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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 22  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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oh you mean when i get ok let me tell you when you're in the in the moving in to support you and the need more. people are not willing to answer i'm glad i came out of the i mean the flurry i would apostle and we're going to see him again in a comprehensive by. money they look at a way in which you're agreeing with me there are risks the government has already shown on television just today the tanks the snipers they are prepared to confront demonstrators and especially what they call civil unrest. has enough i'm going to say but are we going to get into always a boy or do you. number on the maoists are they in iraq the way don't assume our land. and then we get on the air by somebody that is if we're going to be lower going to do. but i know he came with a. boy but
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a lot of. them in the from the men that are at my loan are going to show. up or your pulled out of europe by the moon but this is a very unusual situation you have two men both claiming to be the president one nicole last will with the support of the military actually has the power in this country and another yourself who has the support of much of the international community and their people and their people. how is this all going to end i mean at the numbers i mean if the numbers are going to listen to them and you are going to be going through my career there again i would but i mean i do not believe it and you have been wound up going to. evaluate. them and they are looking at because of your movies and if you know we will lend him a little messy now in masako not the horn most women dealing on become a little low because it was easier that they have a wedding in february simplicity and the. whole you wore it better but also men will tell you when one took a saying can it would all but i mean to get it in as often as you want to. and you
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know. what with a he said without. any motors i know he won't do it but i said it and it could mean and it was a moment that i mean there for saddam us to. know. where i am without a nickel dime i would want us in we will not be any of us ever the head of the any . interim bottom. side of those us see where symbol got in conflict is and i'm not going to look at it we're going to. conflict hand it out and for a while sitting there reading this young. minister and he got it on about the import of your own can someone tell opposition can i do read it but i'll. be in the young players to get it done and you know. she's. not really a gentle person i know but i hope to meet us i mean this you know put an element on
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them i know that we'll. get them off. my knee and i will. be going to let me thank us. and also when they went on us in a. better source. we pick a needle then the mojo say to heal and said well what about. you know what about on the minutes where you've been speaking in secret members of the military what have they told you when i thought i mean. they know me that is a really you know he really i thought a little more trying to get a what i want to sell our going to do or even if. i go to. you know wherever. i want to see it i don't know i mean topple him and. that i want to know if you're not in the us and use
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the same collation that went into his i mean he thought it therefore saddam operatic express also the content don't include this i see and this is in the future this was that any of these are you and your daughter to douse so for me to be had better say what they want to the content and i want us as implementable to see that. you're not there for us i do not know the. but well the de niro you. can be on the sea there were several. more but i meant that your place in the middle role. was in the good all that all of it is going to tell. me that include you washington says that all options are on the table would you support u.s. military intervention if all else fails. or going in or the mobile serious thing going to another course of c.l. again is that really that. in the image of many that have been
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a lot out of. it about the approach you would buy these things i'm one of them in this way but you're not ruling it out are you. that almost. all of them i said are going to seem gaudio look at the here and are going to be. by me not caught though so she had to pull more than their limits and it will matter if you end up at the rodeo again and in play i'll bet as a resource you own people mortaring cause i was what i said i am glad i say that because for many people watching this conflict unfold it certainly looks like the white house is dictating the terms of president nicolas mother's departure when. you. need to muster and i know it's. tough you have showing through so but over here the. international. we had a saying in a thousand years i said a minute but i said i would go park and i thought. i had.
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a matter a course in which older boys are going to promote a cerebral gerry ford and see it in a one way also you know that i'm going to diminish learn that a little bit to say say let me give us your minutes will there be an actress in the . movie movie important record. that i am across and over here but without us support would you be sitting there that's i mean i love to go to protect them and i need a certain way and i don't want them a drum need to give a minute at the moment to them i'm a kid i said to them i leave it at that we're going to get done the. moon he. doesn't have to because we're going to. go you know because you know i mean as well as you do you know you're not used. quadruped was. selective selective sanctions not blanket sanctions that's the big that's the. point of disagreement right now between the e.u. and the white house but i know what. he needs. and you know if you're not use.
