions from baghdad on sunday trump told a u.s. network that it was important to keep american military presence in iraq to keep a close eye on iran the iraqi president has hit back saying trump should not shouldn't overburden iraq with u.s. issues and that it's in iraq's interest to have good relations with iran here's what president trump has to say we spent a fortune on building this incredible base we might as well keep it and one of the reasons i want to keep it is because i want to be looking a little bit at a wind because a rand is a real problem here is al jazeera as rob matheson now with more from a band out on the iraqi government's reaction. iraq's president bottom salah says
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the iraqi constitution is very clear and that the land of iraq cannot be used by foreign governments to threaten its neighboring countries but this reaction in many ways is no surprise for two reasons first of all the leader of any country in the world does not want to be seen to simply accept a decision made upon the travelling about his or her country by the leader of another country but secondly and perhaps more importantly within the iraqi parliament there is a very significant opposition shia blog much of that is allied to iran iran does not want to see foreign troops on the soil of iraq right on its doorstep that view is reflected within the parliamentary blocs the shia blocs within the iraqi parliament they're even putting together a bill to present to parliament which says that the american troops should be out of iraq within
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a year of the bill being passed so the president obviously has to reflect the views held by a large part of the parliament nevertheless this is a difficult situation for the iraqi government on the one hand it does not want to upset its biggest neighbor iran on its eastern border but at the same time it does know that it needs those five thousand two hundred u.s. troops which are based in iraq at the moment for two significant reasons one to help them deal with the remnants of i saw and to carry on training iraqi troops in iraq does not want to see another afghanistan in iraq when american troops were pulled out of afghanistan under the obama regime and there was a resulting upsurge in violence there iraqis determined that its own troops should be trained well enough and properly so that when american and foreign troops eventually do leave iraq their own troops will be able to control the security in
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iraq. now all this is coming as iran is marking the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution within a year the country would be at war with iraq which was backed by western and arab allies decades later iranian speak of the revolution and the war in the same breath two major upheaval that transformed the country and remain in extra could be linked in the minds of iranians he has this report from tehran. hamid silly he was just a teenager when iraq invaded iran in one thousand nine hundred he joined the army a just fourteen years old and spent five years as a front line soldier injured multiple times he would recover and had once more into the fray. but his war ended when a gas attack destroyed seventy percent of his lungs and impaired his vision. isn't going to care though the immediately after the revolution when our army wasn't well prepared we came under attack from iraq the islamic revolutionary guard corps was
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too busy with internal conflicts so as it happens in any other country people volunteered to defend their nation against the aggressors. it was a conflict that shattered the lives of millions of iranians iran and iraq are now the closest of allies but the war taught iranian leaders important lessons in national security that have influenced policy decisions ever since the post revolution government was shaky and caught off guard. forty years later military leaders want everyone to know it won't happen again. the anniversary of the islamic revolution kicked off with another display of military strength unveiled at an arms expo at the hands made mosque to have a z. is reported to be iran's latest surface to surface cruise missile iranian commander see it has a range of more than thirteen hundred kilometers and is named after the city famous for resisting iraqi forces during the war that dog days and a unicorn named we live in a time when certain rulers who have no regard for the rights of nations ignore
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their commitment to treaties and international laws and walk all over them in such a world it is wise that we defend our national security by every means possible despite sanctions. iranians appear keen to boost public confidence in the military civilians here get a rare peek at iran's arsenal and enemies a warning to keep their distance. in the forty years since revolution iran has faced ongoing tensions with the united states israel and several arab neighbors as well as taking on illegal drug cartels and armed groups on its eastern borders eisel and iranian dissidents have also carried out attacks on iranian soil and the ballistic missiles program better iran says is for self-defense has been widely condemned even by its european allies have on it therefore usually a strong you know the level of iran's defense capability has become a stabilizing factor in the region in many sectors we rank in the top five ten in the world and what is important is that all these programs create stability and
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security in the region. iranian military might help drive eisel out of iraq. keep allies in power in syria and support the fighters against the south the coalition in yemen key military victories that appear to have taught iran's leaders the best way to deal with friends and enemies is from a position of strength. and to watch this edition of inside story for more on how donald trump plans to gather support against iraq what action is the u.s. prepared to take and what will be the regional implications and interesting discussion on inside story just click on the show stab at al-jazeera dot com and then inside story if you're watching us on facebook live coming up a story about how a group of young muslims created an online platform to share means as from our friends at a.j. price sensitive head on the grades of rummaging through trash to keep warm how syrian refugees at coping with winter conditions.
