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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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sending a team to venezuela to ensure that that took place they also called for free and fair elections democratic elections which most of all they stress should be run by and for the venezuelan people the group aims to forge a common international approach to support these political democratic and then as well an own resell lucian to the crisis excluding the use of force through free aspirants and people presidential elections you know cordons with the venezuelan prostitution strong words here in montevideo designed to reach the ears of the two main protagonists in venezuela itself the president nicolas maduro and the self declared interim president one white all poles apart politically with very little inclination to talk to one another see here they know that although they have issued strong words that they are united they have holes but very little chance of success. while trucks carrying food and aid from the u.s. have arrived into crittur on the colombia venezuela border but it's not clear yet
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how that aid will enter the country without the support of the military which still backs president maduro and sunder m.p.'s he joins us live now from katrina alexander where is this aid convoy now. well the aid arrives finally in the border city. earlier today honking their horns two larger t.q. later lorries and six smaller trucks carrying aid sent by the american relief agency they made their way to a warehouse in the middle. class this international crossing bridge between and venezuela where they say will be stored from now on until. they have been instrumental position together with the united states and. he's come up with a plan on how to get this
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a inside venezuela which as you were saying in your introduction will be quite difficult we have reported in past days on the fact that the venezuelan government has blocked the bridge to huge containers and there are barriers to stop these trucks from continuing their route into a very nice way there were also a handful of venezuelan immigrants here in colombia that were waiting for these trucks to arrive they were holding signs demanding that nico last my daughter let this aid inside the country and they were also chanting out with the widow and telling us that they are hoping that the my daughter will indeed leave the government now this is what my daughter though is accusing based humanitarian corridor to be sort of show put up by that and it's what i know position with the
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united states as a way to topple a government that's a way he's saying to move military away from here as a government about the these military especially military leadership in venice what has so far remained loyal which meant a lot of. things. well just across the border from out of. america editor lucien newman she's been monitoring developments from the venezuelan city of san cristobal people here in sanctity staller which is the largest city near the colombia border here in venezuela have already started hearing the news about the container and carville trucks that have already started arriving in kuta by the bridge it's called last in the tests that is where the aid that is supposed to be brought here to venezuela is being gathered and being put in warehouses at least one of the trucks was carrying we're told about five tons of medicine other trucks were carrying diapers food whole array of humanitarian aid
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this as president. underscores his determination not to allow it to pass the red cross here in here in venezuela has said that they will cooperate with the distribution of that aid now the united states in the meantime as you've heard has been trying to entice the venezuelan military into the deserving president nicolas maduro but at the same time the defense minister here got on television today and was shown distributing some two thousand refrigerators air conditioners beds all sorts of other goodies for the military telling them that the government will take care of them and make sure that they are comfortable well and amid all this venezuelan people are becoming increasingly desperate inflation is expected to hit ten million percent this year and there's a die in need for food and medicine to reason has more. we're here at this hospital in the city of venice to learn a mixtape the fans who are they this is about four hours away from the capitol got
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access there's all of this long lines of people with children waiting to be treated the reason why is because most of them are suffering from body vomiting and diarrhea the main course we're being told is that a pipeline broken contaminated the drinking water you can see the amount of children that are just waiting here for them to get treatment we were able to go inside the hospital and there are at least three children in each one of those bets that doctors are telling us that they simply do not have syringes by all takes and many of the other things they need in order to be able to treat them so far fourteen children have already died here because of this issue two of them died last night all of this is happening as president. appeared on state television. saying that venezuela is getting ready to fulfill its own need well a pharmaceutical among other things is also saying that we won't allow humanitarian aid into the country the request by the united nations and n.g.o.s is that both
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sides the government and the opposition not politicize the current situation the humanitarian crisis that exists here and that the main objective should be to help those who are in the roberts lens as a last in america analyst with global voices and he joins us now via skype from rio de janeiro robert it seems tensions are escalating in your mind what happens next. well the conversations that i've been taking are taking place and will to be they'll these are calls for new elections but definitely there's a stalemate between the opposition and the mother of government i think was we all want is free elections not a single drop of blood on the streets of venezuela but i'm afraid this is not going to be an easy exit while mother who doesn't want elections because in his mind he won fair and elections last year was the belief that and new dialogue and new
