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tv   Iraqs Dying Rivers  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it's thought around one hundred fifty thousand british citizens are living and working in germany right now perhaps around sixty percent of them have lived here long enough to qualify to obtain german citizenship but that still leaves the other forty percent around sixty thousand people who cannot and would there for find their freedom of movement potentially impede it. and that concern is not restricted just to u.k. citizens so many german firms have trade links with britain. measuring instruments in the rhineland its chief executive says the idea of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. is really ominous hooter's worst case scenario is the heart of the worst case scenario is a heartbreaks it which would mean customs checks at the british border in less than three months for which no one is prepared it would be an absolute chaos of course we hope for a different outcome. on the political side the german government has tried to give reassurances about what might happen if. we want to keep the damage and breck's it
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will be damaging to a minimum of course continue to try and find a solution for an orderly exit but we also must head with the eventuality that there won't be an orderly solution. all for richard scott the simple solution is to become german he's lived here long enough to do so but many thousands cannot and for them with each passing day hard drugs it sounds increasingly worrying dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. celebrations are being held at venues of last winter's last year's winter olympics and south korea marking the events first anniversary of young chang games were held as a major success in helping defuse tensions with north korea but their legacy has been marred by controversy over the use of the venue for. reports. on this first anniversary it's seen as
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a just cause for celebration. the so-called peace olympics are credited with the stablish in friendly relations between north and south korea and history may show they lead to a long term reconciliation between north korea and the u.s. . dollar everything that is just a construction of infrastructure for the plank try. lympics has helped to bring in more tourists. war more than anything the olympics pave the way for improving the into korean relations and promoting peace it became a starting point in resolving the nuclear issue. as one of the olympic hubs the coastal city of gang known hosted the ice rink events new roads and high speed rail links mean it's now just a couple of hours from the other more developed side of the korean peninsula and the local government is looking at ways of using the specially built news. in the peace process moved away from the threat of war the province was not well
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known overseas but with the olympics last year three million foreigners visited here. but drive up into the mountains around pyong chiang itself and the olympic legacy loses some of its glamour people and business owners have criticised the failure to maintain some of the facilities here. the main stadium which stage the opening ceremony is now gone with just a statue marking its location celebrations to mark the first anniversary combined with the lunar new year holiday means that visitor numbers are up again but whether that can be sustained is far from certain the mountain that was once the venue for the downhill skiing events now lies bare local residents have set up a protest camp here. they want the government to keep the chair lift and other
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facilities going to keep the visitors coming. the country as a whole benefited from the olympics and relations with the north improved as well but people here have been forgotten about they may come to be remembered well beyond chang as the games that lead to peace but for people living in the shadow of the imposing venue's the legacy will be far more mixed rob mcbride al-jazeera pyung chang south korea on everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is the address. at the top stories this hour the political crisis that's rocking venezuela has turned into a standoff over a consignment of u.s. a sitting on the colombian side of the border the opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country after the aid was blocked by the venezuelan military on the orders of president nicolas maduro the opposition at
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a challenging the door for control of the country is urging the army to let it through. it was called the aid of political spectacle staged by the u.s. to increase the pressure on him that he was echoed by the official in charge of the state on the venezuelan side of the border. now you might go to part of the growth of the humanitarian aid is a trojan horse that is trying to court invade venezuela according to our constitution the rights of a duty to defend our borders peacefully and of course it is being done by the bullet. and all the headlines the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they've launched their final battle to push i said out of its last remaining pockets of land in syria kurdish led forces say the offensive is focused on the village of who's in east and arizona province backed by u.s. airstrikes they've called it i still in a small area consisting of just two villages in recent weeks more than twenty thousand civilians have been evacuated from the area including the families of
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myself i says israeli forces say they've arrested a palestinian man in connection with the murder of a teenager who was arrested during a raid at a mosque in the occupied west bank is being questioned of the death of nineteen year old israeli un's bucca who was killed in jerusalem on thursday meanwhile a funeral has been held in gaza for a fourteen year old palestinian boy was killed by israeli forces a sensuality was shot on friday during protests at the border between gaza and israel palestinians have been staging weekly demonstrations at the border for almost a year and dozens of people have died in northern india after drinking contaminated alcohol at least twenty seven others are ill after consuming the drink which contain toxic methanol in several villages majority of the dead from the village of poor in canned the government ordered a crackdown after three separate incidents in the past few days were you more on all of our stories later on i'll see you in about twenty five minutes time coming up next on al-jazeera it's the listening post.
