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burkey blackwater is sewage parts of the lulu river flowing through new delhi had been labeled dead there so polluted very life is able to survive yet many people depend on the river for their livelihood is what would have ended up on the pollution africa business we are left with nothing to fish used to try for now they cannot survive. the water is dirty across the entire cities waste is being dumped into the yemenite ever the government doesn't do anything to clean it. it's illegal yet industrial waste rubbish and untreated sewage are dumped into the. overseas four hundred million liters of sewage comes from new delhi every day and more than half of that is left untreated. prime minister narendra modi's government has been pumping millions of dollars into projects to clean up india's reface but environmental experts say it's not working the delhi government has been or find
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a single case under the water act against any polluter so far as the human is concerned in the whole country was in not more than twenty years that existed under the provisions of the water prevention of pollution act which provides for imprisonment punishment for any person who is actually polluting a river. the hindu community considers the river sacred but it sarah binny's carry their own breasts the gun that is a look at them it's people who dirty the river is the residents who made it impure but for me it's not dirty i drink this water too. but the. damage of health and destroy. thousands of people have fled their homes a strong winds found wildfire. the fire started near the city of nelson
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a week ago and have destroyed more than two thousand hectares of forest at least three thousand people have left their homes and are likely to get out in the coming hours the blaze is said to be the worst for fifty years still ahead. of african attention we look at what we're one has achieved in another big role. as rewriting history. hello welcomes another look at the international focus not looking too bad now with crossed good parts of southeast asia certainly didn't get across the philippines much as catch or into the eastern side of the country but the majority of the shows that down a little further south of the possibility are into indonesia sumatra seeing some
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live the show is just i find it dry in kuala lumpur and i'll say it could be in singapore as we go on through monday and on into choose day for bangkok as well as the southern parts of thailand just can't see that we go with the rain showers pushing into we're told in parts of job cuts it could see some rather lively downpours want to post still affecting the far north of australia particularly around the cape york peninsula but i am pleased to say things have quietened down now for townsville much of queensland being fine and settled over the next townsville gets up to about thirty five celsius but a little further south or into the the mid twenty's across the bite system blustery conditions pushing through some some right useful rainfall coming in here that will make its way further east was time to fall back to around twenty one degrees at this stage in melbourne some wet weather coming in here just want to showers around the sunshine coast but for most of the north east.
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i can bring your people back to life don't start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was looking at the looks. like and the other student rewind continues with joseph's journey this. struggle continues. to. use districts rewind on al-jazeera. telling on the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s.
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and russia have come up with counterproposals up the u.n. to solve the venezuela crisis washington is calling for elections while russia warns against using force to remove nicolas maduro. kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push myself from the last pocket of territory in eastern syria the offensive by syrian democratic forces focus on the edge of the news near the border with iraq. sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the taleban four others were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the state of. egyptian president of the fatah has sisi is set to chair the african union at its annual summit which begins in ethiopia on sunday rights group amnesty international fears this could undermine the a use commitments to protecting human rights on the continent the organization has expressed concern over the potential impact chairmanship could have on the independence of regional human rights mechanisms and their future in gauge went
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with civil society and the state goes on to list violations it says were carried out by egyptian. also already is including in force disappearances and mass killings during a wave of demonstrations in twenty thirteen that year the african union suspended egypt's membership after sisi led a military coup against a democratically elected president mohamed morsi tuffy macca as a social and political commentator he says presidency says a you leadership will prove to be damaging to the organization's credibility ultimately the choice of having sisi as the leader of the e.u. is a clear indication that although things have changed. although things are supposedly changing the fact is we are. being very retrogressive we're actually going back to be the eighty's ninety's type of situation where. the leaders are very reluctant to allow more human rights to be available to to the
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people and i think importantly in the fact that sisi. rigged an election won it by ninety seven ninety eight percent. tells you a lot about how the a you will most likely respond to any electoral issues or any political issues around elections or on the continent and i think this is going to be a very bad year for africa in terms of moving forward the leaders from across africa are meeting in ethiopia's capital for that annual summit malcolm webb has more from addison. african heads of state are expected to talk about disputed election results in the democratic republic of congo although the african union would have backed away from saying anything about that controversy last month and also expected to talk about the implementation of an october peace deal in south
