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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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al jazeera. and for your. victory is not winning for our party. victory is winning for our country. president calls for unity across party lines as he outlines his priorities. in. life from soha also coming up brown to. north
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korea's. government to allow the delivery of other humanitarian aid now. and steps up the pressure. but thailand warns the refugee from bahrain could still face months in prison. call for unity in the divided u.s. congress but sound democrats to announce a state of the union address as one of division fear and false the president was due to make a major speech last month but was delayed by the longest u.s. government shutdown in history as congress continues to refuse to fund a border wall with mexico trump insists he will still get it built by kana reports in washington. state. that the president of the united states.
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much has changed in the stream since president trump last spoke here sitting next to the vice president the new speaker nancy pelosi has been locked in a power struggle with the president since the democratic party took over the house and acknowledging this the president called for political. together we can break decades of political stalemate we can bridge all divisions. heal old wounds build new coalitions but on the issue that led to the partial shutdown no sign of any compromise the president adamant that his demand for a barrier remains unchanged congress has ten days left to pass a bill that will fund our government protect our homeland and secure our very dangerous southern border if you can understand your pain calling on victims of crime by what he called an illegal alien to back his argument simply put
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walls work and walls save lives so let's work together compromise and reach a deal that will truly make america safe. a standing ovation from the republican side. while democrats wearing white in honor of women's rights stayed in this seats it is time to give our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome home on foreign policy a defense of his unilateral decisions to pull troops out of syria the claim that he's averted a major war with north korea announcing another summit with the north korean leader will take place in vietnam at the end of this month and despite calling for unity from picking on an issue that is highly divisive to defend the dignity of every person i am asking congress to pass legislation to prohibit the
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late term abortion. in my view thank you. an example of issues that democrats contend are seized upon by the president with the intent of division. this appoint brought up in the opposition response given by the democratic party's rising star stacey abrahams the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandon not just our people but our values the one moment to real unity came when president trump left his prepared script we also have more women serving in congress then at any time before they will republicans and democrats alike burst into applause but the vast majority of women are on the democratic side in terms of gender and race it's the most diverse
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democratic party caucus and congressional history and despite a rich bipartisan moment it would appear this side of the house were a main intent on fighting the president every step of the way my kind of al-jazeera washington. iran is pushing back against criticism from trump during his speech iran's foreign minister says the u.s. aggression as lead it has supported butchers and extremists have only brought ruin to the middle east here's more of what the president had to say. my administration has acted decisively to confront the world's leading state sponsor of terror the radical regime in iran it is a radical regime they do bad bad things to ensure this corrupt dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons i withdrew the united states from the
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disastrous iran nuclear deal. we with was told we put in place the toughest sanctions ever imposed by us on a country. we will not overt our eyes from a regime that chants death to america and threatens genocide against the jewish people are now from entering segments in tehran and hear a lot of this that donald trump said about iran are things we've heard before he did ramp it up though just just a bit what is the reaction been there on iran. well you're right the real surprise but he did ramp it up a lot really and this is a time of revolutionary fervor should i put it that way because it's the fortieth anniversary of the shaar escaping iran getting out under pressure and then the
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unfolding revolutions straight after nine hundred seventy and so we had a real flurry of fiery rhetoric return fire mainly from jeff reef the foreign minister he tweeted that dictators butchers and extremists backed by the u.s. are bringing ruin to the middle east that the terrorism was sponsored by the united states hitting back in several ways and there's another twist to all of this something you didn't hear in that clip from trump and he did say as you heard that iran was threatening genocide against the jewish people and then he quickly got into a whole range of rhetoric about attacks on americans and cited last year's pittsburgh synagogue attack by a u.s. man. he then sort of.
