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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. this is al-jazeera. everyone i'm come on santa maria and this is the news hour from now just. victory is not winning for our party. victory is winning for our country. president calls for unity across party lines as the outlines his priorities in the state of the you also harsh words from the president of the european council about
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pro rights at politicians this is ahead of prime minister teresa mayes visit to brussels the war in yemen a new report says the u.a.e. is supplying arms to militias arms that were received from western nations and there are concerns for religious freedom in russia as a court jails a danish jehovah's witness for six years and this poor behavior any footballer had camelot aby is told he faces at least six small months in jail al-arabiya is being held in thailand where he's fighting extradition back to his home country. so donald trump's delivered a call for unity in the divided u.s. congress some democrats have denounced his state of the union address as one of division fear and false woods the president of course was due to make this major speech last month he was delayed by what was the longest u.s. government shutdown in history and as congress continues to refuse to fund
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a border war with mexico trump insists that he will get it built supporters from mike hanna in washington. state. of the united states. much has changed in the stranger since president trump last spoke here sitting next to the vice president a new speaker nancy pelosi has been locked in a power struggle with the president since the democratic party took over the house and acknowledging this the president called for political. together we can break decades of political stalemate. we can bridge all divisions heal old wounds build new coalitions but on the issue that led to the partial shutdown no sign of any compromise the president adamant that his demand for a barrier remains unchanged congress has ten days left to pass a bill that will fund our government protect our homeland and secure our very
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dangerous southern border if you can understand your pain calling on victims of crime by what he called an illegal alien to back his argument simply put walls work and walls save lives so let's work together compromise and reach a deal that will truly make america safe. a standing ovation from the republican side. while democrats wearing white in honor of women's rights stayed in this seats it is time to give our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome home on foreign policy a defense of his unilateral decisions to pull troops out of syria the claim that he's averted a major war with north korea announcing another summit with the north korean leader will take place in vietnam at the end of this month. and despite calling for unity
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from picking on an issue that is highly divisive to defend the dignity of every person i am asking congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late term abortion. thank you with an example of issues that democrats contend all seized upon by the president with the intent of division. this is a point brought up in the opposition response given by the democratic party's rising star stacey abrahams the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people but our values the one moment of real unity we also have more women serving in congress then at any
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time. republicans and democrats alike burst into applause but the boss majority of women on the democratic side in terms of gender and race it's the most diverse democratic party caucus in congress tional history and despite a rib bipartisan moment it would appear this side of the house were main intent on fighting the president every step of the way my kind of al-jazeera washington. let's talk to john hendren he's in chicago for us hi john tell us what you're hearing from people in the american midwest what i thought about the state of the union. will come of the interesting thing is that the president's speech seems to be more popular than the president himself he is the only president in modern history never to get more than fifty percent popularity in polls however polls of this particular speech and poll after poll about three
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quarters of americans say they view it positively now there are two reasons for that one of them is that americans in many ways are generally optimists in their view of the speech they can separate from their view of the man the other one is that probably that accounts for people who watched the speech we talked to a number of people who simply told us they didn't watch the speech at all because they don't support the president and there is statistical evidence to suggest there's a little of that selectivity going on the president got seven. the two percent approval in one poll for his immigration policies now that's way more than he ever gets for immigration for his immigration policies in most polls so that suggests there's some selectivity that people who watched the speech were a little more inclined to go along with the president and these were people who were giving them the chance but i'm standing here in the billy goat tavern in chicago it's a chicago institution but this is a town that is overwhelmingly democratic and i was surprised at how many people i
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talked to said they had a positive view of the speech in that what they really wanted was for the president and congress to come together to stop shutting down the government and to do something productive together so i guess the question is what chance of that i think february fifteen is our next sort of deadline as we approach that for when there could be another shutdown does that does anything from the speech change that situation. well it helps with the american people but i can tell you with a long time washington reporter right now there seems to be very little chance of any kind of comity in congress and the republicans are running the senate the democrats are running the house the president wants to blow all the democrats don't want to give it to him i have rarely seen a congress this divided and i covered president clinton when he was in a stalemate with newt gingrich then the speaker of the house president clinton was
