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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the culture because russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. the deadline passes for donald trump to tell congress whether he'll sanction saudi arabia over the killing of jamal khashoggi. cell raman you're watching our jazeera live my headquarters here and also coming up . the side of one another. in a strong i want to go to. the venezuelan president warns of catastrophic consequences if the u.s. blocks his country's oil exports. also the u.s.
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makes a new appeal to venezuela's military to allow american aid into the country from colombia. and forty years after the islamic revolution in iran we look at the challenges facing the. welcome to the program the deadline isn't passed for u.s. president trying to tell congress whether he'll impose sanctions on saudi arabia over the murder of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi under legislation called the magnitsky act the president must outline what action if any intends to take both sides of congress triggered the act one hundred twenty days ago trying to pass previously said he doesn't want the khashoggi issue to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . president trump departs for his annual medical exam declining to answer shouted
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questions on any subject all indications are there will be no response to the deadline set by the senate following the murder of jamal khashoggi the senate sent a letter to president trump invoking the global magnitsky act which gave president trump one hundred twenty days to investigate the murder and impose sanctions against those responsible in a follow up letter the senate asked the president to specifically investigate any role the crown prince mohammed bin salman or m.p.'s may have played in the murder in b.s. the crown prince is a wrecking ball. and he gets complicit in the murder mystery i think he's crazy. i think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk but president trump has steadfastly insisted the us solve the relationship is more important than establishing accountability for murder it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and
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everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first saudi arabia's senior diplomat continues to deny any involvement by the kingdom's leaders in the murder refusing to react to a new york times report that the crown prince is on record as saying he would use a bullet on jamal khashoggi the report dismissed as based on unknown sources and the following tweet posted on the saudi foreign ministry account we will hold who are responsible for the death the push to account the question is what happens now the president has ignored the ultimatum the answer is simply nothing beyond no punitive measures involved in this process which essentially relies on the good faith of all parties something the president's critics contend is absent in the white house but the stars not mean an end to the matter the question of
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accountability for jamal khashoggi murder has rid bipartisan support in congress and the motion is agreed to and legislation seeking sanctions against saudi arabia and possibly the crown prince specifically is being widely discussed in both house and senate mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the arabia has again denied reports that crown prince mohammed bin salon authorized the killing of the journalist to market the kingdom's minister of state for foreign affairs and the larger bear said that it was a huge mistake and it says no order was given to conduct the operation of talks held in washington he urged the u.s. congress to step back from imposing sanctions over what he called a rogue mission according to an iraqi newspaper the national also declined to give the names of those standing trial in saudi over the killing but did confirm a former aide to the crown prince and they were tiny has been dismissed in the article the minister also said he doesn't know the whereabouts of another ex a thread adding that he's unsure if he's alive or not it comes as
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a new york times report says mom had been some man threaten to use a bullet against a market should she in twenty seventeen if he did not return home and his criticism of the kingdom. now a senior saudi government minister has denied the kingdom was involved in leaking intimate photos of the world's richest man it comes as amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos accuses a us tabloid publisher with ties to scientific stuart and blackmail threatening to release the photos suggested his ownership of the washington post newspaper which has reported extensively on the killing of the journalist by saudi agents made him a target she had returned see as more. firefly he's the world's richest man as the founder of amazon and he's the owner of one of the world's best known newspapers the washington post but jeff bezos chose a no frills blogging site to tell his story following the announcement of his divorce in january
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a tabloid magazine the national enquirer best known for its coverage of movie and music stars published an eleven page spread detailing his extramarital affair complete with text messages sent by bezos to his lover bezos then used his own security team to investigate the source and motivation for the story which he alleges made the publisher of the national enquirer david pecker apoplectic there's also a speck of then threaten to release further texts and intimate photos of bezos and his lover unless he stated that the enquirer is exposé was not politically motivated but that's exactly what basil suggests was the case my ownership of the washington post is a complex of fire for me he writes it's unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience washington post news coverage will wrongly conclude i am their enemy president trump is one of those people obvious by his many tweets also the posts central an unrelenting coverage of the murder of it's called mr malcolm chaudry is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles he concludes bezos refers to the saudi