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put more detail on the need to crack down on all of this and that's been read by iran as as a really as even though it wasn't a direct linkage it was really just rolling the ball to cover everything and throw it again as a serious criticism of iran so we had a follow up statement from the foreign ministry saying that the united states is trying to impose crises destabilize the region and then also the point that the united states played a decisive role in defeating eisel in iraq and syria and pushing home the point that there is a jewish community here in iran a minority only up to fifty. thousand people but they have rights to pray rights to live their normal lives and this is being pushed as really another side to all of this although it's clear that iran's policy as a stated aim for the whole destruction of the israeli state that's
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that certainly there's no dispute about that being said but they're making this point that there are jews living reasonably happy here and they too have been according to the foreign minister taking part in this commemoration of a revolution giving people's rights so we have here really something that isn't going away the rhetoric will probably get heavier certainly it's just fueling the pot as far as iran is concerned in this big celebration to actually say defiantly to america that despite the sanctions being reimposed we intend to go on in much the same way as ever our entrance emmons live for us in tehran and terry thank you south korea and japan are welcoming the news of trying to second summit with north korea's leader they want the meeting at the end of this month in vietnam to be in their words more meaningful specific and practical and pride has more from the
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south korean capital. after their first historic meeting in singapore last june all now looks set for round two vietnam it's a neutral choice acceptable to both sides it's also symbolically important as a former enemy of the u.s. that now enjoys normalized relations and economic prosperity a possible path for north korea to follow since singapore negotiations stalled but both leaders seem determined to meet again march work remains to be done but my relationship with kim jong un is a good one. german kim and i will meet again on february twenty seventh and twenty eighth in vietnam negotiators from both sides have been meeting knowing the next summit will have to produce something of substance following criticism
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that singapore was little more than a photo opportunity it probably won't be anything big maybe the decommissioning of some nuclear facilities under international monitoring in return for the security guarantees that north korea craves and just possibly some relief from sanctions after the stalemate of the past half year anything that moves the process forward will counter success even partial being of collusion or freezing its apparent then or to having nothing just go waiting for ever for north korea to agree on completely which is almost impossible for a totalitarian regime whether this process is moving towards full denuclearization the more immediate need for trump and kim seems to be maintaining the narrative that it is broad al-jazeera sole. pair is hosting meeting to discuss
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the next phase of the campaign in iraq and syria and how to get rid of isis networks and affiliates now this comes just months after president trump declared the defeat of i saw in syria only alcott has the latest now for us from washington d.c. so does this meaning kimberly what can we expect from it. yeah under way not much was said at the top of the meeting when we saw the u.s. secretary of state mike pump a appearing alongside the saudi frats egypt jordan u.k. as well as france and germany as foreign ministers what this meeting is about essentially is being billed as a meeting of the global coalition to defeat eisel but really what this is about is reassuring nervous allies who are very concerned about donald trump's abrupt announcement back in december about the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria the fear being that the ice will be able to regroup once the last soldiers have left and so there is deep concern among u.s.
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allies the united states is sending the message we are told in a background call with reporters that the u.s. will not desert u.s. allies that this is recently a shift from resources for military to diplomatic resources the pressure will continue but also in a call with reporters that took place in just last hour state department officials saying that they believe that the solution for continuing to defeat eisel must come from within the muslim community so this is the message that is being sent and discussed as these ministers meet there's a bit of controversy though about this meeting camberley and mixed messages mixed goals if you will. is it being seen that the president sometimes inconsistency on things is really undermining the goals that the u.s. has when it comes to eisele. one hundred percent it's been a problem for all of those that are trying to carry out the president's policies
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and just case in point recent testimony of the head of central command general votel saying that in fact that when he was testifying before congress that the us president did not consult with him in advance of making this announcement that is certainly very serious of a concern for many lawmakers but add to that there are real fears about eisel regrouping once it leaves the battlefield this is coming from not just members of the military and lawmakers but also intelligence chiefs but donald trump is consistently leaving this message out there as most recently as over the weekend when he gave an interview here to a network in the united states saying that the caliphate is almost knocked out ninety nine percent and soon will be one hundred percent i can tell you that republican lawmakers members of the president's own party who lead the u.s. senate are not feeling the president's confidence in fact just hours before his state of the union address they passed a resolution urging the president to keep u.s.
