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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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refugees in ethiopia's capital addis ababa that's where she fled with her family we have almost three months since. only. to live in. it one or two two months. and i'm going all. the refugees here from nearly twenty countries the center also provides them with child care and language classes. the people here are among more than twenty million in africa who fled oppression and conflict but they are luckier than most they've made it to the city they can benefit from the facilities here at this center many more stuck in camps. conditions are usually poor the south sudanese refugees in uganda say humanitarian aid is not enough africa has more refugees and internally displaced people than any other
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continent african leaders say they're going to do something about it as they meet for the african union's annual summit in addis ababa refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead. there used political affairs commissioner says it'll work to prevent the causes of displacement. violet human rights of your people and we will talk to you say to you what do you dream is not good you should visit your leaders are also expected to talk about efforts to reform the african union but observers are wondering if other pressing issues will be addressed such as the recent protests and government crackdowns in sudan and zimbabwe i believe this can not be talking about cheese without discussing why people love being forced to flee from their country is they're responsible for the oppression it's in the conflict. back at the center for refugees these men from
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eritrea sing songs from home. people here are getting by many more who were displaced across the continent on not. to take more than a new theme the african union to change that. web al-jazeera. ethiopia protesters are out on the streets of haiti again demonstrating against the government of president he's been trying to calm tension in the country after two protesters died on thursday joining similar demonstrations against him the protesters accuse the government of being involved in a corruption scandal and won't resign for not investigating the allegations. economist and professor in haiti he says changing leaders his own liking to improve the situation. the government actually facing a very very bad economic situation and
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a lot of call for the president resubmission it's very difficult i know people has to stay home and the government can't even ensure security for the people i think it's going to be easy for even another government because the situation is very difficult when out and i would talk about a country where the lack of resources cause we don't know how to carry be any more disciplined from the resilience of our government the head from international community is is even like a smaller than ever and it's become more difficult for the government now to keep up with the budget. and soul into the give response to the people so i think it is we need like maybe smaller government with a very intelligent and very hard choices to be made and to
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ensure like the confidence and so why now we don't have confidence the government have been giving promises all work and biases for it for two years now and depopulation and is tired of work and promises and doing what action. in forty eight days to leave the e.u. and that's creating uncertainty for bush citizens living in countries within the block as many as one and a half million britons live in our european union countries about one hundred fifty thousand of them in germany when it came a pause from berlin and what breaks it will mean for precious residents there. at home in prince la bella composer and musician richard scott experiments with mixing up sounds he performs right across the e.u. but now fears his british nationality could make that much harder so i guess what i would most like to be is not a playing card or a chess piece and we were told at the beginning that we weren't going to be you
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know we're not going to be trading with people's lives but that's exactly what is happening on both sides so yeah i feel like i'm a i'm a pawn in some growing no control over however britain does leave the e.u. its citizens will then find themselves having to register at places like this office for foreigners it's thought around one hundred fifty thousand british citizens are living and working in germany right now perhaps around sixty percent of them have lived here long enough to qualify to obtain german citizenship but that still leaves the other forty percent around sixty thousand people who cannot and would therefore find their freedom of movement potentially impeded. and that concern is not restricted just to u.k. citizens many german firms have trade links with britain. instruments in the rhineland its chief executive says the idea of the u.k. crashing out of the e.u.