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hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecast to restart in the middle east where it's jan race that betfair the clout that as you can see around the east side of the route to support the stand just catching water to shower some more wintry weather still in place the around afghanistan pushing a little further north for much of the central passwords around struggling on the temperatures just eight degrees celsius twenty four q a city and for baghdad for the dry run that is the side of the mediterranean on tuesday make the most of it because come wednesday cloud around to make its way into the eastern side of the med some showers coming in to cyprus the clouds over around the liver but temperatures in beirut still getting up to around twenty two degrees for the dry still across the iraq iran pushing over towards afghanistan clear skies in kabul
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temperatures up to around four degrees celsius and clear skies to across the reagan peninsula they were fresher than it has been recently temperatures here in about twenty two or twenty three degrees but barely a cloud in the sky. fewer clouds in the sky to across the eastern side of south africa over the next so the skies are clearing perhaps one or two showers up towards johannesburg but the wetter weather will be further north and more than parts of mozambique a good part of northern and eastern i guess. february on al-jazeera reinvestigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath all of his toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria books al-jazeera well it showcases the best of the network's documentaries with powerful untold
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stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining clans questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . on counting the cost this week we're focusing on venezuela where people are scavenging for food as a political crisis unfolds how the game of oil is influencing events on the ground plus how credits us up playing a role and why there are reports of rampant money lol. counting the cost on al-jazeera. yes.
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trending at al-jazeera dot com top trending that one into the crisis in venezuela with a number of european countries at this a monday recognizing one why don't the opposition leader as interim president of venezuela loss of pressure on the embattled president nicolas maduro also trending u.k. m.p. saying saudi leaders may be responsible for the torture of activists in saudi jails more no stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now we
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talk about fake news all the time but what about a fake university is here with that story that i spot tensions between the u.s. and india yes it's really an unfortunate story it's this fake university was real in the sense that i got a lot of students in trouble hundred thirty of them to be exact foreign students they were arrested by the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement for enrolling in this fake university the catch is the university was created by the department of homeland security to lure students trying to overstay their visas the students had emigrated illegally to the u.s. on student visas and had transferred to the university of farmington so that they could work authorities they were telling them they could work and go to school hundred twenty nine of those one hundred thirty arrested students are indian one of the largest immigration sweeps involving indians in recent years now the students were arrested in many different states as part of the sting operation what they didn't know is you administrators they were talking to were government agents it's
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illegal for international students to work off campus and go to school but some attorneys close the case say the students were led to believe otherwise the u.s. government says the students knew that what they were doing but here's the indian ambassador to the u.s. harris varden we had obesity concerned and distressed about the news that so many indian students have been implicated in this issue regarding farmington university by monday we rely on facts just almost all of us to. be of course. getting did you do for the first time because we don't have the full information we would also be advising them on legal options that have yet to be. india's spokesman for the ministry of external affairs is posting updates to his twitter feed he's sharing pictures of the different detention facilities like this one ensuring that the government is doing all that they can do to help these students now they also have a hotline that are set up to answer questions for family and friends that are
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connected to the students we reached out to several family members but they have denied to comment now we want to know what you think about this today do you think the students should have known better or is the government totally in the right here as always has a.j. newsgroup hunchbacked to follow though who is more in this yes indeed i want to pick this up with a side who is a professor of law at rutgers university and director of the center on security of race and civil rights she's vice from new jersey good to have you on the news great again so first of all very simple straightforward question is this legal. facially yes it is so long as it is not entrapment entrapment is when a target does not have a predisposition to commit a particular crime and a federal agent creates that disposition incentivize them tells them they should commit the crime in this case it's unclear whether the students who were targeted
