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and criminal. the deadline passes for donald trump to tell congress whether. the arabia over the killing of. wild turkey plans to push for a formal u.n. investigation of the murder. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead the venezuelan president nicolas maduro warns of dire consequences if the u.s. blocks its oil shipments. singing
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about their home the refugees and internally displaced who are the focus of an african. fellow donald trump's not taking any action against saudi arabia for the murder of john. but one of his inner circle suggests there will be consequences the deadline has now passed for the u.s. president to tell congress whether he'll impose sanctions on the kingdom under legislation called the magnitsky act trump one hundred twenty days to outline any action he's previously said he doesn't want. to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia but the u.s. secretary of state has written to a senior member of the committee afford affairs saying the trump administration will seek accountability for murder in that letter says this we will continue to
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use the relevant authorities as appropriate to promote accountability for the murder of mr. and then post tangible and significant consequences on those responsible i can now has more from washington d.c. . president trump departs for his annual medical exam declining to on such shouted questions on any subject all indications are will be no response to the deadline set by the senate following the murder of jamal khashoggi the senate sent a letter to president trump invoking the global magnitsky act which gave president trump one hundred twenty days to investigate the murder and impose sanctions against those responsible in a follow up letter to the senate asa president to specifically investigate any role the crown prince mohammed bin solomon or m.p.'s may have played in the murder in b.s. the crown prince is a wrecking ball. and he gets complicit in the murder mystery because shogi i think
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is crazy to think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk but president trump has steadfastly insisted the us solve the relationship is more important than establishing accountability for murder it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first saudi arabia's senior diplomat continues to deny any involvement by the kingdom's leaders in the murder refusing to react to a new york times report that the crown prince is on record as saying he would use a bullet on jamal khashoggi. report dismissed as based on unknown sources and the following tweet posted on the saudi foreign ministry account we will hold who are responsible for the death the push to account the question is what happens now the president has ignored the ultimatum the answer is simply nothing they are no
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punitive measures involved in this process which essentially relies on the good faith of all parties something the president's critics contend is absent in the white house but the stairs not mean an end to the matter the question of accountability for jamal khashoggi is murder has rid bipartisan support in congress and the motion is agreed to and legislation seeking sanctions against saudi arabia and possibly the crown prince specifically is being widely discussed in both house and senate mike hanna al-jazeera washington well turkey says it along with several other countries will seek a u.n. investigation into a class of his murder stephanie decker is joining us from istanbul how is turkey going about this. but it said it before a jury we know turkey wants this independent investigation what it's trying to do
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is avoid a direct confrontation versus riyadh let's say you heard the foreign minister there talking to reporters last night saying that they wanted other countries on board we know they've been speaking to the canadians behind the scenes of but that's pretty much all that we know so far an international investigation needs to be cold and sanctioned by the united nations security council now we know how politically loaded this story is we know that u.s. president donald trump you heard it there might have his report is pushing back because he says that the that the deals on the table particularly the multibillion dollar deals to go either way. will remain in place so many people will tell you that if it does ever get to the u.n. security council vetoes will be used i think for now we're going to have to wait and see what i missed the un special rapporteur for extradition killings will put in her report that she's going to bring to the un human rights council in june turkey has said that it will probably wait for that and then see how it moves
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forward but i think certainly if we look at this from a border picture all the country's interests the political alliances the multibillion dollar deals on the table i think it will be very difficult to get consensus on this international investigation which will be looking at hard questions who ordered the killing who was involved how much should turkey know also they they bugged the embassy during the questions also about that it is very very complicated indeed all right. thank you. duros warning of catastrophic consequences if all of venezuela's oil shipments are blocked by u.s. sanctions so a senior white house official says the trumpet ministration is considering new sanctions on top of measures last week which targeted ten billion dollars worth of oil assets and revenue about as well as opposition leader who hasn't ruled out authorizing u.s. intervention to force president madura from power but maduro's close ally that's
