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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's growing so many people are seeking it this is the silent heat. but does it make you feel nice to see like a movie we have created an enormous mental disaster. an investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate. us president donald trump says the total defeat of i still is imminent. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. trump announces a new meeting with north korea's kim jong un we'll look at reaction from asia. the united nations says desperately needed aid is being used as
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a political corner in venezuela. why the reopening of a religious school could help end this into skewers between greece and tacky. donald trump is predicting victory over as early as next week the u.s. president says he expects a formal announcement to be made soon declaring all territory belonging to the recapture he was speaking at a summit of the global coalition set up to fight i saw in iraq and syria says there's only a tiny percentage of ground left to take back the united states military or coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis in syria and iraq. it should be
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formally announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate well u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is says the planned withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria won't be the end of america's fight there the drawdown of troops is essentially a tactical change it is not a change in the mission it does not change the structure design or authorities on which the campaign has been based it's simply represents a new stage in an old fight the drawdown will be well coordinated and our policy approaches syria remain unchanged joining us now live from washington d.c. is our correspondent mike hanna mike what kind of reaction if we've been seeing to trump's comments well there has been some concern among delegates off the u.s. commitment to the battle against title given that unilateral announcement by
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president trump in december that he will be withdrawing his troops from syria iraq his foreign minister in the course of the summit today making very clear that iraq is still looking for massive international assistance instant in terms of combat ing eisel pointing out that even in territory that has been taken back there are still sleeper cells in operation now delegates to the global coalition also taking note of the information that was given by u.s. intelligence chiefs only last month they told a senate intelligence committee that i saw remained a major threat was capable of attacking the united states here the president is saying that a formal announcement about the defeat of eisel could be as soon as next week the said odds with his own intelligence chiefs and might presumably as you say victory over eisel territory doesn't necessarily mean victory over i still what does the defense community have to say about all this. well they've been very clear indeed
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that i saw remains as i said a formidable organization that it will take a long period of time to completely eradicate them if that can ever be achieved at all now it's interesting to note as well that the u.s. representative to the global coalition the previous one the u.s. envoy good he resigned along with the defense secretary at the time that president trump withdrew those soldiers from syria without consulting the people most directly concerned now just days before his resignation breath mcgurk gave a speech in which he said that it would take years to completely dismantle i saw pointing out this cell structure insisting that they are a very powerful organization with good cells and groups and contacts all around the globe so that was the advice from the u.s. former u.s. envoy to the global coalition of course not present at that meeting today just one
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of the many changes that have happened since the global coalition last met al-jazeera is mike hanna there for us in washington d.c. thank you mike well syria was just one of the topics donald trump discussed in his state of the union address on tuesday the overall message was a call for unity in a divided u.s. congress but some democrats denounced the speech as one filled with fear and falsehoods has congress continues to refuse to fund a border war with mexico insists he will get it built while trying to also confound a second summit with north korea's leader at the end of this month this time in vietnam south korea and japan have welcomed the news but they want this meeting to be in their words more meaningful specific and practical robert bride has more from the south korean capital. after their first historic meeting in singapore last june all now looks set for round two in vietnam. it's a neutral choice acceptable to both sides it's also symbolically important as
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a former enemy of the us that now enjoys normalized relations and economic prosperity a possible path for north korea to follow since singapore negotiations have stalled but both leaders seem determined to meet again. march work remains to be done but my relationship with kim jong un is a good one chairman kim and i will meet again on february twenty seventh and twenty eighth in vietnam. negotiators from both sides have been meeting knowing the next summit will have to produce something of substance following criticism that singapore was little more than a photo opportunity it probably won't be anything big maybe the decommissioning of some nuclear facilities under international monitoring in return for the security guarantees that north korea craves and just possibly some relief from sanctions
