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so you're it's the same and they're confronting the same for so that i don't think that they have all the army with them but at the moment all the high ranking army is is behind do and the country is divided between the the country to sell for the civil society which is obviously what we're well me i guess mulgrew and then a very tiny minority who controls the arms this is not the case this is not a country like other countries which both sides are arming there's going to be a civil war there's not going to be any civil war if there is anything there's going to be a massacre against people and i have to be very clear about this without the threat of intervention which i despise as of venezuela but without the threat of intervention the government would have already committed a massacre there's no doubt about that they did in two thousand and seventeen when they kill one hundred fifty students industry chart there in plain sight and they will do it again then don't you think this threat of intervention by the us is widespread keeping them phone from acting oh yeah well i don't know why i don't
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want to be in a prison if it was not for that so we might hate this situation and i something that's what i hate but i think your reporter there somewhere i see very well where a desperate situation which requires desperate measures so what breaks the impasse and where do we go from here short of a bloodbath well who has to back down and that's the person who's not he's clearly not well backing down because he's got the army and well i think general john is a matter of time they are cut off resources you know they're not they don't have the thanks and it's actions china came yesterday saying that they were be willing to work with any government which means they're backing down it's just russia. russian intervention the cuban intervention which is used in venezuela as a buffer between the united states and cuba itself so that what's happening here is basically your political game in which the venezuelans are caught here in the game but i think i really hope. that the military the armed forces will listen you are
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already to high very high active generals who defeated who defected and there's many others there are muscly sure of that but let's not forget that the armed forces are extremely surveilled by the intelligence services of cuba and has their story surveilled well into the service or within the government they're deeply penetrated but i think at the end of the day the they will have to choose between coming out and confronting the regime which is a completely legal for us is two thousand in fifteen when it's bypassing elected congress authorized time and this is something that i think i want to mention again some media outlets are saying the self-proclaimed wedo why do it's not self the law and the constitution is very clear on this he was the default pressure because on the on january the mandate of motherhood or finish. he was mad or not re-elected no he was really not he was reelected by election called by the constitutional
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assembly which was to ask the parliament that he himself created let me explain a very simple imagine that that lay were lost the election next prime minister in britain may or may last election and she decided to create her own parliament and the new parliament will notify the proper parliament also call a lecture in reelected her for ten years more and then is that makes her literate doesn't that's exactly what happened in minnesota the laws in the constitution make it very clear that the president of the congress elected in two thousand and fifty by the majority of people in venezuela would be the president in case of vacuum of power and that backup power happened in january when the mandate or no mandate or motherhood or finish and this is something that the media has to correct he's not self-proclaimed all right interesting to hear thoughts on this thank you so much for your insight remarks gyro logo or candle from northwestern university joining us here on news hour it's an attention to other world news any armed who has claimed responsibility for two separate attacks in. somalia in the capital
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mogadishu a car bomb killed at least twelve people and injured dozens outside a shopping mall and al-shabaab carried out another attack in point semi-autonomous region of somalia gunmen killed the head of a dubai based company operating a port there. is a professor and of international relations at qatar university he says al-shabaab has ability to carry out such attacks demonstrates the government's weakness. this has been going on for a while and in fact it's been more to the weakness of the state than the strength of. only be strong to the extent of the government is weak and this is done in. year after year to do the same thing can be depending on some structures and some still the only or pubs the minstrels to provide everyone with. at least the way or the way to go about building goods extremely slow if you want to uproot you have to combine it on the ground and also nutritionists in whoever is
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full of supply and i think words are going on the moment is the only external is of fighting in fact somali government is not able to lead it's almost designed its own scooty policy and not to own it simply because we don't have the kababs the capability or mostly just a little steam here and we are clear of cutting wherever we want to talk and that's exactly what they are sending and that is nobody can just disprove that fed to your head on this news hour including forty years of memories we look at how iran has been impacted by two major events that transformed the country last kenyon is warning their houses and mosques may collapse because of new rules to save the mangroves and no freedom in sight for the bahraini footballer who's fighting extradition from thailand will have all the news from his latest court appearance coming up in sports with peta.
