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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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real life is able to survive yes many people depend on the river for their livelihood. on the pollution business left with nothing to try for they cannot survive. the entire city's race has been dumped into the yemenite over the government doesn't do anything to clean it. it's illegal yet industrial waste rubbish and untreated sewage are dumped into the. overseas four hundred million liters of sewage comes from new delhi every day and more than half of that is left untreated. prime minister narendra modi's government has been pumping millions of dollars into projects to clean up india's reface. but environmental experts say it's not working the delhi government does not find a single case under the water act against any polluter so far as the human is concerned in the whole country was it not more than twenty years that existed under
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the provisions of the water prevention of pollution act which provides for imprisonment punishment for any person who is actually polluting a river. the hindu community considers the river sacred but it serbinis carry their own breast the gun that is a look at them it's people who doubted the river is the residents who made it in but for me it's not dirty i drink this water too. for many the river kinds is the spirit but the mix of sewage and pollution it's also damaging health and destroying livelihoods laura bassett badly al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera the center of african attention we look at what were one does leader has achieved and another a big role and why these images are forcing a rethink by nasa scientists putting on a. spin
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a rather blustery into the way cross northwestern parts of europe cloud and rain piling in the cross the british isles into the low countries down across a good part of france becomes and next weather system not quite as active but active enough temperatures haven't been too bad but they will fall the way a touch in london eight degrees celsius that is the sort of england town for yorkshire lincolnshire. and the southeast like celsius the cloud and the brain and that'll be the case two across the low countries ten celsius or paris in the winter who feel good do cooler that rather more pleasure. ten celsius there for vienna should be lousy dry here while the cloudy but some brightness to the best of the brightest will be down towards the southeast athens gets up to fourteen celsius just notice some wet weather there into the eastern side of the med for cyprus will
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see some right eclipse three was we go on through monday will be up in athens brought skies come back in behind to sixteen celsius but if if they notice that disturbed weather coming in across the northwest tends to snow that around austria southern parts of germany to the north of that sun other blustery day not quite as when they got stiff winds over the last i told myself just for london and paris for a good ten degrees warmer than that across northern parts of africa and temp just don't quite nice the analogy is that twenty degrees.
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ard. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour in syria a kurdish led forces backed by the united states are trying to push i saw from its last pocket of territory the offensive by the syrians of a crowded forces is focused on the village of about who's near the border with iraq . politicians mr dunn have called for an emergency parliamentary session over the government's treatment of prisoners protesters rather they're worried about an excessive use of force by all the already used during anti-government rallies. sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the
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taliban and four others were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the state of. northwestern don't ya has not only changed its name it's undergoing a historic overhaul so within six months and must rename state institutions rewrite school textbooks and relabel public monuments critics say this will tamper with its identity the government says it will help discover it reports. these students at lousy state school a learning about understand she was kind of a hero of the greek war of independence against the ottoman empire at least that's how he is taught in greek schools one hundred fifty kilometers south of here but here in scope here he is taught as a broken freedom fighter from the south macedonian region which is today greek macedonia that is one of many educational issues a joint commission of historians from greece and macedonia to resolve before this
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country's new school textbooks are printed in september the most controversial issue. is how schools here will teach about alexander the great need them they describe i believe that when we teach the era of alexander the great we must draw out cosmopolitanism rather than teach in a way that provokes nationalism the main point is not city chung says to hate each other but to communicate when politicians talk about history i'm not sure anything good will come of it the last time politicians here talked about history they claimed alexander as a macedonian but not a greek hero and spent a billion dollars on statues and public buildings befitting the pedigree they used the name macedonia which is the same as greece's northern region and raised fears of claims on its territory and its history two years ago that government led by the right wing via morrow party fell from power the social democrats who stepped in made a deal with neighboring greece to rename the country north macedonia and drop the
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claim to enchant culture finally tang's got to we are out we are free of the cage that the previous government tried to install in our people's mind that we were some kind of muscle on us but we speak slavic language you know. the most important with disagreement we say if our and improve our identity our language and we should be proud of it the opposition v.m. r.-o. still disagrees for me this is republicans are going here maybe officially i will have something else in the in the in the my face but it's official papers from sudan and people know who they are in macedonia. know where they belong and from where from when they belong north macedonia is a country in search of its past it is surrounded by the strong national identities of the greeks albanians ariens and serbs they have already claimed every balkan