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after the stalemate of the past half year anything that moves the process forward will counter success even partial being equal or freezing its apparent then or to having nothing to go waiting for ever for north korea to agree on completely which is almost impossible for a totalitarian regime whether this process is moving towards full denuclearization the more immediate need for trump and kim seems to be maintaining the narrative that it is broad al-jazeera soul. and iran has accused the u.s. of supporting dictators but says that extremists have brought ruin to the middle east and to foreign minister made the comments after donald trump criticized iran during his state of the union speech calling it the wild leading state sponsor of terror i hired ministration has acted decisively to confront the
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world's leading state sponsor of terror the radical regime in iran it is a radical regime they do bed bared things to ensure this corrupt. dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons i would say drew the united states from the disastrous iran nuclear deal. will we put in place the toughest sanctions ever imposed by us or in a country we will not overt our eyes for marusia that chance death to america and threatens genocide against the jewish people there is growing pressure on trump to escalate his response to the murder of
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saudi journalist jamal khashoggi leading democrats are planning to seek fresh legislation designed to impose stronger action against u.s. allies saudi arabia four months ago twenty two senators from both parties invoked the magnitsky act of twenty sixteen which gave trump one hundred twenty days to make a decision on new sanctions related to crucial she's met a in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul the united nations has warned against using aid as a pawn in venezuela u.s. officials say trucks carrying supplies have arrived in colombia for delivery to venezuela it's at the request of who last month declared himself interim president venezuela's opposition is accusing the military which backs president nicolas maduro of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia has appealed to venezuela's armed forces to allow deliveries of much needed food medicine and other essentials the u.s. says it's considering lifting sanctions on venezuelan military officers who back
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wider and from colombia's border with venezuela. has more. the government of any color might do to remain steadfast in its refusal to let any aid into venezuela this spike the international effort to do so and none of the aid so far has reached here the city of kuta on the border between colombia and venezuela we're hearing from the colombian outta refuse that the first convoy with food and i jean supplies sent by usa id the united states the relief agency should leave the capital of colombia bogota at some point to on a wednesday and arrive here on thursday there's no information about medicine having arrived to colombia a number of government having promised the millions of dollars in aid the feeling here is that it will take many days for the collection games to to be ready here at
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the border and so for them in authorities are telling us that there's no concrete plan on how to cross this aid into venezuela unless there is a change of mind on part of president nicolas maduro or the military inside venezuela that so far remains mostly loyal to the president brazil's former president lou is in the show lula da silva has been given an extra thirteen years of jail time to corruption and money laundering he's already serving a twelve year prison sentence for another corruption conviction the latest involves a farmhouse in sao paolo a state court found him guilty of allowing construction fans to renovate the property in exchange for a contract with state oil company petrobras he denies the charges saying they're politically motivated. firefighters in the u.s.
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state of california are tackling a major blaze after a gas explosion in san francisco huge plumes of fire and smoke from to devote to ations of nearby buildings it's believed work is installing fiber optic why is cause the fire by cutting a gas line there's been no immediate reports of injuries. still ahead on al-jazeera i've been wondering what the special place. in the film looks like for those who promoted breaks it. down breaks it from the european council president as the british prime minister prepares to visit brussels. and news of addict activists who broke into a london airport to prevent deportations and found themselves charged under anti terror and oh.
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how i once again we've got some dry weather contending cause southern parts of china the litany of course continuing with plenty of celebrations going on thick a time out towards the eastern side of the country started to push its way in shanghai around twelve degrees celsius still getting up into the mid to upper twenty's around hong kong around tied by make the most of it by friday it's going to cool off a little so we'll see those temps to started to fall back to shanghai just six degrees by this stage and still some bits and pieces of right it's that eastern sort of china but for the most part it did stay dry and fine and dry and fine see across a good part of the philippines a few showers well as a possibility in c.s.l. in areas of the country. i was there in simulation down in indonesia down poles in the heat of the day plenty of sunshine in between it's not a complete right to further north bangkok gets up to thirty four degrees pleasant sunshine continuing here and a lot of sunshine see into south asia still
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a few showers just rolling their way towards sri lanka as that further north into northern parts of india has seen some or all the wet weather raced more that as we go on through thursday some heavy downpours see as snow over the high ground nineteen celsius full new delhi on thursday some of the temperature for friday. weather sponsored. in the thailand's of mesopotamia with the first settlements in the cradle of civilization iraqi people who depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted and pollution. reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers.