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eventually impeached and although he was found not guilty of wrongdoing i have never seen a congress quite as divided as this and the determination among the democrats not to give president trump a win on the wall or on many of the other issues that he is pursuing and the broad gap that we see between the two sides suggests to me there's not a lot of room for compromise they might be able to compromise on things like infrastructure and drug prices but on all those other issues immigration foreign. it's hard to see them beat in the middle from oh yeah ok john hendren in chicago thank you. we're now going to head down to the border town called calexico rob reynolds is there close to the border with mexico close to the quote unquote very dangerous southern border is president trump would say rob what's the reality that you found there. well come all this is not
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a very wealthy town calexico but what wealth it does have depends almost entirely upon the visitors it gets from the neighboring town of mexicali you can see the fence behind me at this bus stop here about twenty thousand people cross the border both ways every day the people from the united states going over for entertainment for low cost medical care and other things and the people from mexico coming here to shop in fact there's the short distance away a gigantic shopping center that's geared specifically to the trade from mexico so the links are very close between the two cities though i'm joined by the former mayor of calexico marie to her daughter rachel thank you very much for joining us when you hear the president describe the situation on the border as as he did as as a crisis as as a as a very dangerous place how do people here respond to that or what do they think of
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that we just don't really pay much attention to that opinion because our opinion is our reality as you can see and what you're coming to visit as of last night you've seen that the city of calexico the imperial county which is our county here in southern california is a very peaceful quiet community we're very hardworking people we have a great relationship with our mexican neighbors here in mexicali mexico so what we hear in the news does disturb us because it's not our reality our reality is a completely different lifestyle on this border it's it's just a very calm place and to be perceived and to be looked at by the rest of the nation because our president is indicating that this is a military zone that it's very troubling here that it's dangerous that is just not the situation but also i want to make sure that individuals understand that we are not about open borders either because we live on the border we. we respect the border life we respect our neighbors but we don't want open borders either so to
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indicate that would be incorrect as well we have an opinion about our national problem with immigration just like anyone else would any other american citizen live in the united states may be close to the canada border we have those same opinions as well we are american citizens however we do respect the lifestyle that we have that we are good neighbors were friendly neighbors wanting to ensure that commerce business family life it all continues on a positive level now the president has said that this place specks of cali is going to be the starting point of his wall there's already some construction underway i know but as we've discussed that was provided for earlier before the president trump took office but well i mean how does that make you feel when he says this is going to be the place where the where the wall is built personally i think he should probably start somewhere else the county is probably the least. of the worries that he may have on the international border there are plenty of studies to
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look at and as a matter of fact just asking people who know those leaderships the mayors the governors of these states should know the border patrol as well should know we want their job also to be efficient but at the same time efficiency means respecting your communities of what we're about and giving us the opportunity to live freely as well ok very good thank you so much very good for your time we appreciate it so again that's. a former mayor of calexico she runs a business here and that is the reality on the ground at least from this particular point on the long u.s. mexican border thank all of reynolds in calexico. south korea and japan they're welcoming the news of donald trump's second summit with north korea's leader he announced that during the state of the union they however want this meeting at the end of the month in vietnam to be in this is their words more meaningful specific
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and practical iran however is pushing back against criticism that trump made during his speech iran's foreign minister says u.s. aggression has led it to support butches and extremists who verney brought ruin to the middle east here's a little more of what the president had to say. my administration has acted decisively to confront the world's leading state sponsor of terror the radical regime in iran and it is a radical regime they do bad bad things to ensure this corrupt dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons i withdrew the united states from the disasters iran nuclear deal. thank you all we put in place the toughest
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sanctions ever imposed by us on a country we will not overt our eyes from a regime that chants death to america and threatens genocide against the jewish people let's check in with my own bashar our senior political analyst in london bar one it is what it is say there are a radical regime that does bad bad things slightly off script there i suspect but it's the same talk in a different form right. yes absolutely and by the way that bit about genocide against the jews is just not true it's just simply wrong iran of course has a problem with israel and its legitimacy as a zionist apartheid regime but it doesn't have a problem with the jews in fact the bigger jewish community in the middle east is in iran so that that was false i think what's interesting here in all of this is
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a bit of schizophrenia in the trump administration foreign policy on the one hand president bob talks about the need and then he says it to withdraw from afghanistan and syria and on the other hand talks about military option on the table when it comes to venezuela and of course escalates the rhetoric and everything else what it comes to iran so which is it is american policy going to be dependent more than diplomacy on maybe sanctions and pressure or is it going to be a war because what's the point of learning the lessons of afghanistan iraq and syria and then not learning them when it comes to iran and venezuela and if i might add something here which i think is we haven't really addressed at the last twenty four hours and that is congress because look we might have problems in the world might have problems with president thrown by his foreign policy. but it's congress that gave an overwhelming support to president bush seventy years ago in the
