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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and border between the u.k. and the e.u. the fear is a hard border will have to be created with physical customs checks and infrastructure both the u.k. and e.u. want to avoid this so trees amaze bricks and deal features the backstop it's a temporary arrangement which will keep the border unchanged until a solution to the customs checking issue can be found the foka has more from brussels. this is the first last ditch attempt by the british government to try and salvage a deal you between the u.k. and the european union treason may was forced pretty much to come back here to the e.u. to try and rework withdrawal agreement after it was resoundingly defeated in a vote of the british parliament in the middle of january m.p.'s then table to see these amendments one of them had the backing of parliament calling for her to come back here to try and find alternative arrangements to the so-called backstop just to remind you that's the insurance policy to avoid the return of a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland that's
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a backstop would at the end of a two year transition period if no alternative arrangement is in place mean that the u.k. remains are aligned in a trade sense with the european union that's very unpopular amongst hardline breck cities who want to make a clean break from e.u. membership there's also you know time limits on the backstop and there's no way of the u.k. being able to leave it unilaterally despite hopes of being able to send a clear message to the e.u. here in brussels that a battle for britain is to reason may put it the e.u. have been very firm and very clear they will not open the withdrawal agreement they will not renegotiate the backstop but they have given the slimmest of possible lifelines the possibility of restoring all reiterating the political commitment to making sure that the aims of having a backstop
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a tool only temporary only an insurance policy to break cities in prison what more than promises from the e.u. they want things to be legally binding. another political battle is brewing in the e.u. this time between france and italy france has recalled its ambassador to rome after italy's deputy prime minister the mio met french yellow vest protesters on tuesday italy's far right interior minister material salvini has waded in saying he's happy to meet french president in. an attempt to end the round italy's populist leaders are repeatedly clashed with france over issues including migration through had an al-jazeera. promises to build a new central african republic after an historic peace deal is signed in belgrade. and rescue search for survivors after a building collapses in stumble. hello
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there it's quietened cooler now for many of us in the southeast in parts of china the temperatures have dropped down to a maximum in shanghai of around six and force in foods you will get to just fifteen degrees and there's a chance of seeing one or two showers who also the chance of say want to showers as we had three saturday most of those showers they will be a bit further towards the west say for the who bay province they could just be a few flurries of snow at times to towards the west they'll be some snow here is well out of this system and it's gradually edging its way eastwards is giving us some rain over new delhi which will help clear the yeah but behind it eighteen degrees won't feel about warm the rain and the snow will continue its journey north east towards there as we head through the day on friday and into saturday in fact on saturday it's mostly confined to parts in a pool will see the wet weather katmandu will see the temperatures drop so
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a maximum here of just eleven degrees elsewhere looking fine and quiet sri lanka catching a few showers as usual for the arabian peninsula lots of heavy rain here that's making its way through and gradually sinking its that way southward now as it does so it will be breaking up but still expect a fair amount of dust to be kicked out from this system as it works its way southwards we could see your shower in riyadh there on saturday and also a force in kuwait. sure to films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. and o'connor one of the top stories you know not just here but this is from the european union and latin america a meeting in europe wise capital montevideo attempting to find a solution to the political standoff in venezuela the committee to protect journalists is calling for a strong response from the us government and donald trump to saudi arabia over the murder of jamal khashoggi. and one of the largest aid convoy since the start of syria's war has reached the remote rock band refugee camp on the border with jordan home to forty thousand syrian refugees. the u.s.
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president is predicting victory over eisel as early as next week donald trump told coalition partners at a meeting in washington that there will be a formal announcement very soon he says coalition forces have quote liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by eisel in syria and iraq but some u.s. military officials say thousands of us will fight as remain in syria and they could be a reserve one trip once troops are withdrawn from mosul in iraq was once the capital of isis self declared caliphate it was taken over in twenty fourteen and was a fierce battle ground before the armed group was driven out three years later the city is still in ruins and sounds remain homeless from madison as more from baghdad . small shop is surrounded by devastation. the wreckage of the iraqi military's battle to regain the city of mosul from eisel gunmen. as i said the other daughters of us have our i still kidnapped and then
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killed my husband when they stormed the city back in twenty fourteen and ever since i've been struggling to earn a living and feed my children i still see as mosul in twenty fourteen but after a hard fought battle the iraqi military won it back three years later this is all that's left of what's known as the old city the united nations says it will take ten years to clear the rubble. it's a good sign the rubble is being removed it gives people like me a chance to go back to where their house was and start rebuilding their lives the international committee of the red cross says there are about one point eight million people in iraq who can't return home often that's because their homes simply don't exist they've been destroyed in the fighting between the iraqi military and i saw but the i.c.r.c. also says it's not enough just to build houses it says people need
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a wide variety of different types of help before they can start again it is important that they are protected from further harm and their basic needs in housing in health in education and work in finding jobs are met. there's also pressure on iraq's government to give more financial help. in the old city of mosul there are more than sixteen thousand destroyed homes the government needs to do more to compensate people and support them to rebuild mosul . opened her shop using donations from charities she and her two sons have taken their first steps towards a normal life thousands more like he's still have nowhere to go matheson al-jazeera baghdad. a peace deal has been signed in central african republic aimed at ending years of civil war the deal was agreed by the government and fourteen groups after
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talks in sudan but other similar peace deals collapsed recently there's not much hope in the country at this time will be any different charles stratford reports. this a pause is perhaps a sign that repeated attempts at forging peace in central african republic have been far from easy. this historic date brings us face to face with our responsibilities together in celebrating our diversity and respecting our differences i call on you to work together to build a new central african republic. central african republic rapidly descended into civil war in two thousand and twelve after the mainly muslim seleka group rebelled in the north they overthrew the christian president of course warbles easy a predominately christian militia calling itself the and he rose up in posies as defense thousands of civilians have been killed since the former colonial power france sent troops under a u.n.
