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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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in the government in the election in march then he still could become the prime minister through a key in the constitution that allows forward outsider to become prime minister that this country somewhat under elected a very controversial part of that constitution that was written by the military so certainly a couple of interesting developments in the last few minutes al-jazeera when hey following all those developments for us in bangkok thank you aim. the u.n. human rights office says the force feeding of asylum seekers at a texas detention center could amount to torture nine men on a hunger strike have been force fed through a nasal tube at the center run by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement the u.n. says it could be classed as ill treatment under the convention against torture thousands of people have been demonstrating in the haitian capital demanding for the president to step down protesters in port au prince one juvenile moyes to resign for not investigating allegations of corruption in the previous government
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over petro korea bay venezuelan subsidized energy program moore is who is personally involved in the scandal has repeatedly said he will not resign that we take to the streets to protest about inflation in health care we're here to fight corruption. go back to allow him today we're saying no to corruption in impunity we want to know what happened with the picture of how the money the situation is horrible discovered by the president must go to his no place in our country we want him out of office as soon as possible. sierra leone's president has declared sexual violence and national emergency it follows outrage over the rape of a five year old girl who was left paralyzed from the waist down president julia's mother beer also announced an increase in the maximum sentence the sexually motivated crimes from fifteen years to life in prison. sudanese protesters are
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calling for the release of activists detained during weeks of demonstrations against president omar al bashir. the rally was called to express solidarity with the hundreds of people who've been arrested since protests started in december human rights activists say that at least forty five have been killed. a body recovered from the wreckage of a pain in the english channel has been identified as cardiff city footballer. the lycee across disappeared on january twenty first as a true from nonce in france to cardiff salo was on his way to join his new club in wales still ahead on al-jazeera. in sports we'll hear from the atlantic titleholder aiming for one last golden run at skiing's while championships.
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now it's time for sports here's andy thank you very much for the newly reelected head of european football has sent out a warning to fifa boss johnny in fancy no alexander safran says he won't be a yes man as in fancy and pushes his plans to create new global competitions saffron was voted in and opposed to your wife is a new congress in rome based of alien says his intention is to reshape european so immense and supreme the twenty thirty world cup to the consonance it puts him on a collision course with in fancy now a former secretary general of u.i. for i have a good feeling that we will start talking now that. everyone understood that
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without proper consultation we will not end up anywhere and that. war but it's not warburton's. problematic examples you from everyone in france a nice plans require the cooperation of european clubs and countries he wants to start an expanded club world cup which could include up to twelve european teams at the my which is once aix out in france here also hopes to launch a global nations leader world wide version if you wife is our nation's league and in france say no still pushing to include forty eight rather than thirty two teams that qatar's twenty twenty two world cup and possibly some more host nations. there are some encouraging encouraging signs there has been an asian cup no organized in the u.a.e. which qatar is one thing everything when the very world there is worlds or you know
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let's see it's generally i think a possibility to. present. qatar to the world by those of the maybe some other countries in the region so we'll see that it's a very positive way or qatar's national team has moved up to the highest position in the world rankings in more than twenty five years after the asian cup victory the sort of jumped thirty eight places and now ranks fifty fifth in the world it's twenty twentieth's the work of house won all seven games and conceded just one goal on their way to lifting the country's first ever major sites frank robinson one of baseball's all time greats as died at the age of eighty three as a player robinson was a fourteen time all star and want to see world series titles with the baltimore orioles then went on to become the sport's first african-american manager was when he took charge of the cleveland indians in the mid seventy's he was then elected to
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baseball's hall of fame in one thousand nine hundred sixty. all horse racing in the u.k. has been canceled until at least next wednesday due to an outbreak of. events were called off on thursday after three race horses tested positive in cheshire on more than one hundred british stables are now in lockdown while horses are assessed the country's prestigious chelton festival gets underway in just over a month's time. to time olympic champion axel and spend hours building up to his last run at world championship gold the norwegian will retire after saturday's downhill areas going fifth fastest in thursday's training run at the or course in sweden now aged thirty six dollars aiming for a sixth career gold championships. i start the sense that. i want to say because it sounds so bad but. in retirement sounds dramatically in search of a good word for it because it's not a sad situation to be able to. back down from something that has been really great