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knew that what was happening at least initially was illegal if the government agents are simply providing the means and opportunity to engage in a criminal act then it is not entrapment but there are a lot of open questions are these students where they told by the recruiter is that there was a loophole in the law and that by rolling in the school they didn't have to show up and they could stay or did the students and back know that what was happening was illegal and that's going to determine whether or not they in fact violated the law or whether they were gold will victims recruiters and law enforcement homeless curity asians targeting is a precedent for this for ice or homeland security trying to trick immigrants who are either considering out saying their visas or more generally falling foul of immigration law in the u.s. have date done this before. yes there was another university called northern new jersey university that was a fake university set up by ice and they indicted students and two thousand and
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sixteen again a similar scheme where they told students that if they enroll that they could continue to stay that their f. when he says would be extended because they could use their own net in this fake university as a basis to stay so clearly the government is targeting international students which begs the question of whether this is really a policy priority there are people who are undocumented who are committing violent crimes and i think most americans would agree that that should be the priority right now and the students that are being targeted we don't know whether they are in fact knowledgeable that what they're doing is illegal like with a northern new jersey university scam many of these students were abroad so they really thought they were enroll in a university and it wasn't until they came or sometimes they never came after they send their money that they discovered that they were victims of the fraud and that was going to be my next question in fact what does the government hope to achieve with this is this a way to crack down on illegal immigration is just not just
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a drop in the ocean. we have over ten million individuals at the estimate that are undocumented of the united states two thirds of them have been here for over fifteen years so they have established their roots and they most of them are law abiding there are one million lawful foreign students in the united states fifty percent of them over fifty percent come from china and india so if the united states government is doing through ice and homeland security is encouraging india and china to send their students to canada to australia to other western countries which compete with our universities to educate them which means that the revenue goes there and also the the knowledge and the and the brain gain goes to other countries so when you try to get six hundred students most of whom are from india then you send a signal to the indian government that we will not treat your students well very interesting to hear thoughts on this thank you so much for your insights joining us
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there from new jersey in the united states and you know watch this edition of the listening post for more rich turns the lens on u.s. immigration agencies covert operations to crack down on illegal immigrants legal advocacy organizations have been collaborating with media to track and uncover cases of u.s. law enforcement abuse it's at al-jazeera dot com and then just click on the show's tab and then click on the listening posts moving on in turkey's president say sad your abs crown prince and the kingdom's former foreign minister have lied about the murder of to my shoji recep tayyip erdogan also reiterated his despair at us in action over the killing of the saudi journalists in istanbul four months ago stephanie deca is in istanbul with more. well turkey's president. speaking to the state roll call star mentioning. it is rationed i suppose about how there's been no real movement also referred to the
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united states disappointment in how they are talking and this is what he had to say . harlow i cannot understand america's silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. but he had harsher words going back to when it all began. the saudi foreign minister of course he was saying that there is a collaboration there was a collaborator to dispose of the body of this is the saudi version of course the body of mr hersh has still not been found who said well if there is a collaborator who is he where is he what is his name if you know that he also mentioned the saudi crown prince mohammed of inside man saying that initially his version was that he had left the consulate he said now we know that those two things were laws so he also called for those fifteen men the fifteen saudi nationals that flew into is on the day of the murder he said these are the
