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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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able to return home. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i multi and then it's coming up in the next sixty minutes the trumpet ministration misses a legal deadline to say what it intends to do about saudi arabia and. a. stalemate at the border the aid that's going nowhere is venezuelan forces brown not to let it in. protests as a killed police are injured during demonstrations against haiti's president. and
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i'm we're hard in with all the day's sport as brazilian football club flamengo struggles to come to terms with the death of ten a very youth team players killed in a training ground fire on friday. it appears as if donald trump will not take any action against saudi arabian officials for the murder of jamal khashoggi bought one of his key advisers has suggested there will be quite consequences the deadline has passed for the u.s. president to tell congress whether he'll impose sanctions on saudi government officials under legislation called the magnitsky act had one hundred twenty days in which to outline any action that he's previously said he doesn't want. to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia. he's written to a cd. a member of the senate committee on foreign affairs saying the trumpet
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ministration will seek accountability for khashoggi in the lesson he says we will continue to use the relevant authorities as appropriate to promote accountability for the murder of misc and impose tangible and significant consequences on those responsible mike hanna has more from washington. president trump departs for his annual medical exam declining to answer shouted questions on any subject all indications are will be no response to the deadline set by the senate following the murder of jamal khashoggi the senate sent a letter to president trump invoking the global magnitsky act which gave president trump one hundred twenty days to investigate the murder and impose sanctions against those responsible in a follow up letter to the senate asa president to specifically investigate any role the crown prince mohammed bin solomon or m.p.'s may have played in the murder in
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b.s. the crown prince is a wrecking ball. and he's complicit in the murder mystery because shogi think he's crazy. think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk but president trump has steadfastly insisted the us solve the relationship is more important than establishing accountability for murder it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first saudi arabia's senior diplomat continues to deny any involvement by the kingdom's leaders in the murder refusing to react to a new york times report that the crown prince is on record as saying he would use a bullet on jamal khashoggi. the report dismissed as based on unknown sources and the following tweet posted on the saudi foreign ministry account we will hold who
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are responsible for the death of her showed she to account the question is what happens now the president has ignored the ultimatum the answer is simply nothing there are no punitive measures involved in this process which essentially relies on the good faith of all parties something the president's critics contend is absent in the white house but the stairs not mean an end to the matter the question of accountability for jamal khashoggi murder has ridge bipartisan support in congress and the motion is agreed to and legislation seeking sanctions against saudi arabia and possibly the crown prince specifically is being widely discussed in both house and senate mike hanna al-jazeera washington more now from our correspondent stephanie deca who's in istanbul. turkey has been calling for an international investigation throughout the last four months since the murder. took place the
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foreign minister it's rated to reporters but the reality is this that it will need a u.n. security council vote and because of the political nature of this story how loaded it is and how sensitive it is many people will tell you that certain countries will be using their veto when it comes to that another thing is another thing that the foreign minister said is that they wanted other countries on board when calling for this investigation this is because. of would a direct confrontation on its own with riyadh at the moment we have the only independent voice really when it comes to this. the un special rapporteur for extra judicial killings looking into. the killing the murder of. spent a week here in turkey she will be speaking to the cia to the americans to see what kind of intelligence they have and she will be issuing her findings to the u.n. human rights council end of may june of this year and i think turkey has made it
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clear that they are willing to wait until then and then see how to move forward the bottom line is that it seemingly very very complicated to get to the bottom of who ordered the killing and of course the body of. has still not been found. in the shooting is there a senior political analyst. it looks very much as though the white house is going to continue to sit on its hands is there a real danger that those responsible at the highest level for the murder of jamal khashoggi could go scot free it doesn't look like it. seems to hope that that does somehow dissipate disappear but clearly the administration just far has determined that it's not going to determine what happened. and by the way that does remind me of how the obama administration decided decided to determine that it will not determine what happened to president morsi and why sisi has created the
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coup he did a coup or not a call you said we did not determine i think here we are now in the midst of we are determined not to determine. but this is very much in line with what president tom said in the very beginning he said well he maybe he did maybe he didn't we will never know but he's leaving it there nonetheless it does seem very much as though the mood in congress the new congress starting at the beginning of this month last month has got a very different agenda and there could be a real possibility is that they force the white house into some form of that absolutely i think the pressure from congress is is to layer one layer is because they actually want to find out what happened to a washington post journalist slash american resident and to because they have an issue with the trump administration and the way it does try to evade responsibility all the time and the fact that the american media is behind congress and this the fact that every day or so we have a new. discovery or
