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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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al-jazeera. where every since. the isis caliphate has been decimated president trump declares victory over i saw him says the group will lose its remaining territory in syria in around a week. when the entire this is our live from london also coming up. i've been wondering what that special place. in her looks like for those who promoted that state.
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breaks it from the european council president as the british prime minister prepares to visit brussels. blocked on the bridge friend is where it is opposition accuses the military of preventing desperately needed aid from getting into the country. a danish man has just been sentenced to six years in a russian prison his crime being over his witness on the rich islands of moscow and keep watching to find out more on the crackdown on a religious organization that in russia is classed as extremist. and i don't trump says he expects a formal announcement as early as next week but the coalition fighting are still has reclaimed all of the territory previously held by the group the u.s. president was speaking at a summit of the global coalition set up to battle the group in iraq and syria. the united states military our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces
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have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis and syria and iraq it should be formally announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate. in the summit yes extra state might pump a insisted that the united states would play a leading role in the fight against us so despite the planned withdrawal of troops from syria just a few weeks ago in cairo i reiterated america's commitment to stepping out isis and other terrorist groups that's my message again here today in washington america will continue to lead in giving those who would destroy us no quarter we ask each of your countries to stand with us and through our efforts and god's help the day will come when the permit the defeat of isis is
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a reality. president jordan has been following events in washington d.c. . the us president doll trump says that. isis could be declared completely defeated by as early as the week of february eleventh that is coming as a surprise to some here in washington who acknowledge that while the territory that i sold once controlled in both syria and iraq has been largely reclaimed by local forces supported by the u.s. and other members of the global coalition to defeat isis they also say that this is a fragile situation that given a vacuum particularly if u.s. forces in both syria and iraq eisel are remnants of i saw once the president calls them could very easily regenerate perhaps within sixty to ninety days that's not a lot of time but certainly given the earlier experience of him both of these countries it's quite destructive and this is something which members attending this
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conference here at the state department agree they don't want to see her now the question is when will u.s. forces actually leave syria is something which donald trump said back in december he wants to see happening because for all intents and purposes is no longer a major security threat but the president undercut his own argument while he was addressing the conference on wednesday afternoon saying that the global coalition for better or for worse regrettably was going to have to remain intact and that the countries would have to cooperate on rooting out members of and as well as members of al qaida and other groups for years to come. and his state of the union speech earlier trauma delivered a call for unity but he also reiterated his demands for a board to rule with mexico. was the recent u.s. government shutdown once again suggested there was an immigration crisis from
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reynolds has more from a us mexico border in california this is calexico it's a small town of about forty thousand people it's not very much different from the other towns in imperial county which has a stubbornly high unemployment rate of sixteen percent but what sets this town apart is this a four point five meter tall metal wall that runs parallel to the main shopping street right on the other side that is mexico cali a city of one million people now people in calexico civic leaders and merchants will tell you that they're almost entirely dependent upon the visitors from mexico for their economy people come here to shop to work to go to school and to work in the farms and fields of imperial county so when president trump talks about declaring a state of emergency shutting down the order entirely that really strikes fear into
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the hearts of many people in this community now what will the president do next it's really unknown he called for compromise in his state of the union speech he seems determined to build the wall but the democratic party seems equally determined to prevent him from doing so by not allocating any money could he declare a state of emergency could he even initiate another government shutdown all of these are good questions but the president has proved himself to be unpredictable in the past and there are at the moment no good answers. there's growing pressure on donald trump to escalate his response to the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the leading opposition democrat on the senate foreign relations committee is planning to seek new legislation to impose a stronger response robert menendez and twenty one other senators and give the president four months to make a decision on new sanctions but that deadline expires soon shoji was killed in the
