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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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there is so much. venezuelan opposition members are in colombia to prepare the transfer of desperately needed aid. hello i missed audiotape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up all eyes on capitol hill u.s. president donald trump prepares to give his state of the union speech and outline his plans for the year ahead. giving peace and another try the central african
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republic government and groups signed a deal to end he is a violence. and bringing in the year of the chinese communities around the wild celebrates discretional day. venezuelan opposition politicians are in colombia preparing for the transfer of aid trucks carrying the supplies of currently in bogota waiting to travel to the border the aid was sent by washington at the request of self declared interim president. but it's unclear if military forces who remain loyal to president nicolas maduro will allow the supplies into the country madeira has blocked aid shipments in the past meanwhile hundreds of venezuelans have been lining up the border towns trying to buy desperately needed medicine as they wait for the u.s. help. yes he is in the last ten days us near the columbia
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then israeli border we're going to go visit. hasn't been easy to get to hear a lot of businesses and workers have had to walk across the border and leave venezuela we have to lay the foundations once and for all you not only for all social fabric also we should be able to give rise to a sustained democracy. to sustain freedom and that's absolutely fundamental. well pope francis says the vatican is willing to mediate in venezuela but only if both sides. the will of both sides is necessary both sides have to ask for it that is what happened in the case of argentina and chile. there are small steps that are needed in diplomacy and the last one is mediation. negotiators they need to move closer together to begin the possibilities of
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dialogue this is how diplomacy is carried out. my apologies earlier we did hear from the opposition leader and self declared interim president and now we will hear from other sunday around p.s.e. who is near the colombia venezuela border. this is shaping up to be the next frontline in the battle for control of venezuela we're standing in front of last bridge that connects with venezuela here in the border city of this bridge was in now curated back in two thousand and fifteen but never opened a victim of the growing tensions between colombia and the village as well as the situation the economic crisis deteriorated in venezuela in the exodus of venezuela migrants overwhelmed here to this city on the border in colombia and this is the place the building that you see behind me where the a the center by the usa id the united states relief agency is expected to arrive
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on wednesday the first number of trucks or being loaded in the capital. and are expected to leave. in the coming hours however there is no plan in place at least for now on how to push this aid across the border into. thirty's know that they need the help of the venezuelan military to do that and there is no indication that the government or the military wants to do that and actually we saw pictures were shot by a local newspaper here that show that there is a huge truck blocking the entrance to the bridge on the venezuelan side. well in just under two hours president all trump is due to deliver his second delayed state of the union address the u.s.
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leader was forced to postpone last month because of the longest government shutdown in american history polls show chunks going into the event with his approval ratings at a new low our white house correspondent kimberly health it reports. for we. donald trump has hinted immigration will be a big part of his tuesday state of the union address the white house says trump will try to unify a country divided over the issue but listen closely to the state. i think you'll find it very. well which is wasteful and doesn't solve the problem that the u.s. president has been in a political standoff with his democratic opposition over his request for five point seven billion from congress for a border wall he hopes to build along the u.s. border with mexico his speech was scheduled for last tuesday but was postponed by house speaker nancy pelosi during a congressional government funding battle that shut down parts of the government for thirty five days. the short term funding approved by congress to reopen the
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government will soon run out many will be watching to see if trump declares a national emergency to bypass congress and get the money he wants for his wall you'll hear the state in the union and then you'll see what happens right after. investing in infrastructure is another topic the white house says trump will cover as he did last year and calling on congress to produce a bill that generates at least one point five trillion dollars for the new infrastructure investment but other trump controversies overshadowed that effort on tuesday trump's expected to try again he's also reportedly planning to promise and end to the hiv epidemic in america discussed the trade war with china. and the political turmoil in venezuela. overall the tone of trump speech is expected
