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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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as you know it's a good day to deal the reality on the ground that the reality on the ground can only become the magic of the place and that's what we do i think that's what we do well. and i am learned in the top stories on our era when israel is opposition has made a new appeal to the military to allow desperately needed aid stuck on the colombian border to be let into the country but president nicolas maduro says it's a political show representative for the self declared president one as urged the armed forces to ignore my dura saying the supplies also for them and their families . that you are them being a part of best's this aid is for you it is here for your children this is to provide aid to the soldiers of the fatherland it is time to be on the people's side
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i assure you you will be the guarantors that these tons of humanitarian aid go to where they have to go out. it is included on colombia's border with venezuela and listened in to that news conference we were hoping to find out more on just how much a this expected to arrive here at the border with limits well in the city. and what's planned it's any international coalition in this case made of the financial an opposition to the united states and colombian governments have to try and get this. to venezuela we didn't get too much of that. u.s. ambassador whitaker can we say kurt said that this arrived yesterday was just the first shipment and that he was hoping. to just tsunami he said
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aid will arrive in the coming days but there was no specific mention of time or the amount of the aid that we've also been able to get a closer look to whatever has arrived there are boxes with food that they say that. they can only. be for for a week with each of these boxes there is also medicine that can be kept here for too long but they also then specify when they plan to try and move goods into venezuela the only thing that. left a little bit of representative for. said that they're hoping that a massive demonstration of venezuelans the border will overwhelm at some point the soldiers and the military to move in but there was no clear indication as the date
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of how long this will take we're going to have to see i think coming days we'll see more trucks arriving here include that and you collection point possibly being set up. at least ten people have been killed in a fire at the training ground of one of brazil's biggest football clubs for men go they reportedly include several youth team has a fire broke out around five am local time at the facility on the edge of rio de janeiro which includes accommodation for teenage footballers and investigation is underway. thailand's king the says it's inappropriate for his sister to stand for election as prime minister and says one rod has been announced as the candidate of a party close to the asked and former prime minister texan shinawatra the royal family is traditionally meant to stay out of politics saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman threatened to go after jamal khashoggi in twenty seventeen when a year before he was murdered according to the new york times newspaper the report
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says bins on man told an aide that he would in his words use a budget against the journalist if he did not return home and end his criticism of saudi arabia conversation was intercepted by u.s. intelligence. american media inc which owns the national enquirer says it will investigate accusations of extortion and blackmail but against the paper by jeff bezos the world's richest man is also as the owner of amazon and the washington post says the tabloids threatened to publish intimate photos of him and this he dropped accusations that some of its reporting was politically motivated and inquirer is a strong backer of donald trump or the washington post frequently criticizes the president. there's the headlines to stay with us up next it's hard earned the story of five ordinary american families in a post-recession economy is to us it can often are.
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previously on hard earned i hate walking into the job because i know there's something going to be said there's something left to be done i work or come from a billion dollar company and we do want to live work don't have any of the past. resumes from a known face i worked at went down and only thing to do is just say oh. but i never thought i have to go back to this. time i was walking and he asked me. about being many of.
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the. good guys called. so. what.
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these a five for fifteen oh ok well i did try your best to free up may fifteenth. when we want you to come out because we're really close on a good team dollars any more than our job is been very difficult i was trying to put in applications every single day to get a better job i really thought i'm going to go to the military. and dan pfeiffer fifteen offered me a job so i told log or aimed at. yes. i'm an organizer and i'm trying to get more employees to understand and she deserves respect in the job. d.j. jackson has been hired full time by the workers organizing committee of chicago which is leading the local campaign for fifteen dollars an hour wages there's a lot of potential in this i mean. you're going to want your resume to get your.