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welcome back i'm just. a reminder about top stories this hour the u.s. president is predicting victory over eisel as alley as next week donald trump says the coalition is close to reclaiming all the territory previously held by the group in syria. gave his second state of the union address calling for more unity warning democrats against investigating his administration. the united nations has warned against using aid as a political pawn in venezuela u.s. officials say trucks carrying goods have arrived in colombia for delivery to venezuela but the opposition is accusing the military which backs president nicolas maduro of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia well about three quarters of americans who
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watched president trump state of the union address reacted positively john hendren went to gauge public response in the traditionally democratic city of chicago. for many in middle america the president's speech was more popular than the man who delivered it thought it was a very good sincere speech and he had some you know points that should be discussed about the very serious problems of the you know the human trafficking in drugs that are coming and that should be addressed in the most divided congress in recent history one that could lurch from one government shutdown to the next within days the president urged unity. together we can break decades of political stalemate. but on capitol hill for much of the speech while republicans celebrated . democrats sat on their hands yet
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somehow across the u.s. in the midwest where president trump won many of his votes in two thousand and sixteen and here in the shadow of chicago's trump tower it resonated in poll after poll about three quarters of americans say they viewed the address positively i thought he put across a good positive message and i think that he's really interested in working with both sides to make sure that the working for us and not just for the party it's a striking contrast despite that reception president trump is the only american president in recent history whose popularity has never reached fifty percent with a majority of americans disapproving of his job performance you're not a fan. oh no. i mean the billy goat tavern answer chicago institution and you might be surprised how many people we talked to in this overwhelmingly democratic city who gave the
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president's speech a thumbs up. with all of the concern african-americans one of them would emigration and. proud to be american and the fact that i'm out is i think that a lot of people are. down him about running the country he's doing a great job that's not the view of everyone here but the annual ritual of the state of the union left a number of americans feeling slightly more optimistic the question is just how long that feeling will last john hendren al jazeera chicago. the european council president has condemned british politicians who pushed for the u.k. to leave the e.u. without working out how to do it fast donald tusk has been speaking in brussels where he also pledged to do his best to find a solution to the brics that crisis our reporter paul brennan listened in to those comments from belfast where prime minister to resign may has been meeting war than islands political leaders will hear from him in
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a minute but first let's listen to what to had to say that the second i have spoken about the necessary actions in case of no deal. i know that you will also be discussing this opening with the european commission. by the way and i've been wondering what that special place. in her looks like for those who promoted seat without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely now those in century comments have quite predictably caused a reaction certainly from breakfast supporting m.p.'s and journalists in london but let's just have a little look at a video clip as they stood up to leave you can just about hear an exchange between me over again and donald tusk where they almost anticipate the reaction that's coming let's have a look at this. now
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let's bring it back to where i'm standing in belfast which is where the prime minister has been she's going to brussels on thursday with the purpose of her visit here is to try to work out exactly what the parties will accept and it seems a very confused picture is emerging chin fane the republican party which has seven seats in the westminster parliament but doesn't actually sit and vote in london refuses to do so it is accused to resubmit of bad faith for trying to reopen the withdrawal agreements and change the backstop arrangement however the do you pay which. does sit in london and upon which to resubmit relies for her parliamentary majority has insisted the two tinka all try to reform the backstop but leave it in place is not enough they want the backstop totally replaced the not happy with it being in the ritual agreements it's all amnesty international has accused the united arab emirates of supplying weapons to armed troops in yemen the rights group