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troops in syria and afghanistan essentially were bukit in the president's plan so well we're seeing this action on capitol hill we are also seeing it taking place at the level of the state department where this meeting is under way with the u.s. secretary of state again trying to reassure a very nervous allies all right kimberly alkali for us at the white house kimberly thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera to about a controversial plan to settle up to two million israelis in the occupied west bank . and more rain in the forecast that flooded homeowners in australia are hoping the worst is finally over. going to welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across china it has been quite warm here across much of the southeast of the last few days we're talking temperatures into the mid to high twenty's for some locations and that's
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really going to continue as we go towards thursday so for four zero twenty eight degrees even over towards taipei twenty eight degrees as well that is going to change as we go towards friday temperatures are on the way down as well as more rain is coming in from the north shanghai is going to be a rainy day for you temperatures only into the single digits and food show dropping from about twenty degrees all the way down towards fifteen degrees there hong kong though not looking too bad for you with a temperature of about twenty four degrees we are going to be seeing a system passing over the northern part of india over the next day that's going to bring some rain to new delhi and the good news is that rain is actually going to help the air quality across much of the area so on thursday it is going to be a rainy day clouds in your forecast with a temperature of ninety as we go towards friday the rain begins to make its way over here towards the east still quite were fewer twenty degrees but we do expect to see some rain coming through as we go towards the weekend and then very quickly speaking of rain across the northern part of saudi arabia we are going to be seeing some rain across the area but here in doha things are looking quite nice we do
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expect to see attempts of twenty three in abu dhabi twenty three as well. weather online. for them. to join us on sat all of us have been calling in some form or fashion is a dialogue we are talking about. you have seen what it can do to somebody people using drugs including and some people. everyone has a voice. or twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq.
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you're watching the top stories for you right now president called political unity and state of the union address in a wide ranging speech he told republicans and democrats they must join forces to confront what he's calling a security crisis on the border with mexico. also confirmed a second summit with north korea's leader at. this time in vietnam the two day meeting with kim jong un beginning february twenty seventh aims to build on to nuclearization talks started in singapore last june. was hosting a meeting to discuss the next phase of the campaign in iraq and syria and how to get rid of networks and affiliates it comes just months after president trying to clear the defeat syria. the senate has passed a bill that allows states to penalize businesses that boycott israel the senate
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also backed strengthening america's security in the middle east act by a seventy seven twenty three vote hours before president trump was to deliver his annual state of the union address where he reaffirmed his promise to bring back troops from syria and afghanistan to become law the bill would need to pass the democratic controlled house of representatives. several israeli ministers have signed a declaration that supports the settlement of two million israelis in the occupied west bank the plan goes back to the time of the former prime minister yitzhak shamir who served in the eighty's very fossett has more true slim. well this pledge coming in the form of a sort of personal loyalty pledge signed by extremely senior figures within the ruling the good party signifies a couple of things that signifies a right would move within mainstream likud opinion were what would have been seen as a pretty radical plan for expanding israeli settlements in the occupied west bank the illegal settlements that are there now have
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a few hundred thousand jewish settlers in the maybe four hundred thousand in the occupied west bank another three hundred fifty thousand in east jerusalem it shows how far right they could as moved under benjamin netanyahu and indeed how far right the mainstream of israeli politics has moved but it also signifies the period that we are in at the moment two months out from an election on the ninth of april there is a lot of effort being made to try to court right wing votes which might otherwise go to the smaller more extreme parties and also an opportunity to define the could against the man who has come to challenge benjamin netanyahu in perhaps a stronger way than many expected the former israeli army chief benny gantz who has set up a new party is occupying the center ground while trying to make his right wing credentials also as obvious as possible this is a way for could mainstream politicians to say that he's actually too soft on the issue of settlements that he may well try to engineer some kind of withdrawal
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despite his talk about strengthening settlements at least in the blocks around jerusalem this is also a question as to whether it will ever become israeli government policy well one thing that isn't on this list is that of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu if he were to make it israeli policy after the election given that he wins that election then that would be something which could derail the already very tenuous u.s. peace plan he's made a great deal of his friendship with donald trump jury in the course of this campaign already presumably he one would want to undermine his plan in that way but the why the question is whether this does signal a direction of travel for israeli politics and a potential policy for a future israeli government. and what else opposition is accusing the military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia south declared president has appealed to venezuela's armed forces to allow deliveries of much needed food medicine and other essentials has more from the capital caracas. employee said bismuth