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sudan between the government and rebel factions and how well that's been implemented and how much progress has been made they're also going to talk about planned reforms of the african union that was first suggested two years ago and some of them have been implemented over the last year under the chairmanship of rwanda's president paul to get me let's take a look what happened during his tenure. at home in rwanda president paul kagame a government credited with development success it's also accused of torturing critics and killing opponents allegations it denies that the african union address ababa where he's been chair for the last year he's seen as effective at this meeting he called trim vestment in public health care and medicines all will get a better allows if we work together as a continent for example cheaper prices by an average. abroad
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we also have a lot to learn from each other our experiences. during his tenure cammy work to push three plans reforms of the organization including making itself funding instead of relying on donors outside the continent but many member countries are still reluctant to contribute he did pull off a plan to trimming of the a u.s. commission. one of the african union's areas of relative success from the last year is the planned african continental free trade area most of the countries whose flags rule here signed it last year nineteen of already turned it into domestic law and it needs twenty two to take effect south africa which is the continent's second largest economy is already on board. in conflicts and crises he used how to mix. it back to peace deal between rebel groups and the government from central african republic signed last week although he's yet to be implemented it's also helped to
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have a political crises in madagascar and camorra earlier last year. he backed away from speaking out on december's disputed elections in the democratic republic of congo has done nothing about the conflict in cameroon that we're seeing a lot of the african states particularly the big players like nigeria algeria and south africa you know they're turning inward so unless we see more engagement from these big powers then again i think it's going to be difficult to see the african union really becoming more effective on peace and security. as african leaders gather at the a used headquarters they're expected to address the plight of the continent's twenty million displaced people and again discuss how to make their organization more effective malcolm webb al-jazeera and it's about ethiopia when voters in thailand had to the polls next month many will be hoping for an outcome that leads to improved human rights particularly free speech the military has run the country
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since its twenty four. since that many say it's been working harder to silence critics of the monarchy and jailing hundreds of people when he reports from bangkok . seeking justice and says a small group gathered outside the office of the thai prime minister in bangkok and like they risked the wrist to demand an investigation into the murder of two critics of the military government and monarchy and the disappearance of another they went missing from neighboring laos and in december the bodies of two of them were found in the mekong river teil authorities say they had nothing to do with the murders all of these cases create fear among people that people are afraid to express their views and opinions especially about such as the monarchy. and no one dares to do anything even to demand the rights of the dead. so me up was arrested before the coup and spent seven years in jail for criticizing the royal family in
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articles published in his magazine and i mean you know he says when he was released last year he found that human rights had to rewrite to dramatically under military rule inspiring him to continue fighting for democracy and free speech the government has used several laws to try to stifle dissent charging people with sedition or violating the computer crimes act with things that posted online and after the coup there was a surge in the number of people charged with insulting the monarchy. if the military has also used less overt tactics like harassment to silence critics for the past ten years the hosts of this web show have divided thailand's politicians since the coup the being summoned by soldiers and continue to be watched closely. angry. these intimidation and during these time. may still. come in the form of information officer. on my twitter.
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facebook. my instagram or my wife you know i'm confident the election and the reintroduction of opposition voices to parliament will help ease restrictions but others on sure anything will change because of a constitution that allows an elected senate is and even an appointed prime minister. in the near future is still hopeless for thailand we should brace for more chaos and conflict because i don't think the civilian government will be formed. until it is those whose voices haven't been silenced say they'll continue to use the woods and actions to push for change as thailand begins another rid of its two bill and political story wayne hay al jazeera bangkok a journalist who's an outspoken critic of pakistan's government has been arrested outside his home in lahore was wrong father was beaten by officers as they took him away on saturday police say he's being investigated for posting defamatory and
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obnoxious content on social media journalists in pakistan say they're working in an increasingly hostile climate under prime minister imran khan the government denies it's unfairly targeting the media and turkey is condemning china's treatments of its muslim minorities saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million weak girls are believed to be held in camps against their will the turkish foreign ministry wants beijing to respect their human rights and close what it calls concentration camps beijing says the education camps are voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies. north macedonia has not only changed its name it's undergoing a historical overhaul within six months it must rename state institutions rewrite school textbooks and relabel public monuments critics say this will tamper with its identity but the government says it will help discover its reports.
