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tv   An Eye For An Eye In Iraq  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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in several villages in northern india the majority of the dead were from the village of bell poor in for a count the government ordered a crackdown after three separate incidents in the past few days eight suspected suppliers have been arrested. it appears donald trump will not take any action against saudi officials for the murder of jamal khashoggi the deadlines pass the u.s. president to tell congress whether he will impose sanctions on the kingdom he's previously said he doesn't want his children issued to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia israeli forces say they've arrested a palestinian man in connection with the murder of a teenager and was arrested during a raid at a mosque in the occupied west bank is being questioned about the death of nineteen year old israeli yuri. was killed in jerusalem and thursday. and most late has headlines here on al-jazeera more news in about twenty five minutes time do stay with us though people in power an eye for an eye in iraq is coming next.
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for over three years i ceased control to terrorized college costs of moving back to just driven out in late two thousand and seventeen local militias began searching for fugitives reaching out the harshest justice on suspect fighters and civilians collaborators one of the most vengeful malicious is led by a woman that she just told her clawing went to me to.
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how many years how do. you are saying the old. me nothing the out of all of. you to see the big of them down with you off the idea tell. us what i mean it's. saying this now sharon got cheated in order for you talk and on why he die a nothing yet a case of no yamaka yes and a do to open me don't close me. between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and seventeen launch an area of northern iraq well into isis control. us back to iraqi forces we covered this territory. by september two thousand and
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sixteen but managed to push the insurgents out of the cities you can pull shit district which lies between the cities it to create in mosul. isolated pockets of isis resistance remained. the task of mopping up isis resistance and check out what's been left in the hands of different local militias one of the most high profile of these is led by we're here to mohammad al jamal the better known as a model. i think that there is special for you and i disappointed never let anything. on my i mean if you're not an understanding and i know many muslims and you know. that this is the photo of it all and these are quite a. whole ft she is special in height. so.
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we're unsure cat about eighty kilometers south of mosul accompanied by our interpreter we're about to meet the local militias near legendary commander that is it. so. warmly received by wahid a mohammed first glance it's hard to imagine how this forty year old woman could have such a ferocious reputation but she and her eighty man militia played a key role in driving out of town and i've since shown the determination to keep it that way. and. a lot.
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of it's been home and. surrounds us africa. more than our. mamie is each other sure. and. i says to clover she caught in the summer of two thousand and fourteen and life for many of the region's hundred thousand strong population became a nightmare but what he did tells us not everyone here was against their presence. hired men. or. other was an image i would. do one minute.
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and involved have done. when got enough so highly and so as. we move onto what he does headquarters to meet some of her militiamen. she took over that command from her husband who was killed fighting insurgents. for a woman to wield such authority is still very rare in the arab world. but having been there the. militias like these cannot keep the peace as much of northern iraq. the regular iraqi army has been severely depleted of both men and resources. battle to ensure the territory but without the support of six local groups its fate isis still attempt to reestablish presents. the men follow what he did without question . constantly vigilant thinks the insurgent force is still at large in the area.
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which is so often my job. to. defend to the task. but to shout about. the horn over the shop. overseas so often my job. over the past two years we're here to survive numerous attempts on her life. as a female commander she's a symbolic target for the likes of isis enough. that she's paid a high price for her to finance. the subtle model kind of how to yanni how do you know how to. channel. the general on the fifth. of what we have had off meds but in the let's.
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go over shame mob want to be bad in the title of a shot of god look to the islam are going to come again it's been need to be used to. allow that ash the ruthlessness shown by isis joining its years of control has left an as yet unquenched appetite for revenge against those who've lost loved ones. going to our former dates i've been in combat and i. do know. there's a foreigner. and that's either. because it could be a few months back but the view of the cons of the island thank goodness when i'm shut in on the mail full of the stuff in the shit. and. not that such a good teacher. is a willing to discuss on camera about what she does with the prisoners whether the
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much to the facebook page a big formal. position finance these are all blue dishes the main house and main house and me for media for more main houses not. being gay i'll say i'll submit the book is racial wasn't made. it was almost did i know what i am was some of us and what about belgium we're told that many of the town's inhabitants it be isis sympathizers. now the family elders are quick to come out and pay homage you know if you're one of them are you. going to lie. but i just just although i says control over this part of iraq has been suppressed full central government authority has yet to fill the vacuum. in the meantime what he does militia is the only effective law and order presence. but what that means in practical terms hasn't yet become clear.