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is really on us who does worst case scenario is the heart of the worst case scenario is a heartbreaks it which would mean customs checks at the british border in less than three months for which no one is prepared it would be an absolute chaos of course we hope for a different outcome. on the political side the german government has tried to give reassurances about what might happen if. we want to keep the damage and breck's it will be damaging to a minimum so we will of course continue to try and find a solution for an orderly exit but we also must head with the eventuality that there won't be an orderly solution. all for richard scott the simple solution is to become german he's lived here long enough to do so but many thousands cannot and for them with each passing day hard drugs it sounds increasingly worrying dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. a formal process has started for the country that formally
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calls itself macedonia to adopt the name north lasted only as agree with its neighbor greece but the agreement which ended a long running dispute is causing concern among businesses increases in macedonian region they fear that without new legal protection they may no longer be able to sell products with the name macedonia which many firms have used in their branding figure years johnson reports from the area around the northern greek city of thessaloniki. ostriches aren't typically associated with macedonia but the macedonian ostrich farm has been selling itself on its location for a quarter of a century. i wanted to emphasize my reach mike because i pioneered my plan was to spread the birds to other parts of greece and become a sort of brand name greece's agreement to recognise its northern neighbor as north macedonia leaves commercial branding in a state of legal limbo a committee is to decide over the next three years which products may continue to
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use the term macedonian as part of their branding could lose the rights that means producers like a slightly this thinking of trade marking their brands so as to have a legal right to the name when they export their goods but the process is expensive that. there was no one to inform me about the pros and cons when the government decided to make this interstate agreement and should have informed us about the rights or it could have gone the cost to trademarking this is not easy for a small business person. greek macedonia make some four thousand product branded as macedonian but only a handful are trademarked as such producers must now spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and fear trying to secure their products but even if they do they cannot be sure that they will ultimately be allowed to keep those macedonian designations this trouble's greek macedonians who have always taken for granted their freedom to use the name of their region and geographic designations have been
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a marketing tool in greece since antiquity even today the right drug regime means expectations of quality and that means sales our lives from kalamata apples from mt raisins from corinth some of these designations have begun to have meaning abroad as well and that means even more serious money legal experts warn any changes will cause problems. therefore if the greek state acting formally with the press by agreement. forces but i've bought this sainz commercial means this good mood guarded it's an infringement upon the property rights and the groups that could be sued by those by that bought this for diamonds youngest little at least and good shepherds when he bought would have been the grazing land to raise his ostrich is in the village you have been the police in greek macedonia now he may
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have to fight the state to be able to claim the geography on paper jump rope al-jazeera facility q. more on all of our top stories right here al jazeera dot com is why you need to go for that but also analysis that takes you behind the headlines. just a quick look at the top stories now u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are saying they've launched their final battle to push ice and out of its last remaining pockets of land in syria because she led forces say the offensive is focused on the village of baboons in eastern they're province backed by us as strikes a chord i sell in a small area consisting of just two villages in recent weeks more than twenty thousand civilians have been evacuated from the area including the families of i sell fighters the political crisis that's engulfing venezuela has turned into
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a standoff over a consignment of u.s. aid sitting on the colombian side of the border opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country after the aid was blocked by the military on the orders of president nicolas maduro the opposition leader why don't is challenging the dura for control of the country is urging the army to let it through but we do of his call the aid a political spectacle staged by the us to increase the pressure on him that he was echoed by the official in charge of the state on the venezuelan side of the border . now you might go to part of the growth of the humanitarian aid is a trojan horse that is trying to courtly invade venezuela our constitution the rights of a duty to defend our borders peacefully and of course it is being done by the political arena who says. a thai opposition party has bowed to pressure from the king to reverse its nomination of his sister the prime minister in a palace statement came along describe princess bid for office as inappropriate and
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unconstitutional the time. wanted her to run against the prime minister a former army general who led a military coup in two thousand and fourteen. dozens of people have died in northern india after drinking contaminated alcohol at least twenty seven others are ill after consuming the drink which contain toxic methanol the government ordered a crackdown after three separate incidents in the past few days. and u.s. senator elizabeth warren has officially launched a twenty twenty presidential bed massachusetts democrat made the announcement in lawrence northwest a post of four heading off on a seven state organizing toll well that brings you up to speed with all of our top stories this hour that's it from myself and the team here in london there will be more news from doha in about half an hour's time we wind is up next. i frames can tell a story without touching a single word. the unconventionality of my. witness through the men's of the.
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on al jazeera. hello welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey here at al-jazeera english we have built a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the very best of them this week on back to two thousand and ten on al-jazeera follow a heartwarming story of one man's determination to leave the poverty of his west african home in the liberian capital of monrovia risking his life to cross the sahara desert on the back of a pickup truck and the hope of
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a better life in the west his name is joseph lamo and his drive to make a new life for his family was fraught with setbacks from two thousand and ten here's the extraordinary story of one man's journey from liberia to the shores of america's great lakes this is joseph journey. to. the picnic. and we're you. yeah i see a green truck here you're in front of the green jug you can see you. know that just you see that just. as you did superstore. our. jacob riis.