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hero and woven their national narratives. what is more important those narratives interlock the north macedonian narrative is still being written some raw material for that's narrative is to be found in the national museum here a coin is with the head of alexander minted in greece but excavated in north macedonia roman byzantine and also men are also here testifying that empires held sway over this land for twenty three centuries until nationalism was violently thrust upon it jumps out all plus al-jazeera scorpio egyptian president of the fatah has sisi said to chair the african union at its annual summit which begins in ethiopia on sunday rights group amnesty international sears this could undermine the commitment to protecting human rights on the continent they are going to zation has expressed concern over the potential impact chairmanship could have on the independence of regional human rights mechanisms and their future and gauge went
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with civil society amnesty goes on to list its violations it says were carried out by egyptian authorities including in force disappearances and mass killings during a wave of demonstrations and twenty thirteen that year the african union suspended egypt's membership after sisi led a military coup against the democratically elected president mohamed morsi. is a social and political commentator he says presidency says in a you leadership well proved to be damaging to the organizations credibility. ultimately the choice of having sisi as the leader of the you is a clear indication that although things have changed. although things are supposedly changing the fact is we are. being very rich aggressive we're actually going back to be the eighty's ninety's type of situation where. the that he has
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a very reluctant to allow more human rights to be available to the to the people and i think importantly i mean the fact that sisi virtually rigged an election won it by ninety seven ninety eight percent. tells you a lot about how the a you will most likely respond to any electoral issues were any political issues around the elections or on the continent and i think this is going to be a very bad year for africa in terms of moving forward. so the same this year of the african union summit is refugee. and interreligious place persons. at the summit joining us from so what does that say you saying about how it's going to address the issue of refugees malcolm at the summit. when the heads of state arrive here which will just be in the next hour or two that is among
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the things that they're expected to talk about this theme but not expecting anything binding to come out in that area of the things that they're going to talk about planned reforms of the organization which was first proposed two years ago that included restructuring its financing the african union depends on donors outside the continent including several european countries several member states have proposed that it should try and become self-sufficient if they want to make it civil service leena over the last year president paul kagame everyone that has been . african union take a look at what's happened under his tenure. i mean really when the president began his government's credited with development success it's also accused of torturing critics and killing opponents allegations it denies that the african union the now this is where he's been chair for the last year he's seen as effective at this
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meeting he called trim vestment in public health care and medicines. as if we work together as a continent for example. we all saw how. during his tenure cammy worked to push through planned reforms of the organization including making itself funding instead of relying on donors outside the continent many member countries are still reluctant to contribute he did pull off a plan here trimming of the a huge commission one of the african union's areas of relative success from the last year is the planned african continental free trade area most of the countries whose flags roll here signed it last year nineteen of already turned it into domestic law and it needs twenty two to take effect south africa which is the
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continent's second largest economy is already on board. in conflicts and crises he used how to mix. it back to peace deal between rebel groups and the government from central african republic signed last week that he's yet to be implemented it's also helped to have political crises in madagascar and morris earlier last year. that backed away from speaking out on december's disputed elections in the democratic republic of congo has done nothing about the conflict in cameroon some are saying a lot of the african states particularly the big players like nigeria. and south africa you know they're turning inward so unless we see more engagement from these big powers then again i think it's going to be difficult to see the african union really becoming more effective on peace and security as african leaders gather at the a used headquarters they're expected to address the plight of the continent's twenty
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million displaced people and again discuss how to make their own isolation more effective. so we learned just a short while ago that the peace and security council which has already met when it presents paper to the heads of state in the summit which will be later today or tomorrow two things that they are we talking about are south sudan's peace deal that was signed in october last year we talking about how effective it incrementation has been and also just teach elections in the democratic republic of congo that's also on the agenda that's expected to be discussed but in case of the democratic republic of congo no one here is expecting any very bold movement after the african union backed away from commenting on that earlier just earlier this year on south sudan. to talk about implementation of that peace deal that was signed just a few months ago which has been mixed so far in the cities in south sudan is held together there's still conflict in many rural areas and that's one of the things
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heads of states will be talking about here. today and mori all right thank you for that update from. a journalist who's an outspoken critic of pakistan's government has been arrested outside his home in lahore. son says his father was beaten by officers as they took him away on saturday police say he's being investigated for posting the family story and a noxious content on social media journalists in pakistan say they're working in an increasingly hostile climate under prime minister imran khan the government denies it's unfairly targeting the media turkey has condemned china's treatment of its muslim minorities saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million we girls are believed to be held in counts against their will the turkish foreign ministry wants beijing to respect their human rights and close what it calls concentration camps beijing says the education camps are voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies we girls are ethnically turkey muslims