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the next morning we get a chance to find out more breaking to investigate reports the families accuse of having ties with insurgents have been on the receiving end of punishment. but he this fight is getting ready for an operation. and they're going to push them around she disappeared cigarettes. she wants to hit the road and head to a village or battle with militants is on the way. given permission to write about. although the area has been liberated isolated isis cells are still capable of launching sporadic attacks. the closer we get to the fighting the greater the number of checkpoints manned by iraqi forces. have to go to the
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village stopped by another local militia. one must after just. get myself a new. look at all of their nigeria. international film and. just about how you got to i mean how in the. truck. it's. easy. still wanting. welcome psychotronics ok what are some good examples of this that. were taken to a field where we are shown iraqi army weapons and ammunition captured by isis and
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now recovered from the insurgents that are now back in the hands of the local militia having. more to say about what the right. is an old soul dies on. and the political pressure does have almost all of the. obvious it would model jaisha. as. i don't mean it so in a debate. where he didn't expect the console carefully looking for any items that could be of use to his unit . in the last. year because if you could seward. us a lot more. about it that. jani
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when they had any agenda mudge and. shannon lao and bill or she. is the mob what. i. thought about going. is a heroic figure to many iraqi soldiers fighting isis. as a woman she embodies the country's opposition to the group's fundamentalist ideology. and this becomes clear when iraqi regulars are rife with that command fresh from an engagement ring. when i did that it's time. for the follow them in look at the. rituals that i was present at the prison all of this sort of livelihood over the general
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makes plenty of times they were either a militia is an invaluable ally in the ongoing fight against isis but you want a child bots i love to come up. with generals it is very time that i want to relax. switching on the t.v. to watch european football. played. a gunman and i saw him it was a commotion outside. and. that isn't all that often that is new for voting it's make it invaluable to me how screwed on national t.v. . and they are has announced all the extra funding to make an hour from now for any good news over the dock i mean it's a matter of months or gametes. these transfers of the not officially permitted since we're told not to film. let me catch
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a glimpse of the two alleged isis men. offering six and aims in case me tear into a monitor for all for both the brits. and we were never. said to come at last so i don't know how much the two enemy a competent state would call on itself because i have a surprise bodies madonnas or. at least a woman believed to be working with isis has also been captured. i don't. you become a ok the item that's just not there to most of us about money but on the other minute up to the kind of a cover up that was mostly what thomas trying to do just about writing this article to say the least a good idea. was at the moment the woman was loaded up with two separate trucks for
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the male business and or driven convoy back towards where he was headquarters the further interrogation. of the people come up. on the way back to shake out some of the vehicles a hole to it in the middle of nowhere and. the commitment of others on the continent. of. our interpreter tells us why he just stopped the convoy to execute the two male captives clubs of the colony. now.
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ok i get it or. it turns out to have been a mock execution intended to terrify them to making confession. base orders the rest would be taken to an office. the men aloft in a container outside. the entrance b.m.i. down to them and said that the ok i just knew to. just any man in your home from morning you know is home for morning money news. and when you follow through here in the gulf fading in mind. that one dimension of his senate they're. going to offer you don't grow for several years but that's not ok it was used to in the.
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me of his image of him many many an occasion when he tells an evil monster to think that you need tough adela. because you know let's have all of that love comes in to look older than you big couldn't see what it. was a kid who you know michael very. little and then you just don't understand what to do and then he doesn't come sit up. so that they hear this over and then they've got to constantly got to come see it and then do it yourself and never them said he could and it was. not you know quite well done it yet he didn't want to do that's taking that into oh god that is that it cannot function but i said you can consider also you any of us here is nothing welcome to. fresh and it still i don't fucking much if you watched until all of my me what he did decides not to execute took prisoners immediately changed information where about to go to
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isis units. and operate out of an adventure. and you bad like a large batch well how did they wash o'fallon did not get around that it was funny at the house and the rejection and he got the how come i do know the severity of the line up until now my how when we don't know how to do what she. says about the office because i was going to tell you that the washer want us to let them go back to the venue now and you know i knew you were going to do one hundred and then i showed how the hatchet and bottom ask any of us to put your watch at the small animal must you know my father we know but you know such a gun isn't a business suit you know. i was just one what was good in the ring. our first.