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perpetrators we need to know who they are and of course turkey has already requested their extradition but the saudis are conducting their own investigation nobody knows who the men are that they have indicted eleven men have been indicted five of those facing the death penalty but it is a very opaque process now all of this comes just as. the u.n. special after a traditional killings has wrapped up a visit here in turkey is really the first independent person looking at this because of course it is such a politically loaded story all the countries yes they want to put pressure on saudi arabia but the same time no one really seems to be willing to go that extra mile to break relationships with the kingdom so for months still no body and certainly a big question as well as to who ordered the killing of a high profile journalist in the saudi diplomatic mission here in istanbul stephanie deca reporting there from istanbul turkey and an interesting opinion piece on. skeletons in america's crossett as he's a kanji is
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a legal academic and writer based in toronto canada she says u.s. officials are keen to condemn jamal khashoggi murder but remain silent on u.s. crimes against journalists it's an interesting perspective read it's on our side at al-jazeera dot com. i let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour and an outbreak of swine flu is the latest health emergency in yemen the virus follows the world's worst cholera outbreak and as millions of yemenis are weakened by starvation priyanka go to has more. another arrival in this hospital in the capital sanaa another victim of the consequences of the war in yemen fatima is suffering from each one n one influenza also known as swine flu it's known to break down the immune system and cause lung problems among other complaints but the saudi u.a.e. coolish its repeated targeting of hospitals means the flu which is best treated of
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detected early it's been diagnosed late or. she suffered from coughing for about twenty days we have seen several doctors in several hospitals but it is here where she has finally been properly diagnosed the virus is spreading graphically mostly in the hooty controlled areas of sanaa souther and abe for hundreds of cases reported so far there's only one type of medicine available most hospitals are running out and pharmacies that do stalk the medicine are charging forty dollars for it the lifesaving drugs are simply out of reach for the families of the patients because they live out of who are now looking for the medicine that deals with such a virus we were shocked to know that the hospital only gave us some of the needed tablets and not all of them because of the medicine shortage. that we and other patients need more meds so we urge the united nations and the ministry of health to
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do whatever it takes to make this medicine available. that's a tall order where more than fifty percent of the people don't have access to regular health care listen ha fulfillments hospitals are working at the risk of an x. one n one epidemic is increased in crowded cities and towns teeming with yemenis displaced by war when. we are talking about a massive spread of disease the ministry of health has registered in its latest statistics four hundred nineteen cases of swine flu this is the number we've managed to register but there are dozens of patients that have not been registered because of the inability of those patients to access health centers due to the war and the siege the death toll has so far reached. the u.n. is trying to rescue their cease fire agreement reached in sweden in december to stop fighting in the city for their. renewed fighting around the port is making it almost impossible for critical a to reach patients needing medicine for the x.
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one n one flu virus. al-jazeera. the new president of our salvador is of palestinian descent upset the two party system which has ruled the central american country since one thousand nine hundred two the thirty seven year old former mayor of the capital campaign as an anti-establishment outsider promising to stamp out corruption australian troops are being sent to help deal with what are being described as once in a century floods thousands of homes are submerged in queensland evacuation centers are open in the city of town gates have been opened as well to ease the pressure on overflowing reservoirs following record breaking rain another dangerous salt water crocodiles using the floodwater to look for a meal. game levels have stabilized but with the potential of further right things cain china which last night was rough but everyone pulled together
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meanwhile winter is the most difficult season for millions of syrian war refugees especially those in the poorest camps as al jazeera says hama been javid reports now from the border region between turkey and syria aid workers are appealing for donors to take care of them. the dangerous still was the only source of warmth in the flimsy tent the fumes make it hard to breathe the sheets on the floor and mattresses are always damp is little choice but to burn what they can plastic waste becomes fuel to stay warm children sift through what others throw out in the in the danger the risk of disease and the stench sometimes they're injured when the garbage bags contain broken glass for sharp objects ready and his family moved to this refugee camp over a year ago his father was killed in the city of hama and his brother was wounded in an airstrike. now me he takes care of the family with his mother. he goes out with other children to collect plastic he sells some of it and burns the rest to stay
