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each letter you. still want to. welcome psychotronics ok so i'm going to something else that. we're taken to a field where we are shown iraqi army weapons and ammunition captured by isis and now recovered from the insurgents they're now back in the hands of the local militia really. more. of us a lot of the right. than old so guys on. the political front the president does have almost all of that what was obvious what would model justice. as kitty i don't mean is so in the debate. what he didn't expect to reconcile carefully looking for any items that could be of use to his unit. in the last. year because if you could sue in.
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a saudi has to do more. about either to lead. yannis don't have any agenda mud jen and. shannon lao and bill or she and. i don't. know what is the fault of. the mob what they. don't have a common problem. is a heroic figure to many iraqi soldiers fighting isis. as a woman she embodies the country's opposition to the group's fundamentalist ideology. and this becomes clear when rocky regulars arrive with a command fresh from an engagement ring.
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when i did that it's time. for the follow them in look at the. rituals that i was just on the physiology of this sort of livelihood over the general makes plenty of time you know peter militia is an invaluable ally in the ongoing fight against isis but you want a child must follow. the general is very tired and wants to relax. switching on the t.v. to watch european football. player having a gun the night suddenly was a commotion outside. and. that isn't all that often these new ferrari it's make it invalid for the new south
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florida that's only been around. and they hire has announced all the extra funding to make an hour from now friends and even to be over the doc i mean it's a matter mother gametes. these transfers of the not officially permitted since we're told not to film. let me catch a glimpse of the two alleged isis men. offering six and aim for a case me tear into a monitor for all for both brits. and you were never. said to come at last so i don't know how much the two enemy a competent state would call on itself because we have a surprise lobby one of the dolls or. at least a woman believed to be working with isis has also. captured. why didn't you become
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a ok the i don't that's just not there to most of us about money but on the other minute up my own gym i did go how did it come up that i was with thomas trying to do this without reading this article to say that only a good idea was. that the one thing the woman was loaded with two separate trucks for the male business and or driven convoy back towards where he was headquarters the further interrogation. he. had and he only. had a penny come up. on the way back to shake out some of the vehicles a hole to it in the middle of nowhere. that.
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the little guy was on the gonna. be. our interpreter tells us so he just stopped the convoy to execute the two male captives of some of the college. now. ok i get it or. it turns out to have been a mock execution intended to terrify the to making confession. base orders the rest would be taken to an office. the men looked in a container outside. the n.t.s.b. and down to them and said that the ok i just knew to. just the money come from
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morning you know as a home for morning money news. and when you follow through here in the gulf fading in a critical. dimension of space and it there. are in you don't grow because of the muslim faith. in the. me of his image of him many many an occasion when he tells an evil monster that the dutch really need traffic dela. because their units have all that's left positive look i need to fix all i can see what. i was a kid who you know my goal there was no middle and then the gentle kind of said what to do and then we got the consent of. so that it is over and then they got to constantly got to come see it and then do it yourself and never the man said he could and it was. not you know quite well done it yet he didn't want to do that if they gave that ended up going on is that it cannot promise that i said you
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can consider also you any of us here is nothing welcome to. the person gets to feel i'd love to be one step to him all of my mean what he decides not to execute the prisoners immediately change with formation where about to go back isis units. did not fight out of them nothing to do. and you guys like a large batch well how did they wash over fine and did not get around that it was funny at the house and the judge and i mean he got any how come i do know this is a very long time on and off and you know why don't we do not i don't want to she. says a lot more often because i want to get this done here and that's why we want to let them go back to you know and you know i mean you were going to do one hundred and then i showed how the hatchet and bottom ask any of us to put your child the small
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animal must you know my father we know but you know gandhi said there was no suit you know. i was just one what was good in the room. and our. cousin was for life and i know that it's done that you know enough to back to the shaft i was and i knew i was. that down oh my god they're going to do what i should and truth is that they were particularly offended because of. the i do not allow my discussion will. after the isis fighters be question it's the woman's turn. is interrogating the judge kind of possible execution over the long run. we hope all present will provide some protection for the prisoners. there good move
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from me despite its birth oh my god left that i just has the. mother that the good. that sheds so much light on our show with martha she will cherish that she had. market to fall for. this is someone if you notice that china said there. are a few i just want to hear you i have to have just sent a chill up we got a call almost done out of. my mind to see it in my mind its image of what. it was when one of them was on of mine and i must have a clue and probably have. been mystified to make phone hot it. was surprised when he does interrogation has been comparatively mild.