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but whatever it's coming closer now a few months ago the future of the winter olympics looked to be going downhill fast as calgary became the latest city to abandon a bid to house them that c remaining bits also look close to pulling out but a new approach may save taxpayers money and the games themselves poor race reports from sweden. as a winter olympic host stockholm has a good head start on most cities plenty of snow and off piste slope fifteen minutes from the central station the stockholm is hoping they might live in their lunch time ski pass to the olympic stars in twenty twenty six i would just try to take advantage and enjoy we do like our winter sports no doubt i think it's great i think. sort of should float on the mantle impact as well and if we can do something about that i think be awesome. just a few months ago realizing these hopes became an uphill struggle the swedish
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election installed a new stockholm council that refused to provide any financial backing for the olympics as the chance to host in twenty twenty six was being rejected by city leaders around the world. but the decision of the city of stock hasn't killed off its bed the international olympic committee had already realized that money was putting cities off hosting the games a year ago they voted in a new way of doing things to emphasize cutting costs and that has turned what looked like a big problem for stockholm into one of its strengths. the politicians haven't changed course no games if it costs a single krone in tax but nearly all of venues are already built the bid includes currently hosting the alpine ski world championships. so with a bit of blue sky thinking and private money stock is budgeted to cost the average sweet precisely nothing a different olympic era from that which saw four point four billion dollars of the
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london summer games come from taxpayers our bid for the winter olympics and paralympics twenty twenty six is tailor made to fit into this new reality over the i.o.c. not only for twenty twenty six but can create the legacy that is positive for the future of the limbic movement use what you have where you have it and don't be letting. there are still only two bids for twenty twenty six but both are in step with the new reality with italy's milan courts going up against the swedes with another or stiff olympic offering the i.o.c. say the two cities are already four hundred million dollars under the projected costs of sochi and pyong chang's winning beds. hope that not hitting people in the pocket will have more would be hosts hewing up for twenty thirty paul aris al-jazeera or their sweden. and more than forty competitors have made it over the
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finish line after a grueling week long event the world marathon challenge came to an end in miami this after runners had completed seven marathons across seven continents in seven days the event started in the antarctic before they flew on to south africa australia the u.a.e. spain chile and finally the united states what do we know any of my run so fast and seven days seven continents but i'm just going to want to answer the world record in the process so to speak the most incredible experience i never knew i could do ok that is always sport for now. the ballin international film festival is underway dozens of films will be screened ensuring the balun seven of them vying for the top prize at the golden bath and this year many are directed by women that reports. a burly name braces the film festival says outfeed is a into the man who's stepping down after eighteen years in charge to the stars were
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out for the opening movie the kindness of strangers which danish director lotus figure is one of seven women who have a film in competition hoping to win the famous golden bag the actress heading the jury says that can only be a good thing that's nima shows and just cinema is changing and women are breaking through i hope there'll be more women from the whole world coming through from south america and africa and countries like china because we need the point of view of women from around the world. something else the berlin ali is synonymous with is political films like the brazilian fact space nine hundred sixty s. drama getting its world premiere here but it's not that well as he says goodbye to the berlin ali the man in the black cut dita caustic nose he leaves behind an event that sends a unique place in the film world it's just a lot of fun and at the same time you can think about pretty serious and it's
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a little bit like the opening night film because it's in a way a comedy and people will laugh but to see you see operated top six and that's again it's like a heavy because it's a kindness of strangers and this is what. we can double see. the legal avenue in india hate to not really. achieve. this foundation in my own time another contender for the golden bear is the golden glove by a kid who won billions top prize back in two thousand and four when this german. drama plunges you into another time and place it's based around a real life nine hundred seventy serial killer in the red light district of a king's native hamburg. also in the running this drama set in mongolia. and volves around a herd's woman who gets pregnant after spending one night with
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a young police officer to. hear me definitely each year you know it was a six in clearly there's no shortage of variety here or a stardust. the dean barber al-jazeera at the berlin film festival. well that's it from me in a star of this. buttery and here in just a moment with more of the day's news to stay with us i for that. short films of hope. and inspiration a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big business with a small business to the complexities of recycling when these different plastics are blended together recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that office solutions is very easy for us to have one hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera. if you want to learn above the world might look like very soon hundred degrees in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. seems mass immigration story we had some. question as the thing we call chores and the problem is that the culture of that these. harsh grading. is not comfortable with european
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culture this is not like food fashions. triumphal march. dreams of conquest of global try. this is very very uneventful. towards the precipice without resistance we are the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it. the us steps up its rhetoric on venezuela as a much needed aid moves closer to the border in colombia.
