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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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protests at the border between gaza and israel palestinians have been staging weekly demonstrations at the border for almost a year now at least thirty nine people have died in northern india after drinking contaminated alcohol governments ordered a crackdown after three separate cases and in just the space of a few days branco gupta reports. people in the northern indian city of saharanpur are in shock families of those killed by contaminated alcohol are trying to piece together what happened to cities and a town in the same region coping with the same crisis. he complained of severe stomach ache so i took him to get an injection he was better then slept after coming back home the pain came back so we took him to the hospital again a steady stream of patients are being wheeled into nearby hospitals time is of essence . those who couldn't be saved are piled into trucks but these are just the cases
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that have come to light only we are trying to find out if anyone else has consumed their liquor has been kept in any other homes we are investigating the state governments of through our kind and the provision have promised to crack down on illegally brewed alcohol cham are important because we have suspended six foreign portman officials including the inspector third the sub inspector among others who are responsible for curbing these kind of illegal train according to a latest government report at least fifteen hundred indians died from drinking contaminated alcohol and twenty fifteen the victims are often from poor communities who are unable to afford liquor from licensed shops and buy it from unregulated suppliers who used toxic chemicals and even pesticides to save costs priyanka took the zero. a tile position party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of his sister the prime minister in
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a palace statement came along calling described princess. office as inappropriate and unconstitutional a time rocks a chop party wants had to run against the prime minister for my army general who led and military than two thousand and fourteen scott high has more now from bangkok the princess and her party on saturday making statements about what has transpired over friday and in to saturday particularly what happened late friday night with that king's statement saying that was unconstitutional for her to be on the ballot for prime minister now she said in an instagram posting she thanked her supporters and sent a message of love her party said that they have disbanded all campaigning for the time being they said that they will abide by the king statements on friday night now what how and where things go from here we know that the election commission will be meeting on monday morning yes to discuss what has happened over the last couple of days we knew that they were going to have to meet anyway because some of
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the other parties particular the pro-military party had raised question about the princess being on the ticket for prime minister that was even before the king statement so we know we'll get some possible clarity maybe some answers on monday morning when the election commission meets but we're also hearing because the king had mentioned that this is unconstitutional and other parties saying it was illegal the constitutional court might also become involved on monday so these meetings happening monday morning will hopefully give some clarity as to what's going to happen moving forward. still have fun on the program. but i don't believe it is still going to lead to democratic senator elizabeth warren launches how to campaign for the presidential nomination setting out her vision for the twenty twenty election. and why ostrich farm and believes north macedonians new name could prevent his business taking off.
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it's been a rather blustery into the wake across northwestern part sophia of clouds and rain piling in the cross the british isles into the low countries down across a good part of france becomes and next weather system not quite as active but active enough temperatures seven been to bad but they will fall the way a touch in london eight degrees celsius at least the sort of england down through yorkshire lincolnshire east anglia and the southeast celsius then the cloud and the rain and that'll be the case too across the low countries ten celsius of paris in the winter who feel good do cooler than that rather more pleasant ten celsius there for vienna should be lousy dry here while the cloudy but some brightness to the best of the brightest will be down towards the southeast athens gets up to fourteen celsius just notice some wet weather there into the eastern side of the med for a time cyprus will see some right eclipse through as we go on through monday will be up in athens brought skies come back in behind to sixteen celsius their fifteen
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for rime and notice that disturbed weather coming in across the northwest tends to snow that around austria southern parts of germany to the north of that said other blustery day not quite as when they got stiff winds over the last i told non-self just for london and paris for a good ten degrees or so warmer than that across northern parts of africa and temperatures doing quite nice the analogy is that twenty degrees. in the fur thailand's of mesopotamia where the first settlements formed the cradle of civilization iraqi people who've depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers growing to the bible and pollution al-jazeera world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour the political crisis rocking venezuela is increasingly focused on a standoff over a consignment of u.s. aid built by troops in the colombian side of the border the opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country the u.s. fact syrian democratic forces say they've launched their final battle to push myself itself from a main focus of land in syria the kurdish that forces say the offensive is focused on the village of in eastern arizona province and at least thirty nine people have died in northern india after drinking contaminated alcohol at least twenty seven
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ill after consuming the drink which contain toxic methanol and several villages in . now seven people have been given life sentences of a gun and grenade attacks at the tunisian museum and beach resort in two thousand and fifteen sixty people were killed in the attacks which i still claim responsibility for other defendants receive prison sentences ranging from six months to sixteen is twenty seven were acquitted suspected mastermind behind the attacks sitting in a sunday is still at large and appears on trial will not take any action against saudi officials for the murder of jamal khashoggi the deadline has now passed for u.s. president to tell congress whether he'll impose sanctions on the kingdom on the legislation called the magnitsky act the president had one hundred twenty days to declare his course of action he's previously said he doesn't want the khashoggi issue to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia in other developments u.s.