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teaching is making forty two thousand dollars a year twice what he made. but the workload is a lot more than forty hours a week go to the table and you decide. to i say just to really understand the struggles that this job is about i'm not i enjoy this more tiring but i enjoy it i really do we have some international guests with us tonight representative of that union in brazil what is so if there was x.x. but almost than most the silly the idea that overseeing us it i.c.e.'s but i guess the lieutenant whistle you stay this today the union holds a meeting to gauge support for a one day strike a fast food workers the public purse a look. and war greece or macy's workers just like you guys
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made the choice to do that or not do something in life to have success. wrong people working in mcdonald's work and fry machines they just wasn't given the opportunity. we're going to have to make a decision. whether or not we should go on strike i've been in your shoes and i still am in your shoes right now to try naturally i'm just a little bit better but mentally armory where they are and gives me the greatest satisfaction just to see a smile and they can come out and just forget about a four day siege. are you ready to strike. fifty six thirty.
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every day i go to bed and i pray please god help me find something out. and it's almost like gods laugh and god i've got to go back. like there's a lesson in. the lesson all right. i'm not liking that. aside from an eight year stretch in the construction trades emilia stand he has worked in restaurants for most of her life i never thought that i would get back to waitressing. french toast the sanity how would you like to exe scandal and there i go again you know how would you like your eggs oh my god they put cheese in there you know little johnny wants to order a little johnny takes twenty minutes to order
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a mickey mouse pancake. and you want to say to the parents you know can you order for a little johnny johnny can talk would you like pancakes or toast to me after she ordered they have put chips but thank you. part of it i think it's humiliating for me. because i thought i'd be somewhere else in my life and i'm not. but who do you blame you know there's nobody to blame but i made choices and i live with consequences every day of the choices that i made i had opportunities to go to college and to do other things but you know my drug addiction and alcoholism got in the way of that. emilia was ten when her family immigrated from italy. she traces her leaders substance abuse to that painful time. that's of the school.
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i don't recall ever playing with anybody here. there was a lot of irish we were dark haired dark eyes that didn't speak a word of english so we stuck out really quick. the first day of school my family was going to be waiting out here my sister and i because all the doors look the same when out and that east side and we just walked. couldn't ask anybody for directions because we spoke no english. and then my family found us what the police my parents were crying and i mean it was just that bad situation all the way along because i think they felt bad for us but they didn't know what to do and we were here and. now what do you do with two kids. there was a really painful kind. of wonderful my life would have been different there.
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were news about your two speakers. to give me a call. to go just you by the side it was boyce. rasmussen do you want to take a week or two off the you only wanted to be off for three days you said i need to work. i need the money. and was also to see to put him on. television with a look at the mental illness among the middle. hilton kennedy and his girlfriend diana gonzales were expecting twins after many complications they lost both babies at five and a half months. in anticipation of the growing family helton worked
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two jobs and they moved into a new place tripling their rent. where the other one was me and me and they only had a. lease the. bill. but i don't. know if it is for the record i did and not only. don't know how. hilton must master the closing paperwork in order to achieve his promotion to manager. we do is we look for the hours the hours are if you. want to find the most to do overtime and already. it's basic human numbers. how many coffee. i'm
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nervous actually what i have to write. then. what all this stuff has been going through just one nineteen twenty years old. today i started so i have. this seventeen hours. just walking. thank you thank you man over night.
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and so on so i'm just both of us get built up inside it. so look at us all we have mental. health ins girlfriend diana is returning to mexico to spend a week with her mother. in actively fighting. that they said has a little help put it into because woman day yes it was that i am going to have a lot of muslim big. ones on the committee would put them snuffy on the us to
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kill him out of his noblest effort he took them. but if they didn't get me to. them. what a. d.j. i was blessed with this new job. kind of always like the last guy was like this. in this life we've price so hard for just a little break that we could just make you. now we're to the point where we can say we're comfortable we actually can pay our bills go have
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a dinner at night you know and then have make it to the next two weeks i want to tell this officer of the world certainly want to walk out. here and make an i guess sad that she's not on. your own look at the camera so you know like. you work so hard. not being able to go out to eat with the kids go give them a toy. go to the movies you can do it. you want to do. more a huge use can't. it it breaks you down. for
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months and months we said no and then he was just like yes yes yes so more. i'm noticing when i know success and this rainbow. everything all over the place saying right now. to the women's see i'll have i'm probably going to. probably take more time than a woman all. i should like to shoot. we were an all black hole so over time as i have a pile of black shirt there's some truth to quito needs a new outfit for the twenty fifth anniversary of her church choir. i found a share in assessing. the expanse of the show. and how did i.