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but first a hungary and court has handed down jail sentences for one of the country's worst environmental disasters ten people were killed and rivers were destroyed when more than a million cubic meters of toxic sludge bessemer reservoir and human implant in two thousand and ten reports. this was the toxic tide that swept through three villages in hungary in two thousand and ten when sludge containing hazardous waste burst through the banks of a storage reservoir it put arsenic mercury and untold damage to the region the country's worst environmental disaster responsible for killing ten people and injuring two hundred more. but in twenty sixteen cleared the managers of the aluminum plant mile of negligence with the judge ruling that the cause of the reservoir collapse was the unstable soil beneath the storage pond at the time there
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were protests in court. that verdict has now been reversed with two directors of the plant being found guilty of endangering the public by criminal negligence and sentenced to two and a half years because of. these pictures taken by environmental organization w w f a from four months before the disaster they say they showed clear signs of weakness in the reservoir structure suggesting it was already leaking the evidence being the channel of red liquid seen on the left the new verdict is a win for environmentalist and local residents but despite vast sums spent on deep polluting the region hundreds of hectares of land remain sealed off unfit for farming it will bear traces of the tragedy for years to come. out as their. pope francis has again condemned the war in yemen saying the consequences of a countries that are saying civil war are quote before the head of the roman
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catholic church was speaking at a gathering of faith leaders in the united arab emirates one of the main coalition partners backing yemen's government and its fight against the rebels on sunday he appealed for yemen's warring parties to observe a truce and allow essential aid to be delivered to millions of people this is a first visit by a catholic pope to the arabian peninsula the birthplace of islam. before our eyes or the ugly consequences of war i am thinking in particular of yemen syria iraq and libya and i call upon all religions to stand together and oppose the logic of armed power we are against money driving international relations against the arming of boarders the raising of walls we propose the gentle strength of the prayer and the daily effort and dialogue while an outbreak of swine flu is the latest emergency in yemen the virus follows the world's worst outbreak of cholera
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as millions of yemenis are weakened by starvation priyanka gupta has the details. another rival in this hospital in the capital sanaa another victim of the consequences of the war in yemen fatima is suffering from each one n one influenza also known as swine flu it's known to break down the immune system and cause lung problems among other complaints but the saudi u.a.e. coalition's repeated targeting of hospitals means the flu which is best treated have detected early it's been diagnosed late or. she suffered from coughing for about twenty days we have seen several doctors in several hospitals but it is here where she has finally been properly diagnosed the virus is spreading graphically mostly in the hooty controlled areas of sanaa souther and abe for hundreds of cases reported so far there's only one type of medicine available most hospitals are running out and pharmacies that to stock the medicine are
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charging forty dollars for it the lifesaving drugs are simply out of reach for the families of the patients because they live out of who are now looking for the medicine that deals with such a virus we were shocked to know that the hospital only gave us some of the needed tablets and not all of them because of the medicine shortage. that we and other patients need more medicine us so we urge the united nations and the ministry of health to do whatever it takes to make this medicine available. that's a tall order where more than fifty percent of the people don't have access to regular health care less than half a hospital are working and the risk of an epidemic is increased in crowded cities and towns teeming with yemenis displaced by war. we are talking about a massive spread of disease the ministry of health has registered in its latest statistics four hundred one thousand cases of swine flu this is the number we've
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managed to register but there are dozens of patients that have not been registered because of the inability of those patients to access. to the war and the siege the death toll has so far reached. the u.n. is trying to rescue their. december to stuff fighting in the city of. renewed fighting around the port is making it almost impossible for critical to reach patients needing medicine for the x one n one flu virus. turkey's president say a saudi arabia's crown prince and the kingdom's former foreign minister have lied about the murder of jamal. also reiterated his despair in action over the killing of the saudi. stephanie has more from.
