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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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al jazeera. where every. victory is not winning for our party. victory is winning for our country. president donald trump calls for unity across party lines the outlines his priorities in his state of the union address. alone welcome on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up it's
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a date the u.s. and north korean leaders will meet again as part of a push to get pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program. as the tug of war for power continues in venezuela health workers a pleading for the government to allow aid is. also ahead residents of the australian city worst hit by days of flooding start to return home. after two years of bitter political and personal attacks on opponents the u.s. president called for unity in his first state of the union address a divided congress donald trump outlined his political priorities but provided few details much of the speech focused on immigration and his proposed border wall with mexico mike hanna now from washington now the states. that the president of the united states. much has changed in the stranger since president trump
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last spoke here sitting next to the vice president a new speaker nancy pelosi has been locked in a power struggle with the president since the democratic party took over the house and acknowledging this the president called for political. together we can break decades of political stalemate we can bridge all divisions heal old wounds build new coalitions but on the issue that led to the partial shutdown no sign of any compromise the president adamant that his demand for a barrier remains unchanged congress has ten days left to pass a bill that will fund our government protect our homeland and secure our very dangerous southern border if you can understand your pain calling on victims of crime by what he called an illegal alien to back his argument. simply
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put walls work and walls save lives so let's work together compromise and reach a deal that will truly make america safe. a standing ovation from the republican side while democrats wearing white in honor of women's rights stayed in this seats it is time to give our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome home on foreign policy a defense of his unilateral decisions to pull troops out of syria the claim that he's averted a major war with north korea announcing another summit with the north korean leader will take place in vietnam at the end of this month. and despite calling for unity from picking on an issue that is highly divisive to defend the dignity of every person i am asking congress to pass legislation to prohibit the
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late term abortion. thank you thank you an example of issues that democrats contend are seized upon by the president with the intent of division this appoint brought up in the opposition response given by the democratic party's rising star stacee a browns the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people but our values the one moment of real unity came when president trump left his prepared script. we also have more women serving in congress then any time. republicans and democrats alike burst into applause but the vast majority of women are on the democratic side in terms of gender and race it's the most diverse
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democratic party caucus in congress tional history and despite a rib bipartisan moment it would appear this side of the house were main intent on fighting the president every step of the way. i can i'll just sarah washington. well six months after the historic meeting between presidents trump and the north korean leader kim jong un the two leaders will meet again during that state of the union address mr trump announced the summit will take place in vietnam on the twenty seventh and the twenty eighth of this month the u.s. president has been seeking a second meeting to firm up pyongyang's commitment to denuclearize asian they first met last june in singapore to much fanfare but the meeting was criticized by some for a lack of concrete agreements right mcbride joins us live from seoul i guess that's the key thing here rob they've got to put some meat on the bones here of how their relationship evolves and moves forward. absolutely peter there is a lot of pressure on the negotiators to come up with something more substantial
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more concrete as we know and as you mentioned the singapore agreement was criticised for frankly its flimsiness there was very little there except for a broad commitment to denuclearize ation and i think really in the next summit if it is going to be of any value would really have to see some of the steps that are going to get this close to that the presidential office here though in seoul has welcomed this upcoming summit and the confirmation of it saying that it hit will hopefully take substantial and concrete steps towards denuclearization as we speak stephen begon he is the special envoy from the u.s. on north korean affairs he is in pyongyang at the moment in theory meeting with his counterparts to hammer out some of the details of this there's a lot of speculation about what might be agreed upon and what the two sides can agree on to move this forward but the fact that he is meeting there that this
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meeting was taking place even before trump announced and confirmed this summit was taking place is seen as a good sign it be that the announcement of the summit is not dependent on his talks it seems as though there may already have locked in place what they will be signing when they meet on the twenty seventh and twenty eighth of february in viet nam peter what are the particular areas rob over which they can actually make serious progress. they have already mentioned in previous talks about some of the concessions they can make north korea has spoken about possibly winding down some of its nuclear processing facilities as also talked about maybe dismantling some of its rocket testing facilities in return the united states has possibly mentioned about signing a formal declaration an end to hostilities that would give the north koreans the