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like this it was not a concept. it's not about my opinion it's about how comfortable. but how they look so ok shoo shoo. all of them seem to think there is no difference between that she's that. far as most suitable she i'm not even a seal she just came when you actually well be that. they have the attention. that. this looks bigger than what it looks like in
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a computer. we can put our pictures from our wedding up here jose and elizabeth marino take the afternoon off from work to look at two houses for sale. right now the living situation is crazy. the recently married couple live with their parents they're in desperate need of more space. this is where we all three sleep when we sleep over here. from after dinner for three people. when i saw eight in one day that he was angry he went under the bed and he was crying and he said that that's a safe spot he has no where to go in this house because he doesn't have his own room. in the. they want to stay in montgomery county where their families have lived for three decades but housing costs here are now among the highest in the u.s.
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. so what do you think mr carranza told you water in the backyard layer the kitchen the vent and even drew. the old heat pump the washer and dryer lay out can you please tell me something positive about the house. give me something that you like about the how other than the stuff they are the only role driveway go and i wrote i wrote driveway i wrote granite countertops i wrote the layout the house i wrote the extra space in the basement i'm nothing about what do you mean it's hard to stop because that's a car i doubt if you were being elitist. she goes negative. there's a battle between the co being half or half empty and i look at it is just liquid in the cup it's is new or there's something in the car that's a fact. i already don't like it here i think it was that was the decision we're going to go with the other one will be masterful closing how long do you see
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yourself living that. ever. i see me raising my kids there i see them come back from college i see them i see them they're. so excited about it i am i know you are. i like the barber always saying yes to the house. i like. those were reports and i work my magic for you guys. like this but. this is the one the one who. was like. we have got to do it let me get to work on a remark. like that. if
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i know the you know now i think by. the actions that's freezing on the trail. of keep seem like you know get to him or something. where that out in the city came torso i will we have to say that is it has been just one big just one big headache and actually percy and beverley evans bought their house thirteen years ago for seventy nine thousand dollars when they had better paying jobs we were only in the house like two loved ones and in the law was sold to another company and in the meantime i had sent to the payment to the company they we were with and they were so on us because we hadn't sent the pay. you know because the old company had the pavement and they should have passed that knob to the new company and they did sort of that
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that was a problem we did a modification of a few years ago and the pavement came down but then it went back up again for. an overnight with a more. it is nine percent interest and the payments are eleven eighteen a promo damage to the. well there is the will does it. certainly not. mean nothing is going to or the prints will go out of. how many years of the. no thirteen. percy and bad have missed a number of mortgage payments they have filed for bankruptcy to ward off foreclosure right now about chapter thirteen. that's what
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we mean about being in the house for you know. i think you need to be able to do something and then pay for a house and sit up in it and it can't go anywhere can't do anything you know can't have anything you know. of people taking the film i don't know i guess when i worked in. the road for that. over and going back you know what steve you have to go back in there just nonsexist you know. one. down in a basement just be my man cave you know i just ramble through thing i have stored away no good no bowling trophies i can sit back and listen to music and i want to worry about anything coming down here. when i praye music i like for the rock i like to move out i. just move around just like to sit down have
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a brew. we can. have your little. thing. this house it's been a problem but then you find this is nothing like having a house where you can do what you want to do and you know you can be loud you can have parties i mean that immediate but i mean you can. come out our grandchildren come over the house that's something that you work your whole life for. and it could just be taken away just like that you know. my parents never
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close. grac you lost a job and she needed a place to live. oh i would i would we all been. at one point or another. we d. that house. if percy and bad fail to stay current on their mortgage payments they will lose the bankruptcy protection and the home will go immediately into foreclosure. on counting the cost digital divisions why hof the world's population risks missing out on the next evolution of the internet from russia with interest what the kremlin backed investments in venezuela are all about plus a report from senegal's currency control to see counting the cost on. the