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to be conventional sticking to the teleprompter as he did last year as long as we are proud of who we are. and what we are fighting for there is nothing we cannot achieve. in his last two speeches to congress trump appeared willing to reach out to his political opponents to achieve shared legislative goals but within days of each address trump quickly returned to attacking democrats on his twitter feed a sharp contrast to his appeal for unity came to help it is live for us now on capitol hill kimberly as we count down to the speech we've been hearing from both parties that we've been hearing from both parties and both have very different views going into the speech of where the united states is headed and it should be noted in all of this that while the president delivers the speech he's delivering to a very different makeup in terms of the congress typically for the last two years
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as he's delivered the speech he's had republicans behind him his vice president of the speaker of the house and then paul ryan but now with the midterm congressional elections it will be a democrat and a republic behind him. there will be in fact nancy pelosi the new speaker of the house so the makeup is very different and also looming over all of this is of course that funding that could run out in just ten days unless there is some sort of bipartisan agreement in terms of the request by donald trump for border wall funding that five point seven billion something democrats republicans are working on right now the republican leader in the senate says they're hopeful there is a compromise but the top democrat in the senate says this is just another highlight of why donald trump's policies are not right for the united states take a listen. with regard to the. resolution of the big issue that we've been dealing with the last month or so. the conferees i'm told are having useful
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not partisan discussions about trying to craft a bill in a way that allows us to address border security. we pray for them each night and and hope for the best and looking forward to what they're going to do tomorrow knowing this president and his penchant for hyperbole will probably say the state of our union is stronger than it's ever been before in our nation's long history thanks to him knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up facts mislead the american people. the only question about the president's state of the union how often will be distorted how often will he make up how often will he resort to fear and divisiveness. and we should point out it's not just democrats criticizing some of the president's policies in the last couple of hours the republican controlled senate just pushed tacked on
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a very key announcement that was made in december by the president that some dropped withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria and afghanistan the senate voting in the last couple of hours to urge the president not to do a hasty withdrawal so it's in all of this the president has to try and convey a message of unity something the white house says he will try to do in his state of the union speech but it certainly will be a challenge and kimberly we know often members of congress and also the white house also invites guests to the state of the union there any noticeable invitees this. well it's really about the message that is being sent that we all try to kind of observe why these pacific gas were selected by not just the white house but this case the democratic opposition the white house is using some of the gas that of the first lady of the law to trump that will be seated in the chamber there to highlight some of their legislative priorities there will be a survivor of the tree of life shooting in pennsylvania that occurred that mass
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shooting there will be a person this president whose relatives have been killed by illegal immigrants that came into the united states as well as the. department of homeland security agent to his concert in fighting human trafficking but some of the strongest messages will come on the democratic side you will see and we've been seeing already members of congress female women female congress members dressed in white kind of reflecting the suffragette movement to get to the vote many many decades ago but now symbolic of the effort to push to advance women's rights in the united. dates as well we know that nancy pelosi bill will be in the chamber some of her guests will include openly transgender members of the u.s. military protesting the trip administration's ban on them serving in the military as well there will also be a guest that is an air traffic controller highlighting the fact that many
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government workers did not receive paychecks during that government shutdown of course one that continues to loom over the speech that we delivered by the press as there is committee halkett watching developments for us there on the hill thank you kimberly well john fredericks is a syndicated radio talk show host in the united states and he was chairman of the trump for president campaigns virginia units he joins us now from washington d.c. it's an exciting night on capitol hill was a unit of king for from president truman speech. well in the session this is a very big night for president trump because he gets to do a couple of things the first is he gets to deliver his message directly to the american people without the filter of the fake news media that is really in the gulf to the united states and during his administration he's able to talk about the tremendous success he's had jobs erupt wages are up small businesses are up manufacturing is up and for one ks are up savings are up everything is up except