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government several times in his post and points out that david pecker was introduced to a figure with ties to the saudi royal family by president trump at a time when the publisher was looking for financing packer is a long time friend of donald trump in march of last year i am i the parent company of national enquirer published a glossy magazine promoting saudi arabia and crown prince mohammed bin solomon containing the adverts at the time the saudis denied any connection as far as i'm aware and i believe that would be when we have absolutely nothing to do with this. we maybe some of our citizens read the national enquirer when they're in the united states citizens watch the soap opera unfold on television but that's it jeff bezos right sort of someone like him the world's richest person is on able to stand up to such actions and who care whether he has legal case may depend on jurisdiction in states that use blackmail and extortion combined together it would likely be a case because you're requesting that someone by way of threatening them that you
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don't do this then i'll do that and then it would come under think under one of those statutes however if it's in a state or jurisdiction that is only saying money has to be involved then it doesn't come under the statute because there's no request for you know and there's no request for money complicating matters is practiced immunity deal with new york prosecutors in their case against michael cohen donald trump's former personal lawyer cohen is alleged to have helped arrange a deal whereby peca bought exclusive rights to the story of an alleged lover of donald trump during the presidential campaign in order to bury it but as part of the immunity deal pekar was ordered not to commit any crimes american media which owns the national enquirer says it has launched an investigation into bezos is claims but quote believes fervently that it acted lawfully. our other top story is in south america where the venezuelan president is warning of catastrophic consequences if all of the country's oil shipments are blocked by u.s.
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sanctions the trumpet ministration announced sweeping sanctions last week targeting ten billion dollars in assets and revenue at the same time nicolas maduro has earned the u.s. aid which is currently waiting at the colombia venezuela border where his troops are under orders not to let it through with her accuse the opposition of weaponized in aid and using it as a provocation for a u.s. intervention now the economic collapse of venezuela has left ninety percent of its population in poverty according to the u.n. millions of people have fled across the country's borders. our national sovereignty is made vulnerable with a show called humanitarian aid and peace is threatened by the government of mr donald trump who last sunday in a televised interview ratified his threat of a military invasion against venezuela in venezuela they have driven us to the point that libya was taken or that syria was taken to the point of unarmed opposition they have attempted but who have not allowed them to and venezuela is it peace now
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a lot of america to lucy and you will has more from the venezuelan city of san cristobal on the country's border with colombia. food and medicine on display in colombia right on the border with neighboring venezuela tons of humanitarian aid donated by the united states and colombia for venezuela are part of a strategy not just to help the needy but to undermine embattled president because last minute. the u.s. ambassador made an appeal in spanish to venezuela's military to defy order not to let it pass. you will have to make a decision that will always be remembered by your parents your brother and sisters and your daughters they'll all remember your decision. just across the border the military is so far following muggles orders i'm less than one hundred meters from the entrance to the last in the order in your bridge which separates venezuela from
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colombia and from that humanitarian aid that's been collected on the other side of that bridge and for the first time and since dawn members of the national guard have been the floyd and have declared this area as national security zone. a handful of demonstrators waved flags and taunted the soldiers. but in the nearby city of sunken storm a far larger group has been demonstrating to date demanding that humanitarian aid to be allowed in i mean americans they took away my health benefits and i can't afford to go to colombia to buy the drugs for my cancer treatment my daughter is a diabetic and needs insulin injections daily and we can't get that aid there despite these stories president appears determined to keep the foreign aid out describing the offer as a thinly disguised act of foreign intervention. not been his will it will not allow the show of force humanitarian aid because we're not simply is that. on the other
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side self declared interim president seems hopeful that he can provide what my little cannot while at the same time tempting the military to change sides and if they don't there's a plan b. if we don't i'm convinced that we will get the idea through with the being as people people and more people caring the humanitarian people people and people making a humanitarian corridor or a reality. exactly how president plans to play his hand is still not so clear i. as opposition supporters here at the border prepare for what is almost certain to be a confrontation. you see in human sangley stalled out of venezuela. and on the colombian side of the border as on the run p.r.t. has been following developments in kuta. we were able to take a first look at the aid that arrived here on thursday sent by the united states
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thousands of bags in boxes with food and medicine for the venezuelan people all this is being organized prepared and stored in a warehouse on a bridge connecting colombia with venezuela the u.s. ambassador to colombia kevin whitaker said that this was just a down payment just a first shipment to what he described as a flood of aid that he hoped will arrive in this and other collection points in the coming days and weeks the question though remains how will this aid be moved to inside been this way since president nicolas maduro remains steadfast saying that the aid will not enter his country and that this is just a show just the start of what he considers an invasion on part of the united states
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less than told later the men that were sent here by the leader of the opposition to lead this effort gave an indication of what the opposition is now thinking to do probably a massive demonstration at some point the next week along the border with people trying to overwhelm the just by their numbers the soldiers and police. national guard venezuela controlling the border this could be one option to try and move the aid into venezuela well still ahead here are experts. in general which collapsed last year killing forty three people. who killed six worshippers of the mosque in kind of twenty seventeen sloan interest stories of the other side of the plague.