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latest news as it breaks the difference is that pinball is bottles ossified this that authentic in the roots with that this time those roots with these come up with detailed coverage while has already said that he's ready to take over as inter in precedent and play for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. in the first time lands of home in mesopotamia with the first settlements food and the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by room and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. i'll see
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this is opportunity to understand in a very different way where there. is a we don't believe. in london the top stories around here but israel is opposition has made a new appeal to the military to allow desperately needed aid stuck on the colombian border to be let into the country but president nicolas maduro says it's a political show representative for the self declared president why do as urge the armed forces to ignore duro same supplies also for them and their families if that you are them being a part of best's this aid is for you it is here for your children this is to provide aid to the soldiers of the fatherland it is time to be on the people side i
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assure you you will be the guarantors that these tons of humanitarian aid go to where they have to go out. at least ten people have been killed in a fire at the training ground of one of brazil's biggest football clubs flamengo they reportedly include several youth team players a fire broke out at around five am local time at the facility on the edge of rio de janeiro which includes accommodation for teenage footballers and investigation is underway thailand's king says it's inappropriate for his sister to stand for election as prime minister princess going rot has been announced as the candidate of a party close to the ousted former prime minister texan shinawatra the royal family has traditionally meant to stay out of politics. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man threatened to go after jamal khashoggi in twenty seventeen within a year before he was murdered according to the new york times newspaper the report says bin sandman told an aide that he would in his words use
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a bullet against the journalist if he did not return home and end his criticism of saudi arabia the conversation was intercepted by u.s. intelligence. american media inc which owns the national enquirer says it will investigate accusations of extortion and blackmail made against the paper by jeff bezos the world's richest man is a sues the owner of amazon and the washington post says the tabloids threatened to publish intimate photos of him unless he dropped accusations some of its reporting was politically motivated the enquirer is a strong backer of donald trump was the washington post frequently criticizes the president could run to the u.s. catch up with our web site the rest of that is out there dot com details there of the crisis in venezuela. next i'll have a new. i
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don't like the yellow yet. tommy. jose and elizabeth's offer on the house was accepted they do a final walk through with their parents. like about. thank you gary congratulations thank you they said. we've got thousands thirty three of them are some of the finest it's going to take every proposal or three what were three thirteen there were just with the time to take extra for yeah but that goes towards closing not towards the long of the house on telly so it's the three thirteen plus the closing costs. he said i say
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the house is appraised at three twenty two but our selling price is three thirteen is what he's trying to grow you didn't get the town for i'm supposed to take away the ten but if you take away the ten you would stop the treatment that's the thing so they're just taking it for what i'm saying is we got the house after you're really the realtor if you look at that yes that's on the ground but technically. better than i don't know that are you happy yes you're happy i'm very happy that's all right. you all remember the price ten years down the road that. monthly payment is should be rounding up to one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. and it's a thirty year fixed rate jose it's veteran benefits qualify the couple for a v.a. loan with a low interest rate and no downpayment when i look at it in thirty years i'll be sixty two. it sucks so the slaving you know thirty years of rain is worth the
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fifty seven for the seven to be done paying a house as great age i mean fit these are the new thirty's i've heard. i mean a least that's what i heard from them. i look at my parents my parents came here looking for a better life jose's mom came here looking for a better life. we're now the second generation to to do this. i just want to live what everybody else lives. the typical american dream. that all. of the other the.
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big man human amenities like focusing. on the bottom none of them alone with. doing all these images from the bottom of the mantle. of the dome implement don't talk about it. and i know. i'm not. at all the to. make what they're going to also just go a little he will. be a sort of but i. saw him get into. the bus have you got a dos us bus but. what. about the family. simply sold. is have.
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i was new to. d.j. and to keep it i have neither bank accounts nor credit cards they pay bills and cash checks at a currency exchange. establishing a credit history i just don't think about me i was just so i. don't go that far but i know that i need to i do understand the credit pretty much makes the work around.