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taxes taxes are down now the democrats are saying well there's a bunch of there's a lie distortion in the session either you have a job or you don't either you got a raise or you didn't if you're paying less taxes or you doubt there's no distortion that goes on when you have a good job at good wages that you're taking care of your family and you have a future for that we look for this evening speech the sacher to be visionary is going to talk about the future working in a bipartisan way with the new congress to get very important things done for the american people that both democrats and republicans can work together on just like they did with criminal justice reform which was legendary in the in the united states have been working on it for three decades finally got done under president trump he'll be talking about an infrastructure plan and also a good part of the speech is going to have to do with securing the southern border
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of the united states immigration reform and he'll touch on foreign policy this evening his american first vision which includes the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria and afghanistan the drawdown and committing to another one of his campaign promises which is getting the u.s. out of these endless costly wars in the middle east that go nowhere so i think the theme tonight is going to be work together unify the country and the president has a continued. sell to the american people his vision of his america first agenda which really is bucking right up against the washington establishment swap neo cons military industrial complex and basically in the sun the washington status quo john let me ask you about some of the indicators you've said that various indicators are on the up but one of the things that's been slipping has been approval ratings especially as the government shutdown continued and i believe you are on the
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advisory board for the trump twenty twenty campaign are you concerned about how public opinion has been affected by the shutdown absolutely not look on the heels of the shutdown we had a record number of jobs created in the month of january over three hundred thousand new jobs defying all economic forecasts of gloom and doom now was it unfortunate that people living paycheck to paycheck in america depending on the federal government didn't get paid and had to make ends meet and borrow money yes it was horrible but there they're all getting their back pay now it's back to normal i don't expect another government shutdown but look at that again it's to find all the doomsayers here and there's a lot of people that want to see the president fail and in order for him to fail the u.s. economy has to fail and it's really a sick situation i mean the democrats are now rooting for failure the president is
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working for greatness big difference john fredericks that with his thoughts about the state of the union thank you john. egypt's parliament is pushing ahead with plans to let. me stay on as president six years after the end of his term in twenty twenty two the proposal still has to pass several legislative hurdles before it becomes a constitutional amendment opposition figures fear this may be a sign of the country slipping back into a thora terrorism is after the overthrow of hosni mubarak during the arab spring dalia fahmy is associate professor of political science at long island university she says the president could even be in power right up until twenty thirty four. it's not a surprise and remember this is a president came into power through a coup solving one of the bloodiest massacres in egypt's history he has systematically consolidated power around himself virtually decapitating the
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judiciary the security services have really purchased most of the media outlets there is no independent journalism in egypt and we're seeing right now is that the parliament has become a rubber stamp on his authority and so it's not a surprise that he would be extending term limits or that there would be an extension of his term but that the only question was when it was going to happen and so now we have this proposal that was already approved by one fifth of the parliament which is all it needed and so we have this proposal that will go to some sort of vote in the coming months in the summer time probably and all it needs is two thirds approval and that they've already secured according to many parliamentarians and so this will pass and so the terms will go from four to six hears and virtually meaning that there will be some kind of special accommodation made for president sisi so that he remains president until twenty thirty four ironically enough in twenty thirty four if he will be eighty years old very similar
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to the age that mubarak was when he was removed from office the eighth anniversary which is just next week and so are having this display of a show of extreme executive power coming upon this moment where ears ago egyptians were actually celebrating change and so we're seeing today is not only has egypt regressed to pre-revolutionary moments but it's actually consolidating through this constitutional amendment if it indeed goes to a referendum and votes and i voted in in the summer that we are way worse than we were under mubarak. weather next but still ahead on al jazeera with temperatures plunging in iraq and there are calls to protect children living in displacement camps. and standing united leaders from africa so how a region call for more help from the u.n. in their struggle against on screen.
