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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 7:00am-7:35am +03

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decides not to act there are many in congress who made it quite clear they'll not let this case drop james spays al-jazeera at the united nations. the wall street journal says the u.s. is preparing to pull its forces out of syria by the end of april on wednesday u.s. president donald trump said he was expecting an announcement soon declaring victory in the fight against eisele he said coalition forces have quote liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by eisel in syria and iraq but some u.s. military officials say thousands of eisel fighters remain in syria and they could be a reserve jance once troops are withdrawn or the largest aid convoy since the start of syria's war has reached a remote refugee camp on the border with jordan although one hundred trucks brought food and medical supplies to thousands of syrians stranded in group bandcamp the convoy was organized by the syrian red crescent and the u.n. aid workers will also provide an emergency vaccination campaign for ten thousand
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children there. still ahead on al-jazeera. and to government protesters in sudan demand their fellow activists be released from prison. and the burning film festival rolls out the red carpet for the trailblazing women of cinema. hello again welcome back we're here cross parts of australia things are getting much better up here towards queensland of course we were looking at some extreme flooding just several weeks ago now that months and all areas of low pressure is making its way towards the east and you can see on the satellite image we're back to normal with someone sooner rain but not as heavy as what we had previously seen forecast looks like this of the next few days we are going to sing mostly cloudy
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conditions for townsville the water is still coming down receding in that area with the tempter they have about twenty eight degrees it was quite warm across much of the south we do have a front that's pushing through we did see some activity in terms of thunderstorms but for melbourne the rain is going to linger just a little bit longer here on friday with the terms there of about twenty three degrees coming down with another shot of rain coming into your forecast by the time we get toward saturday out here towards the west though it is going to be another very hot day in perth with a temperature of about thirty eight degrees well for the north and south island really not looking too bad in terms of the weather very dry we are still looking at bushfire fires in some of those locations but we do have one system that is coming in from the tasman sea and that is potentially going to bring some rain to the southern part of the south island as we go to the next couple days friday for christchurch we are looking at a temperature few of twenty three degrees but by the time we get to saturday the time to comes up we do expect to see a very hot day for you with the tempter of thirty.
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from sunrise to sunset cross asia. the pacific explorer i'm told fascinating stories one on one on al-jazeera. al jazeera where every. from out of the top stories on jazeera an international group of european and latin american nations is calling for free and fair elections in venezuela after meeting
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in uruguay united states to send food in trucks to colombia's border with venezuela but it's unclear how the aid will enter without the support of the military which still backs president maduro. and the united nations human rights i'm bored looking into the killing of jamal khashoggi says the journalist suffered a violent death at the hands of saudi arabia. u.s. officials say white house adviser jared kushner will travel to at least five arab countries later this month the purpose of the trip will be to brief diplomats on the economic question of a long awaited u.s. peace proposal for the middle east coast know who is the president's son in law and trump's middle east envoy jason green blatt will stop in amman are ain saudi arabia united arab emirates and qatar the white house is preparing to release a finalized plan for a negotiated solution between israel and palestine bush promised it's reason may
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has held talks with e.u. leaders in brussels urging them to accept changes to the brics agreement or face the prospect of the u.k. leaving without a deal the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland remains the main sticking point in the fucker has more. it wasn't a great start for the british prime minister and breaks it demonstrated dodged police and jumped in front of a car with fifty days left before britain officially leaves the e.u. a feeling desperate. to resume ace back in brussels to try and reopen breaks it talks after the british parliament overwhelmingly rejected her withdrawal agreement last month british m.p.'s have demanded she find alternative arrangements over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland something she's promised to do we must secure that in finding changes to the withdrawal would be to deal with the concerns the parliament has over the back story and taking down changes to the backstop together with the other work that we're doing on workers'
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likes and other issues a stable door is in the image and that's what i will continue to push for now it's not going to be easy i'm clear the fight against mr bracks it gets delivered on time that's what i'm going to do for that is public. knowledge in the coming days to do just that but there's a problem for the reason may be used refused to reopen the withdrawal agreement and renegotiate any new irish border arrangements the open borders protected by a twenty year old peace deal the good friday agreement that put an end to decades of sectarian fighting in northern ireland nobody wants to turn back the clock but the border question has made leaving the e.u. extremely complicated. brussels is determined to hold on to an insurance policy within the withdrawal agreement the so-called backstop designed to keep the irish border open if no arrangement is in place by the end of next year the u.k. automatically continues to be under e.u. trade policy there's also no way of unilaterally leaving the backstop nor any time