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thank you. thank you ma'am. or if they. are. one down self we. have so many issues that we go to the navy bases. for this parenting and everything is just a lifestyle right so. no stress right now. the reason i love basketball so much is because basketball is my place of peace. and in fact to get the low ball that my hand. and go to court if i marry him on the sweetest guy. but i play terrible today. i mean obviously terrible.
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and when i'm not playing well. i have a are issues. we have and i don't mean it. as one thing i pray about all the time. god please just step in hold my top. because what can to stop me from being there me and i really want to be. my age. and that comes from. my bed. not father. of my. my father was so distant. i keep father through money. he didn't know how to give time. it's always been his way is no way. i think about
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reconcile. the target. just to sit out the same pops i love you guys you don't know. but he says something to me. that tour me down. my pops told me. you have bit of. those were his exact words last past five years he is and. that's why i don't call him. that's why i don't access to him because i want to make it they call that's how serious i wanna make it on my own then call so you know you don't have any wrong to say you helped out because he wasn't around and i made it better myself. now that i made about myself let's fix the situation.
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that's how. i mean why is contacted unexpectedly by a youth organization that heard about her recovery from substance abuse. am i just you know i'm not formally. i'm not i don't speak for all like i haven't gone to school the to speak publicly. you think so. i would certainly do my best i mean what i do you know i'm in recovery and i've been in recovery for twenty three years and i know it's really important to teach kids. to
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. talk. no. good i mean here. why do you kidding me. i usually say. oh wow. i'm jealous. i mean. it's an honor i would love to talk to kids because they i think they need it. right thank you bye bye. are you kidding me they'd pay for my foster if. i do this for
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free oh. wow. how you to let him go ok ok. i see your family. percy used to make forty five thousand dollars a year until the place where he worked shutdown now he cleans a shopping mall for eight dollars an hour working through a temp agency he hopes to find something better.
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to have and i would still from peter to pay paul. not look with charity and the like. can. somebody else give me something. oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. right. i start coming down i'll just around the house at the wall. look at the wall over the stock quick new no meat in next to no watching t.v. in this soap opera i've never been to so probably don't need to move out and many. many teens and curses janitorial job is at night leaving his days free a lot of people here live alone and this is their life coming here five days a week. and come down here the most for. everything. percy's
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friends have retired from manufacturing jobs with pensions when. social service agency where percy works for eighteen years closed he was left with almost nothing yet we retire and make a return and all consume all over five because in march we'll see its wealth are. going up or if. thirty to you. we were all of time and we will hope to retire with some kind of benefits that i'm going to respect this will get a report that was swept under the carpet you know that is we're going to homes and thing this is what this country turned his back on the people that built this power then the. world no business having me again gee boy. oh shit up the bullet. when you're retiring can know that you have to worry about
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how you treat and you know you take care of you ever and down and down why we can't get it because indeed it was indeed a way of you brother to make you work all your life not a system up to want to work for you but that's not capitalism capitalism broke out it's a little mean for you. percy's temp agency has moved him to a janitorial position at a family owned machine shop he now makes ten dollars and fifty cents an hour.
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i pass and give me anything there was a thing i got. i had to work. don't steal to me to work my mother father how he had to work my father had to go out into the cotton fields and pick cotton or. things like that. i feel blessed because the neuron of my can do is much of that do. i got a lot of the right to send my wrist. but we still try to keep the house. so i'm going to keep on working.
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on the other then i suppose what larry i said i think. i do like to start out with just going over the deed there the documents that lets the world know you bought this house and this is how much you pay for it were ours and was true twenty or. so our total price at the end of the day of purchasing the house that's what i guess was and i also have a question is. three twenty eight three twenty now ok so three thirteen plus your five plus that that equals this right are you with me your total price is three hundred twenty three thousand and eighty eight dollars and forty seven cents yeah i mean now i'm like oh man because we were fixated on the three thirteen seven hundred i guess you know because of the closing i love you have to add in closing costs so you're going to prepay your seventeen is that your conservative reality that yeah ok i'm sorry three thousand seven hundred that's still a lot of what i have right that's what i read although you know you're on
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a year anyway as money because they started to get a little high. having a v.a. loan to not pay a settlement. we've seen at me like this. he's ok this is just the way he is dead of are he think that all the time right. everybody's like cracking jokes and just like most on the paper i wasn't angry i was seriously that was a serious moment. i'm trying to figure out what i'm signing for the oh this is just this is this it's ok so many freakin people were going there you don't know what you're reading you know which you're signing a moment when it's a when she bought her house she had a lawyer with her. this document here it's called the truth in lending this document is the scary one this tells you over the life of the loan how much you're going to pay for the loan so.