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conversation the new top. around you know both the opposition and the and the government will mean more repression and more of the return on the ism from the mother of government so unfortunately this is not going to be. paid or not is not going to pay to wait for something that will avoid more violence on the streets and then easy way out of this government fortunately i don't i don't see something happening right now but as you say this regional thought has been missing in europe why are you optimistic they can actually do anything to resolve this it talking about a technical mission how much impact might that have. i think the only way for distal be resolved is to have the international community act rate and vote and now and as the mother of ministration as well both parties should agree to have a free election but unfortunately that's not what we're seeing right now. while you
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go as you mentioned he refuses to sit down with the up with the government because he believes that there will be more arrests of opposition leaders including himself i think the only solution here is to have free elections just that just like we have seen for example you know if we had to compare let's look at what happened in chilling nine hundred eighty eight when i was having a chat i'm sorry to have a referendum that ultimately won that no no one thousand nine hundred eighty eight meaning the pinochet regime was finished but not but as we have mentioning in paso that chance model will not leaf easy but how much support remains from the in the country the military still supports him and they're on the border blocking aid convoys. well just still soup or i'm on the military however there are some members of the military overseas who have expressed soup or
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for a little now let's look at what's going on at the border between colombia and venezuela when we're seeing trucks carrying food now we are talking about a serious humanitarian crisis in venezuela we understand that the government is supposed to open borders or allow international help according to international law however here's the possible scenario the last model should consider if any of the people in venezuela die of serious diseases that will have a group bent that with international help he would be liable of those that and i think muddle given the currency tweet should he visit want to be held accountable for that that's on the servants because he could be try and you know your national court i think if he were smart enough he should allow these aid to these each of venezuela because there's a serious you tweeted let alone three million people have left on this one of
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because of our military and crises and discourse you know food medicine and other goods are all that for the last in america and the rest thank you so much for your insights rabbit thank you very much. white house aide jared kushner will travel to the middle east in late february to present part of his peace plan for the region president thompson a noble that i'm on bahrain saudi arabia the u.a.e. and cata for more on this mike hanna joins us now live from washington d.c. mike tell us more about the plan for this trip. well administration officials are saying that will be discussing the economic portion of this why a drain ging a peace plan which has said he wants to introduce it is something that president
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trump has set great store by bush no will be accompanied by jason green black to special envoy for the middle east now the interesting point is that he will not be visiting israel at all according to administration officials one of the reasons for this it would appear is because of the israeli elections in early april is no possibility it would seem that any further movement on the sfi spanaway announcement of that will happen before that election in early april also as well separating out the portions of the peace plan administration officials say that he's going to be discussing the economic portion of the plan as it is put but of course the political component sixty vinnie important to the administration officials say they well aware that arab leaders will want to know what the political component is before committing to any economic part of the plan so many stumbling blocks it would appear to be still ahead of them and the biggest stumbling block of all palestinian leaders still refuse to engage with trump
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administration officials because of president trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel well we'll continue watching that very closely thank you very much mike hanna in washington d.c. . brisson and the e.u. have agreed to hold more talks to try and avoid the u.k. leaving the block with no deal but to european commission. says the withdrawal agreement u.k. prime minister struck in november cannot be renegotiated the leaders held robust talks in brussels on thursday and as the story. it wasn't a great start for the british prime minister and breaks it demonstrated police jumped in front of a car with fifty days left before britain officially leaves the e.u. a feeling desperate. british m.p.'s have demanded she find alternative arrangements over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland something she's promised to do we must secure in finding changes with the to deal with the
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concerns the parliament over the backstory and taking down changes to the backstop together with the other work that we're doing our work is likes and other issues will deliver a stable to dorothy improvement and that's what i will continue to push for now it's not going to be easy i'm clear that i am going to little practice it that's delivering on time that's what i'm going to do for that is public. knowledge in the coming days to do just that but there's a problem for to reason may be used refused to reopen the withdrawal agreement and renegotiate any new irish border arrangements the open borders protected by a twenty year old peace deal the good friday agreement the put an end to decades of sectarian fighting in northern ireland nobody wants to turn back the clock but the border question has made leaving the e.u. extremely complicated. brussels is determined to hold on to an insurance policy within the withdrawal agreement the so-called backstop designed to keep the irish