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kind of guarantees that they would want about their safeguarding their future from any further attacks what they really want of course is some relief from sanctions now even as early as or later as last week began was saying that the u.s. position remains the same that they're not prepared to release sanctions give some . stopping the pressure of sanctions unless they get a signs of denuclearization from north korea that we simply haven't seen yet that still seems to be the case but there is a possibility that they could give exemptions to the likes of south korea or at least to enter into joint economic projects with north korea which we fecht of lee would be a roundabout way of trying to get ease some of the pressure on sanctions so there are some ways of moving this forward basically peter because there has been so little movement and they have seemed at times that this whole process has stalled during the past six months even the smallest of agreements will be seen as
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a big success at the end of this month in vietnam peter will the optics of this next meeting be pretty much the same as the first meeting in singapore you know the chinese will be looking in intensely of course but they may not have high profile representation the south koreans will be there as well front and center. well there is speculation the presidency may make an appearance yet although that's yet to be confirmed when it comes to the optics of viet nam of course it's symbolically very significant this was a former photo of the united states that now has normalized relations it has a booming economy and yet it still has a communist party that is very much in control following if you like the state run capitalist model of china this is really a way of showing to the north koreans if he wants to get on board if it wants to develop its economy then this is the way it could possibly do that but if it's going to do that it needs sanctions to be lifted and the american position is if
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you want sanctions lifted you've got to denuclearize peter rob thanks very much. pleas for the venezuelan government to let aid into the country have so far fallen on deaf ears opposition politicians while they're in colombia today preparing for the transfer of aid and supplies from the united states trucks were sent off to a request for help by the self declared interim president. has more now from caracas. employee said this maternity hospital in the capital caracas say they are in desperate need of aid they say their hospital urgently needs basic medicines and medical equipment they say the venezuelan government shouldn't get in the way of international aid entering the country. only. this hospital had the best doctors the business is the best of everything and now we are seeing a complete deterioration with shortages of medicine food for patients and cleaning products the self declared interim president why though says the president. is
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illegitimate he's pushing for legislation in the opposition controlled national assembly to be passed to remove the roadblocks on humanitarian aid members of the national assembly say that they would like to create a humanitarian corridor composed of n.g.o.s religious groups and doctors that will allow the aid to reach those who needed the most but it won't be easy because the government says that the humanitarian aid is a political show by the opposition that will allow the united states to intervene in the country where the saddle he's in charge of coordinating the push for aid in the national assembly he says is wrong. it is not only the united states that is an evolved it is the leymah group that meeting canada nobody can say justin trudeau is the extreme right or pedro cinches and spain i want to see the message to the world venus why this constitutional order is broken we won legislative elections and i took our wife from us we asked for
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a referendum and they did not want it they do not want to get out. what we are offering is not a liberation army just the ability to choose their future and a new election in the same building but in another room met the rival constituent assembly a legislative body created by the government to years ago to redraft the constitution now it is proposing to call for legislative elections to replace the opposition controlled. mandate expires next year. the opposition wants elections so we could call for legislative elections because parliament is controlled by the extreme right at that stage in a coup by the only power that has not been revalidated recently. and that sentiment was shared by supporters of. who surrounded the national assembly building during the session. if one why the once a chair then you can buy it at the store because here no one would allow him to sit
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on the presidential seat a political crisis where nobody really knows how or when it is going to end. his willing to mediate in venezuela but both sides ask. him a letter asking for his help in resolving the crisis. the will of both sides is necessary both sides have to ask for it that is what happened in the case of argentina and chile. there are small steps that are needed in diplomacy and the last one is mediation. negotiators they need to move closer together to begin the possibilities of dialogue this is how diplomacy is carried out. the u.n. says is push for an agreement between yemen's government and hoofy rebels is quote beginning to pay off it says days of talks between the warring sides are bringing them closer to a deal to pull back their forces from the city of data the port is crucial to