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us in then some of the banter which is an inclusive but a look as if you. will pay dearly for this and then the same implement them getting into some. of them in the same place and information received two missiles and by the end of this in the belief what was in the middle media. sort of was in the basically me. so you could get america. wanted to persuade. people in better present are going to separate in the me. to them and they might he not look at what i was in that better suit. inclusive last year. that i would look at in a little bit with the way that i mean i know. a minister is what they're always and
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he may have said oh i don't know what there was a miracle to me and but he's. not in a place in the u.s. it's legal. let me say that there is and based on a set up of them and president model says that there is a coup d'etat underway instigated by the united states and i think there is you would agree with me that there is an effort to bring about regime change there's no question about that but how do you feel about the united states again intervening here in latin america given its track record for decades in countries like chile and guatemala more recently in libya and in syria and why should the outcome be any different here in venezuela a process so it is unless you're going to put them in to put on as well as anybody really going. and the my dear. i don't know when they were going now it but i mean that in a data phone all but the lead to steal. he says if there. were
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a. gun and this was. a limited time one of the top order to get out of him ok you're going to pick a guy to see took a look at you or you are going to subordinate us you know what i mean. in a way say america you know why you seem to feel you can win the league you know. you'll see any. good ok ok you know that effect. and i wanted to be the cause i say you notice. if. the politically and there were a thousand. times when i was in the us. brought up by their ataris yamamoto. but i don't have a thousand euros it's absolute that. elicited good as the enemy was. when there's been a spike lee and. submitted by the clintons you know when you go in there.
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and. shown us. but they can be said as a walk away always yes or better than when do. we buy it it's absolutely. in them i would look. at that on the minister and you know it on the throwing political. comment said it was a thought of what they could more literally in there when we come in to deal with the pain the minutes were due to assume when the minutes were. in any minute of your chain that goes into any mental saving important one of the most seen community. noise going at the moment ok like when you miss someone you like yet it can be. any doubt it can move the innocent muslim into bodies
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so why not order elections right away. and you know there were in the internet. and they said in the new year not of a media. but what is greed under all this pressure to hold elections but while still in office internationally supervised transparent under conditions that everyone could agree to would you allow that to happen would you agree since it was young as young. as you say monaco. plan would work with you very much looking to talk to al-jazeera has requested an interview with president lee. we haven't heard back but out invitation remains open . went on line. to the concert for them not to drop it or if you join us on the sat all
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of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion face is a diana we are talking about a legal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the boss here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq. much the same as now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence voices of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of our
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colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. we've had victory after victory after victory the battle against eisel president donald trump says the u.s. is just days away from declaring the armed group defeated. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is live from doha also coming up life after i saw one iraqi city that's trying to move on after the armed group was kicked out. the
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united nations is warning against using humanitarian aid as a political weapon in venezuela's leadership crisis. it's so sad. it's upset it's painful and fed up frustrated and scared teachers in zimbabwe take action against the government at the expense of students. the u.s. president is predicting victory over i saw as early as next week donald trump praised coalition forces for retaking land occupied by the group in syria and iraq but the u.s. military is warning that thousands of i saw faces remain in syria mike hanna reports from washington. smiles all round as members of the coalition gather for a group photograph much as happened since they last met most importantly president trump surprise decision to withdraw u.s.
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troops from syria this led to the resignation of defense secretary james mattis along with the u.s. envoy to the global coalition who has not been replaced the u.s. secretary of state offered words of reassurance the drawdown of troops is essentially a tactical change it is not a change in the mission. it does not change the structure design or authorities on which the campaign has been based it simply represents a new stage in an old fight president trump argued at the time that eisel had been defeated at position he continues to hold insisting a formal announcement to the subject will be made soon the united states military our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis and syria and iraq it should be formally announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred
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percent of the caliphate many members of the coalition warned that this may not mean an end to the fight and then he added while alum and i call on all countries of the world to help iraq fight sleeper cells all over the country and to help iraq restore instability and return the liberated area to what they used to be in order for terrorism not to exist delegates at this conference taking note of the view of u.s. intelligence chiefs at dogs with that of their president their opinion given to the senate intelligence committee last month i saw remains a formidable organization and is still capable of attacking the united states mike hanna al jazeera washington one iraqi city which was under the control of iceland for a long time as my.


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