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you're watching al-jazeera on life from a headquarters and. also ahead the king's sister steps forward to go into the running for next month's prime ministerial elections a un special rapporteur says she died in a brutal and premeditated killing carried out by saudi officials the refugee families stranded on a british military base for more than twenty years and their fight for asylum. hello the united states says the time for a dialogue with venezuela's president nicolas maduro is over a back self declared interim leader. and is calling for madeira to hand power over and leave the country washington has also announced visa bans on members of the
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promo constituent assembly as to discussions with europe negotiating with him on his departure is fine if we ever get to that negotiation obviously he may flee some day or he may seek to negotiate conditions but that's not what he's done in the past what he's done in the past is to use these negotiations to prolong his stay in power and to try to demonstrate to the germans and that were against while in the colombian border city of trucks carrying food and aid from the u.s. have now arrived but it's not clear yet how that aid will enter venezuela without the support of the military which still backs presidents maduro patsy as the latest . honking their horns to larger t.q. later lorries in six moller trucks arrived in the border city. carrying the aids relief elements same by the united states relief agency usa
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this is part of the larger plan by the opposition together with its international supporters to try and start a humanitarian corridor. but it will not be easy given the fact that president nicolas maduro remains steadfast in its refusal to let the aid in the bridge called last year. should become a humanitarian corridor is blocked on the venezuelan side with barriers and large trucks the aid will be brought or is being brought now inside a a warehouse where it will be stored for the next few days we know that there is food and medical supplies much needed by the venezuelan population and we'll get more details the morning of friday when the u.s.
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here together with the colombian government and four deputies from the venezuelan and national assembly will give a press conference and give us more details of the aid and their plans on how to bring it inside. so in venezuela millions are waiting to see if aid will be allowed in our latin america editor only see newman is in san cristobal. people here in santa the star which is the largest city near the colombia border here in venezuela have already started hearing the news about the container and cargo trucks that have already started arriving in by the bridge it's called last indeed that's that is where the aid that is supposed to be brought here to venice is being gathered at the red cross here here in venice has said that they will walk rate with the distribution of that aid now the united states in the meantime as you've heard has been trying to entice the venezuelan military into the deserving president nicolas
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maduro but at the same time the defense minister here got on television today and was shown distributing some two thousand refrigerators air conditioners beds all sorts of other goodies for the military telling them that the government will take care of them and make sure that they are comfortable when as well loans are becoming increasingly desperate in the coastal city of barcelona fourteen children have died this week alone from contaminated food or water hospital workers there so there is a dire need for medicine there is a bow has this exclusive reports. this is the pretty tricks emergency room at the i.c.p. hospital in the venezuelan city. about three hundred kilometers east of us here dozens of children are in desperate need of proper treatment most of them have been diagnosed with a more b.s. is a form of dysentery transmitted by contaminated food or water. is three months old
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she suffers while her mother says she has been abandoned the out of air my daughter has diarrhea she almost had a heart attack we have nothing you arrive here and there is nothing i was in a crisis because i thought i was losing her children here have diarrhea with blood in it and they have vomiting but nobody is helping us i want this government out now it has destroyed us we were allowed to film because staff here see. they want the world to see that they are unequipped to save children's lives just this week four thousand children have died the figures could climb you can see how desperate the situation is here there's several children on each one of those where people are telling us that there's no medicine there are not enough there and just among other things many of the children that are arriving here are dying from one day to another madeline in my teen years baby boy was one of them he was two months old on