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hospital in the capital caracas say they are in desperate need of aid they say their hospital urgently needs basic medicines and medical equipment they say the venezuelan government shouldn't get in the way of international aid entering the country. only this hospital had the best doctors the base nurses the best of everything and now we are seeing a complete deterioration with shortages of medicine food for patients and cleaning products the self declared interim president why though says the president. is illegitimate he's pushing for legislation in the opposition controlled national assembly to be passed to remove the roadblocks on humanitarian aid members of the national assembly say that they would like to create a humanitarian corridor composed of ngo's religious groups and doctors that will allow the aid to reach those who need it the most but it won't be easy because the government says that the humanitarian aid is
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a political show by the opposition that will allow the united states to intervene in the country where. he's in charge of coordinating the push for aid in the national assembly he says is wrong. it is not only the united states that is involved it is the leymah group that meeting canada nobody can cite justin trudeau is the extreme right or pretty dress cinches in spain i want to seem to miss it to the world in his wireless constitutional order is broken one legislative elections and i took our wife from us we asked for a referendum and they did not want it they do not want to get out of our what we are offering is not a liberation army just the ability to choose our future and a new election in the same building but in another room met the rival constituent assembly a legislative body created by the government to years ago to redraft the constitution now it is proposing to. call for legislative elections to replace the opposition
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controlled. mandate expires next year your name is that you are going to go to the opposition wants election so we could call philip just because parliament is controlled by the extreme right at that stage in a coup by the only power that has not been revalidated recently. and that sentiment was shared by supporters of the who surrounded the national assembly building during the session. one who either wants a chair that he can buy to the store because he is to sit on the presidential seat a political crisis where nobody really knows how or when it is going to end. in the flooded city of townsville and australia are hoping the worst is over and the forecasters say more monsoon rain could be on the way to queensland but nothing like the record breaking deluge a few days ago queenslanders returning to their homes ruined have been speaking to
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our reporter andrew thomas. this is what you see in front of houses all over townsville now the floodwaters have largely gone down but anything that people weren't able to get out of their house in time things like fridge freezer well they're really in there that waiting to be picked up as rubbish well this house belongs to kevin. you've been clearing up your place all day kevin help it so i can see everything on the ground was really how high was the water in here probably are from right around man when i you know i came up pretty quick and it didn't come up with out things that there was snakes and. spiders you know i meant it came with it you saw us night i did i was eight o'clock at night it was dark are additional a lot and a different relation when it disappeared so as you're clearing out if you were watching which come with you i was fairly left and. i don't know whether it's a foreign or a python and i know you were able to get sentimental items and electronics you know
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it's a very nice rifle it's just finely anything to it was only grain yeah probably trade and a whole idea is just you know what you are. really struggling off and just gaining and i think the clearing bedrooms that you have to carry mattresses you ripping up the carpets i guess you need to dry out everything before you can even start thinking about replacing but you aren't sure yes or yeah good luck good luck with the cleanup this is a situation being repeated all over townsville on the wednesday the worst of the rain. has moved south but still waits and there's a lot of cleaning up today. footballer came out privacy is being warned he faces six months longer in a bangkok prison while he fights extradition to bahrain of ironies requested his arrest while on honeymoon in thailand the twenty five year old has he'll be tortured if he sent back to serve a ten year prison sentence for vandalism all right he says he fled bahrain to become a refugee in australia because of political oppression. what i've also distressed
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is that he's drawn in people in the type of people who have a wonderful people to people relationship and i've stressed just how strongly as dragons' feel about this and i would i would be very disappointed. if it is a result of how this matter is handled that that relationship between the time to strike and people were affected i'd be very disappointed about that so of appeal to the prime minister to take that into account that i do have the authority to use those executive controls for him to come out and so we're going to continue to work patiently and respectfully to secure that up to him and the thomas region in the southern philippines can be expanded further when an indigenous tribe that's on whether to join it they want to make sure the rulers of the muslim majority territory return the ancestral lands to them jamila and again reports. get the money bush can. call them and invoking the spirits of their ancestors the tedder i
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say they are grateful they hope peace has come to their land to us more than a hundred thousand of them voted to accept an autonomy discovery meant designed to provide greater powers for muslims in mindanao. christian and indigenous communities like the to dry are also included in the new self rule region after decades of fighting leaders of the separatist rebel group the more islamic liberation front negotiated for almost twenty years with several administrations in the capital manila yet. more than a hundred thousand filipinos have been killed and millions more displaced since the rebellion for mushroom rule began in the one nine hundred sixty s. it's very important that the it relates to be sistering that when the law our people especially those who are most affected by what is going to be the chains of us from our people we feel that yes this is the right paul said this is the right.
