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tv   Malaysia The Worlds Biggest Heist  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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into a pine cake and a dented wall not the latest images could offer new clues on how all timothy lay and planets were formed something that we can talk to francisco diego about he's a senior research fellow in the department of physics and astronomy at university college in london thank you very much indeed for joining us what do these new images actually tell us or are they just new interpretations of old images nonono they are new there are new images we have to remember about just by chance their new horizons approach with them and to live from the front where we see these around shapes but the buses or one side and as he does the perspective changes so we get the better impression of the three dimensional nature of these objects and this is what we see now they are missing pictures here because what we have is a picture taken from behind who came up through it with the song kind of buckley thing it and we seeing see to it and the shape was being deduced by the fact that
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there were a lot of stars in the background and this starts with a cult of by the sea to do it and then we can more or less outline the shape profile team up to lift from this perspective there are missing images in the middle between the furnace one that we hope for and that we saw from the front on this one that is from behind there will be a sequence of images. new horizons was going around will be mentally and then we will have a bit the perspective of the three dimensional nature of the object and how do these new images improve not mine in particular but certainly your understanding of ultima thule a and of course what your ultimate objective is is to understand how planets were formed. absolutely yes you're right it is a major challenge i mean to see these two objects to start with two objects that are just touching each other they way they form they way they marriage or if they
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were asking the logic that cause being it all they have somehow it's very difficult to do to come to a conclusion so far and now with these new perspective we have even more puzzling. and they thought because now the object is not. accessing metric if you like is not completely freddie cult it is flat ten and that is a major challenge to explain i know you would hardly be a planetary scientists scratching their heads for a long time i think now there was so much excitement wasn't there when the new horizon project fest launched is that excitement to engineering is it still revealing an awful lot especially for the amount of money that of course is costing well it is it is a major achievement we are talking about an object or with cheese forty times farther away than we are from the sun which means that get receives about two thousand times less light from this on it's all these things you see really in the
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dark from that distance this on is like a bright star if you like it because you could console so dark so i cheating the kind of images of that distance it's amazing and to send them with very low rate because they're low power of the seems to me and it's also an amazing achievement what we learn about the formation of the solar system in the future from these images and that was that that is still coming because we have still a few months more to receive more of the images that are still missing but we're going little by little we will learn a lot about the formation of the solar system especially the kind of materials on the kind of. morphologies that we see in these far reaches of the solar system which are still pristine is still the material as it was when the solar system was formed and i think oh dave thank you very much thank you. with so little school to come with including looking back on the impact lindsey vonn has had to women skiing as she prepares to retire as a sage i will be up in just
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a couple of minutes with. take the worst possible material eurabia ground into dust comparable to flour and make a meal out and put it into place where people live it is a cause that. has gotten so many people here this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murder we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al jazeera.
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al jazeera. where every year. it's time for the school she's now with not seen thank you one of the biggest sports stars in the wilds about to its high and today is the day that american scale lindsey vonn races for the last time in the women's downhill of the world championships in sweden she crashed in the super g. earlier this week but don't think she'll take it easy is what she's posted on so. media one last time i will stand in the starting gate one last time i'll feel the adrenaline running through my veins one last time i will risk it all one last time
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or member it forever let's do this the thirty four year old originally planned to retire at the end of the season but knee injuries have forced her to call it a day sooner it's agonizing as she's on eighty two world cup wins just four short of the men's record held by the last name mark who will be in the crown one is going to west swedish colors in his honor or vonn is one of only six women who have won a world cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing downhill super g. giant slalom slalom and super combined and she's taken the overall world cup title four times in her career but injuries meant that success didn't translate to the olympic stage vonn won her only gold medal in the downhill at the vancouver olympics in twenty ten and also picked up two bronze most recently in the downhill in pyung chang last year her success has helped her top up her prize money warner's sponsorship deals with the likes of red bull rolex and under armor meaning that
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last year she was estimated to have a net worth of six million dollars earlier we spoke to tiger's sure the president and c.e.o. of u.s. ski and snowboard is in sweden he's keen to keep her involved in the sports. we're always open to any way in which she wants to stay involved and i think the sporting world hopes that she will stay involved in her sport and ski racing in one way or another and we're looking forward to that just seem exposed to young up and coming naturally the male skiers and you know young men and women and the more that she can stay involved in you know youth competitions or the need even as for the or potentially sports commentary t.v. you know you name it so any way in which he she touches us for i think she inspires young athletes to try to do what she has done much like those before her did the same for her and she can really make a difference in this sport more so than she already has she's been able to transcend skiing itself and become world known world renowned for all of the things