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authorization of of war on terror and expanded off oddities to the american president and since then america has been involved in dozens of countries in its war on terror of course think seven trillion dollars and leading to the deaths of some fifteen thousand people including seven thousand american soldiers and of course countless number of iraqis afghanis and so on and so forth and it was congress with overwhelming majority and guess what maybe you're too young to know about what came out but only one congresswoman was against the vote seventeen years ago one congresswoman barbara lee from california that one of the against every single congressperson voted in favor of that expanded war authority and today or was arrested they what did we hear from them. and up close across the board in congress when when the president spoke about escalation against iran would drawing
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from nuclear agreement and when he spoke about the regime change in venezuela so it's actually quite dangerous someone from outside the united states seeing congress being so supportive of war whenever anyone speaks of war first of all i'm very flattered that you think i'm too young for that great let me ask you the fact that this is a democrat house now that it is a split congress and there is a majority that's not going to make a difference you still think there will be levels of support within congress for the sort of thing i mean look at that for example the question of israel and the illegal movement of american capital to jerusalem. up close across the aisle when he talked about iran and withdrawing from the nuclear deal a close across the aisle when he talked about venezuela apollo's across the aisle so there is a problem here anderson there's a bit of both in the american administration and apparently in congress because the
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american congress is that is the very same congress who that voted for the expansion of the war thought of these in two thousand and one that gave also trump last year one of the highest military budgets in the history of the united states so it's the same congress that is complicit with the with with the administration when it comes to military affairs when it comes to the politics of fear you know from the likes of iran afghan saudi venezuela and so on so forth so it is important to note that it's positive that now the united states is regretting a six hundred eighteen years of war in afghanistan that it doesn't want to withdraw troops from iraq although president tom just spoke about maybe keeping some troops to keep on iran that angered everyone in iraq but what i'm saying here is there's a bit of a problem when you look at the exchange from outside the united states at this politics of fear against immigrants spots a true fear against iran politics of fear against what happens in latin america
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that is an issue because if anything over the last seven years you would think that the united states have learned from and mistakes that they shouldn't jump on their fear wagon and it shouldn't they shouldn't jump on the regime change wagon when it comes to venezuela iran and other countries great perspective and they have a from now on bashar our senior political and that's thank you mo and. now there is growing pressure on donald trump to escalate his response to the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi leading democrats are planning to seek fresh legislation designed to impose stronger action against the u.s. ally saudi arabia four months ago twenty two senators from both parties invoked what is called the magnitsky act of twenty sixteen which gave trump a hundred twenty days to make a decision on new sanctions related to murder that was of course in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul more on this from patty cohen in washington. the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi is back in the headlines and here's why a while back u.s.
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senators sent a letter to the u.s. president invoking the magnets get basically that says he needs to look at this murder and tell the senate who is responsible for this human rights violation and to issue sanctions now that involves a time line that was in on friday that will have been one hundred twenty days ago that means the white house has until that friday then just two days to tell them who is responsible and what they're going to do about it so now we see a very powerful democrat in the foreign relations committee senator robert menendez come out and say he is going to reintroduce legislation that would basically stop military sales to saudi arabia make it official that the u.s. military could refuel saudi planes in the war in yemen and also sanction those involved in the indicated that he would put the blame for the murder on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin psalm on he didn't say exactly if that would include sanctions but he said the crown prince would be named so he's sending the message to the white house that they need to act if not the senate will again they've already passed this legislation it didn't get taken up in the house but it likely
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will this time which is going to likely force a showdown with the president over what he says is a critical ally and so with saudi arabia let's see what's coming up on this news hour the politics of a venezuela's opposition demands u.s. supplies are allowed in through colombia and in sport the event that takes competitors to the top of the world. and then expects them to jump off a. european council president has condemned british politicians who pushed for the u.k. to leave the e.u. without working out how to do it first was speaking in brussels where he was meeting the irish are you in the overrun you're also pledged to do his best to find a solution to the briggs crisis or brennan reports now he's in belfast where he was covering prime minister to resign. that the second i have spoken about the necessary actions in case of no deal. i know that you will also be discussing this
