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tv   An Eye For An Eye In Iraq  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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it and say it's a colonial legacy that must go the c.f.a. which is the common currency in the region is now become a key issue head of cycles presidential elections this month because hack reports from dhaka just enough until next month. i would john is calling her younger brother and jack to thank him for the money he sent he's down in france having left his life in the car for a better one in europe he tells her it's not what he expected but he's still able to send a few hundred years every month to his sister to look after the family. it's not easy but without him we couldn't make ends meet there's no work for him here we need him there he's doing this for the money. in january italy's deputy prime minister luigi accused france of fueling the migrant crisis by controlling the economies of former african colonies through the local currency the c.f.a. . france is one of those countries that by printing money for fourteen african
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states prevents the economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts i didn't like the comment from then foreign minister i found it very patronizing africa to the need any foreign minister want to speak on behalf the comment came days before the start of the presidential campaign in senegal and the c.f.a. is now part of the debate with each candidate taking positions on the matter some arguing for it others against it like edriss sake who asks why should white people in paris take decisions on their currency. the central african franc or the c.f.a. has a fixed exchange rate with the euro so europeans can bring to africa and easily swap them for the c.f.a. but state regulators make it difficult for africans to take out of their country and swap them into euros under
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a new arrangement dating back more than seventy years france's central bank controls the treasury of all fourteen countries leaving these nations with a limited supply of liquidity. this here and he's a certain level of stability to the currency allowing i went jogging to shop at her favorite friend's supermarket because french companies profit from this arrangement it allows them easy access to a growing market of over one hundred million people but there's also growing resentment towards this currency not just here in senegal but throughout francophone west africa france get out the graffiti found in various avenues of the capital sana'a is behind the messaging. who'll want to common currency but for wisht african countries only with out fraunces involvement we have our own currency like morocco and algeria they are doing much better than
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us. france is so far yet so close well money travels more freely than people europe continues to track young african men for john's family the journey is worth the risk. so head on the news out of. the berlin film festival rolls out the red carpet for the trailblazing women of cinema. and sport will hear from the and then pick titleholder aiming for one last golden run at skiing's world championships. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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the berlin international film festival is underway dozens of films will be screened during the ballot several of which will be vying for the top prize the golden bet and kicking off the race is a strong contingent of female directors and even baba reports from the german capital. a burly an embrace is the film festival says outfeed is a into the man who's stepping down after eighteen years in charge here the stars were out for the opening movie the kindness of strangers its danish director lotus scare figures one of seven women who have a filming competition hoping to win the famous golden bear and the actress heading the jury says that can only be a good thing yes nima shows that and that just cinema is changing and women are breaking through i hope there'll be more women from the whole world coming through from south america and africa and countries like china because we need the point of
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view of women from around the world. something else the berlin ali is synonymous with is political films like the brazilian fact based nine hundred sixty s. drama getting its world premiere here. well as he says goodbye to the berlin ali the man in the black cut de to cosmic nose he leaves behind an event that's earned a unique place in the film world it's just a lot of fun and at the same time you can sing about we just hear you say and it's a little bit like your body night because it's in a way a comedy and people will laugh but to see you see operated top six and it's again it's like a heavy because it's a kindness of strangers and this is what we all make and of course. in india home to not really.
