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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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that was the only. wrong or right or wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. they're right that. we are right that the out of the way the. law of. the earth. was. also the case the city has a lot of fault if any of us. here though not so much dumbass omitting it skittered are for the targeted just like the old consider whether. lived maybe underscore come forward. or credibly done to figure out the mess of. your city or some i can't thank you say. you don't you're not
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a monarch be that not of your possibly would be to sequester for. some steps up sort of a counter of discontent out of ted out a bar on a limb i count on how my vote is a loss getting in the discard math you know from it no need to so that i don't notice i'm summiting at all it's about don't let it get to that. you're still not over there sort of the multiple murder that you have for us not to tell you spoke to us this is. late this go first on the us and europe that i served on it was adopted near the start. remember more get on all day up to my yeah it's made here to us today and so the day of us i'm so much school you know that's. what i thought but i have to know. but i'm going to ignore going to an honest though you saw me i don't know this tune.
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you want us not an idiot for it they don't take you show and all that off that he saw a patent on that kind of pressure to be ok you keep a low moment i'm sober for a bit but i stopped but i gave myself some someone to share something. some great thing if it failed. and he seemed to have the new stuff then they're still. there near me it will be all modern that pushed on them to get him to be a dummy if you want to get it you may clear their leg i'll let me know as beauchamp a bunch of back should have done or. they hadn't been there from the end to their did need to get.
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on. the floor you know. you always hear it for sure but all that will go much will let you know i'm not the one of them off. they can get. my. head on the foot of it all to put up with that kind of just a bit of the crew that's not the problem on foot most of the time of the known. no there's not going to you're saying i think a couple of weeks they'd be back there to do thought about don't got no but i've always thought that it played great get off the. record fine. and look.
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for a little girl with her own throat the name of the old also movie you don't for the mean. but that's about in your own thing i thought. i'm going to dig into you know folks on the persistency of the nuts from standard hope get out some of the what you worked so who are not on the block what do you get for. your mother got to go to say you know. that the song that owns. the soap dish of.
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my family in the bottom of a inserts and boy offered up and up to two of them have packed up and all not. if you're scared to make them famous that's. mundo some intercepts because so most mundane. people will still not see them. the two men this will make you men this. enough to say i'm sorry. that's also my fault see i'm awfully good. looking. over there look.
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at their yo yo mama's world you know. believe them soon enough. you quickly do some all the rest come on me wrong here oh man there are a lot of people that this could be what is called the lazy. hey you know spawn are serious on beat and the l.l. cordoning that n. are better counselors cabs then in the early in the that a failure to must be even if i didn't really know but i'll bet that owning a protester put a sort of order you know they pay starters and basically that the demand that is something have ensued just because men are just dust for chat your dad that means your log file but if you log on for outings at the most if it did start to be shot i didn't think that happening to you to list on and put in a million for to throw up just about a million blasting a left are all going without a coma no comedy year going on full of stuff smoke them up call up herc or
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ought to be in the automatic. or do you have to stick to my mascara or talk back come to a public hearing in may of your son from stockholm. alternative could own two feet and all or most cleaver got two songs but some of the fin soup during a program if the nefariously for band of for your back at least on the fiancee killer man keeps evolving i mean that all you do not take a mum. neva dense go in there where you. used to demand the. badge chief executive officer of name of mining good morning thank you for joining
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us today now i don't have to change within the company hasn't yet so i think the leadership and i will fundamentally changed this one back to me building relationships with all the stakeholders on the project and yes we have the next morning months we are not. i mean if you didn't get a film to be getting funded come up. and leave if. i did this on myself from a day to think of what i'll be on a full minute and. both all over the country look these look at all told that they could but as i said on the whole the local you know they had the big deal
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with evidence in this case and there was a day i thought nothing of it coming. up . yeah not super far. on their way to with it. so they are the holder berthoud was the only other cover. i'm getting i don't know. legally they have to songs.
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that i love you guys and you are sure to sound stupid as an officer. yes just as if they didn't they didn't have a color you have you know a different view of the forty year old woman in the last just because she sounded a little didn't play any role play saying that but i guess i'm a cyclist yes short of yes to defend i haven't said this or done to that that they are that you know but all that sort of sad that sort if it gets through.
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it is. that so a lot of testing and spending and accosted by so fast this is becoming especially with that i'd love to get out of their home or be up there all the about three or three of the tsunami can even either because the filament didn't meet them. you know so. i don't know serving them to are not eat eat them that you can't. they don't hide i mean no harm we also think you know what about many. new video new kids. really want. a deal with a needle event a cheap. bastard
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as is so you know you. you know i am out on the boat. but i don't. know if you know my story and i don't. know all right and i know my. place. looking at a local golf club i know enough to know all in my neighborhood i think a good song to come talk about it to the kids. you know the day and all the. leaves from the old go to the old city's almost like something you
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might say of the. market i am typing fast my you don't have to think fast but i think today i'm. mom quarter that's all of us that must sure go home to. some baby old fixin for stuff in the stone the circus is still well don't go within. a month you don't bump. on the. up thank you notes to go do it ok hold on the best of us that i owe so and . so you'll be off in the. am and for the idea with. the total by the end you know what it's called to let you know and now i'm. going to say that your still holding her to make. you see it's the home of the value of
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days to come the you that you think of that he needs to feel people to be a source of he could have to have it do you suppose that he's against peace until the day that. so you'll be called to put to sleep he will be all you got you know how to go there and put through. some of this i'm told this truth to most. people what it. was done to me i mean that you know it's over the. a. lot of.
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the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the balkans route begins to close for refugee it has become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky and grant a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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we've seen some severe weather in south america recently it's rare where we've seen some of the worse conditions you can see all the travis being passing over the top of us it within that cloud this means a very violent thunderstorms some places reporting over one hundred kilometer per hour winds and some very very heavy rains as well and those of course problems of flooding and also caused a fair amount of damage from those strong winds as well now looks like he's going to stay wet across the region over the next day or so so there's still the risk of seeing some more very lively thunderstorms here but actually that risk extends all the way up the coast we could see some rain for two laser as well in the northeast impossible to the finale it looks pretty wet for many of us as we head through friday for the south hot now thirty two degrees there and when is r.e. we had a bit further towards the north generally it's quite quiet for many of us across the central americans at the moment maybe a few showers just coming into the north coast there on the wind but by and large
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most places getting away with a fine and dry day if we head further north we can find out where the severe weather is that's mostly over parts of north america at the moment we've got a very large winter storm making its way across us a lot of rain on its southern parts and then further north we're seeing that turn increasingly winterreise a very messy really for many of us on the day blizzard conditions for some of us to . the west are sponsored by chance only. desperate for more we've heard news about newton speeders person you want to take a week or two are sick or need to work i need them or part of it i think it's really because i thought i'd be some worlds my life in america risking it. down. or two more games. for a better future i always say yes the house do you want to sleep on its. own al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that these
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bottles ossified this that typically rips through to this time those were treats is not from a. with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as entire impressive and uncalled for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred. this is zero. and i'm richelle carey and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes looking for a resolution in venezuela a dozen countries from europe and latin america meet to decide how to deal with the
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crisis. we've had victory after victory after victory the battle against president donald trump says the u.s. is just days away from declaring the armed group defeated. after i saw where i don't want to rock a city that is trying to move on after years of violence plus. it's all say. it's upset it's painful. but frustrated and scared teachers in zimbabwe take action against the government at the expense of students. in school the newly reelected head of european football sends out a warning to fifa boss john in front seen on alexander suffering says he won't be a yes man in fanciness efforts to.


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