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limit on it and that's too much for some brick city is to stomach the u. is however prepared to offer more binding political commitments to avoid ever having to use the backstop we are open as parliament from day one to upgrade his political decoration to make this political decoration more binding more precise also on the issue of the backstop explaining and say very clearly that this is insurance and not more than that but persuading british politicians to back to reason may's breaks of plans may require more than promises this is the first last ditch attempts to finalize a deal british an e.u. brags that negotiators will meet on monday and to resume a will return to brussels at the end of the month but finding a plan to please her party the british parliament and e.u. remains painfully out of reach. out to syria brussels rescuers in turkey
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are searching for survivors after a building collapsed in istanbul thirteen people are safe are being rescued from under the rubble and a potluck came down without warning on wednesday evening at least ten people are confirmed dead it's believed others are still trapped rescuers on the scene say they're still hearing sounds coming from under the debris. a peace deal has been signed in central african republic aimed at ending years of civil war the deal was agreed by the government and fourteen groups after talks in sudan but after the recent collapse of similar peace deals there's not much hope that this time will be any different charles traffic reports. this muted a pause is perhaps a sign that repeated attempts at forging peace in central african republic have been far from easy. this historic date brings us face to face with our responsibilities together in celebrating our diversity and respecting our differences i call on you to work together to build
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a new central african republic central african republic rapidly descended into civil war in two thousand and twelve after the mainly muslim seleka group rebelled in the north they overthrew the christian president of course warbles easy a predominately christian militia calling itself the. rose our peoples easy's defense thousands of civilians have been killed since the former colonial power france sent troops under a u.n. mandate his fears grew of a possible genocide. a quarter of the country's foreign a half million people have been forced to flee their homes. the selecta were forced from power in two thousand and sixteen a former prime minister four star shown to our data was elected president but the celica still control around eighty percent of the country. are fighting off in iraq over mineral resources including gold diamonds and you
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bring you the latest peace deal was agreed after talks in sudan. we've brought peace back from sudan the harmony national reconciliation. they have been seven peace agreements over the years to end one of africa's bloodiest conflicts in one of the poorest countries in the world all of failed chance trafford al-jazeera sudanese protest as according to the release of activists detained during seven weeks of demonstrations against president bashir. the rally was called to express solidarity with the hundreds of people who've been arrested since protests started in december human rights activists say at least forty five have been killed president bashir has now acknowledged that growing economic hardship as angered young people. i don't know what i'm really nice is a half or rather most all but the most really any citizen in this country any
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single person let alone cognized parties each has a right we need to reach a dialogue in order to take the country from a deep rooted political crises. france says its military cooperation with cameroon will continue despite the united states withdrawing some of its assistance u.s. officials announced the suspension on wednesday accusing security forces in the west african nation of committee human rights violations comes after videos circulated online appeared to show security forces shooting civilians cameron has cooperated closely with the united states in the fight against the armed group boko haram and attack way as a deputy director at the rights group amnesty international in the united states he says the suspension is an opportunity for cameroon to address its human rights obligations. it sends a message to the cameroon security forces that business as usual is no longer acceptable and that they need to change and initiate and serious reforms the abuses
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that we're talking about not only terrorized the population and the people that the security forces are supposed to protect but it potentially also radicalize certain people it created grievances and it certainly cut off any kind of cooperation with the security forces in counterinsurgency efforts all of those i think would have aided boko haram more than what is going on here and the relationship is not ended it's just basically been suspended certain parts of it so it's i think an or an opportunity for cameroon and for the other countries in the alliance to sort of revisit their obligations to comply with human rights iran's revolutionary guards have unveiled a new ballistic missile in the capital tehran is the latest show of minute she might as the country celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the islamic revolution as in one hundred reports the influence of iran's revolutionary guards extends beyond the country's borders. they call them the guardians of iran what began
