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the long time will not follow the marvel of forty years. i only used to talk to all of whom i really miss and i wanted to see a lot i wanted to come and see without. the how about life experience. on the other side of the war. to the house where. there's a marama. my mom. did well. so says but what he's doing ten years ago. unlimited you're only get two of. my teaching. is that i'm in room.
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and. this will move. and there's more room. he must feel that i can make you can do anything that i won't do to see we've got it all in circumstances i'll stick with it coming a week. just coming from the globe. just. so that's why i believe. that's why i got into it and i was reminded every day i want to look up in the morning like spot with a barber i see you only don't believe in i get out above my head believe. joseph is from liberia this is his second attempt to cross the border. rests.
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obviously the first day you have to go miles back to homer and of course one of the most so did and i'm king of zero one see this is in your book the boss. yeah a few of the sources on the progress that's happy. being here in america i'm sitting now i'm settled down here. i get a house i've got a job i've got a car. and. huge distance. from. huge histories. that's it for this week and you can find out more about joseph incredible story and watch other films from the series by going to the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time.
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take the worst possible material you radio. into dust comparable to flour and make up. and put it into a place where people live think is a bad idea. so many people here. but does it make you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was ready to clean up and leave at least nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of who tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome
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permeable soil there was nowhere for her to line it and therefore the seawater is inside the dome when the storm was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the roll out with it. really. just the marshall islands we're talking. has the studio and you both. why are they so poor emotion. when trying to form a good. toxin when essentially you know as the more we would push them the more they push back we knew it was coming to question was do we sit and wait. to be
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surprised to see you. until. this is. hello i'm mr and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. u.s. backed fighters say they're driving ifo from its last pockets of territory in syria . venezuelans stream across the colombian border while foreign aid remains stuck in
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a standoff between president maduro and the u.s. . he condemns china's mass detention of wages and camps calling it an embarrassment for humanity. elizabeth warren launches had twenty twenty presidential campaign as a crowded democratic field devised for the chance to challenge donald trump. the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they've begun their final battle to push out of its last remaining terror. three the kurdish led fighters say the offensive is focused on the syrian village of bad is an eastern duras or province u.s. airstrikes have helped them to surround the last of isis fighters defending their so-called caliphate in recent weeks and more than twenty thousand civilians have left the area including the families of ice will fight is. this battle will be sealed in the next coming days. most of the terrorist impact of
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the foreign in the last two months most two hundred and so i was in were arrested they were foreign. there are varying numbers according to civilians who were leaving by tuesday maybe around a thousand civilians in between five hundred six hundred terrorists so that means that maybe close to two thousand or three thousand civilians. of violence broke out between the syrian democratic forces and a group of i saw fighters targeting a u.s. military base near the our ma oil field at least ten attackers were killed two escaped our maist syria's largest oil field it was recaptured from i still more than two years ago stephanie decker has the latest from istanbul. the syrian democratic forces say that it is the most hard core fighters that remain in this area it is a small area of territory it will be significant of course if the announcement comes within the next week or so that's according to u.s. president that obviously territory is over but there is still
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a huge threat from the group on the ground through sleeper cells car bomb suicide bombings that's been ongoing for some time there's also a huge humanitarian challenge over the last few weeks tens of thousands of people up to thirty thousand people have fled these areas most of them are families i salute family members they're being screened by the kurds also by foreign special forces that are on the ground and then they're being bussed to camps in kurdish controlled areas of syria the situation there is dire the u.n. saying that over twenty children babies have died of malnutrition it is a desperate situation it has been a desperate situation over the years inside syria and i think we need to be cautious when we talk about to the announcement the looming announcement of that the fact that bicyclist lost its territory in syria and iraq there remain huge challenges ahead all these areas that have seen the fighting have been completely flattened people people's homes have been destroyed there is no infrastructure