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inside of me because i have it what has occurred to him to be in what you are feeling to hear him inside of any of them is passing over you should all each condition i say we are there as a kind of and that kind of a shift and then while he has battled to sure do of that. ahead of the mark of a tan need to not. talk i am to one of the i had said that she was a harmless enough for. me. that she had them what did she know the next morning you get a better idea of how these communities are driven by thirst for retribution and individual family with ties to isis faces being expelled the homes and possessions destroyed for knocked a bit of advice a norma explosion. comes to front of the blast when they should say how she and its
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first family come down the remains at the ice appeared home to bude wagner i tracked for the fate that here take it from me is wrong to the families of the isis militants who lived here where she driven out some time ago another family with no connection to isis since occupied the houses but the buildings were still destroyed however if you have it to something in and. you do. when is it up to the new residents who are lucky to escape law if the second as a mom can go to the. people. that he attacks like these with happening all over iraqi territory once controlled by isis. but i did live in are why he don't you know the guy. from the times it's not a home. where he has yet to draw if the two isis prisoners all still have the
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container and often now the largest but it looks like the been beaten up yeah sure yes i. know the heart. murmur is part of the. new can of the higher for now i'm like from dad and. films and photos show shows day. made to and over to fund your standards and marines to your status for more guns about hybrid adults and tokens you need to distance. itself i just want to know the power to small and fish attacks and i left lebanon with a. comes to know the answer value comes to no want well let me be do i don't. want to saddam want.
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john or even how would. one how would a father one how want to. be it would be a german it's lean on me did ya bond only need. or minister odia. the buffett. gentlemen how to manage kind of hollywood that's right ahead. rita doesn't care much for online afresh or how she trade instead she gathers her men and sets off on another operation. revenge will be a powerful motive here for some time to come. for as long as we're filming with the militia the two isis suspect remained alive in the container. related to head the day after we took our cameras away the men were executed. the young female suspect was released. of the tales of opera true justice have emerged from iraq since isis
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was bankwest even some of the communities the once suffered dreadfully addresses controlled have paid a heavy price for their assumed guilt by association. it may take many years for this wounded nation to lay its violent past to rest. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the cole the new regime faced a different value an african wife knew him and was pale and then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed but for the street for for all concrete all division over three people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops they gave me the forgotten heroes of empire.
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and the time lines of foam in mesopotamia where the first settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people have depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries the make a living on rivers blighted by womb and pollution al-jazeera world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. the u.s. steps up its rhetoric on venezuela as much needed aid moves closer to the border in colombia.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and i'm dating you now also i had the thai king sr steps forward to go into the running for next month's prime ministerial election. un special rapporteur. died in a brutal and premeditated killing carried out by saudi officials. to look at the films vying for the coveted golden bear award at the berlin film festival. hello the united states has the time for a dialogue of venezuela's president. over and back self declared interim leader one quite so and is calling for moderate to hand power over and leave the country washington has also announced visa bans on members of the program or a constituent assembly as to discussions with dural negotiating with him on his
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departure is fine if we ever get to that negotiation obviously he may flee some days or he may seek to negotiate conditions but that's not what he's done in the past what he's done in the past is to use these negotiations to prolong his stay in power and to try to demonstrate to the germans and that we're going. when they kill us maduro has launched a petition demanding the u.s. stay out of venezuela's affairs speaking at a rally in the capital he once again deny the existence of a humanitarian crisis. because of their oil resources minerals and other great wealth critics are pushing an international coalition hated by the united states so that they can commit an act of insanity and militarily attack venezuela under the false excuse of a humanitarian crisis that does not exist. we will go to the
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white house bring in more than eighteen million signatures calling for peanuts while a to be respected demanding thanks for being as while on the colombian border city of trucks carrying food and aid from the u.s. have arrived but it's not clear yet how that aid will enter venezuela without the support of the military which still backs president's. latest. honking their horns to large articulator lorries in six moller trucks arrived in the border city. carrying the aids relief same by the united states relief agency usa id this is part of a larger plan by the opposition together with its international supporters to try and start a humanitarian corridor. but it will not be easy given the fact that president.
