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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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in california the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history killed more than eighty people in the carolinas hurricane florence shattered rainfall and flood records and now scientists point to hard evidence that al the disaster has intensified the earth's surface more md the average global temperature last year was fourteen point six nine degrees celsius that's point seven one degrees above the average for the twentieth century since the eighteen eighties the global temperature has increased by one degree celsius with scientists blaming increased emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activity it is alarming it's not surprising because we've been the stick predicting this for thirty years and finally it's actually happening but it is alarming because the things that are driving this the increases in greenhouse gases we're still increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere year on year
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a un climate change panel has warned the world has only twelve years to rein in global warming before hundreds of millions of people across the planet will suffer from extreme heat and poverty you're seeing very direct impacts in waves more intense rainfall events coastal flooding because of increased sea level rise we're seeing melting ice in the arctic in greenland and in antarctica melting glaciers all around the world and that's having effects on our water resources we're seeing increased drying in the summers that's impacting droughts it's impacting forest fires it's impacting ecosystems the most ambitious goal of the paris climate accord limits global warming to one point five degree celsius by the centuries and but even then more than a third of himalayan glaciers will have melted scientists say still much more should be done to move away from fossil fuels and minimize human. carbon footprint
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. castro al jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president is predicting victory of i saw as early as next week donald trump says that coat the coalition is close to reclaiming all the territory previously held by the group in syria and iraq he made the comments at a gathering of the global coalition to defeat eisel in washington the united states military our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis and syria and iraq it should be formally announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate us democrats voted to provide special counsel robert mueller with confidential testimonies related to his investigation into
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russian interference during the twenty sixteen election they say that they won't be intimidated by president trump's warning against ridiculous partisan investigations as he called it the u.n. is warning countries not to use humanitarian aid as a political tool in venezuela the u.s. says the trucks carrying supplies have arrived in neighboring colombia they were sent there after a request by venezuela's self declared interim president won quite zero. brazil's former president of the silva has been convicted in a second corruption case he's been given a further thirteen years in prison for a case involving a farmhouse in sao paulo state a court found him guilty of allowing construction firms to renovate the property in exchange for contracts with state oil company petrobras is already serving a twelve year prison sentence for another corruption conviction britain's prime minister's reason may is traveling to brussels later to urge e.u.
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leaders to accept changes to their brains that agreement on wednesday the european council president said there was a special place in hell for british politicians who pushed for the u.k. to leave without a concrete plan. rescue teams have been working through the night in turkey searching for survivors of a building collapse in istanbul the incident happened when state evening at least two people were killed several others have been pulled out alive it's believed that people are still trapped under the rubble of the eight story book that is continues here on as iran to talk to us is iran next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring in the news and current affairs of the matter to.
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see. in this way when populist president nicolas maduro is sworn in for a second consecutive term following elections deemed fraudulent by his opponents and much of the international community. under his presidency the country with the world's largest oil reserves has plunged into acute poverty hunger is widespread hospitals are crumbling the most basic medicine is impossible to find and children are dying from malnutrition and preventable diseases. this year inflation is expected to surpass three million percent at the current rate millions of desperate venezuelans flee to neighboring countries unleashing the biggest migration crisis in latin america. with the crucial support of the military refuses to declare a humanitarian emergency or recognize the authority of the opposition controlled legislature the only institution he doesn't control the crisis is about to reach
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a tipping point. january twenty first nearly thirty sergeants call him but his wayland's to rebel against whom they call a dictator. unleashing a new wave of anti-government protests and repression it sets in motion a plan devised by opposition leaders at home and in exile with the tacit support of the united states canada and fourteen major latin american countries. two days later. and. world by surprise the until now barely known president of the opposition controlled national assembly declares himself interim president the justification is that my bhutto is not a legitimate leader but a usurper and a dictator. one country after the other recognizes the thirty five year old engineer as president as hundreds of thousands of venezuelans take to the streets
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again to show their support now we have a new leader. in venezuela who has promised to bring elections and constitutional order back to venezuela and security back to the region we cannot delay this critical conversation which has the world's attention for the sake of venezuela and the region we must support the venezuelan people and do so right now. because president denounces a coup d'etat instigated by the united states which says it won't rule out military options to oust if necessary but mother who has powerful allies to russia and china one in the u.s. to stay out of the news whale at. one point he maintains the loyalty of the military crucial to his prominence in power. venezuela now has two men claiming to be their leader one who holds power and controls the guns and another who is recognized by much of the world and who believes he has the support of the majority
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of his people the power struggle is intensifying as well and hundreds of thousands of his supporters appealed to the armed forces to desert. me in a baby on account of he remains firm that he will not step down or hold new internationally supervised elections this as washington tightens the noose imposing brutal economic sanctions on the impoverished nation meant to hasten the president's downfall it was the luck of the draw that put his today in january it was his conservative popular. will parties turn to need the president of the national assembly and with many of the parties better known deputies in exile or prison to junior parliamentarian was chosen for the job. al-jazeera sat down with opposition leader. to hear what he believes this unfolding confrontation will play out. one way dog thank you for talking to al-jazeera let me start
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by asking you how much more economic pressure against another administration can you ask for without hurting ordinary that israel and who are already suffering. you know what your but i'm going to. one up it's when they do us there in this wilderness i mean there are those when you see them being only the one thing that i would hope for casey might there's always a movie in a door and yes. less it was shown that paris. put in seattle explode last year in their place. but i mean this way it came out on the ice. people who though munich was in toward the in frustration in i knew that i had. not any not a set up with my head on this. as you get to know my people and what i wanted to
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get out and say said. they all that but if you don't. know him or. you know and only minutes with. bias. and i meant it it would be decided on various. that and. they let us know what i mean what they saw it honestly and they said it what it was he'll meet me unit the lens wardle but i don't know one thing i want to respect the way. all the rich and embrace i want to. i mean they're going to be in. the boy got a good reason why and they live in america or britain they go up in us up in us. in dorset places you're not doing this with. me you know that it broke though
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there's a lot of it i don't base i don't know the he in the. galut i walk by under his wing and. claim you notice in the mail made on this new movie in the uk but it didn't include it said i for one framing a scene on the whole in a sea is a danger. that they took a simple way to look at is it the enquirer may have thought that i am dreaming this ep it all cannot be. that i get annoyed of course i can answer. whatever but i mean don't you believe it isn't going to go but how long can people who are already suffering resist that no we're not going to get out. on the board as it went on and be home on us ok me get an. order but all i want to replace. or simply mean that you hope they're not real and
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. you fronted on that one in the order you it and we put on to. him in his will and rebels are the absolute. modal. but oh and in it oh there it is with a look that was in a sort of i guess a sort of put in but a little more fully studying it i still get your money that you don't that of course are my other but abandoned when i do nothing in a month and approximately a minute. they can get as it were to him by the same copy be amenable to the mess also a year. or over five days what was going to him to let them out on the list and minutes would actually get. any impact on them being in them a good you lot of the nominees you wanted that you would distribute that. or you're sick with that i would say what i but a modem. to get them under the sun the. oil has the onus.