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a new news about some new implications as we just heard the new york times every other day discover something that even the washington post today we hear something about the national enquirer somehow finding that there are some saudi hands in some plot of some sort with trump what but with president trump. and perhaps others against the washington post and its publisher jeff bezos so every day there is new scandal and i think congress is gaining steam by that and you know congress is very patient i mean they will take their time for the next two years in order to continue to drain if you will the swamp or from around president trump and meanwhile the turks have not made the decisive move of going to the u.n. secretary general and asking to trigger this international inquiry which is what they say they so desire what's stopping them what's preventing them from taking
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what could be a fairly decisive step i think the turks have learned their lessons over the last few years i think they prefer to work multilateral. really then unilaterally i think there are more than one state that is interested in the result of such a u.n. inquiry and i think they don't want to go it alone but i think also there is there's a bit of a portion of them here i mean the turks are benefiting and they benefit every day and present or do on it in particular i think he probably has a personal issue here because this or member it was my habit the so man that cold turkey do on us part of a triangle of evil just a few months ago so i think there is an issue here and the more this thing is protracted the turks are not losing anything if anyone needs to just get this thing over with the saudis but the saudis don't seem to budge they're not going to they're not telling us words about which is by the is the only thing we hear from the former foreign minister who is now basically a spokesperson was demoted in order to defend mohammedan sentiment is that this
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whole affair is a mistake a mistake i mean excuse my demonstration but if i just jump across the table or attack someone that's not a mistake that's a premeditated murder attack on a saudi citizen an american who has done so for the foreign minister until today to call this a mistake is a problem what must be the saudi calculation that at this stage as you've already alluded to. the scandal in the saga surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi gets ever wider almost by the mountain gets a even more weapon like what's their calculation as to how they're going to survive it in particular of course the crown prince you know at this point in time i think they're just trying to. cut their losses because let me just give you in thirty seconds what happened the last two years form from from june two thousand and seventeen to juice two thousand and eighteen after trump visit saudi arabia there
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has been such euphoria in riyadh especially the mohammedan selman that they start committing one forty after another blockading. doubling down in yemen humiliating an arab lebanon prime minister and so on so forth ending up with the killing of. but since the middle of last year. things are still really start to started blowing up in saudi face and i think as we've seen over the last eight nine months things are just getting worse by the day for the saudis they cannot do their economic projects they cannot build relations with the outside world they cannot in the war in yemen they're not ending the gulf crisis zones or so forth so there is we are now in the phase of blowback the question is have they become humble enough to admit their mistakes and start ending them one by by another for example start by ending the gulf crisis start by telling us where is by the is start cooperating with the u.n. investigation etc etc i think a bit of
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a humble attitude by the crown prince would probably be helpful at this point in the shower thank you. right let's go to venezuela now because the president is warning of catastrophic consequences if all of venezuela's oil shipments a blocked by u.s. sanctions now a senior white house official says the trumpet ministration is considering new sanctions last week the u.s. targeted ten billion dollars worth of oil assets and revenue the opposition leader who hasn't ruled out u.s. intervention to force nicolas maduro from power meanwhile at the border aid is still being blocked by my daughter's military last night on the international our national sovereignty is made vulnerable with a show called humanitarian aid and peace is threatened by the government of mr donald trump who last sunday in a televised interview ratified his threat of a military invasion against venezuela in venezuela they have driven us to the point
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that libya was taken or that syria was taken to the point of unarmed opposition they have attempted out who have not allowed them to and venezuela is a piece. america editor lucio newman reports now from the city of san cristobal that's close to the border with colombia. food and medicine on display in colombia right on the border with neighboring venezuela tons of humanitarian aid donated by the united states and colombia for venezuela are part of a strategy not just to help the needy but to undermine him battled president nicolas maduro. the u.s. ambassador made an appeal in spanish to venezuela's military to defy my order not to let it pass. you will have to make a decision that will always be remembered by your parents your brother and sisters and your daughters the or maybe your decision. just across the border the military