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china says dialogue is the only way to solve the crisis and zero says he isn't open rather to dialogue but has rejected a plan promoted by an e.u. back through refusing to let in humanitarian aid which has been at the border with colombia since thursday. on national sovereignty is made vulnerable with a show called humanitarian aid and peace is threatened by the government of mr donald trump who last sunday in a televised interview ratified his threat of a military invasion against venezuela in venezuela they have driven us to the point that libya has taken all that syria was taken to the point of unarmed opposition they have attempted out who have not allowed them to add in venezuela is it peace our latin america it's on the c.n.n. reports from the city of san cristobal. food and medicine on display in colombia right on the border with neighboring venezuela tons of humanitarian aid donated by the united states and colombia venezuela are part of
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a strategy not just to help the needy but to undermine embattled president nicolas maduro. the u.s. ambassador made an appeal in spanish to venezuela's military to defy order not to let it pass. you will have to make a decision that will always be remembered by your parents your brother and sisters and your daughters they'll all remember your decision. just across the border the military is so far following orders i'm. less than a hundred meters from the entrance to. a bridge which separates venezuela from colombia and from the humanitarian aid that's been collected on the other side of that bridge and for the first time and since dawn members of the national guard have been deployed and have declared this area as national security zone. a handful of demonstrators wave flags and taunted the soldiers. but in the nearby city of
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sunken storm a far larger group has been demonstrating for days demanding that humanitarian aid to be allowed in i mean americans they took away my health benefits and i can't afford to go to colombia to buy the drugs for my cancer treatment my daughter is a diabetic and needs insulin injections daily and we can't get that aid. despite the stories president appears determined to keep the foreign aid out describing the offer as a thinly disguised act of foreign intervention. not going as well it will not allow the show of force humanitarian aid because we're not simply is that. on the other side self declared interim president seems hopeful that he can provide what my little cannot while at the same time tempting the military to change sides and if they don't there's a plan b. if we don't i'm convinced that we will get the idea through with the bin as well people people and more people carrying the humanitarian aid people people and
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people making a humanitarian corridor or a reality. exactly how president my little plans to play his hand is still not so clear. as opposition supporters here at the border prepare for what is almost certain to be a confrontation. you see in human. venezuela. two protesters have died in demonstrations against haiti's president thousands of people have march in the capital port au prince demanding jovan elmore's his resignation the government says fourteen police were injured as the protester in violence the government is accused of being involved in a corruption scandal the cost of living has increased for people in haiti during two years of moises leadership still ahead on al-jazeera a harrowing hunt for bodies we have an update on the search for people caught in avalanches and that the layouts on young and restless the challenges for the new
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generation in iran forty years after the islamic revolution. hello there it's rather wet and windy for many of us in europe at the moment we've had one storm this was called eric as it worked its way up towards the northeast in the strongest winds or in this that loop of cloud here where we focus of wind around one hundred kilometers per hour that system continued its way northeast woods and on saturday it will be situated hit just to the west of norway still very strong winds following it knots of wet weather around as well plenty of showers too as we head through the day on sunday and still quite a keen wind for many of us here some heavier rain to be pushing its way south or through parts of france and turning to snow over the alps only over the alps there
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where we see the snow because generally speaking with this wet and windy weather will sing some point mild conditions as well as the paris up around eleven degree. foreseeability will be on at nine and he was full of it around seven degrees it's the southern parts of europe where things are generally a lot quieter weather wise madrid there fourteen degrees might get a bit of sunshine here on sunday and down towards the southeast more in the way of bright sunshine here the wet weather here has finally cleared that area of rain cleared its way towards the east is still maybe giving one or two residual showers along the north coast of africa there as we head through saturday but i think on sunday generally speaking most of us will get away with a dry day in the west it's warm. the in. sume and the family members and. the wall. some. people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia.
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and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. and eye for an eye. in iraq on al jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the deadline for u.s. president donald trump to decide whether he will post sanctions on saudi arabia over the murder of john she has expired under the make netsky act the president's must outline what action if any he intends to take venezuela's president is warning of catastrophic consequences if all of its oil shipments are blocked by u.s.