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shocking with the european commission. by the way i have been wondering what that special place. in her looks like for those who promoted great state result even a catchall for plan how to curry its safely now those incendiary comments have quite predictably caused a reaction certainly from breakfast supporting m.p.'s and journalists in london but let's just have a little look at a video clip as they stood up to leave you can just about hear an exchange between layover i.q. and donald tusk where they almost anticipate the reaction that's coming let's have a look at this. if you like. now let's bring it back to where i'm standing in belfast which is where the prime
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minister has been she's going to brussels on thursday for the purpose of her visit here because of trying to work out exactly what the parties will accept and it seems a very confused picture is emerging chin fane the republican party which has seven seats in the westminster parliament but doesn't actually sit and votes in london refuses to do so it has accused to recently of bad faith for trying to reopen the withdrawal agreement and change the backstop arrangement however the d u p which does sit in london and upon which to research may realise for her parliamentary majority has insisted that to tinker or try to reform the backstop but leave it in place is not enough they want the backstop totally replaced they're not happy with it being in the ritual agreement at all so to resign may's going to go to belfast claiming a mandate from parliament to renegotiate the bracks it deal but exactly what she's going to birthplace it with what kind of alternative arrangements she might propose that is not clear at all. with us now steven erlanger the chief diplomatic
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correspondent of the new york times he's in brussels well stephen donald talking about a special place in hell for those in peace who push brags about knowing how to do it it's it's pretty harsh language and maybe not terribly helpful at this time but maybe he has a point. well they are very frustrated in brussels i think it's not very diplomatic language sure or it annoyed a lot of people in britain not just brett's affairs but of very many britons who would see it as arrogant and unfair britain is after old a democracy it's having trouble figuring out how it wants to leave but you know the fact that it's making trouble for brussels is not really you know. that kind of language shouldn't happen tosk is especially angry because he really wants britain to stay and of an important part of what he said was to deprive the lack of
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leadership of the non brecht's of camp in britain then he included specifically the labor party leader jeremy corben so excuse him of the of not leading any form of remains so there's frustration that's not very pretty it's probably counterproductive but trees i'm a will arrive in brussels to a fairly unified. command consolidated position which is brussels will not change the withdrawal agreements it will not remove the backstop but it is perfectly happy to listen to her ideas and to reassure her in some form of language which perhaps they can make sound legally binding that no one wants this stuff stay forever or that it is only a guarantee should the two sides in the next two or even three years after bret's
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that when nothing changes and fail to come up with a future trading relationships of the three i'm studying them something that would happen tomorrow you thore then that brussels you talked about this unified position where they would say you know we're still not going to renegotiate you think brussels would risk things getting even worse potentially just to hold on to this position or you know maybe there is room to negotiate renegotiate given the urgency of the. well worse for whom is the big question i mean most people consider no deal brecht's it will be much worse for britain and for your of. europe is holding together not just for ireland i mean it will do more for a member than for a country that wants to leave but it's also protecting the integrity of the single market its protecting the integrity of the of its pharmaceuticals of its of its livestock of its borders of its tariff free boarders and so that has to happen one
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way or another no one wants that to happen with about saw but if that's what's required that's what's going to be required now brussels is known for changing and and maneuvering sometimes at the last minute but just remember that's to keep countries in the european union and it's not to do favors for countries that are leading to the european not very good point exactly doesn't want to make it look like it's an easy option steven erlanger always a pleasure talking to you thank you thank you venezuela's opposition is accusing the military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia the self declared president one way though has appealed to venezuela's armed forces to allow the deliveries of much needed food medicine and other essential zz from colombia's border with venezuela yet he has. the government has an equal amount due to remain steadfast in its refusal to
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let any aid to into venezuela this pipe the international effort to do so and none of the aid so far has reached here the city of kuta on the border between colombia and venezuela we're hearing from the colombian outlawry thieves that the first convoy with food and i jean supplies sent by usa id the united states the relief agency should leave the capital of colombia bogota at some point to on a wednesday and arrive here on thursday there's no information about medicine having arrived to colombia a number of governments are having promised the millions of dollars in aid that the feeling here is that it will take many days for the collection stand to be ready here at the border and so far a column in authorities are telling us that there is no concrete plan on how to
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cross this save into venezuela unless there is a change of mind on part of president nicolas maduro or the military inside venezuela that so far remains mostly loyal to the president the u.s. secretary of state has reassured allies that the withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria doesn't mean it's the end of america's fight fair speaking at a meeting of the global coalition to defeat and so mike called on all the nations present to permanently defeat honestly in syria and in iraq remember in december president trumpeted to clear i feel defeated in syria. and as to internationals accuse the united arab emirates of supplying weapons to what it calls unaccountable armed groups in yemen a new report by the rights group shows how the u.a.e. siphons off billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry after buying the arms from the west many of the armed groups they supply have been accuse themselves of war crimes earlier the head of the u.s.