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cousin was right and i know that it's done i don't know enough to back to the shop that was and how many i want. to. die that down oh my god they're going to do what i should trust that they were particularly offended because of. the i do know about how that is casual. after the isis fighters the question it's the woman's turn. is interrogating the judge kind of possible executioner over the long run. we hope all present will provide some protection for the prisoners. yes good move from me despite its birth oh mother left. i just don't feel like that look at.
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that shed so much light on our show with martha she will cherish that she had. more of a default. this is someone it's you know just trying to say that. are you. on the front i've been hearing oh you have to have just sent a chill up we've got a film i've done out of. my mind to see it in my mind it's image of what. it was when one of them was on his mind and i'm just having fun talking. to mr knight to make phone hot it. was surprised what he does interrogation has been comparatively mild. inside of me because i have it what has occurred to him to know what you are feeling to hear him inside of three of them is passing over you should all each condition i say we are. as a kind of and accounted for and while he has battled to sure do
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a bit. of the mark of a tan it to not. talk i am glad to do well out of the i had said that she was a harmless enough. to me. that she had them what did she know the next morning you get a better idea of how these communities are driven by thirst for retribution and individual families with ties to isis faces being expelled the homes and possessions destroyed for knocked a bit of advice a norma explosion. comes to find a blast when they should say how she and it's first. time to bude vollmer should i track for the fate of here take it from me is wrong to the families of the isis militants who lived here where she driven out some time ago another family with no connection to isis since occupied the houses but the buildings were still destroyed
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however if you have it to something in and. you do. when is it up to the new residents were lucky to escape law if the second as a mom got into. people. that he attacks like these with happening all over iraqi territory once controlled by isis. but i did live in are why he didn't you know hear the guy go. over. from the times it's not a hole. where he has yet to draw if the two isis prisoners are still in the container and often now the largest but it looks like the been beaten up yeah sure yes or. no. who is part of the.
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new kin of the higher for now i'm like from that and. films and photos show shows days. made to and over from the standards and marines to a status for more guns about hybrid adults and adults who can see a need to distance. itself i just don't know the power to small and fish attacks i left london with a. comes to know the answer value comes to no want well that's will be doing a lot of beer in can. almost saddam won't. john know what he did how would a sunday when how or. when how to get a hobby it would be a geminid slain only did ya bond only need. womanist odia. the buffett.
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gentlemen how to manage china how little trust it why. leda doesn't care much for online a fresh start or how should i trade instead she got his her man and sets off on another operation. revenge will be a powerful motivator for some time to come. for as long as we're filming with the militia the two isis suspect remained alive in the container. relates ahead of the day after we took our cameras away the men were executed. the young female suspect was released. of the tales of opera true justice have emerged from iraq since isis was rankest even some of the communities the once suffered dreadfully addresses controlled have paid a heavy price for their assumed guilt by association. it may take many years for
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this wounded nation to lay its violent past to rest. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the call of the new regime placed in different value in african life and repairs then abandoned for a life to mean we should be ashamed but for the same for for all country on living over to people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops they gave not the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera.
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rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from start with brian you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the fifth looks. like and the other student rewind continues with josef's journey this is a. struggle continuous book. from baghdad. to. use to students rewind on al-jazeera. it's the first day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing a rocket propelled grenade some mole to a nearby and out at full service. most helpful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old. as like the
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t.t.s. home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first day in school is hopeful because new friends would hope is that a company. aids to venezuela is stopped at the border the u.s. says it's only trying to help president by doors government calls it a political stunt. and i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from i had also ahead the trump administration misses a legal deadline to say what it intends to do about saudi arabia and.


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