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i don't think that's a big deal but i mean i thought that. take good care of these things i would like. that. my husband were all right. here right there on. the first to congratulate you as new homeowners thank. you. very much. for your ideas and i hope and over the. health of. you know i know you are your crowd. got that right.
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so there isn't one of them to put it but i say the over the tone of some sentiment is. what. put it on to discipline somehow into something. he had been paying me who cannot. pay me who put them into this good seat in d.c. to medicine of the city is this little. hilton gave his two weeks notice to the food service contractor at google today he's traveling across town to pick up his final paycheck. i'm able to move the other one and go. oh i'm biased by savile now which. many say all this time of day was comparable barbara needed when i saw them and they put the check out of course for a one off and let's. see.
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if i make my is how i see. them but if he won't. my health. not a form of this question. but i know enough into office and ask for money. but also i want to help. someone to. be admiral mike and i. now that he only has one job helton is counting on a promotion to junior manager at sweet tomatoes. first he must pass
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a food safety exam which he has already failed once he's on his way to take it again she was a little. down. i told him i said used to pass the tests whatever it takes it's not easy was. a lot of. problems with the denson. his job is mistrust and sometimes where we start you only thirteen dollars in sales a lot you know paying bills in give. you say fifteen dollars wouldn't change a one. our. i
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love the job. but that's just the part of you know he works late sometimes the kids that's and see him in his light calorie playing sometimes well used to go on a walgreens. the big day has arrived for to keep us church choir and her new outfit.
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we were living paycheck to paycheck no one knew we were struggling no one knew what was going on because we've always pay our bills we've always had our kids stress right. we still live check to check. getting better money there's just so many bills to pay. everything is not always going to go as sweet as you want it's ago it's always going to be. we're just a family dish trying to make it every day off no parts. or young we're just trying
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to make it as a. next time on hard earned. speech. never. ever i am really nervous. maybe at the beginning because i carry florida.
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hello there we're still seeing a few showers over queensland but nothing out of the ordinary anyway so just one or two shopper ones around the coast but nothing like that those that we've seen over the last two weeks or so couple will showers are likely here as we head through the next few days but the main area of low pressure the one that causes all our problems is now running away towards the east taking the worst of the weather with it out towards the western force in perth it staying very hot so the maximum temperature of around thirty seven or thirty eight degrees still over the next few days still incredibly hot for us then the temperatures in melbourne are rising but not that high they'll get to around twenty five degrees and that's because the rain
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we have. is slowly clearing away and it's working its way towards new zealand you can see the cloud already on the satellite picture here and it's going to give us some rather heavy rain is it gradually pushes its way northward that's going to bring us a relief to the dry spell that we're currently seeing and should help with the fight against those wildfires as well vulcan should stay dry on sunday with a top temperature of twenty five degrees now as we head up towards the northern parts of asia it's pretty cold for us in tokyo at the moment so saturday's maximum just one degree they could be some snow around as well that system will gradually clear is that was we had through sunday and then the temperatures in tokyo would bounce back up they should get to around six or seven on sunday. and faints can tell a story without uttering a single. unconventionality of like. witness through the lens of the human eye. on how to zero.
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this is zero. and this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. but israel as president tells the u.s. to give its aid to poor colombians while the opposition warns that blocking food and medicine could be a crime against humanity. a new tragedy in brazil as a fog kills ten at the training complex one of the country's top football clubs several of them youth players. and thailand's king condemns his sister's shock
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decision to enter the race to be prime minister calling it inappropriate.


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