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as a voluntary force is now an organized military institution with influence in the corridors of power the revolutionary guard was founded to protect the islamic revolution. forty years later it is not just a more than one hundred thousand strong land sea and air force this commander acknowledges a role in politics and the economy but says it is not driven by interests. that those who joined the revolutionary guards did so to provide security they should be politically better but that doesn't mean they should join any party they are also involved in the economy not to make profit in times of peace they should help the poor who are facing tough conditions. others see their role differently they say the guards empowered by the supreme leader have interfered in iranian
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politics the voluntary when it was used to crush protests in two thousand and nine former guards have entered political life fielding candidates in elections as well as occupying top positions like the presidency guard commanders have also spoken out against president hassan rouhani for negotiating the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal with world powers including the united states the guards is also an economic player it was heavily involved in reconstruction at the end of the war with iraq decades ago now it runs construction companies and other businesses the revolutionary guards is not just a powerful institution in iran it exported the revolution and expanded iran's influence beyond its borders states mainly armed actors in lebanon syria iraq and gaza received arms and training it was one of the reasons why the us doesn't need the guards a terrorist organization. l. could say force is the branch that operates abroad it's commander some celeb many
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is portrayed as a national hero here his forces helped ensure syrian president bashar assad survival and hezbollah's dominance in lebanon's parliament has given iran's influence through legitimate channels. it's no longer a secret that has creation and liberty on was on that of the auspices and support of the revolutionary guard training camps were established in syria and then lebanon hezbollah was one of their greatest accomplishment back home the guards often display their military might it oversees the controversial ballistic missile weapons program which the west wants curbed iran's position has been one of defiance a position echoed by guard commanders who have made their political stance clear there will be no negotiations they say in a message that could be directed not just to their enemies abroad.
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and the berlin international film festival is underway dozens of films will be streamed over the eleven days of the belinelli several of which will be vying for the top prize the golden bear kicking off the race is a strong contingent of female directors and even barbara reports from the festival . a burly name braces the film festival says outfeed is a into the man who's stepping down after eighteen years in charge here the stars were out for the opening movie the kindness of strangers its danish director lotus scare figures one of seven women who have a filming competition hoping to win the famous golden bear and the actress heading the jury says that can only be a good thing yes nima shows that and not just cinema is changing and women are breaking through i hope there'll be more women from the whole world coming through from south america and africa and countries like china because we need the point of view of women from around the world. something else the berlin ali is synonymous
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with is political films like the brazilian fact space nine hundred sixty s. drama getting its world premiere here. well as he says goodbye to the berlin ali the man in the black cut de to kosilek nose he leaves behind an event that's earned a unique place in the film world it's just a lot of fun and at the same time you can think about pretty serious sayings and it's a little bit like your body night because it's in a way a comedy and people will laugh but to see you see operated top six and it's again it's like a heavy because it's a kindness of strangers and says what we all make in doubles. in india hate to not really. is foundation in mind i know another contender for the golden bear is the golden glove by fatty kid who won billions top prize back in two thousand and four this
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german drama plunges you into another time and place it's based around a real life nine hundred seventy serial killer in the red light district of a king's native homburg. also in the running this drama set in. golyer. revolves around a herd's woman who gets pregnant after spending one night with a young police officer trying to put. people on a yearly. you know music's in clearly there's no shortage of variety here or stardust. but the barber al-jazeera at the berlin film festival. is a canonical the main stories here on jazeera a group of european and latin american nations meeting in europe rice says it will send a technical team to venezuela the international contact group says the mission will
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help provide humanitarian aid and support new elections as soon as possible the group aims to forge a common international approach to support a peaceful political democratic and been a swell and own research into the crisis excluding the use of force through free transparent and credible presidential elections in accordance with them in a swell and constitution in order for the country to overcome the current crisis it is crucial to restore for democracy in all its their mentions including the rule of low separation of powers and respect for the constitutional mandate of the country's institutions notably the democratically elected national assembly trucks carrying humanitarian aid from the u.s. have arrived at colombia's border with venezuela but as well as government is refusing to let the supplies enter the country opposition leader one by dole who declared himself interim president last month the said the aid must be allowed in.