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speaking to the state roll call starr mentioning. and i suppose about how there's been no real movement also referred to the united states disappointment in how they are talking and this is what he had to say because. i cannot understand america's silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. but he had harsher words going back to when it all began. the saudi foreign minister of course he was saying that there was a collaboration there was a collaborator to dispose of the body of this is the saudi version of course the body of mr hersh has still not been found who said well if there is a collaborator who is he where is he what is his name if you know that he also mentioned the saudi crown prince mohammed of inside man saying that initially his
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version was that he had left the concert and he said now we know that those two things were lawyers so he also called for those fifteen men the fifteen saudi nationals that flew into is on the day of the murder he said these are the perpetrators we need to know who they are and of course turkey has already requested their extradition but the saudis are conducting their own investigation nobody knows who the men are that they have indicted eleven men have been indicted five of those facing the death penalty but it is a very opaque process now all of this comes just as she is the u.n. special officer. has wrapped up her visit here in turkey she's really the first independent person looking at this because of course it is such a politically loaded story all the countries yes they want to put pressure on saudi arabia but the same time no one really seems to be willing to go that extra mile to break relationships with the kingdom so for months still no body and certainly
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a big question as well as to who ordered the killing of a high profile journalist in the saudi diplomatic mission here in istanbul u.s. president donald trump's comments about u.s. troops in iraq have drawn strong reactions from baghdad on sunday told a u.s. t.v. network that it was important to keep american military presence in iraq to keep a close eye on iran iraq president the iraqi president has hit back saying trump shouldn't overburden iraq with u.s. issues. he has. zero zero zero zero zero. zero. zero zero this. year is.
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a. part. of this meanwhile iran is mocking the fortieth anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution within a year the country would be at war with iraq which was backed by western and arab allies decades later iranian speak of the revolution and the war in the same breath two major upheavals that transformed the country and remain in extra capital linked in their minds at the time post-revolutionary iran was still finding its feet and was militarily unprepared for its first conflicts the eight year war ended in the stalemates where the deaths of about a million iranians and on with hundreds of thousands of iraqis he has a report from tehran. hamid silly he was just a teenager when iraq invaded iran in one thousand nine hundred he joined the army a just fourteen years old and spent five years as a frontline soldier injured multiple times he would recover and had once more into
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the fray. but his war ended when a gas attack destroyed seventy percent of his lungs and impaired his vision. posen going to care though the him immediately after the revolution when our army wasn't well prepared we came under attack from iraq the islamic revolutionary guard corps was too busy with internal conflicts so as it happens in any other country people volunteered to defend their nation against the aggressors. it was a conflict that shattered the lives of millions of iranians iran and iraq are now the closest of allies but the war taught iranian leaders important lessons in national security that have influenced policy decisions ever since the post revolution government was shaky and caught off guard. forty years later military leaders want everyone to know it won't happen again. the anniversary of the islamic revolution kicked off with another display of military strength unveiled at an arms
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expo at the hands made mosque to have a z. is reported to be iran's latest surface to surface cruise missile iranian commander see it has a range of more than thirteen hundred kilometers and is named after the city famous for resisting iraqi forces during the war that dog days and a unicorn named we live in a time when certain rulers who have no regard for the rights of nations ignore their commitment to treaties and international laws and walk all over them in such a world it is wise that we defend our national security by every means possible despite sanctions. iranians appear keen to boost public confidence in the military civilians here get a rare peek at iran's arsenal and enemies a warning to keep their distance. in the forty years since revolution iran has faced ongoing tensions with the united states israel and several arab neighbors as well as taking on illegal drug cartels and armed groups on its eastern borders eisel and iranian dissidents have also carried out attacks on iranian soil and the
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ballistic missiles program better iran says is for self-defense has been widely condemned even by its european allies have on it therefore usually a strong you know the level of iran's defense capability has become a stabilizing factor in the region in many sectors we rank in the top five ten in the world and what is important is that all these programs create stability and security in the region. iranian military might help drive eisel out of iraq. keep allies in power in syria and support the fighters against the saudi coalition in yemen key military victories did appear to have taught iran's leaders the best way to deal with friends and enemies is from a position of strength. wrote to her on. her head on al-jazeera a once in a century in australia forced hundreds to evacuate and something adding to the danger and the past master critical pray that how tom brady's new england patriots
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to yet another super bowl crown peters along in a little while with the details to stay with us. once again welcome to another look at the international forecast a me start in the middle east where it's generates that clout that as you can see around the east side of the reach of the pakistan just catching water to shower some more when she weather still in place the around afghanistan pushing a little further north come into the central pass what's iran struggling on the temperatures just eight degrees celsius twenty four q a city and for baghdad father drive around that eastern side of the mediterranean on choose to make the most of it because come where to stay cloud around to make its way into the eastern side of the med some showers coming in to cyprus the clouds over around the levant but temperatures in beirut still getting up to around twenty two degrees for the dry
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still across iraq iran pushing over towards afghanistan clear skies in kabul temperatures up to around four degrees celsius and clear skies to across the reagan peninsula they were fresher than it has been recently temperatures here in about twenty two or twenty three degrees but barely a cloud in the sky and fewer clouds in the sky too across the eastern side of south africa over the next say the skies are clearing house one or two showers up towards johannesburg but the wetter weather will be further north and more than parts of mozambique a good part of northern eastern i guess. sume killed ten from many members. of her in. the wall as possible. people in power meets the women heading an eighteen man militia.