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website buzz feed announcing it's going to be laying off this. time and it would have seventy four for sure it really. means products that are sucking up all our. internet short space arsed couple weeks history. hello i'm richard gives birth and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week the digital publishing industry takes a big hit the future just a what it used to be israel's prime minister moves into what election load and it's
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clear that he plans to run against the israeli media latin american literature meets journalism in the work and legacy of gabrielle got to see a market and karl marx gets a mandarin make over. to you during comes courtesy of propagandists in beijing. it's been a tough couple of weeks for the digital news industry more than a thousand workers many of them reporters have lost their jobs at companies like buzz feed huff post and vice just five years ago these digital news outlets were seen as the future of journalism however the layoffs suggest that the business model the companies all rely on click based advertising revenue just doesn't add up to a profitable bottom line then there's the problematic reliance on facebook and google to distribute digital news content the two tech giants are eating up the bulk of digital ad revenues leaving the buzz feed's of the world in roughly the same place as newspapers and other legacy news organizations before them trying to find new
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models to make their businesses work sound familiar. that's because it is our starting point this week as buzz feed's headquarters in new york city. were customed i think the traditional media companies losing people were accustomed to newspapers laying people off but people expected. by and other digital companies were the future of digital media there was a impression in some circles that these companies really figured out the future one million subscribers are right now i want to take you. on how we get this. concern over the fact that why they are different from legacy publishers they're perhaps not so different as we had imagined the second. so now the question is how do we find a way forward. the digital natives are growing restless the buzz feed layoffs
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amount to more than two hundred jobs the company's revenue formula using gossip click bait and lightweight listicle to drive traffic to the news side was considered a model now its entire national security reporting team has been laid off as well as parts of the national news desk another two hundred fifty jobs will disappear advice a media company the traded on its understanding of the millennial market it's now leaning away from news and focusing on its more lucrative divisions such as film and television production it's an industry wide contraction that feels like a correction and amounts to an admission that for all their indie sas and swagger in this episode we go to liberia and hang out with cannibal warlord the buzz feed's and vices of the news world i was dependent on the tech giants as a child is on its parents. will only get you so far they need facebook and google to survive that's about the role that google and facebook have played in
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delivering audiences to published. they both have algorithms that they are constantly changing without warning and publishers will see their traffic tank overnight without it any ability to respond to it the problem is that when you rely on facebook as your distribution mechanism when facebook changes you really are at their mercy the idea of it seemed sound at the time was let's maximize our strategies our editorial strategies never have strategies to appeal to younger viewers slash readers and do it primarily on facebook but as facebook decided to change how it operates it has abandoned news in general and it has hurt these companies that have built up their business practices to pander to. even when news outlets clear the algorithmic curdles and find there's the issue of
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how the tech giants the cash the ad revenue take facebook before getting to a news article you scroll through your news feed and the first wave of ads placed by facebook you'll eventually reach the article and the news outlets that but advertisers value that ad less than the ones facebook has posted because facebook ads are more effectively targeted the platform knows more about you your interests and buying habits in the news outlet everwood that's how more than eighty percent of news related ad revenues end up in the pockets of the gatekeepers facebook and google. are of millions of people out there if you can get x. number to click on something you can get advertisers to pay for click theoretically if you accumulate enough volume you can make money and we know that that's possible because google makes money and facebook makes money the problem is there is no way for a media company to achieve that kind of scale google and facebook take up the vast
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majority of digital advertising and so there's very little left for media companies and the amount of money that they're making from it is actually declining so you have to. have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place it's clear that they rely on advertising alone is. a problem for the industry so it's a question of whether the publishing industry as a whole can find other sources of revenue to make for some of the advertising that's flowing away from news and increasingly going to companies like facebook and google. the other revenue source that will likely drive these from mainstream media organizations that have invested in their younger digital competitors and b c universal and comcast have injected more than four hundred million dollars into buzz feed. fox disney and a and e. networks have pumped hundreds of millions into farts arisan has long been vacuuming