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there is a lot of rebuilding to be done and of course these people that reside in camps the internally displaced will not be able to go home any time soon so yes it is significant that this final push is now under way but huge challenges remain ahead for more on this let's cross live to andy gallagher and washington d.c. and the president trump has said he expects i still to have been defeated by next week is this the beginning of that end. while that's very difficult to say i mean let's look at the timeline of what donald trump has done and said in december he made a surprise announcement that he wanted to withdraw the two thousand troops from syria he made it pretty clear he said it's time for our boys and girls of the u.s. military to come home following that surprise announcement his allies certainly didn't know he was going to make that decision jim mattis his then secretary of defense resigned his own generals of warned him against any kind of decisions made too quickly the power vacuum that might create and then just in the last few weeks
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his own party the republican party sent a pretty strong rebuke from congress disagreeing with that policy and we're dealing with a very. president is very difficult to know what he's going to do next because since making that announcement in december that he would withdraw u.s. troops from syria he's changed his mind in various interviews said no we're staying no we're leaving no we can get back there quickly if we need to but it seems at the moment that he is pushing forward with this desire to pull troops out of syria one newspaper here on friday reporting that that could happen by the end of april but a lot has happened since he made that announcement in december he's spent a lot of time since making that announcement reassuring allies saying that the u.s. will back efforts for many years to come to fight eisel also he's acknowledged that if they are defeated in syria as appears to be the case that it will still be
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a dangerous force to be reckoned with but as to whether the two thousand troops will withdraw from syria the u.s. administration the trumpet ministration will not give a timetable for security reasons the president keeps changing his mind in different interviews but the overwhelming senses as commander in chief he does want to withdraw those troops but there is no plan in place to support the u.s. allies in syria at the moment and there is a great deal of uncertainty as to whether this will actually happen or when algiers and he got together for us in washington thank you andy. well david deseret is the professor at the national defense university and a former director of nato operations at the pentagon and he joins us now on skype from maryland david this is a strategic oil rich area that i still have held for yes how long could this fight not just. well the oil rich areas not held by isis anymore it could last for a while isis is transitioning from near state that holds grounds to becoming going
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underground insurgency organization and so to defeat that organization doesn't really require villa terry still to force police skills there requires of police forces that are empathetic with the host nation population and so far i don't see much evidence of that on either side of the interactor around border so we could be dealing with this problem for some time to come but we won't be dealing with it as a constituted army that rolls into mosul when we saw it and david this is a push by u.s. backed us forces but the u.s. has already said they're pulling out how does this offense if in with that with troll. well i view it as possibly attack their goal of maneuver it could be the s.t.p. which is not entirely kurdish it could be that they are trying to show their worth to the united states in order to gain continued support because i think that the withdrawal was a part a reflection of unpleasantness with say the young willingness of the s.t.p.
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to withdraw from the ambush pocket i think part of it also is just a desire on behalf of the president and the united states government to wipe out the one remaining pocket where isis actually controls ground on a daily basis so there's a little bit of stocktake in this part move of posturing and demonstration of goodwill and in your mind david what happens and often this well we say i still change their strategy and as we've had at potentially move to what's going to tactics how long will they fight go on. well the fight will go on as long as there's in effect the government. in damascus and in baghdad that death seems to give the word for a while then we saw a. large ship. not entirely sure but a large contingent mahesh the shopping which operates outside the law some of which is directed on iran if you give those people of the color of authority of the ability to operate in sunni areas you're going to have an insurgency as long as
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there damascus same problem i don't see it. so i think that as an insurgency you look at isis or isis two point zero it reflects that failure of governance is not an issue of strategy and until you have governance you're going to have problems david this race a professor at the national defense university thanks so much for insights but in makeshift camps near the turkish border many internally displaced syrians are burning plastic to stay warm in freezing temperatures as the u.n. says at least fifteen children have died due to a lack of medical care and inadequate living conditions and camps across the country and it's warning more deaths are likely while the political crisis rocking venezuela has turned into a standoff over a consignment of u.s. aid sitting on the colombian side of the border the opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country after the aid was blocked by the venezuelan military which remains loyal to president nicolas maduro madeira says the aid is