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border open if no arrangement is in place by the end of next year the u.k. automatically continues to be under e.u. trade policy there's also no way of unilaterally leaving the backstop nor any time limit on it and that's too much for some brick city is to stomach the u. is however prepared to offer more binding political commitment to avoid ever having to use the backstop we are open as parliament from day one to upgrade his political decoration to make this political declaration more binding more precise also on the issue of the backstop explaining and saying very clearly that this is insurance and not more than that but persuading british politicians to back to reason is breaks it plans may require more than promises this is the first last ditch attempts to finalize the deal british an e.u. breaks that negotiators will meet on monday and to resume a will return to process at the end of the month but finding
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a plan to please her polity the british parliament and e.u. remains painfully out of reach. out to syria brussels. france has denounced amazing between italy's deputy prime minister and yellow vest protesters the french ambassador has been recalled from ryan the foreign ministry in paris says luigi dee myers meeting with the anti government grief on tuesday was unacceptable interference and the latest spat between the two countries last month to my accused emanuel micron's government a fueling the migrant influx to europe by continuing to colonize africa. the u.n. human rights office says the force feeding of asylum seekers at a texas detention center could amount to torture nine men on a hunger strike has been force fed through a nasal shoots at the center run by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement the u.n. says it could constitute ill treatment under the convention against torture last
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month i some taint court orders to begin force feeding the hunger strikers six refugee families stranded on a british military base in cyprus for more than twenty is have won a legal battle to settle in the u.k. three is the british government denied being responsible for them giving the refugee convention was never extended to british bases david chase has this story. it was more than twenty years ago when a smugglers fishing boat founded in these waters with more than seventy refugees on board the waves were driving them towards cliffs below a british military base in cyprus helicopters were scrambled to lift them out. coven was just three years old at the time he's lived here at number ten condon ave you ever since in the sovereign territory of the united kingdom an iraqi kurd his british passport is about to arrive at last. actually it gets to some point where
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you you don't have hope anymore like you you just get used to waiting is just that without any answer or. the only glimpse he can get of his future home is on a computer with patchy internet to stay the news was all about the weather. i think i'm good with. twitter so. tony blair was the prime minister when he first came ashore saying things could only get better the iraqi president saddam hussein was still persecuting his fellow kurds to reason may is now u.k. leader but as home secretary she fought to keep them out. a whole new generation has now grown up here and hearts which wants house british soldiers that are riddled with us best os. who say yada i mean
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i'm fourteen month old live in number eighteen clarendon haven't you they are syrian kurds they too have been given clearance to enter the united kingdom. with her daughter translating what she had told me life for refugee is always like this we have to learn how to be patient so we can cope with the situation she said . i want to. i also like to be. here in richmond village is the hope and the belief that they will reach the united kingdom but they don't believe that dream will be realized until they actually have a passport in the. last she is a much beloved companion of the children here they'd be heartbroken to leave her
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united nations officials have promised though she will get a pet passport but like everyone here she's still waiting. to al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera how france still exacts control over the finances of its former colonies and the rising anger against it. and in sports at team on the rise another national side after their asian cup success. welcome back where cross united states we are watching one winter system finally making its way towards the eastern seaboard we did a blizzard conditions severe weather wind damage as well down here towards the south and as we take a look what's going to be happy here on friday here is the system pushing quite
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quickly up here towards the northeast so it's really going to come back and the rest of the canadian maritime provinces that are going to be affected as well as maybe some residual rain up here towards parts of maine for new york though the rain is going to be ending here on friday morning by the time we get towards saturday the temperatures come from thirteen degrees down to zero so a lot of cold air is coming into play there down towards the south well and it is going to be a cloudy day for you with a temperature of twelve degrees across much of the caribbean though not much in terms of rain we do have some clouds in the area most of the rain is going to be across parts of central america and that will be the trend over the next few days panama city is going to be about thirty two degrees and the rain is going to continue in that area costa rica could be seeing some rain as well and then very quickly down here across parts of south america it has been dry across much of it is but we do expect to see some rain starting to come into play here it is going to be a warm day there at thirty one degrees asensio no rain in your forecast temperature of thirty nine in rain for rio de janeiro with