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up media content providers such as yeah a.o.l. and by extension post in multi-billion dollar deals. there may have once been a rationale for such investments but those mainstream media companies are now counting their losses in some cases writing them off and looking to invest elsewhere all those investments that came from the big media companies who made most of their money in television and paid television was just going off a cliff being eaten by netflix they were seeing their most lucrative parts of their business declining so they were desperate to reach these hard to reach young people in their twenty's and early thirty's and by buzz feed they offered a way to reach these young audiences and now it's unlikely that they're going to continue that investment just because of the difficulties in the online advertising market who exactly is going to be. provide the funding for these companies as they go forward venture capital investors don't just give you hundreds of millions of
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dollars for nothing they're going to expect that money back it's going to have to come from somewhere because the revenue model is now in question not only are we questioning the growth rates of these companies we're questioning sort of whether they can even continue to be the same size so now you've got something that is not even growing it's probably shrinking that's not a business model that anybody is going to be interested in investing in. one model that is working in a limited way is the old fashioned subscription model that so many news organizations have abandoned the same week that buzz feed vice and huff post were shedding staff the new york times announced it now employs one thousand six hundred journalists the most in its history and that it ended two thousand and eighteen with a record three point three million digital subscribers a twenty seven percent increase over the previous year having convinced many americans that their journalism is worth supporting papers like the times and the
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washington post are thriving the in direct beneficiaries of president trump's attacks on the us news media however very few news outlets have the name recognition the prestige of the times or the post and the digital newbies have gone all in on the digital advertising model for better or for worse for richer or for poorer you see from the amazing performance of the new york times company they've been able to create a great digital description model that is funding their new trend so there is help if you're a big brand and you can get people to pay for descriptions but if you're relying on advertising i'd be very very little i don't think mark i don't think all hope is lost but it does mean that we must confront the true dragon it's facebook and google if we fail to confront facebook and google at their terrifying ability. to distort journalism to corrupt journalism and to crush journalism. then we are in
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trouble we have to break up those large companies to make sure that they are not so powerful non-so dollar. those are fairly big tasks but they're not impossible. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers marcel a piece our marcel of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing an election in april what's the latest on the media side of this story when a few weeks ago there were those billboards paid for by nuts and you know his likud party featuring four israeli journalists telling voters quote they will not decide you decide it looks like he's taking a page out of donald trump's media manual last sunday nesa know who launched a weekly webcast almost social media that pledges to quote get rid of the fake from the news netanyahu use the first show to celebrate his triumphs and to lambaste the
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media and to put at the roots of god's wisdom. needed to grow the vote he accuses them of teaming up with the police and the judiciary in three corruption cases he calls it a witch hunt designs of force him out of office trumps going to similar show is called real news updates that was hosted by trump's daughter nor is really one is hosted by any arrests he's famous not so much for his journalism but for having appeared on a reality t.v. show which one irony that big brother you really could not make it up you've also been working on this week's feature story the second in a series that you've done about giants from the world of literature who often saw themselves as journalists not just authors yes the first story went out last year it was about american writer tom wolfe for the second installment i believe king at the video you got to see a marcus he wrote books like one hundred years of solitude love in the time of cholera chronicle of a death foretold we think of him as
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a fiction writer we think of magical realism but he saw himself first and foremost as a journalist one of the first things that jumped out at me on this was just to see america as was the son of a telegraph operator so he was born with colombian news and information in his blood clearly and he said of his first news paper when he was. just twelve years old he called it a company meal which is the colombian word for what students call a cheat sheet the paper lasted less than a week but he stayed with journalism as a reporter cinema critic foreign correspondent starting out in the one nine hundred fifty which is a key period in latin american history we're talking about the cold war we're talking a political upheaval across the continent and a rush of u.s. backed military coups which is why it's important to understand that political context the time of extreme oppression in fact a samedi case was thrown out of colombia for his outspokenness because ultimately his form of journalism was unapologetically political what today we call advocacy journalism and what comes across when i speak to the journalists in this piece is
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studied under him or worked with him is this constant tug of war between the military and the journalistic that wavering between fact and fiction or does that not make his journalism fundamentally problematic perhaps but the point is that people like i see america's make us think about journalism beyond debates on empiricism objectivity accuracy and how the military can get us nearer to truth of experience. throughout this piece we've used accepts and got to see america says what's it take viewers through the story starting with something he said in one thousand nine hundred eighty one has.