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sanctions nicolas maduro is refusing to allow humanitarian aid from the u.s. into his country at least two people have died and fourteen police officers injured in clashes in haiti's capital thousands of haitians are demanding their president steps down for his inaction against corruption. african leaders are meeting at this about for the annual african union summits this year's meeting will largely focus on refugees and internally displaced persons more than twenty six percent of the world's refugees are in africa that's according to the u.n. agency for refugees and around one point four million are living in uganda three african countries are among the top ten countries hosting refugees in the worlds. the number of displaced people continues to rise due to ongoing conflicts in the continents fifteen thousand people are displaced every day also reports. i share a sunni was thirteen years old when she says government forces attacked her village
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in sudan seven years on things have picked up she plays volleyball every week at the center for refugees in ethiopia's capital addis ababa that's where she fled with her family we have almost three months since. only. to live in. it one more treatment. and i'm going all. the refugees here from nearly twenty countries the center also provides them with child care and language classes. the people here are among more than twenty million in africa who fled oppression and conflict but they are luckier than most they've made it to the city they can benefit from the facilities here at this center many of stuck in camps. conditions are
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usually poor the south sudanese refugees in uganda say humanitarian aid is not enough africa has more refugees and internally displaced people than any other continent african leaders say they're going to do something about it as they meet for the african union's annual summit in addis ababa refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead. the a u.s. political affairs commissioner says it'll work to prevent the causes of displacement. do you violet you man the right of your people and we look to you say to you what do you dream is not good you should. lead is also expected to talk about efforts to reform the african union but observers are wondering if other pressing issues will be addressed such as the recent protests and government crackdowns in sudan and zimbabwe. talking about cheese with out
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discussing why people are being forced to flee from the us they're responsible for the oppression the conflict. back at the center for refugees these men from eritrea sing songs from home. people here are getting by many more who were displaced across the continent on not. to take more than a new theme the african union to change that. al-jazeera. ethiopia the meeting between the leaders of the u.s. son north korea later this month will be held in vietnam's capital hanoi donald trump used social media to tell his followers that his representatives have left north korea after productive meetings and that he's looking forward to seeing. the summit is set to take place on february twenty seventh. the united states is hoping afghanistan can strike
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a peace agreement involving the taliban before elections in july u.s. special envoys expressed cautious optimism about the prospects of a deal during a speech at the institute of peace in washington d.c. . held meetings with taliban officials to discuss an ongoing process for a political settlement to the seventeen year conflict nothing is agreed to everything has been agreed. and the other issues that must be dealt with or issues of a roadmap for afghanistan's political future afghan war afghan afghan war. the afghans must said cross the table with each other and come to an agreement about the future of their country she served as prime minister of bangladesh for three terms and now opposition
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leader has also served one year behind bars her supporters say she was jailed on trumped up charges to prevent her standing in elections and they want to see a sentence overturned time very child response to some of them. it is exactly one year since the opposition leader and former prime minister khaled does yeah has been jailed after the election this is one of the main protest rally organized by the main opposition bangladesh nationalist party inside the engineering institute thousands of people are gathered here to protest and demand the release off its leader i spoke to one of the siniora leader of the opposition party this is what he had to say. the big. government should resign and this would begin a fresh election the only option only option and release. from the jail there is a major challenge for the opposition ahead of time despite facing intimidation and limited ground force great. talking to some of the people and we got this reaction
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that people actually want development and for the country to continue to develop it's essential to have a continuation of a government for a long period. of that much my only thought is this want to live in peace and have the ability to express ourselves freely and remain happy. despite all the challenges of opposition. to organize itself as a major. force and demand a government to hold another election under a neutral care. and to demand really is off its main leader. opposition party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of his sister for prime minister in a palace statements king described princess bride for office as inappropriate and unconstitutional the thai rak such charge party wanted her to run against the prime minister a former army general who led