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a political spectacle staged by washington to increase the pressure on him let's go live now to raise the bar in caracas to reason what's the possibility of us aid actually making it across the border and into the country. well that's the big question here in venice oil as eight continues to arrive to the border between venezuela and colombia to the city of course medicines and food among other things around twenty million dollars worth of aid from the united states more is going to come from kind of that but it's not clear yet how it's going to make it into the country we also know that for example close to the border between brazil and venezuela close to a city of sunday night a white and there was a checkpoint by the military again to prevent any type of aid from entering the country what we know is that indigenous group in that area carried out in a way that several protests in order to force the bolivarian national guard out of that road and allow some type of aid in if it were to happen in the new it near
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future definitely this is a tension a moment of tension as you said the government is saying that allowing that eight to enter the country would be a type of intervention and that's why they're going to prevent and make everything possible in order to prevent that aid from getting in. yankees go home is the message of this gathering in plus i will be reading that i guess. these are supporters of president nicolas maduro who want to reassure the world that there are precedents won't be leaving office any time soon and i thought i'm going to see on our evolution is here to stay twenty years of unique procedures in latin america we are going to be again the latest of a movement that will take freedom to other countries in the world the rally is happening as the united states and canada are getting ready to send in humanitarian aid in cooperation with a self declared president while hugo aid is perceived here as
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a form of intervention people here say that the confrontation is not with the opposition but with the united states who is trying to take control of this country's natural resources and that's why they have come here to this last hour to sign a document that requests the united states to respect venezuela. sovereignty but one of the largest barriers in latin america but totally set says people need almost everything all her family has already left the country she says hyperinflation makes it difficult for her to eat every day the resoled saw no water gas or health clinic where she lives an example of the enormous deterioration that has taken over venezuela's capital. of them with you since died the situation got worse and worse now it's horrible i cannot say i'm going to buy chicken because i can't afford it i live on pension of six dollars a month and that's why people like but i waiting for any assistance they may get
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not caring where it comes from the u.s. is already sending field and medicines to the border but how it makes it into the country remains to be seen international organizations fear the consequences of using humanitarian aid politically confronting should wish when on the humanitarian aid and this is the reason why i have decided to come as soon as possible just to the right here in trying to fix and to ask both sides to clean the table from these useless discussion. because. greece got in politicizing the you might say we want to use our you money. without any involvement by the police. because they say we should call. it not to you money that any money by definition. in a country as polarized as venezuela neutrality is difficult to find. and
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that's why assistance from abroad is being used by both sides for the government it's the evidence it's under attack for the opposition the possibility of showing it can bring some type of relief to people's lives. well and as the government and the whole discussion here remains on how and when he knew any terrenate is going to enter the country the pressure continues to increase against venezuela citgo is a subsidiary from big of a seven while a theatre company in the united states and we know that it's not longer responding to venezuela because of the united states sanctions and that's why venezuela is asking to remove to us except from that board but it's not clear yet how is that's going to happen and let's not forget that this is something that's not only happening in the united states but it's our other countries in the region when self declare president one way though has requested governments around the country around the around the world to freeze venezuelan assets to keep separate bank
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accounts and not give that money to the venezuelan government because of corruption because it's been robbing the venezuelan people and just as this is happening the government of and. is resorting to more desperate measures as the u.s. senator marco rubio tweeted today that an oil tanker from saudi arabia is coming to venezuela with the newton citadel in order to help the government deal to venezuela's oil and be able to sell it so at the situation becomes more desperate for the governments of. being forced to find more and more markets i have bigger allies in other parts of the world as there is to raise the bar there for us and caracas thank you terry. plenty more ahead on this news hour including. protesters are killed and police injured we explain why demonstrations are flaring again in haiti plus. i'm natasha boxer in the french village where our total comedy prime the iranian revolution. and the sport of skiing bids farewell to one of its