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is so far following orders i'm less than one hundred meters from the entrance to the last ordering a bridge which separates venezuela from colombia and from the humanitarian aid that's been collected on the other side of that bridge and for the first time and since dawn members of the national guard have been the boy here and have declared this area as national security zone. a handful of demonstrators waved flags and taunted the soldiers. but in the nearby city of sunken storm a far larger group has been demonstrating for days demanding that humanitarian aid to be allowed in i mean americans they took away my health benefits and i can't afford to go to colombia to buy the drugs for my cancer treatment my daughter is a diabetic and needs insulin injections daily and we can't get that aid there despite these stories president appears determined to keep the foreign aid out describing the offer as a thinly disguised act of foreign intervention. bill is what it will not allow the
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show of force humanitarian aid because we're not simply. on the other side. interim president why doest seems hopeful that he can provide what little cannot while at the same time tempting the military to change sides and if they don't there's a plan b. you know me better get up we're going to i am convinced that we will get through with the guinness whalen's people people and more people carrying the humanitarian aid people many people and their people making a humanitarian corridor or a reality. exactly how president my little plans to play his hand is still not so clear. as opposition supporters here at the border prepare for what is almost certain to be a confrontation. you see in human sangley stalled out of venezuela
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right we can speak now to victoria fontana who's professor of peace studies at the american university of afghanistan and she's joining us live now from kabul thank you very much indeed for talking to us. i just want to look at what the implications are of this shipment of aid beyond medicines beyond food what else does this moment of aid actually carry with it i mean some have called it possibly a trojan horse yes absolutely and this is the man who or what ministry that this humanitarian aid is actually needed to immediately cool and i guess for humanitarian aid. which is not the usual for. the nations is really what is concerned about the we're not just a former enemy of the humanitarian aid and what's what's specific about the timing there. well there has been recognition from foreign governments all.
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playing. to power and that is swell up and i guess that the fact that humanitarian aid now will be arriving at this precise time will actually finish to do. the administration of week or less the internet and so from that perspective it can be it can be huge to other attempts in the past of foreign governments using humanitarian action for political aims indeed particularly in the latin america region of course the u.s. has in the past disguise weapons and arms as humanitarian aid so perhaps the venezuelan government has good reason to be suspicious but on the other hand they're also having to contemplate many many millions of of their population in dire need in their suffering on a daily basis so that's something that has to be weighed by the government. oh
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absolutely and i think it's important to remember that in two thousand and seventeen in march two thousand. government has allowed the united nations development program to actually provide assistance to the. pharmaceutical industry so they are president of the even as well of government actually allowing this humanitarian aid but again it's the form and it's the timing that's important it's steve's victoria funtown thank you very much indeed for joining us live from the afghan capital kabul thank you thank you. we've got a lot more to come on this news hour including a royal rejection rejection why the thai princess who wanted to be prime minister has been dropped by her party. i'm natasha boxer in the french village where i little know how many planned the iranian revolution. and in sports to ski
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legends prepare to say goodbye for the last time at the world championships that's coming up in sport with a leer. israeli forces say they've arrested a palestinian man in connection with the murder of a teenager ghanem was arrested during a raid at a mosque in the occupied west bank he's being questioned over the death of nineteen year old israeli backer he was killed in jerusalem on thursday ghanem tension has led to violence between palestinian protesters and israeli forces a funeral has been held in gaza for a full team year old palestinian boy who was killed by israeli forces. b. was shot on friday in protest at the border between gaza and israel palestinians have been staging weekly demonstrations at that border for almost
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a year now. at least two people have been killed and fourteen police officers have been injured in protests in haiti's capital port au prince thousands of people are demanding the president step down accusing him of in action against corruption says kevin calvert ripples he. is refusing to go. they marched chanted and demonstrated and thousands demanding the resignation of haiti's president. of the protests turned violent as some four with police used tear gas and fired several bullets into the ear to disperse the crowd. across the capital port au prince protest to set fire to vehicles and a gas station the backdrop to the unrest as a stagnating economy failing currency and soaring inflation issues the president
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always had promised to fight when he was inaugurated in february twenty seventh. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution but haitians have been demanding change for a while now protests over corruption began last year after a pause of money disappearing from the venezuelan aid program then came a controversial fuel price increase proposal in july that sent thousands on to the streets. the government suspended the decision and prime minister jacques guy. resigned after four people were killed during protests against the price hike a massive population that you can't tell your story like it's impossible that's one