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that she's accomplished coming through injury and and adversity and perseverance in winning greater than eighty times well lindsay has a unique ability to focus when it counts i mean look at the number of times that sheeple formed you know when it really really mattered and that's really the mark of a world class skier can turn it on for that minute or two that really counts that's when you're measured that's when you bomb down the hill and you're the fastest you women and she did that a lot while the other you s.k. style mckayla schifrin is actually being taken to go on and win more races than phone the twenty three year old won the super g. on tuesday and already has fifty six victories overall but she chose to sit out several events at these championships and vonn said she doesn't understand why a friend took issue with dunn's comments and responded on instagram and twitter saying many believe on approaching my korea in a way that nobody has before and people don't understand it but you know what that is fine by me because i am me and no one else travis sure believes shiffrin knows
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exactly what he's doing and it is working. mcalister got quite a jump i mean at the same age she is significantly more wins than lindsay did at the same time but this is or that it's hard to know what the outcomes going to be and certainly mckayla stays on this track she's going to be even more so the world's greatest athlete and she has john that so far she has incredible track and ability to focus on the win herself so yes we're very lucky to have both those amazing athletes have come through our programs and are in the race for the united states and and only time will tell but we can't wait to see how far mchale is going to get she's outstanding you know she's very very strong as a mind of her own she's going to do exactly what she wants to do pick and choose where she's going to compete or she's going to compete and she's going to want a lot she has won a lot she's going to continue winning a lot so you really have to hand it to her she is one heck of an athlete liverpool
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have are still at that place at the top of the english premier league after three no went overboard with on saturday set in money judging you know why not them and mohamed salah all found the back of the net for the reds their rivals for the title man city face tell say on sunday but for now you can tops men they the way we want to play a convincing football we want to perform that's how it is and it was of course that that was the reaction we wanted to show today for us and the boys did that and i'll tell you miles i really. want to see united will say behave and i own that telsey man city game on sunday after three no when i've fallen united are back in the top four but chelsea just need a draw to overtake only gonna socialist men. let's just make sure we stay in the top four in we'll do that if if we get some help we've got it just comes of it all ourselves and that's what we don't. we can't really think about what i'm for
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control anything the other teams do. now arsenal were also on the winning side on saturday against bottom of the table huddersfield and cardiff out of the relegation zone after a team two one win at southampton have now dropped into the bottom three. dreads have moved into second place in the spanish league or standings after a three one win over their local rivals that lets it go on saturday because they made her open the scoring for santiago salaries men before the home team equalized the stereo to emerson gareth bale one hundred goal for madrid wrapped up a three one win the first funeral for a victim of the flamingos soccer academy fire has been held in brazil. family and friends laid to rest the ball body of half a vinci is who was one of ten players killed in the fire that destroyed the team's training center on friday the club says an air conditioning unit sparks the fire
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the funeral was held in his hometown on what would have been his fifteenth birthday . on the largely riya have of him was at the door to the training center he took my hand and he kissed it and said give me a place in my i said be placed my son i touched him on the neck and he live. to go for now on england's paul casey leads by three strikes at the pebble beach program the californian course is one of the most beautiful in well the gulf and casey hold six birdies in his third round to get to fifteen on the par for the tournament his nearest challenger is phil mickelson he produced some trademark shots like this one after the bunker the ball over the green but spinning back to set up a birdie three shots back on twelve on the card. now here's something you don't see every day this is korean player post song choi making his debut on the p.g.a. tour as you can see he's got squats. swing the forty five year old missed
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a few fairways but still managed to respect around five under. is from small fishing village and many have described his style as a fisherman saying now he's provided entertainment with his parting to the disco outs by missing the cut choice said his first experience in america was a great learning experience and hopes to return one day and believe that most of the fans exciting. in the n.b.a. the city found that pulled off a comeback win over the houston rockets on saturday james harden led the rockets with forty two points at one stage they led by twenty six bots the thunder overcame the largest deficit they've had all season paul george school forty five points and russell westbrook got his ninth straight triple double to match the n.b.a. record oklahoma home a winning this one one hundred seventeen to one hundred and twelve and the boston celtics were going well against the l.a. clippers until they lost kyrie irving with
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a nice brain in the second quarter of the game things then unraveled for the celtics the clippers came from twenty eight points down with two turnovers in the final two minutes to one hundred twenty three two hundred and twelve. and i'm so useful for now i have more clear later marty thank you very much indeed and that's all for me for now at least i'll be back much later in the afternoon but coming up next in just a few minutes is starring in so do stay with us. in the first thailand's of home in mesopotamia where the first settlements formed the
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cradle of civilization iraqi people have depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries and no longer make a living on rivers blighted by and pollution outages or world reveals how the manmade decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments is leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. there is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. billions of dollars have been stolen from malaysia meet the whistleblower who exposed the deals and criminal cover ups. when east investigates the world's biggest hugs. the latest news as it breaks to the
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front is about to blast bottles awesome flightless that authentic in the roots with the this time though truth truth is. with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it under. the united states offers a draft u.n. security council resolution calling for presidential elections in venezuela.