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saudi consulate in istanbul last october the saudis deny they ordered the mega. everything council president donald tusk has condemned british politicians who pushed for the u.k. to leave the e.u. without working out how to do it first to school so pledge to do his best to find a solution to the basic crisis our go to paul brennan is in belfast where u.k. prime minister to resign may be meeting northern ireland's political leaders first let's hear what tusk had to say. that the shock and i have spoken about the necessary actions in case of no deal. i know that you will also be discussing this opening with the european commission. by the way and i've been wondering what that special place. in her looks like for those
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who promoted seat without even a sketch of a plan how to carly it's safely now those in century comments have quite predictably caused a reaction certainly from bracks it's supporting m.p.'s and journalists in london but let's just have a little look at a video clip as they stood up to leave you can just about hear an exchange between layover i guess and donald tusk where they almost anticipate the reaction that's coming let's have a look at this. right. now let's bring it back to where i'm standing in belfast which is where the prime minister has been she's going to brussels on thursday for the purpose of her visit here is a try to work out exactly what the parties will accept and it seems a very confused picture is emerging chin fane the republican party which has seven seats in the westminster parliament but doesn't actually sit and vote in london
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refuses to do so it is accused to resubmit of bad faith for trying to. reopen the withdrawal agreements and change the backstop arrangements however the do you pay which does sits in london and upon which to resubmit relies for her parliamentary majority has insisted the two tinka all try to reform the backstop but leave it in place is not enough they want the backstop totally replaced the not happy with it being in the or through old agreements it's all i missed international has accused the united arab emirates of supplying weapons to armed groups in yemen the rights group says the u.a.e. five hundred off billions of dollars worth of weaponry after buying it from the west their stations for a cause in the u.s. for an investigation into weapons getting into yemen in allege that u.s. arms have also found their way into the hands of armed groups. another nation says its efforts to forge an agreement between yemen's government and hoofy rebels is beginning to pay off while diplomats sound optimistic hundreds of thousands of
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yemeni civilians remain caught up in the fighting when a gem jhoom reports that. with his arrival in yemen a renewed sense of cautious optimism michael lawless guard the newly appointed head of the united nations mission to monitor the temporary ceasefire in her data landed in the capital sanaa as the u.n. says its push for a permanent peace agreement between the warring sides is beginning to pay off no matter what ultimately happens in her data which is vitally important for humanitarian aid imports the suffering being experienced by yemenis nationwide is not expected to abate any time soon. take yemen second largest city of tire is for example besieged by hutu rebels for more than four years around two hundred thousand civilians are caught up in the fighting. for is one of them after fleeing fighting in her village made her way to terrorise with nowhere to live she and her
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husband took up residence on the side of a road and while this abandoned truck provides them a small semblance of shelter they feel far from safe that then yeah. i was sleeping when a bullet came from this direction and hit me low on food they struggle to get by the u.n. says yemen is home to the world's worst humanitarian crisis which is no surprise to fuck a year like all yemenis she hopes for a better future and that ad will hit again and am democratic i want the war to stop and the situation to return back to normal as it used to be we want peace and we do not want wool we want the situation to calm down an old people to attend to the towns and villages. for now however like so many other yemenis worries that won't happen any time soon. as. president trumps national security
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adviser john bolton says the united states will consider lifting sanctions on venezuelan generals who switch their support for nicolas maduro to opposition leader one of the softer the opposition accused venezuela's military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia used for desperately needed humanitarian aid the u.s. is sending food to the border with the supplies can without the agreement of the military terms of who has more from the capital caracas. well humanitarian aid is already being sent to colombia that's going to be one of the main points where some medicines and food are going to be gathered in order to make a plan to later on bring it into venezuela for now it's not clear yet how it's going to make it into the country that the opposition is saying that's what they're hoping is to create a humanitarian corridor or something that will protect the aid with n.g.o.s religious groups doctors nurses and anybody that can help in order to protect that
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aid and make sure that it reaches those who needed the most but it's not going to be easy nicola who has already said that that aid into the country would be illegal that it would be an intervention but the early this wednesday morning the bridge that connects venezuela and colombia appeared with enormous oil tankers and containers in order to prevent that aid from coming in why it all says that this shows that the government doesn't care for human life because there are three hundred thousand people that are at risk right now the united nations is asking both sides the opposition and the government to stop mating politics with humanitarian aid but the main priority right now is that that aid reaches those who needed it most of the problem is that for now the government of nicolas maduro says that venezuela doesn't need any type of aid that it can deal with its own problems because any type of. humanitarian aid into the country would be an intervention and