12:34 am
warm. i work in the landfill until sunset i make around fifty dollars a month camps around ours have schools but we don't have anything i don't know why there's nothing else for me to do except collecting nylon tin and copper from the garbage dump. nearly a hundred families live in the near hama and it led many are too poor to try to move as fair. share knows the risks of inhaling toxic fumes but says it's better than freezing to death. god knows our situation the smoke is very bad from the nile and bags we use it for the heating we burn cans shoes no one is looking after us. aid workers say they are aware of such clusters of families but with limited resources being spent in official camps there's not much they can do. we call these unofficial or an organized camps they come about because of the city and they are nothing like the organized ones here the situation is much worse they are at risk
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from extreme weather more than fifty percent of the camps in northern syria are on organized and they are in this situation the un's children agency says nearly six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war for nearly eight years the venta is always being the most difficult period and with the prolonged conflict and support for people each year keeps getting worse. as many children continue to inhale toxic fumes and suffer health education hygiene problems many don't have high hopes for the future some a big job without a zero. at the border between turkey and syria. are coming up if you're watching us on facebook a short clip from a speech that was given by hollywood actress mindy kale in about women's rights. and still ahead. six of the best says
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the super bowl. but first a snapshot of the world. well
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wait hold the super bowl excitement decided looks like this quite
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a few people who refused to watch the game last night why suddenly yeah there was this boycott you may remember calling caprona he's the one in the middle here nail for the u.s. anthem before n.f.l. games well since the quarterbacks protests in twenty sixteen against police brutality towards black people he hasn't been able to sign with another team now despite the backlash against him including from donald trump the former san francisco forty nine er continues to enjoy some support such as this of people using the hash tag i'm with cap and they're saying that they're not watching the super bowl many of them didn't several celebrities have also joined in such as ever divert any who refused to watch the super bowl because of what she called the racist treatment of capper nick reality t.v. star jesse woo also shared this video on her instagram where would he be if our incest years were as fickle as we are. i thought we were boycotting then i felt like i thought the super bowl was canceled i thought the n.f.l.
12:39 am
was canceled again here we are you know the n.f.l. places the super bowl in atlanta the well congress of the united states and i'm seeing all of us who were supposed to be standing with cap attending every event that promotes an organization that presses black players amidst. the most terrible social issue climate of our lives after nick cannon started the hash tag stand for what to condemn kapur next critics ban for what you want me to stand for song that continues to remind me all the harms that have done us wrong thing more than two hundred black americans were shot and killed by police in the u.s. in two thousand and six in new york happened it was protesting that sparked national protests and boosted the black lives lot matter movement something nick cannon talks more about here in this video. while he hasn't played football since the twenty sixteen season capper next been spending time giving back to communities and continues to stand for what he believes and through his campaign called know your
12:40 am
rights camp that aims to raise young people's awareness of higher education self empowerment and interacting with police instead of watching the super bowl some of caps supporters spent their sunday giving back. the beautiful fiance we're in wallingford we're going to four o'clock collecting all the items on a story we're here at the reach young you don't shelter and show us what your brain can see and that following frank's honor. here be to me. hang out here because we're clearly not watching. all right well there's a lot more super bowl news with joe away from the controversy there's a sports things of course to tell there is not yet fully in absolutely in case you haven't heard it is happy pats day fans of the new in the pages celebrating a record equalling six super bowl title after beating the los angeles rams thirteen to three as tom brady and the boys did the business in atlanta georgia supporters at the home of the n.f.l.