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the watching all jazeera life from a headquarters in doha also ahead it's. the final push to force out from syria u.s. forces prepare for a ground battle. as the chair of the african union switches to egypt we look at what the outgoing leader has managed to achieve. i'm going hey in bangkok where the countdown is on to the first election since a coup in two thousand and fourteen we look at whether the new government will be able to reverse a military crackdown on free speech. hello the united states has presented a draft united nations security council resolution on venezuela so it calls for a free election and seeks the delivery of international aids or president nicolas maduro has blocked u.s. a saying it's a ploy to stage a coup no date has been set for a vote on that u.s.
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draft or russia has offered a counterproposal it expresses concern at any attempts to use force to topple maduro and in venezuela itself another military officer has dropped his allegiance to murderous governments colonel ruben paz humanise says he's now back in the opposition leader one high dose a week ago an air force general also switched sides there is a bow has more from caracas. yankees go home is the message at this gathering in. the summer supporters of president my little one to reassure the world that there are precedents won't be leaving office any time soon . and we'll see on our evolution is here to stay twenty years of unique crisis in latin america we are going to be again the latest of a movement that will take freedom to other countries in the world the rally is happening as the united states and canada are getting ready to send in humanitarian
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aid in cooperation with a self declared president while hugo aid is perceived here as a form of intervention people here say that the confrontation is not with the opposition but with a united. it was trying to take control of this country's not trying resources and that's why they have come here to this club to sign a document that requests the united states to respect and as well as sovereignty but impede thirty one of the largest america but totally said says people need almost everything all her family has already left the country she says hyperinflation makes it difficult for her to eat every day the resoled so no water gas or health clinic where she lives an example of the enormous deterioration that has taken over venezuela's capital the them we're here since died the situation got worse and worse now it's horrible i cannot say i'm going to buy chicken because i
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can't afford it i live on pension of six dollars a month and that's why people like i waiting for any assistance they may get not caring where it comes from the u.s. is already sending food and medicines to the border but how it makes it into the country remains to be seen international organizations fear the consequences of using humanitarian aid politically confronting should wish on their humanitarian aid and this is the reason why i have decided to come us with his posse one just. arrived here in trying to fix and to ask both sides to clean the table from these useless discussion. because. greece got in politicizing the you might say we want to use our you money. without any involvement in the. because they said we should call. it not to you money and you money by definition.