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senator elizabeth warren has officially launched a twenty twenty presidential bid in massachusetts democrat made the announcement in lawrence northwest of boston before heading off on a seven state organizing top campaign has centered on workers' rights fair wages and access to health care. this is the fight of our lives the fight to build an america where dreams are possible an america that works for everyone. and graham is flying i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president of thing. i did castro washington has more on this. senator elizabeth warren has tried to establish herself as
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a liberal firebrand when it comes to reforming wealth distribution in the u.s. her latest proposal has been a wealth tax on the ultra wealthy people making more than fifty million dollars however her platform which is popular with liberal base has also been dogged by controversy her claims of having native american ancestry able to skate from that controversy with the latest headlines in the u.s. media of warren claiming to be native american as her race in one thousand eighty six was just ration card in the problem with that isn't just that warren's ancestry with native americans is very distant but the fact that this opens her to attack from donald trump in fact it was trump himself who go to war and taking a d.n.a. test last year and the concern among would be democratic primary voters is that trump mayhew's this weakness of warren in the same way that he used hillary
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clinton's e-mail scandal against her in twenty sixteen and polling has suggested that the number one concern of democratic voters is to unseat trump in two thousand and twenty and they're concerned that warren may be unable to do so because of the scandal weren't also faces a very crowded field of democratic contenders on average this year one new entrant into that race per week that includes three other senators who are popular with the democratic base as well as former vice president joe biden who despite not having entered the race is already leading the pack in polling. some news from haiti now more protests taking place there the opposition is reportedly trying to shut down the country as it tries to oust the president on thursday to protest has died in demonstrations against seven employees rule government says fourteen police were injured when the protests in the capital port au prince turned violent
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demonstrators accuse government leaders of being involved in a corruption scandal the president reached out to the protesters with this message on friday. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers and sisters in the opposition the doors open to us to reach a solution. yellow vest protests have been out on the streets of the french capital for a thirteenth consecutive weekend. saturday's demonstrations turned violent when police came to break up the protests or than two thousand people have been injured since the demonstrations began in november of the present macro's fuel price hikes protests have since grown into a wider anti-government movement. the formal process has started for the country that formally called itself macedonia to adopt the name north macedonia as agreed with its neighbor greece but the agreement which ended
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a long running dispute is causing concern among businesses in greece's own macedonian region they fear that without new legal protection they may no longer be able to sell products with the name macedonia which many firms have used in their branding for years john reports now from the area around the northern greek city of . ostriches aren't typically associated with macedonia but the macedonian ostrich farm has been selling itself on its location for a quarter of a century. i wanted to emphasize my reach not because i pioneered my plan was to spread the birds to other parts of greece and become a sort of brand name greece's agreement to recognise its northern neighbor as north macedonia leaves commercial branding in a state of legal limbo a committee is to decide over the next three years which products may continue to use the term macedonian as part of their branding some could lose the rights that means producers like likely these thinking of trademarking their brands so as to
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have a legal right to the name when they export their goods but the process is expensive but that is. what is it. there was no one to inform me about the pros and cons when the government decided to make this into a state agreement and should have informed us about the rights or it could have gone the cost to trademarking this is not easy for a small business person. greek macedonia make some four thousand product branded as macedonian but only a handful are trademarked as such producers must now spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and koreans trying to secure their products but even if they do they cannot be sure that they will ultimately be allowed to keep those macedonian designations this trouble's greek macedonians who have always taken for granted their freedom to use the name of their region and geographic designations have been a marketing tool in greece since antiquity even today the right drug regime means expectations of quality and that means sales our lives from kalamata apples from mt
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raisins from corinth some of these designations have begun to have meaning abroad as well and that means even more serious money legal experts warn any changes will cause problems names. property rights they're for. if the greek state acting in conformity with the press by agreement forces but i would doubt this to jane's commercial means this could be regarded as an infringement upon their property rights and the groups they could be sued by those private but this for diamonds young is unlikely these angered shepherds when he bought what had been the grazing land to raise his ostriches in the village of been the police in greek macedonia now he may have to fight the state to be able to claim the geography on paper jumps at all plus
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al-jazeera thessaloniki in forty eight days the u.k. is djibouti. and that's creating uncertainty for bush citizens living in countries within a block as many as one and a half million persons live in other european union countries about one hundred fifty thousand of them in germany to make a report from berlin on what bracks it will mean for british residents that. at home in prince labelle composer and musician richard scott experiments with mixing up sounds he performs right across the e.u. but now fears his british nationality could make that much harder so i guess what i would most like to be is not a playing card or a chess piece and we were told at the beginning that we weren't going to be you know we're not going to be trading with people's lives but that's exactly what is happening on both sides. so yeah i feel like i'm a i'm a pawn in some growing but i have no control over however britain does leave the
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e.u. its citizens will then find themselves having to register at places like this the office for foreigners it's thought around one hundred fifty thousand british citizens are living and working in germany right now perhaps around sixty percent of them have lived here long enough to qualify to obtain german citizenship but that still leaves the other forty percent around sixty thousand people who cannot and would therefore find their freedom of movement potentially impeded and that concern is not restricted just to u.k. citizens many german firms have trade links with britain. measuring instruments in the rhine and its chief executive says the idea of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. is really ominous.


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