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mandate his fears grew of a possible genocide. quarter of the country's foreign a half million people have been forced to flee their homes. the selecta were forced from power in two thousand and sixteen a former prime minister four star shown to our data was elected president but the celica still control around eighty percent of the country. are fighting off in iraq over mineral resources including gold diamonds and you bring you the latest peace deal was agreed after talks in sudan. we've brought peace back from sudan harmony national reconciliation. they have been seven peace agreements over the years to end one of africa's bloodiest conflicts in one of the poorest countries in the world all of. child stratford. in sudan protesters are calling for the release of activists detained during weeks
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of demonstrations against president bashir rather he was called to express solidarity with the hundreds of people who've been arrested since protests started in december human rights activists say at least forty five have been killed president bashir has acknowledged the growing economic hardship in sudan has angered young people and sent them out into the streets i don't know what i'm really nice is so hard for us all but mostly any citizen in this country any single person let alone a cognized party each has a right we need to reach a dialogue in order to take the country from a deep rooted political crises. rescuers in turkey are searching for survivors after a building collapsed in istanbul thirteen people have so far been rescued from under the rubble of the apartment block came down without warning on wednesday evening at least six people are confirmed dead stephanie decker has more from the scene. rescue workers have been working meticulously sifting through the rubble for this
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heavy machinery here that is if you've been lifting pieces of war we've seen pieces lifted out there with one thing that we still need to be a kitchen sink attached to it there needs to be around fourteen apartments in this building they did manage to pull out a four year old girl from the rubble a lawyer earlier on thursday but there are people still missing or relatives here waiting for news of their loved ones and this is what one gentleman had to tell us . you know we are in a scene from really so she is still in the second floor the building we're all feeling real real close to some this is the kitchen section. which is child. restore raping and she will be ok this was an eight story building an official they're saying that three of those stories were built illegally the moment of this
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building coming down on wednesday afternoon it was actually caught on c.c.t.v. footage and you can see the building imploding and you can see the parts of the line here scuffling away with officials are saying that there is now an investigation into what exactly what wrong here this is a densely populated area is down below that it highlights the concern about the health and safety and the structural soundness of these buildings. scientists say a volcano that caused a tsunami in indonesia six weeks ago still poses an imminent threat for them four hundred people died in the disaster on the on ends of java and sumatra step awesome reports heard on year in west java. this is what's left of the. after part of it collapsed on this number twenty two causing waves to crash into the islands of java and sumatra now it's less than one third of its original size but scientists say it's still as dangerous. just weeks after the disaster.