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hello there is still rather unsettled for many of us across the middle east our latest weather system is making its way northward ever parts of saudi arabia through parts of iraq and into iran we're also seeing more in the way of cloud following it as well so force on the east coast the mediterranean we're going to see quite a wet couple of days and they could be some particularly heavy rain around the western coast of syria elsewhere though the snow and rain that we see over parts of iraq and iran gradually fizzle out as we head through the day on sunday further north there will be more cloud of pushing its way across task and now some cloud will also be across the arabian peninsula some of it will be with us on saturday but it will be thickening up as we head through sunday and then it doesn't really move anywhere in a great hurry over the next couple of days so here in doha there's the risk of seeing some thunderstorms as we head through sunday monday and tuesday riyadh also could well catch one or two at times down towards the southern parts of africa also lots of showers here stretching from angola all the way across towards madagascar
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for madagascar though we're breathing a sigh of relief as our latest tropical cycle is moving away from us is dragging plenty of cloud behind it though so still for the northern parts of madagascar lots of wet weather here on saturday and on sunday and those showers to rumbling away towards the west too also the southeast will be wet. the silence has been disturbed. is one of scandinavia the largest or deposit. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking well. those defending their way of life. with this documentary on a just zero. welcome
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back you're watching officer of musical romney a reminder of our top stories the deadline is not passed for u.s. president donald trump to tell congress of sanctions will be imposed on riyadh over the murder of saudi journalists. saudi arabia has denied reports that the crown prince mohammed bin small man authorized the killing of the journalist. saudis foreign minister of state to state affairs has also denied the kingdom was involved in leaking intimate photographs of the world's richest man now it comes as amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos suggested his ownership of the washington post newspaper which has reported extensively on the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi by saudi agents made him
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a target and venezuela's president nicolas maduro has warned of catastrophic consequences if all of the country's oil shipments are blocked by u.s. sanctions he's also called for u.s. aid stockpiled on the venezuela border to be distributed to colombians. the canadian man who killed six and injured five members of a mosque in quebec city has been sentenced to life in prison prime minister justin trudeau called it a terrorist attack and xander bissonnette told a prison social worker he regretted not shooting mall and gallagher reports. presently islamic cultural center in quebec were coming to an end when alexandria bissonnette stormed the building armed with a rifle pistol and more than one hundred rounds he shot into the crowded prayer room killing six worshipers and critically injuring five others the judge said bissonnette was motivated by race and a visceral hatred toward muslim immigrants the twenty nine year old was sentenced to life in prison but will be eligible for parole in forty years while reading out
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the sentence the judge said punishment should not be vengeance noting that bissonnette has mental health issues survivors and family members say the jail term isn't harsh enough in an attack that shocked canada and the muslim community in the valley was left paralyzed following the shooting all of us we were astonished we were very upset of service centers we don't know he he. gave this sentence. forty years. it would be conditional any recent figures released by the canadian government in two thousand and seventeen show a forty seven percent increase in hate crimes in a nation that prides itself on multiculturalism the court heard that bissonnette was a marginalized young man who was obsessed by serial killers and president donald trump's tweets the muslim community in quebec is still in mourning the prosecution had
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asked for a total of one hundred fifty years behind bars which would have been the harshest sentence ever handed down in canada and gallacher al-jazeera. the united states is hoping afghanistan can strike a peace agreement involving the taliban before elections should hold for july your special envoys and make speaking at the institute of peace in washington d.c. expressed cautious optimism about the prospect of a deal to leave meetings with taliban officials here in doha to discuss an ongoing push for a political settlement to the seventeen year old conflict nothing is agreed to until everything has been negri. and the other issues that must be dealt with or issues of a roadmap for afghanistan's political future in their afghan war afghan afghan war. the afghans most said across the table