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central command in the middle east called for an investigation off to similar allegations in a media reports we spoke to peter a senior researcher at slippery the stockholm international peace research institute who told us the findings in the report are worrying yes but they're nothing new. the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have been supplying weapons to different militias in yemen for that matter also in syria and in libya so that we now find very clear evidence that weapons also and in the hands of all or more extreme militias including those related to al qaida it's not surprising at all surprising thing is more that the united states department of defense only now seems to make an issue of that i think if you supply weapons to militia groups you should assume that they go too loose some are even many of them and these militia groups are in want organized and trained in the same way as the more professional armies of the united
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states itself and of course we have to remember that it was the united states at times has lost weapons itself already so if you if you go further down that kind kind of the hierarchy you could say you are the risk but you're actually going to lose dose weapons to to your real opponents and it's very significant i don't think that the united states is going to punish the u.s. a u.s. saudi arabia by significantly restricting arms sales to these two major we sip ians of the united states when weapons i mean saudi arabia accounts for a very significant share of u.s. arms exports and it will say to you u.a.e. they are they belong to the most important is that. recipients of u.s. arms and there are significant sums of money involved and of course both are also very important and i switch to united states does not want want to lose. still have you on this news out a danish man has just been sentenced to six years in
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a russian prison his crime being his witness on to reach islands in moscow and keep watching to find out more on the crackdown on a religious organization that in russia is classed as extremist. will also tell you about a controversial plan to settle up to two million israelis in the occupied west bank and we will hear from the reigning to france champion who has been defending the anti doping record it is sport and it's. hello again it's good to have you back we are going to see some messy conditions coming across the levant over the next day if you take a look out here towards the west notice that big system coming in off the mediterranean now that is also bring some gusty winds down towards the south but it's bringing some wet and also winter conditions appear towards north and
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expression in the higher elevations so look for some rain as it makes its way towards the east and as we go towards friday we are going to be seeing that move a little bit more towards baghdad also over here towards tehran and then down here across parts of saudi arabia towards the back end of it we are going to be seeing the winds continue across much of the sinai peninsula and into the red sea well that same system we are going to be watching very carefully because we do expect to see rain showers in the clouds over the next few days so medina thirty one degrees on thursday and as that system pushes through there is the rain coming into play over here towards rio though it is going to be a warm day if you with a temperature of twenty five degrees and then down here across parts of southern africa it's still going to be quite wet up here towards the north a little bit dry down here across much of the south so for cape town with a sun in your forecast we do expect to see a high temperature a few about thirty degrees there derbent at about twenty seven degrees and as we go towards friday a little bit more rain for johannesburg with a temperature of twenty six.
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i soon killed ten from many members i'm going to turn a hundred. and the war has passed and the. people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand and. an eye for an army in iraq on al-jazeera. the new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. as venezuela is on the brink. with two men facing all for power. one of them self-proclaimed interim venezuelan
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leader. towards two al-jazeera. you are on the news hour here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories the u.s. president donald trump has called for political unity in his state of the union address in a wide ranging speech he told republicans and democrats they must join forces to confront what he's calling a security crisis on the border with mexico. confirmed a second summit with north korea's leader at the end of this month will be in vietnam today meeting with kim jong un beginning february twenty seventh which aims to build on denuclearization talks started in singapore last june. and u.s.