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of the main reasons that we decided to stand up with the people people know that people with the hope. the lightest protests follow another report on corruption by the superior court of order says this has further angered the opposition for several years we will not stop we will continue on the eighth and ninth of february to finish with president bowie's if he does not want to step down from bar we are going to name an interim president in the coming days. he has had a difficult few years battling a cholera epidemic the aftermath of the twenty thousand earthquake and political turmoil but corruption is a big problem and many haitians want it to change given calvert out zero zero nine hundred seventy nine ayatollah khomeini returned to iran from exile and from france's involvement in the rainy and revolution was complex as paris maintained relations with both sides since then that complexity as india and that's
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just about to look at france's role. it was a turning point in the iranian revolution ayatollah khomeini arriving in tehran in february one nine hundred seventy nine after fourteen years in exile in iraq and france with hominy on the flight from paris was apple has son bunny saga who later became the islamic republic's first president today benny sajid lives in exile in frogs he fled iran in one thousand eighty one but his memories of that flight forty years ago on fifty eight. some fit the plane would be shot down naturally we were scared but the excitement was stronger after thirty years of exile to see iran in the people it was more than we could imagine the enthusiasm the joy and. bunny sighed helped commenee during his exile in france in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he says france was chosen because iranians didn't need visas
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at the time and there was freedom of expression the french government was an ally of iran sharp it didn't prevent a common he's a rival saying he was free to visit for nearly five months the ayatollah lived in the countryside near paris it was in this quiet village on this street that ayatollah khomeini planned the iranian revolution and each day dozens of his followers from across europe would come here to watch him pray and listen to him preach you. the french government had hoped that harmony would bring iran democracy but if you changed after nine hundred seventy nine and for once france realized this wasn't just a transitory state and harmony's role wasn't only symbolic the french began to rethink then events such as the u.s. embassy hostage crisis meant france really changed its mind in the one nine hundred eighty s. france backed baghdad in the iran iraq war and relations with tehran broke down they continued to be strained for decades relations improved in twenty fifteen when
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france signed the iran nuclear deal they're far from wanted a presidency matter will not cost supports dialogue with tehran. paris's iran as the only stable poland's middle east a ship that disappeared iraq and syria over. isn't just a great power to prison and clarke or like obama believes iraq is a region's only country of the future of last year the french government accused iranian security forces of plotting to kill iranian m.-e. k. opposition activists on french soil it was the latest sign for france the forty years after the revolution iran is some way from being the reliable ally the paris has long wished for its ash butler al-jazeera nothing to france or yellow vest protests are demonstrating in the french capital for a thirteenth consecutive weekend more than two thousand people both protesters and police have been injured since the demonstrations started in november over economic
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incentives in france and since grown into a wider anti government movement calling for president macross resignation. hi there we're going to go back to an earlier story that of the situation in haiti there have been protests ongoing protests several protesters have been killed several policemen have been injured and there are accusations of corruption on a grand scale let's speak now to etc male who is economist and a professor at. university is also the author of haiti has chosen to be a poor country and he's joining us now from the haitian capital port au prince thank you very much for talking to us the situation in haiti at the moment seems to be a toxic blend of government incompetence coupled with economic downturn. thank you for having me exactly which is actually
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a very unstable situation because the government actually facing a very very bad economic situation all for president. resubmission it's very difficult. people has to stay in or. the government can't even ensure security for. it so is it fair then the protesters a baying for the president's blood as it were they wanted to set down isn't this just a situation that's beyond his control. i don't know i mean the government is trying to control the situation but i don't know for the coming days how it is going to. be but for now let's say it's a very fragile situation and the government has still some you know some you have to have to show they can do something better to react to give response
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because the population actually facing for saying. there's a lot of problem financial problem and it's getting worse if we ride a with the with the with the rising prices on the commodities and it's getting very difficult now and i mean you say that it's down to the government to come up with a plan what are the options that be for president of an al maurice what can he do. now that the first thing should be like a good signal for the government to cut the expenses because people actually are frustrated when they can't survive while this government authorities actually leaving a service life so that's the problem there is the frustration that people are actually having and so the government should really do more straight that the
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working for the people to do to do it quickly strategy to win force not only the local currency with all those to cut the budget deficit but also to to do some. action that can very quickly when for the local production. and tell me so that the government is taking an awful lot of flak for this i'm just wanting to think of another government would do any better i mean the question really is how far is this in the hands of haitian authorities and how far is it being determined by outside forces yeah i think it's going to be easy for even another government because the situation is very difficult when i talk about a country where for lack of resources because we don't have to carry be anymore to