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says the u.a.e. diverts billions of dollars worth of after buying them from the west many of the groups they supply have been accused of war crimes the amnesty report follows calls in the u.s. for an investigation into entering yemen the u.s. military has expressed concern over allegations american weapons have fallen into the hands of yemeni armed groups while the u.n. says its efforts to forge an agreement between yemen's government and he rebels is beginning to pay off diplomats sound optimistic hundreds of thousands of yemeni civilians remain caught up in the fighting. reports. with his arrival in yemen a renewed sense of cautious optimism michael lawless guard the newly appointed head of the united nations mission to monitor the temporary ceasefire in the data landed in the capital sanaa as the u.n. says its push for a permanent peace agreement between the warring sides is beginning to pay off. no
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matter what ultimately happens in her data which is vitally important for humanitarian aid imports the suffering being experienced by yemenis nationwide is not expected to abate anytime soon. take yemen second largest city of tire is for example besieged by hooty rebels for more than four years around two hundred thousand civilians are caught up in the fighting. for is one of them after fleeing fighting in her village made her way to tire is with nowhere to live she and her husband took up residence on the side of a road and while this abandoned truck provides them a small simlins of shelter they feel far from safe that ended and i know i was sleeping when a bullet came from this direction and hit me low on food they struggle to get by the u.n. says yemen is home to the world's worst humanitarian crisis which is no surprise to
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fuck a year like all yemenis she hopes for a better future that advil. and m.v.m. academy i want the wall to stop and the situation to attend back to normal as it used to be we want peace and we do not want wool we want the situation to calm down and old people to attend to the towns and villages. for now however like so many other yemenis worries that won't happen any time soon. as. the u.s. senate has passed a bill which would allow states to penalize businesses that boycott israel critics say it runs contrary to principles of free speech which include the right to boycott the bill still needs to be passed by the house of representatives before becoming law. a united nations humanitarian aid convoy has arrived at a remote refugee camp on the border with jordan it's the largest ever to reach rock band refugee camp since the start of syria's war more than one hundred trucks
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brought food and medical supplies to thousands of syrians stranded in the camp aid workers will also provide an emergency vaccination campaign for ten thousand children there. the greek prime minister has basted a long running campaign to reopen a christian theological school in mainly muslim turkey alexis tsipras visited healthy seminary in istanbul it used to be the main school of theology for the eastern orthodox church in the country until the tackiest government shutdown in one nine hundred seventy one sin and cos area reports from istanbul. is an orthodox community it celebrates the peace day of san fortress the patent saint of the seminary. founded in one thousand nine hundred to four on her belly of the island it served as the main school of theology of the eastern orthodox church the ecumenical patriarch eight until one thousand nine hundred seventy one. the greek orthodox church which has many worshippers and turkey's neighbor is part of the
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world's third largest christian church the seminary was closed when the turkish parliament enough to do no banning primates higher education patrick bartha limo is the spiritual leader for the estimated three hundred million also books church worshippers worldwide. when the school reopens it will be a big and happy day not only for the patriarch it's all the orthodox christian world but also for the civilisation culture and our country. with alexis she presents the first greek prime minister to formula visit the school since one nine hundred thirty three it's seen to be a potential step to persuading a rethink on its closure he hopes his next visit will be with turkey's president people even of the cinema the message we want to show today here from this historic place is that the reopening of the how to school will not constitute an object of discord or division but
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a message of friendship understanding and brotherhood between our peoples. a possible solution is the trickiest adjustment to link the school with one of the national universities that with every amending the constitution but the church doesn't agree. since hawkie orthodox christian theological school was shut down by the turkish government forty eight years ago there has been an international campaign to reopen it during his visit to turkey in two thousand and nineteen former u.s. president barack obama made a call for the school to reopen to ensure religious freedom to just leaders including president john were positive then what the school for means closed some tricks a turkey's leaders should allow more religious freedom it is late and i come here often with my kid we live in a secular country i believe it would be right to have such a seminary in a country where religion is free but that's opposed by turkish nationalists who have leverage on the ruling government they're against the idea of reopening