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secretary state my pump i still remains a menace and reassuring allies that the withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria doesn't mean it's the end of america's fight there or in iraq back in december president had declared i still defeated in syria. a russian court has sentenced a jehovah's witness to six years in jail a christian group is banned in twenty seventeen and is classified as an extremist organization many others are now waiting in pretrial detention human rights groups are concerned about religious freedom in russia as well we challenge reports from moscow. denis christensen had arrived in good spirits to hear the verdict on wednesday. why do you. believe. that it was but after cameras and supporters were told to leave the court the judge in the town of oriel sentenced the dane to six years for extremism is
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a conviction he intends to appeal to. the state i thank you everybody for coming i'm very happy that you're here thank you. dennis christensen may be the first jehovah's witness to be given jail time in russia but he's certainly not the only one in trouble we filmed worship at their main moscow meeting hall in two thousand and seventeen just before russia soon. bream called out lord to jehovah witnesses as an extremist organization before we were burned this building was used very intensively but as you can see. since then the doors have been shot to them we have about twenty two people in prison. hundred rates in the whole russia. many under whole many under investigation why russia's or thirty c. the country's one hundred seventy five thousand jobs as witnesses as a threat is something of a mystery it's been suggested that they're under suspicion because perhaps they're
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seen as a western influence maybe that they're too independent from the russian government and the russian orthodox church and these are the age was asked in december why the state was cracking down on them although he said classifying jehovah's witnesses as extremist was completely absurd arrests have continued as this human rights advocate doesn't want history to repeat itself he says soviets and nazis both trials religious persecution with attacks on the jehovah's witnesses. why have the authorities started with them it's likely to be a test case to see how society will react i don't have any illusions about the future of other religious confessions i think it's only beginning and it will depend on how much sense people actually have. under russia's constitution the freedom of religion is guaranteed because the countries are home as witnesses discovered that guarantee means little will reach alan's how does era moscow so his
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jailed in fagan of the book believing in russia religious policy after communism hijo de what are your views on well why is the question here why is the jehovah's a why are the job his witnesses seen as such a threat as. one hundred seventy five thousand of them. yes well they've always been seen as a threat in russia and actually have a long history in russia going back since before the soviets periods and largely it's because i think that it's because that sensor is based in the united states and this is always been seen as. a very special guests kind of origin for them to have with any but even though most of them are actually russian citizens are like. that don't that it's christiansen who is being prosecuted. and has been sentenced today most of those witnesses are russian speakers they've all
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lived their entire lives in russia in some cases that families have lived and possibly generations but they still have this reputation as being some kind of sinister foreign influence within russian society yeah i mean that's the word but maybe i'm just getting caught up in semantics here but calling them extremists i mean to ban a group or to stop them worshipping in any certain areas would be one thing but extremism is something else. right yet this actually goes back many years now right up to the adoption of the extremist of wind much out in two thousand and two and basically the cases against the jehovah's witnesses began by banning their literature is that as extremists and looking at the use of decisions by very minor courts in most cases that's what these decisions often there's no real reason given why this conclusion was reached so an. analyst would simply take the
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job as witness literature and say that up to some kind of your own linguistic tast so that there that there was extremist contents and in the cases that i've seen often the reasons given are actually quite absurd so for instance in the barry first case of a non-religious electric chair of the jehovah's witnesses back in two thousand and nine. one example was given a quotation from the famous writer leo tolstoy and his criticism of the orthodox church and who else geraldine or maybe were should really say which other religions come under this sort of scrutiny and russia well there's another group that's in a very similar position but actually that is a little more of advanced and that serve a number of muslims who read texts by a theologian courtside nor see who comes from turkey and his below his writings are
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entirely peaceful it's a very similar case we have seen a number of that the people who read his books have actually are actually serving a longish jail sentences as well so two three years or so right what an interesting story it is really glad we could talk to you about your own info and joining us from wash your brain what are. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing increased pressure ahead of his country's coming parliamentary elections he asked to get his favorite candidates on his the could party list before the primaries while he battles for his public image of a corruption cases are a force that's been looking at this from west to receive them. google me do. the real benjamin netanyahu tells the media magnate i just want real coverage of the israeli prime minister's public battle with the media he says a peddling fake news and cheerleading a witch hunt has led here to the launch of likud t.v.