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well you know. this is a good man after two years of first met juice of blamo while covering a story on illegal immigration. that was a chance encounter two years ago little did i know that juice if journey would take him from the sahara desert all the way to new york city. this is the way out of africa the sahara desert begins just outside the town of cows in the northeast of mali. thousands of sub-saharan africans come through here every year many without documents but with enough money to pay for a truck ride across the desert. the smuggling of people is a big business here and we couldn't risk filming in town that's why we're out here in the desert trying to meet up with the travellers already on their way to.
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fifty kilometers out of town is where the smuggling route begins we wait until nightfall when most of the pickup trucks leave. traveling on the smugglers route we came across this broken down vehicle with about twenty guys inside all going tell the jury and then on to libya and some even to europe. let me see. my tire my tire busted while traveling in the desert the passengers knew the dangers of traveling in the desert packed into old vehicles. joseph is from liberia this is his second attempt to cross the border. you know so people even though a better him a present. of migrant yes yes migrants what kind of. you. know what. about what often ina does it want but. somehow they get the
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truck running again and it's time to go. tens of thousands make trips just like this one it's dangerous people fall off the back in breakdowns leave entire groups stranded hundreds continue to die a year after year. these young men have already come a long way conditions are tough but nothing will stop them after reaching. they will look for transport to either libya or morocco the launching pads for southern europe but for now they still have four hundred kilometers of desert in mali on a twenty seven year old toyota pickup. back in liberia. older brother received bad news. just a journey ended when he was caught by the algerian peace. we don't know how those were actual migrants. i don't one but i was from concerned were very vicious to do
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with migrants. the authorities took his belongings in abandon him on the mali inside of the desert border. the family was worried they came together in raised one hundred fifty u.s. dollars hoping he would come home and call us and it was i knew i would see that. no company would see the money or the time that he summoned to come back. to life. mr and mrs blom move were upset with their son and hadn't even told them where he was going and you know what they. have bought i defended. his rule is that it won't cost is what i want with bill. and with him think about this let me give you my blessing.
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joseph was back but liberia hadn't changed. jews it has a computer science certificate from a vocational college but it's not enough for stable employment here they were calling boats at the beach was still the only job available to him and his friends . i'm fed up you don't know and then i doubt. you know. that. the south don't need this. juice if wanted out once again so he took a chance in played what is called the us green card lottery. if you when you can live and work in the united states legally. i want to. play both. play so.
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young. but finally a grimmer of hope he was randomly selected for a crucial interview at the american embassy here in monrovia it seems like joseph luck was finally changing. its josephs big morning but it's important for everyone with a job in the us shoes if can be a vital life to his father's household of fifteen people. he said thank you for all what you've been doing and if i don't follow in the. alibi know he was there month. or even. now i'm feeling very far. as the number goes a today. i'm relaxing. with. a bit of.
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a few steps away is the american embassy in the interview that could change to some slightly. more than thirteen million people from around the world play the lottery each year. but the u.s. government only grants fifty thousand visas. millions of the lottery entries come from places like liberia which was recently torn apart by a vicious civil war. seventy percent of the people here live in poverty joseph blamo is not the only one trying to leave. what are the chances.
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better say he ever could have imagined. there you go out. there not only are we going to see myself getting never ever. again haven't explained what they want to have us do but they were. told that there's so many told. where.
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a convoy of three cars carrying thirty four people bring joseph to the airport for a late night flight. his immediate family staying the closest to him. that. i don't. think that he. thought i was going to have the one who. doesn't. like a bad. rabbit you know who you're going to. everything i know. but no one. it's the start of a new life for joseph blama. he's one of a million legal immigrants who enter the u.s. each year in new york city is his port of entry. joe. you want.
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us let's hope. we all do is crazy there was a pistol. and i welcome go to new york and i wish all the best kept that in the back you gotta get up and go forward thinking or he said. he just has a sister he hasn't seen in years who lives in the state of pennsylvania but he wants to test the waters here first. he had an acquaintance who lives on staten island this does a good bit. from my childhood days i'll smallville watching the news seeing neil on screen so i'm very much helping a little from a set. top job to do but i think doesn't without you i have my system in pennsylvania. oh good program.