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caught on camera and try most i have regularly recorded despite that order to stay more than five hundred meters away from the sea have now been lifted that if we can't work here how do i get an income my children need to go to school and they need to eat i just hope it won't happen again that tsunami hit the tourist heart of west java badly and visitors have yet to return on apocalypto i continue. of last month. life despite warnings of more eruptions and possible more tsunamis people are now allowed to stay on the beach again but they're also warned the state . scientists say it's hard to predict the behavior of the so-called child of the notorious cock up. that erupted so violently in eight hundred eighty three that it's ashes course extraordinary sunsets worldwide inspiring to paint his famous
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work to screen. for another option like the one eight hundred eighty three to happen again at the volcano needs a much larger volume but there is a high probability that an eruption and tsunami like on december twenty second will happen again harvey says the government should have been more alert after scientists had predicted it to not be a few months earlier research dating back to two thousand and twelve predicting the collapse of the volcano flanks was also ignored so vyvanse are planning to sue the government for negligence. that happened in this industry it could have been predicted because of the earthquake dangers in the area and there are options of a not. so the government. taken preventative measures so there wouldn't be so many victims in there while the case will be taken to court in the next few weeks and is rapidly recovering only a few weeks after its collapse the volcano emerged above sea level again making it clear that time is running out for the government to repair install warning systems
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and take protective measures to prevent another disaster from happening again step fasten al-jazeera i knew west java about an international film festival opens on thursday dozens of films will be screened during the balun ali several which will be vying for the top prize the golden bear and even by our reports from the german capital. a compelling historical drama with echoes in the modern day america getting its world premiere at the berlin ali is about writer carlos mari geller brazil's military dictatorship in the one nine hundred sixty s. . this year's burden ollie is the last on the directed thing to caustic now he says he's proud that seven out of the seventeen films in competition are directed by women so important to see women directors the male female driven films
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and and i would say that the belinelli has jumped in with. my view that. if i understand them no one contender for the golden bear for best film the golden gloves by fatty akon who won berlin's top prize back in two thousand and four this german drama plunges you into another time and place it's based around a real life nine hundred seventy serial killer in the red light district of akin's native hamburg. because could you confess with. what it is to treat an actor for somebody quickly does it get you to delete an economy because another movie being talked about here by the grace of god by. its loosely inspired by the true story of children being sexually abused by a catholic priest in the french city of leone the archbishop of leon and other officials went on trial this year charged with covering up the abuse.
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and for a total change of scenery how about this drama set in mongolia. by chinese director one churn and revolves around a herd woman who gets pregnant after spending one night with a young police officer. do. you recall not one number thought. given berlin's record of rewarding originality this film has as good a chance as any of writing off with a prize. al-jazeera bill in. the money can catch up any time with our website address that is al-jazeera dot com and that's updated throughout the day. take another look at the top stories making news here on his ear ministers from the european union and latin america a meeting
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a year ago is capital montevideo attempting to find a solution to the political standoff in venezuela it's presented venezuelan president nicolas maduro with a plan called the montevideo mechanism aimed at creating conditions for free transparent and credible elections through. our consent to the plan that the montevideo mechanism is proposing supported by mexico you require countries in the caribbean and bolivia we are ready to participate in a process of sovereign and constitutional dialogue to look for a national agenda of agreements peace and understanding. and last hour the committee to protect journalists is held a news conference in front of the white house in washington d.c. on the murder of jamal hersh of g.e. calling for a strong response from the u.s. government and donald trump to saudi arabia one of the largest aid convoys since the start of syria's war has reached a remote refugee camp on the border with jordan with one hundred trucks brought
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food and medical supplies to forty thousand syrians stranded in rock band camp. u.k.'s prime minister is in brussels for yet water talks to try to change the terms of her unpopular breaks it deal to resume a told me you parliament members that there will be a backstop on the irish border in the final brics agreement her demands for a renegotiation of the terms of the agreement were firmly rejected. it is interior minister matteo salvini says he's happy to meet french president emmanuel mccall in an attempt to end a diplomatic route of really was responding to france's decision to recall its ambassador to rome following a meeting between italy's deputy prime minister and we g.d. mio and french yellow vest protesters. if you don't protest is according to the release of activists detained during weeks of demonstrations against president bashir the rally was called to express solidarity with the hundreds of people who've been arrested since protests started in december. or news for you in just
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under half an hour coming next a.j. selects with three short films about journalists who risk their lives just to have see if you can likes watching africa. that and on the mug i don't do we'll get the.
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a full one strong others and they called me the son one. and. i became photographer for the first time my uncle towards me for small coming out. of the beginning i was filming the scene. tied to teach myself to learn by myself. in two thousand and eight the first war in gaza i was fourteen and we speak tiles on following the bombs are the muscle cars i was very worried fairest my friends and my family and i in any moment i was thinking of all that ok my family would change i. felt.
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miserable aboard a plane they bombed the house of my. uncles so they killed the living members of my family my uncle's their sons and daughters and children as well it was her fault. for the death of my family have me want to fish to be photojournalist. it's time a good tool to cover the conflicts a peaceable to fit in. is only. good for you i can tell you but i.
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saw some of the it was an ocean of want to be limited. knowledge and love to let's say you sell them to hundreds and hundreds a day i'm the lucky one of the problems but. only the most of them how come i'm all for. one time i was there and they're told me all the above the lists and the old set off most. we weren't there i'm the first thing i saw it's all he was under there are bill his face it was covered by dust and by blood i didn't imagine that he will be alive then i realized that he still if him. i can feel that i will die i mean minutes because of the bumbling around you firing
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a word to the front lines. of the. course i feel there are lots of similarities between situation and see in stories most of the major theory of the world there are a few zs and as are my family they are infuses. i can feel the suffering of the people who are if easy as well. if you weigh this in eyes i see. there are vests him eyes and see. one time may give abundance here.


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