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u.n. human rights envoy looking into the killing of jamal khashoggi says the journalist suffered a violent death at the hands of saudi arabia and yes column are said that mr her was the victim of a brutal and premeditated killing planned and perpetrated by officials of the state of saudi arabia the wall street journal says the u.s. is preparing to put its forces out of syria by the end of april on wednesday u.s. president donald trump said he was expecting an announcement soon declaring victory in the fight against eisele he said coalition forces have quote liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by eisel in syria and iraq and u.s. officials say white house adviser jared kush no will travel to at least five arab countries later this month he'll brief diplomats on the economic portion of a long way to u.s. peace proposal for the middle east coast no more stop in oman bahrain saudi arabia
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the united arab emirates and qatar those are the headlines coming up next here on out it's one of one east and of the more use for you after that thanks very much for watching by for. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's been branded the world's biggest heist and least four point five billion dollars stolen from malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one indeed. the former prime minister najib razak faces almost forty criminal charges. and
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a malaysian financier jolo is wanted by authorities in malaysia singapore and the united states. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we investigate the deals and alleged criminal cover ups there rob malaysians of billions of dollars and track down the accidental hero who blew the whistle and. it's been a massive fool for malaysia's former prime minister najib resign like ousted from power in may last year he's banned from leaving the country and his family homes have been raided. police seizing two hundred and seventy million dollars worth of cash and luxury goods to be good at a lot of gifts it was a not fair you know to parade and to put a value on the steam's as far as i'm concerned i was not doing anything wrong.
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but is not to resign faces mounting charges a name a says from the past slip seems like a. kuala lumpur. and emmys just. two years. the swiss national informant bank it turned businessman is regarded as a hero in what's being dubbed the new malaysia today xavi just is a keynote speaker at an anti corruption summit he provided the crucial evidence exposing the lead scam that so more than four point five billion dollars siphoned out of malaysia's sovereign wealth fund won him didn't be. acting against criminals can be very dangerous they would do anything to keep the money they have no limits
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and with this they took everything from us i spent ten months in jail they made my wife suffer the loans they did they stole binion's from poor people and just because. i have to forget no they have to pay. at home in switzerland the shore of lake geneva office the serenity xaverian his wife laura crying. the past three and a half years have been tumultuous as the couple found themselves in broiled in malaysia's financial scandal. their nightmare began in twenty fifteen when they were living in thailand and building a resort. laura was visiting family in switzerland with their eight month old son when the thai police arrested her husband for real doria when i went to work or. just the matter of time. and the second i
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knew he was arrested i knew it was because it was already and i could feel it was going to be bigger than. than what it was. petro saudi is a company at the heart of malaysia's stolen billion in two thousand and nine it entered into a one point eight billion dollars joint venture with one aim to be. the deal was struck on a make a yacht in the mediterranean on board the now fugitive malaysian financier an alleged mastermind jolo who then prime minister najib resigned and his wife. and the hosts petro saudi cofounders prince turki a son of the late king of saudi arabia and to record by at the time to record
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buried was one of savy is best friends february two thousand. contacted me a couple of times. office because they signed a deal with the malaysian money and they needed me the guy that you could trust. to run to run the company. xavi went to work with a record by eight and another director patrick mahoney but seven months into the job he says things started to sour it said that if you receive a lot of money you become crazy that's a fact i saw that direct started with buying a flat after you bought. renting your in the south of france it's probably are familiar euro's weak everything becomes like extravaganza so he started to treat me like a star to the west treating other people very bad xavier
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resigned april twentieth levon he says he was all moved two point five million dollars and to ensure he paid he had more than two hundred thirty thousand confidential emails downloaded from the company server on to a hard drive. again there were a lot of money involved. the access to the financial daughters of the woman to be what would be i would worry until. three years later he says he still hadn't been paid so he began looking for a potential buyer for the data british journalist claire brown had already been investigating suspected corruption behind one in. what first caught my eye was the fact that the young son a step son of the prime minister of malaysia had been targeted as the producer of