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a temperature of twenty nine degrees for you. desperate for a mole we heard news about your conspirators reza you want to take a week or two off you said i need to work i need the money part of it i think it's humiliating because i thought i'd be somewhere else in my life and i'm not risking it old dogs. are told walgreens. for a better future always saying yes to the house do you want to sleep on. al-jazeera. take the worst possible material you radio grounded into dust comparable to flower and make a reliable and put it into a place where people live it is a cause colossal event. as well and for many people a few here this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and
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investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. welcome back i'm the star a reminder of our top stories this hour. the u.n. human rights envoy investigating the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi says it was a brutal premeditated killing planned and perpetrated by saudi officials the findings by a special rapporteur agnes kalamata follow a week long mission to taki to examine evidence. u.s. trucks carrying food and supplies have arrived at the colombia venezuela border but
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it's not clear yet how the aid will get into the country without the support of the military which still backs president nicolas maduro. and the stalemate continues over breaks it does say the u.k. withdrawal agreement struck in november cannot be renegotiated. rescue teams in turkey have pulled more than a dozen survivors from the rubble of a building that collapsed in istanbul the apartment block came down on wednesday evening and at least eleven people confirmed dead it's believed others are still trapped stephanie decker has more from istanbul. rescue workers have been working meticulously sifting through the rubble to this heavy machinery here that is if you've been lifting pieces of all we've seen pieces lifted and so with one thing that we still seem to be a kitchen sink attached to it there's need to be around fourteen apartments in this building they did manage to pull out a four year old girl from the rubble
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a lawyer earlier on thursday but there are people still missing there are relatives here waiting for news of their loved ones and this is what one gentleman had to tell us. you know we're you see from really so shoes in the second floor of the building we're really really close to some this is the kitchen search and. refuse it. this is an eight story building an official saying that three of those stories were built illegally. of this building coming down on the wednesday. court. t.v. footage you can see the building imploding and you can see the line here skillfully away with officials are saying that there is now an investigation into what exactly went wrong in the densely populated area is down bullet it highlights the concern about the health and safety of the structural soundness of these buildings. whether
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warnings are in place in rio de janeiro a day off to a surprise storm swept through the brazilian city heaving at least six people dead the man has declared three days of mourning for the victims a month's rainfall fell in two hours hotels and restaurants was swamped while whole neighborhoods were left without electricity france says its military cooperation with cameroon will continue despite the united states withdrawing some of its assistance u.s. officials announced the suspension on wednesday accusing security forces in the west african nation of committing human rights violations it comes off the video circulated online appearing to show security forces shooting civilians cameroon has cooperated closely with the u.s. in the fight against boko haram. is deputy director of advocacy and government relations at amnesty international in the u.s. he says the suspension is an opportunity for cameroon to address its obligations on
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human rights. it sends a message to the cameroon security forces that business as usual is no longer acceptable and that they need to change and initiate new serious reforms the abuses that we're talking about not only terrorize the population and the people that the security forces are supposed to protect but it potentially also radicalize certain people it created grievances and it certainly cut off any kind of cooperation with the security forces in counterinsurgency efforts all of those i think would have aided boko haram more than what is going on here and the relationship is not ended it's just basically been suspended certain parts of it so it's i think and or an opportunity for cameroon and for the other countries in the alliance to sort of revisit their obligations to comply with human rights. a peace deal has been signed in central african republic aimed at ending is a civil war the deal was reached by the government and fourteen armed groups to
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talk don but after the failure of past peace deals there's little hope this latest agreement last that reports. this a pool is perhaps a sign that repeated attempts at forging peace in central african republic have been far from easy since. the start date brings us face to face with our responsibilities together in celebrating our diversity and respecting our differences i call on you to work together to build a new central african republic central african republic rapidly descended into civil war in two thousand and twelve after the mainly muslim celica group rebelde in the north they overthrew the christian president. a predominately christian militia calling itself the. rose defense thousands of civilians have been killed since. the former colonial power france sent troops
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under a u.n. mandate his fears grew of a possible genocide a quarter of the country's foreign a half million people have been forced to flee their homes. the selecta were forced from power in two thousand and sixteen a former prime minister four star shown to our data was elected president but the celica still control around eighty percent of the country. are fighting off in iraq over mineral resources including gold diamonds in the rainy of the latest peace deal was agreed after talks in sudan set up the one i mean we've brought peace back from sudan harmony national unity a muscle reconciliation. they have been seven peace agreements over the years to end one of africa's bloodiest conflicts in one of the poorest countries in the world all the failed child strafford.
