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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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it is setting up bank accounts with the u.s. debt. that would essentially take income accrued by citgo to finance an interim government. so let's go now to tereza boat who is in the venezuelan capital caracas first of all you have a u.s. shipment of a that is just sitting on the border with colombia doing nothing what is the opposition's plan because clearly it can't just sit there forever. well that's the big question is how to get aid into the country in a subject that has become highly political for the opposition is it is the way it has to show that even though it has no real power in the country it is able to bring relief to some people but for the venezuelan government to this is an example that it is under attack that the united states is behind the opposition plan here in this country that this is the whole of the united states plan in order to take
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control of venezuela's natural resources or the big question is how to get that aid inside we know that the venezuelan government has says that entering it will be legal it has ordered the national guard the armed forces not to allow this aid into the country the opposition says it's planning to bring it in at some point it's not clear yet when that is going to happen or how they're going to do it there is saying that it would like to create a humanitarian corridor in order to allow that a.t.m. that humanitarian corridor would be composed by religious groups by n.g.o.s doctors nurses and all of those who need help because what the opposition is saying that there's a around three hundred thousand people in desperate need of aid most of them their lives i would risk with either because of their food situation in their area but mostly because of medicines it's one of the most difficult things to find here in venezuela and when people find them they're so expensive they cannot afford it
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there is an economic crisis in the country with hyper inflation where with a minimum wage you can barely buy four packs of eggs and that is why it's what is causing the deep deep crisis the deep deep economic crisis that this country is in right now we're just hearing about efforts by the madeira government to back against the u.s. government attempts to deprive the doura of any oil revenue how is the international pressure impacting the venezuelan government. well most certainly international pressure is on the rise and the example of it is what has happened in with was the most important for in assets that venezuela has right now is have subsidiary of venezuela fadal company and what we're being told is that to the company over there the employees are not responding to the government often ecolab mother would look after the united states sanctions on that company and that's why the government of pushing to replace those two except could
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have on the board we also know that for example the saudi arabia and that's this is why this is not forget that one way though is asking different countries around the world the united states but also european union but also in that in america to freeze the assets that any soil has in the congo all countries to prepare separate bank accounts where the money of the venezuelan people will be out of reach from the government of nicolas motherhood and this is certainly going to complicate motherhood us economic situation and the country's economic situation we know through a tweet by senator marco rubio that there's an oil tanker from saudi arabia coming to venezuela in order to assist the ongoing situation and this is just one of the measures we're going to see by the government asking for help from their allies russia china probably saudi arabia and also trying to find alternative markets where they can sell the all without being sanctions thank you very much with all the h.s. from inside venezuela in the capital caracas to rise above. it with the news hour
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live from london well still ahead at least thirty nine people die off to drinking cheap contaminated alcohol in northern india also. believe in still going to the beach to see this in the. democratic senator elizabeth warren launches a campaign for the presidential nomination joining an already crowded field of candidates. and the sport of skiing bids farewell of one of its legends leo will be here with action from our excellent swindles last race. a tie opposition party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of his sister for prime minister in a statement from the palace king described princess bid for office as inappropriate
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and unconstitutional attire rocks a chart party wanted her to run against the prime minister a former army general who led a military coup in two thousand and fourteen scott has moved from bangkok. the princess and her party on saturday making statements about what has transpired over friday and in to saturday particularly what happened late friday night with that ping's statement saying that was unconstitutional for her to be on the ballot for prime minister now she said in an instagram posting she thanked her supporters and sent a message of love her party said that they have disbanded all campaigning for the time being they said that they will abide by the king statements on friday night now what how and where things go from here we know that the election commission will be meeting on monday morning yes to discuss what has happened over the last couple of days we knew that they were going to have to meet anyway because some of the other parties particular the pro-military party had raised question about the