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these students at lousy state school are learning about and a statue is kind of a hero of the greek war of independence against the ottoman empire at least that's how he is taught in greek schools one hundred fifty kilometers south of here but here in scope here he is taught as a broken freedom fighter from the south macedonian region what is today greek macedonia that is one of many educational issues a joint commission of historians from greece and north macedonia are to resolve before this country's new school textbooks are printed in september the most controversial issue is how schools here will teach about alexander the great need them the disparities i believe that when we teach the era of alexander the great we must go out to cosmopolitanism rather than teach in a way that provokes nationalism the main point is not to teach youngsters to hate each other but to communicate when politicians talk about history i'm not sure anything good will come of it the last time politicians here talked about history
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they claimed alexander as a macedonian but not a greek hero and spent a billion dollars on statues and public buildings befitting the pedigree they used the name macedonia which is the same as greece's northern region and raised fears of claims on its territory and its history two years ago that government led by the right wing via morrow party fell from power the social democrats who stepped in made a deal with neighboring greece to rename the country north macedonia and drop the claim to enchant culture finally things got to we are out we are free of the cage that the previous government. tried to install in our people's mind that we were some kind of muscle on us but we speak slavic language you know. the most important with this agreement we say if our and improve our identity our language and we should be proud of it the opposition v.m. r.-o.
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still disagrees for me this is republicans are going here maybe officially i will have some something in the in the in the my face but as for official papers i'm still learning people know who or who they are in macedonia. know where they belong and from where from when they belong north macedonia is a country in search of its past it is surrounded by the strong national identities of the greeks albanians gary and serbs they have already claimed every balkan hero and woven their national narratives what is more important those narratives interlock the north macedonian narrative is still being written some raw material for that's narrative is to be found in the national museum here a coin is with the head of alexander minted in greece but excavated in north message only a roman byzantine and also men are also here testifying that empires held sway over
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this land for twenty three centuries until nationalism was violently thrust upon it jumps at all plus al-jazeera scorpio. the new horizons probe captured images of ultimate to lay the most distant celestial objects ever visited in a record breaking fly by last month but nasa scientists are already revisiting revising rather what they think it looks like scientists initially thought it looked like this two spherical parts that resembled a giant space noman but new doubts are just in for more than six billion kilometers away shows the two parts are flatter and describing them as akin to a pancake and walnuts the latest images could offer new clues on how ultimate tooling and planets were formed. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.s. and russia have come up with counterproposals at the u.n. to solve the venezuela crisis washington is calling for elections while russia
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warns against using force to remove nicolas maduro a military colonel has defected and is backing opposition leader. kurdish led forces backed by the u.s. are trying to push iso from its last pocket of territory in eastern syria the offensive by the syrian democratic forces is focused on the village of about who's near the border with iraq twenty thousand civilians have left the area out by the armed group but hundreds are still thought to be inside. sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the taliban four others were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the state if our. politicians in sudan have called for an emergency parliamentary session over the government's treatment of protesters they're worried about an excessive use of force by all thora to use during anti-government rallies. protesters in haiti have thrown rocks at president over an illinois is home and fought with police at least three people have died since the rallies began in the capital port au prince on thursday and i
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want to disagree with you that their president and all of his cabinet must resign he's not thinking or acting in the interest of the people who got it one way or another we want to be gone and thousands of people have fled their homes a strong winds found wildfires in new zealand south island fires started near the city of nelson a week ago and destroyed more than two thousand actors of forests at least three thousand people have left their homes and more are likely to get out in the coming hours. south korea's government has signed a short term agreement to increase the amount it pays to keep u.s. troops on the peninsula it follows demands by president donald trump for seoul to pay more towards maintaining the twenty eight thousand military personnel stationed across the country one year deal will have to be approved by parliament so turkey has condemned china's treatment of its muslim minorities saying it's a great cause of shame for humanity about a million we girls are believed to be held in camps against their will beijing says the education camps are voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies.