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support them the venezuelan government the head forming national community is is even like a smaller than ever and it's become more difficult for the government now to keep out of the budget. and so into give response so that people so i think if we need like maybe smaller government with very intelligent and very hard choices to be made and to ensure like the confidence and so why now we don't have confidence the government have been giving promises all the work and biases for for two years now and depopulation and is tired of working biases and doing what actions so i think the first thing is to to build this confidence and also to lily show that the government and all the two it is can leave. in the day you can actually make some
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sacrifice for to cut the expenses right and actually end up being that we've helped to the budget deficit we we had and other i mentioned ok i'm afraid i have to tap into that. thank you very much it's been very good to talk to you live from the haitian capital put of france. thank you rumors there are surely is largest cities sydney has been lashed by severe storms causing flash flooding and cutting power to thousands of homes the downpour follows record rainfall in queensland last week which has led to flooding in the state's northwest now australia's agriculture minister has toured the area where hundreds of thousands of cattle have died the military's delivering fodder to stranded cattle. right ever ten is here now is going to give us the very latest particularly for the east
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coast of australia how's it going well i think things will start to improve as we go through the next couple days actually marty said the worst does appear to be over but it has been an incredible couple of weeks not just for queensland of course but also for a sydney in new south wales you look at the satellite picture you can see the two areas of cloud responsible for both of these awful incident says that one in two were sydney and then further north so that little circulation is just off the cape york peninsula drifting out now into the coral sea you have got a much improved situation coming through there's a clear skies at long last over townsville and except for sydney the worst of that cloud and great is now to the north and east of the city where this was typical picture of the cloud as it came rolling through during the course of our friday massive downpours widespread flooding as a result of that only lasted for an hour or so but it did do an incredible amounts of damage and cause widespread disruption as we go on through the coming hours you can see how that will continue to drive away clear skies come back in behind to
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sydney on sunday atop temperature twenty four celsius and we're back in the sunshine ten degrees warmer than that for townsville we've got a few showers just around the cape york peninsula to the north of that and that's pretty much where they are going to stay over the next couple of days that eastern side of the country still with a chance of one of two showers but by and large marty is looking lassie fine and dry. evident thank you very much still to come here on the al-jazeera news dozens of people die in india after drinking contaminated lekha. elephant a year on how some of the gloss is gone from the home of south korea's winter olympics. and from the failed to the crane this former n.f.l. quarterback pulled off a one on the shelf at pebble beach. with the sport. reinvestigate
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the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examined exactly what is hiding beneath all this toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage nigeria books their world showcase is the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome on the contrary the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining towns questions their heritage on al-jazeera. t.v. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter and demands on al-jazeera.
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covers take over the top. stories here on the al-jazeera news the deadline has passed for donald trump to decide whether he and impose sanctions on saudi officials over the murder of jamal khashoggi under the magnitsky act the president must outline what action he intends to take that israel as president has warned of catastrophic consequences if all of its all shipments are blocked by u.s. sanctions they harassed my daughter is refusing to allow aid from the u.s. in these countries. at least three people have died and fourteen police officers injured during violence in haiti's capital thousands of haitians are demanding
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their president step down over accusations of corruption. that dozens of people have died in northern india after consuming contaminated alcohol the government has ordered a crackdown after three separate incidents within the past few days priyanka gupta reports. people in the northern indian city of saharanpur are in shock families of those killed by contaminated alcohol are trying to piece together what happened to cities and a town in the same region coping with the same crisis. he complained of severe stomach ache so i took him to get an injection he was better then slept after coming back home the pain came back so we took him to the hospital again a steady stream of patients are being we didn't to nearby hospitals time is of essence . those who couldn't be saved are piled into trucks but these are just the cases
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that have come to light only we are trying to find out if anyone else has consumed the liquor has been kept in any other homes we are investigating the state governments of through our kind. have promised to crack down on illegally brewed alcohol cham are important to spend a six foreign portman officials including the third this. instructor among others who are responsible for curbing these kind of illegal train according to a latest government report at least fifteen hundred indians died from ticking contaminated alcohol in twenty fifteen the victims are often from poor communities who are unable to afford liquor from licensed shops and buy it from suppliers who use toxic chemicals and even pesticides to save costs priyanka look the see her. attire position party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of his eldest sister the prime minister in