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a military coup in twenty fourteen the election commission will have the final say on the princess's candidacy australia's largest city said he has been lost by severe storms causing flash flooding and cutting power to thousands of homes the downpour follows record rainfall in queensland last week which has led to flooding and the state's northwest australian culture minister toured the area where hundreds of thousands of cattle have died the military is delivering fodder to strands of cattle. absolutely devastating up to the the heart i could grow up we've got to block this is this is an option this is a thing to say about yesterday's paper say before i'll say it again i'll just themselves up with this guys talked about up and i'll have it up a crack i'm sure of it police in indian administered kashmir have recovered the bodies of seven of ten people buried by snow three days of heavy snow in landslides
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caused avalon shows in the southern coupon districts laura byrne manly has more. police and fire crew would usually carry out rescue missions in these mountains but they've become the victims of an avalanche twenty people sheltering in this tunnel and colgan district of india administered kashmir when it was buried by snow ten thousand lives now rescue workers are digging through the snow with spades and even the hands to find the rest morning at six o'clock we have started the operation and people have been able to get and one person. unfortunately died and we are searching for them ordered some of the some still being pulled out injured but alive all the bodies retrieved lay covered on the snow two days of heavy snow has cut off this region many towns electricity supplies have been cut flights have been cancelled and officials have closed the srinagar national highway to the many
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people have made it the highway has been closed for a few days and we are facing a shortage of food items if it snows again kashmir will collapse. people have resorted to clearing the roads themselves afraid if this goes on for any longer they will go hungry you know my suspicion we are clearing it so that al vehicle can pass we have a patient at home who has to be taken to hospital. from the last three days we are stranded here we are running short of food and water. authorities have issued more avalanche warnings and dozens of families have be moved to a safer place teams of volunteers are helping stranded drivers they are bottom government partners a we collected russians and food from our village and are now distributing it among the stranded people and they've been stuck for a few days it's our duty to help them. and with more snow in the forecast they have
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little option but to survive with the few resources available to them. laura bush a manly al-jazeera. experts in italy are working to dismantle a bridge that partially collapsed in the city of genoa six months ago forty three people were killed in the disaster described as one of the worst tragedies in modern italian history from genoa reports the remains of what was once one of its most important structures being pulled apart by slab and making way for a new bridge in genoa. the prime minister has a pick conte along with infrastructure minister and general was mayor arrived in the morning to witness the beginning of what he said was a defining moment for the city. this is an important symbolic day for the start of the demolition of the bridge which marks the very launch of genoa the region of liguria and italy last august the marandi bridge collapsed during heavy rain
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killing forty three people as dozens of cars plunged into the riverbed below it had widespread impact on the city and its surrounding areas and led to debate about what caused it. and businesses suffered when the neighborhoods were all of a sudden cutoff. after the bridge collapse we lost fifty percent of our business here it's been really bad. and those who live near the bridge are struggling to cope some are still in temporary accommodation. we suddenly found ourselves like victims of an earthquake but our houses are still there they're still standing it's a very strange situation for us as the memory of the bridge collapse continues to overshadow genoa there is hope that the building of a new bridge can able the city to move on from the disaster and also rejuvenate the immediate area. construction on the new bridge begins next month and is expected to
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last for fifteen months costing more than two hundred twenty five million dollars renowned architect renzo piano himself a native of the city designed it for free. and with the bridge a vision to restore the surrounding neighborhoods as well as honor the memory of those who died. from tragedy you can create opportunity our workshop looks at how the new project goes hand in hand with renovating the neighborhood for the people of genoa the dismantling of what's left of the miranda bridge brings closure and hope that they won't see a repeat of what happened last august sony vaio al-jazeera jennifer. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine at the time of the islamic revolution there were approximately thirty seven million people living in iran now that number is more than eighty million so most iranians living today have never known anything but the post revolution islamic republic some of the younger ones say their government is letting them down. more from.