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if i understand mind i know another contender for the golden bear is the golden glove by fatty kid who won billions top prize back in two thousand and four this german drama plunges you into another time and place it's based around a real life nine hundred seventy serial killer in the red light district of a king's native homburg. also in the running this drama set him on. golyer. group volves around a herd's woman who gets pregnant after spending one night with a young police officer. you pointed. me here you know i mean this is clearly there's no shortage of variety here or stardust. but the barber al-jazeera at the berlin film festival. and seth cutler support from doha thank you so much lauren while the newly reelected head of
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european football has sent out a warning to a thief a boss yani in france say no i was on the set for and says he won't be a yes man as in france say no pushes his plan to create new global competitions saffron was voted in and opposed to your wife is a new congress in rome a slovenian says his intention is to reshape european saw an immense and supreme the twenty thirty world cup to the consonance it puts him on a collision course with in fancy now a former secretary general of u.i. for i have a good feeling that we will start talking now that. everyone understood that without proper consultation we will not end up anywhere and that. war but it's not war with you but with the examples you from everyone in fanciness plans require the cooperation of european clubs and countries he wants to start an expanded club world cup which could include up to twelve european teams at
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the my we just want sakes art in france here also hopes to launch a global nations leader world wide version if you wife is our nation's league and in fancy now still pushing to include forty eight rather than thirty two teams that qatar twenty twenty two world cup and possibly some more host nations. there are some encouraging encouraging signs that has been an asian cup no organized in the u.a.e. which got that is one thing everything went very well there is world so you know let's see it's generally i think a possibility to. present. qatar to the world but also the maybe some other countries in the regions where it's you know it's you know very positive way all cats are as national team has moved up to their highest position in the world rankings in more than twenty five years after the asian cup victory the sort of jumped thirty eight places and now ranks fifty fifth in the world the twenty twenty
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world cup house won all seven games and conceded just one goal on their whites and lifting the country's first ever major titles after a romance in one of baseball's all time greats as died at the age of eighty three as a player robinson was a fourteen signed all star and want to see world series titles with the baltimore orioles then went on to become the sport's first african-american manager was when he took charge of the cleveland indians in the mid seventy's he was then elected to baseball's hall of fame in one thousand nine hundred sixty. two time olympic champion axel and spend hours building up to his last run at world championship gold the norwegian will retire after saturday's downhill he's going fifty fastest in thursday's training run at the or course in sweden now aged thirty six is aiming for a sixth career gold championships. i start the sense that. i
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well i want to say i am because it sounds so bad but. in retirement sounds bad dramatically in search of a good word for it because it's not a sad situation to be able to. back down from something that has been really great but whatever is going to go through now a few months ago the future of the winter olympics looks to be going downhill fast as cow. the city to abandon a bid to house them. also look close to pulling out but a new approach may save taxpayers money on the games themselves reports from sweden . as a winter olympic host stuck has a good head start on most cities plenty of snow off piste slope fifteen minutes from the central station the stockholm is hoping they might in their lunchtime ski pass to the olympic stars in twenty twenty six i would just try to take advantage and enjoy it we do like our winter sports no doubt i think it's great i think
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through should slide on the mental impact as well and if we can do something about that i think so be. a few months ago realizing these hopes became an uphill struggle the swedish election installed a new stockholm council that refused to provide any financial backing for the olympics as the chance to host in twenty twenty six was being rejected by city leaders around the world but the decision of the city of stock hasn't killed off its bid the international olympic committee had already realized that money was putting cities off hosting the games a year ago they voted in a new way of doing things to emphasize cutting costs and that has turned what looked like a big problem for stock into one of its strengths. the politicians haven't changed course no games if it costs a single tax but nearly all of venues are already built the bid includes currently hosting the alpine ski world championships. so with
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a bit of blue sky thinking and private money. is budgeted to cost the average sweet precisely nothing. a different olympic era from that which saw four point four billion dollars of the london some a games come from taxpayers. bid for the winter olympics and paralympics so two hundred twenty six is tailor made to fit into this new reality over the i.o.c. not only for twenty twenty six but can create the legacy that is positive for the future of the limbic movement use what you have where you have it and don't be limiting there are still only two beds for twenty twenty six but by the third step with the new reality with italy's going up against the swedes with another pick offering the i.o.c. say the two cities are already four hundred million dollars under the projected costs of sochi and pyong chang's winning beds. that not taking people in the
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pockets will have more would be hewing up for twenty thirty. swindon. ok looking for. andy thank you very much indeed and that's it for me for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment to another full roundup of the day's news in the meantime to the noise catch up with our website address that is al-jazeera dot com for me. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state
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. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best
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of al-jazeera documentaries. i was looking for a like and the other student rewind continues with joseph's journey this is a. struggle continues. to. use distance we want on al-jazeera. a convoy carrying humanitarian aid arrives at the colombian border but its journey into venezuela is still not assured.