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remains steadfast and its refusal to let the aid in the bridge called last year. should become a humanitarian corridor is a blocked. with barriers and large trucks the aid will be brought or is being brought now inside a a warehouse where it will be stored for the next few days we know that there is a food and medical supplies much needed by the venezuelan population and will. more details the morning of friday when the u.s.o. tour it is here together with the colombian government and four deputies from the various well and national assembly will give a press conference and give us more details of the aid and their plans on how to bring it inside venezuela of an as well as are becoming increasingly desperate in
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the coastal city of barcelona fourteen children have died this week alone from contaminated food or water and hospital workers there say there is a dire need for medicine there is a boat has this exclusive report. this is the pretty tricks emergency room at the hospital in the venezuelan city now about three hundred kilometers east of us here dozens of children are in desperate need of proper treatment most of them have been diagnosed with a mobius is a form of dysentery transmitted by contaminated food or water lady check on store to is three months old she suffers while her mother says she has been abandoned the air my daughter has diarrhea she almost had a heart attack we have nothing you arrive here and there is nothing i was in a crisis because i thought i was losing her children here have diarrhea with blood
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in it and they have vomiting but nobody is helping us i want this government out now it has destroyed us. we were allowed to film because staff here say they want the world to see that they are unequipped to save children's lives just this week fourteen children have died the figures could climb you can see how desperate the situation is here there's several children on each one of those where people are telling us that there's no medicine and there are not enough syringe is among other things many of the children that are arriving here are dying from one day to another madalena my teen years baby boy was one of them he was two months old on tuesday night he died he's forty remains in the hospital because she hasn't been able to get together the money needed to buy a coffin in the didn't but i don't i don't live there is nothing here they have no medicines they don't have food and now my son has date. people who
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believe the outbreak was cost when a switch by broke and contaminated the local water supply there was no chlorine or other chemicals in supplied to treat the water parents with their children continue to line up for treatment staff at the hospital say they don't have the resources to help. with any of them here three years ago we stopped receiving goals and alcohol thrown out of syringes all serums to hydrate children. the government of president . denies there is a humanitarian crisis in venezuela however he recently announced he is reforming the country's health care system. this is a public company recovered by the revolution because while it is going to produce all the medicines made for its public health care system and social security we can reach everyone like it should be and socialism. the situation in the last city
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hospital is one of the reasons why the self declared entering president of venezuela one way the law says humanitarian aid is urgently needed but some aid officials advice if it does a rival it needs to be carefully managed. well you want to put him on the market humanitarian aid is a mechanism that every country has it's a mistake to make politics out of this there are great needs in venezuela and it has to be controlled managed by the united nations and other agencies so it reaches those who need it. a crisis that has people at this hospital watching and hoping that their children will survive. but of venezuela meanwhile a new e.u. backed organization aimed at finding a solution to the crisis will send a technical mission to the country the contact group says its monitors will provide humanitarian aid and support for new elections it's been meeting in wise capital
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montevideo. has more. of the meeting grouped together divergent views from two continents hoping to succeed where others have failed to bridge the huge divide between president nicolas maduro and his challenger one why though i understand that there is a certain frustration of skepticism in many including many europeans including many european venezuelans about opening processes that would buy time this is not the intention of this exercise the intention of this exercise is to pump money the emergence of a credible electoral process to solve these and. the e.u. would set up a humanitarian office in caracas we were knocked out of. the humanitarian aid should not be politicized that the violence must end and dialogue should prosper these meetings are the latest international efforts to find peace a better swale are but while the two main protagonists in venezuela itself remain
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so far apart they know that their chances of success here a slim. down to business leaders crisis has become a problem for the whole of latin america. protesters the message for the meeting. this is going to be done want and hope for is the distaff would bring peace to venezuela the peace that venezuelans want the peace that latina make a want we all want peace not mean to tell you intervention we know the u.s. has made many countries we don't want an american invasion. would end up looking at leeds have been a slave to fled rising crime and poverty has been in europe the to. the resigned. negotiations we've seen throughout venezuela history will not change the government because all the power that intake in. mexico and the other countries are doing it's actually due to resign we can't have
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a dialogue on the. sides agree they want peace and prosperity and. it is still not clear despite the best efforts of the international community there are any closer to achieving it. the sister of thailand's king has been declared as a leading candidate for prime minister next month's elections the first since the military power in twenty fourteen when haye has more from bangkok. the intriguing and often unpredictable world of type politics just went to another level this is the official launch of the election campaign that vote due to take place on march twenty fourth but the event was completely overshadowed really by the announcement from the thai party that it would be fielding a member of the royal family as its candidates to become prime minister in that
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election that member of the royal family princess the oldest sister all of what year are long gone this is intriguing because it's never happened in thailand before the royal family always seen as being above politics even though that everyone in this country knows that they are the most powerful body in the land it's intriguing too for which party this is this is a party that is backed by the former prime minister taksin shinawatra was ousted in the coup in two thousand and six the government of his sister. was ousted in the most recent coup in two thousand and fourteen and of always being seen as anti establishment and the battles between the supporters of the shinawatra the supporters of the elites in the establishment mainly in the capital bangkok is why we have seen so much violence on the streets of thailand over the past decade or so to now have a member of the royal family being nominated as a candidate to become prime minister by this party backed by the shinawatra certainly an intriguing development.


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