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princess being on the ticket for prime minister that was even before the king statement so we know we'll get some possible clarity maybe some answers on monday morning when the election commission meets but we're also hearing because the king had mentioned that this is unconstitutional and other parties saying it was illegal the constitutional court might also become involved on monday so these meetings happening monday morning will hopefully give some clarity as to what's going to happen moving forward. so this and more now with just a mental has a southeast asia historian joins us now thanks very much for coming in and said the princess is a very interesting character isn't she she lived in america she was married to an american and then suddenly makes this bed for the premiership and the country how will she does it you know how been put down to get between her getting divorce one thousand nine hundred eighty i think was going back to the time and about the last twenty years she has worked all of us it charges manger is with the typical thai
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serendipity who'll be number one and this actually is a program. to combat drugs not not not quarterbacks and she has millions of full of the she has a big people base. but she's never been directly involved in. in politics before now she's she is as you say she has many supporters in the range of fairly has a very high profile in the country as well you know but how unprecedented is it. to make a bet like this looked so much longer while fun totally i mean it's it's taken us all a bit by surprise i think i mean on the one hand it's a kind of exaggerated sibling rivalry she's never go home well with her brother and the battled it out. but it but then that fits into the upcoming elections towards the end of march first national elections in five or six years in the war it's been a military dictatorship my gut feeling is that she was going to run stand as prime
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minister through tax in shinawatra sparty. what's called the tide of the party sometimes i he's in exile because he misbehaved himself often by shooting so drug dealers cold. is a very curious alliance that. but that sort of as opposed to senior general who's the dictator general prayuth so i think that's the real backdrop what is interesting is that we as we heard today in texas party has now said no she can't live with them for them and that will almost certainly be in in taxes and instructions and it is possible and this is my gut feeling like no evidence of these things are very hard to read but my instinctive feeling is that tyson has done a deal with the king who really doesn't want his his sister being involved in any public of the taxes done a deal with the king to say stop your sister from doing this provided i can come
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back to the country right so this it's quite it's very opaque as you know there is a lot about this that isn't clear but it's sort of a multi-layered story in two years rivalries within the royal family and then the former prime minister being. at loggerheads with the military generals as well one of them to the political implications of this how might it impact the election the immediate thing that immediately interests me is it's a good the whole thing is is a kind of a weather vane there's a lot of discontent against the king in the country was not popular tool for source reasons we shouldn't go into here we got time to and also the people were promised a return to democracy. and they got impatient about that i'll be versions to see if for the next few days there are public protests big protests in bangkok we've seen in the past that bangkok protests big and sometimes bloody and whether this thing
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actually catches far as it were snowballs if a snowball were coaches farter or whether it just sort of dies down and sims where it's very interesting thank you for sharing your insight on this story with us justin wintle s southeast asia historian thank you. and as another story i've been covering at least thirty nine people have died in northern india after drinking contaminated alcohol governments ordered a crackdown after three separate cases in just the space of a few days priyanka gupta reports. people in the northern indian city of saharanpur are in shock families of those killed by contaminated alcohol are trying to piece together what happened to cities and a town in the same region coping with the same crisis. he complained of severe stomach ache so i took him to get an injection he was better then and slept after coming back home the pain came back so we took him to the
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hospital again a steady stream of patients are being wheeled into nearby hospitals time is of essence. those who can be saved are piled into trucks but these are just the cases that have come to light only we are trying to find out if anyone else has consumed the liquor has been kept in any of the homes we are investigating the state governments of all through our kind and the provision have promised to crack down on illegally brewed alcohol charm are important get we have suspended six foreign portman officials including the inspector third the sub-inspector among others who are responsible for curbing these kind of illegal trade according to a latest government report at least fifteen hundred indians died from drinking contaminated alcohol and twenty fifteen the victims are often from poor communities who are unable to afford liquor from licensed shops and buy it from unregulated suppliers who used toxic chemicals and even pesticides to save costs priyanka took
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the zero. us out of elizabeth warren is officially launched a twenty twenty presidential bid the massachusetts democrat made the announcement in lawrence northwest of boston before heading off on a seven state organizing till a campaign has centered on workers' rights fair wages and access to health care which you might struggle to shake of control the c.e.o. of a kind of native american heritage which threatens to overshadow a campaign. this is the fight of our lives the fight to build an america where dreams are possible an america that works for everyone. and vera is flying i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president i am.