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on our intel is al jazeera live from london also coming up the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions says the killing of jamal khashoggi was brutal and premeditated and carried out by saudi arabian state officials. the british prime minister is back from brussels where once again she's been looking for a compromise on the e.u. withdrawal deal. and promises to build a new central african republic after historic peace deal is signed in. the beginning with the crisis in venezuela and was developing into two different strategies for how to end the political crisis the newly formed international contact group on venezuela consisting of european and latin american nations is calling for dialogue that's being backed by venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro at a meeting in europe wise capital want to do says it will be sending
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a technical mission to venezuela and repeat as it's called a free and fair elections. the group aims to forge a common international approach to support a peaceful political democratic and been a swell and own research into the crisis excluding the use of force through free transparent and credible presidential elections in accordance with them in a swell and constitution in order for the country to overcome the current crisis it is crucial to restore full democracy in all its that mentions including the rule of low separation of powers and respect for the constitutional mandate of the country's institutions notably the democratically elected national assembly a different strategies advocated by the united states which is backing self declared president and opposition leader. its imposing visa bans on some members of the premature a constituent assembly and america special envoy for venezuela says the president
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should make way for transit transitional government. to discussions with negotiating with him on his departure is fine if we ever get to that negotiation obviously he may flee some day or he may seek to negotiate conditions but that's not what he's done in the past what he's done in the past is to use these negotiations to prolong his stay in power and to try to demonstrate his legitimacy and that we're against well as the diplomatic wrangling continues the situation inside venezuela is increasingly desperate for the three million have fled the crisis and the opposition says three hundred thousand people at risk of dying and less aid arrive soon the u.s. ascent food in trucks to colombia's border with venezuela and vehicles have just arrived but the military who still back president maduro are blockading the main route across the border and u.s. says it won't force entry. latin america to understand human isn't even as they are
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in a city of san cristobal so tell us more about this possibility of whether this aid might actually get through at any stage. hello laura and well it's. backed off. its aid has arrived. apologies we seem to not have a great line there with the lucy in human sorry about that about trying to get back later on in the but it's him it's more not the story crossed over to rose and jordan who's in washington d.c. as a result there seems to be a bit of a gap between what's being advocated in your ago i and the kind of lines coming out of washington this evening. well there is a gap because ultimately the united states has staked a claim it wants nicolas maduro to leave power in venezuela as soon as possible the
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trumpet ministration has never been a fan of nicolas maduro neither was the obama administration before that we should make that very clear however in light of the fact that there is now an interim president though which the trumpet ministration has recognized as the legitimate interim leader of venezuela this does create a bit of tension between washington and its neighbors that said the u.s. at least during elliott abrams presentation on thursday is trying to find a peaceful way to relieve the humanitarian crisis in venezuela as well as to try to was set up with conditions or support conditions for a peaceful transfer of power and a process of democratization and now whether or not other countries are going to go along with everything that washington wants well we'll just let history be the judge of that but it is important to note that the u.s.