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those are the latest headlines rewind is coming up next stay with us. billions of dollars have been stolen from malaysia meet the whistleblower who exposed big deals and criminal cover ups. and when east investigates the. world's biggest banks. on al jazeera. welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey here at al-jazeera english we have built
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a library of award winning documentaries over the past decade and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the very best of them this week on back to two thousand and ten on al-jazeera follow a heartwarming story of one man's determination to leave the poverty of his west african home in the liberian capital of monrovia risking his life to cross the sahara desert on the back of a pickup truck and the hope of a better life in the west his name is joseph lamo and his drive to make a new life for his family was fraught with setbacks from two thousand and ten here's the extraordinary story of one man's journey from liberia to the shores of america's great lakes this is joseph journey. because. we're human and we're you. yeah this is a green truck you're here in front of the green jug you can see you. know that just
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you see that just. as you did superstore. our. green. well you do. after two years of first met joseph blamo while covering a story on illegal immigration. that was a chance encounter two years ago little did i know that journey would take him from the sahara desert all the way to new york city. this is the way out of africa the sahara desert begins just outside the town of
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cows in the northeast of mali. thousands of sub-saharan africans come through here every year many without documents but with enough money to pay for a truck ride across the desert. the smuggling of people is a big business here and we couldn't risk filming in town that's why we're out here in the desert trying to meet up with the travellers already on their way to. fifty kilometers out of town is where the smuggling route begins we wait until nightfall when most of the pickup trucks leave. traveling on the smugglers route we came across this broken down vehicle with about twenty guys inside all going to algeria and then on to libya and some even to europe. let me see. my tire my tire busted while traveling in the desert the passengers knew the dangers of traveling in the desert packed into old vehicles. joseph is from liberia
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this is his second attempt to cross the border. a stop it will even though a better him a present. of migrant yes yes migrants what kind of. you. know what. about a one off anina does it want but. somehow they get the truck running again and it's time to go. tens of thousands make trips just like this one it's dangerous people fall off the back in breakdowns leave entire groups stranded hundreds continue to die a year after year these young men have already come a long way conditions are tough but nothing will stop them after reaching. they will look for transport to either libya or morocco the launching pads for southern europe but for now they still have four hundred kilometers of desert in mali on a twenty seven year old toyota pickup.
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back in liberia. older brother received bad news just a journey ended when he was caught by the algerian the peace. we don't know how those were real actual migrants. i don't one but i was foreign concerns were very vicious to do with migrants. the authorities took his belongings in abandon him on the mullein side of the desert border. the family was worried they came together and raised one hundred fifty us dollars hoping he would come home and call us and it was i knew i would see that. no i but he would see the money but then what he summoned to come back. to life. mr and mrs blom move were upset with their son and hadn't even told them where he was going and you know
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what they would. have bought i defended. his rule is that it won't cost to the one i want with bill. and with him think about this let me give you my blessing. juice it was back but liberia hadn't changed. just it has a computer science certificate from a vocational college but it's not enough for stable employment here they were calling boats at the beach was still the only job available to him and his friends . i'm fed up you don't know and then i doubt. you know. that. the south don't need this. juice if wanted out once again so he took a chance in played what is called the u.s.
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green card lottery. if you when you can live and work in the united states legally . i want to be in the lead up to. complain about. people. so. young. but finally a grimmer of hope he was randomly selected for a crucial interview at the american embassy here in monrovia. it seems like joseph luck was finally changing. its josephs big morning but it's important for everyone with a job in the u.s. to see if can be a vital lifeline to his father's household of fifteen people. he said thank you for all what you've been doing and if i don't follow.
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along by now he will but in the month. or even. now i'm feeling very much. as the number was a trip. on the locks. with him. to get rid of him. a few steps away is the american embassy in the interview that could change to seems like. more than thirteen million people from around the world play the lottery each year. but the u.s. government only grants fifty thousand visas. millions of the lottery entries come
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from places like liberia which was recently torn apart by a vicious civil war. seventy percent of the people here live in poverty joseph blamo is not the only one trying to leave. what are the chances. better than he ever could have imagined. there you go out there. doing. well we can just see myself getting never well in
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a. game haven't explained what they want to have us do but they were. told that there's so many told. where. a convoy of three cars carrying thirty four people bring joseph to the airport for a late night flight. his immediate family staying the closest to him. that it. was. because of the way you were. was. going to.