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well a sixteen year old joins an increasingly crowded field of democrats vying for the chance to challenge president trump eight democrats are now throwing their hats in the rain hauffe of them female or enjoins commodity harris a senator from california to congressman from hawaii and self-help marianne williamson the other candidates are jersey senator cory booker former secretary of state for housing julian castro former u.s. congressman john delaney and diplomatic businessman andrew young i'm joined now by lara brown a professor at the graduate school of political management at george washington university thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us so clearly it is a crowded field of democratic candidates how my elizabeth warren seek to distinguish yourself from the others. well i think she's actually already distinguished herself from the other candidates her announcement speech today was
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full of sort of fire and brimstone she has decided that she is going to be the fighter and the one who sort of champions workers' rights she is coming at this in a very populous fashion and she is looking to make an argument that there needs to be much more of a structural change in america than just essential personnel change and i think when you look at her overall message she sed is trying to stake out that far left position to if nothing else at least change the conversation among the democratic candidates and what about the way she's addressed impost claims around her native american heritage a desire to control the sea still follow her is that light that cost a shadow of a message. well it does in the sense that there are many people who
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question sort of her rise to being a harvard professor i mean i think one of the things that was so obvious when you listen to her speech was she talked a lot about how america is a rigged system and it's rigged against people to basically achieve success if they are not born into success and yet then she went on to say that that's precisely what she did and so there are real questions about sort of who she is and what her claims are in terms of her ethnicity and her heritage and her background it's very difficult i think for her to say oh i considered myself an american indian because that was family lore but i never sought tribal citizenship and i apologize for this difference it's a difficult i think stance too to stay with she's not the only female
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challenging as she joins the likes of commodity harris until see gavotte how significant is it to have this number of women. going up for candidacy. well i think it's incredible we're also looking at the fact that senator kirsten gillibrand as well as senator amy close are also likely to join this race and when you put all of these women together that is more women who have run in this cycle in a major party then have run for all of the major parties in the last four or maybe even five cycles once we see all these candidates jump in so it's historic and i think we're going to see a really fascinating race where the stereotypes kind of can't play out the way that they have in the past well thank you very much lara brown professor at the graduate
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school of political management at george washington university. thank you no. more to come for you on the program we'll tell you why a greek ostrich farm a place north macedonians new york new name could prevent his business taking off. also what a small village in france had to do with the iranian revolution forty years ago. and it's a case of double the life of a pool in the english premier league leo we'll explain in sports. has been a rather blustery into the week across northwestern parts of europe clouds and rain piling in the cross the british isles into the low countries down across a good part of france becomes and next weather system not quite as active but
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active enough temperatures seven been to bad but they will fall away a touch in london eight degrees celsius at least the sort of england down through yorkshire lincolnshire. and the southeast i celsius that the clouds and the rain and that'll be the case too across the low countries ten celsius of paris in the winter who feel good do cooler than that rather more pleasant ten celsius there for vienna should be lousy dry here while the cloudy but some brightness to the best of the brightest will be down towards the southeast athens gets up to fourteen celsius just notice some wet weather there into the eastern side of the med for a time cyprus will see some right eclipse through as we go on through monday will be up in athens brought skies come back in behind the sixteen celsius fifteen from rome and notice that disturbed weather coming in across the northwest tends to snow there around austria southern parts of germany to the north of that said other blustery day not quite as when they got stiff winds over the last i told non-self just for london and paris for a good ten degrees or so warmer than that across northern parts of africa and
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temperatures doing quite nice the analogy is that twenty degrees. i soon killed ten from many members and gone to town a hundred. in the wall as possible in the people in power am meets the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand and united and i friend are. in iraq on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the
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syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. the top stories this hour the u.s. back syrian democratic forces say they launched their final battle to push last remaining pockets of land in syria. forces say the offensive is focused on the village of back east and there is zero province. of the political pre-crisis rocking venezuela is increasingly focused on a standoff over consignment of u.s. a blocked by troops that colombian side of the border opposition is trying to work
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out how to get into the country. and tie opposition parties bow to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of a system for prime minister and a palace statement came along describe princess bharat's bid for office as inappropriate and unconstitutional. well in all the stories we're following israeli forces say they've arrested a palestinian man in connection with the murder of a teenager. and was arrested right in the occupied west bank he is being questioned about the death of nineteen year old israeli. baka who was killed in jerusalem on thursday detention has led to violence between palestinian protesters and israeli forces in chad the army they're saying it's detained two hundred fifty rebels who are involved in a bordering coersion from libya fighters from the rebel union forces of resistance which are trying to overthrow president idriss deby drive some four hundred kilometers into chad earlier this week before being bombed by french and chaldean