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i'll go only preemie for the report back in tokyo. i don't for my soon signal i you not but there is. the hint in the sky it is nor i assume you suppose they are when he said be just poorly because in this time for this year either i was here either. with the god keep the. bus or lose the years. ago. because i was so scared look lazy. you know mental i'm good he's
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eyes fixed on that one. now. when a good. spot of them loaded you up for all your thirty years in a moment took it all down but i'll call mears or me but i can't you know it's kill a story or they are no longer. i was safeways to see anything else orders you order your order is here your going to go for thirty five a similar effect i really learned later. and more recently was i mean is that course i put it like you just said and said he or no no no when i said those said yes to this it is quite as it is going all over the net you is very lucky you know they saw you not a good ek in place so that you know beans because when i just put out the money involved copy to be. serious come online now for a don't really mean could only produced
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a gift basket you could add to your videos or if i did mine up an email and report back to the family as you better luck or nicotinic oh lord peony be that in there. they skips your knees with lawsuits assume that could be someone from school. and also to live like you nobody can know so most common look on the horn is that he was one of the finisher not me but if you just overlook a very mean. oh yes i just think he got a lot of time. and i could only leave that area that is to seal. the law. that has produced a lot in america since our case they don't hate ok in latin america is found without of the list could only stay in the us the nice fancy a d.s.l. at last could only go there live in the us a second i'll say i say hayneedle could make it necessary to cook a pretty reasonable. but i'll say this but i'm mad as.
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a. bass player a case that phase that i'm out because i believe in this and all but in marketing i don't want any reader. not allowed i'm on this room they. get to hear my guess you will know who you are at the very. delicately that unfettered research for the media so you know what they're what you like. and remember of. a military threat that about the way they took this little freedom she'll think that i've made separately the belief because they don't know about appealing to her gender and get it that it will be appropriate to see him but who.
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who are people who are your go to seattle police young either way or any loss. is totally savors will never be thought that if you know the letter the effect of your good air life form the shield you got to see america is there but after the video when you're young predicted to be in the end it was going to be about to get good not getting into the enormous. i phone i had assumed that being. really been that loaded for the early crew. of the new ownership of the. suit i will come your believe the medical center could tell you what to put i know how to get in which a photograph of me look about me i later consented you know you got to see a lot of guessing the speed of the law yeah i get that you are wrong because in the . they don't we'll get a phone call of the. mask in this study alex not this out of the gate it's
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a little more all in the moon the almighty cool a little expect that going to sort out the all the moment. but in this event that they in they say about that phantom that made allegation get put on that ad i say mediated that i wanted that message out and that i saw in the lives of kids and say a that's going to say i'm. a cradle that no man in america will follow the evidence i would absolutely. and finally karl marx is getting a make over more than a century after his death courtesy of beijing the propaganda department of the communist youth league has a job to do to make communism more appealing to the younger generation so it's produced an animated series celebrating the life of the author of the communist manifesto now you might not recognize this version of marx gone is the thick beard the gray hair the german accent all replaced by
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a dashing tall blue eyed love struck philosopher whose fluent in mandarin it's a seven part series called the leader it's been released on china's biggest video streaming site billy billy is a joke in there somewhere about the means of production but we can't come up with it so we'll just leave you now with the trailer and we'll see you next time here at the list. for some of the swearing in. you know to show them to take shitty shot to shoot the sheets to leave. come. to me. good. luck. to you you come.
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colleague must much hussein is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said china lust as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with
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professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. every food dude is being analyzed it's being late and it's being measured just for intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are a lawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents on al-jazeera. desperate
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for mole we've heard news about newton's babies present do you want to take a week or two off you said i need to work i need the money part of it i think it's humiliating because i thought i'd be somewhere else and my life in a mess risking it old t.v. down. the tone log arrangements. for a better future always saying yes to the house do you want to sleep on. al-jazeera. harboring al jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath all this talks equates africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes out there world showcase is the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as
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cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining towns questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour the political crisis that's rocking venezuela has turned into a standoff over a consignment of u.s. aid sitting on the colombian side of the border the opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country after the aid was blocked by the venezuelan military on the orders of president nicolas maduro the opposition leader one why doe's challenging madeira for control of the country is urging the army to let it
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through but madeira and his allies a calling the aid a political spectacle staged by the u.s. to increase the pressure on him. that are part of the growth of. humanitarian aid is a trojan horse that is trying to court invade venezuela according to our constitution the rights of a duty to defend our borders peacefully and of course it is being done by the political room. to raise a bow has more now from the van.


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