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i'm. all good. women and noble. it's the start of a new life for joseph blama. he's one of a million legal immigrants who enter the u.s. each year in new york city is his port of entry. joke yes. yes let's hope. we all use those up just for everyone and i welcome you to the yacht. and i wish all the best kept that in your back you've got to get up and go for we think you can do so. just of has a sister he hasn't seen in years who lives in the state of pennsylvania but he wants to test the waters here first he has an acquaintance who lives on staten island this is
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a good place. from my childhood days i'll smallville watching the news to see. on screen so i'm very much helping a little from a set. up. but i think doesn't without you i have my sister in pennsylvania. well lou true. ok what i'm going to do when i cross or break i'm going to call you back. but i did it. to us i thought of this moment you know i know you have to do is your. truck on is also from liberia and they knew each other through a friend back home.
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on. fire. carol is the son known as well really the parkhill housing project was also truck on its first stop in america that was in one thousand nine hundred nine and he's been here ever since. most if you. are one of the differences number. one. he lives here with his two sons and his cousin in after the long trip this is where joseph will spend his first night in america.
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yeah that's just a. lot like. they've been doing is paul. needed. and. he. is jam packed to capacity it is a cycle of this i think in agreeing to come together and. will say that i would feel good even when people seem to say yes. to all the good will not make it a good thing that only so many ways was only a while i mean. that evening truck on take out on the town think. you know. that. george is their friend.
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this is your. most of truculence friends are like therians who have been in the us for years in they still believe they are living the american dream is the fourth of what it was felt that. my little brother will have to come all of you. to. tell those who. shouldn't. be joining. us my right now making me feel i mean you are going somebody come to love you're nobody got up and then you make it so i just leave you alone want to murder you really want to but i know this is parked i want to park hill is bustling with house
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parties on saturday night. in one of truculence friends is celebrating his birthday was was. the music and faces are familiar but the atmosphere has an edge. to sift is finding it hard to fit in. and he's alarmed when a fist fight breaks out of the party. juice it isn't in danger but he doesn't want trouble. but my god he. was . josephs has seen enough.
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the next morning joseph is on a greyhound bus he thinks the liberians he met in new york have lost their focus in news that his sister will provide a more solid foundation for his new life. what joseph doesn't know is that he is heading straight into an economic crisis. erie pennsylvania is in the middle of america's dying manufacturing region. joseph is hoping to find work in a place where jobs are disappearing. i think he believes that that doesn't have to . happen in the present. is that. the story is that perfect. for the job. once again shows it is prepared to take a chance. oh. aneta
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hasn't seen her little brother since she immigrated to the u.s. in two thousand and four. she came here after liberia's civil war as a political refugee from. the u.s. government set her up in erie in her job as a caregiver has provided a good life for her family her children now see more american in liberia and. new moon is my favorite scene is when the and when doing will to act when she was eight and where you she told you she's in the thing that you maybe will you know if you continue to think and they say grazie everybody. i don't know. that you know the only thing that a. few. of her. the fourth of july marks america's independence day and then it brings the fan. to a public picnic in its juice its first real look at middle america you're free.
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to look even look at paradise. city streets are well you know. we. give you the speech you see it. we just don't feel like i'm even. thinking about you so far down the aisle can just sit down you know snack and just sit. with the speaker. enjoy doing your. report on how the little you doing it used to be. he can think about his future tomorrow today juice it is finally content. just as journey an incredible insight into one my parents pursuit of the american dream that was more than eight years ago now and i'm sure you're wondering whatever happened to. rewind went back recently to arion pennsylvania to find out how life is new dawn for joseph since we last saw.
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i can do it tells you to. join some one time it was nice for scheme because it was just like africa the well. it was good. because my sister lives here so i choose you if. you want to go somewhere else where i don't know anybody was going to i thought it was going to be hard for me to get started. at the end of the year we know style you know what in the winter you know very much similar. flies went off and then this new style fall out was my first time to see snow back in africa i only used to see snow on watching movies on t.v. are no excuse that it was surprising to me so i was there a first time
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a little while we knew i was and why. this news just out of fall for it was so amazing to me joy of a first time. our first game ah how good i was there in the book and. things were a little bit difficult in the starting point as time progressed to sterling getting better about the joy of style of working as an immigrant although good food costs. will live the american dream you know and i believe i'm living the american dream because it is better then the fool who. know how to judge a revive see a still living living good lives living the american dream yes or everything is good good. they will good thing are how bring a move. out of memorial. thing that's only one of the best thing about the.
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fog and. my mom. was in the house with all the kids things were going bad. because she still lawn town of marvel or forty years. i only used to talk to on a phone while i really miss and i wanted to see a lot i wanted to come and see it without. you know the how about life experience. on the other side of the war. to the house where. my mom. did well. so says brown least ten years of. unlimited you're only get two of.