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hello welcome to another look at the international forecasts five start to the lunar new year in china for the most part you can see this area of cloud just making its way towards the east side of the country what's about as we go through where the state could still see wanted to showers creeping in here longer spells of rain for thursday shanghai around thirteen degrees but further south we're into the low to mid twenty's as we go on through the next couple days pushing up towards the high twenty's by the time we come to the weekend fun enjoy it see across northern parts of south asia into china looking good philippines lossie set fair want to see showers there into borneo will be some heavy showers as usual southern parts of warning you know just pushing across through some it in asia more the same as we go on through wednesday and on into thursday pushed further north into thailand and
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the right has gone for the time bay bangkok getting up to around thirty three thirty four degrees over the next couple of days still some lively showers on the other side of the goal that they're pushing their way towards flank a lot of cloud showing up to the showers looking up pretty lively from time to time some heavy downpours always a possibility where to stay going on into thursday and further north a cousin heavy burst of friday with snow well in india. who would sponsor a town. as venezuela is on the brink. with two men facing off for palm. one of the self-proclaimed interim venezuelan leader. tweaks to al jazeera.
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welcome back i'm the star and a reminder about top stories this hour venezuelan opposition politicians are in colombia preparing for the transfer of aid and supplies from the u.s. trucks were sent off to request for help myself to cad interim president. senate minority leader chuck schumer has accused donald trump of failing to unite the u.s. ahead of the president's state of the union address. egypt's parliament is advancing plans to let. me stay on as president well beyond the end of his time in twenty
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twenty two. a british man has been arrested in the united arab emirates after he was a cast on national team shut to a football match twenty six year old. travel to the u.a.e. for a holiday in january while i was there he went to watch a match between cussen and iraq where he wore a cast off shut off mudd says he didn't know ship so showing support for cast in the u.a.e. is punishable with a fine and prison sentence. the international criminal court has released the former president of ivory coast their own bag both spent seven years in custody at the hague and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election bag-o. will stay in belgium pending an appeal rival factions from central african republic have signed an initial deal to end six years of fighting an agreement between
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seance government and fourteen rebel groups was reached on sunday after two weeks of un led negotiations ensued on a more detailed agreement is due to be signed in ca us capital bangui on wednesday thousands have been killed and millions displaced in fighting between christian and muslim militias since twenty thirteen mohammad valve has more from khartoum the government of the central african republic and fourteen rebel leaders have signed a peace agreement that has been long in the making difficult negotiations for over a week here in the sudanese capital cost home the heads of state of sudan and the central african republic have attended the signing with initials here today the final signing will be on when is the capital bangui the capital of the central african republic what distinguishes this agreement is that it is a it is the fruit of the first time to have face to face negotiations between that
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of believers and the government of the central african republic eet ees labeled an agreement of peace and conservation and it is going to open the door for a unity government in the country and also for an ominous t. to that have been leaders that are misty to that of the leaders has been a sticking point in the negotiations so all the parties to the this conflict and the sponsors hope that this time around this agreement would hold and it will bring fine of peace to the people of the central african republic. five countries from africa sahara region have asked the united nations for help in their fight against armed groups leaders of bikie in a fast so chad ten year and made the plea for money and other aid at a summit in bikini capital attacks by armed groups have surged in the region since chaos and gallop to libya and twenty eleven coincided with two attacks near bikini border which left one thousand people dead nicholas hackers monitoring events from
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dakar in senegal and this is a region where there is no physical front chair it's a region used to buy nomadic herders that come across into greek faso in search of food and water now no one has been able to independently verify the circumstances of the death that occurred during this operation but it's certainly a small victory for the brick in a fire so army that have come under attack they say it's in response to an attack on villagers late on sunday night where armed men went house to house killing villagers and it comes just days before the start of the u.s. training operation flintlock that will take place. now what's clear is that this conflict that started in a region of mali is spilling outside of its border across the region into neighboring countries and bring has suffered the most loss but this comes as
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a victory for the forces far so who are facing what it seems and then doing conflict. the un has warned of dire consequences if more isn't done to protect children in iraq unicef says the harsh winter could be fatal for some of the hundred fifty thousand children in displacement camps and also calling for more money to be spent on education from madison reports from baghdad. some of these children may not live through the plunging temperatures of iraq's winter. the un's children's agency is warning that those already weakened by hypothermia and disease after severe flooding in november might not survive the harsh cold down here. we need a lot to be done health is the lifeline of our society but we're not seeing much happening people organize rallies but our calls are falling on deaf ears unicef