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and their language is related to turkish greg barton is a professor of global islamic politics at australia's deakin university he says turkey should improve its own human rights record before criticizing others. the to kill a few turkic speaking people and we grew up being part of that larger turkey quilts belief that came out of central asia including from shin junk so there's a broad connection both as muslims and as tookie peoples so there's no doubt a lot of genuine sentiment to the east part but of course turkey is guilty of much the same sin when it's accusing the regime of xi jinping of being guilty of the you know when regime is doing the same thing on the same scale china being twenty times the scale of the size of to the similar proportion of people are and imprisoned for similar reasons into turkey is suffering itself from a great economic downturn it depends very much upon trade with china like many
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countries so that relationship with china is vital he is involved in a lot of manufacture a into into europe which competes with china so it's a complex story but there's no question this is this is the i move which threatens to put the chinee tookey relationship at risk but turkey's relationship with europe and with the west and hemisphere is already so fraught that perhaps there's a hope that can balance that somehow us democratic senator elizabeth warren has officially begun her presidential bid with a populist call to fight economic inequality and she's hoping for a fresh start after facing criticism for her claims of native american heritage even before warning to stage president trans twenty twenty campaign team denounced her as a frauds warren is a prominent figure in the democrats' progressive wing and will campaign on workers' rights and wider access to health care. now the new horizons probe captured images
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of the old team out to lay the most distant celestial objects ever visited in a record breaking fly by just last month but nasa scientists are already revising what they think it looks like so scientists initially thought it looked like this two spherical parts that resembled a giant space nomad a new data just in from more than six billion kilometers away shows that two parts are flatter as you can see and nasa is now describing them as akin to a pancake and they dented wallets the latest images could offer new clues on how the ultimate other planets were formed find much more about this story on nasa by heading to our web site al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour u.s. and russia have put counter proposals to the u.n. to try to solve the venezuela crisis the u.s.
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is calling for elections all russia warns against using force to remove nicolas maduro military colonel who's now defected and is backing the opposition leader one . kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push from its last pocket of territory in syria the offensive by the syrian democratic forces focus on the village of it's near the border with iraq sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the taliban four others were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the states a pharo taliban has kept up attacks on the afghan military despite ongoing talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war. politicians in sudan have called for an emergency parliamentary session over the government's treatment of protesters they're worried about an excessive use of force by oath or to use during anti government rallies protesters in haiti have thrown rocks at the president home and fought with police at least three people have died since the rallies began in the
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capital port au prince on thursday and one of this it was you that the president and all of his cabinet must resign he's thinking or acting in the interest of the people who got it one way or another we want to go on as a journalist who's an outspoken critic of pakistan's government has been arrested outside his home in lahore. father was beaten by officers as they took him away on saturday police say he's being investigated for posting defamatory and noxious comments on content on social media journalists in the country say they're working in an increasingly hostile climate under prime minister imran khan the government denies it's unfairly targeting the media and turkey is condemning china's treatment of its muslim minorities saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million we girls are believed to be held in camps against their will the turkish foreign ministry wants beijing to respect their human rights and close what it calls concentration camps beijing says the education taps are voluntary and
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designed to stamp out extremist tendencies so those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story coming up next to stay with us. africa's largest democracy goes to the full story next to president parliament and government corruption and security and economic uncertainty that dominate nigeria politics remain widespread al-jazeera brings you coverage of the issues the candidates and voters i j f l. president donald trump ignores a u.s. congressional deadline to respond to the murder of jamal khashoggi so what happens next and despite mounting international pressure will saudi arabia ever be held accountable for the killings this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dobby it's been more than four months since the journalist jamal ji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul and since then there have been widespread calls for an international investigation and demands to hold the saudi government to account but the u.s. president told trump has largely stood by his ally the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol man the us president has now missed a friday deadline to tell congress who's responsible for the killing of a shrug instead his secretary of state mike pompei o wrote a letter to the senate committee on foreign relations insisting that the trumpet ministration will seek accountability for the murder of a leading member of that committee senator bob menendez says the response isn't good enough and the united nations is the latest to demand answers to its special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions called a shock to his death