12:41 am
franchise it boast and launched into a pot and. it started out all festive at the rams home base the franchise was on to the st louis name when they lost to the patriots in two thousand and one the first new england six super bowls this time in los angeles is a much more on the move so bring it became for the support since. it's unfortunate i want the city of l.a. to want to get a break from posters of the word into the words this is a very serious serious to the feelings that she was to feel like we did three games against a tree and she said this is where do you feed l.a. . times poll over the many rounds. well next time it could be seventh heaven for the patriots one more lifting of the vince lombardi trophy and i'll go ahead of the pittsburgh steelers with most super bowl successes tom brady
12:42 am
is already on his own with one record six winning rings the most for an individual player the forty one year old also the oldest super bowl winning quarterback and his bond with bill belichick is something special they've been together since two thousand and sixty six year old college check is the oldest and most successful super bowl coach doesn't strike me proud of everybody and. obviously could do without without all of them they're the ones who really deserve the credit players went out there and competed against a great football team have a ton of respect for shown his staff the rest of the rams football team i mean that's a that's a great team and you know we knew it was going to be. as hard a competition as we had all year and it was so just happy to have to be able to come on top on top make a few more plays and they were able to make the. better than last year. here we grind it out it was tough they made every play tough and i give them
12:43 am
a lot of credit and coach phillips all those players they played really well on defense fortunately our defense really played the best game they have all season and it was just incredible when well tom brady you as the man everyone wanted to congratulate bill belichick had a hard time this is the legendary coach having to fight through the crowd to get up close with his star player to celebrate what's become the most successful player coach combo in the n.f.l. and some fans thought tom brady's perfect a loving daughter stole the show six year old vivian was also in her daddy's arms when he went to the podium for an interview before picking up the vince lombardi trophy was me super bowl player and winner to then get back to his other job of parenting there was this lovely moments when patriots fullback james devlin played with his boys on the field as he celebrated his third super bowl victory now to a story we've been following on news grid since november the case of bahraini footballer hakimullah raby he's fighting extradition from thailand he found out on monday that
12:44 am
he's facing up to sixty days in a prison in bangkok before his fate will be decided at oraibi as a refugee in australia but bahrain's government want him to serve a ten year prison sentence vandalism something he denies human rights groups say he could be tortured if he's sent back out of arabia paid a hearing in bangkok to tell the judge he refuses to return is next hearing isn't until april when the australian prime minister fifa and the head of the olympic committee have all called on thailand to free our araby foremost training captain craig foster has been spearheading the campaign was outside the courts in bangkok. the top foreign minister has executive discretion in this matter that's the most important thing right now the talk of government has been done knowing that consistently the past two months just last week the attorney general stepped conmen i think as the deputy attorney general stated publicly here at needed that in
12:45 am
a true fact in detroit the foreign minister can expel the sky since it's pretty politically motivated at any point right throughout that that that makes today throughout the next sixty days or a day further to that so we're going to continue to push for that and we know that the top foreign minister hasn't responded to any of that is that where that scott morrison is or fatima simmers or thomas box they have had no response to to anyone around the world to expedite in this case which is their biggest worry when one image to another thank you gift in fact following castle's asian cup football triumph shake to main bin hamad al funny handing the prize to number ten josie to kuwait's head of state shake subba. many kuwaiti supported cats at the final in the united arab emirates the team which beat japan three one otherwise had a little backing as a result of an ongoing blockade by the u.a.e.
12:46 am
saudi arabia bahrain and egypt. well peter will be back with more here at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it is back to folly john i think you very much for that that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us at all times. these great for me fully back to the whole team here in doha thank you very much for watching we'll see you here again at city of fourteen at fifteen g.m.t. tomorrow felicity barr is live next from london. the world's largest oil company fails to become public what's happened to. all the
12:47 am
kingdoms of the company inseparable they're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely says something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab. the company and the state on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news take the worst possible material you radio grounded into
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dust comparable to flour and make a meal out and put it into a place where people live it is a cause colossal event. as well and for many people a flood here this is the silent heat. but as it makes you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous normal mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. eleven european countries deliver a diplomatic blow to nicholas majeure right recognizing one why don't you as venezuela's interim president.