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forces france's military said its planes destroyed twenty rebel pickup trucks. democratic republic of congo's new president felix tisha cady's invited all political exiles to return home made the announcement during a visit to neighboring republic of congo where tens of thousands of people fled during former president joseph kabila seventeen year rule many of the exiles were radical opposition voices in the party founded by to his late father etienne felix was sworn in last month marking the diaz's first peaceful democratic transition of power since independence leaders from across africa in are an address for the annual african union summit this year the theme is refugees and internally displaced people more than twenty six percent of the world's refugees are in africa this is according to the un refugee agency around one point four million are living in uganda three african countries are among the top ten countries hosting refugees
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in the world and the number of displaced people continues to rise mainly because of conflicts fifteen thousand people are displaced every day malcolm webb reports now from addis ababa. suni was thirteen years old when she says government forces the time to villages who don't. seven years on things have picked up she plays volleyball every week at the center for refugees in ethiopia's capital addis ababa that's where she fled with her family we have almost three months since. just only makes. it one or two two months. and i'm going off. to move refugees here from nearly twenty countries the center also provides them with child care and language classes. the people here are among more than twenty
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million in africa who fled oppression and conflicts but they're luckier than most they've made it to the city they can benefit from the facilities here at this center many more stuck in camps. conditions are usually poor the south sudanese refugees in uganda say humanitarian aid is not enough africa has more refugees and internally displaced people than any other continent african leaders say they're going to do something about it as they meet for the african union's annual summit in addis ababa refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead. there used political affairs commissioner says it'll work to prevent the causes of displacement. violet human rights of your people and we will talk to you say to you what do you dream is not good you should visit your leaders are also expected to talk about efforts to reform the african union but
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observers are wondering if other pressing issues will be addressed such as the recent protests and government crackdowns in sudan and zimbabwe i believe this can not be talking about best cheese with out discussing why people being forced to flee from their country is they're responsible for the oppression it's in the conflict. back at the center for refugees these men from eritrea sing songs from home. people here are getting by many more who were displaced across the continent on not. to take more than a new theme the african union to change that. web al-jazeera. ethiopia . to haiti now where president has been trying to calm tension in the country after two protesters died in demonstrations against him government says fourteen also
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injured when protests in port au prince turned violent demonstrations accuse government leaders of being involved in a corruption scandal and want to resign for not investigating allegations the president had this message for the protesters. we went to elections are part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution. at an economist and professor in haiti he says changing leaders. through the situation. the government actually facing a very very bad economic situation and a lot of call for the president of resubmission it's very difficult i know people has to stay home and the government can't even ensure security for the
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people i think it's going to be easy for even another government because the situation is very difficult going out and i would talk about a country where the lack of resources cause we don't have to carry be any more this for them the resilience of our government the ed from international community is is even like a smaller than ever and it's become more difficult for the government now to keep up with the budget. and soul into the give response to the people so i think it is we need like maybe smaller government with a very intelligent and very hard choices to be made and to ensure like the confidence and so why now we don't have confidence the government have been giving promises all work and viruses for for two years now and the population is tired of work and promises and what action yellow vest protests as
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have been out on the street to the french capital for a thirteen of consecutive weekend. saturdays demonstrations turned violent when police came to break up the protest volunteer medics at one protester lost a hanger in the clashes more than two thousand people have been injured since the demonstrations began in event of a present mackerels fuel price hikes. now in forty eight days the u.k. is juge to leave the european union and that's creating uncertainty for better citizens living elsewhere in the block as many as one and a half million persons live in other e.u. countries about one hundred fifty thousand of them in germany dominic came reports from berlin on what breaks it will mean for britain's that. at home in prince la bella composer and musician richard scott experiments with mixing up sounds he performs right across the e.u. but now fears his british nationality could make that much harder so i guess what i
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would most like to be is not a playing card or a chess piece and we were told at the beginning that we weren't going to be you know we're not going to be trading with people's lives but that's exactly what is happening on both sides so yeah i feel like i'm a i'm a pawn in some going no control over however britain does leave the e.u. its citizens will then find themselves having to register at places like this office for foreigners it's thought around one hundred fifty thousand british citizens are living and working in germany right now perhaps around sixty percent of them have lived here long enough to qualify to obtain german citizenship but that still leaves the other forty percent around sixty thousand people who cannot and would therefore find their freedom of movement potentially impeded. and that concern is not restricted just to u.k.