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a brutal and premeditated killing agnes kalama released her initial findings after a week long trip to turkey she says saudi arabia has seriously undermined the murder investigation will bring in our guest in just a moment first mike hanna sets up our discussion today from washington. president trump departs for his annual medical exam declining to on says shouted questions on any subject all indications are they'll be no response to the deadline set by the senate following the murder of jamal. the senate sent a letter to president trump invoking the global magnitsky act which gave president trump one hundred twenty days to investigate the murder and impose sanctions against those responsible in a follow up letter to the senate asa president to specifically investigate any role the crown prince mohammed bin salman or m.b.a.'s may have played in the murder in b.s. the crown prince is
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a wrecking ball. and he's complicit in the murder mystery shogi think he's crazy to think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship at risk but president trump has steadfastly insisted the us saw the relationship is more important than establishing accountability for murder it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first saudi arabia's senior diplomat continues to deny any involvement by the kingdom's leaders in the murder refusing to react to a new york times report that the crown prince is on record as saying he would use a bullet on jamal khashoggi the report dismissed as based on unknown sources and the following tweet posted on the saudi foreign ministry account we will hold who
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are responsible for the death the push to account the question is what happens now the president has ignored the ultimatum the answer is simply nothing beyond no punitive measures involved in this process which essentially relies on the good faith of all parties something the president's critics contend is absent in the white house. but this does not mean an end to the matter the question of accountability for jamal khashoggi is murder has rig bipartisan support in congress and the motion is agreed to and legislation seeking sanctions against saudi arabia and possibly the crown prince specifically is being widely discussed in both house and senate i cannot al-jazeera washington. ok let's get going let's bring in the panel today joining us on skype from birmingham in the u.k. is scott lucas professor of american studies at the university of birmingham
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political strategist silva thought is in istanbul and in manchester we are common vice chairman of republicans overseas u.k. welcome to you all drool a common mr donald trump has missed this deadline what does that mean. well i think there's two things to note about treatment in the dad one and i want to say i'm someone who's very strong supporter of article one of the constitution congressional powers and presidential powers and i think president trump should respond to the deadline but this government shutdown of well over a month definitely put a dent in time needed to do an actual thorough investigation and the second thing to note is that congress is still the state department political appointments in the state department are still frequently updating congressional leaders democrats and republicans and should hopefully soon have a letter out in who knows what that letter will say maybe we'll say. they say for who is responsible ok a letter from the state department isn't quite an answer to my question what i
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asked you was or to put it in a stronger way mr trump has deliberately missed this deadline he is in effect turning his back not just on claims in the media not just on the washington post he's turning his back on what the cia has been saying. we i well like i said about trent missing the deadline thirty to forty percent of the time that this investigation were reports should have been come out who did this the government was shut down the state department the government were effectively shut down in making this task an impossible task to determine who was responsible and a full report on who was responsible and i think the state department will be coming out with a report soon and from what i've heard what i think it looks like it will be saying that that saudi arabia is taking internal measures to we know they are taking internal measures to go after seeking even the death penalty on people who are responsible for the killing of scott lucas in birmingham coming to you know this comes down to personal culpability surely and everyone doesn't just think it was
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the crown prince who greenlit this everyone believes it was the crown prince yes or no. yes u.s. intelligence agency think its state department thinks that this deal would use point i mean if you're going to spend this troop at least make it believable this had nothing to do with the government shutdown why the white house didn't respond yesterday it has nothing to do with the preparation of a detail report without the matter is that for four months u.s. intelligence agencies in the state department and the military believe that mohammed installment is responsible for this we know that congress including republicans you normally support trump want accountability but we know that donald trump is holding out against that why because donald trump's on the way to the middle east including saudi arabia is your question or his son in law jared cushion or is very close to him b.s. so you have two u.s. foreign policies right now you have a foreign policy which is coming out of congress coming out of the cia and part of
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the state department and then you have a truck foreign policy which is a family in french foreign policy and that's what's protecting m.p.'s at this point the question is not of troops going to change his positions not but how for congress will go to try to hold not only m.p.'s but also trump accountable or what is the murder of a journalist and why are human rights abuse so the thaw you were there in istanbul at the heart of this oh i'm going saga so clearly this is going to generate more political anger and heat in washington what will it do to the political debate taking place in your country. well turkey's full issue was very clear from the very beginning this was a brutal murder premeditated of course and it is obviously be find out that there are some unknown personalities would indeed government of saudi arabia who actually ordered this solidity. i agree with totally with the professor in rome
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that it is nothing to do with the shutdown. i mean this is actually. a political decision of mr trump i do choose to act accordingly to magnus the act or not so he is now breaching its all law by definition when it comes to turkey turkey of course. you know in search of gift through truth and the in surge of defects i mean as we look to depreciate preliminary report of the united nations it is obviously very in line with what has previously took us gomen has said before but of course united nations process has just begun it is a preliminary report doesn't. the the security council need to decide that there needs to be an investigation council has to be set up but i don't have any.