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a palace statement the king long corn described princess spared for office as inappropriate and unconstitutional the thai rak said chart party wanted her to run against the current prime minister who is a former army general who led a military coup in two of the fourteen election commission will now have the final say on her candidacy scott has more from bangkok. the princess and her party on saturday making statements about what has transpired over friday and in to saturday particularly what happened late friday night with that king's statement saying that was unconstitutional for her to be on the ballot for prime minister now she said in an instagram posting she thanked her supporters and sent a message of love her party said that they have disbanded all campaigning for the time being they said that they will abide by the king's statements on friday night now what how and where things go from here we know that the election commission
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will be meeting on monday morning yes to discuss what has happened over the last couple of days we knew that they were going to have to meet anyway because some of the other parties particular the pro-military party had raised question about the princess being on the ticket for prime minister that was even before the king statement so we know we'll get some possible clarity maybe some answers on monday morning when the election commission meets but we're also hearing because the king had mentioned that this is unconstitutional and other parties saying it was illegal the constitutional court might also become involved on monday so these meetings happening monday morning will hopefully give some clarity as to what's going to happen moving forward the leaders from across africa addus of of for the annual african union summit this year the theme is refugees and internally displaced people more than twenty six percent of the world's refugees all own the continent of africa that's according to the un's refugee agency around one point four million of them are in uganda alone and three different african countries are among the top
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ten countries and seeing refugees and the number of displaced people continues to rise and that's mainly because of conflict malcolm webb reports now from the capital. i share a sunni was thirteen years old when she says government forces attacked villages you don. seven years on things have picked up she plays volleyball every week at the center for refugees in ethiopia's capital addison ababa that's where she fled with her family we have almost three months since. only. to live in. north to two months. and i'm going all. the refugees here from nearly twenty countries the center also provides them with child care and language classes. the people here
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are among more than twenty million in africa who fled oppression and conflicts but they are luckier than most they've made it to the city they can benefit from the facilities here at this center many a stuck in camps. conditions are usually poor the south sudanese refugees in uganda say humanitarian aid is not enough africa has more refugees and internally displaced people than any other continent african leaders say they're going to do something about it as they meet for the african union's annual summit in addis ababa refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead. the a u.s. political affairs commissioner says it'll work to prevent the causes of displacement. violet human rights for your people and we will talk to you say to you what do you dream is not good you should. leaders are also
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expected to talk about efforts to reform the african union but observers are wondering if other pressing issues will be addressed such as the recent protests and government crackdowns in sudan and zimbabwe. talking about cheese with out discussing why people love being forced to flee from the us they're responsible for the oppression and the conflict. back at the center for refugees these men from eritrea sing songs from home. people here are getting by many more who were displaced across the continent on not. to take more than a new theme the african union to change that. web al-jazeera. ethiopia the turkish president has said there are many lessons to learn from the collapse of a residential building in istanbul try better one has been to the scene of the
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destruction at least eighteen people died when the eight story building collapsed on wednesday the cause is being investigated but officials say some of the top floors were built illegally. at least one person aside and almost a hundred others have been injured when two trains collided in spain it happened in northwestern barcelona one of the trains was heading to barcelona and the other was on its way to man the rest on the same track. the pilon chang winter olympics were hailed as a big success in paving the way for friendly have relations between south and north korea but as celebrations begin marking the first anniversary there's also going controversy over the use of the games venue's south korea correspondent robin wright reports now from pyongyang. on this first anniversary it's seen
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as a just cause for celebration. the so-called peace olympics are credited with the stablish ing friendly relations between north and south korea and history may show they lead to a long term reconciliation between north korea and the u.s. . only between the construction of infrastructure for the pyong china lympics has helped to bring in more tourists. all more than anything the olympics paved the way for improving the into korean relations and promoting peace it became a starting point in resolving the nuclear issue. as one of the olympic hubs the coastal city of gang known hosted the ice rink events new roads and high speed rail links mean it's now just a couple of hours from the other more developed side of the korean peninsula and the local government is looking at ways of using the specially built venues.