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they blame and they say that the united states is behind this plan. still ahead of . the why the reopening of a religious school could help end a bitter dispute between greece and turkey. and news and a verdict for u.k. activists who broke into a nandan airport to prevent deportations and found themselves charged under anti terror no. we're seeing a slight improvement in the weather then across the northeast of australia still lots of cloud around townsville much of queensland sent in a list central coast you can see whether that's going to stay in place not going to fall too quickly faded a cloud soon into the southeastern corner through victoria into tasmania bad so making its way further east with temperatures picking up to around thirty thirty
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one celsius melbourne and for further north there we go with that weather still dragging its way in from the colosseum but in no way neighbors wet as it has been recently flood warnings remain in force live the showers continue just around the southwest of the country meanwhile that. could see some big downpours friday does look at a dry a day and down to the southeast with the dr for a melbourne by the states a good deal fresher as well with a top temperature of around twenty one celsius thirty the sydney thirty one the full brisbane i cloud that will make its way through the tasman we've got some slightly disturbed weather making its way across the sea the nothing much to speak of just a thin streak of cloud is so you can watch out for a few spots it's right twenty one celsius in all clint bright and dry that dry weather that sets in this we go on through friday pressure coming in so the winds forty light with lots of presents sunshine by the weekend.
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i soon killed ten from many members i'm going to turn one hundred mean. the war is possible. people in power are meets the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. an eye for an army in iraq on al-jazeera. from one of the top stories a victory over i saw as early as next week u.s.
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president donald trump says the coalition is close to reclaiming all the territory previously held by the group in syria. european council president donald tusk says there's a special place in hell for politicians who pushed for the u.k. to leave the e.u. without working out how to do it first. and that is what his opposition is accusing the military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia it's vital for food supplies. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under pressure ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections as he tried it tries to get his favorites on the list of candidates for his likud party he's also battling to save his public image and force it has more from western. to go let me do. the real benjamin netanyahu tells the media magnate i just want real coverage of the israeli prime minister's public battle with the media he says of peddling fake news and cheerleading a witch hunt has led here to the launch of likud t.v.
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a campaign tool of his political party dressed up as a news channel nine yos relationship with the media is at the heart of two of the three corruption cases dogging his election campaign allegations he traded illicit favors for better coverage the third surrounds expensive gifts from wealthy friends he denies the charges but an indictment decision is expected this month we're going to blockbuster decision from the attorney general is going to going to be announcement of an intention to indictment and yahoo that's not a final indictment which could come six to twelve months later but it basically says that's where he's going in the meantime the campaign and the primaries for netanyahu likud party are being conducted in what's become the mainstream of israeli politics the right the night before likud members cast their votes a series of senior party figures including intelligence public security and culture ministers all signed on to a charter promoting a radical expansion of illegal settlements it calls for the adoption of a plan to settle two million jews in the occupied west bank signing up to it
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cements a politician's right wing credentials and also allows the party to define itself more clearly against a new arrival on the political scene and while it could voters benjamin netanyahu is legal troubles have done little to diminish either his power or his popularity here there is though a substantial anti netanyahu constituency among jewish israelis and fears they've been looking for a viable alternative to invest their hopes. and israel's former army chief benny gantz looking to occupy the role of centrist he's talked of strengthening settlements but also says lessons should be learned from the way israel removed settlers from gaza in the face of being called a weak leftist he's also released a campaign video claiming credit for the killing of one thousand three hundred sixty four palestinians calling them terrorists in the twenty fourteen gaza war in order for him to get really the votes you know to really challenge it and you know he's got to get some of those votes from the right so he comes as
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a leftist dressed in rightists clothing ok as a liberal israeli dressed as a conservative hard core pro settlement israeli guns his polling just behind and you know who is preferred prime minister but his path to victory is narrow given the numerical advantage of netanyahu existing coalition of right wing parties netanyahu continues to fight on multiple fronts knowing that even if he wins power once more in this election you have to battle on in the media and potentially in the courts to hold on to it are a force it out zero west jerusalem for israel's jailed former president lula da silva has been sentenced and only thirteen more years on new charges of corruption and money laundering a court in the southern city of grittier found him guilty of letting two construction companies renovate his farmhouse and exchange for contracts with a state oil company petrobras is already serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption he denies all charges saying they're