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and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand and. an eye for an army in iraq on al-jazeera. right out of a mosque examining the headline within with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the u.s. news and setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you'll consider sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feels safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories venezuelan opposition leader is asking the military to defy president nicolas maduro as orders and open a humanitarian corridor or into a country speaking in caracas a short time ago he thanked european countries including britain france and spain recognize him as venezuela's interim leader. fighters in somalia say they bombed a shopping center in mogadishu of the blast killed at least twelve people and wounded dozens of others in some obvious capital. and of course hungary has sentenced to four. more executives to serve jail time in connection with an environmental disaster in two thousand and ten more than a million cubic meters of toxic sludge press from a reservoir at an aluminum plant killing ten people and destroying rivers. like greece's prime minister is traveling to turkey for
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a three day visit territorial disputes and the tussle over oil and gas which is off the coast of cyprus are expected to be on the agenda and so easy thorny issue of greece providing sanctuary to take me offices offered the phrase the failed cool johnson reports on athens. the last time the two leaders met in athens fourteen months ago their language was combative president. accusing the greek prime minister of sheltering turkish army officers suspected of plotting the failed coup against him three years ago alexis g.p.s. reminded that the island of cyprus is divided between greek and turkish cypriots because of turkey's invasion forty five years ago the stage is now set for a repeat performance in ankara turkey's powerful national security council last week renewed extradition demands for the eight offices seeking asylum in greece despite greek supreme court judges forbidding extradition on humanitarian grounds
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the soldiers had commandeered a helicopter to escape and landed in greece decides he's treating the visit not as an opportunity but to. to reaffirm what the state of relationship is such that greece has no option but to. yield to turkey's demands. if that's a correct assessment when the visits would be. a trauma if anything the stakes are now higher last october turkey sent a drilling ship to explore the seabed near cyprus for oil and gas in response to similar exploration by cypriots cyprus says it has the right to exploit undersea resources the turkish government disputes that in another spat greece's foreign minister announced that he was preparing to extend greek territorial waters
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turkey's response was to threaten war twenty years ago greece lifted its veto on turkish membership talks with the european union and the two countries started exploratory talks that came close to resolving their territorial differences in the aegean but greece then hesitated to commit to any deal and eighteen months ago turkey pulled out of the talks altogether the two sides now have no forum to discuss differences. setting up a bilateral forum would make the visit a success from the greek point of view but expectations are low jumps are openness al-jazeera athens. the new president of el salvador is of palestinian descent. upset the two party system which has all the central american country since one thousand nine hundred two the thirty seven year old former mayor of the capital campaigned as an anti-establishment outsider promising to stamp out corruption kevin is the former vice president of costa rica he says the next president will
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have to find a way to engage without salvatore's gangs the fact of the matter is that you can still become so powerful that they get to assert control tires. of the territory of the country. particularly in the. cities and in some ways you know whoever wants to run for office has to whine and accommodation. with the gangs because they they have become political actor in their own right that's not unique to those i mean. in a similar way you find this kind of phenomenon in a lesson in rio in brazil you find it in the townships in kingston jamaica and for a long time you you know you could find the same kind of thing in southern italy with the mafia so you know it has become not simply
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a security issue but also lou. not a story that i spot tensions between the u.s. and india hundred thirty foreign students were detained by u.s. immigration officers for not rolling in a fake university that catches a university was created by the department of homeland security to lure students trying to overstay their visas as students had immigrated legally to the u.s. but university recruiters have students obtained fraudulent immigration documents in a bid to deceive authorities one hundred twenty nine of the one hundred thirty arrested students are indians it is one of the largest immigration sweeps involving indians in recent years sauer aziz is a professor of law at rutgers university and director of the center on security race n.y.c. says it's unclear whether that attain students were aware that they were in rolling in a fake university. in this case it's unclear whether these students who were targeted