6:44 pm
my teaching. is that i'm in room. and. this will move. and there's more room. he must feel that i can make you can do anything that i won't do to succeed we've got it all in circumstances i'll stick with it coming well we. just come a goof ball it comes out just. so that's why i believe. that's why i got into it and i was reminded every day well look up in the morning legs. i see you only don't
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believe in i get it out above my head i believe. joseph is from liberia this is his second attempt to cross the border. hello. miles. well look i'm off so. you know once you do you know. the. progress that's. being you. know settled down. and your house i've got a job i had a car. and. struggled to struggle continues book. a huge distance from but.
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that's it for this week you can find out more about joseph incredible story and watch other films from the series by going to the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time get back. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries live close the fifth looks. like and the other student rewind continues with spirit child to do stories that have impact on society. to make sure that the bad guys behind bars so many people have gone to jail as a result of my work rewind on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to
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a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than. twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. by may every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what the phrase of. the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as their want us to we brits but it's
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also the to see what happens next iteration. of it wired by that barrier where mobile barricaded all seventy three that maybe you hear the movies now it's been all about change people have gone the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire point complex and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. this is zero. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha team that is coming
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up in the next sixty minutes the united states offers the u.n. security council resolution calling for fresh elections in venezuela. the final push to force out from syria u.s. . back forces prepare for a ground battle. as egypt takes over the leadership of the african union we'll look at what the outgoing leader has managed to achieve. i'm going to get roscoe with the sports as lindsey vonn prepares for the final race of her career in just a few hours at the ski world championships in sweden. now the united states has presented a draft united nations security council resolution on the situation in venezuela it it there are calls for new elections and it seeks the delivery of international aid
6:50 pm
president nicolas maduro has blocked u.s. aid saying it's a ploy to stage a coup no date has yet been set for a vote on the u.s. resolution but russia has offered a counter proposal if it. expresses concern that any attempts to use force to topple maduro and in venezuela itself another military official has dropped his allegiance to missouri's government colonel as human as says he now backs the opposition leader one guy though a week ago an air force general also switched sides to raise a bow as our correspondent now she reports from the capital caracas. yankees go home is the message of this gathering imply family wedding get i guess. these are supporters of president nicolas maduro who want to reassure the world that there are precedents won't be leaving office any time soon. and where all those
6:51 pm
young our revolution is here to stay twenty years of unique process in latin america we are going to be again the leaders of a movement that will take freedom to other countries in the world the rally is happening as the united states and canada are getting ready to send in humanitarian aid in cooperation. with a self declared president. aid is perceived as a form of intervention people here say that the confrontation is not with the opposition but with a united states who is trying to take control of the countries not try to resources and that's why they have come here to this to sign a document that requests the united states to respect and as well as sovereignty but him to thirty one of the largest america but totally set says people need almost everything all her family has already left the country she says hyperinflation makes it difficult for her to eat every day the resoled saw no water gas or health clinic where she lives an example of the enormous deterioration that
6:52 pm
has taken over venezuela's capital the them we're here since died the situation got worse and worse now it's horrible i cannot say i'm going to buy chicken because i can't afford it i live on pension of six dollars a month and that's why people like i waiting for any assistance they may get not caring where it comes from the u.s. is already sending food and medicines to the border but how it makes it into the country remains to be seen international organizations fear the consequences of using humanitarian aid politically confronting should wish on their humanitarian aid and this is the reason why i decided to come. here in trying to fix and to ask both sides to clean the table from these useless discussion. because. greece got in politicizing the you might say we want to use our you money. without
6:53 pm
any involvement in the. because they said we should. not to you money. by definition. in a country as polarized as venezuela neutrality is difficult to find. and that's why assistance from abroad is being used by both sides for the government it's the evidence it's under attack. for the opposition the possibility of showing it can bring some type of relief to people's lives. and. kurdish led forces backed by the us are trying to push. pocket of territory in eastern syria twenty thousand civilians have been moved to safer areas hundreds still thought to be at risk the offensive is focused on the village of that's close to the border with iraq. reports. the
6:54 pm
stage is set for what's being called the final ground battle against i saw the kurdish syrian democratic forces working as the backing of american airpower and i saw it's surrounded. in exchanges of fire commanders are confident that this will be i sold. this battle will be sealed in the next coming days. most of the terrorist in. the last two months most two hundred cells in were arrested they were foreign. there are varying numbers the civilians who are leaving maybe about a thousand civilians in between five hundred and six hundred terrorists so that means that maybe close to two thousand or three thousand civilians. eisel once controlled large parts of iraq in syria but a concerted campaign by regional and international forces has forced them back to a small area around the village of bugaboos. well s.d.f.