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with each other and come to an agreement about the future of their country the meeting between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea later this month will be held in vietnam's capitol hill we told trump tweeted that his representatives just left north korea after productive meetings and that he's looking forward to seeing kim jong un the summit will take place on february the twenty seventh and twenty eighth the u.s. president also tweeted that north korea under the leadership of kim jong un will become a great economic powerhouse i have gotten to know him and fully understand how capable he is now thailand's king says it's inappropriate unconstitutional for his sister to stand for prime minister in next month's general elections her candidacy breaks a long standing tradition of tire royalty staying out of politics princess you can
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wrath will be up against the current prime minister a former army general who led a military coup in twenty fourteen when he has more from bangkok. the politics in thailand can be volatile and unpredictable this revelation took it to another level changing the political landscape. today i with other time party leaders have submitted the name of a nominate a prime minister for the party who is princess. cityward in a. straight away it all to the dynamics of the election campaign in a country that's been politically divided for years but that's not a party that has a big advantage over all the other parties and you know the other candidates most likely would not want to be seen running. princes relinquished a royal title in one thousand nine hundred ninety two after she married a foreigner but is still regarded as a princess and part of the royal family she's now divorced features regularly in
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royal ceremonies and is also a singer and actor appearing in two movies making this move particularly intriguing is that the party she's joined is backed by former prime minister taksin it's you know what he was removed in a coup in two thousand and six and lives in exile he's always been seen as anti establishment and has been accused of wanting to change the political structure of thailand by reducing the power and influence of the monarchy this is the official launch of the election campaign which was completely overshadowed really by the announcement just before it began from the thai rocks a chant party it's an announcement that has big implications on the campaign the election and potentially the formation of the next government technically the princess is not covered by thailand's strict laws designed to protect the monarchy from criticism but the law is broad and open to interpretation and abuse campaigning against her could lead to a jail term the announcement is being seen as a setback for the man who led the two thousand and fourteen coup current prime
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minister. also on friday he became the prime ministerial candidate for approved military part. that means he now has to run against a member of a royal family he's sworn to serve and protect as an army general his party says the nomination of the princess may violate the election law because it brings the royal family into politics there's a sense the move by thai rocks a charge could go either way towards political reconciliation or more polarized nation wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. experts in italy are working to dismantle a bridge that partially collapsed in the city in genoa six months ago forty three people were killed in the disaster described as one of the worst tragedies in the town going to history from. the remains of what was once one of italy's most important structures being pulled apart slab by slab and making way for a new bridge in genoa. the prime minister decepticon terror along with
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infrastructure minister and general as mayor arrived in the morning to witness the beginning of what he said was a defining moment for the city. this is an important symbolic day for the start of the demolition of the bridge which marks the relaunch of genoa the region of liguria and italy last august the marandi bridge collapsed during heavy rain killing forty three people as dozens of cars plunged into the riverbed below it had widespread impact on the city and its surrounding areas and led to debate about what caused it. and businesses suffered when the neighborhoods were all of a sudden cutoff. after the bridge collapse we lost fifty percent of our business here it's been really bad. and those who live near the bridge are struggling to cope some are still in temporary accommodation. we suddenly found ourselves like
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victims of an earthquake but our houses are still there they're still standing it's a very strange situation for us as the memory of the bridge collapse continues to overshadow genoa there is hope that the building of a new bridge nabl the city to move on from the disaster and also rejuvenate the immediate area. construction on the new bridge begins next month and is expected to last fifteen months costing more than two hundred twenty five million dollars right now and architect renzo piano himself a native of the city designed it for free. and with the bridge a vision to restore the surrounding neighborhoods as well as honor the memory of those who died. from tragedy you can create opportunity our workshop looks at how the new project goes hand in hand with renovating the neighborhood for the people of genoa the dismantling of what's left of the miranda bridge brings closure and hope that they won't see
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a repeat of what happened last august. al-jazeera. in one nine hundred seventy nine at the time of the islamic revolution there were approximately thirty seven million people living in the wrong now that number is more than eighty million so mr rayney is living today have never known anything but the post revolution islamic republic some of the younger ones the government is letting the. corners of to harm young men and women play the blues stealing moments of freedom in private studios might be the closest they get to the big stanch. even to damage your gigs in small cafes he says her band gets two songs in before security shows up to shut them down. for a female vocalist in iran it's not just that a woman singing in public is illegal society doesn't recognize my entire life i