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says iraq spends just under six percent of its annual budget on education even though many young children are determined to go to school. open across the city of mosul our school is one of several which have more than six hundred students we can barely cope with unicef says there have been big improvements when it comes to health care for children it says that less than one percent of children die in childbirth and that's because eighty five percent are now happen in hospitals it also says that ninety two friends of the rockies children like these children at this kindergarten in baghdad are likely to go into primary school but he says that number drops significantly when they get to secondary school the second only areas which have been badly affected by calling. according to unicef in areas such as the northern province of nineveh province to the south only one child in every form goes to secondary school instead many have to work to help support their families
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there must've challenges i mean. it's the situation continues as it is today in iraq the children of the sea. to have very little future how are you going to prepare today so they have a future for tomorrow how you going to invest in them so they can aspire for a future a future that they are part of the government has set up a three hundred million dollars fund to help the poorest people in areas hardest hit by conflict but unicef insists board needs to be done to stop children like these becoming iraq's last generation rob matheson al-jazeera backdown. pakistan has been observing kashmir day the annual event is meant to show support for people in indian administered kashmir in the pakistani city of karachi thousands gathered to denounce a crackdown by indian security forces on activists and opposition leaders. chinese
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people around the world are ringing in the lunar new year many are hoping for prosperity in the year of the pig adrian brown has more from beijing. well this is the town park or earth park in the heart of beijing and a very popular place to come on the first day of chinese new year now traditionally the year of the pig is a year in which you make friends and make money so that possibly bodes well for the current talks between china and the united states to try to diffuse their trade differences the outgoing year the year of the dog was not such a good one for chinese people the economy here continued to slow and many people lost their jobs so what do ordinary people want in the year ahead. i wish all my family members will have good health and a much better life in the new year. i have one big mission to accomplish in my life for the new year i'm getting married i hope all my family will happily stay
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together for china's president meanwhile she jinping has been touring a neighborhood here in beijing extending new year's greetings and also trying a bit of dumpling making eating dumplings at this time of year is of course very popular indeed even amongst chinese leaders. and on monday night some eight hundred million people tuned in to watch the annual chinese new year television dollars this is the most watched television program in the world even more people watch this than the super bowl which of course was shown in the united states less than twelve hours earlier many of the people you see here in the town park are domestic tourists they've come from other parts of china to feast and to celebrate and it's a celebration that for many people will last until the weekend. i
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missed and these are the top stories venezuelan opposition politicians are in colombia preparing for the transfer of aid and supplies from the u.s. trucks were sent off to a request for help myself declared interim president juan quieter senate minority leader chuck schumer has accused donald trump of failing to unite the u.s. ahead of the president's state of the union address the event is due to get under way in an hour and a half from now knowing this president and his penchant for hyperbole will probably say the state of our union is stronger than it's ever been before in our nation's long history thanks to him knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up facts mislead the american people the only question about the president's state of the union how often will the distort how often will he make up how often will resort to fear in divisiveness egypt's parliament is advancing plans to let
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abdel fattah el-sisi stay on as president well beyond the end of his time in twenty twenty two the move is raising fears of an increasingly thora terrorism is after the overthrow of hosni mubarak a british man has been arrested in the united arab emirates after he wore a castle national team shot to a football match twenty six year old man was a shot to a match between castle and iraq last month the international criminal court has released the former president of ivory coast their own bad bo is charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election. rival factions from central african republic have signed an initial deal to end the fighting and agreements between say our government and fourteen rebel groups was reached on sunday those are the headlines join me from morning to talk to out of there.
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michael. you. will. see. in this way in populist president nicolas maduro is sworn in for a second consecutive term following the election steamed fraudulent by his opponents and much of the international community. under his presidency the country with the world's largest oil reserves has plunged into acute poverty hunger is widespread hospitals a crumbling the most basic medicine is impossible to find and children are dying from malnutrition and preventable diseases. this year inflation is expected to serve.


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