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politically motivated as it only has come a step closer to join in nato. and by the percent the deal of the lake public to sign the excess improbable. greases signed a protocol giving its approval to their northern neighbors membership after blocky it for decades over a name dispute many greeks were unhappy the former yugoslav republic had the same name as its own region of macedonia but just last month parliaments in both countries approved a deal to change macedonia is named to north macedonia the membership must now be ratified by the other nato governments a russian court has sentenced a danish man to six years in jail for being a jehovah's witness russia declared the christian sect an extremist organization in twenty seventeen though many other jehovah's witnesses are waiting in pretrial detention dennis christensen is the first to be given a prison sentence which owns reports from moscow. dennis
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christensen who arrived in good spirits to hear the verdict on wednesday thank you everybody i wanted to do you know. that it was but after cameras and supporters were told to leave the court a judge in the town of oriel sentenced the dane to six years for extremism is a conviction he intends to appeal to the state i thank you everybody for coming i'm very happy that you're here thank you. dennis christensen may be the first jehovah's witness to be given jail time in russia but he's certainly not the only one in trouble we filmed worship at their main moscow meeting hall in two thousand and seventeen just before russia's supreme court outlawed the jihad as witnesses as an extremist organization before we were banned this building was used very intensively but as you can see. since then the doors have been shot to them they have about twenty two people in prison. hundred rates.
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many under whole many under investigation why russia's or thirty c. the country's one hundred seventy five thousand jobs as witnesses as a threat is something of a mystery it's been suggested that they're under suspicion because perhaps they're seen as a western influence maybe that they're too independent from the russian government and the russian orthodox church and these are the age putin was asked in december why the state was cracking down on them although he said classifying jehovah's witnesses as extremist was completely absurd arrests have continued as this human rights advocate doesn't want history to repeat itself he says soviets and nazis both trials religious persecution with attacks on the jehovah's witnesses. why have the authorities started with them it's likely to be a test. nice to see how society will react i don't have any illusions about the
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future of other religious confessions i think it's only beginning and it will depend on how much sense people actually have. under russia's constitution the freedom of religion is guaranteed by the countries i was witness is discovered that guarantee means little will reach alan's how to zero mosque or a group of british anti deportation campaigners who chained themselves to a plane to stop it taking off have escaped prison sentences they broke through a fence at london's dunson airport trying to reach the jet taking people to nigeria . the judge said they were motivated by genuine reasons urged the reports from the court. from cool the relief on their faces was obvious the case had time going for two years and they'd been charged with offenses technically carrying a minor in prison but they were still and it's matched that it's better to come through this the fight is a. lot more for us to continue fighting for and until there's been
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a. fireman and. detentions and people via here the whole flight was it was a smooth window into a much this big a systemic problem. for the asylum times the home office refuses home for the day is a right of return to the pale and what the government does at the time that we stopped the fight there was a policy of the first appeal. was if you can activists to plant themselves from a plane at stansted airport near london in the knowledge that some of the people on board would face death threats if they were deported some of those people have since been granted the right to stay in britain this woman had already told us they saved her life. why do you want to deport me i came to dish contra because i was having the abuse of the need and if i wasn't in this country i probably wouldn't be here sitting history recalled the actions of people who put themselves in harm's
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way for human rights as heroes think of emily davison who threw herself to her death under the king's horse women's rights well the lone protester in tiananmen square facing down the chinese tanks but trying to stop illegal deportation to the u.k. nowadays is not viewed in the same way. we're very familiar with this kind of excessive charge often terrorism related charges being brought against nonviolent human rights defenders but haven't seen it in the u.k. for a very long time and that's one of the reasons why we're watching this case so closely so all i want to do is to stop the protests and it isn't only the u.k. criminalizing anti deportation activists this woman is currently being prosecuted in sweden for refusing to take a seat on the plane to stop an afghani border from being deported from. but the u.k. is much broader so-called hostile environment shows no sign of the deportation fight still go on with all the questions about human rights abuses there is