4:45 pm
with the peace process moved away from the threat of war the province was not well known overseas but with the olympics last year three million foreigners visited here. but drive up into the mountains around pyong chiang itself and the olympic legacy loses some of its glamour people and business owners have criticised the failure to maintain some of the facilities here. the main stadium which stage the opening ceremony is now gone with just a statue marking its location. celebrations to mark the first anniversary combined with the lunar new year holiday means that visitor numbers are up again but whether that can be sustained is far from certain the mountain that was once the venue for the downhill skiing events now lies bare local residents of set up a protest camp here they want the government to keep the chairlift and other
4:46 pm
facilities going to keep the visitors coming. the country as a whole benefited from the olympics and relations with the north improved as well but people here have been forgotten about they may come to be remembered well beyond pyong chang as the games that lead to peace but for people living in the shadow of the imposing venue's their legacy will be far more mixed rob mcbride al jazeera young chang south korea. still to come in sports with how cases of backwind flu have plunged racing in britain into crisis coming up in just a little while. with the most people in the world production is under increasing strain to keep pace with a growing global population sirrahs environmental solutions program discovers new
4:47 pm
ways of feeding the world sustainably folksong eighty thousand just on this bit of liquid it's unbelievable to see the vegetable of the scene right there. on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very. vivid in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. with the people believed to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
4:48 pm
his time with us will seize now with leah thank you martine wall and investigation is underway in rio after a fire killed ten young footballers at the flamingo training ground the cause is unknown but government officials say the club did not have permission to house the students david stokes reports. a club in mourning flamingos flag at half staff after it was confirmed that old ten people killed in friday's fire were teenagers age fourteen to sixteen who are the played for the club on trial that. firefighters had arrived just after five am to find the dormitories engulfed in flames they were unable to rescue the youngsters trapped inside and though she survived were left to reflect on how easily it could have been them i want you
4:49 pm
turning in the morning was cancelled so my mother insisted that i go back home i wasn't meant to but she insisted that i come back we all spend time together every day it's going to be very empty without them is. another survivor posted this old video of his teammates in one of the dorms saying look how happy we were at the boy wearing the red jacket here a philip paxo was one of those who lost his life in the fire it's not unusual for football clubs in brazil to haue young players especially those from poor backgrounds but the rio mez office claims flamengo was not actually authorized to build accommodation at the training complex which had only recently reopened after a six point two million dollars make over. known as the vultures nest it's produced some of football's biggest stars including zico junior leonardo and vinicius jr who joined real madrid last year high profile players and high profile friends too
4:50 pm
including brazil's vice president i mean. really sad not just as a flamingo fan but as a brazilian as a citizen because those who are young blunts lost unfortunately it happens and now it sounds to give support to the families that lost their loved ones the community in rio is struggling to come to terms with what's happened hundreds of people attended a mass in the city on friday night many of them friends of those who were killed. it's a lot of sadness i share every day with them. and next training session they will not be that essentially now i feel that in every match if i score a goal or enjoy a victory or a title it will be for them from a senior team game on saturday has been pursued by and rival teams in clubs around the world have offered help including the use of psychologists and medical staff three youngsters remain in hospital and an investigation is underway as to exactly
4:51 pm
what caused the fire in the first place david stokes al-jazeera well manchester united are on course to move into the top four of the champions league in the english premier league they're up to nil at full and although the other teams have not yet played later liverpool can go back to the top of the standings though they'll need at least a draw against bournemouth liverpool's manager is aware his team's fans are nervous but says he's not paying much attention to his death. i got a message this week and i think that's another sign that something obviously the people think i need to have and i don't need to have thank you very much but it's i'm fine but it's like that in the last ten games city dropped twelve points and we dropped seven so and by i didn't know that i had to go big like that but that's that's it's not this is interesting for me that it's not really interesting but obviously the view from outside is completely different the qatar based sports channel b.n. has not renewed its contract to show formula one races really mean saudi arabia's
4:52 pm
piracy i mean the sport has to find a new regional platform ahead of the new season beginning in march the television channel be out q emerged in two thousand and seventeen after saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt launched a diplomatic and trade blockade of qatar f one races feature on the channel which is widely available in saudi arabia b. and sports though which also has rights to many major football leagues has urged sports bodies to take action against the illegal broadcasts retirements are making headlines at the ski championships this year on sunday u.s. skiing legend lindsey vonn will retire from the sport and on saturday the norwegian downhill skier acts alone does vandal raced for his last time the olympic downhill champion competed at the world championships and or a sweden he finished second in what is the last race of his career spenda has competed in for a one picks and won thirty six world cups races races during a glittering career. now to the n.b.a.