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assumption that the security council within sight accordingly because of the fact that it's from as mr ations behavior. but on the other sites when it you know when we look to the international political perspective mr truong has opened and created a safety zone for all the other autocratic leaders who would like to you know engage in crimes and you know. do do. well there were day care and to silence their oppositions unfortunately it is not a moral act and we have to debate more on this i guess in the future drill acumen in manchester just picking up on the point that solve is raising do you see the sense of where she's coming from the logic of it and there is logic in it and it's this if you're an autocrat as far as mr trump is concerned we're ok with that
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because as long as we're doing business with you what if that costs a journalist his life. well know that look that's completely wrong i don't want to say i don't support everything that goes on in saudi arabia and everything they do outside of it and i want people held accountable in the point about the government shutdown is i strongly don't think a detailed report would be done with forty percent of the time for it for having it to be that thing on the other hand the relation ship with saudi arabia it's second to what's going on in yemen i think the people who are trying to push push this through congress push sanctions on saudi arabia the point of it is to end u.s. support of saudi the u.a.e. and the joint operation in yemen which is effectively fighting off the iranian proxies and al qaeda for controlling yemen which would in turn give them control of the bob element of straights meaning they could shut down the red sea and they'd have control of the strait of hormuz they could shut down the persian gulf effectively giving iran full control over the red sea and over the persian gulf and
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this is what it's about i don't think is about our relationship about saudi arabia about what's going on in saudi arabia it's about protecting global shipping is about protecting sovereign nation from iran coming in and putting their terrorist proxies in to control the region ok drew i don't particularly want to get into catastrophizing about what may or may not happen six months or twelve months down the line because of a yemen however lucas in birmingham drew does raise a valid point the vote or the attitude the political attitude to do with the show in washington we've got to overlap will blend in certain elements of america's attitude towards what's happening in yemen and the proxy conflict that drew is talking about don't we let's cut through trees nonsense because what he's just done is just accused for example senator lindsey graham a republican a close ally of donald trump and the cia of being allies of iran in a conspiracy to try to pull the u.s. out of yemen let's get to what the real point here is i think that u.s.
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agencies and u.s. congress will not be able to go after to be yes they won't be able to hold him responsible but where you might see those factors is because many come. most men are so angry and the agencies are so unsettled by what trump is not there may be a move for legislation which will cut u.s. arms sales to saudi arabia and possibly into u.s. support for the saudi led intervention which includes the u.a.e. in the yemeni civil war you've got down on the one side but the problem is is that on the other side you've got the trump administration which is pursuing regime change in iran so if you go too hard against the saudis over young men if you go to war against them b.s. you pretty much undercut that trungpa ministration approach which is to change the leadership in tehran which way does u.s. foreign policy go to actually try to hold the saudis to account or to say put our hands up and say now it's all about iran and will release the pressure on him and on the yemeni intervention president donald trump has refused to hold saudi arabia
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and more specifically the crown prince accountable for the murder of jamal in november he contradicted a cia assessment that concluded mohammed bin selman did order the killing of demolish l.g. and shortly thereafter trump said we may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of demolish l.g. while defending u.s. relations with riyadh and calling the kingdom a great ally but he's also said the arabia's response to the murder has been the worst cover up ever so silva thaw in istanbul mr trump over the past four and a half months has been blowing hot and cold over who did what when does your president does wretch up type the one given what mr trump has just done turning his back on this deadline on the cia imposed deadline does he have to accept does mr erdogan have to accept that the prime directive for washington is the washington riyadh relationship and that is first and foremost all that mr trump is interested in well occasionally and in many other cases aired on hers.
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declared that turkey is position is clear and not to be changed. and that is to find out the real responsible bodies of this brutal murder of mr kushner only other side of course there's a regional pull to call poverty again that we never be you know forget about it mr trump's the solutions or. the ration is there always you know little bit mind blowing time to time when he says something in the morning he could be regretting in the evening so if we look to the general american foreign policy establishment into the middle east we see. more or less the same priorities one of deprived trees is the security of israel the other priority is controlling the production cost over or oil pricing and the turd priority is the
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priorities of the american defense in the us three which trump is obviously you know privatizing all the time talking about lindsey graham it's significant surely it's a measure of how isolated your president is here that he turns his back on the cia deadline lindsey graham describes the crown prince as being beyond toxic point number one i want you to answer and point number two as well trump says the relationship is with the country it's not with individuals if that's the case why does his son in law his son in law who is the springboard towards we're told a new middle east peace policy his son in law. has a wonderfully warm rich whatsapp relationship with the crown prince how does that work. well so on the first point look i mean i agree with that i like i said before i want to see whoever did this held accountable and we have to have a way that we can go after individual people but not affect our foreign policy