12:49 am
how about i'm going to steal and this is so al jazeera live from london also coming up. a car bomb explodes near a shopping mall in the somali capital killing at least twelve people. yemen is hit by an outbreak of swine flu a virus spreading deadly in a country weakened by war color. and starvation. and a bahraini footballer begs judges in thailand not to send him back because he fears he'll be tortured. hello venezuela's government has hit back at eleven european countries have endorsed the opposition leader why don't you as the country's interim president several nations have given president nicolas maduro a sunday deadline to call a presidential election or they would recognize. diplomatic shifts in europe is
12:50 am
a major base the idea who also has the support of the u.s. canada and ten latin american countries duros ally russia has condemned what it describes as european interference although as well as government says it will revise its relations with countries like spain and france who have endorsed. their own that we consider that today the president of the national assembly mr garrido was legitimacy is perfectly acknowledged has the ability to call for presidential elections this is the issue it will be released by nia and going to the spanish government announces that it recognizes officially the president of the national assembly of venezuela mr glider marquez as interim president of venezuela listen if you don't get i mean it will be released by your team in the field by also announce that the spanish government has the intention of promoting in the heart of the european union and also in the united nations a humanitarian plant here to ask urgently the serious situation in venezuela may no
12:51 am
one forget that the people of venezuela are the ones suffering the serious consequences of this conflict and the material regime in the. whole madeira himself singled out spain's prime minister as he attacked the e.u. and yes another event with the military. do you want to know the president signs i say to mr pedro sanchez god forbid but if one day there is a coup d'etat your hands will have blood on them just like the hands of person maria aznar in the war in iraq that they will forever be stained with blood and history will remember you as a puppet who is put at the service of the interventionist war mongering policy of donald trump. well my dear i may be able to take a little comfort from the fact that the e.u. is not entirely united in its approach to venezuela italy has blocked the release of any statement which would have recognized the interim president meet barker's with minister here for more on but so not completely united the european union that that's right even though the number of european countries recognizing the interim
12:52 am
president of venezuela has now gone up to twelve the e.u. has fallen short when it comes to following suit because the e.u. depends on unanimity between all of its twenty eight member states and we've heard that the italians be prepared to veto any joint statement its coalition governments and complete loggerheads about what to do with the situation in venezuela it's led to a very rare intervention by the president of italy who's normally a ceremonial figure who's now saying to the government look you need to sort this out and potentially back going forward but at the moment the italians are saying no that's exactly not what they're going to do the greeks have also said that they're not going to follow suit they're not going to back this president very similar situation in ireland as well the irish are saying ok look we do support free and fair elections but going as far as recognizing god i was a step too far for them at the moment saying that though given this increasing number of powerful states the u.k.
12:53 am
france germany spain within europe saying that because majority has to go one wonders what options are left open to him now and i mean the pressure increasing on him all the time he's actually reached out to the pope himself an unprecedented step i think it's fair to say he's actually asked pope francis obviously issues. the popular figure in south america to facilitate contact with the e.u. for the vatican to do that would be an extremely rare and unusual step it does make you question what kind of mindframe the existing venice weighed in leadership is in at the moment that clearly exploring all the options open to it but given the weight of opposition in europe against nicolas maduro time is clearly running out for him what his next move will be under this pressure clearly we don't know as yet made for the moment thank you well the canadian prime minister justin trudeau has pledged forty million dollars in humanitarian aid for venezuelans now he's
12:54 am
currently hosting a meeting of latin american countries in also at the forty nations lima great was set up in twenty seventeen to work towards a peaceful resolution to years of crisis in venezuela eleven of its members have recognized as interim presidents or gabriel alexander joins us now live from the office what so give us more details about this meeting what is the aim of it. the aim in short is to try to come up with some sort of resolution on how to get venezuela out of the political economic and humanitarian crisis that the country's patient facing but do so by pushing nicolas maduro out of office all of the countries that are represented here in ottawa that are meeting right now behind closed doors. they all have the same objective and that is that they are all on the side of juan now in the opening session here about an hour or so ago prime minister justin trudeau of canada said that he spoke to wide on sunday reaffirm his country