4:53 pm
and anthony davis was booed in the first game back after asking for a trade from the new orleans pelicans but he still scored thirty two points in their win over the minnesota timberwolves and over on the east coast the philadelphia seventy six ers made several trades before friday's deadline for their new look team then went on to beat the denver nuggets j.j. redick scored thirty four points to lift them to a one seventeen one ten. there was a wet and wild finish to the second round of golf pebble beach program and california four time winner phil mickelson bogeyed three holes straight before setting his round with a birdie on the last season if five we share of the league jordan speed's had to endure the brunt of the rain though but hung on to finish alongside mickelson glover casey and langley at the top of the leaderboard the round was later suspended with forty four players still to finish. but the shot of the day definitely came from tony romo the former dallas cowboys
4:54 pm
quarterback found himself on the deck of the hospitality tent with his wayward drive on the fifteenth but romo who's trying to become a professional golfer himself almost holed out from there sticking the ball close enough to the pen to make a third birdie in a row no surprise when you hear that romo is playing with henry down clubs from both jordan speed and tiger woods. will six horses have been diagnosed with echo and flu with three confirmed cases in britain all of the horses are from the same stable but the highly contagious virus has led to canceling horse races across the country until at least wednesday in the hayward reports. they should be getting ready to compete but no one's quite sure when the next race will be u.k. racing is in lockdown after an outbreak of acquiring flu at his base in the english midlands is trying to ensure the horses he trains remain by we're spree that have
4:55 pm
been down the line anybody and i was side people including the owners so they explained the situation and they all understand. minimizing the risk of anybody bringing the disease into the so no horses are allowed to leave. leave leave the property and still come in the gallop not leaving a problem no you're also allowed in. six races would you to take place in central england on friday but the blanket ban to try to contain the virus meant they couldn't go ahead and every day lost on the track results in a racecourse losing thousands of dollars in income. this course should be the hive of activity with the stars and the whole thing is done bring down the track to the finish line instead it is empty the shut down was twenty three vaccinated. tested positive for lou it is rarely fatal but it is highly contagious
4:56 pm
but have been carrying out tests at racing yards up and down the country to establish if the outbreak has spread makes a horse feel quite rubbish for quite a while so you present with a sort of a dry hacking cough. quite rubbish you know up to a few months and i can really take out training and take me out of the race course you know that really needs to be on top of the training. in the u.k. is highly regulated with regards to welfare and biosecurity and it is hugely lucrative worth nearly four and a half billion dollars to the u.k. economy every year getting back on track in time for the season's biggest races quickly is in everyone's interests emma haywood al-jazeera in central england. already that's it for me back to you marty thank you very much indeed. do stay with us here at. that's over the news but nonetheless i'll be back in
4:57 pm
a moment or two with much more of the day's news we'll be getting the very lazy is from the venezuelan capital in particular. the persian. leah and her husband gavin were sleeping when four teenagers broke down the back. the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever
4:58 pm
the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival of federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and knowing there was a fort bragg added because of my role in all it feel or some of it was because the place because i'm involved in the start of choice and they just play ball and that crowd it all narrative is in the media at the top in a lot of political pressure. these people commit crime and every single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to base cypher have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. rewind returns a fair bring your people back to life from start with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the joke of that plus
4:59 pm
a no like and the others through the rewind continues with joseph's journey this is a. struggle continuous book. from bob did to now. of course use distance rewind on al-jazeera it's forty years since i saw the khomeini return from exile to lead a historic revolution in iran. a moment the transformed the country shapes a man's relationship with the wider world to this day join us for special coverage of the iran the evolution forty years on on al-jazeera the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the boat comes route begins to close for refugee miss it. it's become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. ground
5:00 pm
a witness documentary on al-jazeera. stalemate at the border the aid that's going nowhere as venezuelan forces not to let him. hello again i'm with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up in this program. ministration misses a legal deadline to say what it intends to do about saudi arabia and jamal khashoggi is murder.


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