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that's been built up over the last year as our foreign policy which i see as being effective we have to find out a way to do this i think with that and then second part also we're talking about with arms sales and ending arms sales no look i don't want to see arms sales and it either i mean it's going to be very tough for the senate and trump to go to kansas to go to oklahoma through the introduction when you do you know you are. stopped i do not so the business the business as it appears on just mentally a senate business. for you is worth more than snuffing out the life of the voice of a dissenting journalist no look i think we saw it like i said saudi arabia needs to be held accountable and the u.s. should be monitoring what weapons were selling to them but at the same time a deal that's been done already president trump and the republicans imagine them going to tell ten fifteen thousand workers sorry you're laid off you can't feed your family because saudi arabia won after jamal khashoggi and it was disgusting
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what they did it was terrible what they did to him but you know we shouldn't pretend this is some washington post journalist who is some moral ethical guy he was getting money from foreign governments he was writing in support of the muslim brotherhood he said right martyrdom brotherhood members who have said that hitler was divine intervention ok drew before you go through it there are no rules at that hitler or you can also provide wards of trying to libel or slander somebody who's dead i'm going to stop you new tracks there because i knew scott wants to come in scott you would like to react to those points. well i mean first of all look we can talk about your loss of soldiery we can talk about his political views we can talk about his journalism quite often brave journalism to try to label him through some type of islamophobia because you want to smear him as muslim brotherhood or al qaeda that's beyond balance let's pick up i think what the sub central point is here and i want to. know that truth is written in support of card ali he said hitler was divine intervention sure you've got no clue about what is happening with
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the muslim brotherhood you got no clue about islam you've got no clue about middle eastern politics so don't try to use scare quotes to try to slander someone who's dead in of eighty years the did coridon what is the age that hitler was divine intervention to punish the cheers am i wrong or right about that scot ok gentlemen i'm going to stop both of you there i'm going to stop both of you there because the clock is ticking and i do not want to go down the road of having a debate about the muslim brotherhood islamophobia or whether hitler was divine intervention or not we simply do not have time to have that argument over a cup of coffee we can maybe do that another time but one one point to you scott there are calls for the process the legal process to be allowed to go full term full time on this that's basically what the saudi foreign minister is saying and also there are calls being leveled at saying full disclosure what are the chances that we get full disclosure. that depends on three. three rings
4:41 pm
in what has become a very tragic circus the first is let's establish that the saudis are trying to play for time they're hoping this will all just go away and you've heard drew try to make it all go away by saying well arms sales are the priority so the us rang is the first with the us congress presses the second rank actually comes through the united nations because now that you have the initial report which is come from the special rapporteur how much does the un try to complete this process no matter how high it reaches and the third and this is what i'd like to yourselves reaction to it comes back to turkey because this isn't just a question of the turkish investigation there is a rivalry between turkey and saudi arabia whether you talk about the position in syria whether you talk about the position in the gulf including the yemeni conflict and the wider leadership of the muslim world and i think as long as turkey really wants to press this not only is a question of whether india should be held accountable but in a way trying to play out that regional influence game then i think it won't go away
4:42 pm
no matter how much riyadh tries to wish it to be so silva would you like to pick up on that point that scott is making and that can i also add on to that there is a panel finding due in the month of june so it is june what march april may june three and a half months time if that panel says what we've heard already which is the cia believes the crown prince in effect ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi does that give you one more leverage he had despite donald trump's reaction or lack of a reaction well m.d.s. is held accountable for this little murda is nothing to do it in the end between the relationship between b. and turkey. i totally agree with. this and professor ian birmingham yet they religion will. probably gain is long. and those between us and turkey redder than saudi arabia and turkey because our
4:43 pm
initial national security issues is jeopardize not by saudi arabia initially but but. united states foreign policy priorities saying which they're n.b.s. is position in the government inside. is for the next couple of the case will look created in tremendous effect on regional. conflicts because his his attitude and his his pulse is that we obviously be in every area of. creating more conflicts in between countries and not for the for the peace of course but when it comes to american foreign policy making i think. rather than making some new conflicts united states had to percy you for more peace but with the eligible
4:44 pm
and of course the judgment partners with the cambridge let's pull this all down to you to look a man in manchester mr l.g. be a the saudi foreign minister is being quoted in the washington post as saying the crown prince did not order the killing can i suggest to you that for the trumpet ministration that's a very nuanced take on a very complex situation where basically what we're saying here is that strategic ignorance that was fed up the way as far as the saudis are concerned should equate to strategic innocence and everyone else thinks that the word innocence cannot be applied here particularly to the crown prince. like i said i think people need to be held accountable it was disgusting what happened to him i think i hope to see that justice run its course in due time but look i don't have any inside information that is unknown out right now i'm sure that the crown prince and b.s.
4:45 pm
at the very least ordered his capture and who knows what happened then or if not orders murder and look i'd like like i said i'd like to see justice carried out people going after but at the same time i don't want to see this totally up and in destroy the u.s. foreign policy in the middle east and destroy our foreign policy interests in the middle east and i think also it's very concerning right now a lot of countries are using. this very disgusting and sad murder that happened to took a shock she to further their own interests qatar and turkey being each turkey this is a country that holds how many how many journalists in jail right now after the last attempted revolution so i think you have. a long way to go we need to go may i interrupt this is this is nothing to do this is not going to turkey's domestic no no no no no this is nothing to do with domestic politics talk about a trial in saudi arabia the level of the level of the the level of moral and u.s.