9:43 pm
a campaign tool of his political party dressed up as a news channel nine yos relationship with the media is at the heart of two of the three corruption cases dogging his election campaign allegations he traded illicit favors for better coverage of third surrounds expensive gifts from wealthy friends he denies the charges but an indictment decision is expected this month we're going to blockbuster decision from the attorney general is going to going to be announcement of an intention to indictments and you hope that's not a final indictment which could come six to twelve months later but it basically says that's where he's going in the meantime the campaign and the primaries for netanyahu party are being conducted in what's become the mainstream of israeli politics the right the night before likud members cast their votes a series of senior party figures including intelligence public security and culture ministers all signed on to a charter promoting a radical expansion of illegal settlements it calls for the adoption of a plan to settle two million jews in the occupied west bank signing up to it
9:44 pm
cements a politician's right wing credentials and also allows the party to define itself more clearly against a new arrival on the political scene and while it could voters benjamin netanyahu is legal troubles have done little to diminish either his power or his popularity here there is though a substantial anti netanyahu constituency among jewish israelis and fears they've been looking for a viable alternative to invest their hopes. and israel's former army chief benny gantz looking to occupy the role of centrist he's talked of strengthening settlements but also says lessons should be learned from the way israel removed settlers from gaza in the face of being called a weak leftist he's also released a campaign video claiming credit for the killing of one thousand three hundred sixty four palestinians calling them terrorists in the twenty fourteen gaza war. in order for him to get really the votes you know to really challenge it and you know he's got to get some of those votes from the right so he comes as
9:45 pm
a leftist dressed in the rightists clothing ok as a liberal israeli dressed as a conservative hardcore pro settlement israeli guns his polling just behind us and you know who is preferred prime minister but his path to victory is narrow given the numerical advantage of netanyahu existing coalition of right wing parties netanyahu continues to fight on multiple fronts knowing that even if he wins power once more in this election he'll have to battle on in the media and potentially in the courts to hold on to it are a full sit out his era west jerusalem. the united nations says its efforts to forge an agreement between yemen's government and the hutu rebels are beginning to pay off diplomats sound optimistic the yemenis of lost everything in the war well they're just refugees in their own country mohammed has their stories but. with his arrival in yemen a renewed sense of cautious optimism michael lawless guard the newly appointed head of the united nations mission to monitor the temporary ceasefire in her data landed
9:46 pm
in the capital sanaa as the u.n. says its push for a permanent peace agreement between the warring sides is beginning to pay off no matter what ultimately happens in her data which is vitally important for humanitarian aid imports the suffering being experienced by yemenis nationwide is not expected to abate anytime soon take yemen second largest city of tire is for example besieged by hutu rebels for more than four years around two hundred thousand civilians are caught up in the fighting. for korea is one of them after fleeing fighting in her village made her way to terrorize with nowhere to live she and her husband took up residence on the side of a road and while this abandoned truck provides them a small semblance of shelter they feel far from say. that. i was sleeping when a bullet came from this direction and hit me low on food they struggle to get by
9:47 pm
the u.n. says yemen is home to the world's worst humanitarian crisis which is no surprise to fuck her. like all yemenis she hopes for a better future. will. i want the war to stop and the situation to return back to normal as it used to be we want peace and we do not want war we want the situation to calm down an old people to return to the towns and villages for now however like so many other yemenis worries that won't happen any time soon. zimbabwe's main opposition has refused to meet with the government to try to resolve the country's worsening economy but it's not there were mass protests of a high inflation and a lack of basic commodities and now some public school teachers have gone on a nationwide strike over pay union leaders say some of their members fear
9:48 pm
intimidation from security forces taking out his hometown so with more from her. blessing my parts i didn't go to work today. neither did some of the prime misquote teachers colleagues because they aren't strike public school teachers one bit awaking conditions and to be paid in u.s. dollars instead of local bond nuts which constantly. it's a pain for you know i'm in a classroom. teaching children and i cannot afford to have my charity in that classroom it's a set. it's absurd it's painful you cannot live with that you cannot come to terms with it so. this is where we are saying it's better that i stay at home because i'm not saying that isn't why i'm going to work. that means some children aren't learning teachers say they earn about six hundred knots a month roughly one hundred fifty dollars other teachers on
9:49 pm
a go slow they come to work but do very little union leaders say after a security crackdown on demonstrators last month some teachers believe staying at home makes them government targets is some indication that some teachers are now we're feeling for the security visible as it was an agent just when they did look normal what they intended to do with information about the structure of what they'll be picking up the moves and tomorrow in the different. government leaders deny the allegations and say teachers are being offered more pay there is no needs to intimidate them how many times is government put of us on the table and we have put all of us on the tables on the table we have given. the questioning allowances we have negotiated and where we're free of we have put in a lot of other packages for teachers teachers say government interventions aren't helping when the price of fuel more than doubled last month prices
9:50 pm
a basic goods increased but not teaches diaries placing a parts a says he is tired of being constantly in debt and always borrowing money to cover the cost of living staying at home is his way of protesting.