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ok what i'm going to do when i cross the bridge i'm going to call you back. about what i did it. to us out of this moment you know i'm ok i have what i would do is good. truck on is also from liberia and they knew each other through a friend back home. bob. walker is the son known as well the articulate the park hill housing project was also truck on its first stop in america that was in one nine hundred ninety nine and he's been here ever since. most if you.
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want to put on a difference it's almost. like. this guy. who lives here with his two sons in his cousin in after the long trip this is where joseph will spend his first night in america. yeah. i'm seeing a. lot like.
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begin to do news all told. the media. and i missed. the news. is jam packed to capacity it is a cycle is that. the intervening come to get a. little sleep and then i would feel good even when people seem to say yes this guy will be will not make you are going to vote only so many ways and so we need a lot i mean. that evening truck on take out on the town check. out the old. george is the brand. this is your. most of truculence friends are like therians who have been in the us for years in they still believe they are living the american dream is the force of what there
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was felt that i must. come out of those dug up will actually come out of you. here i'll go through your. shoes. and began to. look as my right now making me feel i mean i'm glad somebody comes along. nobody had a home and do you make it so you want to see what you want to murder you really want to buy the right now this is hard to know what part kill is bustling with house parties on saturday night in one of truckloads friends is celebrating his birthday was was. the music in faces are familiar but the atmosphere has an edge. to see if it's finding it hard to fit in. and he's alarmed when a fist fight breaks out a party. to
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see if it isn't in danger but he doesn't want trouble. but my god he. was. god. god. was god. josephs has seen enough. the next morning josephs is on a greyhound bus. he thinks the liberians he met in new york have lost their focus in news that his sister will provide a more solid foundation for his new life. what joseph doesn't know is that he is heading straight into an economic crisis. erie pennsylvania is in the middle of america's dying manufacturing region. joseph is hoping to find work in
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a place where jobs are disappearing. i think he believes that those who don't have to. support them and the fact. is that. you still hear that perfect. credit for jobs. once again joseph is prepared to take a chance. oh. aneta hasn't seen her little brother since she immigrated to the u.s. in two thousand and four. she came here after liberia's civil war as a political refugee from. the u.s. government set her up in erie in her job as a caregiver has provided a good life for her family her children now see more american in liberia and. new
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moon is my favorite scene is when the and when doing the will to act when she was eight and where you she told you she said nothing that you mean easily you know if you continue to think and they say grazie advice i was ok i don't know that you know that a. few prayed. for her you know the fourth of july marks america's independence day and then it brings the family to a public picnic and it's josephs first real look at middle america and your feet. you look you're looking at very dark. city streets are early i'll. give you the speech easy if. you just don't feel i'm even. thinking about you so far down the aisle can just sit down you know snark and just
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sit. with the speaker. enjoy doing your. report on how the little you doing that used to be. he can think about his future tomorrow today is finally content. just as journey an incredible insight into one migrants pursuit of the american dream that was more than eight years ago now and i'm sure you're wondering whatever happened to joseph rewind went back recently to arion pennsylvania to find out how life is new don for joseph since we last saw. akin to you he tells you to. join in the summertime it was nice first came because it was just like africa do well.
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it was good. because my sister lives here so i choose you if. you want to go somewhere else where i don't know anybody was going to i thought it was going to be hard for me to get started. at the end of the year we know style you know what in the winter you know very much similar. flies went off and then this new style fall out was my first time to see snow back in africa i only used to see snow on watching movies on t.v. are no excuse that it was surprising to me so i was there the first time a little while we knew i was it was. just out of fall fall for it was so amazing to me joy of a first time. our first game ah how there in the book. things were a little bit difficult you know starting point as time progressed to sterling
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getting better at both joe starr working as an immigrant although good food costs. will live the american dream you know and i believe i'm living the american dream because the kids better off then before. you know how a job can revive see you're still living living good lives living american dream yes or everything is good good. they will good thing how to bring a move. out of memorial. i think that's only one of the best thing a bit. of fog and. my mom. was in the house with all the kids things were going by. because she still lawn town of marvel or forty years. i only used to. i really miss and i wanted to see if i wanted to come to see. the
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live experience to. only want to sell the war.


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