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wanted to send for me it's like breathing i can't do anything else but there's no professional recognition has an artist. everyone in this room was born after the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution the islamic republic is the only iran they've ever known but many young people like them say they warm for a more liberal time before revolution in iran they've never seen. the clerical system of government that's been in place for forty years also has its unflinching supporters. was born in one thousand nine hundred nine the first generation of iranians born under the flag of a new republic in many ways she is its poster child a devout muslim from humble beginnings highly educated and her father died fighting in the iraq war. in any country some are in favor of the establishment and some argue it's the same in iraq but must accept that we are a country with a rich culture rooted in the purity of islam and we should consider ourselves an
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islamic country we may not allow some freedoms that are allowed in other countries . the most important concern she says should be to employ people and keep them from leaving the country but for young people who don't necessarily want to live by established norms or subscribe to the way things are done if you're cut from a different cloth then it can be a challenge to find a place in iranian society. some leaders are sympathetic and acknowledge the need for dialogue to address the concerns of an entire generation but people say they don't openly express themselves for fear of government retaliation. we hear the time before the revolution was economically better but i can't talk about this transparently in fact i don't dare to yes i can say a lot but i don't dare to i prefer to say nothing to keep my head on my neck. from the perspective of security the revolution is very good but from the perspective of a con a me it's bad we have the burn generation for us it hasn't been good. economic conditions
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make living in iran challenging for anyone but for iranian artists our husseini says doing so is even more difficult if you're living here. don't be sad because being sad is the least we can do try your heart be strong and bring peace and happiness try to make things that they are not they don't exist. modern jazz may not fit the public image of the islamic republic but the sound of music from small corners of the capitol is a reminder that iranians come from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. as there are a reminder of our top stories the deadline has not passed for us president donald trump to tell congress of sanctions will be re-imposed on riyadh over the murder of
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saudi journalist jamal khashoggi saudi arabia has denied reports that crown prince mohammed bin still models rise the killing of the journalist so his foreign minister of state of foreign affairs has also denied the kingdom was involved in leaking intimate photographs of the world's richest man it comes as amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos suggested his ownership of the washington post newspaper which has reported extensively on the killing of journalist mark shoji by saudi agents made him a target. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has ordered catastrophic consequences if all of the country's oil shipments are blocked by u.s. sanctions he's also called for u.s. aid stockpiled at the venezuelan border to be distributed to colombians last night i mean as you know our national sovereignty is made vulnerable with a show called humanitarian aid and peace is threatened by the government of mr donald trump who last sunday in a televised interview ratified his threat of a military invasion i guess venezuela in venezuela they have driven us to the point
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that libya was taken or that syria was taken to the point of an armed opposition they have attempted but who have not allowed them to and venezuela is that piece of meeting between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea later this month will be held in vietnam's capitol hill we told trump tweeted that his representatives have just left north korea after productive meetings and that he's looking forward to seeing kim jong un the summit will take place on february the twenty seventh and twenty eighth a canadian man who shot and killed six members of a quebec city mosque and twenty seventeen has been sentenced to life in prison and is under bissonnette pleaded guilty last year to six counts of first degree murder and six counts of attempted murder for the attack one of canada's rare mass shootings bissonnette could be eligible for parole after serving thirty five years in prison those are the headlines here on al-jazeera more news in half an hour next its earthrise do stay with us. take the worst possible material eurabia
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grounded into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into a place where people live it is a cause colossal event. as well so many people assume this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. the conditions for existence on us a sustained by complex web of climatic processes.


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