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one of hollywood's most expensive movies. reason rizzi is a step son of knowledge of rozanne act and one of the producers of the twenty thirteen one hundred million dollar hollywood blockbuster wolf of wall street he was claiming he put his own money in and there was really no there was no money behind trees so where was this money coming from and looking into it deeper i had very quickly ascertained that at resist side there was this young financial low who was connected to one n.d.p. as the advisor so what i was asking was a very simple question to begin with were the missing billions that no one could account for that had disappeared from one and were they in any way linked to the tens of millions that suddenly the stepson of the prime minister was able to invest in this film about theft and large acts. the search for
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answers led her to a meeting with xavier in twenty fourteen i went to bangkok and i met this strange man in the middle of bangkok who someone of war may be a russian mafia she was scared and i was going to be in a world that it. luckily that my hunch was correct and it was a former director of patricide none other than. he explained how he gradually had begun to realize there was something very troubling about this joint venture with one m.t.p. . he started to show me some of his emails that he had from this data base. the one in d.b. petro saudi deal struck on the yacht required when major to initially invest one billion dollars in the joint venture and petro saudi to contribute energy concessions valued at almost three billion dollars. it's very easy
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and i listen. what they did the bin in the front company something that could appear very legal and they found this very beautiful name. it looks like it's the fish oil company of saudi arabia that's the only quality but. this beautiful name so the frame of the scan where the stub of. the e-mails showed those billions of dollars were the petro saudi energy concessions had been hugely and fraudulently overvalued something's a.v.o. always suspected and now believed was crucial to the alleged criminal scam in two thousand and nine. but you can hone enteric ask me if i knew a company or a guy that could evaluate petrel so the four to billions.
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i'm going to have. a company that is worth pretty much nothing for the billions but it seems mahoney in a bird age got what they wanted by restricting the work of the value asia is cause of work is to have value. the number of houses not. the owner of the. three just overlooking something is nothing i can see. they're giving privileges of i said that it's not but it's not belonging to the scheme. and xavi is cache of documents revealed even more fraudulent activity he was flicking through very quickly and there was there was one sort of bank transfer. i said to him can we go back and look at that because there was a seven an awful lot of zeros i'm assuming it was the seven hundred thousand dollar
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transfer but actually was there as an extra three cirrus on that was it a seven hundred million dollar transfer and he said yeah seven hundred million. the dart it clearly showed that only three hundred million of malaysia's one billion dollars cash investment made it into the joint venture account. seven hundred million winch to a switch bank account controlled by none other then joe lo who you should of all the red flags. the money goes through the account and once in two years ago it's longer. according to the dollars tens of millions then allegedly flowed from there to to record birthday and on to prince turki and patrick mahoney. and are no into the world back then also as the u.s.
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department of justice alleges into malaysia's then prime minister najib resign x. personal bank account become the what they're what they want. but a symbol of that you have the money. the channels the bank accounts and that's when i saw that enormous number being transferred to a company that belonged to that it was an offshore instrument belonging to. that was when i knew i had a earth shattering story. but very real wanted two point five million dollars before he'd give her the dollar i'm not selling this to the bidder this is worth a lot of one i just want to recover my money. i knew this was a story i couldn't just turn away from just because i didn't have a few million dollars in the end one of southeast asia's biggest media financial crepes got in touch and told me that they wanted to speak to us and what would be
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interested in buying salvias story. in february twenty fifth deen a deal was done xavier was promised two million dollars by the media conglomerate andrew castle broome left with a copy of the data a few days later she published her first story heist of the century. four months later xavier was jailed in thailand on a charge of attempted blackmail against petro saudi it was a terrible shock and there were some very very terrifying pictures i mean he's surrounded by heavily armed guards he was in handcuffs he was being he was being paraded for the malaysian media so therefore you could see that there was conspiracy here at the highest levels. back in malaysia then prime minister knowledge of reserve was facing a leadership crisis as he tried to explain one in degrees my.


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