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getting food and aid into the country and he appointed head of the un's mission to monitor truce agreement michael long as god has arrived in yemen he's facilitating more negotiations from on board a ship in the red sea still to come here on al-jazeera. how a group of doctors in syria is trying to make up for the shortfall in desperately needed medical care. i will tell you why the philippines the muslim majority autonomous region is getting a chance to expand. however we've got something of a sun sign sandwich across the central parts of europe at the moment clear skies here either side of that rather more the way of clouds where it's cloudy. with some decent temperatures coming in the area of
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a cloud and right just pushing in across the northwestern corner of us in london in the cloud in the right not so great but they say it's going to be on the miles i ten celsius there for paris let's get into the class because well down into single figures falls and five seven hundred five degrees celsius and you two celsius there for walsall down to the southeast is looking pretty wet into grace western parts of turkey seeing some heavy rain temperatures here around thirteen degrees celsius you'll notice some bits and pieces of snow across those eastern and northern parts and that's going to the cases be gone into thursday more of the same minus to moscow just not too bad not as mild as the ten eleven that we got down into the south a saturday up to the northwest but look at the areas there it's going to be pretty windy for the southeast madrid fine and dry have fun and dry to into morocco and algeria as we go through wednesday but some wet weather just clipping the north of libya making its way further east fizzling out in the process some very strong
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winds made to lift the dust in this offer.
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welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from doha these are your headlines from donald trump was called for political unity in his annual state of the union address in a wide ranging speech he told republicans and democrats they must join forces to confront what he's calling new security crisis on the border with mexico mr trump also confirmed he'll hold a second summit with the north korean leader kim jong un at the end of the month the two day meeting in vietnam will begin on february twenty seventh the president has been seeking another summit to firm up north korea's commitment to denuclearization. venezuela's opposition is accusing the main party government policies of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia and aid shipment was meant to be delivered after self to president on boy don't call for help it's been this way in the face of severe food and medical shortages. some residents in australia's northeastern city of towns will returning home to assess the damage of
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a record breaking flood much of it is still under water and the weather bureau there is warning the monsoon is staying around and more rain could be on the way and are thomas has been speaking to flood victims this is what you see in front of houses all over townsville now the floodwaters have largely gone down but anything that people were able to get out of their house in time things like fresh raises well there are things there that white seem to be picked up as rubbish well this house belongs to kevin martin. you've been clearing up your place all day kevin help it so i can see everything on the ground was really how high was the water in here probably are from right around man for now you know i came up pretty quickly and it didn't come up with out things that there was snakes and. spiders you know i meant it came with it you saw us night i did i was eight o'clock at night it was dark there at a small lot and a different relation when it disappeared in the dark so as you're clearing out if
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you were watching which come with you i was fairly certain out there i don't know whether it is or for a man or a python and i know you were able to get sentimental items and electronics you know it was very nice of that rifle it's just finely anything to it was only grain yeah right trade and a whole idea is just you know what you are you really swelling out from the first game and i think the clearing bedrooms that you've had to carry mattresses you ripping up the carpets i guess you need to dry out everything before you even start thinking about replacing but you aren't sure yes yes yes well good luck good luck with the cleanup this is a situation being repeated all over townsville on the wednesday the worst of the rain. has moved south but still waits and there's a lot of cleaning up today. so he's president richard typer the one says he wants more cooperation from greece over the extradition of coup suspects has been holding talks with the greek prime minister alexis tsipras in ankara turkey has strongly condemned baffin's for granting asylum to turkish soldiers who fled off the field
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in twenty sixteen so process the issue of the eight soldiers is a matter for the greek judiciary. the british prime minister to reason may says she has an unshakable commitment to preventing a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland mrs may is visiting northern ireland where she's been trying to reassure residents there about her bricks it plans says me is due to travel to brussels on thursday to try to renegotiate again the conditions of the irish backstop paul brennan reports now from belfast. northern ireland has the u.k.'s only land border with the european union and the businesses of this province a feeling the uncertainty of a more through for the most threesome a promise an unshakable commitment to avoiding a hard border northern ireland does not have to rely on the irish government or the european union to prevent a return to borders of the past the u.k. government will not let that happen i will not let that happen to resubmit the