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corners of to han young men and women play the blues stealing moments of freedom in private studios might be the closest they get to the big stange. even to damage your gigs in small cafes he says her band gets two songs in before security shows up to shut them down. for a female vocalist intervention it's not just that a woman singing in public is illegal society doesn't recognize my entire life i wanted to send for me it's like breathing i can't do anything else but there's no professional recognition as an artist. everyone in this room was born after the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution the islamic republic is the only they've ever known but many young people like them say they longed for a more liberal time before revolution in iran they've never seen. the clerical
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system of government that's been in place for forty years also has its unflinching supporters. ronnie was born in one thousand nine hundred nine the first generation of iranians born under the flag of a new republic in many ways she is its poster child a devout muslim from humble beginnings highly educated and her father died fighting in the iraq war. in any country some are in favor of the establishment and some argue it's the same in iraq but must accept that we are a country with a rich culture rooted in the purity of islam and we should consider ourselves an islamic country we may not allow some freedoms that are allowed in other countries . the most important concern she says should be to employ people and keep them from leaving the country but for young people who don't necessarily want to live by established norms or subscribe to the way things are done if you're cut from a different cloth then it can be a challenge to find
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a place in iranian society. some leaders are sympathetic and acknowledge the need for dialogue to address the concerns of an entire generation but people say they don't openly express themselves for fear of government retaliation. we hear the time before the revolution was economically better but i can't talk about this transparently in fact i don't dare to yes i can say a lot but i don't dare to i prefer to say nothing to keep my head on my neck. from the perspective of security the revolution is very good but from the perspective of a commie it's bad we have the burn generation for us it hasn't been good. economic conditions make living in iran challenging for anyone but for iranian artists our husseini says doing so is even more difficult if you're living here. don't be sad because being sad is the least thing you can do try your heart to be strong and bring peace and happiness try to make things that they are not they don't exist.
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modern jazz may not fit the public image of the islamic republic but the sound of music from small corners of the capital is a reminder that iranians come from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. much more coverage on the iranian revolution on our website al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the deadline for u.s. president to decide whether he'll impose sanctions on saudi arabia over the murder of a has expired under the magnitsky act the president outlined what action if any he intends to take. venezuela's president is warning of catastrophic consequences if all of us oil shipments are blocked by u.s. sanctions nicolas maduro is refusing to allow humanitarian aid from the u.s.
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into his country that's going on the. national sovereignty is made vulnerable with a show called humanitarian aid and peace is threatened by the government of mr donald trump who last sunday in a televised interview ratified his threat of a military invasion against venezuela in venezuela they have driven us to the point that libya has taken the oil that syria was taken to the point of unarmed opposition they have attempted out who have not allowed them to and venezuela is it peace at least two people have died and fourteen police officers have been injured in protest in haiti's capital thousands of people are demanding the president steps down accusing him of inaction against corruption or java now moyes is refusing to resign despite months of demonstrations. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution a thai opposition party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its
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nomination off his sister for prime minister in a palace statement king longhorn described princess bed for office as inappropriate and unconstitutional the thai rak such our party wanted her to run against the prime minister a former army general who led a military coup in twenty fourteen the election commission will have the final say on the princess's candidacy australia is the largest city sydney has been lost by severe storms causing flash flooding and cutting power to thousands of homes the downpour follows record rain in queensland last week which led to flooding in the state's north west australia's agriculture minister toured the area where hundreds of thousands of cattle have died. those are the latest headlines. inside story. coming up next to stay with us. on counting the cost digital divisions. missing out on the next evolution of the internet.
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with. investments in venezuela. plus a report from the current sea control sea. pressure is growing on the venezuelan president. community convinced him to resign and how much difference will a new round of sanctions make to an economy that was already a collapse before this crisis began this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program my name is peter dhabi internationally isolated and with the economy near collapse pressure has been growing on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro to step down the list of countries recognizing the
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national assembly leader. as the interim president is growing but the government at least for now shows little sign of bowing to the.


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