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knew that what was happening at least initially was illegal if the government agents are simply providing the means and opportunity to engage in a criminal act then it is not entrapment but there are a lot of open questions are these students where they told by the recruiter is that there was a loophole in the law and that by rolling in the school they didn't have to show up and they could stay or did the students in fact know that what was happening was illegal and that's going to determine whether or not they in fact violated the law or whether they were go bull victims recruiters and law enforcement homeless curity agents targeting them there was another university called northern new jersey university that was a fake university set up by ice and they indicted students and two thousand and sixteen again similar scheme where they told students that if they enroll that they could continue to stay that their f. one b. says would be extended because they could use their own that in this fake university as
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a basis to stay so clearly the government is targeting international students which begs the question of whether this is really a policy priority there are people who are undocumented who are committing violent crimes and i think most americans would agree that that should be the priority right now. prosecutors in senegal are preparing to extradite one of india's most wanted fugitives ravi pujari was arrested in the country's capital to last month after spending more than fifteen years on the run is wanted for mad kidnapping and blackmail make an attack has a story from the car. it's in this upscale neighborhood of the capital the car that a man described by the indian press as a dawn of the underworld was found in arrested just a few weeks ago he's been living here in hiding for a number of years he owns a strings of businesses a real estate agency a restaurant and a barber shop where he was arrested by the senegalese security forces just weeks ago through
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a tip off of the indian intelligence services that have been looking for him for the last fifteen years now he owns this restaurant the mom roger a very popular among ex-pat customers myself included i've eaten here and been served by this man who would come at the end of the meal distributing sweets with a smile a little did we know that he was in fact an indian gangster wanted for murder and also wanted because he tried to extort money out of bollywood stars like he's down in the custody of the senegalese authorities they tell me that in his possession was a passport from brick enough so he told them that he married someone from looking out for us and fifteen years ago he goes under the name of tony fernandez very popular among even the indian community here who didn't know that he was in fact an indian gangster he was last seen a back in january distributing prizes and presents cricket game the indians one him
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back if sentenced he could not only face a lifetime in prison but you risk facing the death penalty. now winter is the most difficult season for millions of syrian war refugees especially those in the poorest camps as osama bin javid reports from the border region between turkey and syria aid workers are appealing for donors to care for them. the dangerous is the only source of warmth in the flimsy tent the fumes make it hard to breathe the sheets on the floor and mattresses are always down is the choice but to burn. plastic waste becomes fuel to stay warm children sift through what others throw out the danger the risk of disease and the stench sometimes. in his family moved to this refugee camp. his father was killed in the city of hama and his brother was wounded in an airstrike. now me he takes care of the family
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with his mother. he goes out with other children to collect plastic he sells some of it and burns the rest to stay warm. i work in the landfill until sunset i make around fifty dollars a month camps around ours have schools but we don't have anything i don't know why there's nothing else for me to do except collecting nylon tin and copper from the garbage dump. nearly a hundred families live in the near hama and it led many are too poor to try to move as fair. share knows the risks of inhaling toxic fumes but says it's better than freezing to death. god knows our situation the smoke is very bad from the island bags we use it for the heating we burn cans shoes no one is looking after us . aid workers say they are aware of such clusters of families but with limited resources being spent in official camps there's not much they can do is. we call these unofficial or an organized camps they come about because of the city and they
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are nothing like the organized ones here the situation is much worse they are at risk from extreme weather more than fifty percent of the camps in northern syria are on organized and they are in this situation the un's children agency says nearly six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war for nearly eight years the venta is always being the most difficult period and with the prolonged conflict and support for people each year keeps getting worse. as many children continue to inhale toxic fumes and suffer health education hygiene problems many don't have high hopes for the future some a big job without a zero. at the border between turkey and syria troops are being sent in to help deal with catastrophic flooding in northeast australia thousands of homes are submerged in queensland evacuation centers are open in the city a town.


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