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citizens many german firms have trade links with britain likes that below a measuring instruments in the rhineland its chief executive says the idea of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. is really on us who does worst case scenario is the heart of the worst case scenario is a heartbreaks it which would mean customs checks at the british border in less than three months for which no one is prepared it would be an absolute chaos of course we hope for a different outcome of on the political side of the german government has tried to give reassurances about what might happen if. we want to keep the damage and correct it will be damaging to a minimum so we will of course continue to try and find a solution for an orderly exit but we also must head with the eventuality that there won't be an orderly solution. all for richard scott the simple solution is to become german he's lived here long enough to do so but many thousands cannot and
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for them with each passing day hard brigs it sounds increasingly worrying dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. a formal process has started for the country formally known as macedonia to become north macedonia as agreed with its neighbor greece agreement ended a long running dispute but is causing concern among businesses in greece is own macedonian region they fear that without new legal protection they might no longer be able to sell products with the name macedonia johnson reports from the area around the northern greek city a felony. ostriches aren't typically associated with macedonia but the macedonian ostrich farm has been selling itself on its location for a quarter of a century. i wanted to emphasize my reaching out because i pioneered my plan was to spread the birds to other parts of greece and become a sort of brand name greece's agreement to recognise its northern neighbor as north macedonia leaves commercial branding in a state of legal limbo
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a committee is to decide over the next three years which products may continue to use the term macedonian as part of their branding some could lose the rights that means producers like likely this thinking of trademarking their brands so as to have a legal right to the name when they export their goods but the process is expensive that. there was no one to inform me about the pros and cons when the government decided to make this interstate agreement and should have informed us about the rights or it could have gone the cost to trademarking this is not easy for a small business person. greek macedonia make some four thousand product branded as macedonian but only a handful are trademarked as such producers must now spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and trying to secure their product but even if they do they cannot be sure that they will ultimately be allowed to keep those macedonian designations this
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trouble's greek macedonians who have always taken for granted their freedom to use the name of their region and geographic designations have been a marketing tool in greece since antiquity even today the right jug or free means expectations of quality and that means sales are lives from kalamata apples from mt raisins from corinth some of these designations have begun to have meaning abroad as well and that means even more serious money legal experts warn any changes will cause problems names. say that. they're for. if the greek state acting in conformity with the press by agreement forces private part this detains commercial means this good we regarded as an infringement upon their property rights and the groups that could be sued by those private but this for diamonds young is unlikely this angered
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shepherds when he bought what had been the grazing land to raise his ostriches in the village of been the police in greek macedonia now he may have to fight the state to be able to claim the geography on paper jobs are open last al-jazeera facility. iran has been marking the fortieth anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the shah and created the islamic republic the main celebrations are taking place inside iran but another country central to the events of nine hundred seventy nine was france where the exiled ayatollah khomeini and his allies laid their plans france's involvement in iranian politics before and since has been complex as attash are reports now. it was a turning point in the iranian revolution ayatollah khomeini arriving in tehran in february nine hundred seventy nine after fourteen years in exile in iraq and france
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with khamenei on the flight from paris was apple has sun bunny solder who later became the islamic republic's first president today benny sided lives in exile in france he fled iran in one thousand eighty one but his memories of that flight forty years ago the fit. some fit the plane would be shot down naturally we were scared but the excitement was stronger after thirty years of exile to see iran in the people it was more than we could imagine.


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