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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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all right hold on. it's not coming from want to hold up but somehow on the you know i'm told i'm going to manage on the. song and i have to be at tufts of in sound on. some pics that took us from there you got your thoughts your. thoughts your coach can do this on the screen for all scum. will skew dance back. and hear the shots. which could be thought out. fins to know god's true or false so would.
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you how do you know that the let me see that you are reading that piece of cake. from to another to cut it out the most you only have to have it yeah hope. no go. for the hook.
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but. i mean it. also needs aust it. does book. like you're really going through it. believe and if not on the today show put on their face at a show and a bunch. of dumb talk on the side of his skull one thinks. they want to longstaff an attorney involved in one of the some stupid assed. i don't and. then them but is. that what i would like you're sort of got the canal just. and it will.
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get almost all small it sounds. and you're playing with what i understand what i. mean it's a song based. on students would follow it on them for that but it does cause you to build all get to be able mining i think to fit all gunplay i can see if they're going to be stuck with. boards to call before the informant or to come home and get or at the bleeding to come back. i show this slide primary to people in the u.k.
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and ireland because one of the big major questions i get is. what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project. i show them this picture and i see what works. what works. don't circular on the surface to stone you know for no scales for your first home that you know what they've actually. you know they made up a whole mess do you know that or into the have you discovered. so skin or from fans to screw them all you want to model the only you know of some to be looted by some mackie if destructive for you thought about.
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you know your legs you know i'm going your. name spoke a little towards us no. no no no no no it's all us on. the beach you have the former out of this defendant and the comment are real we you know leave madly and listen to lease all this you only go out of lebanon sure the million kurds saw me they hired man on their man and it most. all the whole being good to the other the whole of israel dumb drove all of. them feel the silly love that. love the song the all but are under diversity and the most luck for how you hold your but it is clear that less than a little and. as i don't give you. they
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have to take you to get over there by little old if you're on the spit them about a first order to. make us all you would have all over thirty prospects hearings for the talk of us to go on the circuit. modern kiddo but something contests little by little his brain must intimate toys. made and heard if done so they can move over the thought to her very own thinking. so the do you belive me get. spring is there and so many thoughts about what made them a concept. yes i'm told it almost in the. comic. now russia.
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is going to try to do this or go to i never bother with. google example tonight. we'll put a satellite heads to uk media risk enough to that color become sick of our not found told to come think about their discovery in tiffany or come out. to lot procope model might mean they're all are from america the ticket they are ok for they are not near the coal orcus so see all or can almost hear and see them political for three or they are deaf it just so true we all hope bus or one of us are no bulldog or talk out loud in the dark tower of my can be dotted at the start us of the reefs and groove heaven higher. now. but i say an interesting thing
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in that you know you would excel to go to see it play mother daughter or to the barometer when everything out of the simple would have been should. all americans some live opponent to the most traditional or the victor goes to behold and set out to seize. pebble might have a shield. band and. we're there for. your book i don't myself. so i had added all out you know to get out on the cold out on me you've. got to stick in your. bad order also insert feel about. smallville should see that i saw the ed it f. to be an apostle set up on hold if you want to know where and i am with a career and then when feels dead then i'll drop back to guess the female stead of
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ridding me had made it up then call me i don't know if that order going to memphis got pimped out hitting the stick and also if. we could just hear the. and the man from women in a movie going to the main cinema me. through all of our best times i don't know if i fancy. then in that activity the spirit of my letter to reckless i think of all our. even real stuff all. balled resulting from taking on the full the horror of some of the comments and i am home directly. to do that i just made the means death metal on the
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person you look at all of you. mr little. so what we'll serve in there on the food service to the home of the. n.f.l. camille's that you know who it was to work on some more you don't come a little second to stay. busy stuff will come a circuit day in the staten. island us army service and even a one of the fields full. of coal mining to help close it so. it's hands on haven't seen my skin or stone so i'm not perfect in some sort of i'll be allowed those as they are there are things on time fairly close to mine around the last presence at all and most of the concept w.o.b. a little on through third person mostly rate but i can see the given most stories we are.
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discovering. still reach out to here to take this for. some sleep. what bond your ticket is copying. for some helot behavior to go depends because i'm just not even tantrum he shouted. that this is put out the or me or that you know they all support for or don't market amarin them so or there and then that depicted that lifted a little so maybe coleman had comments for solomon on the comment out being about the.
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so let's get real. because some things. just. say this where the money that. you know. from some of them a disputed a memo from. how does it. put us. on just a. response to the sound. of. the three hundred you know little. shout out on your phone books who are making films come on a similar song that is done in the me so some of. the three are very few. and i am.
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also serving in the voter sort of on song would start them along thinking about the whole song. point so me so not on the whole for your. sake it makes not to take a moment. because best moment but what about what movie to see something so i said i wanted that so that i would see first on the not very similar to the part of the you pointed out on the front side of sister wanting to do good cheer to the boss the.
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it's more and more what you would be cut off because the side of i think it's the saw miss bird saw me sick at it we saw a movie on a fixed photo done some good for media so it's about i me so i love them for this one for sounds coming from the song i'm playing with go go go look i must say what i said earlier if the number to top of the subway oxo for destiny it's due on me it's obvious i'll do no selecting offensive school for the so many have it all to. put us through today and so i saw miska. not to list you summing it
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constant undiminished a ticket or constant. f. to numb to total. man the audience the home of the field and. me more than the guy you know to the top don't. going to top the book to sell me scum i'm not made that. fancy or not a selecting out to have some leaf tea and said. so take to tell my folks i do not so the. thought of this old discussing the second coming and the bit i thought don't seem both true and. this stone photo told get us to get stalled for the. show with telephone shouting most under the sun sky so many
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to come for the common. man the diary and the verdict of coughing up with one of their. teeth. the elite. week. the. way i. eat.
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thank. you. you're starting on enough to feel to get off for room and they're not shown on the tube but you can own that i can us and although it doesn't stop a spear well some of us are going to do it boman. through addicted. you number one on the ceiling that comment on that ups through your. phone a committee of sanity in the hot sun can scoff. off. this hotel you know the three in the foot of the. bus but ngo to save us playing day.
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go spinning a yarn makes it has but on call structure when they don't ultimately. we can i mean open play i guess cool then they're good enough so that you ain't so slow. and says cool little goaltending but. they wouldn't it looked like you would also go. hard on me not for further sprung to tucson thoughts or. not support us so said it's a habit for them people do. only have to be ordered out. of go to the how many lists .
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and it's going to the polls and on to. boston have act go away access come thank nothing fits you know you have to sell your. thank. you rick.


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