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speech offered reassurances that the business leaders here found it less than reassuring and there were no new specifics about what alternative arrangements might be found to the northern ireland backstop. the biggest fear is a no deal that we cannot sleep walkin to new day a situation so in our best this is across the u.k. are not prepared for a new deal situation so i don't think anyone can really prepare it's very difficult to prepare for what would a new deal look like if it doesn't work then we have to go back and i was in military suits to you know what what is going to work and what is a compromise solution and they've all committed and everybody doesn't want to see a border crack in northern ireland so they have to come up with that solution if if her efforts in europe don't succeed this week if there is a hard border what you're talking about is the systematic dust and aggression of supply that has been built up not over twenty years of pace but over forty years of membership of the year. to say we'll go to brussels later this week determined to
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avoid a hard border the e.u. has the same determination but each has very different ideas on how to guarantee that outcome o'brien and al-jazeera belfast. turn our attention to france where the first movement joined forces with a major union for a nationwide protest over tanks and allegations of corruption tensions weren't as high as they'd been in previous protests but the police did fire some rounds of tear gas previously the communist back c g t and other unions had refused to collaborate with the us but the c g t secretary general said they now have the same demand. five countries from africa region of us the un for help in the fight against armed groups leaders of bikini chad mali mauritania and the asia made the plea for money and other aid as a summits in the book enough us of capital attacks by armed groups have increased in the region since chaos engulf libya in twenty eleven musing coincided with more
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violence in the year booking of us as border with mali on tuesday five security personnel were killed in order to see that followed an attack on sunday in the town of cane which left fourteen civilians dead. all spittles in rebel held areas of northern syria struggling jews will lack of funds international help a slowed because donors are wary of control by fighters linked to al qaeda despite that a group of doctors to set up an umbrella health body to provide desperately required care to millions of syrians. in turkey on the border with syria. emergency responders follow similar protocols everywhere. here a little girl with a head injury needs to be transported to a hospital she needs an m.r.i. scan the setting only begins to look out of the ordinary when you notice the
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makeshift blast proof examination room medics say they never know when an airstrike or artillery shell could target them this hospital in the city the new home to millions of syrians displaced by the war it's run by the director of a rare example of an operational institution in a rebel held area its director says they were ridiculed for even attempting to oversee the help needs of a whole province. what makes the directorate special is that it's observing two hundred medical centers and thirty three facilities directly if it wasn't for us essential projects will collapse like vaccination centers for four hundred seventy two thousand children but the war in its eighth year money from international donors is running out. without funding we cannot continue we need. cover all of the employees have homes and children and they cannot volunteer for more than two or three months. many international organizations. or each of
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the largest group which controls most of the city it's linked to either and used to be known as a loss for front. the help directorate says it's been able to fight off h.g.'s as interference. and we said if you interfere one more time we will close it all and within a span of two hours this is ok fine fine of backing off because if we suspend the people we're done against them we want to give medicine backs a nation we want to treat patients who are prisons and we want to do it away from politics to the directorate also runs a pharmaceutical control department to detect fake drugs and says ten million doses of medicines have been checked in the last two years to follow european and american drugs standards doctors say the checks out essential and not just for syrians and remember disease crosses borders diseases do not understand checkpoints or your case isn't this
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a threat for everyone in the world we are the frontline fighting all these this is the season and we are ready to continue doing that and we believe that our donors will not just abandon us because of lack of funding people in that they are being asked to pay for health services many of them are refugees in their own country and can't even afford to pay for two meals a day people in advance are hoping for a political settlement so aid agencies can resume humanitarian aid for them some of the job or the other there are. doctors teachers and lawyers joined antigovernment protests in sudan after two men were killed in custody the sudanese professional association called the demonstrations after teacher who was arrested in the state of was pronounced dead on sunday his relatives say he is god he showed signs of torture the unrest in sudan began in december with protesters demanding the president omar bashir stepdad. the former ivory coast president has been released on bail to belgium following his acquittal by the international criminal court last