9:51 pm
santa is here with your sports news an update on a well a political story really is one of the thai official has won that behave in
9:52 pm
a football how camelot a.b. faces at least six small months and prison as he fights extradition to his home country was arrested in november while holiday at the inquest off the train who want him to serve a ten year prison sentence for vandalism the twenty five year old is a refugee who lives in australia and says he fled his home country because of political oppression australia's on the twenty three football team has canceled a trip to thailand and protest what i've also stressed is that it's drowning people in the top people have a wonderful people to people relationship and i've stressed just how strongly as dragons feel about this and i would i would be very disappointed. if it is a result of how this matter is handled that that relationship between the time the strike and play people were affected i would be very disappointed about that so what appealed to the prime minister to take that into account but i do have the
9:53 pm
authority to use those executive controls for him to come out and so we're going to continue to work patiently and respectfully to secure that after all supporters of i have criticized president johnson tino for not taking a more active role in back in the football this case in fantino set for a second time at the top of football's governing body it's been confirmed he's the only candidate for the journal action which will put him in charge of fisa until at least twenty twenty three. the former head of a quantum on football has been fined three hundred fifty thousand dollars for his part in a futile corruption scandal and the human is that was one of more than thirty top football officials swept up in the twenty fifteen investigation into the sale of media rights for fifo games across the americas him and it was also given a life ban from football this is. difficult the school of life
9:54 pm
fundamental change for everybody i think it's something very important to send a healthy message for the whole institution afifa everybody must contribute as humans we make mistakes i think i'm not part of it anymore and i hope that with these examples that we have now that there's a correction within soccer for everybody in general and imus is being given every chance to prove his fitness ahead of barcelona scope of the race semifinal against real madrid messi is struggling with a thaw in three he picked up. a league game against a volunteer on such a big kick off at the nou camp is just over an hour's time of defending english premier league champions manchester city have the chance to return to the top of the table a win at everton on the will move them ahead of liverpool all goal in difference. three four days ago we had already done. the champion was never poor no favorite
9:55 pm
and maybe in three days we are leading or we are seven points behind. so try to be calm in that situation i said my feeling in the last week show will be a lot of surprises and will be tough for every team to win in games because. the contenders in the no contenders in all the teams had their abilities capacities in in the skills to to make create problems to the france champion grand common thomas says that his sport is as clean as it's ever been and believes he wouldn't have been able to win the race if riders were still doping autolyse is part of britain's team as sky parliamentary report accused it of crossing the ethical line by using permitted medication to boost the performance of previous to win a bradley wiggins form a team dr richard freeman is now facing a medical tribunals off to being charged with ordering a banned substance for an unnamed writer and twenty eleven they are going to like
9:56 pm
stand up and sing a song and dance about it now and you know scream and that's not you know i do everything the right way and i just. you know that's a train hard work hard and you know i have a lot of support around me and. that's what i do and you know obviously if people. do stuff that you know how do i think about that i'm sure that. that sort of mindset of how it's honest and he shifted a lot since the dark ages. it is so many as has won his first ever title at skins will championships a twenty nine year old to gold in the super g. event in sweden. that previously won silver medal at the twenty thirty championships. and always accept moon's fans isn't heading into a time of quietly the two time olympic champions finished outside the medals and the and ultimate race of his career and then criticize comments made by the head of
9:57 pm
rolls frankel kasper has said it's easier to deal with dictators rather than environmentalists when choosing venues for major events sometimes people think something that is so stupid that you don't need to comment on it because everyone would oppose this promotes understands that it's completely oh it's so it's almost the good because when people go to the extent of your business. you know no one misses anything. the free wide world made its latest top and canada's walk in mountains this championship is for the best free skiers and snowboarders combat says to have one shot each add to standing at the face the rooted though the natural obstacles that is chosen by the individual rider with a panel of judges deciding who the winner is and that's it for me come on thank santa. your news hour from the team here in doha lauren tyler will be along in just
9:58 pm
a few minutes from our new center in london with the latest news on how to steer on come out santa maria thanks for staying with us. delta state one of nigeria's largest producers of oil is gradually becoming a safe haven for business and pleasure but talking with a lot of investors of that company and that would lend a theme many of their stance crystallized infrastructures span across different sectors of being put in place calm and experienced still to state.
9:59 pm
the silence has been disturbed. beneath this. is one of scandinavia as the largest iron ore deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. a witness documentary on a. al-jazeera . where ever you will. take the worst possible material you radio grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into a place where people live there is a cause colossal event. as well and so many people are thinking this is the silent
10:00 pm
he. doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. german kim and i will meet again on february twenty seventh and twenty eighth in vietnam. president sets a date to meet the nadir of north korea in a statesman union address calling for unity. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up u.s. secretary of state insists the united states will continue to lead the fight against isobel.


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