4:46 pm
policies in the middle east must be of foremost discussion point when it comes to turkey's jailing journalism's also for this is a democratic discussion that you made on democratic terms in turkey and yet it's turkey did have many other experiences unfortunate experiences which you might very well known about the fact that. drew i'm going to pull a plug on our conversation with joyce but the conversation about journalists in turkey is a conversation we've had on the program we simply do not have the time left to go off at a tangent and start discussing that now but silva thank you for coming back on that particular point so thanks to all our guests they were scott lucas before truly come on and thank you to you. two for your company you can see the program again any time by the website al-jazeera dot com and for more discussion check out our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can talk on twitter at a g. inside story or tweet me i'm at peta don't be one for me and the team here in doha
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thanks for watching i will see you very soon. rewind returns a can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was the local looks. like and the other student rewind continues with joseph's journey this is a. struggle continuous book. from bob. to no. use to students rewind on al-jazeera on counting the cost digital divisions why the world's population risks missing out on the next evolution of the internet from russia with interest kremlin backed investments in venezuela are all about plus a report from senegal's current sea control you see counting the cost on. the
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latest news as it breaks the difference is about to boost bottles and flightless that authentic in the roots with the this time those with truth does not come up with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness in hungary. the united states gives the u.n. security council a draft resolution calling for presidential elections and venezuela.
4:49 pm
you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead. the final push to root out eyesore from syria u.s. forces prepare for a ground battle. environmentalists in india say the government's efforts to clean up their polluted waterways is not working. changing shape the new images of a distant object in space that's altering the view of nasa scientists. hello the u.s. and russia have come up with counter proposals to end the political crisis in venezuela the u.s. is calling for elections while nicolas maduro is still president in a draft resolution at the u.n. security council it's also seeking the delivery of international aid russia's counter plan expresses concern that any attempts to use force to topple maduro and put opposition leader one point though in power no date has been set for
4:50 pm
a vote on the u.s. draft but russia is likely to use its veto power to block it meanwhile a top vote as well the military leader has switched allegiances to one fido colonel ruben paschim and as says ninety percent of his colleagues in the armed forces are unhappy in a video released on saturday the army doctor urged fellow troops to allow aid into venezuela a week ago an air force general also switched sides saying he was quite doke. well a bridge between venezuela and colombia is a lifeline for thousands of people there are international border bridge remains open and is getting increasingly popular for people going into colombia to get food and other essential they tended to us cross border bridges blocked by a fuel tank and cargo containers as president nicolas maduro refuses to allow u.s. aid so that aid from the u.s. has become part of the crisis president maduro says it's a ploy by washington to stage a coup international organizations that traditionally deal with humanitarian aid
4:51 pm
are keeping away saying what the u.s. is sending is political and as to risible reports from caracas people are just as divided by the offer for help. yankees go home is the message at this gathering in. these are supporters of president. who want to reassure the world that their precedent won't be leaving office any time soon. our revolution is here to stay twenty years of unique crisis in latin america we're going to be again the latest of a movement that will take freedom to other countries in the world the rally is happening as the united states and canada are getting wind to send in humanitarian aid in cooperation with a self declared president while hugo aid is perceived as a form of intervention people here say that the confrontation is not with the opposition but with the united states who is trying to take control of this
4:52 pm
country's natural resources and that's why they have come here to this to sign a document that request the united states to respect venezuela sovereignty. one of the largest barriers in latin america but it says people need almost everything on her family has already left the country she says hyperinflation makes it difficult for her to eat every day the resoled so no water. gas or health clinic where she lives an example of the enormous deterioration that has taken over venezuela's capital. of them with you since died the situation got worse and worse now it's horrible i cannot say i'm going to buy chicken because i can't afford it i live on pension of six dollars a month and that's why people like the thought out i waiting for any assistance they may get not caring where it comes from the u.s. is already sending field and medicines to the border but how it makes it into the
4:53 pm
country remains to be seen international organizations fear the consequences of using humanitarian aid politically confronting should wish one on their humanitarian aid and this is the reason why i have decided to come as soon as possible just two days ago i arrived here in trying to fix and to ask both sides to clean the table from these useless discussion. because. greece got in politicizing the humanitarian aid we want to use our humanitarian china without any involvement by. because they say we should call. it not to you money and you money by definition. in a country as polarized as venezuela neutrality is difficult to find. and that's why assistance from abroad is being used by both sides for the government it's the evidence it's under attack for the opposition the possibility
4:54 pm
of showing it can bring some type of relief to people's lives. and just got back us . kurdish led forces backed by the us are trying to push myself from its last pocket of territory in eastern syria twenty thousand civilians have been moved to safer areas but hundreds are still thought to be at risk the offensive by the syrian democratic forces focus on the village on the village of near the border with iraq. the stage is set for what's being called the final ground battle against isis all the kurdish led syrian democratic forces work has the backing of american airpower and i still is surrounded. there are already been exchanges of fire commanders are confident that this will be i sold last. this battle will be sealed in the next coming days.