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and the older you know you never had the million dollar come i thought of them on the bottom of the butt up where they threw it at what i mean. they were said to put it up us. wouldn't it i wouldn't you know they said oh a. groan ego or more we. see in this or chronicles or going from it i mean i can he said in the other. you expect the military who supports president mother to allow that to happen. that is. it i know it's good record there and when you do see i'm a lucky thing in support of the c m i would. see that any meaning in a city that's a commie or russia or a guy in mexico or offering to mediate in this conflict in the european union for example is proposing a ninety day period to bring both sides together in order to reach a peaceful settlement to this confrontation why is that acceptable to you but if
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you know either thing of like to a great job i could get a cumbia you know began you know begin a little bit because you because you're the one in this or the heart must say that a bully got. i mean i was out of my clothes with the ending yes you honey i came home and there it is but i didn't then then when i went into the zone and we went into this room they were we had a lot of them agree to why he. didn't want to pay a supermodel phoned. me. that i. assume. that i mean the you know i'm willing you know i look at most of that i mean alice as it was young going to lose you exactly to put in all of their own video but i wanted to but i know i could baby over the next year leave it in business where it is ok we put it on the book at them being. going to get your legs. they will not only that they will know opals you and they must you know i mean i don't know
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my jewellery you can go to put it on and we see in the can could have bought a. lot of the opportunity to go. in for go and only go by the you. so you see absolutely no possibility of negotiations with nicholas muddle to reach an agreement. about what you say you want which is new elections and a transition to a democratic government and the most in going to your preferences and it was a few minutes with rice and madison who really see it. as us and we differ who you are his. yeah but i mean there is someone who you were at a galaxy that i thought wow you know and they will look at us that way me so much they're going to go or get a little i'm going like you're in no no if i see no. brain if a man though i want to go under your belt you're going to own. it without him there but that make it the law is on what it be sort of worth your time in the dark without. one and you also assume.
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that i'm going to all i'm becoming more and more. it will no doubt be more of what i hope that the u.s. . you know. the l o l e e. k and that with the it was and they quite get my head but i didn't. get a number of them and. they get it or not but it wouldn't be able to employ a parliament. or put on a cd knowing that by the one will and the political to do so and if you need even a sort of i don't be in the way. i thought of a thought it would break his opponent a love that i can deduce you know well actually i'm. a minister in a system that the better you move your cool but. i don't say much i look at it i'm
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not like i mean we broaden the base but isn't there an enormous risk that if you don't try to negotiate that could be a bloodbath. i know it's a simple extreme i. look at same i would want to know what. they were for good or not i mean. you know it was a really nice. yet this was a little most likely i said i see no need use. me not at all in this ng go niƱo us. if you come into it and i see no zero point five. zero poor quality one of my seed but i mean that i said they seem to stick with the know what i mean because i mean this event so me not so yet the bus and the minister are now the so what i got a bottom out on at the moment of noise that i'm
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a little bit about what it was on the other hand i look at what i don't know me as you know that i'm blessed with some of the making for many throw the child if you know they're going to come in and notice you hadn't your make up and the dialogue where you sort of the if it's after but again. i mean it right after but it's a real modifier. for producing he'll a little lucky or a better me time i want to know when you're in venezuela porking norberto is a reason let me hold up as your own but i mean this with let me know that that might be one conflict to. get ok let me tell you when you're in the in the moving in to support you in the need more. but if you don't operate well intentioned garlic in my little. flurry i would apostle i'm going to see him again at a conference by. the way but you're agreeing with me there are risks the government has already shown on television just today the tanks the
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snipers they are prepared to confront demonstrators and especially what they call civil. rest with ricky as you know who's going to say well he's going to get in your. number on the maoists are they in iraq the way don't assume our land. and then we get on the air by somebody that is one of the lower leg and it was young. but all he came with and. boy it. had him in the from them and that it i don't i'm going to show. up or your pulled out of europe by that but this is a very.


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