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in a country as polarized as venezuela neutrality is difficult to find. and that's why assistance from abroad is being used by both sides for the government it's the evidence it's under attack. for the opposition the possibility of showing it can bring some type of relief to people's lives. and. well curtis led forces backed by the us are trying to push. territory in eastern syria twenty thousand civilians have been evacuated from the area held by the armed group at hundreds are still thought to be inside the offensive by the syrian democratic forces focused on the villages near the border with iraq fenton monegan reports. the stage is set for what's being called the final ground battle against isis all the kurdish led syrian democratic forces were cast as the backing of american airpower and i still is surrounded. there are already been exchanges of fire
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commanders are confident that this will be i sold last. this battle will be sealed in the next coming days. most of the terrorist in baghdad is a foreigner in the last two months most two hundred cells in were arrested they were foreign. there are varying numbers the civilians who are leaving by tuesday maybe about a thousand civilians in between five hundred and six hundred terrorists so that means that maybe close to two thousand or three thousand civilians. eisel once controlled large parts of iraq in syria but a concerted campaign by regional and international forces has forced them back to a small area around the village of bugaboos. well s.d.f. military commanders are promoting this as the end of eisel many experts believe the group will continue to pose a threat president trump has been very clear to say that this is to kill off it
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that is being destroyed not isis the terrorist group which will continue to survive and as we know isis members have fled to yemen to libya nigeria they're there they're scattered about the middle east but of course this is the we believe there are several thousand left scattered around iraq in syria and many of them are foreign fighters the coming battle will be a milestone in syria's war but humanitarian challenges will continue long after the fighting and around twenty thousand people have been forced from their homes ahead of the assault on both guus including the families of eisel fighters. still doing thousands more in refugee camps where conditions are dire due to chronic shortages of food and medicine and much of the country's infrastructure is in ruins these people won't know when they'll be able to return home into monaghan al-jazeera sixteen soldiers have been killed in western afghanistan in fighting with the
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taliban for authors were injured in the overnight battle with government forces in the states a far of the taliban has kept up attacks on the afghan military despite recent talks aimed at ending the seventeen year conflict. the egyptian president of the fatah has sisi will chair the african union at its annual summit which is underway right now in ethiopia rights group amnesty international fears this could undermine the a use commitment to protecting human rights on the consonance there are going to zation has expressed concern over the potential impact his chairmanship could have on the independence of regional human rights mechanisms and their future engagement with civil society misty goes on to list violations it says were carried out by egyptian authorities including in force disappearances and mass killings during the wave of demonstrations and twenty thirteen that year the african union suspended egypt's membership after sisi led a military coup against the democratically elected president mohamed morsi. is
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a social and political commentator he says presidency says a youth leadership will prove to be damaging to the organization's credibility. ultimately the choice of having c.c. as the leader of the you is a clear indication that. things have changed. things are supposedly changing the fact is we are. being very retrogressive we're actually going back to probably the eighty's ninety's type of situation where. the leaders are very reluctant to allow more human rights to be available to to the people and i think importantly i mean the fact that c c virtually rigged an election won it by ninety seven ninety eight percent. tells you a lot about how a you will most likely respond to any electoral issues were any political issues around elections or on the continent and i think this is going to be
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a very bad year for africa in terms of moving forward for the theme of the series african union summit as refugees return is and intrinsically displaced people muslim web as at the summit he's joining us from addison of about what's been said so far now from. the opening ceremony started just a short while ago and had the state had from billionaire philanthropist bill gates he's speaking about health care he was invited here by rwandan president paul kagame he has been the chair of the african union for the last yeah and gates is in particular pushing for investment in health care private investment in partnership with finance and on topic organizations like his as well as the public sector and then also we've had from the director general of the world health organization have not had trustees or say pushing for a health care agenda right now u.n.
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secretary general antonio get there is he's talking he was very. full of praise for the african union is the. in terms of peace and conflict he talked about the recent deal in the central african republic peace deals in south sudan and libya right now he's been talking about climate change he says climate change needs to be further up the agenda here in africa it is something that african states need to engage on right. with an update from ethiopia thank you still ahead on al-jazeera forty years of hostility as iran marks the anniversary of its revolution we look at what's behind this sour state of relations with the u.s. . an idea that doesn't fly why a greek an ostrich farmer believes north macedonia's new name could prevent his business from taking on.
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however we're seeing some rather when she weather coming in across japan recently that squatting down now we have got some areas of rain the snow pushing through over the next couple days no great surprises here but you see things a good deal quite and there has been race in the system has moved out into the the northwest pacific just wanted to show us into the eastern side of the country then as we go through monday but i think it should be dry tokyo struggling to get around five six celsius actually so no great shakes on those temperatures it brightens up the warms up just a touch as we go through cheese day more the west sunshine and then also sunshine too across the korean peninsula little cloud though into northern parts of china beijing will see temperatures struggling to get to around a minus two celsius but the really thick cloud. really is into those central parts of china some extensive snow here for a time to go on into.


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