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tuesday night he died he's forty remains in the hospital because she hasn't been able to get together the money needed to buy a coffin in the didn't but i don't i don't live there is nothing here they have no medicines they don't have food and now my son is date. people who believe the outbreak was cost when a switch by broke and contaminated the local water supply there was no chlorine or other chemicals in supplied to treat the water parents with their children continue to line up for treatment staff at the hospital say they don't have the resources to help. with any of them here three years ago we stopped receiving goals and alcohol thrown out of syringes all serums to hydrate children. the government of president . denies there is a humanitarian crisis in venezuela however he recently announced he is reforming the country's health care system. this is
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a public company recovered by the revolution because while it is going to produce all the medicines made for its public health care system and social security we can reach everyone like it should be and socialism. the situation in the last city hospital is one of the reasons why the self declared entering president of venezuela one way the law says humanitarian aid is urgently needed but some aid officials advice if it does a rival it needs to be carefully managed. you want to put him on the market humanitarian aid is a mechanism that every country has it's a mistake to make politics out of this there are great needs in venezuela and it has to be controlled managed by the united nations and other agencies so it reaches those who need it. a crisis that has people at this hospital watching and hoping that their children will survive. but of venezuela
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meanwhile a new e.u. backed organization aimed at finding a solution to the crisis will send a technical mission to the country the contact group says its monitors will provide humanitarian aid and support for new elections it's been meeting in europe wise capital montevideo daniel shriver has more. the meeting group together divergent views from two continents hoping to succeed where others have failed to bridge the huge divide between president nicolas maduro and his challenger one why though i understand that there is a certain frustration of skepticism in many including many europeans including many european venezuelans about opening processes that could buy time this is not the intention of this exercise the intention of this exercise is to home the emergence of a credible electoral process to solve this folly and. that. the e.u. would set up a humanitarian office in caracas we were knocked out of the. humanitarian aid
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should not be politicized that the violence must end and dialogue should prosper these meetings are the latest international efforts to find peace a better swale or while the two main protagonists in venezuela itself remain so far apart they know that their chances of success here a slim. down to business leaders crisis has become a problem for the whole of latin america. protesters the message for the meeting. was. i want and hope for is the distaff would bring peace to venezuela the peace that venezuelans want the peace that latina make a want we all want peace not me to tell you intervention we know the u.s. hasn't played many countries we don't want an american invasion. of any of the unions have been a slave to fled rising crime and poverty has been in europe white the too here is the city of go home to morrow nicolas maduro resigned. in negotiation is resigning
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and history will not change the government because all the power had been taken we understand what mexico and the other countries are doing it's excellent until my daughter resign as we can't have a dialogue the. sides agree they want peace and prosperity and. it is still no clear despite the best efforts of the international community there are any closer to achieving it. more detail. the sister of thailand's king has been declared as the leading candidate for prime minister in next month's elections the first since the military seize power and twenty fourteen when hayes joining us from bangkok so no thai royal has ever run for political office at the highest level way and so this is quite unprecedented. it certainly is yes you could say
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the unpredictable nature of thai politics just went up another level really this is the official launch of the election campaign that for you to take place on march the twenty fourth the first since the coup in two thousand and fourteen but this launch really overshadowed by that announcement in the past hour or so from a relatively new party tide rex a child that it's was nominating only one candidate to become prime minister and that is princess bride who is as you say the older sister all of the king my what you're alone call and it's intriguing it's unprecedented as you mentioned this never happened before in thai politics the royal family's always been seen as being above politics even though everyone knows that it's the most powerful body in thailand innocent three year old sofa which party this is this is a party that is that is backed by the former prime minister taksin shinawatra who was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six the.


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