12:55 am
and the lima group's backing of him and as you mentioned to go saying canada was going to have forty million dollars set aside to help humanitarian efforts but in terms of specifically what this group is going to do that's what we're waiting for and we probably won't hear to a little bit later this afternoon when they come out of these meetings were able to question them on what new steps they plan to take it's important point out that in this meeting all the countries from the lima group which are seven south american foreign ministers are here for from central america mike pompei o and a top diplomat from the european union are also taking part in the meetings via video conference as well as diplomats from europe that are here from germany france the u.k. and spain as well who is not represented here are any of the countries that are supporting nicolas maduro sort of be very interesting to see when they come out from these meetings later today what exactly their plan is moving forward all right
12:56 am
so listen to keeping an eye on that meeting thank you. well that is why this humanitarian disaster is on precedented in latin american history more babies are dying with infant mortality at twenty one deaths per one thousand live births a rate that's blamed on deteriorating nutrition a collapse in living standards and a complete breakdown of the health system eighty seven percent of venezuelans are thought to live in poverty and annual inflation is out of control it was estimated to be one point seven million percent in the end at the end of twenty eight scene but means ten thousand dollars worth of savings in january we'll have twin girls to just fifty nine cents by the end of the year people can't even afford basic food items a study found that venezuelans lost an average of eleven kilos in body weight in twenty seventeen simply because they're going hungry by the end of last year prices
12:57 am
were doubling every nineteen days on average the price of a cup of coffee in the capital is thought to have doubled to sixty two cents in the space of just a week in december. my son's whalen's hadn't heard of before he declared himself interim president but as our latin american editor you see a new man reports from caracas he's quickly become a figure of hope amid a worsening crisis. it's late at night at the basketball court when one wide dog summons his neighbors to share with them his vision for venezuela. we were born on this earth to be happy we'll do everything possible to achieve a political way out of our crisis and show that we are powerful united you are powerful never let them take away our ability to dream. he's only thirty five years old but for those who dream of seeing president nicolas maduro go why the war is
12:58 am
the yes we can. many in fact are comparing his looks and his style with barack obama. a remarkable turn of events considering that most venezuelans had barely heard of why the until the opposition controlled national assembly put claimed him venezuela's interim president i heard of him two weeks ago when i put on the t.v. . and what is your opinion of him anyone is better than the one we have now. this working class neighborhood used to be fiercely loyal to deceased former president chavis was it hard as we tried on this day we can't find anyone who doesn't believe that his successor. has struck out. is angry. white or represents hope for our country we need takes over
12:59 am
god willing investors will return to venezuela and so will my two sons because with no one believes in venezuela he's handed it over to criminals twenty six year old says that now that he's heard of why the law he likes would. hiers. chains to be able to go to a supermarket and find what you want the future of our children. not that it's been easy for guide dog to get his message across in business the government has shut down or could tailed much of the opposition media and that includes access to the internet. according to a european in geo the track censorship addressed a mass rally on saturday the state internet carrier blocked the social networks for twelve of the thirteen minutes in which he spoke. president muddles charges of foreign intervention to bring about regime change are heard everywhere. but for many venezuelans the issue of sovereignty has become less important than the
1:00 am
promise of better days to come to see an human al-jazeera that acts. beyond group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for two attacks in somalia at least twelve people were killed and several more injured when a car bomb exploded near a shopping mall in the capital mogadishu a restaurant was destroyed in the blast well beyond group says its fighters also shot dead the head of a port operations company in the semi autonomous somali region of and paul anthony formosa who was a multis national ran operations there for the dubai owned company and al-shabaab spokesman says the group targeted for most of because he worked for a company that quote occupies the area has more from neighboring kenya. in a statement on their website.


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