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a certain sort of air of victory here which is peculiar since all that's happened is that a group of people have escaped going to prison for trying to stop the illegal deportations of asylum seekers but they still have a terrorism conviction to their names and this is one of the now say that it's her means to try to overturn. the al-jazeera chelmsford crown calls. the greek prime minister has given his support to a long running campaign to reopen a christian say a logical school in mainly muslim turkey and access to prosecutors on a two day trip to turkey visited helka seminary in istanbul used to be the main school of theology for the eastern orthodox church in the country until. turkish government shut it down in nine hundred seventy one same course a report from istanbul. oh the ist an orthodox community it celebrates the feast day of sin fortress the patent saint of the seminary. founded in one thousand nine
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hundred to four on her belly of the island it served as the main school of theology of the eastern orthodox church ecumenical patriarch eight until one thousand nine hundred seventy one. the greek orthodox church which has many worshippers in turkey's neighbor is part of the world's third largest christian church the seminary was closed when the turkish parliament in after the no banning primates higher education patrick barthelemy always a spiritual leader for the estimated three hundred million also talks church worshippers worldwide. when the school reopens it will be a big and happy day not only for the patriarchates or the orthodox christian world but also for the civilisation culture and our country. there with alexis she presses the first greek prime minister to formally visit the school since nine hundred thirty three it's seen to be a potential step to persuading to rethink on its closure he hopes his next visit
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will be with turkey's president you believe in love with the human mind the message we want to show today here from this historic place is that the reopening of the healthy school will not constitute an object of discord or division but a message of friendship understanding and brotherhood between our peoples. a possible solution is the trick is the gesture to link the school with one of the national universities that would every day amending the constitution but the church doesn't agree. since haughey orthodox christian theological school was shut down by the turkish government forty eight years ago there has been an international campaign to reopen it during his visit to turkey in two thousand and nineteen former u.s. president barack obama made a call for the school to reopen to ensure religious freedom to just leaders including president john were positive then what the school for means closed. some tricks say turkeys leaders should allow more religious pretty dim is late and i
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come here often with my kid will live in a secular country i believe it would be right to have such a seminary in a country where religion is free but that's opposed by turkish nationalists who have leverage on the ruling government they're against the idea of reopening whether debris can turkish leadership can find common ground remains open to question so you need to sort of elf in syria has been out there and i'm a stumble. take another look at the top stories making news here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he expects victory over i sold a soon as next week it came in dress to a summit of the global coalition against arsenal in washington d.c. he says the end of the fight is not imminent the united states military our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually
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all of the territory previously held by isis and syria and iraq it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate is growing pressure on donald trump to escalate his response to the murder of saudi journalist. the leading democrat on the senate foreign relations committee says he plans to seek fresh legislation designed to impose a stronger response to the killing. your claim council president donald tusk a strongly condemned british politicians who support breck's it in joint news conference with irish need and they are veronica he said there is a special place in hell for those who pushed for the united kingdom to leave the european union without working out how to do it first. amnesty international has accused the united arab emirates of supplying weapons to armed groups in yemen the
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rights group says the u.a.e. siphons of billions of dollars worth of weaponry after buying it from the west accusations follow calls in the u.s. for an investigation into how weapons a get into yemen venezuela's opposition is accusing the military of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia that is vital for food supplies a self declared president who has appealed to venezuela's armed forces to allow deliveries of much needed food medicine and other essentials. several israeli ministers have signed a declaration that supports the settlement of two million israelis along the occupied west bank and the declaration was signed ahead of elections in april in what could be a bid by the ruling likud party to increase support from right wing voters to stay with us people in power going behind the scenes with a female commander on the hunt for arsenal fighters is up next. the week began with views of ninety day for troops in the tip attack us china trade will the
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world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. for over three years i ceased control to terrorize lawless calls of northern iraq after it was driven out in late two thousand and seventeen local militias began searching for fugitives reaching out the harshest justice on suspect fighters and civilians collaborators one of the most vengeful malicious is led by a woman which jim is talking clawing went to me to.


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