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legends leah will be here with action from excellent spindles and off straight. well it appears that donald trump will not take any action against saudi officials for the murder of jamal khashoggi but one of his kid visors has suggested there will be consequences the deadlines passed for the u.s. president to tell congress whether he'll impose sanctions on saudi government officials michael mccall the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee has joined democrats in criticizing trump saying he's deeply troubled over the failure to send a report on casualties killing under legislation called the magnitsky act trump had one hundred twenty days to outline any action he has previously said he doesn't want to jeopardize u.s. relations with saudi arabia while thousands of anti-government protesters are calling for the haitian president to resign the capital port au prince has seen
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days of violent rallies leaving at least two people dead demonstrators accuse government leaders of being involved in a corruption scandal they want noise to step down for not investigating the allegations. of his cabinet must resign thinking or acting in the interest of the people who said it wanted way or another we want him gone it's a meal is an economist and professor in haiti he says a change in leadership won't necessarily improve the country's economic situation. the government actually facing a very very bad economic situation a lot of call for the president resubmission it's very difficult i know people has to stay home and the government can't even sure security for the people i think it's going to be easy for even another government because the situation is
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very difficult when i talk about a country where the lack of resources we don't have to carry be anymore the support from the resilience of our government. and from international community is even like a smaller than ever. it becomes more difficult for the government now to keep up with the budget. and so in to give response to the people so i think. we need like maybe smaller government with very intelligent and very hard choices to be made and to ensure like the confidence and so why now do you have confidence the government i've been giving promises broken promises for for two years now in depopulation and tired of work and promises and what action at least one person has been ferry asli ended in the latest yellow vest
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protest in the french capital paris more than two thousand people both protest and police have been hurt since the demonstrations started in november the protests over a cost of living have grown into a wider anti-government movement calling for president emmanuel background's resignation. turkey has condemned china's treatment of its muslim week a minority calling it a great cause of shame for humanity around one million we believe to be held in camps against their will the turkish foreign ministry wants beijing to respect their human rights and shut down what it calls concentration camps beijing claims the camps are voluntary designed to stamp out extremist tendencies the weak is ethnically muslims and their language is related to takesh seven people have been given life sentences are the gun and grenade attacks at unity and museum and to be true source in twenty fifteen sixty people were killed in the attacks eisel claimed
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responsibility of the defendants received prison sentences ranging from six months to sixteen is and twenty seven were acquitted the suspected mastermind behind the attacks is still at large egyptian president. is set to chair the african union at its annual summit which begins in ethiopia on sunday and amnesty international fiz this could undermine the organizations commitment to human rights the rights group expressed concern over the potential impact cc's chairmanship could have on the independence of the regional human rights mechanisms and if future engagement with civil society it goes on to list some of the violations carried out by egyptian will thirty's including in force disappearances and mass killings during a wave of demonstrations in twenty thirteen that same year the african union itself temporarily suspended egypt's membership when sisi led the military coup against the democratically elected president mohamed morsi tuffy maka is
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a political and social commentator he says president sees leadership of the african union will prove damaging to democratic ideals on the continent. ultimately the choice of having sisi as the leader of the e.u. is a clear indication that although things have changed. although things are supposedly changing the fact is we are. being very rich aggressive we're actually going back to be the eighty's ninety's type of situation where. the leaders are very reluctant to allow more human rights to be available to to the people and i think importantly i mean the fact that sisi virtually rigged an election won it by ninety seven ninety eight percent. tells you a lot about how the a you will most likely respond to any electoral issues or any political issues around the elections or on the continent and i think this
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is going to be a very bad year for africa in terms of moving forward well this has african union summit is expected to focus largely on refugees and internally displaced persons malcolm web reports from out of the in ethiopia. i share a sunni was thirteen years old when she says government forces attacked have diligence you don. seven years on things have picked up she plays volleyball every week at the center for refugees in ethiopia's capital addis ababa that's where she fled with her family we have almost three months since separating was only just only makes. it one or two two months. and i'm going all. the refugees here from nearly twenty countries the center also provides them with child