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month laurent gbagbo spent seven years in custody in the hague in the netherlands and was the first former head of state to go on trial that the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed elections in twenty ten will stay in belgium and pending an appeal. egypt's parliament is advancing plans to that abdel fattah el-sisi stay on as president six years after the end of his term in twenty twenty two the proposal still has to pass several legislative hurdles before it becomes a constitutional amendment opposition figures fear this may be a sign of the country slipping back into a forest area as i'm eighty years after the overthrow of hosni mubarak during the arab spring and you are thomas region in the southern philippines will expand to members of our local indigenous tribes voted to join it but they want to make sure that the rulers of the muslim majority territory returned their ancestral lands to them is jamila under god. get them in
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a bush. who then invoking the spirits of their ancestors the tedder i say they are grateful the hope peace has come to their land to us more than a hundred thousand of them voted to accept an autonomy discover meant designed to provide greater powers for muslims in mindanao. christian and indigenous communities like the to dry are also included in the new self rule region after decades of fighting leaders of the separatist rebel group the more islamic liberation front negotiated for almost twenty years with several administrations in the capital manila yet. more than a hundred thousand filipinos have been killed and millions more displaced since the rebellion for mushroom rule began in the one nine hundred sixty s. it's very important that the it relates to be sistering that when the law our people especially those who are most affected by what is going to be the chance of
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us a lot of people will feel that yes this is the right paul said the left this is the right. of what we have fought for and that this is the ground from which the big new future some of the to the rise and special lands are occupied by the more islamic liberation front and the philippine military they say they are prepared to fight for their rights despite it being one of the most in battle tribes in the country. we have a saying just like a crab it is being pursued inside its hold we may feel powerless sometimes but the crab has claws you see and even with small claws we can fight back. like so many indigenous tribes in mindanao that said to rice have been fighting for their ancestral land for decades this is why they say they are always been supportive of this peace process and. their expectations are high that under this new political
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autonomy they will finally be properly represented some referred to the to do right as a minority and long minorities. they are counting on the government's promise that under this new autonomy the land of their ancestors will be returned to them. dugan al-jazeera mugging down the province southern philippines. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. president donald trump has called for political unity in his state of the union address to congress he touched on the economy trade immigration and calls for cooperation from both parties to confront what he's calling a security crisis on the border with mexico. i stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all americans millions of our fellow
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citizens are watching us now gathered in this great chamber hoping that we will govern not as two parties but as one nation. thanks. mr trump also confirmed he'll hold a second summit with the north korean leader kim jong un at the end of this month the two day meeting in vietnam will begin on february twenty seventh the president has been seeking another summit to firm up north korea's commitment to denuclearize asian. venezuela's opposition says the military has blocked the bridge between the country and colombia a shipment of aid was meant to be delivered after self declared president. called for help as the country faces severe food and medicine shortages the u.n. says his push for an agreement between yemen's government and the rebels is quote beginning to pay off and says days of talks between the warring sides are bringing them closer to
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a deal to pull back their forces from the city of who data the port is crucial for getting food and aid into the country. five nations from africa's hell region have asked the un for help in their fight against armed groups their attacks by armed groups have increased in the region since chaos in libya in twenty eleven the meeting coincides with more violence in your book you know fosters border with mali the former ivory coast president has been released on bail to belgium following his acquittal by the international criminal court last week laurent gbagbo spent seven years in custody at the hague in the netherlands and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election by boat will stay in belgium pending an appeal you are right up to date with all the top stories so far here on al-jazeera up next it's inside story i will see you very soon about. the week began with the
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use of a ninety day truce in the to protect the u.s. china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the wells. being scientists warn at least a third of them will be gone by the end of the century even if climate change is stopped now how badly will bad disappear in billions of asians but if. this is the inside story. on the welcome to the program. the highest mountains in the world of a small.


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