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senegal's currency has become a topic of debate ahead of presidential elections at the end of this month the c.f.a. from quiz introduced by france in one nine hundred forty five and is used by fourteen west african nations some senegalese are opposed to it saying it's a legacy of colonialism nicholas reports from the. just enough until next month. i would john is calling her younger brother and jack to thank him for the money he sent he's down in france having left his life in the car for a better one in europe he tells her it's not what he expected but he's still able to send a few hundred years every month to his sister to look after the family. it's not easy but without him we couldn't make ends meet there's no work for him here we need him there he's doing this for the money. in january italy's deputy prime minister luigi accused france of fueling the migrant crisis by controlling the
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economies of former african colonies through the local currency the c.f.a. . france is one of those countries that by printing money for fourteen african states prevents the economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts i didn't like the comment from the foreign minister i found it very patronizing africa the need any foreign minister want to speak on our behalf i the comment came days before the start of the presidential campaign in senegal and the c.f.a. is now part of the debate with each candidate taking positions on the matter some are arguing for it others against it like it. who asks why should white people in paris take decisions on their currency. the central african franc or the c.s.a. has a fixed exchange rate with the euro so europeans can bring to africa easily swap them
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for the c.f.a. but state regulators make it difficult for africans to take out of their country and swap them into euro is under a new arrangement dating back more than seventy years france's central bank controls the treasury of all fourteen countries leaving these nations with a limited supply of liquidity. this here and he's a certain level of stability to the currency allowing our enjoying to shop at her favorite friends super market because french companies profit from this arrangement that allows them easy access to a growing market of over one hundred million people but there's also growing resentment towards this currency not just here in senegal but throughout francophone west africa france get out the graffiti found in various avenues of the capital behind the messaging. pool and want to common currency but for wisht african countries only with out france's involvement
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why couldn't we have our own currency like morocco and algeria they are doing much better than us. france is so far yet so close while money travels more freely than people europe continues to attract young african men for john's family the journey is worth the risk because the car. for three years hundreds of thousands of people in the iraqi city of mosul lived under the oppressive rule of eisel the on group is finally driven out and twenty seventeen but the battle between its fighters and iraqi forces left large parts of the city in ruins matheson reports from baghdad. small shop is surrounded by devastation. the wreckage of the iraqi military's battle to regain the city of mosul from i saw a gunman as i was at the other dog. i still kidnapped and then killed my husband
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when they stormed the city back in twenty fourteen ever since i've been struggling to earn a living and feed my children i still see as mosul in twenty fourteen but after a hard fought battle the iraqi military won it back three years later this is all that's left of what's known as the old city the united nations says it will take ten years to clear the rubble. it's a good sign the rubble is being removed it gives people like me a chance to go back to where their house was and start rebuilding their lives. the international committee of the red cross says there are about one point eight million people in iraq who can't return home often that's because their homes simply don't exist they've been destroyed in the fighting between the iraqi military and i saw but the i.c.r.c. also says it's not enough just to build houses it says people need a wide variety.


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