6:55 pm
military commanders are promoting this as the end of eisel many experts believe the group will continue to pose a threat president trump has been very clear to say that this is to kill off it that is being destroyed not isis the terrorist group which will continue to survive and as we know isis members have fled to yemen to libya and nigeria they're there they're scattered about the middle east but of course this is the we believe there are several thousand left scattered around iraq in syria and many of them are foreign fighters the coming battle will be a milestone in syria's war but humanitarian challenges will continue long after the fighting ends around twenty thousand people have been forced from their homes ahead of the assault on bugaboos including the families of eisel fighters. will join thousands more in refugee camps where conditions are dire due to chronic shortages of food and medicines much of the country's infrastructure is in ruins these people
6:56 pm
won't know when they'll be able to return home into modern al-jazeera. turkey has condemned china's treatment of its muslim we get minority describing it as a great cool's of shame for humanity about a million league is a believed to be detained to mark the authorities call reeducation camps that his foreign ministry one spade jane to respect their human rights and close what it cools concentration camps they jane says the camps are voluntary and that they're designed to stamp out what it calls extremist tendencies the leaders are ethnically turkish muslims and their language is related to takesh. greg barton is a professor of global islamic politics at australia's deakin university says turkey should improve his own human rights record before criticizing others. the to kuli for turkic speaking people and we grew up being part of that larger turkic world
6:57 pm
its belief that the modern turks came out of central asia including from shin junge . so there's a broad connection both as muslims and as turkey peoples so there's no doubt a lot of genuine sentiment to its part but of course turkey is guilty of much the same sin when it's accusing the regime of xi jinping of being guilty of the you know when regime is doing the same thing on the same scale china being twenty times the scale of the size of to the similar proportion of people are and imprisoned for similar reasons into turkey is suffering itself from a great economic downturn it depends very much upon trade with china like many countries so that relationship with china is vital so he is involved in a lot of manufacture into into europe which competes with china so it's a complex story but there's no question this is this is a move which threatens to put the chinee turkey relationship at risk but turkey's relationship with europe and with the western hemisphere is already so fraught that
6:58 pm
perhaps there's a hope they can balance that somehow. the egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi is to chair the african union at its annual summit which is now underway in ethiopia but rights groups amnesty international for example fear that this could undermine the his commitment to protecting human rights on the continent it when i was ations express consent over the potential impact to see his chairmanship the impact it could have on the independence of regional human rights mechanisms and their future engagement with civil society amnesty gets on to list violations it says were carried out by egyptian authorities including in force disappearances and mass killings during a wave of demonstrations in twenty thirteen it is that year the african union suspended egypt's membership of the c.c. led the military coup against a democratically elected president mohamed morsi. but we've been speaking to taffy
6:59 pm
marca who is a social and political commentator he says president chairmanship who praised to be damaging to the organizations credibility ultimately the choice of having c.c. as the leader of the e.u. is a clear indication that. things have changed. or things are supposedly changing the fact is we are. being very retrogressive we're actually going back to probably the eighty's ninety's type of situation where. the leaders are very reluctant to allow more human rights to be available to to the people and i think importantly in the fact that sisi virtually rigged an election won it by ninety seven ninety eight percent. tells you a lot about how a you will most likely respond to any electoral issues were any political issues
7:00 pm
around elections or on the continent and i think this is going to be a very bad year for africa in terms of moving forward for this year the african union theme is refugees returning and the internally displaced people on the continent malcolm one is our correspondent there in the capital addis ababa and of course africa is the continent that has the largest number of displaced people in the world. that's right about of the third of the world's displaced people in this continent more than twenty million dollars discussion around refugees and displaced people is the theme for the year ahead so we're not expecting any how binding agreement coming out on the topic we are expecting leaders to also talk about the recent disputed election in the democratic republic of congo and also the information.


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