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of what we have fought for and that this is the ground from which the new future some of the ted the rise and says she lands are occupied by the more islamic liberation front and the philippine military they say they are prepared to fight for their rights despite being one of the most in battle tribes in the country. we have a saying just like a crab it is being pursued inside its hold we may feel powerless sometimes but the crab has claws you see and even with small claws we can fight back. like so many indigenous tribes in mindanao that said to rice have been fighting for their ancestral land for decades this is why they say they are always been supportive of this peace process and. their expectations are high that under this new political autonomy they will finally be properly represented some referred to the to dry as
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a minority among minorities. they are counting on the government's promise that under this new autonomy the land of their ancestors will be returned to their. dog and al-jazeera mugging down the province southern philippines. i'm richelle carey with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president's call for political unity in his state of the union address and a wide ranging speech he told republicans and democrats they missed join forces to confront what he's calling a security crisis on the border with mexico trouble also confirm a second summit with north korea's leader at the end of this month this time in vietnam the two day meeting with kim jong un beginning feb twenty seventh aims to build on denuclearization talks started in singapore at last june. your section state might pump a zero is hosting
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a meeting to discuss the next phase of the campaign in iraq and syria and how to get rid of our souls networks and affiliates these are live pictures of him speaking right now in washington it comes just months after president trump declared the defeat of eisel in syria we'll keep an ear to that meeting. the senate has passed a bill that allows states to penalize businesses that boycott israel said it also backed strengthening america's security in the middle east act by a seventy seven to twenty three vote but that was hours before president trump was to deliver his annual state of the union speech where he reaffirmed his promise to bring back troops from syria and afghanistan to become law the bill would need to pass the democrat controlled house of representatives. the president of the european council is accused some u.k. politicians of supporting a campaign to leave the european union without a concrete plan using unusual. strong language donald there would be a place in hell for them but he went on to say that he will do everything in his
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power to help solve britain's crisis of how to lead the e.u. also said preparations are being made in case the u.k. leaves the e.u. without a deal and as wales opposition is accusing the military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia president has appealed to venezuela's armed forces to allow deliveries of much needed food medicine and other essentials footballer came. warranty faces six months longer and a bangkok prison while he fights extradition to bahrain during his requested his arrest while on honeymoon in thailand twenty five year old says he'll be tortured if he sent back to serve a ten year prison sentence for vandalism he says he fled bahrain to become a refugee in australia because of critical political that is repression thailand is under increasing pressure for his release or the headlines of his continuous are on al-jazeera after the strain thanks for time. february.
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reinvestigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examined exactly what is hiding beneath these toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us live coverage of nigeria but al-jazeera world showcase is the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution. will be all come on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana in sweden where a community polarized by mining questions their heritage february on al-jazeera. and here in the stream today we speak with native american activist to explore why . the symbols. and how racism activists advocates in such
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a stream of course is driven by you our community and today show was put to us on twitter by john little who we'll be hearing from in just a moment but first check out the trailer for his twenty seven documentary film more than a word narrated by native american musician and former stream cast. one word. in many dictionaries as a noun or dancer and simply define an american in. the process discover. the protest in north dakota against a major oil pipeline continues to grow. able to proceed in the way they found. it was never intended to be racist. twenty years ago you didn't hear about.


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