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care and language classes. the people here are among more than twenty million in africa who fled oppression and conflicts but they're luckier than most they've made it to the city they can benefit from the facilities here at this center many of stuck in camps. conditions are usually poor the south sudanese refugees in uganda say humanitarian aid is not enough africa has more refugees and internally displaced people than any other continent african leaders say they're going to do something about it as they meet for the african union's annual summit in addis ababa refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead. the a u.s. political affairs commissioner says it'll work to prevent the causes of displacement. violet. for your people and we will
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talk to you say to you what do is not good you should. leaders are also expected to talk about efforts to reform the african union but observers are wondering if other pressing issues will be addressed such as the recent protests and government crackdowns in sudan and zimbabwe i detest talking about best with out discussing why people being forced to flee from the us they were responsible for the oppression conflict. back at the center for refugees these men from eritrea sing songs from home. people here a getting by many more who were displaced across the continent on not. take more than a new theme the african union to change that. al-jazeera. ethiopia . still ahead on al-jazeera. dying for
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a drink how dozens of people in india have lost their lives after drinking alcohol . with six weeks left for britain's exit from the e.u. the concerns and fears of britons living in germany. and it's a case of double delight for liverpool in the english premier league the olympics they make that can force. we've got a good mobile flow in our weather across north america at the moment outbreaks of rain sleet and snow making the way for a still some warmth into the southeastern corner miami gets up to around twenty six celsius pushed a little further north not to woman atlanta seven degrees celsius a single figures for many so minus seven therefore also a cold crisp sunshine coming through the next band of wintry weather pushing out of
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the northern plains pushing over towards the midwest some snow all the way down his walk and saw more than parts of texas as well as the top champ is the four does but some places of rightness notes are just pushing up towards the rockies over the next couple of days the pacific northwest seeing some really heavy snowfalls as we go on into the early part of next week to clean up around the cascades pushing for the race more snow coming in his snow on our leading flank all that disturbed weather down towards the southeast including winds coming in from the south so warms up in dallas warm right seventy degrees celsius a little warmer there in lancer as well around twelve degrees but floated in quite nicely again getting up into the mid twenty's mid to high twenty's across the caribbean lossy dry you could just kind of southern parts of to make a full sunday but i think essentially with those winds driving further westwards it should be settled by monday.
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the farthest from. the latest news as it breaks to the front is about to blast bottles awesome fly this that authentic in the ritz with the this time though truth truth is to not come up with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as inter in precedents and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred seventy.
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welcome back i'm just. a reminder about top stories this hour the u.s. back here in democratic forces say they've begun their final battle to push the last of the last pockets of territory more than twenty thousand people have been moved to nearby camps. the political crisis in venezuela has turned into a deadlock over a consignment of u.s. aid fishing on the colombian side of the border the opposition is trying to work out how to get it into the country. turkey has condemned china's treatment of its muslim week a minority calling it a great cause of shame for humanity around one million weak as a believed to be held in camps against their will. u.s. democratic u.s.
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democratic senator elizabeth warren has officially begun had twenty twenty presidential bid she made the announcement in her home state of massachusetts the campaign is centered on workers' rights fair wages and access to health care. this is the fight of our laws the fight to build an america where dreams are possible an america that works for everyone. and families flying stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president. well warren joins an increasingly crowded field of democrats vying for the chance to challenge president on will trump eight candidates have now thrown their hat into the ring they include new jersey senator cory booker longtime prosecutor and
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california senator come of the harris and barack obama's former housing secretary julian castro and several others have also signaled their interest in entering the race. twenty sixteen democratic camp candidate and vermont senator bernie sanders is expected to run again and form about vice president joe biden said in december he is the most qualified person.


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