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has been increasing its conversation and its comments on the political log prices in venezuela and it definitely is not a short thing its ability to was say what he would like to see happening because not just in the immediate weeks ahead but in the months and years ahead which is a nod to do it all non child as government in caucus. has come from the u.s. is this idea of travel bans on some of the carriage is in the venezuelan government or regime as you might depend on how you want to call it and what effect you think those will have. well the idea of putting on visa bans for some members of the constituent assembly is essentially to put political pressure on the last model to give up power sooner rather than later to not resist certainly not put up
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a fight one other thing that you know because if his allies are allowed to walk travel freely to the united states they could find themselves not just being able to come to the u.s. but they could find themselves locked out of other countries that support the u.s. position position on the political situation in venezuela there's also this carrot as it were that elliott abrams was offering on thursday this idea that the u.s. would be willing to talk with my do it oh and with the who support him about relocating to third countries to peacefully find safe haven in order to allow the process of changing governments to take place without any bloodshed without any violence so the visa bans can be seen as part of putting pressure on the government to give up power peacefully whether or not that's going to work we'll have to see but it's certainly a strategy that the trumpet ministration has been willing to use on
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a number of issues whether it be russia or saudi arabia or any other country for that matter president jordan thank you very much indeed inflation in venezuela is expected to hit ten million percent this year and there's a dot need for food and medicine there is a phone has more from northeastern venezuela. we're here at this hospital in the city of daraa to learn a mixtape the fans who are they this is about four hours away from the capital you've got i guess there's all of those long lines of people with children waiting to be treated the reason why is because most of the much suffering from body bob meaning and diarrhea the main cause we are being told is that a pipeline broken contaminated the drinking water you can see the amount of children that are just waiting here for them to get treatment when you were able to go inside the hospital and there is at least three children in each one of those beds the doctors are telling us that they simply do not have syringes untied
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biotechs and many of the other saying they need in order to be able to treat them so far fourteen children have already died here because of this issue two of them died last night all of this is happening as president. appeared on state television stresses and saying that venezuela is getting ready to fulfill its own needs well of pharmaceutical among other things is also saying that we won't allow humanitarian aid into the country the request by the united nations and n.g.o.s is that both sides the government and the opposition not politicize the current situation the humanitarian crisis that exists here and that their main objectives should be to help those who are in the. thank. you the u.n. human rights and void a king into the killing of jamal khashoggi says the journalist suffered a violent death at the hands of riyadh a preliminary report into the investigation claims saudi arabia seriously
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undermined his ability to investigate the murder james space has more from the united nations. a week after agnes kalamata and her team of legal and forensic experts visited their stamboul and the saudi consulate where jamal khashoggi was murdered the un special rapporteur has released her initial findings and they are damning in a written statement she says evidence collected during my mission to turkey shows prime a facie case that mr cruise shoji was the victim of a brutal and premeditated killing planned and perpetrated by officials of the state of saudi arabia during the visit to turkey ms callum ods team met with key turkish officials and was played an audiotape which is believed to be a recording of mr kershaw g.'s last minutes alive and of his murder she says it was gruesome and chilling agnus kalamata undertook this inquiry on her own initiative
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under her existing mandate to examine cases of extrajudicial executions her work continues and she report her findings to the un human rights council in about four months time the un secretary general has refused to set up his own inquiry into the murder of mr cruz shoji unless he gets a referral from the human rights council the security council or the un general assembly the initial findings of this investigation likely to increase pressure here at the un for tougher action against saudi arabia but the authorities in riyadh allow it to be more worried about what happens next in washington. outside the white house the campaign group the committee to protect journalists held an event to mark the fact that february eighth is the deadline for president trump to take action against saudi arabia on the crucial g. case under what's known as the magnitsky act even if mr trump decides not to act
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there are many in congress who made it quite clear they'll not let this case drop james bays al-jazeera at the united nations. the wall street journal says the u.s. is preparing to pull its forces out of syria by the end of april on wednesday u.s. president donald trump said he was expecting an announcement soon declaring victory in the fight against. he said coalition forces have quote liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by eisel in syria and iraq but some u.s. military officials say thousands of ice or fighters remain in syria and they could be reserved once troops are withdrawn well the largest aid convoy since the start of syria's war has reached a remote refugee camp on the border with jordan on one hundred trucks brought food and medical supplies to thousands of syrians stranded in group bandcamp the convoy was organized by the syrian red crescent and the u.n. aid workers will also provide an.


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