4:55 pm
most of the terrorist in baghdad is a foreigner in the last two months most two hundred cells in were arrested they were foreign. there are varying numbers the civilians who are leaving by tuesday maybe about a thousand civilians in between five hundred and six hundred terrorists so that means that maybe close to two thousand or three thousand civilians. eisel once controlled large parts of iraq in syria but a concerted campaign by regional and international forces has forced them back to a small area around the village of bugaboos. well s.d.f. military commanders are promoting this as the end of eisel many experts believe the group will continue to pose a threat president trump has been very clear to say that this is to kill off it that is being destroyed not isis the terrorist group which will continue to survive and as we know isis members have fled to yemen to libya nigeria they're there they're scattered about the middle east but of course this is the we believe there
4:56 pm
are several thousand left scattered around iraq in syria and many of them are foreign fighters the coming battle will be a milestone in syria's war but humanitarian challenges will continue long after the fighting ends around twenty thousand people have been forced from their homes ahead of the assault on both guus including the families of eisel fighters. still doing thousands more in refugee camps where conditions are dire due to chronic shortages of food and medicines much of the country's infrastructure is in ruins these people won't know when they'll be able to return home into modern al-jazeera. the us president donald trump has predicted eisel will have lost all its territory within days and gallagher has more from washington. well in essence don't trump already has declared victory against isolette look at the timeline from december when he first made that announcement and that i saw had been defeated and in fact he was
4:57 pm
going to bring the two thousand or so u.s. troops back from syria and that's really the key question here is the fate of those u.s. boots on the ground in syria donald trump has made it fairly clear that he wants to bring them back but that has had consequences he's gone against advice from his own generals in fact his secretary of defense at the time jim artist resigned over that and other global policy issues his own generals a sill saying it's not a good idea let's not take any rash action here and then within the last couple of weeks his own party the republican party served him up a pretty harsh rebuke when they disagreed with his wish to bring those two thousand troops back from syria so what we've had since december since all tom made that surprise announcement that he was going to withdraw those troops is the president swinging backwards and forwards saying he may bring them back immediately he may bring the back in the next few months we can get back there if we need to or we just going to keep them there for now so it's
4:58 pm
a very confusing situation the overall sense is that as commander in chief he does want to withdraw those forces sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the taliban four others were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the state of far off the taliban has kept up attacks on the afghan military despite recent talks aimed at ending the seventeen year conflict. members of saddam's parliament have called for an emergency session to discuss the government's treatment of protesters several politicians say they're worried about an excessive use of force hundreds of people have been arrested since rallies against president obama bashir began in december human rights groups say at least forty five people have been killed in the violence so don state media say old detained journalists will be released. protesters in haiti have thrown rocks at the president's home and fought with police at least three people have died since the rallies began in the capital port au prince on thursday demonstrators want president to resign they're angry at economic mismanagement and they accuse the
4:59 pm
government off corruption i mean one of this is going to get their president and all of his cabinet must resign he's thinking or acting in the interest of the people who got it one way or another we want him gone south korea's government has signed a short term agreement to increase the amount it pays to keep u.s. troops on the peninsula it follows demand by president donald trump first sold to pay more towards maintaining the twenty eight thousand military personnel stationed across the country the one year deal will have to be approved by parliament it's. parts of india's yamuna river which flows through delhi are so polluted environmentalists say no marine life can survive while the government is spending millions of dollars on treatment projects raw sewage continues to pour into the river every day laura burden has more. at first it seems these fishermen are paddling to snow but the foam resting on the murky black water
5:00 pm
is sewage parts of the illinois river flowing through new delhi have been labeled dead best so polluted very life is able to survive yes many people depend on the river for their livelihood. or the pollution africa business left with nothing to try for they cannot survive. the entire city's waste is being dumped into the yemenite over the government doesn't do anything to clean it. it's illegal yet industrial waste rubbish and untreated sewage are dumped into the yamuna. overseas four hundred million liters of sewage comes from new delhi every day and more than half of that is left untreated. prime minister narendra modi's government has been pumping millions of dollars into projects to clean up india's rivers.


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