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whether degree can turkish leadership can find common ground remains open to question c n n q so although al-jazeera has been out island istanbul and rescue teams in turkey are searching for survivors of a building collapse in istanbul at least two people were killed several others are believed to be trapped beneath the rubble of the eight story apartment block. a group of british anti deportation campaigners who change themselves to a plane to stop it taking off have escaped prison sentences the so-called stansted fifteen broke through a fence trying to reach the jet taking people to nigeria gaga and sierra leone the judge decided not to imprison them saying they were motivated by genuine reasons they are in three reports from the court and chelmsford in england. emerging from court the relief on their faces was old vs the case had time go over them for two years and they've been charged with offenses technically carrying a life term in prison but there was still an outrage that it's better to come to
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this fight isn't one you know there's still a lot more for us to continue fighting for and until there's been a. environment and to deportation and detention centers than the people via here at home like a system with a smooth window into a marxist big a systemic problem we need to sign up for all of the asylum claims the home office refuses overhaul office they are right for ten dollars pail and what the government does at the time that we stopped the fight there was a policy of the first appeal. to fifteen activists to plant themselves through a plane at stansted airport near london in the knowledge that some of the people on board would face death threats if they were deported some of those people have since been granted the right to stay in britain this woman had already told us they saved her life why do you want to put me i came to this contre because i was really abused you need. if i wasn't in this country i probably wouldn't be here sitting
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history recalls the actions of people who put themselves in harm's way for human rights as heroes think of emily davison who threw herself to her death under the king's horse women's rights well the lone protester in tiananmen square facing down the chinese tanks but trying to stop illegal deportations in the u.k. nowadays is not viewed in the same way. we're very familiar with this kind of excessive charge often terrorism related charges being brought against nonviolent human rights defenders what haven't seen in the very long time and that's one of the reasons why we're watching this case so closely so all i want to do is stop it isn't only the u.k. criminalizing anti deportation activists this woman is currently being prosecuted in sweden for refusing to take a seat on the plane to stop an afghan on board from being deported but the u.k.'s much broader so-called hostile environment shows no sign of ending the deportation
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fight still go on with all the questions about human rights abuses there is a certain source of a victory here which is peculiar since all that's happened is that a group of people have escaped going to prison for trying to stop the illegal deportations of asylum seekers but they still have a terrorism conviction to their names and this is one of the now say that it's means to try to have a. al-jazeera a challenge for the crown calls. and these all the top stories the u.s. president has predicting victory over i still as early as next week donald trump says the coalition is close to retaining all the territory previously held by the group in syria the united states military our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously
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held by isis and syria and iraq it should be formally announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate. trump gave his second state of the union address calling for more unity while warning democrats against investigating his administration the united nations has warned against using aid as a porn in venezuela u.s. officials say trucks carrying aid have arrived in colombia for delivery to venezuela the opposition is accusing the military which backs president nicolas maduro of blocking a bridge on the border with colombia supporters of breaks that have reacted angrily to remarks by one of the top politicians european council president donald tusk says there's a special place in hell for british politicians who supported leaving the e.u.
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without a concrete plan amnesty international has accused the united arab emirates of supplying weapons to armed groups in yemen the rights group says the u.a.e. diverts billions of dollars worth of off to buying them from the west brazil's former president who is in australia just a silver has been given an extra thirteen years of jail time for corruption and money laundering he's already setting a twelve year prison sentence for another corruption conviction he denies the charges saying they have politically motivated firefighters in the u.s. state of california attacking a major blaze after a gas explosion in san francisco huge plumes of fire and spoke prompted evacuations of nearby buildings it's believed work is installing fiber optic why is cause the fire by cutting a gas line those are the headlines join me here for more news off the inside story .
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some of america's. groups. coalition at war. hello and welcome to the show. now amnesty international says the united arab emirates.


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